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Shingeki no Kyojin eren jaeger

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 24 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 24 Review
“Mercy: Raid on Stohess District, Part 2”
“Jihi -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (2)-”
(慈悲 ―ストヘス区急襲②―)

Holy shit. As much as I say that Shingeki no Kyojin is overrated, these last few episodes have really been proving me wrong with how incredible they are not just action-wise, but also because these fillers are so well done with how well they fit into the story. They dwarf the manga in terms of thrilling action and goes to show just what happens when the budget is put in the right places. These last few episodes have really bumped up my respect for Shingeki no Kyojin as it’s now a contender for being the action series of the year.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 24 Impressions

Erwin Smith

The big guy is here.

Eren Jaeger bite

Ugh, that hurts to watch.

Mikasa and Eren


The same theme comes up yet again during the conversation with Levi and Eren. The fact is that no one will know the outcome with any decision whether it be a well calculated one or one purely run on emotions. The fact that they tried to capture Annie in this way is yet another decision that no one will know the outcome of. Nonetheless, Erwin and the others still try to use their wits to find reason in these disturbing events. Erwin has been hinting at the idea that humanity’s real enemies may not be as obvious as it first seems and Armin is the one to verify that fact. Mikasa, Levi, and the others are clearly prepared to deal with whatever needs to be done. Eren, however, remains unbelieving, and the anime captures much more of his hesitation than the manga does.

Armin to the rescue.

He knows what to do.

Shingeki no Kyojin fight


Annie Leonhart stance

Mikasa Ackerman

Jelly Mikasa is a scary Mikasa.


With the Female Titan finally revealed, explanations are required for exactly how they know this is the case. Since the beginning, Armin has been the observant one capable of testing out his theories like how he explains his first encounter with the Female Titan back in episode 17. The main hint with Marco’s gear is completely a coincidence and understandably, it throws Eren into a state of disbelief. Still, I’m sure that some of you viewers have noticed the Female Titan’s fighting stance and connected it with the way Annie fights as shown in episode 4. If Eren’s naivety weren’t obvious enough, it’s been highlighted here again at his denial of the revelation. Though, he values not only his friends greatly, but all of humanity because otherwise, he wouldn’t be be fighting for them. People who were originally in his squad… Well, they are even closer. The fact that he’s a Titan and Annie is one as well may have influenced his denial even further.




Jean Kirstein dress up

Remember, “horse faced.”

Bro. Chill your barrel.

Levi Rivaille

LOL. Levi is always too good with the insults.

Erwin Smith eyes

3d maneuver gear


Female Titan



These pictures seriously don’t do these parts justice. I’ll try to upload a video.

… Here… Here is where this anime gets crazy. It departs from the manga greatly in more ways than one. Instead of explaining everything, you can read until the end of chapter 32 to find out the difference between the anime and the manga. However, starting right at the beginning of chapter 33, there will be spoilers so if you want to stick around with the anime for the last little bit, I strongly recommend waiting a week because I’m sure the anime is going to eclipse the manga yet again with the finale that will premiere in theaters in Japan. The producers have probably planned to escalate this all along all the way until the end and GOD DAMMIT THEY ARE DOING A FUCKING GOOD JOB.

You get Shinji.



Armin Arlert

Armin is just way more manly than Eren this episode.

Jean Kirstein

Even Jean is doing work.

Hanji zoe


Hanji Zoe maniac

Scary Hanji is scary.


These animations…

Shingeki no Kyojin


Here it comes!


Mikasa Ackerman

Looking good.

Attack on Titan



Female Titan punched


Eren titan form


I mean, I could go on talking about the theme of the world being a cruel world and how one has to get rid of his or her own emotions to “win” in this type of world, but seriously, I’m just too marveled at the action scenes and the superb soundtrack that’s accompanying the incredible animations. I know I said how the still frames were worth it before, but this is vindicating my statement on a whole new level. I could seriously watch the second half over and over again. In fact, after this review, I’m going to try and upload a video of this because it’s that damn awesome. The added part with Hanji Zoe’s trap is also a very nice addition as she’s quite the interesting Titan-loving maniac. But let’s be honest. Two-man gymnastic flips with 3D maneuver gear and fluid animations with Mikasa slicing up Titan flesh into Eren’s transformation of utter absurdity with the most fitting soundtrack imaginable? How can anyone not like that?

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 24 Review

The great thing about the end of a season are the climaxes of the various series. While it does entail the end of some beloved shows, there’s nothing like watching a very well executed episode like this. It’s not the first time Shingeki no Kyojin has done a good filler as they just did one two episodes ago. This, however, is truly a huge improvement over the manga. It feels more complete to have Eren struggle more and to have others try to stop the female Titan during that time. It’s a more gradual transition compared to the sudden conviction that Eren holds in the manga. You know a filler is fantastic when you think that it’s what the source material should have done.

Sorry, but I just have to emphasize this some more. The action scenes in this episode are probably the best of this anime so far. With some more varying soundtracks by Hiroyuki, anyone can enjoy the marvelous blood splatter and the 3D maneuver gear moments. However, it’s not as if everything is perfect. The major problem is the struggle of Eren’s transformation into a Titan because of the revelation that Annie is the Female Titan. Annie hasn’t gotten much development at all much less get development with Eren. Yes, they did train in hand to hand combat, but that was really just a few short minutes. He undoubtedly respects her, but after seeing his comrades die like that he still hesitates for that long? I think some more added scenes with Annie in the past would have helped greatly.

Nevertheless, this is a very, very enjoyable episode and I had an absolute blast watching it. By the time Eren transformed, I was questioning if I was throwing money unconsciously at the screen because damn they are using a lot of it in this episode. It never gets old watching the 3D maneuver gear in action especially when it’s lengthy and not just a short few seconds. As the lightning struck and Eren transformed with the glorious soundtrack, I was just laughing with unbelieving delight at how everything was turning out. Shingeki no Kyojin may have more hype than it deserves overall, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t deserve it this episode. Onto the finale! I’m sure it’ll end with a bang.

Shingeki no Kyojin Wallpaper Eren and Colossal Titan


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  • Irenesharda

    I’ll give you a more detailed review later, but I’m a little too blown away by sheer epic awesomeness at the moment. However, I am completely psyched about the finale of the season. And you telling me that they are so confident about this, that they are willing to pay the extra money out to put it in theaters? Yeah, I am totally excited!

    • Entrav

      Shingeki no Kyojin is incredibly popular in the east and not just Japan. I’m sure there is enough demand to have the final episode in theaters so it’s not that much of a risk. Man, I would love to be there with how the previous few episodes have turned out. Just imagine the crowd as the Titan vs Titan action is onscreen. Damn… That’s would just be an amazing experience.

      • Irenesharda

        It’s just really weird for me, since episodes from television shows being shown in theaters is pretty unheard of here in the West. I can count on my hands the amount of times I’ve see it done.

        I don’t know if its more widely done in Japan, but to do this in America, would be quite unusual.

        • Entrav

          Well, aren’t season premieres for shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and so on in some theaters? I think it’s kind of like that…

          • Irenesharda

            I’ve never heard of that. It must be very, very limited releases or something.

          • Me

            Imo, I think it’d be a ripoff and just a means for them to squeeze some extra money to watch a 24-minute episode on a bigger screen :3

  • bCr

    At a loss for words… really

    • Entrav

      Just incredible right?

  • Irenesharda

    Also, since you brought up how Eren is quite a bit more indecisive here than he was in the manga, I can actually forgive him for being so unsure of himself here. In all actuality, it was really the fault of the animation staff on this show. They know exactly where they want to end this show, and all these long sections where nothing really happens such as some parts of the expedition arc and this episode with Eren taking so long to decide despite not really knowing Annie. It was really just fancy padding until we get to what they want for the climax of this episode and where they want to begin the next.

  • Nolan ArchLord

    This episode blew me away. The final moment of this episode got me so amped I was clenching my fists and yelling at my computer screen. Is the series completely over after the next episode?

    • Entrav

      The anime is ending next episode, but the series is obviously not over yet. Heck, the manga isn’t even close to being finished though we’ll be waiting quite some time before a season 2 as there needs to be more source material.

      • Evilnemesis

        Chapter 50 is going to be massive, because well… Isayama timed it all.

        Things like 50-100-200 and all in mangas tend to have some real intense moments.

        And next episode… Anime-only guys are going to flip their shit with the next episode.

        Which is titled: The wall.

        I don’t know how I feel about the whole indecisiveness taking a bigger part in the anime.

        Because I feel, like many, that Eren sexual orientation is what I’d call Ragesexual. At least, after this fight he always seem to go full retard.

        • Entrav

          Yes, you are totally right about the timing. 50 is going to be a huge one with how it’s turning out.

          I just like the damn action scenes. Really makes me pumped, but Eren’s indecisiveness makes me feel like it’s those Shinji moments.

          I know I was shocked when I read it in the manga. I totally didn’t expect that and they still didn’t explain anything yet. Damn, the next chapter can’t come fast enough.

  • Ketsu

    Attack on Titan, Railgun S, Danganronpa! Everything that was awesome this season past is coming to an end next week! No! The pain hurts to much, this episode was amazing. The animation was godly. I also must add the Shinji reference was hilarious. I can’t believe I never thought of the similarities before, but even with all of Eren’s hesitation, he is still more manly than Shinji… but still a bit below Armin :p!!

    • Jean

      Can’t believe i’m hearing that. It turns out Armin, the girl everybody hated has now become (one of) the most badass characters. it’s great that Attack on titan has kickass female characters!

      • Irenesharda

        Umm, I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but you do know Armin’s a GUY, right?

        Buy you are right, Attack on Titan does have some awesome female characters. There’s not many of them, and many get little to no screentime. (What ever happened to Krista and Ymir? I think they’ve been in this entire show total clocking time: 10 minutes.)

  • Me

    these military police are as useless as stones, oh sorry i take that back stones which are building are a lot useful than these MP guys.
    Seriously it’s annoying, not only they do absolutely nothing but they get in the way as well, it’s like scouting legion against titans and mankind, and the more sad is that they still getting casualties in this operation even after the blow they got in their expedition.

    • Entrav

      The Military Police are corrupt to its core and a lot of these guys don’t even have real combat experience. It’s safe to blame the higher ups but those under really don’t know what to do and we can’t blame them that much. It’s just the organization itself that is purely useless garbage.

  • Irenesharda

    Okay…I’m ready now. It actually took me about a day to recover from the awesomeness that is the penultimate episode of Shingeki no Kyojin.

    Now, where to start? Well, really as great of this episode was, not much actually happens. Its basically a flashback to how we got to the point we’re at now, and then a big battle. And, yet, this is still one of the best episodes in the series. Not as good as Ep. 21, but really close.

    Now, let’s handle the elephant in the room: Eren’s hesitance and indecision to fight Annie. I have already heard many berate him and ask why is he really taking so long thinking about this, which is the feelings I had at first, but then as I thought about it, this aspect of his character is actually rather clear.
    First off, a good majority of why he took so long to go into Titan form was because of the studios’ decision. They needed to pad and fill up this episode so that it could end at exactly the point they wanted it to, and therefore the season finale could also show what they wanted it to. They’ve been doing this throughout the series which is why at times it feels like events are taking forever, especially in the Trost arc and the Expedition arc.
    Now, despite that, I still think that I can understand what’s happened with Eren. As we watch these events unfold, we forget that Eren has in all honesty, not really experienced the same horrors of war as all the rest of his friends. During the battle of Trost he was taken out of it pretty early, and then spent all the rest of it in Titan form, sometimes dreaming and sometimes awake. He was then taken into custody and stayed with the Recon Corps for a while before we head to the expedition, where he stayed mostly in the protective company of Levi’s Special Ops team, before they were all killed and he was forced to defend himself once again in Titan form. He was then defeated and unconscious again, until he woke up in the cart heading back to the city again. Let’s just say that in comparison with his friends who have been fighting the good fight, Eren (or at least the human part of him) has never really done so. And because of this, is still naive as a soldier. Now Eren has matured quite a bit mind you, he has grown up more than before, but he’s no emotionless automaton and he still has morals towards fighting his fellow man.

    Now this is important because if you remember all the way back to episode 4, Eren spoke about why do they have to learn to fight humans when it’s Titans that are the enemy. Eren’s mind has been pretty black and white as most children’s minds tend to be. To him, there is US and there is THEM. There are your teammates and there are your enemies. There are humans and there are monsters. In his mind there has never been a blending of the two. Even when he was ten, killing the men who had kidnapped Mikasa, he though of them not as humans but as monsters not fit to be called human. Annie however, challenged and shook up that mindset. It wasn’t really that they were close or anything, but she was a human being that he learned from, sat and ate with, trained with, and considered his teammate. For her to also be this monster that has killed thousands has shaken up the foundations of which his mind thinks. Also, on top of that she is also the only one he knows that is Titan-hybrid like him, which also causes him to pause. Eren is perfectly fine with killing monsters. He has actually made that his life’s goal. However, he does consider it wrong to kill his fellow men, and the fact that Annie is both his fellow man and a monster at the same time, causes great conflict within him.

    Now, it shouldn’t have taken him as long as it did to finally decide, however that goes back to the studio decisions again. But he’s basically come to the conclusion that not only did it no longer matter what he morally thought was right or wrong when it came to survival and war, but that also, as he equated Annie’s massacre to the killing of his mother, he completely shifted Annie from the category of “humans/teammates” to that of “monsters”, which effectively places her as someone that he must kill. She is now a Titan in his eyes and that means she falls under his vow that he made all those years ago. And this is what allows him to transform and confront her for the second time as a Titan.

    Now other than Eren, we can see a change in other characters who have also grown during the course of the series. We have Jean, who once had the dream of joining the Military Police and now looks at them and sneers. He has become a strong and passionate individual who is okay with his own weaknesses and now readily works with others. Armin has grown from a kid who couldn’t even fight back against some alley bullies but now is not afraid to take on a full grown Titan head on. He too knows his weaknesses and his strengths and he is now using his mind to best of his ability to fight against the enemy.

    The transformation this time was really, really epic. Eren’s rage and determination knows no bounds. It felt different then his transformation back in episode 21, but still really really good. The OST was amazing, not as good as it was in episode 21, but still the music was spot on. I think Eren has a good chance of beating Annie this time around, especially considering his rage at this point. Well, I can’t wait till next week’s finale, especially as the studio seems pretty confident in it.
    I almost made it through this series with little to no spoilers, however one of the blog reviews I read told me some things regarding Wall Sina, and unfortunately I can’t unlook at it. But it’s almost the end, and and I looked away from reading anymore once I realized that it was a spoiler so I don’t think too much damage was done. I’m hyped for this last episode and will have to have great patience until the second season.

    I give this episode a 8.95/10. A really great episode, one of the best. Probably the best of this seasons’ penultimate episodes.

    • bCr

      Also notice how the action is building up to the final ep, in the manga it had less fighting (I don’t read it) and less Eren’s inner struggle. But all this fill was very well done, damn, it looks like it was very close the end of the story as how everybody were giving their best in the fight.

      I’ll wait 2nd season, no manga reading.

      • Irenesharda

        Totally agree, not touching the manga until the entire series is over. I have patience and I’d rather wait to see the animated version of events with the epic soundtrack, awesome filler, and great voice work.

      • Me

        Suppose you’re in for a long wait then considering the 2nd season won’t be out for a few years or so :P

  • Anonymous

    The titans were created over a hundred years ago as a weapon against humanity by Dr. Kichirou Moto. His motivation was revenge for his murdered wife and son from religious zealots that did not like the fact that Dr. Kichirou Moto was conducting research that could be viewed as being sacrilegious. On the night of the murder, Dr. Kichirou Moto’s home was set on fire by a religious group in the hopes of killing Dr. Moto. Unfortunately for the zealots, Dr. Kichirou Moto was still at his laboratory conducting research throughout the night. Upon returning home, Dr. Kichirou Moto watched in horror as his house burnt to the ground with religious zealots surrounding it. He knew that if he approached them it would mean certain death and he could no longer obtain revenge for his murdered family. He went into exile and constructed a hidden laboratory so that he could continue his research. He was able to develop a mutant potion that could be introduced into the water supply so that it would turn humans into enormous, but mindless killers: the titans. His justification for his actions was that humanity was becoming too driven religion in an insensible and irrational way and needed to be exterminated. In place of humanity, the doctor created a new race with individuals who were not a part of any religious order and who did not believe in the existence of a god. To avoid being killed by the titans that he created, he gave his followers, as well as himself, an altered potion that would allow them to shift into titan form that was many times stronger/conscious than the normal titans he had created.

    These shape shifting titans built a base so that normal titans could not pose a danger to the shape shifting titans. The shifting titans goal was to wait within the walls until humans were all eliminated by the titans. This plan would allow the shape shifting titans to avoid battle with humans and thus saving them from losing lives on their already low numbers. The problem was that their hidden location was discovered by a sizable human army which could have meant the total destruction of these shape shifting titans. To avoid this, it was agreed that the shape shifting titans should stay in human form and relocate to a new location.

    At the time, these shape shifting titans could not destroy the humans completely because they had well equipped and highly skilled fighters within their army. As time passed, humans began to take their titan threat less seriously (with their increase in knowledge and power about the titans) so their defense forces were smaller in number and were less skilled. Sensing this weakness, the shape shifting titans decided it was the right time to strike (reason behind attack in first episode) and made an entrance for the regular titans to invade the walls.

    Dr. Grisha Yeager (Eren’s father) is a shape shifter himself who fell in love with a non-shape shifter (human). Although Dr. Yeager is a shape shifter, he did not share the hate that his fellow shape shifters had for humanity. This is evident when he cured a plague that was befalling humanity. After the attacks on Wall Rose which he was not notified beforehand, he injected his son (Eren) with the shape shifting potion so that he would not meet the same fate his wife did.

    After the initial attacks, Dr. Kichirou Moto sent in spies into the human military to analyze human tactics, weapons, and military numbers. Feeling confident that humanity was still not prepared to engage the titans, a second and third attack were planned on Walls Maria and Sina.

    The attack on Wall Sina failed due to a change of heart from a handful of shape shifting spies who decided to side with humanity.

    Eren Yeager discovered that his father, Dr. Grisha Yeager was murdered for aiding humanity and giving Eren, along with a few others, the shape shifting potion to defend against Dr. Kichirou Moto.

    The recipe to a vaccine was found inside the basement of Eren’s old house to prevent further titan mutations during battle. Dr. Grisha Yeager was able to create the vaccine before losing his life to Dr. Kichirou Moto.

    The ending of the series involves Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, allied titan shape shifters, and the remaining human military destroying Dr. Kichirou Moto and his followers.

  • Flaiboy

    Something about the combination of the next episode being titled “Wall” and you ending this review with the word “bang” in bold is foreshadowing a sense of foreboding and dread inside me. Very tricky, Entrav . . .

    I hope and pray that Eren’s character develops a little more in the coming seasons (years?) so that I don’t have to withstand such maniacal behavior. Does this guy ever even out or does he stay freaked out all the time? I understand he’s having to endure untold stress and hardships; I just would like to see some rational thought coming from the guy without all the craziness.

    The longer I watch this show the more set I am in my speculation regarding the identities of the other Titans. Especially with the help of the ED as a jumping off point to comb through the episodes looking for circumstantial evidence.

    • Entrav

      :D You’ll see next time. MWAHAHAHAHA.

      Honestly, it’s the anime’s fault this time around for his maniacal behavior. In the manga, he really doesn’t do anything of the sort. Character development hasn’t been a strong part of this anime which is a shame considering that there’s a lot of interesting ones with powers that can be the centerpiece of such developments. But yeah, just read chapter 32 and no more if you’re curious. Eren’s a bit less insane.

      • Flaiboy

        Nope . . . not touching the manga.

      • Me

        Bit disappointed that Eren’s portrayed as “emotionally unstable” in the anime just so it makes for more dramatic scenes :/

        I mean, granted, he has been prone to these things in the manga but not this much ..

  • Zombienuat117

    I read the manga and watch the show and i liked this episode i dont know why some manga readers are hating on this episode becuase they changed the battle scene and erens transformation scene i liked both scenes but i liked what they added in the whole fight scenes with mikasa and fodder corps and jeans speech was a great addition too i especially loved that cat who was so freaking calm while all this distruction was happening lol in my opinion they did a good job this episode building up the suspense. It was a little slow in the beginning but it was necessary to explain how they got to the conclusion that annie was the female titan incase someone didnt figure it out in the manga i didnt find out it was annie until they actually revealed it it was harder toassume do to it being in black and white we didn’t see the hair color i had a hunch of who but it was way more vague

  • NoobSmoke

    I actually thought it was a little over dramatic towards the end..the manga did it better and faster