Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 25 (FINALE) – Conclusion?

Shingeki no Kyojin Titan

Not the best ending.
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 25 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 25 Review
“Wall: Raid on Stohess District, Part 3”
“Kabe -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (3)-”
(壁 ―ストヘス区急襲③―)

After nearly half a year, Shingeki no Kyojin delivers its final episode with quite a large amount of original material. While the previous few have been ranging from good to excellent, this one, at least it being the conclusion and thus the most anticipated one, is not necessarily the most satisfying ending. At least, not for me who has read the manga and has a more concrete example to compare it to.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 25 Impressions


He really says always instead of “just.”

Eren Titan form block

Erwin Smith


Attack on Titan


Ready to die.

You can’t expect any less destruction from two Titans rampaging inside of town. The distrust in Erwin’s plan to capture the Female Titan is to be expected, but even those who back up the plan must be filled with uncertainty as to what the future will bring if such havoc is wrecked from one secret mission. Still, one can not help but admire Erwin’s stance on the grave situation for he too is willing to give up his life for the greater cause of moving humanity away from the clutches of Titans. Eren may be linchpin in his plans, but Erwin oversees the entire operation with mental fortitude that most do not possess. Erwin is in many ways a hidden pillar of hope that supports humanity from which Eren can exhibit his powers properly. Otherwise, no such opportunity exists.

Annie vs Eren



Who is that other person? WTF IS GOING ON?!

She’s going crazy too.

Unlike Eren’s straight forward blood lust, Annie’s reasons for going against humanity is probably much more complex. We see bits and pieces of her past signaling that her father put pressure on her to do something. Were they betrayed? Did her father do something horrifying enough to change her outlook on human society? Whatever the case, Annie too has thrown away her humanity in order to achieve whatever goals she has. Constantly bashing Eren’s head indicates a sort of frustration that people show when they have no choice but to follow a set path.

Eren Jaeger crazy again


Shingeki no Kyojin

Alright, bro.

Eren Jaeger and Annie titan form

This can really get taken the wrong way.

Eren Titan form

Always scary to face a maniac.

Annie Leonhardt eyeball squeezed


Shingeki no Kyojin Titan badass

Not sure what those… lines of… stuff mean.


Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman fall



Not even a flinch.

………………………………… Really?

Leave it to Eren to completely go bat-shit insane whenever he possibly can. This whole part is quite different from the manga in that there is no insane Eren who is going to “destroy the world” pouncing on Annie. I’m quite certain that the author agreed to all these changes which is probably because he wanted to make things a bit more… dramatic between the two Titans. Still, I couldn’t help but cringing at Eren’s lines when all of this is happening. Annie’s facial expression is also another notable change with the supposed intent of making her more desperate so that she portrays a deeper feeling of despair. By doing so, the author has the intent of making her more “human” than just a monster without humanity.

Annie Leonhardt crying

All the characters sure are more attractive in the anime than in the manga.

Well, that’s SnK for you.


Mikasa Ackerman shocked


Yeah, he needs to get checked.


Armin Arlert

No action for Armin this time :/

Erwin is always awesome.

Eren Jaeger eating

Told you. He loves the NOM NOM NOM.



Sasha Blouse


Jesus, when will they reach the basement?

If you haven’t figured it out already, the author is really a sadist who just keeps on making the characters in this anime despair more and more. With barely any resolution other than the fact that the Scout Corps and Eren stay alive, Annie is completely sealed off and we are left with an even bigger question of exactly what is the Wall. Honestly, manga readers still don’t know too much, but we can guess that the whole ordeal with the Titans, their origination and human to Titan transformations are probably less of a mystery to those higher up than we may have previous thought. Humans seemed to have nothing to do with the Titans in the beginning, but now they have more to do with them than ever before.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 25 Review

The past few instances where they changed things around were at least solid. It made things more exciting and memorable. While this last episode isn’t terrible, I wouldn’t say it’s the ending I wanted from how the previous few episodes have been leading up to this conclusive episode. Firstly, when they added Eren pouncing on Annie, it’s more… action-packed, but it just needlessly makes Eren more of a crazy bastard than he is already. I’m already overlooking a lot of the screaming from this series contributed by Eren so when he said, “I’ll destroy this world,” I just couldn’t help but shake my head.

Secondly, I didn’t find the soundtrack as impactful as it has been in the previous few episodes with this one. They are trying to use different versions of the vocalized one, but I’m not sure if it’s in the timing or just the soundtrack itself, but it doesn’t make me feel as excited. You also have to wonder just how far the author is willing to go in putting out despair before some successes come. It can be quite a drain on viewers to witness one failure after the other. Though, at this point it’s not like they’ve completely failed. It’s just frustrating how they’re so close to the answer, but then something happens to put it as a cliffhanger.

Granted, this is the first season of an anime that will have probably at least two more of the same length. We can expect our answers to arise eventually, but I’d like it if they have a bit more spread throughout for we haven’t gotten much of anything in the ways of answer the Wall, Titans, Eren and his father, the King, and many more questions. I’m not going to complain about the Wall scene like a lot of manga readers are because that’s really all they could have done in a conclusive way without dragging this onto another season.

Overall, I’d say that if it were just a regular episode, it’d be pretty good. However, since this is the finale… I really did expect better. The action is there, but it’s not as great as it was in the previous episode. No answers are shown and we really just get a cliffhanger at the end. Erwin shines, but Eren just continues his mindless rampage like always. Great episodes are never defined by how they lack faults, but how they excel. In this case, while there aren’t that many major aspects that take away from the show, it just isn’t fantastic enough to be that great finisher I wanted.

Shingeki no Kyojin Wallpaper Titan in Wall


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  • bCr

    I was f5 xD

    This is not the final episode (needless to say), so I wouldn’t judge it ALL THAT way.
    I’ll repeat what I said, not touching the manga, I’m satisfied with this, there’s no anxiety for more and that’s gonna help me doing so. Also the cliffhanger had no effect on me but making me bind some things.

    PD: I’ll miss reading this since I don’t often watch anime and read reviews even less. We’ll see (or something) next season!

    • Entrav

      I still think overall the anime did a wonderful job of adapting the manga. There are some large improvements in the anime that make me prefer it over the manga.

      Thanks for reading my reviews! :)

      • bCr

        Of course, ost, vocal acting, fills, openings, fights & 3dmg scenes are standalone worthy enough, additionally, there’s the manga story.

        I don’t really bother doing things like posting this as now, you are doing good :D

        • david

          did anyone notice the other trainees you know potatoe girl and the rest there riding from a ruined building with a tent on top what was that about could they all be people who can transform into titans like eren and annie and mikasa’s fucked up strength earlier in the series when she brakes that knife handle in her past.

          • Irenesharda

            I thought that building was the Recon Corp headquarters? I’m almost sure some of them are also Titan-hybrids, however, I don’t think ALL of them are. That’s almost all of out supporting cast. I don’t think Mikasa’s a hybrid, nor Armin, Jean, Sasha, or Connie. Reiner, I’m pretty sure is one. Bertlot I think might be one too. Krista and Yimr are maybes but we’ve seen so little of them, so I’m not really sure about them yeat

          • bCr

            Pretty sure that that building hasn’t been seen before, though they seemed to be escaping from there, I mean, look their worried faces, Bertholdt’s sweat, Sasha’s turn.. something must have happened and no idea what.

            I believe that the wall worshipers had so much influence and tried so fiercely to prevent any “desecration” in an attempt to not get discovered whatever is inside of the walls.

            (Damn, I’ve been spoiled long ago about the identities of the titans, I would like to be cracking my mind trying to figure out something)

          • Flaiboy

            If I keep repeating it, Irenesharda, I’m sure to win you over to my side! Look at the OP and the ED: Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Ymir, and Krista are always together. Then comb through the episodes and pay attention to their dialog; it’s very hard to not suspect them. Then see them riding together at the end; Reiner and Bertolt in one shot, Ymir and Krista in another, then Connie by himself and Sasha by herself. I’m sure it’s not done that way by accident.

          • Irenesharda

            I’m actually leaning more towards that too. It’s beginning to be too obvious in the imagery. However, with all this new information about the wall, the miner who went missing, the Titans, and everything. I’m beginning to think this that even what we are uncovering now is just scratching the surface. I really want a second season soon, but even then I don’t know how much information we’ll actually get.

            If any show needed an exposition dump it’s this one.

            Also, I’m wondering if it’s a league of men who are going this, but using their kids as their weapons. Eren’s father may have been in on it, but maybe decided to back out? He doesn’t appear to have been using Eren or manipulating him. (Annie’s father had the stink of psychological manipulation all over him.) He seemed quite distraught over trying to find out what happened to his family after the Titan attack, and he looked as if he used to serum on Eren as a last resort to protect him and to give his son a clue in where to look for answers. Whatever he knew, made him a target, and Dr. Jaeger knew he couldn’t be around his son or adopted daughter anymore for their own safety.

            I really wonder what happened to him, and where he went. The drill sergeant that trained Eren and his friends seemed to know the doctor well, and so did Hannes who says that he owns Eren’s father a great debt. I wonder if they know anything.

          • bCr

            At the baggining, Eren’s warns Hannes to be prepared for the titans coming in cause his father said something like now there is more danger. That means he knew about the other hybrids and their plan to attack the walls. Now I wonder if they were trying to find him instead of just making all that chaos.

          • Flaiboy

            I agree with you. It does feel like only the surface has been scratched. We’ve thrown a lot of theories out there about various questions but it all still remains a mystery. Without any answers it all seems too complex to make any sense, but I think that once we find out the truth and answers to those questions we will be wondering why we didn’t see it earlier because it will seem so simple. That is unless it’s just so far out there that there was no way we could have understood it.

            For instance, it’s interesting how our theories and speculations change as the story unfolds. Remember when, after the first episode, the burning question was the origin of the Titans? I haven’t seen any comments addressing that issue since the second episode or so. We are so caught up in finding out who the hybrids are that we forget some of the basic questions.

            I have thought of them as biological weapons, but what is their origin? Could they possibly be clones, or even worse, ordinary folk who have succumbed to a virus of some sort which morphs them into what we see as Titans? They appear too human for there to not be some connection with humanity.

          • david

            yeah if you watch the op and ed i think on the second ed at the end you have five of the main characters you know armin, mikasa, eren, annie,bertlot but i not know the other i know its not marco he died just before. But you look eren in the centre armin and mikasa to the right and the other three to the left could this be saying eren has a choice to make either side with human armin and mikasa or side with the titans annie and bertlot

            but this is just spectalation.

          • MamaBella

            I stumbled upon this, also.

            Interesting thought..

  • Diana Whitmore

    I’m trying to figure out why there is a Titan in the wall at the end anyone have a clue? Were they used to make the walls and the titans that died during put in the walls, like the great wall? I’m so confused by this cliff hangar ;-;

    • Entrav

      To be honest, they don’t explain it that much even in the manga so anyone saying anything would be pure speculation. There are some good guesses out there that may be true though and sounds reasonable. Jericho, in the comments section here, makes some good assumptions that I think is fairly plausible.

    • Lemon

      The titan at the end plays a great part in the manga but seeing as you have only watch the anime, id rather not spoil it.
      if there is a second season, im guessing that the titan at the end will be a huge character so introducing him (or her…well…) at the end of SnK was just a thing to lead to the next season…if there is one.

      • Noah Sklar

        It has been confirmed that there will be a second season. :)

        • Curious

          What is the resource?

          • Noah Sklar

            Resource? Dunno. But it has been confirmed.

          • WhereIsYourSource?

            How is this confirmed with no source? Where did this info come from?

        • Entrav

          There will be a second season for sure with the amount of sales and potential, but it has not been officially confirmed. When you make these claims, you must have some kind of source.

  • Jericho Palomo

    SPOILER: titans have the power to crystallize their bodies like annie, so that means the wall maria, rosa and shina are made out of intelligent type titans that materialized them selves into wall, And by the continuation of the story, they will use the body materialization power of eren to cover all the breached wall

    • Flaiboy

      Why would they do that? Why would they make the walls and now be punching holes in them? Unless the ones who made them are from a different camp than the ones trying to break through them . . .

      • anthony laing

        just maby erens dad found a serum the tern people in to titans (meaning the first people to make the wall used it to defend the making and building the wall from the other titans) and the could be the secret in the basement and the formula

    • Steven de Comarmond

      oh so that was all foreshadowing when eren and annie were combining!!! makes perfect sense.

    • MamaBella

      Which would explain why the colossal titan could only break a certain part of the wall aka kicking in the brick doors.

      While the armored titan was the only one able to break through.

      Annie was hiding amongst the team. Now… who are the other two that are in hiding that can turn into the other two titans?

      Perhaps Eren’s father had information on that. But, I agree with someone else’s post above.. about how perhaps the miner’s tunnel is actually under Eren’s home..

      There is so much to think about with this anime. There is no way to walk away from the first season thinking you have the total package when really… everyone is left in the dark.

      Man, cliffhangers…

      • Flaiboy

        “Perhaps Eren’s father had information on that. But, I agree with someone
        else’s post above.. about how perhaps the miner’s tunnel is actually
        under Eren’s home..”

        I suppose that’s possible, though it appears from scanning through the first episode that Eren’s home is nowhere near any of the walls but is on an upper section of a hill, and I highly doubt that the miner would start a tunnel so far from his intended target.

      • Zeke Da Sneak Tipene

        That chick that hangs with the little blonde girl can go titan mode

        • MamaBella


          I didn’t make that connection. Thanks for pointing that out.


          I’m aware of that. I realize now, after looking more into it, that I KNOW who the two are that attacked Wall Maria. There are 5 titans total, if I remember correctly.

          • Flaiboy

            How do you know there are 5? There is no indication of that in the anime except through speculation based on what we can glean from the dialog, the ED, etc.

            Do you mean 5, SO FAR?

          • MamaBella

            I’ve seen a couple images.

            There’s also a decent amount of information about it if you look hard enough.

            Not sure how much detail I should go into it, if people don’t know. I don’t want to ruin things :)

          • Flaiboy

            This is definitely NOT the place for spoilers of any kind. Most people who post here, myself included, do not read the manga or go looking for outside information; we want to just watch the anime and have fun with speculations.

            So please consider that before you post anything that doesn’t have any connection to what we’ve seen in the anime. I appreciate that you didn’t spill the beans for us in your last post. #B^)

          • MamaBella

            Unlike our buddy “Zeke Da Sneak Tipene” I didn’t drop the bomb of who it was. But.. four are pointed out in the anime, so there is no surprise there. If you haven’t made the connection, I suggest you re-watch it.

            But… Like I said, if people don’t know, I won’t talk about it. More detail is the manga but if you aren’t following both stories, it’s hard.

            As for me, there is too much left unanswered in the anime and I couldn’t help but start to read the manga :(

          • Aislinn Taylor

            Are you saying that in the anime they pointed out four of the titans cuz they only pointed out Annie and eren being titan’s

          • MamaBella

            They pointed out more than just Annie and Eren.

            You have to be extremely focused to detail to notice, though.

          • Zeke Da Sneak Tipene

            shit sorry people i shall keep my mouth shut my bad. i do apologise if i have ruined the experience for anyone

          • Flaiboy

            Np, Zeke. Glad to have you here.

          • Entrav

            Please keep that mentality and do not ruin it for others. It’s tough enough for me to keep track of new comments on newer posts. Thanks for your consideration.

          • MamaBella

            I would also like to point out that I wasn’t the one that dropped the bomb on that one :)

            May wanna take a further look.

          • Roland

            Heh, if you want a real challenge, just take a lot at all the titans with revealed identities so far, then go through all the characters in the show and match them with the other 2 that have appeared. I don’t want to know if I’m right until they’re revealed, but it’s looking good!

          • Aislinn Taylor

            Yah. And i never thought Eren and Annie and the other three would ever be titans. Or that humans could turn in tatans.

          • Aislinn Taylor


      • anthony laing

        keep u watching though

      • Eren Jaeger

        Maybe both Collosial and Armored titans are special titans that transformed from human. Just like Annie & Eren. Btw, my friend spoiled me about Eren’s Friends that have ability to become a titan. I only know: R_______ = armored, B_______ = Collosial, Y________ = Crawler, Eren, Annie=Female titan & Historia’s sister? (im not sure)

    • Aislinn Taylor

      If they are the only things that can repair the walls the how did they get breached in the first place if they are inside the walls, maybe they are only in wall Rose and Sina. but not in the other one. How would the titans get to earth in the first place and why would they create ( If they were created by humans) them to eat people or did the titans kill humans so they could kill the titans inside the walls if there is more than one.

    • Ghost

      This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Those walls have a really large circumference, there must be hundreds of titans in there. so if they are really made of titans and intelligent humanity-friendly titans at that, wouldn’t it be just easier to wipe out the rest of the titans. The intelligent titans have been shown to be a lot more powerful than normal one. It sounds weird to me that they’d solidify into a wall instead of ammasing an army and wiping the rest of the titans out.

  • Nate

    I agree with you about Eren’s “destroy the world” line, a bit out of context with what was happening, especially with the Manga. It took some of the feel away.

    My speculation with the Titans in the wall could possibly be like the Mass Effect video game series.

    The Reapers (Titans in SnK) allow all species in the galaxy (humans in the walls) to grow and prosper for 50000 years (the last 100 or so for the humans in SnK (?))
    Then they return and absorb/kill everything to sustain their own race either directly or indirectly.
    For the Reapers it’s to stop species making Synthetics and fighting with them (galactic peace, the gruesome kind)
    For the Titans it could be some sort of population control, as they don’t gain or need any sustenance from Humans? I have no idea eitherway :(

    Anyway, thanks for your reviews on SnK! I have never bothered to read any anime reviews until I came across your SnK ones and enjoyed reading them.

    Hopefully the next season isn’t too far away and I can enjoy reading some more!

    • Entrav

      Hmm… that’s an interesting theory too. Though, I think humans have more of a hand in everything than the Titans have in the existence of humans. Of course, I have no idea either.

      You are very welcome! Thanks for reading my reviews! Next season will be really busy so hopefully I can keep up.

  • Krishna Modak

    When I saw that last scene with the Titan in the wall, it just clicked into my mind about the mysteries behind it. I mean, did anyone catch that long “information” that was written in the midway of the episode? It was about a miner who wanted to enter within the walls of Sina by digging. But no matter how much he dug, he couldn’t find the foundation of the wall. One day in a tavern, he asked his friend about the situation and his friend said I can’t tell you anything because we can get in trouble. So one day. the miner goes missing. The Garrison tried hard to look for him, harder than they would in looking for a criminal. His friend was also worried, when all of a sudden he went missing too. Both the miner and the hole he dug, along with his friend, were never to be found ever again.

    • Me

      the hell !!! i didn’t read that text
      mysteries don’t stop coming….

    • Entrav

      SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Let them find out by themselves… Haha, it wasn’t in the manga either and it’s quite disturbing.

      • Irenesharda

        I read that. It was actually really creepy and mysterious to think about. It really made me start thinking that this is going beyond simple conspiracy for the sake of power and/or profit or anything like that. I’m beginning to think that there are some actual supernatural forces in play as well that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of. I mean, it’s like the walls are just as far deep as they are tall. Why would some one ever do that? How did these walls get to be there? Did the titans create them, and if so, how and why? It’s extremely creepy and ironic that the one thing that humanity has been using to protect themselves, is actually only a facade and there was never any safety to begin with. They are completely surrounded by the very things they had hoped to keep out.

        By the way, the real “Wall” of this episode, should have been that ultra long wall of text that they had at the intermission. How the heck were people supposed to read all that without pausing? If I was actually watching this on a TV or in a theater, I’d been pissed.

        • Me

          according to that length, the titans inside the wall should be 100 meter classes HAHAHAHA. a lot more creepy

          • Aislinn Taylor

            That’s crazy. And really scary!

        • Steven de Comarmond

          so what youre saying is the wall is made out of titans that the humans created out of other humans? so technically the supernatural forces you speak of are quite literal in the sense that the church people have been right this whole time that these walls are in fact “gods” and they are made up of the super natural? correct?

          • TheYellingMute

            i actually think that all humans or at least alot of them were able to become titans. then a cult of titan/humans got tired of humanity and all of its disgusting ways and wanted to wipe out all humans leaving a world of only titans..then from there build a new world. Obviously the titans in the wall were the last of the titans who believed humanity can be saved…if i was willing i can probably do the math on exactly how many titans are within the walls.

            Thats also why the only way to stop titans is to kill their “control pod” at the back of the neck and all the non-abberrant titans are victims who werent turned into pulp taken to the “leader” and have their minds clouded and suppressed so they attack mindlessly as they are made into more titans. makes sense why they arent actually digested only regurgitated all they really need is a brain im guessing since the body can regenerate. Also remember the first time Eren went into his Titan form willingly, in his mind he was with his family still living happily so he didnt want to leave. That might be whats happening to all the non-abberrant’s and as for the abberrants they are ones who were convinced that they were thrown away as worthless people and are now willingly fighting to destroy them

          • i Bassy

            That is a really nice estimate and gives me something to think about. I think you’re not far off.

          • Steven de Comarmond

            Yeah makes sense! I like this idea.

          • Flaiboy

            I don’t understand what your overarching theory is. Where do Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, et al (those who I think are Titans) fit into this picture? Who are they willingly fighting to destroy and why?

            Why do you think that what was going on in Eren’s mind when he was transformed into an aberrant unable to move or control his body is also going on in the minds of the non-aberrants who are moving about and attacking?

          • TheYellingMute

            the part with annie and other titan/humans is something alot more bold, again this is only my thoughts and opinions i dont have any evidence as i havent been given any so im just making assumptions i feel MIGHT happen which is why I think is what is happening to non-aberrants.

            anyway back to the human/titans. I feel Eren’s father who is kinda cloaked in a bit of mystery of, what happened to him, where is he, how did he get that titan formula which he injected Eren with? I think there is a small group of people who want to destroy humanity and basically the “satanists” of this world and just want it destroyed so they sabotage the walls. I believe Erens father WAS part of this group but when Eren was born and at a point when he realized he wanted to fight titans, he injected him with the formula to bring a chance of him surviving and stopping the titans. The other theory is that his father was actually a double agent and when he was trusted with the formula he instead of brainwashing or having his son help sabotage the wall, he had him do his own thing which would stop the titans.

          • Flaiboy

            So you think that Annie and the other Titan hybrids are part of that small group of people who want to destroy humanity so they destroy the walls?

            I understand about not having any evidence; we’re all just speculating based on whatever we can glean from the episodes. #B^)

          • TheYellingMute

            not willing probably or not completely of their own free will. maybe blackmailed with imprisoned family members or brainwashed. which i JUST thought could also be weaved into the formula they are injected which is why eren’s is different as it was modified by his father just to forget the initial moment without brainwashing, unless the brainwash he gave eren was to stop the other titans rather then help them

          • Zeke Da Sneak Tipene

            reiner bertolt and annie are apart of a bigger faction and are willingly wanting to destroy the walls. they also speak of returning to the home village back with other human/titan people

          • Flaiboy

            If they are wanting to destroy the walls then why haven’t they?

            All they’ve done is kick in a couple gates. It seems to me the the combined power of the Colossal and Armoured Titans could easily do quite a bit of damage to the walls and would be close to unstoppable. They haven’t made any efforts to target them. Annie damaged one only because she was wanting to climb it to get away.

          • Mikasa

            maybe Pixis’s legend was true? remember the story he told to eren, when was given the role of putting the boulder to the gate part of trost

          • Anon

            Satanists don’t want to destroy the world, other than that I agree with you.

          • Mikasa

            um, one question? how did Dr. Jaeger saved the whole (city?) mentioned in 1st episode?

          • Aislinn Taylor

            They had a sickness break out and he saved them with a kinda of medicine.( It was bad)

          • Mikasa

            and about the legend Pixis were talking about (Defending Trost?), Is that possible?

          • Zeke Da Sneak Tipene

            reiner is the armoured titan bertolt is the first colosal titan that attacked the walls. and erens bold mate his whole village got turned into titans

          • mimzy

            Omg, It’s like the matrix for the people inside the titans

          • E

            Well they said that for the Titans this is all a game so that theory of the Titans actually creating the walls can fit in to place there. A interesting thought to think about.

        • Otaku

          you made me watch episode 25 again……….


        • Flaiboy

          If there really are supernatural forces in play here as you are logically speculating, then we may as well throw away any attempt to figure out just what is going on here. Supernatural forces are like the greatest asspulls and disruptors of logical plots known to man!

    • Demonslayer135

      What are you implying by quoting this statement?

    • Brian Hopkins

      i just read all the comments and nobody mentioned that maybe the basement in Eren’s house is actually the mine hole and the miner succeeded and has been there ever since. maybe something under the wall turns humans into titans and the miner fell in and cant turn human again but cant break out either so there’s a reason for a titan being in the wall .

      • Mikasa

        WAIT! NO! that’s right! you gave me a clue! Eren transform only when he has the goal right? maybe the miner, currently digging, wanting to get to wall Sina badly, and maybe, being injured while digging, turned him into a titan! that explains why there is a titan in that wall…

        • HystericalGameZ

          Except for the fact that There are Thousands of Colossal Titans next to that one, lining the inside of the wall.

          • Flaiboy

            What makes you think that there are thousands of Colossal Titans lining the inside of the wall?

          • anthony laing

            seem like the only way your could build a wall so big while titan are every where but also doesnt explain how the titans came to the world because the wall was created to keep titans out so there for the “thing” under the wall cant be transforming people in to titans but i think in the basement is some “list” that has all the test subjects on and that it might have more of the liquid the tern people in to titans ???? just maby but so pose we will w8 and see :D

          • Flaiboy

            We don’t know under what conditions the walls were built so they might have been built before the Titans arrived . . .

            The walls may have been built to keep humanity IN and not necessarily to keep Titans out . . .

          • Roland

            Ok, so the wall is definitely lined with titans, and they’re most likely standing in the same linked-arm police barricade way that the wall worshipers do when praying.

            In the next series which exists as a manga (which means lots could change in the anime), there is a ‘deviant’ class of titan that shows up and somehow transforms a whole village into titans before stealing one of the dead soldier’s 3DMG packs.

            It’s likely that titans are man-made, maybe for war or to actually oppress mankind so that humans co-operate. It’s also likely that ‘shifter’ humans who belonged to the wall religion centuries ago actually chose to become the wall and bind people. They might also be willing to destroy man if man disrespects/destroys the wall and lets sunlight touch the titans inside it.

            It’s highly probable that the higher-up wall worshipers know a lot more and are extremely god-fearing towards the wall, compared to the aspiring and eccentric survey corps. The two of them being opposed politically shows that there is a lot of unknown fear to be discovered.

          • Flaiboy

            Dude, remove your comments. No Spoilers in this forum.

          • NewGuyy

            Most likely, titans weren’t actually mythical monsters when they first appeared, and were instead made for war or construction (ergo their ability to create crystal harder than metal, carry massive weight, and they’re extremely light for their size). They appear to be solar powered, and their form is probably some conversion of sunlight into matter, which would explain how they decay, how they’re low weight, and less active when out of sunlight. The titans appear to be humans that have received some kind of medicine/virus/etc through either injections or ingestion. The injections are probably a way to allow the human to control their titan form and prevent themselves from fusing to it (remember that all normal titans don’t appear to have human bodies in them, and sometimes Eren is partially fused to the titan, implying extended use would permanently fuse him).

            The giant ape-like titan that took the 3DMG could possibly be the creator, or associated with the creator of the titans. He probably put something in the towns water supply to turn them into titans as either a test run on a new strain, or to get the attention of the humans to see how they would react and what new things they use (like the 3DMG).
            The walls themselves were probably created by shifters, as the wall is a uniform height, the titans inside are probably all the same height, so it could be assumed that the titan (lets call it a non-transmittable virus) virus has multiple strains, and the people in the wall received the same one, and then made the wall. As the priest didn’t want light to hit the titan, it could be assumed that after being fused and asleep for so long, the humans inside no longer have control and are now like normal titans. Furthermore, there is still a group in the wall who know the truth, but are keeping it from the public.

            As to what is in the basement…. Most likely there is Titan research that includes the history of titans what they ARE, and perhaps more vials of the titan “virus”. It is likely that Eren’s father is associated with the shifters in some way, maybe he himself created titans in the first place (it is unknown what else being a shifter does, it can heal entire missing LIMBS, so longevity isn’t impossible). Remember that we find out that Eren can CONTROL titans. So either the strain of the titan “virus” (I know, it’s not a virus, I just can’t think of a better word) Eren received allowed that, (this further shows that titans could have been made for war (a commander to control them) or for construction (an overseer to get them to build, maybe the titans in the wall were mindless already and someone with the same ability as Eren ordered them to make the wall)) or maybe the other shifters are the descendents of the original shifters, and the original could already control the titans, and as Eren was made into a shifter he has that ability. Perhaps Eren’s father left the other shifters and had stolen the strain that would create a titan like Eren, and the other shifters broke down the walls so they could come after him and get it back. Would explain why they were willing to take Eren back with them, and abandon their mission to destroy the walls, since Eren could control titans. Not to mention, THEY KNEW HE COULD BEFORE HE DID (they appear to have known since they first saw him shift).

            So: It is likely that Eren’s father came from outside the walls and brought with him either the research for, or the vial itself, that could create someone to control titans. The other shifters came to retrieve it (out of all the areas they could have broken through, they came through the part of the wall in which Eren’s family lived). When they failed, they went into hiding and joined the military, which would put them in the perfect position to go up the ladder of command (being a politician wouldn’t work, since they would have their backgrounds checked thoroughly, unlike in the military which needed more cannon fodder :P). Once they finished the training, they destroyed another wall, which would be the ideal way to get a higher military rank, since in peaceful times that would be difficult. However, once they saw Eren’s titan form, they immediately stopped their plans, and did not open the inner wall. They then tried to kidnap Eren. Failed and Annie got caught. Etc.

          • Aislinn Taylor

            Did you get this information from the manga?

          • Guest

            How else could humanity have built a wall that size, while under siege from the titans?

            Did you notice how the churchgoers stood in concentric circles, arms interlocked? How that their religion states that the wall is a divine creation? How people *must not change/touch the wall*?

            Much like the prayer circles of the Church of the Wall, those people who gave their humanity to become titans might still stand, arm in arm inside the very walls that they created. The religion sprang up around the wall’s creation, and their sacrifice to save humanity.

            Either the people used them as scaffolding, or they themselves became the rock- it’s already shown that titans can create armored plates of what appear to be diamond and stone.

          • Flaiboy

            All I’m saying is that we don’t know under what conditions the walls were built. You’re assuming the walls were built while humanity was under siege, but nothing about the building of the walls has been mentioned. They could have been built before the Titans arrived as a fall back position. If they have technology to create 3D gear, compressed air and a tanking systems, metal cabling, cannons, etc., I’m sure they are able to figure out how to build a wall. Heck, the Egyptians built the pyramids with less.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the walls were filled with Titans, I’m just curious about learning from others who have watched the anime to see if maybe they noticed some clue or direct evidence that I missed.

            If the walls are made by Titans (and there is no evidence to say they didn’t) I doubt they were made with man’s best interest at heart. Or maybe they thought that when the walls were first made. In any case, I believe the walls are being used to keep humanity hemmed IN rather than to keep the Titans OUT. There are a lot of groups who continue to profit from the status quo such as the Church, the corrupt aristocracy, the corrupt military, the Titans, and those groups would lose most of their power, prestige, and $$$ should humanity break out from the walls and somehow triumph against the Titans.

          • Xyko

            I have a theory. The miner dug a hole, and when they tried finding him, they never found him again. Here’s my idea. You guys know about how the religious people worship each wall, and that the titan’s head and or body is inside? What if those walls are actual titan shifters and the reason why they pray is so that these individual titans do not break the wall down, and for their lives to be spared? I mean, look in the manga! *SPOILERS START HERE. AVOID IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE!* . The religious people don’t talk about anything, and even that one pastor doesn’t reveal anything. Wall Sina, Rosa, and Maria are real titans which probably were found by humans long ago, and that the way they live or die is by passing on religious stuff to desendants. I also have a feeling from what another guy said about standing in a circle for the religious stuff, (this makes more sense) is that the walls are titan shifters, in that position, and covered with cement and stuff, and my theory about living or dying etc. – Xyko

          • Itachi Uchiha

            Actually I thought the miner digging the hole himself became a titan and was the titan seen at the ending of the season and that he devoured his friend because they never found him, but your idea seems very logical and well thought out.

          • Jonathan Miller

            I think you nailed it on this one. I guess we will see when the second season gets released.

          • tello.grunge

            Not all titans can do that, we only know of one currently (in the anime at least).

      • Aislinn Taylor

        That is actually very smart it could be true but i thought it said he was trying to get inside of wall Sina and Eren’s house is all the way on the outside of wall maria .In Zhiganshina that’s way far from where they said the miner was digging the hole to get under the wall

    • Giovanni

      It was the “beast” titan or the “Ape” titan, there are some theories that the Beast/Ape titan is Eren’s dad.

      • Aislinn Taylor

        Well if the dad is either of them then why did he not stay with his son instead of making him a titan why did he not just protect eren.

      • Roland

        No, the deviant titan with ape-like appearance couldn’t be Eren’s father. Eren’s father was more than knowledgeable about the inner walls, while the deviant was unaware of even the 3DMG gear and even thought his language didn’t make sense to the bewildered soldier it spoke to.. The chilling part about it is that not only did it speak, it also took one of the 3DMG packs away to “bring back”. Titans with massive 3DMG packs perhaps? XD

        From this, I would make the conjecture that the deviant is far more primordial, ancient even, and lives in the outer world. It probably is a human shifter, and collaborates with others, but titan shifters seem to be able to live forever. Eren’s dad is a mystery still.

        • Flaiboy

          Dude, remove your comments, please. These are all spoilers and they’re not allowed in this forum.

  • K’

    is it just me or does that crack at the end looks like Taiwan?

    • Entrav

      LOL. Now that you mention it, it does look like that.

  • Me

    the word i kept saying this whole episode “WTF IS GOING ON !! ”

    this episode was made just to rise my questions to a whole new level, and now i gotta wait at least 2 years for the new episode !!!?? this really sucks.

    anyways there is something wrong, there is a damn thing that make these guys destroy the walls, especially for annie, no matter how i look at it i can’t imagine annie doing that, she seemed sensitive and human in this episode that i felt so bad for her and u can tell how much she’s suffering yet she’s bearing it in silent.

    not to mention that even eren’s father probably knew a lot but he still didn’t share any of his knowledge, there must be something wrong inside the walls, that “King” have something to do with this for sure.

    It’s as u said, those higher up knows a lot about the situation, yet for some reason they keep silent, especially for those wall lovers assholes, they are everywhere, in eren’s trial and in erwin’s questioning, and being so worried about the walls when he saw annie and eren, i wonder what’s their benefit when all the walls are breached and mankind extinct, won’t they die as well ? so why hiding information ?

    now I’d like to share some speculation i have figured in the few previous episodes and this one, eren’s father being missed for so long time, when it seems impossible to hide inside the walls after disobeying the king, means he’s dead or he got caught by this organization (the guys who destroying the walls, i strongly think there is some kind of organization leading them) or else he’s outside the walls. I have been taking the last theory seriously, what if there are other walls except Maria, Rose and Sina, and these guys destroying the walls came from other walls beyond Maria, some kind of war ????

    Anyway i’m not sure if i can hold myself from readong the manga.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      Two years? Errrr… the new episode comes out in April…

      • Entrav

        Uhh… What are you talking about? There is no news that there’s a new episode coming out in April that starts season 2. April is when this season came out. Unless you have some information you’re willing to share, but I can’t find it.

        • Irenesharda

          So far, the last news report I saw talked about how they met at a press conference after the pre-screening of the final episode, they stated that basically while they all want to get on with doing a new season, they have yet to get the green light from the studio. I doubt that will last, but we have to see if they want to play the waiting game for the manga.

        • Annie Leonhardt

          Perhaps the last report I read was false? It sounded as if it was correct- but it appears they’ve deleted the info, which is giving me the idea it was merely false information.
          Apologies on my behalf for making such a mistake.

          However, seeing as shows normally air the new season EP the same date the first season arrived, I would hardly be surprised if they truly did air it next April… eh.

          • Stam Ts.

            GTFO here Annie! We don’t trust an evil titan like you….

    • Entrav

      I can see why you’d think that way as I read the manga not too long ago so I kind of got more of the story than you guys do here. Still, even for manga readers, there are many questions that you have here that we cannot answer. It’s interesting that they added a Wall Sina part full of text. It’s actually pretty disturbing and I don’t remember reading anything like that in the manga.

      At this point, it’s really hard for some people not to read the manga, but if it’s at all possible, I’d suggest people to wait for the adaptation because the anime is just superior in many ways.

    • Aislinn Taylor

      I don’t think their are any other walls because titans live in the other part of the world no one knows nothing about.

      • Flaiboy

        Why do you think Titans live in the other parts of the world? We haven’t seen anywhere outside of this one area.

        • Aislinn Taylor

          Well when the Zhinganshina wall was breached that was the outer wall and the titans were out there and then they came into the first wall so they had to out in the other part of the world no one knows about. They could have no just magically appeared. So they have got to be somewhere beyond Wall Maria.

          • Flaiboy

            I agree that they are somewhere beyond Wall Maria. I think we’re talking about two different areas.

  • zztop

    Is there currently enough manga material to make a full 2-cour season again next year if the animating company chooses to do so?

    Also, an Attack on Titan funny from Pixiv:
    Attack on Titan as a 1970s manga:

    • Entrav

      Well, they went through 33 chapters in this first season and there are nearly 50 chapters out. They could begin to adapt it next year and by the time they hit the final few, new chapters will be out so they’ll never go past the manga. Still, at this point it’s not really about the sales like most series as SnK is selling so much, but it’s about whether they want to rush it out like that as it’ll be really close to the manga.

      However, if they do end up doing this, the third season will take absolutely forever to come out. The manga comes out monthly so getting another 30-35 chapters will take a few years.

      :O 1970 version.

      • Alan David

        They can make shorter seasons, like a normal real life tv show. If they made each episode with as high, or higher quality than this I’d be okay with there only being 15 episodes or so a season. That’s what Legend of Korra does. The problem with anime is that it’s expected to be serialized and come out each week. Japanese people aren’t patient enough.

        • Entrav

          Yeah, but normal real life TV shows often run far longer than 20 minutes. Most of the time it’s doubled that so a season for them is actually around the same length as what has aired so far in SnK. Also, I’m sure they have a pretty strict limitation of making 1-cour anime at or under 13 episodes for the 4 season cycle to work out.

          I mean, it’s not like they can’t adapt it one season at a time, but they probably want to consistently throw it out for half a year rather than spread it throughout. It will make for more messy storytelling as well if they split it up as at the end of every season because then there’ll be two major cliffhangers at the end of each season instead of one.

  • Raptor Jesus

    I watched the anime while a friend of mine read the manga and watched as well. Personally the anime is better for obvious reasons. The main reason i hate this ending is not really because of what did happen, it’s what is going to happen while the makers of the anime are saying theyre done making the series. Annie doesnt stay in the crystal forever (not a real spoiler since im sure you can figure that out), theres the basement and the father thing as reminded to the viewer by the key Eren wears (they sure paid a whole 3 second scene on that so cliffhanger worthy? yes), the identities of the Armored and Colossal Titans still needs to be revealed (even though if you really think, its kinda easy to guess them), and now the wall with titans inside.
    They leave it with a literal leap into a new season with no promise of making one, thats what hits me the hardest. its like if FMA cut off about half way through. You just dont do that.
    Now, my friend and I had a good theory about the wall.. We think at one point humans that had titan forms did one of two, maaaybe three things…
    1: They used the power to turn themselves into the base of the walls for the sake of humanity.
    2: They used that power in plain dick motives to trap the remainder of humans so this very extermination-like thing could happen.
    2: i dont have a third idea here, but im sure theres likely a whole other fucked up reason for it.
    Either way, if they just stop and dont make another season, it’s just plain evil….

    • Entrav

      Well, if you’re worried about them not having promises of making a second season, you don’t have to be worried. I am 100% sure they will make a second season sooner or later. If you don’t like how they stopped, I can’t argue too much with that other than the fact that they don’t really have a great spot to stop at and what they do here is already more conclusive than what I thought it’d be. Though, it seems like your complaints come from the fact that they didn’t promise to do a season 2 after this ending. You seriously don’t have to worry. This anime is a money printing machine.

    • Sia

      There’s a conference on youtube where the creators say that the making of a second season is “up to us” meaning they’re going to need possibly more fans putting some support into the series instead of just watching and reading online, which I did. The anime is good regardless so I really dont mind buying the dvd’s even if I probably wont watch them again.

  • P4RAN0RM41

    I’m not quite sure how to take this episode. Of course, there’s the cliffhanger at the end to focus on, but I think there are equally important developments throughout the episode. For example, Annie’s past seems to play a huge role in the episode, I can only imagine what they have in store for her. Her father in particular interested me; since the face was kept hidden, I can only speculate that his identity is someone we’ve already been introduced to. Definitely an important character, I’m thinking it could be Erwin, or even maybe Eren’s father? I’d love to hear back from you.

    • Entrav

      Well, I have no idea to be honest either and I don’t want to spoil anything. What I’ll guess is that, I don’t think her father’s identity is as important as what’s in her past that makes her behave in such a way with great determination. (Remember, this is pure speculation) Perhaps they were experimented on or something and her father belonged to a group that Eren’s father is in. Maybe some of them got abandoned by the higher ups after their experimentations and had to fend for themselves thus making humanity as a whole the enemy. Perhaps they have no choice but to do this or else they too will die. I could go on with the possibilities, but you get the idea. It’s boundless.

      • Aislinn Taylor

        Well maybe the group was trying to make titans to help out in some way and they experiment went wrong and they titans ended up killing the people in the group and started going after the human race.

    • Aislinn Taylor

      Eren’s dad does not have blond hair so i’m thinking it could be Erwin but what would he want with Annie. That going to be a mystery and I want to know who he is!

  • Annie Leonhardt

    oh my god i’ve made a conclusion you’re the most annoying snk fan

    • Entrav

      I’m the “most annoying SnK fan?” Care to explain your reasoning?

      • Me

        Maybe cause of your special reviews in some captions hahahaha

        • Entrav

          Haha. I’m just inserting random comments because otherwise there’s not much to say about the pictures. It’s also nice to let loose in an anime that’s fairly serious most of the time :)

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Those random all caps one liners like the POTATOOOO!11 are part your writing style and they’re pretty damn funny.

          • Caz

            I agree and I enjoy the captions. :)

          • Entrav


          • Entrav

            :) Thanks. Potato too strong.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Perhaps the ‘potato girl’ part, or maybe the “OMAIGAWD” part, or the “nomnomnom” part… you sound like a twelve year old girl going through her meme phase, but aye everyone changes… perhaps I am only misunderstanding and you truly are 12. However, continue doing what you do, there’s nothing I can do.

        • Entrav

          I’m just trying to have some fun and I understand that’s not something everyone wants. There’s no use to be super serious the whole time. You can skip it and just read my paragraphs which I highly doubt a “twelve year old girl” can write.

        • Flaiboy

          Troll sighting confirmed!

  • Devjyoti Ghosh

    I think so “destroy the world” part was completely in character with Eren. He has been known to be psychotic(where he kills Mikasa’s parents killer) and also he has been known to loose control when in titan form. When annie bashed his head up i think only pure raw anger took control of eren.

    I do not watch much anime but it was nice reading your reviews. Until next season farewell. :)

    • Entrav

      It’s just that his psychotic character not undergoing character development is getting a bit irritating. It may be in line with how he is, but that doesn’t mean that the character itself is “good.” Other than that, it’s just completely random or maybe… could it be foreshadowing?

      Thanks for reading my reviews! See you next season!

  • tina

    Oh hey.. I I wasn’t satisfied..but what to do… they already made it. It was upsetting to me yesterday seeing Annie’s face crushed by Eren.. Production people to be blamed. They were to focusing on unneeded fillers til Annie’s hood wasn’t in this pic.. LOL.. Nevermind that but the fact the wall cracked without everyone knowing it means.. hmmm… Did Isayama sensei really okay about that changes? They overpowered Eren!

    • tina

      This picture I mean

    • Entrav

      Yep, Isayama approved of all the changes. He wanted to improve upon some scenes.

  • Neko

    Omigawd. I love those pics with the comments LOL. They were hilarioussss! ALL OF THEM. Especially the last one, “Jesus, when will they reach the basement?” xDDDDD

    • Entrav

      :) Thanks a lot!

  • Mike

    I actually think the author of SnK allowed us to get our first glimpse of Eren’s Titan Power in either the anime or the manga. Each hybrid titan seems to have its own trait (Annie’s is crystallization, the armor of the Armored Titan, and the Colossal Titan is big?) and even the manga readers haven’t seen anything to differentiate Eren’s titan from any other 15 meter class. I think it has something to do with fire since its appropriate for Eren’s personality and it looks like flames coming from his wounds in the Annie mounting scene.

    • Entrav

      That’s the first thing I thought of too when I saw him on fire is that this is the way Isayama wanted to expose us to Eren’s power. It’s a neat way of doing it as it’s something new for manga readers as well. I just forgot to mention it in the review, haha.

      • Irenesharda

        I and quite a few anime-only watchers also thought that was supposed to be his power. I had actually guessed it a while ago, since the Titan-hybrid’s powers are sort of highlighted in their personality and psyche. Annie was as cold as ice, but as hard as diamond, and her mental thoughts are always in blue. Eren’s memories are largely in reds, yellows, and oranges, his thought process has been accented by flames several times, and they have stated how hot his Titan form is without skin, so I thought a while ago that his power would have to do with fire.

        And sure enough, I loved the look of his flame form. His body has this look to it that reminds me of magma, with the skin nearly black, but the inside is bright white orange and you can see it through the cracks, and when his arms and legs are taken off you don’t see blood and bone by bright orange that’s like molten rock or metal. If he can learn how to adapt his body to his new power, he would be like a 30 ft tall Human Torch minus the ability to fly. It’s going to be awesome!

        To know that we anime only viewers got something that the manga readers haven’t gotten yet, actually makes me feel a little special. :P

    • Noah Sklar

      The bit with Eren bursting into flames has only happened in the anime (I think). If it happened in the manga, I can’t remember it. Still, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t pants-shittingly horrifying.

      The reason he burst into flames at all is the same reason that other Titans steam when wounded; regenerating so quickly WILL produce a lot of heat. With Eren, it’s implied that he was regenerating so quickly he actually combusted.

      And why has NO ONE commented on that FUCKING DEMONIC VOICE Eren was speaking in?! That bit about him destroying the world might not have been in the manga, but it didn’t make it any less terrifying.

      I think a good name for him would be the Berserk Titan. What do you guys think?

  • Angela Moseley

    “At least, not for me who has read the manga and has a more concrete example to compare it to.”

    This is kind of why I’ve decided not to read the manga. I’m at point in my life where I no longer want to play the comparison game and just enjoy a show on its own merits. (By all means, I’m not knocking anyone who’s read the manga before watching the adaptation, so please don’t take it that way.) Personally, I enjoyed the finale, as the cliff-hanger wasn’t a big surprise. I knew there was no way in Hell they’d finish the story in the 25 episodes allotted. At the same time Attack on Titan is so popular that there’s no way we’re not getting future seasons so I’m not going to sweat the little details. I’m just going to sit back and wait for new episodes to be announced someday– and no I still have NO plans to read the manga if I can help it. That said, I had a feeling stuff might have been changed from the manga and your post confirms it.

    Thanks again for the excellent episodic blogging.

    *Returns to updating her own blog.* XD

    • Entrav

      This is why I’m hesitating to read series like DxD as it would affect my viewpoint quite greatly. I’m sure that if I didn’t read the manga, I would enjoy this episode far more than I do. However, as a reviewer, it does provide a different perspective than if I didn’t read the manga as well so there’s also a benefit.

      Thank you for reading my reviews! :) Good luck working on your own blog!

      • Flaiboy

        Yeah, but then you can’t speculate with us and that’s half the fun, Entrav!

  • Dante

    When Annie covered herself with crystal I was like ”That’s not fair”, I think Jean heard me!

    they should find out some way to get that bitch out & get her not to talk, but to sing.

    and when that titan showed from inside the wall, I was like WTFF? (yeah 2 Fs)

    the thing I noticed through this anime is that the author has some serious thing against religion (I could be wrong)

    Anyway, it’s an amusing review and discussion here, hope there will be a 2nd season soon.

    • Irenesharda

      I never got that feeling. I am a Christian myself, but I do know how religion can be used to control by unscrupulous people and to blind ignorant people from the truth that’s right in front of their face. I also know that there’s a different between believing in God, and being a religious zealot. And that’s all I really see these “Wall Worshipers” as. They scream about the walls, but care nothing about the humans around them. They were against putting artillery on the walls for goodness sake, and that preacher who in this episode just watched the entire congregation get squashed by Annie, didn’t think twice about them, but instead decided to scream at the Titans running around to not bother the walls. There’s really something wrong going on there.

      • Magistrate

        My friend Samantha has a theory that maybe there are Titans within the walls and that’s why the Wallists don’t want people messing with them or even repairing them. Perhaps they know what’s inside, the ones at the head at least, and they are gathering a zealous following to help them in their cause to keep the populace ignorant. Especially since when the miner went missing and they went out of their way to send a huge search party after him. It just makes it sound like those at the top know something and they aren’t sharing it with everyone else.

        I think that maybe Annie wasn’t trying to get over the wall, but instead she was trying to break it down. I think she could possibly be the good guy here and she was trying to show everyone else the truth that they are being blinded from.

        • Irenesharda

          I don’t know, the government here reminds me of Cold War era Soviet Union, where everyone kept secrets and there were all these small groups that wouldn’t communicate and tried to one up each other and not share information. The Wallists don’t talk to the military and the military doesn’t talk to the merchants, it’s all underhanded chaos. Also, I doubt that the Wallists know about the Titans in the wall, be cause they consider the walls goddesses and that they are all that KEEP AWAY Titans. I think they might actually fall apart to find out that these divine objects they worship are made up of the same things they are praying for the walls to keep out.

          As for Annie, no, she was totally trying to escape. She would have never been over near the wall if Eren hadn’t tackled her over there. She was injured, desperate, and alone. She was trying to find some way out of this. Also, that shot of her looking at the sky, which has long been a symbol of escape and freedom, as she fell to the earth, you could see that look of heartbreak as she knew she was done for. If she had really been trying to break the wall down, she would probably have continuously torn out the bricks with her crystal hands or pounded on it until it crumbled down.

      • MamaBella

        Did you also notice how they focused on that one woman? Out of the whole group of the Wall Worshipers.

        That one woman… I wonder what her story is.

  • Fuckyousir

    people from this blog, there will be a new episode in December, an OVA side story Ep that will probably answer a few questions as there is detail to a talking TITAN.

    Don’t really know if this is true but would be great getting new material and for less waiting time for the new season.

    Oh and i remember a flashback from the first few episodes of Eren getting a shot, and the characters with shady past that they dont seem to want to remember, I am guessing they are the most possible human titans..

    And to open up to more possibilities about the show, remember there was a world outside of the walls just a 100 years ago, maybe there are distant or not to distant civilizations of humans having something to do with the whole story.

    I have endless theories and the only way to know more about the future and possibilities of the world of titans is to look for clues in the past episodes.

    The best thing about this anime/manga is how much it makes us use our imaginations and the endless alternatives to the stories continuation.. And thank you for giving me hopes to a new season, now I am sure and even saw a few remarks about it that make me sure that this will go on.

    • Entrav

      Oh, awesome, they’re doing Ilse’s notebook. It’s an interesting side-story that brings up more questions than answers as you’d expect from Shingeki no Kyojin. I’m actually very curious to see if they are going to add anything original to the anime that’s not in the manga. That would be an awesome addition for manga readers.

      The author actually announced that he’s looking to end this manga at volume 20. There are currently 11 volumes out right now (49 chapters) and the anime covered 33 chapters. I’m definitely looking forward to how this’ll all end.

      • Flaiboy

        I saw that press release, as well. Though it’s uncertain whether the author meant 20 MORE volumes or 20 volumes total. If you read the press release, though, it does seem to mean 20 volumes total. So, being conservative, at 5 chapters per volume and 9 volumes to go that’s 45 chapters; and at one chapter per month (as you’ve said, Entrav) that’s 45 months or close to 4 years . . .

        Goddesses of the Walls, save us!

        • Entrav

          Yeah, people were confused about that though some are stating that he said this before and it is 20 volumes total. It’s still going to be an extremely long time either way so… AT LEAST WE CAN SAVOUR THIS RIGHT?!


  • Phoenix Bradshaw

    Sailor Moon fans know a thing or two about the anime coming out faster than the manga. The producers of the anime had to actually commission Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon mangaka/queen) to do another series of manga so they could keep making anime. Bottom line, if the sales are good then the anime producers don’t have to wait for anything.

    • Entrav

      Let’s just say that the sales have been more than good enough for a second season.

  • Curious

    This is my opinion of the mystery of the titan in the wall.What if the people in the past that made the walls did something to stun the titans so that they couldn’t move and then built the walls around them. But does that mean that all three walls (Maria,Rose,Sina) have titans inside them as well? And in episode 25 the priest said to not go to the wall as Annie was running towards the wall.Does he or somebody else know the answer?

  • Flaiboy

    Ending Mikasa narrative: “However, much more time and sacrifice would still be required before mankind learned what it was that truly held them captive . . .”

    Walls both repel and contain. It wouldn’t be the first time in an anime that something, like a barrier (SSY), that was generally thought of as a good thing to protect was actually meant to corral and imprison.

    Even in the first episode we were shown that Eren’s perspective was that of the walls hemming mankind in like cattle. It wasn’t until Eren answered his father with, “I want to see and understand the world outside. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there! On top of that, if no one takes on their jobs, then those who lost their lives will have died in vain!”, that Eren’s father promised to show him what was in the basement.

    But as for what that hybrid form? was doing in the walls . . .

    It’s not going to be hard to stay away from the manga. I don’t frequent manga forums or blogs so I won’t get spoiled and the temptation just isn’t as great as the fun in speculating.

  • Tefolas

    Perhaps Eren’s father is the friend of the miner… you know, the one who went missing too.

  • ArminA

    it’s missing the Armin-Eren bromance scene where Eren asks “what happened to Annie”, they replaced Armin with Mikasa

  • Ataraxia

    Inb4 the human-titans are actually trying to save humanity by breaking down the walls

  • Camz

    Here’s my theory. Notice how the titan in the wall is skinless, just like the female, colossal, and armored titan. Maybe, at one point the people persecuted the titan shifters and were somehow forced to become protection for the regular people. So the reason Annie is attacking is to free and avenge her race of titan shifters.

    • Me

      that’s a damn interesting theory

    • Flaiboy

      If that’s the case, and they don’t know exactly where they are, why don’t they punch random holes in all the walls in an attempt to find their brethren? Or if they do know where they are, why start with an outside wall as they did when they could have found someone on the inside?

  • Herss

    Somebody can tell me the name of the song when Eren beat the shit out of Annie

  • aot

    I think the basement was the hole the miner dug and there is people down there

    • Syed Mohammad Danish Bukhari

      I think Carla, Eren and Mikasa would have realized that there were two people living in their basement.

  • hahaha

    SPOILER here is the leaked conclusion

    • Entrav

      Do people seriously still believe that’s 100% true? I’m sure there are some things in that that may be true. However, this was posted a long time ago and there’s no huge uproar about it or anything. I’m not even going to go into the details, but it’s missing a ton of stuff and there are some parts which are highly, highly questionable.

  • Irenesharda

    Well, I guess it’s time I wrote a review for this last episode of Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan.
    Wow, what can I say? The first season is finally over, and what a wild ride it was. I wasn’t sure when I started it, since I had literally not heard anything about it until reading the spring anime catalogues. However, I’m really glad and watched it and I can’t wait until the next season.

    Now as for this episode, I think I will get the bad out of the way first so I can gush about the good. This episode wasn’t perfect, it had a few problems and wasn’t as good as I had anticipated. There were superior episodes such as Episode 21, however, this one was really able to stand on it’s own and was, if not a perfect episode, a very good one.

    As for what was a bit of a let down, was how much wasn’t really accomplished by the end. Annie still got away in her own way, Eren’s found his ability, but I fear that he’s a long way from controlling it, but that only comes from practice. I found the whole down time section to be a little dragging as they kind of went over the same stuff over again regarding the status of humanity and how one must become a monster in order to stop monsters. And yet, what will it cost you, to give up your humanity? (However, that last point seems a little forced now that I know that Eren was not nearly as rabid and out of control in the manga as he was in the anime. Nor, did he say anything about “destroying the world”, which kind of throws the whole “he’s going insane” angle out the window.) Yet, I did like the scene where they subtly throw a shot back to the beginning with the flying geese over the wall, and the bread Eren is presented with. However, how he’s changed as a person is shown by him eating the bread immediately rather than denying it.

    The character of Annie is quite a conundrum, and I’m guessing we’re not going to get anymore from her for a while. We see that she has quite a few memories of her father, which is interesting since Eren’s memories are also about his father. I’m wondering if there’s a link there somewhere between Dr. Jaeger and Mr. Leonhardt?

    My last con about the episode was the flash to the Titan in the wall, it kind of more raised my eyebrow then it did make me gasp. I guess part of it was that I was spoiled early on that the walls were made of Titans (however, I didn’t understand or believe it at the time), But I think also the way it was presented with only a tiny clip without giving time for it to sink in, kind of took away from the blow, and made it more of a “what was that?” moment.

    Now…to get to the good stuff! The animation, fight scene choreography, everything, was just awesome. The music wasn’t as great as it normally was and didn’t grab me, but it still good. Eren and Annie’s second fight was awesome, and I love Eren’s new fire ability and look. I know this wasn’t in the manga, but since the mangaka has suggested and/or approved of all the additions to the show, I can probably guess that this was probably a peak into what Eren’s special ability is, even before it’s revealed in the source material.

    I actually cracked up when I saw all the people Annie killed by sitting on them in the building that Eren punched her into. I remember last episode and there were a few bloggers commenting that they hoped nobody was in that building. And low an behold, the writer must have heard them and decided to not only put a bunch of people in the building, but also make it a church! LOL, how much obvious symbolism and imagery can you put in an episode? I mean, first the church, then the little blood covered girl in shock, the Victorian dressed women complete with parasols getting crushed by rocks? There is only so many civilians you can kill before it just becomes hilarious. I know I shouldn’t be so cold, but I was a little glad all this chaos and death happened. The rich and privileged people of Sina need to be reminded what it is they face, that they may be in a gilded cage, but it’s a cage nonetheless.

    In this fight you can see how the desperation and fear of being the hunted is getting to Annie. She is no longer the careful tactician, the flawless fighter, the cold-blooded predator that she once was. The shoe is now on the other foot, and she has become the prey. She soon finds herself cornered and that Eren’s indomitable will and savage techniques are quickly overcoming her own. That scene of her screaming in anger and frustration, really shows how much she’s been shaken, as unlike ErenTitan who growls and roars all the time, she is usually absolutely silent, even during the first fight.

    As for the supporting characters most of them do what they usually do. Mikasa and Levi act like badasses, Hanji get’s her specimen, Armin gives advice, narration, and exposition, with Jean as his tag team partner. Erwin actually has some pretty good scenes here, as you can see how devoted this guy is to the cause. He is willing to kill thousands and destroy a whole city if it will give them a leg up in the war against the Titans. The scene where the idiot MP captain threatens to shoot him and Erwin is perfectly okay with that and then proceeds to tell the captain everything he has to do since HE decided to take on the responsibility, was hilarious. Of course, as inept as the Military Police are, (Seriously, they were just NOW getting their maneuver gear on? And how many times was there a scene of them and all they were doing was gaping with their mouths wide open and asking, “what’s going on?” or “are there really Titans here?” ? Were these really all the top tier best fighters from the training camp?

    In the end, Annie crystallizes herself, Eren retains his humanity despite his Titan ferocity, not much was accomplished, but then again Erwin is right in that they know far more now then they did when this started. And even though we now see that we have only barely scratched the surface of what the Titans are, it’s really the mystery that keeps this show going. I’m going to miss it, but I will wait diligently for the second season that will be sure to come.

    I wasn’t sure about this series as first, but I’ve come to love everything about it. It’s been a wild ride and I am excited for what will come next.

    I give the finale a 8.9/10, and the series a 9.97/10. Till we meet again. Ciao.

  • Connor Jameson Brummett

    I have a proposition. An idea about the titans that may or may have not been shared already. Could the Titans be man-made? I’ve been thinking, is it possible that maybe what’s in the basement was information on how to give someone the ability to turn into a Titan? Could it be that they made Titans to stop the wars between humans and drive them together and unite?
    I know someone said this and it fits my theory: “… Annie father is Eren’s father. .”
    If that’s the case, his father gave both of them the ability to turn into a Titan.

    This is my theory. And I am insanely interested with this Titan in the wall.

    • Flaiboy

      If Annie and Eren have the same father, and he gave both of them the ability to turn into a Titan, then why does Annie’s Titan form have no skin like the Colossal and Armored Titans and Eren’s form does have skin? Why does Annie seem to have way more experience and expertise as a Titan than Eren? Why is Annie moving according to an agenda about which Eren has no clue?

      Titans as an attempt to unite humanity against a common enemy? It’s possible. I suppose more sadistic and illogical ways to bring people together have been tried – the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” perspective. If that’s the case then whoever started it let it get out of hand or lost control of it to the point of almost exterminating mankind. Though that doesn’t explain why the Titan-human hybrids seem to be aiding them rather than helping mankind. At this point in the story with mankind supposedly relegated to life behind walls I don’t see how humanity could get any more united.

      Information on turning someone into a Titan in the basement? Possibly. I doubt that would be everything in the basement, but it’s possible.

  • Danish Bukhari

    Wow, this episode came out to be a shocker, though I did expect some answers since it was the finale, instead we just got more questions. What I believe is that the author is trying to pile up a bunch of mysteries and then reveal them all together in the second season if there possibly is one. Maybe one thing could be connected to the other and slowly everything would reveal itself.
    Annie’s father is a new thing to think about. And I can’t help but think that ‘body’ shown when Annie’s father hugs her is Annie’s mother.
    It’s pure speculation but I believe, that Annie’s father has died, when the wall was breached in 845, as along with tons of other refugees, Annie is also shown taking a loaf of bread in the refugee camp. I personally think the second season, if there is one, will be even better as things will finally unveil. Also, you said there’d be at least two more seasons of the same length.
    Personally, I think that titan face we saw towards the end of the episode is a way to tell us that the series is to be continued. I mean if it were to end, why would they want to complicate things even further and unlike any other mystery brought up, this is something I think hardly any anime watcher can speculate accurately about.
    Also, do you really think that so much of the story-line is left? I haven’t read the manga a bit, so was curious.

  • DeathAxe


  • lool

    There will be no episode 26?? or what?

  • LeviLover

    Here’s my theory, I have no idea whether it’s genuine or not but it seems quite plausible to me:
    What if Annie and her dad are both working together to destroy humanity. I mean, throughout the glimpses of Annie’s past you saw her dad constantly try to convince her that everyone in the world was against them etc, so what if they both believe that and are trying to destroy humanity together? This would back up my theory that Annie’s dad is the titan in the wall.
    Also, when Eren’s dad said he was going to meet a friend what if he was, in fact, going to meet Annie’s dad and try to stop him from doing something but ended up unsuccessful? This would explain why he left Eren the key to the basement with the information because he knew he might not return. This would also explain why he gave Eren the power to transform; so that he could battle Annie and hopefully defeat her and her father.
    All in all, what if Eren’s dad is using Eren to help him defeat Annie and her dad? It’s just an idea and I have no idea whether it’s true or not.
    And one last point to explain why they can all transform: What if Annie’s dad and Eren’s dad both worked together in the past and were trying to create the thing that would give humans the power to transform and defeat the titans but then Annie’s dad turned evil for some reason? This would explain how Annie was able to transform as well as Eren, because her dad had given it to her too.
    Thanks :)

  • Flaiboy

    Congrats Entrav!!! Your first 100+ comment blog entry!

    I think it’s safe to say you’ve arrived . . . #B^)

    • Entrav

      YAY! And most of these comments aren’t just mine! Haha. Nice introduction to the Fall season :D

      Just to put it in perspective, this review got the most amount of views by far. As I am typing this, it’s at around 20,000 views. Thanks to all those who made it happen, and thanks for sticking around for so long, Flaiboy! :)

  • evilkid

    the walls are made from titans hardening ablilty and seen they did tht they did t get any sunlight to move and thts is why they are I the wall alive

  • Chuckles Norrison

    It’s like LOST all over again. Everybody is dead and Eren is just going to take us down 5 years of finding himself.

    Haha however I did enjoy the last episode, in fact the whole season. VERY reminiscent of Evangelion with humans in the spinal cord and some of the berserk scenes

    • fafonio

      Clearly you didn’t understand LOST’s ending…. they were not dead… they died eventually … but everything in the island really happened. Better pay more attention next time.

  • Wolf

    Actually it was Annie who said she would destroy the world because then her dad talks right after that.

    • Entrav

      What? Eren clearly says that “he’ll destroy the world.”

  • Steven de Comarmond

    Erwin is the Colossal Titan! AND the last episode didn’t seem like a last episode…. when did Eren and Annie have a connection before in the past???????? they didn’t seem like either of them liked eachother doesn’t make any sense… why was she after him in the woods???? why did she cry when she failed to get him? do they love eachother or what because each go out their way to protect eachother but then go out their way to kill eachother… talk about love/hate relationships….. is it me or is Eren losing control even more?? OH, and the Armored Titan is Levi!! it all makes sense..

    • Sarah

      The Colossal Titan is Berthold and the Armored Titan is Reiner. They both grew up together along with Annie, the Female Titan, and are all working together for whatever reason.

  • Butts Mcskuttle

    This may explain the Titan in the walls:

  • YukiNyan

    So is this the last episode that they are going to make or is their going to be a new seson~? Everyone says its compleatly over and here I am thinking that it cant be since they still have yet to reach the basement!

  • lolz


  • KLV

    My theory is that Annie’s “father/brother/whatever” may have been in the loop with Eren’s father about giving their children Titan shifting abilities, and while Eren’s role in the whole thing was to awake his own powers and awake the human race’s fight to stop the titans and create a better world, Annie’s ultimate role was to cause Eren to make the choice and fight. She was supposed to awake that in Eren, that may have been her role all along. While hated by all, she really died a martyr for the human race–which is why she was crystalized in the end, preserving her humanity and selfless sacrifice.

    • TOKI

      That’s an extremely interesting theory. I think it holds some weight.

    • Flaiboy

      I think if that was Annie’s role then either the storyline is ridiculous or she botched her assignment big time.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I think Eren has already made the choice to fight by joining the corps. Heck, people were telling him to chill the whole time he was in basic training cuz he was too intense. For Annie to have to brutally kill countless men and women in order for her to fulfill her role to cause Eren to fight is unnecessary and it does not make her a saint or a martyr; she enjoyed killing once she started.

      I don’t know why they are opening the gates and allowing people to be wiped out in huge numbers; we may find that they really think they are serving humanity in the process. All I can say is that their reason had better be a doozy for all of the death they are causing.

  • william O.

    What I think is that the people who built the wall were average people who had used titans as support so they could make tihe wall higher and faster

  • Richvin Panca

    oo man, i want to see who the man use to be the colosal titan, n a titan who destroy the wall after the colosal titan destroy the first wall so please make SNK season 2

  • Asandril Nisphar

    Here are some things, not all, that I’m trying to understand. I think answering and sharing point of views might help me show some other things I didn’t think about.

    The Colossal Titan isn’t just “huge” in my opinion. He can obviously control his transformation perfectly well, going human/titan flawlessly, or, which is kind of badass and really hard to believe, he can just fucking teleport, yeah, you’ve heard me right, one more fucking mind twist won’t make any difference. One more thing about his identity, the flashback Annie has in the last episode with her father and that “mysterious third person” could concern this titan. All of them bear some kind of resemblance to their human counterpart and I couldn’t help but think the few things we get about his anatomy does bear some resemblance to the Colossal Titan. As for the people who said he was Erwin, I tried to see him while re-watching the scenes of the Colossal Titan and I couldn’t admit it, I may be wrong. His body is huge and all, but he seems to have a hard time moving his limbs, seeing how he got “scared” when Eren tried to cut his nape and went “poof” in an instant.
    I always found strange how the walls were always attacked after someone talked about them or the titans, the first time Armin was stating how dumb it was to think they’ll always protect them and BOOM “you’re right little buddy”. Then Eren says they’ll fight back the titans and BOOM again “Hey buddy, sure about dat?”.

    The Armored Titan may be Reiner, it’s the only man who has enough skills and similarities that comes to mind. Some said it might be Levi, I think it’s absolutely wrong seeing as how the temper and physical traits does not match at all. As for his special ability, he’s armored, alright. But there is this strange “control” he has on his breath. When he charges the gate it’s like he inhales a great amount of air and stop breathing, after that he opens his organic/mechanic jaws and exhales a stream of fire. I don’t know why but the small time we see him made me think of him as a sort of machine.

    Eren does not have any official name (as far as I know), even though someone did find a good one: the “Berserk Titan”. I called him the “Goblin”, since his face is really different in regards to its human self and it does look like one in my opinion (totally my opinion as usual). He is special in many ways, not that surprising since he’s the main character. First of all, he has fucking skin! It’s the only one with this feature, since the normal titans have something strange and kind of “translucent”. It may seem useless, but I don’t think so (consciousness: stop justifying for a second {} yeah you’re right). There’s a huge chance his ability is fire related, but since he is enraged and regenerating while showing this feature I’m not sure it’s really that, knowing how all titans are very hot (hey sexy) and how the Armored Titan did exhale stuff so hot that it could have burned someone alive. When he beheads a titan in his first fight, there’s an insistent moment when they show how the impact carry all of his muscular strength before hitting the titan’s face. It may be just related to his combat training and all, but we need to take all the facts into account. There are very disturbing facts that I saw while trying to find clues on him. When he has his flashbacks he says “You’re acting strangely since mother died” (or something with the exact same meaning), the mother he saw die in front of him which made him go completely “ima kill ‘em all” was not his real mother? oO
    When he says “I’ll destroy the entired world!” I too was like “whoah, hold your horses there buddy”, but since his titan is kind of fueled by anger it might be that his power boost made him go even more destruction crazed, since he wants to “kill titans” then “Destroy every fucking one of them” and then “the world”, yeah, just that. So, even though it’s strange, it seems logical. He said he’ll “purge this world” of titans when in “green eyes” mode, but when he sais he’ll destroy the world he was in “blue eyes” mode, which may have nothing to do with it, indeed xD
    Then in the first episode, before he wakes up at the beginning. If you pause to analyze the different images, you see some royalty stuff, and a strange side face which may be a titan’s one. And this goddamn windmill getting cornered (yeah, a windmill getting cornered, I need to be checked to for laughing at that…) by titans and someone eating somebody (clear isn’t it?) which is unknown. I was really shocked seeing how many things there were that I didn’t see in it, and in the first episode to top it all off. There is actually a huge clue about Eren’s ability, the moment his father injects him with whatever stuff it is, everything is red and it begins by a flame and ends with the very same flame while showing the goddamn key.

    Eren’s father seems to be awfully stern and serious the moment Eren comes back with Mikasa after gathering wood. His mother is completely panicked when “the traitor” says he wants to join the reckon corps, but his father gauge his motives and gives him some sort of silent approval. He will be back in two or three days and it will be in the inner walls, surely Sina, just a hunch. He’s not going there to see visit some old man and check his health, that’s for sure, he must go there for an important event. It’s almost certain when we see him crying while continuing his trip and hoping that his family is alright, while he can’t have heard or known the disaster it must mean he had secret information or was “in it” for whatever reason. I don’t know much about him, but they said a secret department was responsible for developing and improving the 3DMG, which isn’t the only thing they do obviously. Maybe that’s directly related to that syringe he injected Erin with, but that’s another huge assumption.

    Their instructor is another important character even though we see little of him (it’s a habit for this anime). He knows Grisha and the moment he lectures every cadet was far more important than the first time I saw the scene. I’m almost sure every people he didn’t talk to were the Human Titans, not all of them since I’m sure Mikasa is not one (who knows though?), but Annie, Eren and Reiner are all part of the group, I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

    Maria, Rose, Sina -> Might be a coincidence, but for a very religious related plot “Sina” sounds a lot like “sin”. Strangely, it’s the biggest wall, with a kind of “castle wall” inside which could be, if Titan really are inside of walls, an important thing to consider.

    Titans do not attack wildlife; Armin is kind of shocked when he finds out that even the flowers were “protected” by Eren when he blocked the cannonball. Flowers seem to have some kind of importance, at least in symbolism, like the bird we see very often.

    As for the theories on titans themselves, I was disturbed by how they resemble humans. I did not need to see more to know they were directly related to normal human being. First theory I had was that they were the next step for mankind, like it came naturally, but not for all people. Seeing as how we look like ants to them and didn’t have real predators prior to their apparition it might’ve been nature trying to balance species with the material it had: humans.
    But then the anime continues and I’m sure it has something to do with the way they puke balls made of humans and bile. That and the strange fruit humans use to preserve their food.
    Maybe the walls are here so titans could feed on them regularly, not to eat since they don’t need to, but to reproduce; they just skip a part of our reproduction system and go straight to the making of a new born. There’s also the stuff about titan bodies being strangely light, and that it’s directly related to the air, like they could use such great amounts that they could “destroy the world” oO

    I’ll stop here for now, and continue with replying, I hope I did not repeat too much stuff, since I did read quite a lot of comments. If I sound like I hold the truth sometimes, please don’t mind me, it’s just that I don’t want to lose too much thoughts and did not bother with style, sorry :3

  • jerry

    Why not read the manga? It’s great. And goes on so much further than this episode.

    • Flaiboy

      Well, in answer to your question for myself only, I want to enjoy watching the anime without being spoiled so I can speculate with others who haven’t read the manga, either. I wouldn’t feel as much excitement or any of the other emotions this show gives me if I knew what was going to happen ahead of time.

  • pythagoras

    I don’t think Annie is brainwashed or part of part of a plot to destroy the walls because although she apears life-less she still displays emotion and has one clear goal (kidnapping Eren) and a hidden goal wich is shown by her killing the two captive titans.

  • anthony laing

    ok so whos the 50 ty footer and the armored 1 omg i hate it when i get hook to some thing so good and then i can find any more of it so when is the next season coming out ???? or have they given up on it D:

  • Kidawesome

    The wall is made out of 50 meter class titans that has special hardening powers in their skin, like annie.

    • Flaiboy

      What is your evidence for that? Or is it just speculation?

  • Aislinn Taylor

    That’s right the brick doors are the weakest parts of the wall therefore
    they could only break that part because the titans in the walls are
    protecting the other parts of the walls. And the colossal titan and the
    armored titan were smart and figured out that was the weakest part of
    the wall that why the went for the gates every time. But what about when they breached the wall a hundred years before they breached them again in the year 845 and then 5 years later why wait so long to keep breaking the walls. Why do they want to break the walls and what are they the titans trying to accomplish here?

    • Flaiboy

      “That’s right the brick doors are the weakest parts of the wall therefore
      they could only break that part because the titans in the walls are
      protecting the other parts of the walls.”

      I agree that the gates are the weakest parts of the wall. But then why could Annie break the wall right in front of the face of that one Titan if he was protecting it? And she wasn’t even trying to break the wall; she was merely trying to climb it. I would think that if they were really trying to destroy the wall they could do so.

      • Aislinn Taylor

        Because the walls are getting weaker because the way titans get energy is from the sun and if they are inside the walls they can not get sunlight and the titans can not keep the walls that strong

        • Flaiboy

          But you just said prior that they couldn’t break the walls themselves because the Titans in the walls are protecting them. Now you’re saying that they CAN break the walls because the Titans inside them cannot keep the walls that strong . . . so which is it?

          My assertion is that if they had wanted to really do some damage to the walls they pretty much had carte blanche to do it whenever they wanted to. No one was ready for them or could have stopped them. And they had years in which to act so I don’t buy that they are out to destroy the walls.

          And you think there are other Titans in the walls? How many? Why do you think there are more of them?

          • Aislinn Taylor

            I think there are more titans I’m not sure and if there is I’m only thinking 1 to 10 titans maybe I’m not sure. and I think they can break the walls because the titans in the inside the walls can not keep the walls strong that why Annie could climb up the wall when she made her finger into strong.

          • Aislinn Taylor


  • Aislinn Taylor

    When reading the story about the miner he was digging under wall Sina. Therefore the tunnel is most likely not in the basement of Eren’s house because his house is on the outside of wall Maria in the district Zhiganshina. That really far from wall Sina and if he started their he would have never gotten to the edge of wall Sina it said he decided to dig under that wall from the start and he dug from the outer part of wall Sina. Because it also said he could not dig under the wall because it kept going down and he could never find the end of the wall. So he could not have started in Zhiganshina because he would have never gotten under Wall Maria. Just trying to understand where he started but I thing it was outside of Wall Sina.

  • Aislinn Taylor

    Does anyone know how thick wall Sina because when you saw the hidden titan in the wall..cuz it did not look that thick.

  • Captaindonut

    All I’m gonna say:


  • Toiy67

    What i think the Titan in the wall means is that human kind couldn’t possible build the wall back then with just regular tools so they did experiments on captured Titans and made human Titans to build the 3 great walls. But after the walls were made to keep how they were built a secret the people who were the government back then decided to put the human Titans into some kind of sleep and keep the fact that the government had human titans a secret from the public. I mean that could be a possibility see as how much of a secret the 3 walls government has been so far in the series but also im adding onto Krishna Modak’s theory here that Erens Father was one of the miners who discovered the wall had multiple titans in everyone of the 3 walls. But still that wouldn’t make sense because Eren’s father was going to show him the basement before the Collosial titan showed up. So please respond to this comment i would also like to her other peoples theorys.

    • Flaiboy

      I liked reading your theory; I can tell you’ve put some thought into it.

      Why do you think it was important to the government to keep the human Titans a secret? Why do you think there are Titans in the other two walls, as well? Why do you think there are more than just the one Titan that we saw at the end of this last episode inside the wall?

      Please, if you are also reading the manga, don’t include any information that we haven’t seen in the anime. These comment are read by anime-only watchers, such as myself, and we don’t want to be spoiled by any manga-related information.

  • Toiy67

    I left some info out on purpose that i know about because of no spoilers lol but i still dont know whats up with the titans in the wall so please comment.

  • Toiy67

    Hey did you get my answer if not please gmail me and ill answer it again my computer took a crap right before or after i sent it so i dont know if it got to you.

  • Toiy67

    In a short response i believe that the government kept the human titans a secret because first of all it would cause panic in the people and second of all i believe if the people knew that the government could create human titans then what is keeping the people from thinking that the government accidently created the other titans in experiments on people. Which could lead to the people revolting against the government and cause a war inside the walls. The reason i believe there are titans in all the walls including Maria, Rose, and Sina is because i just cant possibly see human kind in a day and age that this show is set in creating 3 walls that large without being eaten by titans while building it. So i believe that the government created hundreds of human titans to build all three walls then to keep it a secret before bringing people in to live i believe they some how put the human titans into an eternal sleep and put them in the walls for 2 reasons. First of all of course to hide them, second of all to reinforce the walls with titan body’s that could regenerate themselves. And last of all i have a question for you since you ask such hard questions but good questions as well. Don’t you think that the titan in the wall kind of looks like the Colossal titan that destroyed the gates to Trost and Shin…..(cant spell the name lol). I believe that the Colossal titan was one of the titans stuck in the wall and i believe he was freed by the miner that disappeared long ago inside the wall after he was awaken and turned back into human form to escape. And now he has come back to seek revenge on the government that turned him into a titan for slave labor pretty much and then put him in a wall to sleep for eternity. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me i would be happy to answer them if i can.

    • Flaiboy

      Hey! It’s great to throw theories back and forth; my questions seem tough cuz I’m asking for evidence or proof – and there just isn’t much of either of those in the anime. At this point it’s much easier to question and test theories that we have than it is to find one that stands the test of scrutiny.

      in answer to your question, I don’t really think the Titan in the wall looks very much like the Colossal Titan. I think they are two separate beings.

      As to your theory that the government created the human Titans and why you think the government is keeping them a secret, what you are saying sounds plausible but for one thing: in spite of the fear of panic by the people, I wouldn’t be hiding such a huge asset. I would be creating an army of Titan hybrids to wipe out and attack the Titans and protect the people. Just think of how powerful an army of Armored Titans would be!

      • Toiy67

        Well i can see your point in making a Huge Titan army. But!!! As you can see with Eren, when he goes out of control humans can not yet fully understand or control the Titan humans which could become a threat to the humans that created them for protection from other Titans. And if my theory on all titans once being humans is correct then the government is also afraid that a similiar event may occur once again inside the walls and humanity will be lost. What im trying to say is there are a number of positives and negatives that could arise from creating a titan army.

        • Toiy67

          And if you remember the breif apperences of Lord “whats his name” the government doesnt seem to be the brightest government either. If you also remember in episode 2 that stupid reconquest of Wall Maria Expedition that failed there not the best government for the people either. lol

      • Toiy67

        oh and one more thing i believe there will be a season 2 and 3 of Attack on Titan that will come out in around May of 2014 or 2015 for season 2 and For season 3 sometime during 2016 and yes i love throwing theories back in forth aswell waiting for the next season.

  • Toiy67

    oh and dont worry about me spoiling anything from the manga just started reading stuff from the second season so dont have many views on that yet lol

  • RampJ

    Remember when we first saw the titan eren? Well right before that mikasa saw that wierd lookin thing on the groud that looked like a pomigranit. I think that was the stuff in dr.jeager’s shot and it has an effect on the blood in the way that creats the shifters.

  • Jonathan Miller

    I think what would make sense is that the serum used to turn people into titans was created so that the intelligent titans could build the wall. It would be impossible for humans to make a wall that big, so they made titans to do it for them. This would mean that some of the titans built the wall and some of the titans protected the other titans that were building it. Then some of the people that gained the titan ability got power hungry and wanted to rule the world. This theory would not explain why there was a titan in the wall though…

  • Misuki Sato

    Guys if you want to know what is behind of this last episode of Shingeki no Kyojin.. just read the manga you will know it..i know you guys are to bored to read manga, but just try to read it sometimes you will get excited..

  • geert

    oh so annie survived? what happens next whit her? some1 wo knows awnser pls!

  • sicklops

    Hey, i think the Collosal Titan we keep seeing yu from.the.first episode and al that is actually Erens Dad..

    • RJ

      no he’s not try reading the manga you’ll know who it is

  • Reki56

    I believe that the minor is Annie’s father!!! And he had the technology to somehow put the titan powers into her after putting into himself before leaving for the wall. Through…INJECTION! (Like what happened to Eren. In the beginning, it briefly shows a needle in his memories or whatever. Either foreshadowing or flashback.) Is there any connections with the humans and titans by experiments? Perhaps. Nothing is completely clear yet.

  • CodeRed

    Too Much Mystery
    Can’t Even Figure Out Why That Titan Is In The Wall
    And I Even Saw The Side Story – Ilse Notebook
    In The Anime It Says That The Titan Talked @_@

    This Anime Has Confused Me A Lot After The Last Episode
    The Only Way I will Find Answers Is By Reading The Manga Published Till Now :|

  • Brandon Browning

    Based on what I’ve been reading, it seems we are neglecting to ask some fundamental questions (unless I just didn’t read far back enough in the forum). We still don’t know where the Titans came from, when they came into play, and why they are obsessed with eating people.
    Here’s my idea:
    The titans in the walls are somehow being kept in the walls against their will (whether the religion keeps them there, or some other means not yet apparent). Human kind struck first; the titans are trying to make their way to the innermost wall to release the colossal titans within. We don’t know for sure if there are titans in the outer walls and if there are, we don’t know if they have been released. This could potentially answer why it seems like the numbers seem endless…if they were released from the outermost wall, that would have a LARGE number of titans within, plus whatever population of them existed before hand. I still wonder where they came from in the first place and why their appearance so closely resembles humans, but this speculation seems plausible. Thoughts?

  • Tzadoq Eli

    I have some thoughs about this show, never read the manga and happens to caught my attention today (watching this show):

    1st: The Titan Apocalypse it may be some experiment that went out of control. Like a zombie outbreak in 28 days later and 28 weeks later.
    2nd. The remaining Titan’s that didn’t loose control build up the walls and willingly stay within the walls as weapon of last resort.
    3rd. I agree with the theory of conspiracy led by the church and the merchant guilds since all clergy seems to ignore Titans as treat for them. Think about episode 24, there was some soldiers that steal 3D gear equipment from deposits just to be sold to the merchant guilds.

    There are some loose ropes around, but is mostly what i though, at least i’m very convinced on the first statement that leads me to think that on that basement will find out about foul truth, like in Matrix, probably will come out with something like “have remake mandkind many times” and this time they want to build an utopía by destroying the less priviliged or like full metal alchemist first aired anime, the clergy/government dispose of humans to achieve something greater like the Philosopher’s Stone or just triggering Titan shapeshifters trough extreme conditions for their utopia thing….”the survival of the fittest”.

    Anyway i don’t think what ever is buried on the basement would bring any help or hope to the people of the story. Probably they will face some kind of inminent extinction and they will left with 2 choices: “Die fighting or wait for the inminent dead” will be quite interesting.

  • Mason

    Note: This is pure speculation and I have no real supporting evidence. I believe that the walls are actually composed of a bunch of titans standing in a circle, and the humans built the wall up around them. If you are wondering “how could the titans just stand there like that for a hundred years and still survive?” I believe I have an answer. The titans outside the walls have probably not eaten any humans for a very long time and as such I believe they are much like zombies, they survive as long as their vital point is intact. This could mean that the titans don’t age or simply cannot die from old age. Eren also could control his titan form… somewhat… if he had a clear goal in mind, so what if the wall titans are titan shifters who’s clear goal was to defend humanity? Perhaps these titan shifters also knew how to control their titan forms better than Eren. Hell, maybe all titans were once humans but somebody pulled a king Allant (demon’s souls reference :P) and woke up some ancient power which turned many into mindless monsters!

  • Lex

    The thing I was most concerned about was how they said that there may be more “Titans in human bodies”. This is just going to cause everyone to be paranoid and it’ll be like the salem witch trials!

  • Cats24681011

    I know why there is a titan in the wall if you want to know what the hell is going on read shingeki no kyojins manga at volume 8 chapter 33 then you will find out…

    • Flaiboy

      This is for posting about the anime only. If you want to discuss the manga with other manga readers please do so in a manga forum. If we wanted to be spoiled we would be reading the manga; we obviously enjoy speculating about what is happening without knowing the source material. Please don’t post any spoilers!

  • Cats24681011

    oh and im sorry but the titans built the walls

  • Syieda Zaki

    I have a theory about the story of the wall. What if the wall is actually built by the Titans? What if the place that the human are living in now originally Titan’s home place and human are the one invading them and drove them away/kill them and build a home above it? The walls (all three) are really high. Higher that the tallest of Titan. Nobody said anything about how the wall is built, it is just there and sacred. The man digging the wall disappear so nobody would know that human are the bad guy. And the Titans kill not because human are their food source. Maybe because they’re trying to get their homeland back. And the walls are made of hard diamond substance that probably can be produced by Titans. Well, it’s still just a theory.

  • Guest

    Do they explain anywhere how the walls were built? Does Eren have an ability to see the future in his dreams? When and how did he receive the key from his father? Annie tried to capture Eren, does that mean she’s working with someone else? In Annies memories they seemed to live in the forest (near the wall maybe?), might they have any connections to the hole (her dad being the friend)? Where the f*** is Eren’s father?

  • KrisG

    Maybe that is the colossal Titan since it disappeared.

  • GoldieLOC

    I’m sure you guys can put 2 and 2 together when I say this but in regards to the theory of the wall being made up of titans.. The colossal titans stature, most importantly the legs, are extremely thick and column shaped and without a doubt perfect for creating a wall. Take that into consideration.

  • GoldieLOC

    Also, I believe what Erens father injected him with was a mutated form of yeast. I recall a scene in the middle of the season describing yeast. What is yeast? It basically just makes whatever your baking bigger without it actually weighing more. Just like team leader Hange mentioned to Erin during her experiments, she said the titans actual weight compared to what they should weigh is significantly less. What do you guys think of this theory?

  • Attack on Titan fan

    I just want to know what the Titan is in the last Sean

  • Bryony Bronwen

    He ate his father :p

  • Eren Jaeger

    Maybe titans are helping humans to make a wall :o

  • Jezzy

    Say, does anyone reckon the titans reproduce by eating humans, mixing them with something in their stomachs and then puke them out. I reckon that is what those sacs of humans are…eggs… Its plausible because both Eren and Annie show that their human flesh can turn into titan flesh, so maybe the titans eat humans as a reproductive instinct…

  • TheXenoGamers

    the last image might be a hint to something

  • AOT Information

    Warning if you have not read the manga there are some spoilers in this comment:

    The reason that there are titans in the wall is because of this first king that could turn into a titan with the coordinate and he made the titans line up in the order that they are now and froze the wall around them. Personally the think the miner went missing because he got eaten by one of the titans in the wall while digging he could have found a whole in the wall and welp titans.

  • Vouzmeyogez

    Wheres levi?