Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 12 – Finding the determination

Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Jaeger flames child

Eren’s resolve.
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 12 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 12 Review
“Wound: Battle of Trost District, Part 8”
“Kizu -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (8)-”
(傷 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑧―)

After the cliffhanger last episode, some people are expressing their complaints about this episode being “too slow” or that the overall pacing is off for this anime. Upon hearing that before watching, I anticipated something quite a bit worse than what was actually the case. Sure enough, Eren’s struggle to carry out his mission is lengthy, but it’s by no means as bad as some claim. I’ll explain my thoughts further in the review section, but for now, let’s get on with the impressions.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 12 Impressions

A fifth? Holy shit that’s a lot.

Eren titan form against Mikasa

Eren titan form


Shingeki no Kyojin Mikasa Ackerman furious


Of course, this being an anime full of death, brutality, and just negative connotations all over the place, it’s not like the author that makes this type of show would just let Eren happily carry that rock without any conflicts right? Right. I’m guessing that the reason for it is because his will was not directed strongly enough so the Titan side took over. When he was on the verge of death and came out of the body of another Titan, and when he saves Mikasa and Armin, the will was strong enough to overpower the brainless nature of the Titan side. Mikasa doesn’t hold a firm grip over Eren as shown by his dismissive attitude towards her at times. It’s clear that the only person who can really snap Eren out of it is Armin.

Pixis trusting mission

Pixis’ undying trust in Eren is almost scary. Is it really because he wants to win against the Titans at the cost of so many lives? Could it be that he knows Eren will snap out of it because he has knowledge of something that we don’t? Later on we know that the only way Eren really comes to his senses is because of Armin. Suppose that Pixis knew about the Titan transformation and more of what was actually going on. He’d know then that the transformation itself is unstable. It could be a possibility that he factored in his friends snapping him out of it, but that’s a bit of a stretch. Therefore, his undying faith is more likely to be just him wanting to defeat the titans rather than knowing that the Titan transformation itself would work. This makes me think that he may not know much more than we do about the mysteries of Titans.

Ian Dietrich anime

This guy knows what’s up.

Rico Brzenska shocked

That’s right. Shut up and listen.

Riko Brzenska cannot accept


Mikasa Ackerman blushing moe cute

Lolol. :)

Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman fighting mode


To be honest, there’s really not many options that humanity can take. Either lose arguably the wild card that could help them win or lose people that could be replaced. The situation has always been desperate and it’s not down to the morals. It’s just down to survival. Looking at people as numbers on a piece of paper is sadly the way to go to be able to make these tough decisions because at the end of the day, either some live or no one does. Oh and I think the Mikasa blush is a nice touch. I’m not sure if she does that in the manga (probably not), but I think it makes her less… emotionless perhaps? I mean, it’s not like she has romantic feelings for him or anything. It’s quite possible for someone to blush at the sudden misunderstanding statement so it’s not like her character took a complete 180. She is softer compared to how she is in the manga for sure though.


Shingeki no Kyojin Armin Arlert


Piece of shit.

Jean Kirstein stuck

Jean’s pretty cool now so… he’ll probably die now that we’ve gotten to know him better. Yep.

Trust me. You don’t want to go there.

Eren Jaeger screaming

Eren Jaeger child


Titan form transformation


Eren is trapped in his own little safe haven. It’s kind of like garrison mentality where he really wants to go back to those times of before that are long gone. Generally, people just want to be in a comfortable situation. I suppose this is how the Titan form is going to hinder Eren in trying to take control. It’s almost like he’s in a dream and he finally becomes lucid with Armin triggering some key words. The hope of seeing the outside world that he can’t even imagine. The hope of not being inside walls like cattle anymore. The hope of living free like a normal human being finally snaps him out of his slumber. And just when it gets good… it just has to stop on yet another cliffhanger. So, is everything too dragged out?

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 12 Review

I went into this episode expecting something really dull and uninteresting with how some people were whining about the episode. After watching it, I can say that while I understand how they feel, I disagree with it being too slow. Sure, the studio is giving it a slower pace with how the side characters are conversing about the situation at hand. It would be a different story if the dialogue is horrible, but it’s not. I can’t say that it’s great, but for a shounen, it’s perfectly fine.

I think there’s a nice mix of action, tension and dialogue in this episode. We have the characters talking more about the fundamental struggle, some short action sequences going into some tense moments. What’s wrong with exploring some of the characters and the overall situations a bit? We can see a little bit more into the minds of those fighting and the actual struggle of undertaking such a mission. Heck, if they didn’t add the dialogue and the struggles of the other squads and just let Armin wake Eren up in half the episode I think it would have been too rushed. It wouldn’t have shown the struggle well. Then we may see people complaining about it being too rushed. In the end, while it’s not fantastic, it’s definitely acceptable.



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  • omgITSorange

    Clifhangers….again… sigh. Oh well, good job as always. Can’t wait for next episode. Blushing Mikasa was cute :D

    • Entrav

      Next episode should be good. More action oriented, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be that great in terms of action with Eren just carrying the boulder around.

      • omgITSorange

        I see your point with that. Hopefully it would be good.

  • zombienuat744

    Refering to mikasa blushing in the manga she does blush its just hard to notice i actually do think that she might have romantic feelings for eren . On another note i really enjoyed the scene they added with jean and kawaii titan version 2

    • Entrav

      Oh okay. Still not sure about the romantic feelings because the manga doesn’t have it. They might have just added a bit more moe and stuff to sell more.

  • Drig

    So am I the only one who thinks this series is getting a bit bland of sorts…..I mean, inspiring speeches, followed by Armin being wishy-washy and finally showing enough courage to change the tide, Mikasa always managing to pull out stuff to save the day, soldiers shouting and getting at titans etc.

    I get that this is a slow moving series. But it so far hasn’t the depth in characters to pull it off effectively. Like Uchuu Kyoudai or Chihayafuru or Hachimitsu does ( Granted, they are from different genres ).

    Basically, it seems too much bang and not enough bite for me so far :|

    *Ex-quips armor*

    *Surveys the legions of fans who might attack my post*

    • Entrav

      Nope, I can totally understand why you think it might be getting a bit “bland” as this was a fairly intensive anime from the start and they have slowed down. It’s more about giving more atmosphere and sense of dread right now than action currently and some people may not enjoy that as much. I personally don’t mind how they’re portraying it as it’s pretty methodical and lets us see everything that’s going on in this mission.

      But to be completely honest, the anime is way too hyped which is making everyone’s expectations skewed. Not to mention that it’s not THAT great. Oh well, it’s still an enjoyable watch.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Attack on Filler, Part 3! All these “inspiring” moments may be important for the characters, the plot etc etc…. Ok screw that! I’m here for the action! And I’ve been waiting for 3 episodes!

    In the meantime I’ve seen the quality of animation drop. Looks like their budget has either run low or their saving it for the moment when the battle atcually starts. But when does it start?

    • Entrav

      I’m just hoping that they dump all their budget on important parts and make it look phenomenal. Otherwise, there’d be no point to having the still frames. Looking forward to seeing everything animated. That’s for sure.

  • Zaku Fan

    On Pixis, when you consider things in his position, it becomes clear why he’s pushing to buy time for Eren’s team to sort things out.

    Using history as a reference, the armored titan will show up sooner or later to break open the inner door. Once through that door, the titans cannot be stopped. The loss of territory is actually much more than 50% (try calculating the area of a circle 200km radius then remove the center 100km radius area)

    In summary, lose the 2nd wall and humanity is going bye bye (though to be fair, the colossal titan could have kicked the wall between bait towns and created a hole there assuming he had the strength to do it)

    As for Eren, it looks like its a fight between his id and his super ego. This might explain why he wanted to hit Mikasa as he has already been shown to be quite frustrated with the over coddling by her.

    I find that the episode is only slow if you don’t spend time understanding why each character does what they do and says what they say. This series doesn’t seem to be a shonen, rather more like a seinen anime.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I totally see what you’re getting at. They don’t really have an option but to hold things out or else they’ll lose half their territory. Oh and it is half of the area. At first I thought it wasn’t, but the radius gets bigger the closer the walls are to the center to make things even. Although, they didn’t do a good job of portraying that in some scenes. The image should show it pretty clearly.

      I think you’re right about the id and super ego. I’m not sure why, but when I was writing about this episode the Sigmund Freud’s ideas just escaped me haha.

      Yeah, I think you say it pretty well. At times, this anime, and the manga, have more seinen elements than shounen which seems to make people a bit impatient at times. I find this episode quite interesting though.

  • Irenesharda

    Nothing much happened this episode once again. You know it’s almost beginning to feel as if they are doing this battle in real time. Do you realize how long we’ve been fighting the Battle of Trost? We’ve been at it since the end of episode 4! That’s right, we went through 5 years in 4 episodes, but the other 8? In story time, it’s basically barely been a day!

    Well, even though there was not much to do, once again drama and tensions were high as everyone fights to protect Eren who can’t seem to control his Titan form. Mikasa tries to talk to him to no avail. The other soldiers deem the plan a failure and want to abandon Eren but Mikasa’s having none of that. The look that girl gave could have cracked diamond.

    The head leader decides that Eren is too important to the cause and decides they will protect him until they can get him out of the area. I was really glad someone was standing up for Eren despite what happened. It was his first time doing this consciously and there were bound to be kinks. Commander Pixie Dust agrees and just continues with the plan knowing that this is their only choice and their last chance to save Trost and possibly the rest of humanity.

    Eren it seems does have a problem when he goes into Titan mode, he sort of goes into a semi-lucid state that’s between wakefulness and dreams. When there, his body doesn’t regenerate and the Titan body reacts on instinct. Eren dreams of being safe with his family and goes to sleep. But it’s up to Armin to wake him up. He reminds Eren of his goals, of his vengeance, and of his duty. He reminds him what he is fighting for and it is only then that everything begins to come back to Eren, and with his family’s looks of approval, he fully awaken in gorgeous scene of wind and flame.

    And it’s not a moment too soon as Jean, Connie, Annie, and many of the others are out there fighting for their lives. In only the span of a few minutes, many soldiers have already died and more Titans for some reason are coming to the gate. Mikasa asks the question as to why and if they are somehow attracted to Eren-Titan. That’s an interesting question and one that I shall keep in mind for later plot development.

    I wasn’t too fond of the fact that they are trying to hint a relationship between Mikasa and Eren. To me they always seemed like brother and sister with Mikasa being the slightly older, extremely more protective one. Eren doesn’t seem to see her as anything other than family and i doubt he ever will. The guy is completely focused on his goal, and I’d have to say that any romantic hints in this series should stay as “hints”. It might be cute to have a little something between Jean and Mikasa, and perhaps Annie and Reiner, but that’s the only people I see with possible chemistry. Yet, this is one of those shows that really don’t need it.

    Well, this was another episode with not much done, but still a lot of dramatic tension. We are left with another cliffhanger until next time which I bet will also end with one as well. I’m giving this episode a 8/10.

    Hopefully next episode we will see Eren get up be a beacon of hope for the people once again.