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Shingeki no Kyojin Female Titan
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Time for some Female Titan.
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 17 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 17 Review
“Female Titan: 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 1”
“Megata no Kyojin -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (1)-”
(女型の巨人 -第57回壁外調査①-)

Finally the arc is upon us! Manga readers have been avidly waiting for this to happen and let’s just say that as one myself, I’m not disappointed in the least. There are a few “problems” (though, it’s doubtful if I can even call it that) throughout the episode, but everything from the intensity of the series to the animations is much improved. Time for some Female Titan action.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 17 Impressions

Levi and Eren Recon corps


Ral petra eren

Armin Arlert


One thing I noticed right away is how much easier it is to keep track of where everyone is because of the clearly highlighted positions and just the fact that it’s an anime. Having an animated version does have a distinct advantage in an operation such as this. The way it zooms in to all the different positions is quite nice and is the start of some consistently awesome visuals for this episode as a whole. The overall plan itself is a simple, but archaic as they have no other means of communicating with each other. Clearly, they have to be extremely well prepared to be even able to move the whole formation in the direction that Erwin wants it.

D: He scary.





Facing a Titan on open ground is no easy feat. With nothing to cling on to, it’s basically being sent to your death especially against… an abnormal, abnormal Titan. With two swift motions, the Female Titan takes down two elite troops from the Scout Corps like nothing. Indeed, this is no ordinary abnormal Titan, it’s intelligent. Though Armin makes that apparent with his deduction, and for those wondering if he said the same thing in the manga, yes he does. Actually, this episode is extremely faithful to the manga. All the movements, and little bits here and there are exactly the same.

Female Titan


Shingeki Female Titan


Alright, so let’s talk about the Female Titan herself. I’m sure just from her general appearance a lot of you already know who it actually is. Personally, I am a bit disappointed at how obvious it is in the anime as in the manga there are no colors which made things much more difficult. It’s clear that from the way she bends down and looks at Armin’s face, it’s someone who she knows and doesn’t want to kill. This brings up the question of why they are even doing this in the first place, and yes, manga readers have no clue either. Was Eren’s father involved in some shady business with the family members of these people as well? Were they trying to change humanity? But how would killing countless humans make the situation any better? Do they have a grudge on the people in the inner walls?



Jean Kirstein shocked


Heh, manga readers will pick up quite a few things based on what happens in the conversation between Jean, Armin and Reiner. As for the people who haven’t, just watch the scene closely and watch for any small abnormalities in the directing of the scene itself. Well, that’s probably unnecessary with what’s going to happen next, but it’s nice that they added foreshadowing here and there. Now, what’s really important is the confusion with what is the correct information. It appears that when Erwin said “Who do you think is the enemy?” some time ago, it means that there may be enemies inside the walls that they are not yet aware of. By misleading everyone but the most trustworthy with the information, these insiders will not be able to find out valuable information, but alas, something is amiss…

Wow, that was a good dodge.

Can’t she just shake (lol shake) her body and Jean will fall flat on his face?



Reiner Braun

Female Titan smiling



Shingeki no Kyojin reiner




HELLL YEAAAAH EPIC MUSIC. Alright, alright, the action is nice and all, but I’m sure everyone realized something strange right? Right? I’m not going to say exactly what, but just watch every scene closely and you’ll see it. Are some things strange? They’re intended. Agh, this is why it’s hard for me to write a review when I read the manga. I’m not sure if I would type the same thing if I hadn’t which would make it a spoiler. Regardless, even if you didn’t notice any abnormalities anywhere else, the last scene has got to set off some alarms. The Female Titan, after almost killing Reiner, heads off into the right direction to where Eren is?… Such a sudden change in motion cannot be mere coincidence.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 17 Review

Phew, this arc is as exciting as I thought it would be. I must say that the animations have dramatically improved on this episode and everything looks crisp with none of those still frames that some people hate so much. (Okay, just one, but who cares?) I can’t say I love how they foreshadow everything, but I’m afraid it made it a bit too obvious. However, it’s not necessarily the studio’s fault as the manga portrays this in the exact same manner, but the fact is that, it’s a damn manga and not an anime. Moving frames with this style of foreshadowing will always give off more than the pages on the manga that may be more hidden. What I didn’t like is that the Female Titan’s identity is far too obvious. Just about everyone guessed it correctly with how she looks and I think they could have done better by changing up the colors up a bit. Nonetheless, this is a nice episode with just what we wanted, and things are just getting started. The struggle has only begun.

Shingeki no Kyojin Wallpaper


You can deduce things based on what’s shown in this episode but nothing more! I will moderate strictly!

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  • Disky-Chan

    As someone who also read the manga, I’m just appalled on how fucking easy it is to figure out who the Sexy Fem Titan is. (Don’t lie, Fem Titan really is sexy and you know it XD) But that’s my only complaint, I can’t say I dislike some Fem Titan Badassery… cruel as it is. I’m just going to be very happy to see more action from the Fem Titan. Fem Titan rules bitches! XD

    • Entrav

      Dat ass. Totally agree with you. Way too easy to identify because of the colors. Oh well. FEMALE TITAN TIME.

  • Sammy Lee

    That one scene you found “strange” I totally understand! I was watching that and I was like “WWOWOW WTF HOW!?” I can’t really go farther than that, but as a fellow manga reader, I know you know whats bugging me. Right now I really regret reading the manga as it is spoiling at least the impact and the mystery surrounding the episode especially through its dialog, yhe anime has on me, but oh well… Oh and btw I am going to catch up with Danganrompa tonight. Oh i can’t wait, A Black and White Teddy Bear. Whats not to love! hhhhh I cant wait. btw have you watched “K the anime” not K-ON! lol

    When it comes to my channel I have one last thing to ask about it.
    I have a serious question, assuming you watched both of my videos, do you think doing reactions for every episode of a series is a good idea? Or do you think it may get stale especially with series, or series of episodes with low comedic value? Should I just do Anime reviews, or stick to this. I would really appreciate your honest opinion. thanks.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I did reviews on K. Visually, it was astounding, but for every other aspect they were sub-par at the very least.

      It’s really hard to say whether you should do it with every episode and most of that depends on the anime. You’re definitely on the mark about it potentially getting stale. What I would do is if the anime itself is easy to do a reaction video on, like Free! then I would do episodic reactions. Otherwise, you can try recording, listening, and seeing if what you’re saying/doing is entertaining at all. If it’s not even that to you then don’t even bother making a reaction video for that episode as you’ll fall into mediocrity. Certain episodes will be interesting for almost all anime, but it’s impossible for you to make every single episode entertaining for most of the anime out there.

  • KillerHawke

    I bet Pixis would happily die if that Female Titan was the one killing him xDD

    • Entrav

      Haha, I bet he would be :)

  • Flaiboy

    Actually, I figured out who the Female Titan is by her facial expression, especially when she goes for a closer look under Armin’s hood. I only confirmed her eye color to be sure after the fact. I’m excited about where this is heading.

    Also, I must say, once the new season started and they switched out the OP/ED that one of the faces in the new OP strikes me as being that of the Colossal Titan. At first I thought that there would be no way that they would put such an obvious spoiler in plain view, but every time I look at it and look at the character in the episodes I can’t help but see the CT. And now after this episode where the FT’s identity is so obvious I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s who it is. Entrav, is posting my suspicion of his identity considered a spoiler? I don’t want to do it if it will cause problems. If I’m right, then I’m just thinking that it’s possible that IG put all the faces of the Titans in the OP and I just need to comb through it to find them all.

    And frankly, if you’re talking sexy, that FT is about as sexy as a side of beef. If you want sexy then let’s talk about that end card, shall we?

    • Entrav

      Well, if it’s from the opening itself, and since I know you haven’t read the manga, you can post your speculation. Just have a warning that you are posting a speculation since there’s no spoiler tag for Disqus like: SPECULATION AHEAD!.

      They made it a bit too obvious, but anyways, it’s still well-executed. There’s actually A LOT of foreshadowing this episode.

      Okay, sexy by Titan standards. It’d be unfair to compare humans to those abominations. :P

      • Flaiboy

        Entrav, I just re-read your review . . . I think you may be bleeding spoilers unintentionally. I was going in a different direction with the Female Titan thinking that maybe, since we don’t know all of their capabilities, she was in communication somehow with someone close to Eren’s proximity and eventually learned of Eren’s location.

        No bigs. I know it must be hard to write a review of the anime when you have a prior knowledge from the manga. I guess at this point all I need to figure out is whether the “informant” is the Colossal, Armored, or some other Titan we haven’t seen, yet.

        Finding answers to all of the “why” questions in this series will be fun.

        • Entrav

          >.> Well, I tried to give some hints without spoiling too much. I think I may have written that part you are probably mentioning without having read the manga anyways, but of course I can’t be absolutely certain as I am biased now that I’ve read it.

          As for the “why,” we probably won’t know for a long time. A LONG TIME.

  • Flaiboy

    Just re-watched that part of the previous episode where Armin, Connie, and Annie are talking about which part of the service they will be joining. It adds a lot of meaning to this episode and Armin’s contact with the Female Titan.

    Wow . . .

    • Entrav

      Yep, once you understand the situation and go back, you notice things you haven’t noticed before.

      • Flaiboy

        It’s not that I didn’t notice them before, it’s just that now they have new meaning in hindsight.

        • Entrav

          Sorry, yeah, that’s what I meant. I worded it wrongly.

  • Yukimaru

    It’s 5am and I had nothing to do so I went on your site~☆
    I re-watched it but I still don’t know what’s strange.

    • Sammy Lee

      Look harder haha

    • Entrav

      WTF are you doing staying up until 5am? Bro. Stahp.

  • Sammy Lee

    Entrav, I have question, is it possible to PM people on here?

    • Entrav

      No, there’s no functionality such as private message. You can message me on Facebook privately, but for other people, unless you have their contact information, no.

  • Anon

    Hi Entrav, as an anime-only viewer I love coming to your site and RandomC because both enforce the no-spoilers policy. But i guess the slight difference is that since you’ve read the manga, sometimes your comments or captions -while not a direct spoiler- will be more of an implied spoiler, like that caption on “LOOK HOW OBVIOUS WHO THE FEMALE TITAN IS”.

    I wouldn’t have thought about the physical features of her without reading that and hope its not true, but that’s where i stopped reading and had to bail out for my own good.

    It’s your blog ofc and you can do what u want, but just wanted to let u know how I felt since you’re trying to enforce the no-spoilers rule. Keep up the good work!

    (btw Valvrave AOTYAYEY)

    • Entrav

      Mmm okay, sorry, I’ll keep that in mind. I just thought it was far too obvious for basically everyone got it. Will try to avoid that in the future. Thanks for the input!


      • Anon

        Cool, thanks! ^_^ b

      • Irenesharda

        Actually, so you don’t feel bad. I recognized the Female Titan the moment I saw her, and I’m an anime-only watcher. I also saw something rather fishy this episode. I’m going to have to rewatch it since I just thought that maybe I was just seeing things. You know the female titan had to have been in the training recruits since she recognized Armin. Yet she purposefully didn’t kill him. However with Reiner she didn’t think twice. I find that suspicious. (What kind of makes me mad is that I was shipping the two of them earlier! Why did Miss Female Titan end up being such a cold blooded killer? And why?)

        • Entrav

          One hypothetical way you could at it which is actually pretty funny is that she just has a grudge against Reiner haha.

        • Flaiboy

          Actually, she did think twice. She gave Reiner a good look and almost had a mischievous look on her face when she grabbed him. Go ahead and continue to ship them – I see them as two peas in a pod. 8)

  • Flaiboy


    Commander Erwin and Levi (and probably Pixis) have at least a basic understanding of the nature of the Abnormal Titans and believe that the Corps has been infiltrated by at least one them if not more. This current action to visit Eren’s destroyed home and discover what lays hidden in the basement is much more than what it seems.

    While they may indeed be interested in Eren’s basement, they are taking advantage of the opportunity afforded them to force the hand of the infiltrators and make them show themselves. In other words, Eren = BAIT. In episode 16 Commander Erwin boldly proclaimed the significance of Eren’s basement before the entire recruiting class, which struck me as odd and out of place. What he was doing was to make sure the infiltrators knew about the basement and the threat it posed to them to force them out into the open. Why else give misinformation about Eren’s location within the formation? It was to force them to take deliberate action in their attempt to find him and hopefully expose themselves. That’s why the Female Titan was all over the place looking for him.

    In my opinion, at least for us viewers, it has partially worked: not only do I believe I know who the Female Titan is, but I also think I know who transforms into the Armoured Titan, as well. I have no real evidence of the AT’s identity, just what I observed from the happenings of this episode and physical appearance. Hell, I’m probably wrong . . . . but just like Shin Sekai Yori, being wrong doesn’t stop me from throwing my ideas out there. 8) I want to say who I think it is, but I’m just hesitant to do that.

    It could be that that is why they wanted Eren so badly in the first place: not so much for his offensive potential; they needed some very convincing bait if they were to provoke the Titans to deviate from whatever game plan they were running.

    My next task will be to go back through the first season and look for associations between characters to try and come up with something concrete for evidence. Maybe I’ll come up with a theory about the Colossal Titan’s identity, as well.

    • Entrav

      It’s hard to comment about anything you’ve said because I could just accidentally slip, but you have some interesting points.

      I’ll just say that I remember this one person back when the manga was at this part and he or she deduced all the foreshadowing and made some startling conclusions to us at the time because it was all foreshadowing back then. Turns out, he or she was absolutely correct which made it one of the most prophetic predictions I’ve ever seen. It was based on sound logic and evidence which was quite amazing. I’ll show it to you if you ever decide to read the manga or when the anime catches up to the manga.

      • Flaiboy

        Cool! I’m not going to touch the manga until after the anime runs its course and I hope that the anime has a good long run. I’ll be sure to ask you about it when that time comes, Entrav.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      If you look carefully it’s blatantly obvious who the titans we met so far are and the fault for that goes to the animation studio I guess. Because of the variations in animation quality made me aware of the little details in every episode. And the subtle hints aren’t so subtle anymore…

  • Sammy Lee

    Can anyone recommend a good completed 13 episode anime to watch? That is not like My Teen Romantic Comedy lol Thanks

    • Entrav

      Uhh… there are so many, but Baccano?

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Baccano is a masterpiece yeah. Hmm 13 episode anime… AnoHana or by it’s long name Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae O Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai. It’s one of my favorite anime to come out after 2007. It’s truly a beautiful story.

      • Entrav

        Personally, I had super high expectations when I watched AnoHana from what people said, and I have to say that while it wasn’t bad by any means, it didn’t meet those expectations at all. The story itself is beautiful indeed, but there are parts that I thought to be… not up to snuff (mostly the ending). I could go on about it, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that just don’t hold your expectations to high when you watch this, Sammy Lee as you may be disappointed. Again, I’m harsh on “overly dramatic” moments so you may find whatever AnoHana has to offer to be just fine

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          The anime has immersion. While it has it’s bad and good moments and the ending could’ve been written a lot better indeed, all that doesn’t matter.
          If you watched it on a weekly basis, it’s hard to get the feeling this anime wanted to convey.

          But when you watch all 11 eps in one go, the caracters, the story everything becomes captivating. They gain life, they seem real not just figures on the screen.

          The only other anime that got me so immersed in the story was Clannad After Story, the 2nd half of the season was one of a kind and I’ve seen nothing like it since then.

          • Entrav

            I did marathon AnoHana though. It is captivating. I’m not saying that the characters or the story are bad, it’s just that some parts themselves that were the most critical wasn’t as good as I thought they would be mostly due to the execution which made the whole show a lot weaker when most of the emotional emphasis are on those moments.

            I have to agree that Clannad After Story is absolutely phenomenal. I actually didn’t finish the last few episodes because a couple people spoiled me and my hard drive died, so I’ll be finishing that up in the next few days. But man, I cried in Clannad After Story. I’m not sure how many times I ever did while watching anime, but it has to be less than 3-4.

            As long as J.C. Staff doesn’t screw up Little Busters! Refrain I think we’ll be seeing something even more amazing. Apparently, some people said that if Clannad After Story made you cry, then Refrain will destroy you. That’s coming this Fall, so it’ll probably be a very nice Fall season from what I’ve seen. You do have to watch the first season though and that… wasn’t the best much like the first season of Clannad.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Little Busters! eh? I’ll take your word for it. Dropped it on the first season, don’t remember why. Will watch it to catch up with the storyline.

            Hopefully the second season will resemble Clannad’s a little when it comes to time skips. Idk why slice of life and highschool have become so intertwined. Especially when it comes to anime who have the tragedy tag.

    • Flaiboy

      Hey Sammy! As I look at my list of 12/13-episode anime I’m surprised that almost all of them are slice-of-life. I guess it’s hard to do a quality Shounen series in such a short time frame. *coughSuiseinoGargantiacough*

      I really enjoyed Ano Hana – but then I don’t watch too many of that genre so maybe I liked it because it seemed fresh to me.

      Hey! I enjoyed Baccano . . . I had fun trying to piece together the different chronologies.

      Sakamichi no Apollon . . . actually prompted me to do some reading on recent Japanese history including jazz history.

      Aku no Hana . . . my favorite from last season. Disturbing. Thought the rotoscoping was perfect for it. The only series for which I would put off watching each episode for a couple days to prepare myself for it. I wanted to shout at the characters so many times. I was never comfortable watching any episode!

      Usagi Drop . . . the polar opposite of Aku no Hana. Ultimate feel-good story and light on the emotions.

      And finally Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon: Second Barrage. Kind of a cheat cuz it’s two seasons but each season is 12 episodes. Lots of action and characters whom you wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

      Hope this helps!

      • Sammy Lee

        Thanks, it really did help, Im trying to stray aways from slice of life since, im currently reviewing one and watching another, I just want a change of pace, but nothing to complicated, and I think black Lagoon may have what im looking for. Thanks again!

        • Sammy Lee

          Well it looks like ill be watching Ano Hana. Lol it is just appealing to me lol

          • Flaiboy

            Ha ha! My daughter and I watched Ano Hana together and I’m pretty sure we cried through the final 3 episodes. It’s the kind of show where I can go without watching it for months, pop in the final episode, and cry through it like I was watching it for the first time. Lots of raw emotion there.

          • Sammy Lee

            That intense huh? SO I decided I will be doing Ano Hana after Kuroko no Basket and Mirai Nikki, just for a change of pace. I really hope I cry, cause it will be the first, EVER!

  • Irenesharda


    I suspect that:

    The Female Titan is Annie. She’s the only one of our supporting characters that either isn’t dead or hasn’t gone to the Recon Corp. Also, the human-Titan hybrids look a lot like their human hosts. Eren, when in Titan form has the same color hair (if now luxuriously longer)and the same sort of facial expressions and eyes. The look of his eyes is what really gives it away. The same thing goes for the Female Titan. How many blonds are in this show, are mysterious, really good in combat, and said some pretty strange words (in hindsight) on their last appearance? Only one: Annie Leonhart. I recognized her the second they showed her. Same cold blue eyes, same blond hair (if taken down), same excellent reflexes, and cold smile. Also, a person who read the manga but does his best not to spoil, said it was a shame that in the manga there was more mystery to the female Titan’s identity because the manga’s in black and white and that in color it is immediately obvious who she is. This just confirmed to me that the Titan is Annie. In a black/white manga panel, the FemTitan’s hairstyle and skills would place suspicion on Mikasa, but with color, that red herring no longer works.

    Also, Mikasa has little to no motive. We know more about her, unlike Annie, and we’ve seen her grow up. She loves Eren like a brother and would protect him above all and would never consciously hurt him in anyway. He’s the only family she has left.
    Destroying the Recon Corp, using the Titans to kill the humans and killing humans herself for no reason other than they are in her way, would be a betrayal against Eren unlike any other. This would be a betrayal of all he stands for and a betrayal against the family she once had. Eren would never forgive her, and would kill her himself if it were true. She wouldn’t do that to him. I don’t think she’s capable of it.

    Also, with the logic that the Titan hybrids looks reflect that of the humans inside, that means that the other two human-Titan hybrids look similar to their human hosts as well. This leads me to my other suspicion. The Armored Titan…isReiner.

    Not only does the guy have the physical features for it, but there are very, very subtle clues throughout episode 17 that point to this. Look very closely at the last 10-15 min of the episode.

    1) The squad that first got decimated by the FemTitan and her Titan hordes were the right flank. Remember that. Now move forward a bit. Of Jean, Reiner, and Armin, which one thought that Squad Levi and subsequently Eren, was located within the right flank? Answer: Reiner.

    2) When Reiner attacks the FemTitan, he purposefully attacks from the side and comes in from the front where she will obviously see him? Why? Tactically, he would be at a great disadvantage since he’s trying to get to the back of her neck. It’s almost like he…wanted her to capture him….

    3) This brings me to my third point. Ever notice when Reiner is supposedly “crushed” everything is aimed away from us the audience, as well as Armin and Jean. The FemTitan’s back is to us. And after Reiner broke out why does he not kill her? She’s injured and is no longer protecting her neck, and he was in the prefect position. No, he instead opts to run away…

    4) And most suspicious of all, after the three ran away, the FemTitan calmly stands and immediately changes direction toward the center rear. Why does she now change her mind? Why that direction? We assume that it’s because she’s smart and figured out that Eren would be at the most protected point in the formation. However, if that was true, why didn’t she figure that out to begin with? Why did she start with the right flank?

    Now remember only a few minutes before, Jean, Armin, and Reiner had been speculating where Eren was. Armin figured out that Eren was in the center rear and thus told Jean and Reiner. Now, let’s suppose, just suppose, that the FemTitan is being fed information (verbally, or perhaps even telepathically considering that Dr. Jaeger told Eren that the thoughts and memories of the “others” will help him). Now, of the three, who is the only person who could have possibly told her that Eren was in the center rear flank?
    Let’s say it together!: Reiner.

    Now all of this can be purely circumstantial, but my powers of deduction have yet to lead me astray. I have not and will not read the manga until the series is done. And don’t bother anyone, telling me that my suspicions are right or wrong, I will find out soon enough. I refuse to be spoiled if I can help it.
    However, who can resist some speculation? That’s half the fun!

    • Flaiboy

      Also notice that after Reiner scoops up Armin and is running away there is no more Titan blood anywhere to be seen on him and yet for a split second we can see steam, or whatever it is that we observe coming off a Titan’s body as it heals itself, streaming off of Reiner’s head and upper shoulders.

      • Irenesharda

        I thought of that too, but I’m more skeptical on that front since Titan blood did the same thing when it landed on Hanji’s cloak a few episodes ago. So I’m not sure if that was the Titan blood doing that, or if maybe it was a mix of the two? Eren’s blood doesn’t hiss away when he’s in human form, so I’m not quite sure if that’s a true indicator.

  • Evie

    To be honest, as an only anime watcher, it’s not really that obvious to me. I think it might be maybe Annie, but then again there are lots of other blue-eyed and blonde hair girls and she didn’t even join the survey corps and stuff… I don’t know. I just honestly don’t think it’s as obvious as you say it is, because I have no idea.

    • Entrav

      It’s not going to be obvious for everyone but generally from what I’ve seen on forums, blogs, and so on have proven my biased opinion. I really can’t say anything about what you’ve said as that’d be spoilers. Perhaps, think about it a bit more? Either way, you’ll find out soon enough.