Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 19 – Faith

Ral petra

Existential angst.
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 19 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 19 Review
“Bite: 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 3”
“Kamitsuku -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Kabegai Chōsa (3)-”
(噛み付く -第57回壁外調査③-)

Could this be? Is this yet another victory for mankind with the sacrifice of so many lives? With Erwin’s hidden plan striking right where it needs to, will humanity finally gain some answers with all of this mess? Yet, at the same time, the lingering feeling of doubt remains with this mess and it doesn’t seem like the struggle is over yet.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 19 Impressions

Attack on Titan

Eren Yaeger

Looks like a Titan eating something…


The main topic of this episode is trust in the chain of command, or better yet, trust in comrades in a situation of dire straits. It’s only natural for Eren to think that he is the one who can set things right for he holds a power that no one else on humanity’s side possesses. The problem, however, is whether such a choice will actually be beneficial. As Levi says, Eren is a wild beast that listens to no one else. Not Mikasa, not Hannes, not his mother, and certainly not some people he has just met. The burden of choice still remains for even though he may be free, existential angst is not something to be taken lightly for the burden is greater when one makes his or her own decisions in life.

Gendo pose.

Eren jaeger



Shingeki titan form



Fear of the Titans is something that will never disappear from the veterans who have seen first hand exactly what horror they bring. Eren may look human, but a small misstep and he’s in Titan territory which puts Petra and the others’ brains on autopilot, ready to attack, or better yet, defend themselves. Who could blame them? Even Mikasa and Armin are scared out of their wits at his transformation so it’s no surprise that they’d be jumping to defend themselves. It’s not that they don’t care about him; it’s just that in their perspective, of course they’d value themselves first. And even if the trust between them strengthen, the uncertainty in his powers and the very fact that he’s a Titan will still create a from a rift between them.

Hanji Zoe


Shingeki hanji zoe titan

You know, that could be sculpted and made into a piece of art or something.

I know right?


See, in moments like these, someone peculiar like Hanji is perfect to distill some of the oppressive atmosphere. Moreover, we get to see a little more about how Eren’s power actually works. I actually thought they went over it but I suppose they didn’t explicitly state it. Anyways, it’s almost like an instinctive ability where his mind has to have a strong desire and a direction which he wants to go. It brings up the question why he attacked Mikasa when he was trying to pick up the boulder and I think that’s partially due to her conversation with him before in which she wanted to go with him and didn’t follow her duty. That, or he really just went out of control.

Shingeki Levi

Female Titan running


Shingeki female titan


Erwin Smith




Lol. The animations at this part is just…

Brave men.

female titan captured

HELL YEAH! Man, that was pretty awesome how those harpoons shot out and nailed the Female Titan. Too bad they don’t have private parts or it would have been well deserved. At least this time, having faith in his comrades serves him well, but just as it worked out well this time, it may not work well the next. Even so, when I initially saw this in the manga, I knew with the tone of Shingeki no Kyojin is not one that gives much hope to readers and I didn’t think this was an exception. Even so, it’s truly something for Erwin to have predicted that someone would be after Eren… This goes back to him saying “Who do you think is really the enemy?” Does he have doubts because he’s high up in the chain of command? He definitely knows something that we don’t, but what could it be?…

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 19 Review

With Oreimo around the corner, I was hesitating about doing this or not and let’s just say that the rapid fire harpoon weapon sealed the deal. The animation when they were riding on the path with the fence was just… what the fuck, but at least the more important parts are decently done. As for the interactions themselves, I found them to be right on the mark with how they reacted. I find the pacing of how this episode pretty nice in comparison with some of the other slower ones. It didn’t really feel that dragged out with a nice mix of backstory and some minor action. Oh and DAMMIT THE OST IS GREAT AS USUAL. Can’t get enough of that.

Shingeki no Kyojin Wallpaper Eren and Levi


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  • Gamematio

    Entrav, they released the last 3 episodes of Oreimo, hope you do a review of that soon, also .. this episode is amazing (SNK) though … yeah, I know it’s super obvious who the titan is, I still don’t have a clue who it is … I mean, people say it’s obvious … I’m like … what!?! but yeah … Oreimo ended *cry*

    • Jacob

      Still not sure how I truly feel about the ending. It was frustrating and sad but I gotta give the anime credit. I never saw that coming

      • Entrav

        There’s a huge uproar about the ending. I did my take on it and it’s in the author’s favor. The post is extremely long like 2,500 words and counting so… it’s taking a while. Should be up in hopefully a few hours.

        • Gamematio

          yup, all lot of my friends here in Japan feel … not … comfortable about the ending, it is indeed frustrating, though, that’s exactly how the manga ended so .. yeah.

          • Evilnemesis

            It’s such a shame that it happens a lot that Japan’s authors have to post their “true end” outside of the medium they are using. They resort to posting the desired ending on their twitter/blog/site because the editors have such a strong presence in the creative process.

            I do believe that this whole reset thing and the way the ending is sort of open in the LN is because of incest laws. It’s unacceptable to have an incestuous relationship portrayed as non-dentrimental.

            So a true “good end” is never happening as far as incest goes in Japan’s media.

            But you can have an incestuous relationship, take for example the Yasuga no Sora.

            I mean when you think about incest and explicit( man that sexual intercourse at the stairs is still so vivid in my mind, partly because of the MC’s face as he realizes he’s been found out how fucking glorious that moment in time was ).

            I do believe that this is the only contemporary anime which feature such an explicit incestuous relationship outside of the realm of Hentai and H-Mangas. It only got the green light because it portrayed the whole Sora arc as self-destructing and not something someone would desire.

            Lastly I just want to do a quick rant on editors specially for LNs


            Since we’re talking about Oreimo I’d like to rant all about Issei hasn’t gotten laid yet ( NO FUCKING SEX SCENES WHYYYYY ). The author has been saying it for like the past 8 volumes how he would like to write all about the dirty but his editors don’t allow him to. This is what happens when you write for 14 years old ( yes Oppai is for kids, BASED japan ). What isn’t based is that it’s not let say 16+ so that he can’t write w/e he wants and have him finally getting laid and having non stop orgies.

          • Gamematio

            Gamematio approves

      • Gamematio

        I did see it coming, I kind of wanted Ayase to be with him .. that’s about how I want every tsundere in every anime that I watch … except in Date A Live … that fucking girl was annoying.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Nicely done and executed trap though it came at the expense of countless people dying to achieve it. And remember this might not be considered the very best of the military but they’re definetly the most skilled veterans out there.

    At the rate this war is going either some game changing superweapon is hidden in that cellar or humanity will need more Erens on it’s side because despite the briliance of this stragegy people are dying fast and they cannot be replaced. Talk about the emo dude, it’s good to see him act a bit more mature for once and relying on his comrades.

    • Entrav

      They are losing way too much manpower. Seriously, people don’t grow up that quickly so they’ll have to secure the Wall without too many more sacrifices. Though, the author isn’t exactly explicitly stating the numbers so he has the freedom to make whatever is the case, the case in this regard.

    • Irenesharda

      That’s true. They really need a game changer here, since they are losing more and more people and making less and less progress. Unless they continue to have sort of baby boom, they are going to go extinct. However it’s a catch-22 since if they have more children, they’ll need more room and resources, which are pretty lacking right now.
      The human race is endangered right now, and we need something to turn the tide. Maybe we need more Titan-hybrids, or maybe we can get some of the other hybrids to change allegiance?

  • Irenesharda

    I thought this episode did an excellent job of not only teaching Eren to have faith, but of really nailing what trust and faith really are. And surprisingly, it does much of this through flashback, as we see scenes of Eren feeling his way through with his new comrades and of him learning more about his new powers. We learn he can’t just do it on a whim, he has to have a clear goal in mind in order to transform. His powers place a burden on him as well as his comrades, and both sides have to learn to have faith in the other. Eren must learn to have faith and rely on those around him, while the Recon team must learn to actually put their trust in Eren and to not give in to preconceived notions, fears and emotions, when he makes the slightest mistake.

    Now, the plan to take down the FemTitan was actually pretty simple and straightforward when you think about. It was only the fact that NO ONE, including the audience knew about it, that made things tense. And in a way, that makes sense that no one but the very upper echelon would know, just in case there were traitors in their midst that could have warned the enemy. It was a simple “drive the enemy into an ambush” tactic and it succeeded, as FemTitan has been captured. However, somehow I doubt that things are going to be this easy. I don’t think they introduced FemTitan just to have her taken down after one go. I wouldn’t be surprised if another traitor comes out of the woodwork and releases her, or it she’s rescued by one of her fellow Titan-hybrids.

    I don’t know if this is the show’s doing, or my own intuition, but even after this, I still don’t trust Cmdr. Erwin. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong in the future, but as of right now I’m wary of him. As his name is the title of next episode, it makes me even more nervous about this guy.
    I give this episode a 7.85/10.

  • Flaiboy


    I just now got around to watching this episode and I’ve been ruminating all week on ideas and theories about the Titans: who they are and what their purpose is. And so last night, armed with the belief of myself, Irenesharda, and others that the Fem Titan is Annie and the Armoured Titan is Reiner, I took a quick look through the previous 18 episodes to look for their actions, associations, and comments to see if I could make a plausible guess at the identity of the Colossal Titan as well as their motivations.

    In the process I came up with an idea of what the general population of Titans are. What do you call something you use specifically to harm someone else? A weapon. What do you call something that is organic which can be released to harm others which does not discriminate in its attacks but it does so purely out of instinct or as a way of life? A biological weapon. That is what I believe the general population of Titans to be: a biological weapon set free on humanity either accidentally or intentionally, possibly as some type of doomsday weapon. They have no speech, no culture, no sense of self; they’re just organisms designed to kill humans, or at least that is what they are left with. Ever notice how the CT, AT, or FT don’t stick around to do more damage once the general Titan population arrives? You never see them fighting with them, which is crazy when you consider how much damage they could inflict. PART of the reason for that, I believe, is that the regular Titans would attack them, as well, much as in the same way they attack Eren when he is in Titan form.

    I’ll try to keep the rest of this short; I don’t enjoy writing long posts any more than you enjoy reading them!

    It was an incredible experience to go back through the previous season and watch it with a different perspective. Everything that I found has caused me to conclude that Bertolt is the Colossal Titan. To list every situation, every nuance, every indirect relation that I’ve strung together into my belief would be tedious, but there are a few prominent things that made me jump to that conclusion:

    Reiner and Bertolt are from the same “small mountain village southeast of Wall Maria.”

    Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie are constantly seen together throughout the first season in many different situations, both casually and in battle.

    All three have taken an extreme interest in Eren; when others are afraid for their lives they are composed and curious about his Titan form.

    When Eren partially transformed to save Misaka and Armin those three raced to the top of a wall and viewed the scene with amazement and wonder.

    And this one clinched it for me: Top of the Recruiting Class, numbers one through five in this order: Misaka, Reiner, Bertolt, Annie, and Eren. Pretty amazing chart from clear back in episode 4!

    One other thing real quick: I believe that Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie are doing what they do against their will, or at the very least with extreme reservation. Notice how they seem to genuinely care for their comrades. There are numerous examples of this. Even Annie, when the recruits are collecting their fallen friends after the battle for Trost, is shown genuinely sorrowful as she says, “I’m, sorry,” over and over again to her dead friends. Reiner has to snap her out of it. Armin comments how he thinks she is a really nice person. But their conversations with themselves and others point to the idea that they regret what they must do. Now this could either mean that they regret it in the sense of “I know we have to do these horrible things but it’s for the greater good”, or they are being forced into it by someone else through threats and have no choice. Annie intimated that she doesn’t have a choice in which branch to join. I believe this is another reason why they are not fighting directly with the regular Titans: sense of guilt. Annie is killing corpsmen but she is in survival mode right now. “It’s just . . . I want to survive,” she tells Armin.

    If you have anything to add please do so! Challenge my theories . . . I know I’ve just scratched the surface.

    • Evilnemesis

      Heh, good job on finding who are the humanoid titans ( there’s still one more titan as of yet that is confirmed ). In the manga it’s made even more obvious who is the titans.

      You see their faces on a panel from top to bottom, when the officer calls out the ranks.

      Mikasa might be a titan as well, this has been speculated.

      This has been omitted in the anime but her mother carved a number on Mikasa’s arm. This was a custom of the asian clan which she is supposedly the last one.

      One time at the start and another time in content past the anime she is also shown to suffer from frequent headaches. Also remember that Eren’s father was the doctor and longtime friends with Mikasa’s family, that’s why he took her in. All this is like super crazy beacon that points out that she may be a titan as well.

      Too bad the manga is monthly and dat pace, ugh why you do this to us author.

      As for BRA, it’s been revealed that Reiner is a total nutcase. Borderline split personality and a completely delusional individual.

      • Entrav


        That was really stretching it in terms of spoilers. I would have liked it if you didn’t completely verify the fact that he was right and instead said that he may be right by putting in some other points or counterpoints. Saying that he’s right is in and of itself spoilers. Sorry, I had to delete it for the sake of overs.

        Secondly, I think it’s more difficult to figure out who the Titans were in the manga than in the anime. I’m not even sure why the panels is a huge indicator. Is it that much of a surprise that the three are put together? Yes, it’s a hint, but I don’t think it’s a completely decisive one either as there are far better circumstantial evidence out there.

        • Evilnemesis

          My mistake about spoilers.

          Well, in my mind. When Eren transformed and the 2nd titan’s identity was revealed. Those panels just sparked in my mind. I know I guess I’m a minority since the speculators of manga readers on who the Armored titan and Collosal titan never reached a real consensus.

          But both Eren and Annie had similar features in their titan form, to me who were the other titans was so obvious from that point on. I mean that’s beside the fact that BRA was always fucking together.

          But I guess it just depend on the person. I mean I’m the kind of person that knows who the culprit/killer/villain in mysteries incredibly fast. Very few movies/shows trick me into the wrong person.

    • Irenesharda

      I have a candidate for the Colossal Titan, but I’ve no concrete evidence as of right now, only suspicions, and the way the Colossal Titan, when shown at a certain angle reminded me of someone else in the show.
      Now, I did think of Bertolt, but he just seems too easy. Once you think Reiner, your mind would instantly turn to Bertolt, who pretty much is Reiner’s shadow. All of the Titan-hybrids so far have shown leadership abilities in that they are able to drive and lead Titan armies to destroy the humans and now just where and how to hit. I think that Bertolt doesn’t have that drive or leading potential that the Colossal Titan would have. Now, that’s just my thoughts.

      As to them being under orders, I do agree with that. I think there is someone or some group who is directing this. However, I do believe that the Titan-hybrids are just as cold-blooded as the ones who give them the orders, at least in FemTitan’s case. Those are vicious murders she’s committing, and she’s playing with these soldiers she’s hunting down. However, it remains to be seen if the others are the same way.

      • Flaiboy

        I can’t really say they’re cold-blooded. Even Annie shows remorse over her comrades’ deaths. I just think that, just as for Reiner his most important thing is to be able to return to his homeland, for Annie she is afraid of dying, and so in Titan form she is ruthless when she feels her life is at stake. In fact, she wants to survive so much that she chose to serve in the city in spite of how angry she is with the system that sends the best fighters as far away from the action as possible, the very thing she was railing on about to Eren way back in episode 3 or so.

        You’re right about Bertolt – he doesn’t have that drive or leadership potential that one would expect him to display if he were the CT. However, it wouldn’t be the first time in an anime, or in story-telling for that matter, that the true leader were disguised as someone of less importance. Also, when I was looking at the Top Ten chart, he is by far the tallest one on it. I know, I know . . . it does seem way too easy, especially since we really don’t have anything concrete, just circumstantial, to go on.

        In episode 3 when Eren, Armin, Reiner, and Bertolt are talking in the dorm Armin asks Reiner and Bertolt where they are from. As part of his answer Bertolt begins to describe what happened when he first saw Titans in his village. He said that at some point he doesn’t really remember what happened, and it was so chaotic – then Reiner interrupts him with, “Hey, why are you bringing that up?”, clearly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, as if Bertolt were about to slip up and say too much.

        At first I thought that Commander Erwin may be the Colossal Titan, but even though I don’t trust him, I don’t think he fits the profile.

      • Flaiboy

        And for the record, I don’t think they’re trying to kill Eren, I think they’re trying to capture him. They were just as amazed at Eren’s transformation as anyone else. Whoever is directing them wants to study Eren alive.

        Which makes me think even more so that Eren’s father is part of some kind of Resistance or Rebellion within the Titan hierarchy, whatever that may be. He knew that Wall Maria was going to be compromised before it happened, so he also knows of the existence of the CT et al. He went into hiding because he knew his life would be forfeit once Eren transformed. Heck, he may even be a hybrid himself.

        Which also makes me wonder about Mikasa . . .

    • Irenesharda

      After watching this latest episode, I noticed that one thing that gives the Titans-hybrids away, is their eye color. Each of them so far share the same eye color whether in human or Titan form. Eren sea green eyes are what stands out in both his forms. The FemTitan (if Annie) has the same ice blue eyes in both forms. The Armored Titan’s eyes glow, which makes it harder to guess his identity, but I’ve already got a lot of evidence against him. Collosal Titan however, actually has blue eyes, which kind of takes Bertolt out of the running since he has obvious brown ones. However, it could be possible that his particular one changes color, so who knows? However, we really need to take account of each character’s body traits and eye color.

      • Flaiboy

        We still don’t know much about what makes them what they are when they are in Titan form. I’ve often wondered how it would play out if the hybrids were found to actually be in their true form as Titans, and when they transform they transform into humans . . . but I don’t have any evidence of that and I think I’m really reaching just to mention it . . . but it would be a nice surprise if it were the case.

  • Ran1976

    gotta love Hanji/Hange’s enthusiasm for her work

  • pinkamena

    Levi with the tea. Is like that fucking idiot