Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6 – Eren and Mikasa’s past

Shingeki no Kyojin Mikasa chibi crying scarf

Mikasa’s past that made her this way.
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6 Review
Attack on Titan Review
“The World She Saw: Battle of Trost District, Part 2”
“Shōjo ga Mita Sekai -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (2)-”
(少女が見た世界 ―トロスト区攻防戦②―)

Midst the horror we see through the eyes of the young Eren and Mikasa and what they have gone through in the past and perhaps Eren’s character will shock you a bit more than he has so far.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6 Impressions

Armin Arlert remembering horrifying events Ymir bashing Armin Arlert crying in despair

Armin realizes hell

So you finally realize.

Hannah trying to revive franz

*Cringe. Ugh, that sound is so awkward.

Blood, panic, screaming, death, and hell. Everything pounds against Armin’s head as he remembers exactly what went on in such a short time frame. He thought that he has entered the Scout Corps to fight off the titans and be strong, and independent. He thought that he would no longer need to be reliant on others all the time. He thought and he thought, but the reality is that he’s still as powerless as ever and in the end, he still relied on Eren’s help to survive. Even worse, now he has the guilt of the death of a dear friend who has helped him on his shoulders.


Well of course we’re going to have some selfish bastards who don’t give a shit about anything else other than their fucking possessions of all things. But seriously? You have an oversized cart of… presumably some kind of food or goods? Why couldn’t you have just made it so it actually fits and carry the rest? Actually, I don’t even know if the people’s reactions are as realistic as they could be. I mean, they’re about to die and a person is holding them up with something like this? I’m sure if this happened in real life we would have seen a person kill the guy already.

Mikasa anime cold look

Ready to kill.

Mikasa Ackerman sword stare cool

Heh, leave it to Mikasa to finally straighten both the titan and that idiot up. As expected, she’s the elite of the elite like the instructor said, and takes down even an “abnormal titan” with ease. Not only that, she actually has the guts to stand up to her superior when the time calls for it. Her extraordinary abilities are something that cannot be obtained by anyone no matter how hard one tries. It’s more of a pure display of talent. If so, what kind of past did she have, and did that contribute to her determination and skills?

But he’s not wrong trying to be friends with people actually worth being friends with.

Jaeger Grisha horrified at scene

Eren eyes going psychopathic

:O Shit.

Non-manga readers might be a bit surprised by what just happened. Wit Studio timed everything well and made it seem like nothing happened in between the time when the three killers knocked and Dr. Jaeger knocked. See Eren’s eyes? He doesn’t act like a typical child when seeing dead bodies now does he? Ohhh no. He’s ready to fuck those guys up.

Mikasa Ackerman child scarred for life

Mikasa used to be a cheerful, and a fairly typical girl. It’s not a surprise that she goes through a brutal event that changes her into what she is later on. Who knows, maybe it’s in her blood to as her mom charges directly to stop the men from capturing Mikasa. That’s actually a big surprise because many people would be far too shocked to move seeing their loved one die right in front of them, and the shock of being near death as well.

Eren Jaeger anime staring the murderer down

Oh man.

Eren Jaeger shingeki blood



If anyone still thinks that Eren is a typical shounen character after this, I don’t even know what to say. He’s more demented than anything else, but he’s extremely smart. I mean, having the ability to not only track them, but also be able to act properly with a murderer in front of him is something else. Not only that, he plans everything out and even catches the second person off guard. He’s not even scared of killing. He’s turned temporarily psychopathic in order to do what he needs to do. Very impressive display of wit.

Mikasa Ackerman happy flower hat


What the.

Well, I admire Mikasa’s strength but really?… Those are either some terrible floorboards and a really bad grip on the knife or- Nah, it’s just Mikasa going Super Saiyan. Seriously. Did she unlock some superhuman power or something? I was surprised at Eren’s behavior, but Mikasa is frightening in her own right. I’d still say that Eren has a really, really, nasty side to him that is quite scary.

Jaeger Grisha outraged face

That face.

Aww :)

Err…… He’s kinda…

Awww. How nice. After all that’s happened they invite Mikasa to their home where she can have somewhere to go. It’s no surprise then that she’s so attached to Eren. After losing her parents at such a young age, someone offers her a place to go, and she’s incredibly thankful for it. And because of that tragic event, she doesn’t want to lose someone who has given her a place to go. Well, I wonder how she will react to the news that Armin will give her? Ugh. Things are going to get messy quick. A storm is coming.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6 Review

While I’m not a fan of the screaming and excessive despair in the first part of the episode, the second half plays out very well. It gives us a nice backstory that helps us understand how the main characters got to where they are. It should be quite surprising for some people to see Eren rip those people to shreds rather than Mikasa, but she sure is superhuman nonetheless. The adaptation itself for the backstory is right on and emphasizes the brutality of reality and how Mikasa came to realize this fact.

I’m not going to nit-pick all the different things here and there because you could argue that an adult strangling a child shouldn’t even take that long, and Eren should not have been able to talk in the first place. I just found the second part nice because it wasn’t excessive in terms screaming and crying, but it swiftly and cleanly portrays the brutality that makes an impact. Overall, it’s a well done, well paced episode that should make way for the storm that’s to come.

shingeki no kyojin mikasa ackerman wallpaper knife in hand

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  • Nicholas

    Oh man, that scene when Mikasa just rips through the floorboard and snaps the grip on that knife, i was just like “wat”. One does not simply go super saiyan like that. lol

    • Entrav

      My thoughts exactly. She crazy.

    • only_me

      That was an old abandoned hut. To be honest, I once did something similar, unintentionally though. The floor was just rotten. The knife – indeed it’s almost impossible to smash the handle – but sill, almost. The electro-thingo was supposed to represent the way her brain switches to somewhat different gear from then on. Quite common tv trope I guess.

  • Iron Maw

    I took the floor breaking as dramatic license. It’s Death Note and Highschool of Dead director after all. But that aside everything was well put to get together.

    • Entrav

      Well, it’s in the manga originally and he just adapted it. Though, the lightning-like stuff around her body is not. It just feels quite unnecessary and took away from the scene rather than giving it more substance. Nonetheless, like you said, everything else is well done.

      • Mr. Mister

        The lightning stuff symbolises the electro-nervous impulse. It was depicted in the manga too, with her brain (which I think appears for a brief moment in the anime too, but I might recall wrong).

        • Entrav

          In the manga it was really just the brain and the lightning stuff isn’t so exaggerated. It’s not really a big deal though so I’m fine with it.

  • Flaiboy

    OK, I’ve been struggling with what happened last episode all week. Why
    would the storyteller dispose of a central character so quickly? I mean,
    I haven’t read the manga, but Eren even plays so prominently in the
    OP/ED that it seems as if he may not be really dead. But then I re-watch
    him getting swallowed while losing two of his limbs and I’m thinking
    there’s no coming back from that.
    I suppose there is a precedence
    from other anime, most recently Shin Sekai Yori, where strong characters
    die *coughShuncough* early in the series so it’s not unheard of. Heck,
    Maria was featured prominently in the ED for the second half of SSY and
    by then she wasn’t even in the storyline any longer. I guess what I’m
    stabbing at is even though Eren is gone I wouldn’t be surprised to see
    him somehow show up ala Shun as the storyline develops. I haven’t given
    up on him, yet.

    Is anyone else curious as to where the Titans
    come from, who they are, and why they prey on humans? Anyone have any
    theories they want to throw out there? If they don’t need to eat humans
    as food then why do they attack them and eat them? What I’m imagining is
    that it will be something akin to SSY where we surmised (correctly)
    that the Queerats were once human. That seems to be the most practical
    explanation, though just how that would work is beyond me. Maybe if a
    human is eaten by a Titan they are turned into one, but again I have no
    idea how that is carried out. I think it would be way cool and
    terrifying if Mikasa and Armin had to battle a Titan that was
    recognizably Eren!

    And why are their bodies so steamy hot?

    • Entrav

      It’s really tough for me to reply to the first part as even saying what I’m saying right now could count as too much of a hint. So I won’t delve too far into it.

      Even manga readers do not really know where, and what the titans really are. Some surmise that they are really an experiment gone horribly wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that they cannot reproduce which creates an even bigger mystery. Having a titan being born from a human being eaten is another theory, but like you, we’re not really sure how that works either. Even their behavior is irrational, but one could assume that they just enjoy devouring humans. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s expanded on later on as well.

      As for why the body is steamy, I forget whether the manga mentions this or not, but even if it has, I don’t think it’s been gone into in great detail (someone can explain if it’s not a spoiler).

  • Flaiboy

    I’m sorry Entrav, I didn’t think mentioning something that happened in a past series to be a spoiler. I will watch myself more closely.

    • Entrav

      No problem, it’s your first time. You just have to remember that not everyone has watched a series that has already finished airing. I do not want any chance of a person getting spoiled especially when it’s a great series like SSY.

  • Irenesharda

    When you talked about someone killing that cart merchant guy, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the episode. I was like, “that guy better be glad there wasn’t any Americans in that crowd”. I swear, that guy would have lasted about a half a minute against some modern-day New Yorkers. Seriously, they would have killed his goons, him, AND stole his stuff along the way. LOL

    Anyway, the episode was really good. I haven’t read the manga so I’m glad to be seeing everything for the first time as they present it. Eren is a real psycho here. He acts like a little boy in shock when he sees what happens to the Ackermans, but somehow after that, he was able to figure out who was responsible, track them down, and form a plan to not capture, but KILL them! Who taught him how to do all this? How did he become so cold-blooded?
    I would expect that kind of behavior out of an anime kid that had your stereotypical rough life and had killed when they were little to protect themselves after their parents were killed, something like that. So Mikasa becoming as she is, is quite believable. Yet, Eren has no such past and comes from a happy home, so where did he learn to be so merciless so young? Or is he just bi-polar psycho?

    • Entrav

      Yep. If he’s surrounded by Americans he’s going to get it as soon as he tries to push his cart in.

      Eren is extremely psychopathic and acts very… differently from the norm. His intelligence is not to be taken lightly either, but I think they downplayed his natural talents later on in his life as he’s not as smart as he was before. Even his psychopathic tendencies are minimized as well which isn’t really consistent. I’m not sure, but he could well have bi-polar disorder or something like that.

      Oh and if you haven’t read the manga yet, I suggest you just stick with just watching the anime as it’s doing a great job. If I had the choice I’d definitely just watch the anime first, but it’s not like I can just wipe my memory after reading the manga.

      • Iron Maw

        Actually I don’t think he’s a psychopath since they reacted in the opposite way and are normal amoral. Eren’s reaction is completely related to brutality of event and he seemed like to be in disbelief that human being could do this. As far as he’s intelligence is concerned I never though of him as dumb. Rash sure but certainly capable of assessment and tactics when he’s calm. So I don’t there any real inconsistently when you look further.

        • Entrav

          The definition of psychopath is someone who has antisocial behavior, a lack of remorse or guilt, and so on. Normally, even when people kill others, no matter who the person is, he or she will feel some sort of remorse, but by the looks of things, Eren believes that they deserve it and think no more of it. Even if he does feel remorse behind the scenes, it doesn’t change the fact that he has a lack of behavior control which is another indicator of psychopathy. Moreover, even if he’s not a complete psychopath, he undoubtedly has some psychopathic tendencies.

          As for his intelligence, I never thought that he’s dumb either, but perhaps it’s not fair to judge his intelligence at his older age because there aren’t that many opportunities for him to display his intellect.

          It was probably wrong of me to say “inconsistent” as he was young back then and he could have easily grown to be different since he was just a child. Looking at it some more, he still has behavioral problems, and his hatred is very extreme, which I suppose is only fueled by his psychopathic tendencies among the other misfortunes that the titans have given him in his life.

  • Omnivorse

    Though I was just wondering what was that thing walking at the time. Before the “Weeee” Titan showed and boomed him out of the way.

  • Nikko Ver Dionisio

    Ah in the electric scene on Mikasa is there because humans only use about 60% of their full physical strength. And when in life or death/ fight or flight situations, the 40% is temporarily unlocked, giving full physical power (breaking of floorboards and knife handle), absolute control of the body (I think they said that it was one stab to the heart) and mental capabilities galore (I mean, calculate in a split second a one shot to the heart). But, only a few people are given enough opportunity and mental capability to unlock the remaining 40%. And after the unlocking of the 40%, the mind is basically broken and so the limit is placed somewhere most likely not 60%, and in Mikasa’s case, probably 65-70%. This is why Mikasa is superwoman and is able to do stuff with the 3DMG (you need to calculate where the heck your grappling hooks go or else hit the ground hard).
    Oh and hell, your reviews are awesome!

    • Entrav

      I’m very hesitant to agree with such percentages because I have yet to find some solid proof about it. However, I do realize that in certain situations human beings are able to use more strength than they normally do. It’s just like the myth that people use 10% of their brains or something like that. It has been proven false nowadays. Not saying that you’re wrong that is for physical strength since that idea is much more acceptable.

      Oh and thanks a lot for reading! :)

    • hi

      its the adrenaline running through there bodies, we have to remember that humans have many instincts because we are animals too and when animals are fighting they have lots of adrenaline

  • Kosorji

    I really enjoy reading your reviews! Its always nice to see your thoughts and comments after I watch the episode! Keep it up!

    • Entrav

      Thank you very much for your support!

  • Sмεddα ❤

    Mikasa is the best *-*

  • hi

    hi i’m not trying to be rude to the poster! but i just don’t really like Mikasa for some reason she always just sort of annoyed me idk why

  • hi

    I really wish that people showed more of Eren’s smart side like he tracked kidnappers down,managed to kill them and get away with not vital wounds I really think that people explore it enough