Sidonia no Kishi Episode 12 (FINALE) – Season 2 is coming

Sidonia no Kishi Anime

Another season 2 announcement!
Sidonia no Kishi Episode 12 Review
Knights of Sidonia Episode 12 Review

The announcement of a season 2 for Sidonia no Kishi is probably one many have been waiting for. It’s actually quite something to see many series get confirmations for second seasons. Examples include, Non Non Biyori, Kiniro Mosaic, OreGairu, High School DxD (though that’s a third season), Gundam Build Fighters, and more. I’m glad to see that there’s more to come for every single one of these series because there’s a lot left to see for each. But let’s look at the present for now. Did Sidonia no Kishi do a good job this season?


Sidonia no Kishi Episode 12 Impressions

Solo 1v1 noob.


That deformed mech just looks too awesome.

Benisuzume Hoshijiro

Why can’t we all just get along? D:


Except those asteroids are disgusting.

Sidonia no Kishi fighting


Just taking a nap, calm down.


Does not approve of the lewdness.

The captain sure loves the lewdness.
Pushing her neck out like that.

Midorikawa Yuhata

She really hates the lewdness.

Even Benisuzume.
Much wow.
Such harem.


Giving her the finger already.

Couldn’t handle it.


The backgrounds in this anime can be pretty damn awesome.

No can do.
It’s only the not at all important characters that die.
Except Hoshijiro.
Poor Hoshijiro.
Just because the author wanted a harem doesn’t mean he had to…

Too bad we didn’t get to see the actual explosion.

Shinatose Izana happy

Dat bindi.


Shinatose Izana and Ren En

So who is that?

Biting your nails like a fucking crybaby, you faggot.

Such homo.
Much Hoshijiro disappointment.

Naive as fuk.

Watch out dude, he’ll poison your fucking onigiri.

Kunato Mozuku crying



But it’s the physical body that matters, right?

One day, Izana.
One day.

Sidonia Izana face

You know what, how about never?
So you can keep making those faces.




Shiraui Tsumugi Anime


Sidonia Season 2 announcement

So many season 2 announcements this year.

Sidonia no Kishi Episode 12 Review

Man, the CGI really does this anime justice when it comes to the fight scenes. Although the frame rate is still not where I’d like it to be as it’s very low at times, some of the slow-motion parts where Benisuzume gets close for an attack are very impressive to see. It certainly would not have been possible budget-wise with normal animations. Though, it’d be nice if they touched up¬†the asteroids as they look very out of place and distract me from watching the fight scene properly. Other than that, I’m very happy with how the fights translated into anime format with how the fight scenes are choreographed so nicely. On that note, let’s talk about how the anime compares to the manga without spoiling things. I did read pretty far into what season 2 will eventually cover, and some choices, like how the fight with Benisuzume ended, made me feel a bit uneasy because the manga deals with it differently. What I assume will happen is that in the first episode of the second season, or maybe when another battle happens, they’ll go back to the time this episode took place and expand upon it further. I suppose it’s more of a time issue and they didn’t want to rush the rest of the scenes, but then again, what they skipped was arguably more important than the majority of the episode. Moreover, it’s not just about consistency. If anime-only viewers saw everything play out the way it did in the manga, they would probably be more excited for the second season as well. But if you’re an anime-only viewer, you won’t really have much of a problem at all with how the anime played out because you’re unaware of what it skipped, and the adaptation is still well done.

Sidonia no Kishi has been an anime that I looked forward to week to week. However, it has never been a show that I¬†greatly looked forward to every week. The setting, premise, fights, Gauna, and sci-fi elements all intrigued me. It started off as something that reminded me of Shingeki no Kyojin, but it’s been clear for quite some time that the two¬†are reasonably different. There’s something that’s bothered me for some time though. While it does sci-fi well, it just feels like everything it’s doing, and everything it is has been done somewhere else before. The show as a whole feels generic in almost all aspects except for the animations and sound. It’s not the case that a show needs to be original in order to be great. A show could do typical things excellently, and turn out fantastic. The problem is when a show is generic in many ways and doesn’t excel in any of them. If a generic show is to be good, then it cannot be satisfied with merely doing everything decently whereas a more¬†original one could.¬†This is because generic shows are, well, generic. What they do¬†has been done before many times, and we should expect more¬†as a result. For me, Sidonia no Kishi simply didn’t go above and beyond in most areas. The acceleration event back in episode 4 was an example of something that was a bit original in the sci-fi genre in anime. It showed the situation humanity was in, and to what lengths they have to go in order to survive while doing it in a way you don’t see often in anime. Aside from that, the fact that Gauna are smarter than the characters thought they were, the powerful pilot Nagate, the multitude of deaths of side-characters that seem to add tension when in fact you know that the main pilots will probably be fine, and so on all feel like things I’ve seen done before to more or less the same quality.

Nevertheless, what’s shown in this season doesn’t necessarily entail that the sequel will be the same as this one. What do I think now that I’ve read more of the manga? Do I think it becomes more original or that it does its generic parts with more competence? Well, it’s a bit of both. Things get more interesting because of the last thing you see. Yes, that Gauna that said “Tanikaze” is what I’m talking about. The addition of that… character (I guess I’ll call it that) adds some much needed sweetness to the story. It helps let Nagate be a bit more developed than he currently is as well which is very much needed since he still needs a good amount of character development. The whole ordeal with the Gauna, what they really are, and the sci-fi mysteries also become increasingly more fascinating¬†as the series progresses. Ochiai, the “great power” that Kunato was interested some episodes back, and things like that become more important in driving the story forward. I haven’t read up until the latest chapter, but I think that if it continues to advance at the pace that it is, it will no longer be as generic in certain areas because it will eventually progress beyond points other shows and manga have¬†covered¬†in the same genres. It’s when I see this beginning to happen¬†that I find myself appreciating a lot more of what Sidonia no Kishi has to offer. This is the type of show that gets more interesting as it progresses since there’s almost an unlimited amount of things to explore all with great potential. If you’re an anime-only viewer, you’ll get to see some of it next season provided that it goes with the same chapter per episode pacing as this season. In the end, while this season may not have astounded me, it’s still decently done, and by the looks of things, it’ll only get better from here on out. While I wait, I’ll just go back to reading some more of the manga.

Knights of Sidonia Anime Sidonia no Kishi Season 2 Wallpaper Tsumugi


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  • Kinza Datteri

    ” Although the frame rate is still not where I‚Äôd like it to be as it‚Äôs very low at times…”

    Why the hell didn’t you watch the 60fps version from nyaa? It is glorious experience, provided you have a reasonably fast PC to manage all the heavy fight scenes. I was blown away how much a difference this made, even though once or twice my laptop turned it into a bloody slideshow.

    The show somehow managed to convince me that with enough practice and resources full CGI can one day become a very solid way of animating shows. There were some issues with how unnatural it seemed at the beginning, although paradoxically it is because CGI physics is more similar to the real world motion. When something is trying to feel “real”, we are more irked by very subtle nuances and inconsistencies which wouldn’t matter at all when animated traditionally. That being said, I think the way to go is to try to make the CGI look like more traditional animation. Aoki Hagane and SnK are probably pioneers of this way and pioneers never have it easy. Besides, if everything was perfect from the beginning, there would be no room for improvement which would be depressing.

    Anyway, for me it was the show of the season and I am helluva happy to see it having s2 greenlit. The story, fights and terror are fabulous and I love how Tsutomu Nihei made somewhat a homage to a genre recently reactivated by Isayama Hajime with Shingeki no Kyojin. Both authors acknowledge each other and both can do wonders. Thanks to this the viewers win the most.

    • Entrav

      60fps version from nyaa? I actually didn’t notice they had that. I just tried it, and I’m not sure if it even looks better than the regular with SVP. I used to use SVP, but my computer is old and it’s pretty loud when I have it on which I very much dislike. Not to mention that any kind of frame interpolation we try to do won’t be as good as if they actually increased the number of frames. It still feels stuttery at moments no matter what you use, so it’s not like my complaint is invalid.

      If you want to watch some CGI goodness that actually has high frame rate and is very well blended in with normal animations then go watch Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Its visuals are incredible. It certainly is very much possible for CGI to be used more. They just need to know how to do so better, and get a decent amount of budget.

      • Bam

        The way Yamato 2199 uses CGI is quite different than KoS. Yamato uses Digital Compositing which layers CGI around the traditionally animated layers while KoS is created completely in CGI and cellshading is overlayed onto selected frames. Yamato looks amazing but also had a budget that can eclipse Sidonia’s, so direct comparison is a bit unfair.

        The issue with the frame-rate irked me initially as it was quite jarring in some scenes. I did quite digging in and research to finally understand why it happens. The rotoscoped overlay shading is pretty much hand-drawn (drawn on a computer pad but nevertheless labor intensive) and it costs a good sum of money but creates the beautiful landscapes and scenes the gives the series its unique character. I’ve said it before and will say it again here: KoS is one of the few CGI animes that moves and feels very close to traditional animes (other CGI works such as Appleseed limit this to character design only). The CGI-intensive scenes such as orbital space battles can have high fps since they are not usually cell-shaded as much as scenes that include human characters. If you pay attention to the scenes with low fps you’ll notice that they are usually the heavily shaded scenes. The fps is intentionally reduced to limit the number of frames that need to be drawn upon hence saving quite a lot of animation budget. Netflix has recently picked the series up so the future looks bright for Polygon Production and hopefully will get to see an increased budget in the 2nd cour ;-)

        P.S The Asteroids are supposed to look like skin flakes; remember the Gauna are referred to as placental creatures. So they are meant to look strange and out of place. A little more shading would’ve helped out but considering the vast number of them shown on screen (and the aforementioned limited budget) is understandable why they look rather bland.

        • Entrav

          I’m just replying to the part, “That being said, I think the way to go is to try to make the CGI look like more traditional animation. Aoki Hagane and SnK are probably pioneers of this way and pioneers never have it easy.” Obviously it’s silly comparing the two directly. It’s blatantly obvious the budgets on the two and the animation styles are different, but CGI is still fantastically implemented in Yamato 2199.

          Thanks for all the information surrounding the CGI. I’m not even sure where to go to look up all this information nor do I know much about animations at all.

  • Ian Porterfield

    Now please start reviewing more Jojo!

    • Entrav

      There’s not that much to say though. >.> It’s using a monster of the week format so…

  • zztop

    Not a bad show at all. Although I wonder when precisely the 2nd Season will be.

    What do you plan to follow/blog for Summer? I know I’m definitely following Free! Season 2 for now. :)

    • Entrav

      Preview will be out soon. It’ll give a rough idea as to what I’m interested in.


    CORRECTION: the planet-buster actually imploded the dwarf planet so it wasn’t technically an explosion. The seemingly outward blast is basically just space going back to its original position through violent decompression. Let’s keep this soft SF as hard as possible now xD

    • Entrav

      You’re right. My bad.

      • SASUGA

        Ain’t no thang ^_^

  • Bam

    Although a reasonable review I still can’t help but feel the criteria which you judge the series on is inconsistent and varies greatly from anime to anime. You criticize KoS for using familiar tropes (which it does) but yet seldom mention this when dealing with series such as NGNL which are utterly drenched in it. I am a strong proponent for further creativity in animes, but I have to say as far as mecha shows go KoS was a nice change of pace with a few original ideas of its own. An older anime fan like me who grew up watching anime in late 80’s thru international Japanese satellites in Japanese (without understanding much of the plot until I started to pick up on Japanese the way kids are doing now; this was way before widespread internet use mind you) can tell you that absolutely no anime today is devoid of cliches. I feel like for KoS to be dissected into its parts is a rather unfair as it is in no way the worst offender when it comes to this.

    Every series should be judged on its own merit, as a whole and not the collection of its lesser parts. I have read the manga, not as far as the anime, but enough to see that it sticks rather closely to it, and different mediums create different experiences anyways so they shouldn’t be constantly compared. I have also read all of the Songs of Fire and Ice series but am in the minority of book readers that aren’t constantly griping about Game of Thrones since I understand this distinction.

    Let me propose a challenge here: give me ANY anime and I’ll list at least 10 tropes that it is borrowing from the vast library of literature and would also show why the widespread use of it could be considered by some cynics as “cliches”. Everyone has their own taste but please try to be a little more objective when it comes to reviews. Thank you.

    • Entrav

      The criteria I judge the series is supposed to be different from anime to anime. Would you judge a slice of life anime the same as you would judge a mecha? Would you care about the comedy of a show if it’s a psychological thriller as much as you’d care about it in a romcom? Of course not.

      While NGNL has focus on its cliches, which I will mention in the overall review, it’s far more focused on the excitement of its games and overall strategies rather than the typical cliche tropes. There aren’t many shows that do the games with the overall strategies being a major part of the overall game like NGNL does. In that sense, it is fairly original. Even if you take the typical cliche tropes in mind, how the show executes them by implementing them into the comedy is surprisingly good.

      “Every series should be judged on its own merit, as a whole and not the collection of its lesser parts.” I would say that both are important. The parts are what create the whole, but the whole creates a picture different from the parts. One thing is clear, however, and that is that no one can judge a show purely based on the whole. It is only when we strip down the whole do we understand it. Whether you realize it or not, everyone does this when they critique reasonably. Some use story, characters, animations, and so on. (Even when critiquing these parts, you have to distill them down further like overarching story, plot, character development, and so on.) For me, I use a different approach (though I don’t use my full review approach when doing episodic reviews as the latter is a far more rough version of the former).

      If a show is horrible in many important parts that are essential for the show, then it’s highly unlikely that the show as a whole will be good. Imagine if NGNL didn’t succeed in creating an exciting atmosphere almost every single episode, and that the overall strategy that Sora has to his ultimate goal is predictable and perhaps even full of logical errors. Would the whole of NGNL be a lot worse? Of course, because that’s a lot of what NGNL is. Those things are the most important parts of what make NGNL good, and those things are what truly matter the most when critiquing NGNL. But let’s say the comedy isn’t as good as it is. Let’s say it’s actually cringe-worthy to look at a lot of the time. Would that affect the show as a whole more than the previous point? I don’t think so.

      I’m not sure if we’re on the same wavelength by what you’re saying in the last paragraph. I’m not saying that cliches are in and of themselves bad. Heck, my favorite anime of 2013 is a typical high school love triangle romance (White Album 2) that’s been done to death. But it did those tropes far better than many of those other shows. The parts that constitute White Album 2, and should be important for almost all romance shows which include, character development, character relationships, emotional impact, strong themes to tie relationship conflicts together, drama that isn’t just full of screaming and actually conveys what it needs to convey through actions as well as words, and many other parts are almost all superbly done. The characters have their typical archetypes, it’s a typical setting with no supernatural twist whatsoever, and so on, but it’s done so well that it doesn’t matter if it’s cliche. I know that being generic is in and of itself not bad. Otherwise, I would have just said so in my review and not, “If a generic show is to be good, then it cannot be satisfied with merely doing everything decently whereas a more original one could. This is because generic shows are, well, generic. What they do has been done before many times, and we should expect more as a result.”

      That’s what Sidonia no Kishi is lacking for me. It’s not like it’s terrible. It just isn’t at the level where I can say that it’s “great” or that it “really impresses me.” I’ve seen all of its parts in different places done to more or less the same quality. Yes, it is a different experience when you combine them together, but it’s not so radically different in terms of quality even when it is put together. It doesn’t excel in any important part whether it be the Gauna, Nagate, how human beings are struggling for survival, the multitude of deaths, and so on. If Nagate or the characters were extremely likeable, or if it really emphasized its theme of survival better by actually developing characters properly that do die for the survival of mankind perhaps tragic and emotional ways, or if it could create some twist surrounding the Gauna that is unexpected, or many other things, it would be better than what it currently is. Given that enough of these parts are better, the show as a whole will be better. But it doesn’t really extend outside of other shows that use these parts, and the whole that is created from these parts is not so excellent either. A lot of the reason as to why I don’t find the whole to be “great” is because the most important parts of the anime are cliches that are not done well enough to overcome the intrinsic burdens that comes with using those cliches. To put it more simply, if it wants to be “great,” and not just “decent,” then it has to do those cliches better. That’s what I’m mainly critiquing.

      This isn’t a full in-depth review of the entire show, but rather a rough feel for what I think the series has at my first impressions of the finale. I’m not going to use that as an excuse though because my complaints with the series that I wrote in the review have not changed. I am almost never going to be as objective in episodic reviews as in overall reviews, and I understand that I am not the most objective critic. I also understand that it’s irritating to see someone critique it in a way you deem to be unfair. If my review felt that way to you, then I apologize. Hopefully this comment will clear things up a bit more.

      • Bam

        On the contrary: I find your reviews, even this specific Sidonia review, generally reasonable and quite enjoyable, and that is why you should take my critique as a constructive effort rather than a personal jab, I like Sidonia, I made that no secret during multiple occasions, but nothing is beyond criticism and only with meaningful analysis is how we get to really appreciate shows and move forward with the industry. I do appreciate the thoughtful and well-articulated response and yes, it does help me see your perspective better and you do offer a few valid points.

        I did not intend to say that the forming components of a work aren’t important nor that they shouldn’t be discussed individually, but in art we see time and time again where the whole becomes much more than the sum of its parts. That is why, aside from when we are criticizing certain aspects, a holistic approach is used to judge the entirety of a work. Even how humans judge personal beauty is not based on single components rather than the harmony between all of its factors. I felt as some of your concerns were more general than pertaining to this specific episode, and was sure that they will be echoed in the overall review, that may be why I took them as overarching complains about the 1st season and wanted more objectivity. Sidonia to me has enough harmony between its parts to be considered decent and muster up excitement, but everyone’s taste is different and apparently this was not the case for you.

        Take the final battle against the Planet-Gauna for example: The sheer size of the enemy, fighting influenced under its gravity, the approaching planet-buster, the threshold of no return and the appearance of the glorious Benisuzume among other things created quite an intense and exciting situation. Keep in mind that I haven’t read so far in the manga so my experience was first-hand and untarnished by prejudice (preferred 1st viewing conditions). So to call the series devoid of excitement is a little too harsh.

        I never wanted to insinuate that tropes are bad, quite the contrary. That is why I brought up the point that everything has some cliched tropes within them; to show that there are still a lot of good works despite this. Sidonia has enough style to not be considered cookie cutter. Tsutomu Nihei has enough individual and recognizable style that oozes thru this adaptation, as it is my opinion this is the 1st genuine portrayal of his signature style and it has been done with CGI which is not an intuitive pick for his heavy outlined and detailed crosshatched pen work. Nihei’s Blame and Abara, among other works, have a niche cult following and they have a unique internal continuity that gives it a Lovecraftian lore. The Kezlov bear-man, Gauna, Kabizashi as well as certain Ochiai mystery characters are all mentioned in his early works despite having no immediate connection. Only a Nihei fan can understand the joy we got the 1st time the legendary Toha Heavy Industries was mentioned on screen: it was glorious!

        We approach every anime differently but that doesn’t mean that our “standars” have to be altered. If we judge animation strictly and expect at least a certain quality it should be even among all the works (given the context and what the series tries to do with it, so mostly conventional shows and not the experimentals). Same should be applied to your threshold for genericity. For me one thing I enjoy about your reviews is their optimism even when dealing with rather cliched and generic shows. For something like WA2 it worked for you despite not really clicking for me, which is where personal taste comes in, but I understand the sentiment. Hence for you to put Sidonia down despite its accomplishments and professional grade directing and pacing mostly due to some sense of familiarity is well … a little uncharacteristic. After all you are more hyped about Sailor Moon Crystal (a remake) rather than Terror In Resonance (an original work thru-and-thru). And before you defensively respond: I know. I understand why Sailor Moon is special. That was just some food for thought, to give some perspective …

        • Entrav

          But the harmony of all the factors greatly depends on the factors themselves. I’m not even really sure why the whole is not in fact, at least in the case of critiquing anime, the sum of its parts. If a factor does not create harmony with the rest, then the whole is affected. I understand that the whole is important, but especially when it comes to critiquing, it’s simply impossible to construct the whole without the parts. I go to tedious lengths to do my Youtube general reviews. I label all the aspects, as many perspectives as I can, and things like that in order to create the entire picture. Without investigating the parts, I can never reach a conclusion. Without investigating the parts, I cannot even be sure that I understand the whole much less have the perspective needed to critique it. The sum of the parts creates the whole. I would argue that the parts all combined is the whole in this case.

          Take your example for example. You label the parts that make things exciting for you:
          1. “The sheer size of the enemy.”
          2. “Fighting influenced under its gravity.”
          3. “The approaching planet-buster.”

          And so on.

          These parts make the experience possible. Added together, they create the overall experience. Is that not the whole of the experience? These parts that you speak of? I’m also pretty sure I never said the series is “devoid of excitement.” That is indeed harsh, so if I said that somewhere, then please point that out to me as that’s a mistake. “Devoid” is not the word I’d use.

          I am not putting down Sidonia mostly for the sense of familiarity. How well executed it is in terms of how familiar it is is as important, if not even greater, of a factor. If a show is very much original in many ways, even if it only executes those original ideas moderately well, I view that to be better than a show that is not original in many ways, and executes those ideas moderately well. If a show is to be “great” in my eyes, then it needs to either be original in many ways and do things fairly well, or be unoriginal but execute those generic elements very well. There are obviously other categories, but for simplicity I just said two. I am not saying that Sidonia is terrible. I am saying that it’s simply not that great and I’m outlining what is lacking. I am outlining that it doesn’t have enough originality for it to be in the first category of what I consider to be “great,” and that it doesn’t execute those unoriginal ideas well enough to be in the second category of what I consider to be great. That’s it really. It’s just that I don’t find what Sidonia no Kishi to do things that well. If you did, then it wouldn’t be a problem because the show would fall in the second category for you.

          As for your final comment, I have to say that this discussion doesn’t have much to do with how much I value originality relative to other things. It doesn’t encompass, for example, how much I value originality relative to a remake of a classic. Besides, it’s not like Zankyou no Terror is going to be incredibly original. Works like Destroy and Revolution are probably going to be very similar to it. Just because it’s labeled “original” doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be original.

          Anyways, thanks for the discussion! It’s pretty rare to get lengthy discussions like this, so it’s nice to see that some of my readers care enough to give a thorough reply. I actually find that I do better when I reply to comments or just argue in general compared to when I just think of things by myself. There are instances where I hugely benefited from another person disagreeing with me. Examples include my last episode review of Kill la Kill and the 9th episode review of Suisei no Gargantia. Pretty eye-opening sometimes. Rambling on here, haha. Thanks for reading and replying!

          • Bam

            Well the philosophical argument of reductionism Vs. Holism is one debated through time by greater minds than us to no avail, since they both have interesting supporting arguments and I think it’s a matter of a little bit of both, but I tend to favor holism as simply as because the individual strokes of a great painting can be simple or even clumsy but they often work together to form a masterpiece, as long as they work together with a singular purpose. Sidonia is no such work, but for me it worked more often than not.

            I agree with you when you say that a series needs to have a factor that either sets it apart or that it exceeds in, since I’m a fan of Nihei the art style happens to be that factor. It clearly doesn’t have the same impact on you or at least not enough to give it that extra push to greatness, and that is completely fine and understandable.

            Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the 1st cour video review, if it just so happens that you’re planning to make one ;-)

          • Entrav

            I definitely won’t do a review just for this cour because a season 2 is coming out soon. Chances are pretty decent for a review of both seasons when the second season ends though!

  • ManWithTheGoldenGun

    I really like your stuff, but I would like it much more if you stopped having so many homophobic jokes.

    • Entrav

      I only had one of those in this review. I’m not sure about in general because I just say whatever ridiculous things cross my mind, but I don’t think it’s too excessive. I think part of accepting homosexuality is being able to make fun of it without taking it too seriously. If you find it uncomfortable, I apologize. I’ll keep what you said in mind and either tone it down or just make those jokes with better taste. If you don’t want to see any random comments, there’s a button to skip to the written portion of the review on more recent posts and all posts from now on so feel free to use that.

  • Joshua Byers

    well just finished watching knights of sidonia and i am not a fan of mech anime’s normally but this was great, and when i watched the last episode and did not see any more next episode link i was like noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. but i am glad that a season two has been announced but do we know when it will actually be aired or is that still not been announced? :)

  • Mynetic

    Is season 2 the last one or are we excepting more