Spring 2016 Anime – What to watch?

Anime Spring 2016 List
Watching quite a few this time.

Some brief thoughts.
What anime to watch in spring 2016?
No spoilers.

Last season was such a bore that I hardly bothered following any anime week to week. Thankfully, this season is different. I actually can’t believe I’m even following as many as I am given how burnt out on anime I was before this season. From the music magic that is Macross Delta to the crazy nonsensical trainwrecks that are Mayoiga and Big Order (and the literal choo choo train ride that is Kabaneri) to the calm slice of life anime like Flying Witch and Tanaka-kun, we’ve got a ton of anime airing this season worth checking out. No fancy rankings this time. I’m too lazy for that nowadays. Let’s just get started with my most anticipated anime of the season all the way to my least anticipated.

Macross Delta

Macross Delta Mikumo best


GIRI GIRI AI! AWWW YEEEAAAAHHHH. Holy crap these songs. These songs… These catchy as fuck songs. Damn, you can’t help but dance to this shit. Man, it is fun as hell watching this show. These episodes get me pumped because there’s nothing better than some catchy songs with some mecha action. Oh boy. I’ll be honest. I was doing this post halfway when I lost motivation to finish it. If you want to thank anything for this post, thank this anime. It made me want to write it simply for this show. (JUNNA powa. Can you believe she’s just 15? Damn, I was doing really stupid things when I was 15 and she is singing for a fucking anime and is a total boss at it.) When I watch it and even after finishing the episode I can’t help but sing the song in my head and dance to the tune. Macross Frontier was one of the first anime I finished, and to this day some of my favorite songs come from that show such as Northern Cross (absolutely love the intense chorus), Diamond Crevasse (beautiful song), and Lion (definitely one of the better OP songs out there). I need to rewatch it to form an opinion about the overall show since I don’t remember a lot of what happened, so my opinion of Macross Delta is from the standpoint of someone who is generally unfamiliar with the franchise. I do, however, remember the intense song-mecha combination that made me hyped episode after episode in Macross Frontier. When I saw Macross Delta coming, I was hoping that it would have the lethal hype dosage of great songs and mecha action, and boy did I get what I wanted.

Mikumo Macross Delta smug face

In all seriousness, I’m still struggling trying to do that hand sign.
Even if I could it’d look lame as fuck because I’m not MIKUMO THE GODDESS.

I would recommend everyone to check out the first episode unless you for some reason really dislike Japanese music and mechas. There’s no need to watch the pre-air in my opinion. Just watch the regular first episode. Watch it from beginning to end. The first episode should be very representative of what you will see for the rest of the season when it comes to the music + mecha combination. If you don’t get excited watching it then you won’t be excited later on. The major standout aspect of this show, at least in my opinion, is the combination of the songs and the mecha action. The two blend together to create some memorable, upbeat, and exciting moments that make me really happy. It’s incredibly rare for me to be so glued to my screen and so into it that I literally move my body watching this show. It’s Macross Magic is what it is. Music magic. Not everyone will feel this way, but if you do, it’s something you would not want to miss out on. It’s a great feeling. That’s why I would recommend those who haven’t seen anything about this franchise check out the first episode to see if the music + mecha combination is your kind of thing.

Macross Delta Freyja Wion singing

She’s like #2 mmk.
She’s not bad.
Just not

If you don’t like the type of songs, then check out the first Macross series as those songs are different (from what I have heard since I haven’t actually watched the whole series yet) or check out Frontier. Of course, no anime would be complete without story and characters. While I wouldn’t say they are particularly outstanding so far, they provide a solid enough backbone for the exciting music + mecha scenes for now. There are a decent amount of likable characters, they have their own personal conflicts, and the overarching story is clearly progressing every episode. Just don’t expect the characterization and thematic depth of something like Ping Pong The Animation. It’s solid, but nothing incredible. I know that as the anime progresses, the characters, story, romance, and themes will become increasingly more critical. As much as I’d love to see 26 episodes of music + mecha action only, that wouldn’t exactly work. The narrative is still in its beginning phases so it’s difficult to say whether anything outside of the music + mecha combination will be as satisfying. Nevertheless, at least for now, I’m strapped on for the ride. I’m having an absolute blast watching it, so I can’t help but recommend it regardless of how the characterization and storytelling ends up. TIME FOR SOME MORE WALKURE. HYPE HYPE HYPE GIRI GIRI AI HYPE AWWW YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Kabaneri Mumei

Damn, I’m seriously traumatized from that bullshit.

Holy crap, this anime is gorgeous. Just, wow. The art-style and the animations… Absolutely fantastic treat for the eyes. You have to wonder how much effort the animators put into making this anime. How many all-nighters did they pull to make this anime look this impressive? Some animators probably spent days working on some small scenes that we watch through in seconds. Especially after watching what effort goes into making every anime from watching Shirobako, it makes me appreciate this anime even more. Originally, this section would have been all praises for this anime since the show has only gotten started. Heck, I wouldn’t have cared that much if it turned into a trainwreck story-wise as long as it kept up this level of visual quality. Although I still feel this way, after seeing episode 3, I cannot say I care so little now. There’s an extent to which one can ignore the problems with storytelling, the characters, and so on even in these kinds of more entertainment-focused shows. This extent will vary from person to person. Some have higher tolerance for bad shows than others. (I tend to be one of those who have high tolerance) However, if some parts stand out enough, no matter how good the animations are and how pleasing to the senses the anime may be, those aspects may be overshadowed or muddled by the problems.

There are a few things that irked me in the third episode that I’d like to go over. (No spoilers) The first issue is the main character’s backstory. Oh boy was it typical. Even the anime itself acknowledges that it’s a fairly common story as if that makes it any better. Some may try to dig deeper at how this is a typical problem all people share and that’s the point of the story. These are desperate times and by making the main character suffer this typical fate it highlights the dark nature of the setting. Or something along those lines. Here’s the problem with this. I don’t care enough. When the flashback happens the way it does, it’s like I’m watching Hundred. I’ve seen this kind of story many times. That by itself may not be terrible, but we’re at the very beginning of the story. It’s difficult to care about the characters so early on by going to their backstory so quickly.

Furthermore, this isn’t during some kind of intense fight scene where the main character remembers his goals and how he is different from before. This was presented during a very typical “Oh, so what happened to you in the past” scenario. Usually, a backstory is supposed to add to the emotion happening during the scene. When the scene is a typical conversation, it lacks the context for there to be significant emotional impact. Even if the backstory is fantastic, the context in which it is put in matters a great deal. Putting it in at the right time can add a lot to it. Consequently, putting it in at a very low-tension scene that’s hardly relevant to the backstory dampens the impact greatly.

Of course, not all backstories have to be done with emotional impact in mind. It could be to tell us more about the character and to give some kind of foundational characterization. Personally, I would prefer if the show did what it did in the first episode by making the characters show their characteristics by acting their beliefs out. I thought the first episode and the second episode did a fine job of portraying the personality of the main character. His motivations were easily understood and effectively portrayed in those two episodes. We already roughly knew his backstory from what was shown in those two episodes, but then it ended up being portrayed in such a plain way in episode 3. Just when I was liking the manly badassery of the main character too.

Iron Fortress Kabaneri Ayame

Dat flower…
Dat hair…
Fuuuuuuck holy shit that looks amazing.

The second thing that annoyed me was Mumei. I’m certainly in the minority here, but I found her character so far to be fairly irritating. Now, I want to make it clear that this doesn’t necessarily mean that her character is bad from a critique standpoint. Not all characters have to be relatable and likable to be “good.” However, annoying factors in the show can detract from the viewing experience. Mumei to me is basically one of those annoying kids you have to look after in a daycare. She doesn’t explain the situation clearly even though it could have saved a lot of unnecessary conflicts. I understand why some of the conflicts are there. I just think there would be less unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings if she would explain to the other characters a little bit more instead of saying and doing whatever the hell she wants. I get that her nature is intentional and that’s who she is. She is still a kid at heart and you can’t expect her to be perfectly rational every step of the way. But does that make it any less annoying to watch? Not exactly. Sometimes I wanted to shout at her to just stop. But knowing how the MC got treated… I’d like to keep my balls intact.

There are some other annoying bits here and there in the third episode such as the dramatic nature of some scenes being a bit too over the top for me and so on. Don’t get me wrong. This is high up on this list for a reason. I still enjoy this anime quite a lot. At least for the first two episodes, I was really, really looking forward to seeing more. I was, however, quite annoyed at some parts of the third episode and this made me almost overlooked how beautiful this show looks. I’m not expecting this anime to be groundbreaking in terms of characterization or storytelling. I don’t think anyone was hoping for that going into this. An entertaining, beautifully animated show is perfectly fine, but when distractions get in the way of my enjoyment, I can’t ignore them as part of my critique. Most of my irritations are probably not an issue for a lot of others, but I am mostly limited to my personal viewpoint and that’s all I can really express.

I will certainly finish this anime since it is absolutely beautiful from an animation-standpoint. Production-wise, this is a fantastic anime. The fights are a pleasure to watch, and even looking at the details put in some of the frames leave me in a daze at how detailed they look. There are so many instances of great art direction that I cannot possibly cover everything I noticed in this post alone. Everything from the eyes to the hair (love the way hair looks in this show… sure makes me sound like a fucking creep to say it though) to the lighting to the weapons to just about everything looks magnificent. It’s been a while since I paused the video to look at some of the frames and admire them. Damn, this anime looks fucking fantastic! Hopefully, the irritating aspects will not be as bad for me going forward because this is a pleasure for the eyes rarely found in a seasonal anime series.

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai

Jojo diamond kuujou joutarou


I would have probably at least checked out the first few episodes if it were not for the fact that Stardust Crusaders didn’t go anywhere with a monster of the week format that I greatly disliked, eventually forcing me to drop the anime. Within all the fabulousness, the manly poses, and all the entertainment there was still progression in the story for the first series. Now that was fantastic to watch. Greatly entertaining, and supremely fabulous. I suppose I will watch the last few episodes of Stardust Crusaders (since that’s what people recommended me to do to avoid all the nonsense) and watch this when it finishes airing. Some say that this Jojo is the best Jojo. I’m looking forward to seeing if that’ll be the case, but I’ll probably wait for it to finish airing since the fabulousness is too much for me to handle if I were to wait week to week.

Flying Witch

Makoto Flying Witch legs

Yeah, she’s flying?

Comfiest show of the season? It’s a bit hard to say between this and Tanaka-kun. But these are the best legs of the season. FUCK. YES. God, I just want to rub my face on those thighs like holy shit One of the aspects I really find enjoyable about Flying Witch is how it incorporates witch-elements into the show. There are many, many slice of life anime out there that are slice of life and nothing else. No supernatural elements. Nothing that you wouldn’t see in real life. That can be fine and all, but after seeing many shows like that, it’s nice to see something like Flying Witch coming along that actually has that extra genre spice to freshen things up. The added witch elements don’t replace the comfy slice of life nature of it. Instead, it adds that bit of momentary spice to make the show a bit different from the typical slice of life out there for the better whether it be the character reactions, episode plot points, and so on. While I think this would have fared fine without the witch elements, it certainly is better off with them. The characters have all so far been very likable. Chinatsu actually acts like a kid and does what kids do (without the annoying parts). Her reactions are adorable. The male character is laid back and relatable at moments, and Makoto is the prettiest with the best legs. Add in some other characters that have shown up over the episodes and you got a solid cast filled with potential for entertaining interactions. Flying Witch is an extremely comforting anime to watch, making it perfect for getting some relaxation after a long day. If you like these calming slice of life anime, this is definitely one to watch.

Flying Witch Anime Chinatsu

The faces in this are surprisingly great sometimes.


Haifuri Anime high school fleet

Fucking cannons, cute girls, and a fatass cat lookin’ like a boss.
What more could you want from your Chinese cartoons?

Ever since I finished watching Girls und Panzer all those years ago, I have been waiting for something like this. Thankfully, cute girls doing cute and slightly dangerous things is back this season with Haifuri. Instead of tanks, we get warships, which is probably just as good if not even better. What I found interesting in Girls und Panzer was that, well, cute girls were fighting in fucking tanks! Shooting each other with fucking tanks! Taaaankkksss!!! This time we get the same except with warships. Boom boom boom torpedo boom boom boom give me some of that shit aww yeess I’m eating it up. The biggest draw is not the fact that there are a bunch of cute girls doing cute things. Nononono. (Definitely not in denial right now) The serious side to it is arguably just as important as the cute side. This is cute girls doing serious things. Now that’s a lethal combination. There are so many other slice of life anime out there that deal with cute girls doing cute things, but so few that deal with cute girls doing serious business. The more serious side of things actually add some tactics, strategy, and depth to the series otherwise not found in other cute girls anime.

Haifuri cute girls

YFW your boss tells you to do some stupid shit that you know is going to be an enormous disaster.

There is more of a story compared to its slice of life contemporaries that deal with whatever random thing the writer may find interesting to write about. Haifuri is not episodic and instead actually has an overarching story with some intriguing mystery elements to it. Characterization is decent enough for me to care about the characters as they banter with each other in typical slice of life fashion. The characters may be nothing too special, but at least there is enough uniqueness in each of them for there to be some nice moments. Considering how large the cast of characters are and the possible combinations of characters interacting with each other in different ways, it’s quite fun to watch. Add a dash of more serious overarching story as well as some warship action, and you got me waiting eagerly week to week to see more. Haifuri seems to be paying a lot of attention to the mystery aspects, so how good this anime ends up being will depend a lot on how the mystery side of things end up. Will the overarching story be sensible and clever or will it be uninspired? We’ll have to wait and see. Still, I’ll be watching this from beginning to end as I have been waiting a long time for an anime in a similar vein to Girls und Panzer.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Tanak-kun anime miyano


Miyano cute Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge


This was almost going to be one of those shows I was going to overlook since there are so many anime to watch this season. Thankfully, I gave the first episode a shot and from there I was hooked. I’ve seen people making the apt comparison between this anime and Gekkan Shoujo. This is an anime that has an exceedingly likable cast each with their own distinct personalities that add to the show in interesting ways. From the lazy and mindful dynamic between Oota and Tanaka to the wanting-to-be-mature and the lazy reluctance dynamic between Miyano and Tanaka (Miyano is the cutest), this show manages to create some fun interactions that make this anime pleasing to watch. Although I was a bit concerned about this anime after watching the first episode due to how it seemed to use Tanaka’s lazy attitude as its central focus, the anime keeps things fresh with the introduction of new characters, and some solid character interactions. The character dynamics are some of the best I’ve seen in a slice of life anime, being not just funny and unexpected, but also sometimes even a tiny bit profound. Adding to all of this is the art-style and pacing, which make this anime one of the mellowest ones I’ve seen. The serenity of the conversations and the fantastic choices of colors used make this a very relaxing anime to watch. Suitable, considering how lazy Tanaka is and how watching this show makes me feel lazy as well. Definitely a slice of life anime to keep an eye on if you’re looking for a very peaceful anime with some great character interactions.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Re zero anime emilia

Well, at least the main character has enough mental capacity to fall for the right girl.
Got to admit I like her overall character design.

I now understand how some people felt when No Game No Life was airing. I am feeling that way with this anime. What do I mean? Well, it’s the circlejerk when you don’t feel the show is as good as what others give it credit for. At least, not right now. Re:Zero may not have the most amount of users on MyAnimeList this season, but in terms of the amount of discussion surrounding it, it is arguably the most popular of the season with a large portion of the commenters viewing this anime very positively. Disregarding those comments that call this anime a deconstruction, since it can hardly be categorized as such especially so early on, people have been impressed with the anime overall. While I do like the premise, especially the darker approach, I don’t think the anime has reached the stage where the high praise is warranted yet. This makes it difficult for me to read through some of the comments about this anime, and perhaps the great amount of praise given to this show is making me more biased against the anime than I would have been otherwise. I will say that out of all the anime airing this season, this one has the greatest potential to be a lot better than what the first few episodes make it seem. That being said, I can only judge the episodes that have aired so far. (Note that I am an anime-only viewer. Keep that in mind as you continue reading)

My biggest annoyance with this anime so far has to do with the main character. He is so damn slow. So slow. My lord Tatsuya Almighty please bestow some Gary Stu wisdom on his slow ass so he can comprehend what is going on faster and not drag things on with shitty lines like, “Is this… Is this really happening? What’s going on? I should clearly be able to figure it out after going through this multiple times and yet I’m still unsure.” For a person who is supposed to be genre savvy, he is incredibly slow at realizing what is happening. I don’t expect him or want him to be super intelligent, but it is irritating to see a main character to be so unaware and incompetent. At the very least he should think through some possibilities instead of being stunned at what is going on. Makes me grab my hair and want to smack some sense into his denseness. Thankfully, this seems to be getting better as the episodes pass, so as long as you can get through the first few episodes, it shouldn’t be too bad.

The second problem I have, though it’s getting a bit better now that I’m growing on the characters, is the humor. Switching between serious moments and moments of comedy can work. However, I find a lot of the time I’m not laughing and the comedic moments distract me from the more serious things going on, taking me out of the moment. The jokes are often these “genre savvy” bits of humor where the main character talks about how this would typically happen and how it’s not going according to script, or it’s the typical slapstick humor. Outside of the switches between serious moments and the comedy, I simply didn’t find the attempts at humor to be all that funny. Most of the attempts at humor come from the main character, so perhaps my dislike of the main character spread to the comedy as well. Well, that and the fact that I’ve seen this type of comedy many times before in the typical shounen series or slice of life anime. That being said, given all the crap the main character goes through, I am starting to empathize with his situation more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the comedy starts to grow on me as I get more familiar with the characters.

Emilia satella anime re zero

Are there still any doubts as to her best girl status?
That’s what I thought.

There is also a lot of talking in this anime, and sometimes I wonder if all the dialogue is really necessary. I understand the intention is to create a better understanding of the characters so that when the reset happens things are more brutal, and also so that we grow more attached to them. Re:Zero’s approach to this is similar to that of a slice of life anime. A lot of talking, and a lot of random character interactions. Except instead of being extremely adept at humor or being exceptionally calming for the soul like slice of life anime, Re:Zero is utilizing those slice of life moments to accentuate the serious moments of the anime. As long as there is a suitable amount of foreshadowing and the characters do in fact end up mattering in the long-run, then I’ll have no problems with the seemingly excessive dialogue. However, so far, I can’t say this anime has been all that great whether it be in terms of character development or comedy. It’s been average at best, but I recognize that this could change since the mysteries are only starting, and dialogue that may have seemed to be insignificant at the time of viewing may be important as the story progresses.

So far, it is at the very beginning and I haven’t been sold on it so far. Right now, to me, it’s simply a darker version of what you would normally see in a light novel adaptation. Nothing is really outstanding so far whether it be the mystery, characters, darker elements, storytelling, slice of life moments, humor, and so on. I have seen these various aspects done better in various other anime. Don’t get me wrong. The darker aspects of the show are interesting. It makes me wonder how the main character could change as a result of the trials he has to go through especially regarding the resets where he will have to start anew with the personal relationships. I understand that the anime is at its early phase and things could change quickly, making my problems with the anime disappear. With two seasons worth of content left, it’s not a big deal at all if I have some minor irritations with the beginning few episodes, and the rest of the anime ends up being a lot better.

If it can expand on the mysteries properly, tie things together, give nice depth to the resets and character interactions, I can most certainly overlook these comparatively minute problems I noted above. However, this is only hope. I can only judge what has happened so far. For now, I am greatly anticipating what will happen, but I just don’t think it’s as good right now as what many people say it is. I have heard that the web novel is 30 volumes long and still on-going. That makes me quite happy since it means the scale of the story will be quite large, and I really, really like larger scale stories. There is probably much more than meets the eye in these first five episodes. Will the mystery-elements be good? Will it go beyond being dark and provide some meaningful character growth and thematic development? We’ll have to wait and see.


Mayoiga Lovepon

This is why you stay away from crazy bitches.
Don’t stick your dick in crazy, guys.
Your balls will literally be ripped in half by those crazies.

Oh Okada Mari. Oh you. BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE SASUGA 10/10 COMEDY OF THE MILLENIUM. Holy shit this anime is actually unintentionally hilarious as fuck. It’s so retarded, it’s hilarious. If this is what the creators were going for and they were being not serious about this on purpose then they deserve a fucking Pulitzer Prize or some shit. Oh man. Oh almighty Great Lord Tatsuya Onii-sama please have mercy. I… I can’t breathe. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, Mayoiga. This show is a trainwreck, but damn it is a show I really look forward to every week. The reason why this is such an entertaining mess? Firstly, because the characters are all mentally dysfunctional in some way. They’re a fucked up in the head, and you know what happens when you have a bunch of them in a setting where a bunch of terrible things will happen to them. Shit goes craaaazzzyyyyy. It’s entertaining as hell seeing the cast crumble little by little and what other crazy thing the writers will think of to progress the story. This is the type of show you do not take seriously and watch in delight with popcorn all over your face as everything falls apart. It’s that type of show. If that doesn’t sound entertaining to you, Mr. Super Serious over here can move on to some other show mmmk. Yeah, I’m high. High on some OKADA MARI 10/10 COMEDY OF THE MILLENIUM MAYOIGA AWWW YEEEAAAHHHH.

Boku no Hero Academia

boku no hero academia

As cheesy as this kind of stuff is…
I’m still feelin’ it.

Watching this anime makes me feel like a kid again. It may contain tropes such as “the underdog becoming strong and wanting to be the best” that you would often see in shounen anime, but damn does it do a good job executing those tropes. As one who caught up to the manga months ago and was glad to see this adaptation happen, I could not be more pleased with how BONES has handled the anime so far. Production values are high, pacing is steady, voice acting choices are spot on, and most importantly, the critical emotional moments are handled remarkably. I think there is something in the main character’s struggle that we can all on some level empathize with. Have we not at some time dreamed of reaching great heights only to have others that we can’t do it? Have we not had moments where we thought we didn’t have the ability to reach our dreams? Some of you have probably had someone reach out to you and help you just that little bit, and sometimes it can mean so much. The way the story is set up makes it easy for the audience to have an emotional reaction, and this is just as important as executing the idea well. Yes, it’s cliché. Yes, you’ve seen it before. But the way the music, animations, voice acting, and everything comes together make for something that can tug at your heartstrings because it’s easy to empathize with the main character’s situation.

This all being said, I don’t want to set anyone’s expectations too high. Although this is an anime that is great at crafting emotional scenes and executing them well, it is still a shounen anime. If you’ve watched One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and the like, there won’t be anything that Boku no Hero Academia excels at far greater than its peers. Whether it be the story structure, villains, overarching story, or common themes, there won’t be much that you’ll find to be original or utterly fantastic. Is that a big deal? Not really, since as long as it can utilize the shounen elements well, it’ll still be an entertaining and impactful anime. Originality isn’t necessary for something to be good or even great. That being said, if the shounen genre isn’t your kind of thing, you’d be best off skipping this since you will not find anything different with Hero Academia. If this genre is your kind of thing though… You cannot go wrong watching this show.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

yandere ako anime


Mmm… Delicious yandere Ako. Crazy bitches be craaazzy. Ah, otaku pandering anime of the season. We meet again. Here again we have a main character loved by a beautiful, cute, big boobies, fat ass female character so that the viewers can insert themselves and derive some form of imaginary pleasure to distract themselves from their dreary, non-productive lives. This is yet again another one of those high-school light novel adaptations that somehow involves yet another video game (though thankfully it’s not transporting the characters into a game nor is it VR). Some people may look at this to be otaku pandering trash, and honestly, I understand the sentiment. If you’re looking for one of those really great shows that will make you reflect on the human condition or something like that, you’re better off not following anime season by season because those kinds of shows are rare. However, if you are looking for some mild entertainment with some ecchi otaku pandering material, then this is the one to watch. Character designs are fucking amazing thanks to the anime staff doing a fantastic job adapting Hisasi’s designs into anime format, and the anime looks damn great overall.

Ako best netoge anime

But I guess not ripping your balls in half is preferred.
“BUT THE THRILL OF HER POTENTIALLY DOING IT THOUGH” some of you crazy masochists will inevitably say.

Netoge ako smiling

Akane Yano did a great job adapting the original character designs by Hisasi.
Really like how they’re done.
Makes the potential balls ripping a bit more bearable.

The one standout element of this in comparison to other light novel adaptations is that there is a pairing. Kind of. If that sounds too good to be true, you would be right. Netoge doesn’t go all the way with the romantic pairing as the main character is still hesitating to give her the D, possibly due to the fact that if he does, and all the other girls later on jump on it, his balls will be cut off by this overpowering yandere leaving him no chance to enjoy the harem. But let’s be honest. When has a main character actually sensibly enjoyed the harem instead of being a dense piece of shit who can’t make a damn move like a fucking wimp? To be fair, there has been a decent amount of romantic progression so far, but given the track record of light novel adaptations teasing viewers with potential romantic development, the cynical side of me thinks it may all be a ruse. Regardless, it is still nice to see that there is somewhat of a pairing and that at least there is some form of romantic development. That’s more I can say for a lot of other light novel adaptations out there. I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed watching the character interactions and the romance shenanigans since I am one of those trash who find these kinds of otaku pandering nonsense to be entertaining. Say what you will, but I haven’t gotten to the stage where I can’t eat this shit up. Also, may The One True God Tatsuya Stu bless Hisasi. Mmm… Gorgeous.

Sakamoto desu ga?

Sakamoto desu ga anime fabulous


FABULOUS. TRULY FABULOUS. Ah, I still remember reading the manga all those years ago as the most suave motherfucker displayed his monstrously smooth fabulousness in all kinds of absurd situations. Sadly, the manga is over now, but at least we got a good anime adaptation. If you’re looking for some ridiculous coolness emanating from a character while he fabulously displays his manly coolness by dealing with common high-school problems in creative ways, this is the anime to watch. Somehow, both the manga and the anime manages to keep things fresh through the author’s creative ideas even though it seems like all the potential is used up. Basically, Sakamoto can be summarized with two words. Fabulously entertaining. It’s not the funniest anime nor is it the most calming anime like other slice of life shows, but I’ll be damned if this is not the most fabulous. Not many anime can be as cool as this. Sasuga Sakamoto. The coolest. (Note that this is lower on the list because I’ve read the manga and know what will happen, so it kind of lessens the cool factor)

Joker Game

Joker Game characters

So many characters, so little time.

Ah, glorious keikaku doori. How long have I waited for an anime to do this properly like Death Note? How many shows try to be all smart only to end up being contrived, nonsensical, full of plot holes, and a huge convoluted mess? Is this finally an anime that delivers deception, smart plans, and crafty plot points well? Surprisingly, I would say yes… But it comes with a caveat. I know, dammit. I want something to meet my ideal expectations too. You know what I would like to see? Lord of the Rings level lore + ultimate keikaku doori + Game of Thrones level politics and intrigue + huge gigantic scale + Kingdom level battle tactics + a bunch of other things. Well, if no one will write a book that includes all those things then I’ll do it eventually. (If you know a series like what I mentioned above please tell me about it. I’d love to read/watch something like that.)

Anyways, my ideal book/show aside, the caveat is that this anime is episodic, and it is not for the better. Firstly, when it comes to the schemes there is hardly enough time to set-up, build-up, and execute in an impressive way. Wait, didn’t I say this show does it well? Well, here’s where my disappointment in missed potential comes in. With the length of time it is given, each episode of Joker Game does an adequate job of deceiving the viewers and offering some kind of plot twist that is often quite unexpected. At least, it’s better than most shows that try this kind of thing. It’s clear that the writer knows how to do this kind of thing properly, but the sad thing is this episodic limit he put on himself. It’s this one decision that severely limits the scope and impact of the schemes to be simpler than they would otherwise be. Given that the show already does an adequate job with what little time it has, you have to wonder how much better the schemes and plot twists would be if each arc had more episodes. Don’t even get me started on the potential of a grand overarching story that covers the entire season. It would be pretty damn suitable for the World War 2 setting as well.

Sadly, the season will be fragmented pieces that do not connect with each other at all, making me disappointed at the missed potential. Furthermore, the episodic nature hurts the show in other ways. Joker Game already has a large cast of characters, but dedicating only a single episode to a character and having detailed schemes be a major part of the show is simply not enough time for proper characterization. That’s not to even mention some of the missed potential with the mature themes it tries to touch upon only for them to be haphazardly put together due to the time constraints. Joker Game isn’t a bad anime. It’s missed potential. If the show didn’t restrict itself episodically then the writing would have been given room to bloom beautifully. Considering what little time every episode has, the writing is not bad. If only it wasn’t episodic. Shows that try to do as much as Joker Game cannot be put under this kind of episodic limitation. It simply doesn’t work that way. This isn’t a slice of life anime that can contain unlinked episodes and not be worse off. Oh well. I’ll still be watching since there aren’t many keikaku doori type anime at all, and I’ve always wanted to see more shows that are actually well thought out. But it doesn’t look like this is the anime that will make me say, “This anime is the one.”


Kuromukuro opening yukina kennosuke

Can’t shake off the feeling of Nagi no Asukara mecha style from those character designs.

This is P.A. Works’ first entry into the mecha genre, and it’s a 2-cour one. It’s definitely nice to see P.A. Works try their hand at this genre, especially given how few decent mecha anime we have seen in recent seasons. Given the fact that it is 2-cour and only a handful of episodes are out, it’s quite difficult to say if this anime will end up being any good. Regardless, I’ll try my best. Let’s start off with what’s good. For a first attempt at the mecha genre, Kuromukuro’s mecha action is surprisingly not bad. The CGI isn’t the greatest and the fights aren’t exactly 1 episode long epic fights like what you’d see in the second season of Sidonia no Kishi, but there is a nice amount of weight to the impacts, and the fights are well-choreographed. While this isn’t the best looking show P.A. Works has made by any stretch of the imagination, it still looks decent and consistent. The same goes for the sountrack. Production-wise, while nothing spectacular, Kuromukuro is fine.

When it comes to the story and characters, I can’t say I am convinced just yet. Right now the overarching story is still shrouded in a lot of mystery with some cryptic messages about the demons. These demons are basically random robots that descend on earth looking for something. This makes me a bit worried about the antagonists of the anime since brainless robots with no morals make for a lack of interesting conflict. This show is still in its early stages, so the anime will probably expand more upon these antagonists and give more character to them. That, or the anime could take a Sidonia no Kishi approach where it’s more about survival. Currently, I’m still unconvinced by how good the antagonists would be, and given that this is a 2-cour anime, Kuromukuro really has to expand upon them and expand upon them well or else the major conflicts will end up being lackluster.

The overarching story still has a lot to tie together, and right now there’s only some hinting here and there as to how everything will connect, so I can’t judge in its entirety just yet. If I were to say what I think about it right now, again, it’s a mixed bag. I’m not really sure where it is going with this. Is there more to what happened all those years ago? Will things be tied together from the past and present? What is this anime really about? Right now, this anime hasn’t developed far enough for us to know the answer to those questions, which make this anime difficult to judge. Simply not enough has happened yet for me to say if Kuromukuro is good or not. Sure, it’s samurai character is interesting, but will he be more than that? Will the female lead character be this normal high-schooler that she’s portrayed to be as so far for the remaining parts of the show? I want to say that there is more to it, but I just don’t know. So many other shows I’ve watched have had great potential, but how many lived up to that potential? Very few. I’m cautiously optimistic going forward. Hopefully, P.A. Works will give us a bit of a surprise with Kuromukuro.


Kiznaiver katsuhira agata

The opening’s pretty cool.

For an anime by Trigger, it sure looks not bad. Especially the lighting. The lighting is spot on. Compared to the plain red backgrounds we saw in Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver actually has proper backgrounds and is a decently animated show. At least they’ve got some budget now. Kiznaiver probably has the greatest potential in terms of its thematic depth out of all the anime airing this season. The entire premise of sharing pain and getting a group of people together means that there are great opportunities for Trigger to create something more profound. It could discuss subjects such as the distance between people and how we want to connect with others, what it takes for people to care for each other, and whether such a system of sharing pain will allow people to live in a more peaceful world. It makes me think about what happens in real life. There are so many horrible things going on in the world, but after making headlines those tragic events are buried underneath yet more terrible happenings. The events are often distant, on a screen, and so we feel disconnected from those tragic events. We aren’t nearly as empathetic as if it were to happen to us or someone close to us. Perhaps… if we were to bridge this distance then things would change for the better. Or would it?

As great as I’m making Kiznaiver sound, so far it has barely scratched the surface of these themes. I’m simply laying out the potential themes it could expand upon in the future. The character introductions were done in quite an interesting way letting me get more familiar with the characters right off the bat. Though I didn’t like some of the more dramatic moments, Kiznaiver hasn’t tried to shove the more profound ideas down my throat and is instead more gradual in its approach. This gradual approach sometimes involves showing, but a lot of the time it relies on dialogue, which can make some scenes a bit cliché with how it tries to pick at its deeper underlying themes. With the lack of thematically deep anime in recent seasons, I’m hoping that Kiznaiver will break that trend. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much though because it’s not easy to deliver profundity, and my instincts tell me this is probably not the one that will end up blowing your mind with its depth. Some of you may wonder why it’s so low on the list. Well… this isn’t in order of how good an anime is or how much potential it has. It’s simply how much I am looking forward to every episode. For Kiznaiver, maybe it’s not my kind of thing, but it’s one of the shows I look forward to least every week.


hundred anime claire drill hair


As a wise man once said, “This anime is called ‘Hundred’ because you’ve already watched 99 shows exactly like it.” Ah, glorious generic harem light novel adaptations. If you’re losing confidence and need a self-esteem boost then look no further. This anime will make you feel like the fucking oracle of the universe. Just about every single generic light novel trope you can imagine is compressed into this delightful package of ultimate harem debauchery, making it the anime of the highest order in terms of predictability. Overpowered main character, drilltits, annoying idol character, the “sci-fi” elements… Oh, glorious generic light novel adaptation. You sure make me feel better in the face of the never-ending uncertainty of real life knowing that I can at least foresee with incredible accuracy what will happen in every episode of this anime. Whenever I face some great challenge, I will always remember how I once forecasted everything that happened with brilliant cognizance and gain courage to face the world. Never again shall I doubt my capabilities. Never again oh glorious harem light novel adaptation. The faith I have in myself shall never waver.

Big Order

big order eiji


HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER TRAINWRECK. OH BOY. YANDERE MOANING SELF-INSERT MC GLORIOUS IMOUTO RANDOM GUY THAT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING LOG, AND ALL THIS BULLSHIT. WHAT A MESS. BUT WHAT A GLORIOUS MESS IT IS. Here we go again. First Mayoiga and now this. Except this is really terribly paced and honestly I’m probably not going to keep up with it with so many shows to watch this season. There isn’t enough time in the day to watch everything. Perhaps when I want to see some more ridiculous nonsense happening and a giant trainwreck then I’ll marathon this. It should be pretty entertaining.

Spring 2016 Anime Season Roundup

So that was a fairly brief overview of this season. I didn’t go too much into detail since I’m way too lazy nowadays to write something like 19,000 words like my season review even though it makes more sense to look at shows after they’re airing. Ah, too much of a burden. It’s this or nothing I suppose. This season is surprisingly packed even a few weeks after airing. By this point in the season I’d have usually dropped half the shows, but for some reason a lot of shows keep me quite interested. At the very least I want to see where they are headed. With the amount of anime that are making me feel this way, this is definitely one of the better spring seasons in recent years. Most of the anime listed here is fairly set in terms of quality. Aside from Re:Zero and Kiznaiver, I doubt there will be many shows that will defy my current expectations. This most likely means that we’ll have yet another season filled with a whole bunch of mildly entertaining anime, but there won’t be any very exceptional ones either. Hopefully, either Re:Zero or Kiznaiver will prove otherwise. The summer season actually somehow looks even more packed than this, which is a bit ridiculous. It makes me wonder if anime is getting a bit over-saturated. Anyways, I hope you’re having fun watching all the anime airing this season. I sure am. Thanks a lot for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’ll see you next time.

Macross Delta Anime Wallpaper Mumei Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Wallpaper Ako Netoge Anime Wallpaper Flying Witch Wallpaper Haifuri High School Fleet Cute Netoge no Yome wa onnanoko ja nai to omotta Ako


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  • TurriPi

    Glad you posted again entrav. This season’s trainwrecks have been incredibly entertaining, especially Mayoiga, fucking Jack better get more screentime.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      The trainwrecks are glorious. Mayoiga is only starting to get crazy. The real shit is still yet to come.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Lena

    Yay, here you go again. :)

    I’m watching Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Mayoiga and Big Order too, but also Sousei no Onmyouji, Super Lovers and Sailor Moon Crystal III. Kabaneri is the best one by far and I have to agree with you: Mayoiga is really retarded and I still don’t know what this show is about, whereas Big Order is really badly paced! Just the names like Lovepon and something no Judgeness made me laugh over and over again! XD For Big Order it really is a shame cause Mirai Nikki was really good and it could’ve been a great story overall if it wasn’t for the pacing…

    Glad you didn’t stop blogging! :)
    Lena from Germany

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      “Mayoiga is really retarded.” Yep, that is music to my ears. That’s basically it. Too incredible. I swear, there’s no way the writers behind this aren’t doing this on purpose. They have to realize how ridiculous this is. Big Order is low-budget nonsense, but like watching a terrible trainwreck, it can be quite enjoyable.

      I’ll write whenever I feel like it, haha. Thanks for reading!

  • Foxenco

    Holy cow you’re alive! Don’t scare us like that.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Haha, I’ve always been alive. I’m fairly active on Twitter at least.

  • reyzarddell

    cool..u resume posting reviews again
    .ive been waiting for this

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      This season’s got a lot to watch, so I felt like doing it for once. Don’t get your hopes up too much for more. Thanks for reading.


    Good to see you again! :D
    I’m only watching two shows this time since life is a bastard at the moment, but it’s better than last season:
    Kiznaiver – Yep yep yep. It’s going pretty well.
    Mayoiga – …I can’t even. It’s so funny to watch them around in circles xD An interesting trainwreck I’ll likely watch until the end or until they do something unacceptably stupid (and then probably still finish it).

    Jojo – Watched the first 4 eps. It’s really fun. But I hate waiting week to week for 2 or 3 part episode arcs so I’ll wait until it finishes airing to watch the rest :D.
    Big Order: Stopped after the first 2 eps. I can only take so much trainwreck. This is not for me~

    I’ll give Macross a look. And I’ll watch that fabulous Sakamoto when I have some more time.
    Hopefully some of the shows this season will prove to have been worth watching when they end.

    Let me just say this about summer: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMGEJFKEKGGA D.GRAY-MAN RETURNS AT LAST!!!!! It’s a dream come true!

  • animmar

    nice to see you back entrav :3

  • MegaAnimeFreak7

    Mayoiga is quite honestly my guilty pleasure show. Whenever I’m feeling
    bad I go on animeshow.tv and watch an episode. Like… the writers must
    realize how fucked it is. It’s amazing. The homoerotic hints between
    Speedstar and Mitsumune, LovePon(WHEN IS SHE GONNA DIE)’s whole
    backstory, Yotsun being the only saving grace (cause he was off
    recording his mixtape instead of being in the show for 11 episodes),
    Jack (one of the BEST characters and I mean the suspected serial killer
    not the cosplayer) leaving for like 12 episodes, fucking Reiji (because
    fucking Reiji), the main love interest (I won’t even bother remembering
    her name cause she’s one of the most annoying things ever, like instead
    of keeping secrets why don’t you just TELL THEM WHAT YOU’RE SEARCHING
    FOR FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!), the kamisama doctor and the reveal of how
    the village works (which still doesn’t make any damn sense what’s the
    difference between leaving your Nasaki behind and accepting it and
    leaving like???? ?? ?? ?), and them all following the megane nerd lord.
    This entire anime is such a clusterfuck with too many damn characters
    and no sense of direction (I am fully convinced that there was no
    director hired for this show), and irritating as fuck main characters,
    but when you turn off your brain it’s so enjoyable. I’m totally going to
    download the opening. XD

  • Bakutay

    Now that Kabaneri is complete i bet u would like to take back everything u said about it. Bcos honestly, it became a trainwreck in the mid of its series. Guess it ran out of steam

  • Alex4wood

    Imagine a child between tatsuya and mikumo

  • alex

    miss you