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Gargantia chamber interface anime
Badass Interface System indeed.

Chamber is great.
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 10 Review
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While it’s a slower overall, this episode marks some fairly heavy development strangely on Chamber’s side more-so than Ledo’s. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like the last episode’s revelation is going to be the last. Here’s the beginning to what appears to be the final confrontation.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 10 Impressions

Oh the horror..." imgalt="Ledo looking at his hands

Oh the horror…” imgalt=”Ledo looking at his hands

Pinion happy looking at ocean

Suisei no gargantia ledo


Like last episode, the first half maintains a slower build up phase. This time, it’s mostly related to Pinion and his viewpoint on how they should deal with the old technology they dug up from the deep sea. But first, let’s talk about Ledo’s reaction to the whole revelation. It would have been fine for Ledo to never realize the fact that the Hideauze are in fact humans as he would have remained ignorant the whole time. He would have no character development, but he’d be mentally stable. However, with the revelation, he’s now facing the greatest dilemma he’s ever faced, and that is what he should do from now on.

He’s got a point there.



Before we talk more about Ledo, Pinion’s decision to take everything for himself sure is worth a mention. Are his actions selfish? Yes. Are his actions reasonable? Perhaps. This is because if he gives the technology, mainly weapons, to others, who knows what kind of havoc society will have then? It’s much easier to have tight control of everything so that he doesn’t have any dissention. However, the obvious disadvantage is for everyone else who will not have access to such glorious technology. I can already sense the chaos coming from the disparity in technology and it’s not like Pinion is wise enough to wield all that power.

Dr. Ordum Bevel sad

So after like 1000 years it’s still firing fine.

Ledo doesn't know what he's doing

1/50th?? Jesus.

From previous episodes, he even says himself that he exists to kill the Hideauze. Bevel calmly asks him what he would do afterwards and even Ledo isn’t sure. Now that he has seen for himself what they are like, he doesn’t know what to do with his life anymore. His whole life has essentially been a lie, or so he thinks. Of course anyone can understand his struggle. However, it’s something to watch a character writhe in pain and something else to see that character truly develop. Strangely enough, Ledo doesn’t develop by himself, but by Chamber of all things which surprised me quite a bit.

Ledo trying to reject viewpoint


It’s a rather interesting approach to use Chamber as a medium for Ledo to understand where his faults lie and what his fight with the Hideauze really means. One could take the cynical side and suppose that Chamber is just trying to brainwash Ledo further, but even so, Chamber makes some great points. Chamber is making a distinction between the different ways of life between human beings and the Hideauze. Even though they may be an evolved form of the human race, their method of living, and their way of life is completely different from human beings.

Finally someone smacks some sense into you.

Badass machine. Badass Chamber.

The main question is, what makes human beings different from other primates? Chamber says that human beings create their own civilization and try to further progress and develop their intellect. Essentially, because human beings are fragile, they try to continually advance themselves to survive and to surpass who they are. Hideauze, on the other hand, do not have such a need to evolve their intellect because they are not so fragile and are capable of enduring whatever the environment throws at them. Therefore, there are no strong incentives for progress and one can suppose that they have regressed mentally.

However, it’s true that the Hideauze did in fact, transcend the normal human method of progression by making themselves all powerful. At the same time, does that really make them human anymore? Although they may be descendants of one another, their way of life, their thoughts, and everything about them have gotten to the point where a clear distinction between human beings and Hideauze can be made. In fact, one can think that Ledo are not fighting humans anymore, but just aliens. Not just any aliens, oh no. These are creatures no longer share the same mindset, and with this contrast in what human beings are versus what the Hideauze are will cause the inevitable conflict.

Is the conflict really inevitable? Can human beings and Hideauze really not co-exist in peace? These questions pop into my mind every so often during his speech. Even so, with the survival instincts on both sides and the Hideauze having a more rampant primitive nature, humans do not have a choice but to fight for their own survival. At this point, we’re still not sure whether the two can communicate with each other, but even if they could, I doubt it would get anywhere. It would be two ferocious beasts fighting for supremacy over the other where if one backs down, one will face annihilation. It’s gotten to the point where negotiations no longer work as they are two different species fighting in the natural order of things for the right of existence.


Commander Kugel machine caliber


Ledo surprised at plot twist

And wow. To end everything off I have to say that I did not expect this at all. Commander Kugel is back and he’s got himself some worshippers and probably a cult following of some sort. I suppose they treat him like a God or something and now, they have to face off. It’s definitely a game changing twist that may allow for some really exciting final episodes that show the growth of Ledo as a character. Now we’ll probably see the differences in ideals clash as a result.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 10 Review

I have to say that I enjoy this episode quite a bit. Ledo is finally being developed more in a surprising way and the explanation for what it means to be human is rather intriguing as well. It really does make me wonder why they couldn’t have done this a lot of this earlier and left even more time for future developments. Chamber’s explanation really hits the spot and I basically agree with all that he’s saying. Of course there’s more to that and Chamber cannot understand emotions as well as humans could, but for the logical side of survival, he does a excellent job of explaining things.

The last part is quite unexpected, and I really think this will bring some very interesting results especially with the cult following Commander Kugel. Everything is looking much more promising than it did a few episodes ago and with 3 more episodes plus 2 more OVAs to go (Correct me if I’m wrong), I think Suisei no Gargantia will have a fairly strong ending with what’s presented in this episode.

Because Chamber deserves all the girls for his performance this episode.



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  • Irenesharda

    I first I thought this episode was going to be bad. Pinion has gone nuts and let the power go to his head. Red is having a case of PTSD or something (it’s probably some other psychological thing, but I’m too lazy to look into it.) and he is feeling extreme guilt over killing the Hideauze. I like the weapons they discovered, they aren’t too over the top like Chamber’s but they are loads better than what they have now. I hope Pinion gets over himself and they are able to share what they have found with the rest of humanity including Gargantia.

    Anyway, I thought this episode was going to suck and they were going to spout the same anti-war, pacifist cliches you get in a thousand other anime, however–I must say, this episode was single-handedly saved by Chamber.

    Chamber is without a doubt, the best and smartest character in this entire show. The machine is smart enough to put together what his pilot could not: that the Hideauze are no longer human and haven’t been for sometime. They gave up their humanity, willingly, and now that willingness has caused a war that has been waged for centuries. And it’s no longer a war of ideals, but a war of survival…for existence. Though you now know the war’s beginnings, it doesn’t change the reality that you’re in now. It just makes you more informed about the enemy.

    However, the twist that I saw was coming eventually of Cmdr. Kugel being on Earth as well, has arrived. But is he awake or in some sort of induced coma like Red was? Striker (Kugel’s mech) doesn’t seem to be active, since it’s body and eyes weren’t glowing. And who are these strange cult guys in robes? They have ships covered in impaled Hideuze and have weird red eyes painted on their foreheads. They look so spaced out. I want to know what’s going to happen next! Why oh why did they decide to keep all the good stuff until the end and spent so much wasted time on nonsense?

    Anyway, I give this episode an 8/10. Chamber had the best speech of the series and that by itself is laudable.

    • Entrav

      I’m glad that Chamber now has basically his own mind instead of being connected with the Galactic Alliance (if what he says is true). It allows for him to shine more often and for him to act like a super-logical human character. If it weren’t for Chamber, I wouldn’t like this episode nearly as much.

  • Irenesharda

    I honestly think this show might go a different direction than just having Red and Kugel fight each other. Neither of them have been antagonistic towards each other in the past, and from what we’ve seen Kugel is a pretty nice guy and is very similar to Red in that he will go against protical to save others. The guy was willing to die to protect the fleet and the rest of humanity, I don’t think that’s the makings of a bad guy, at least without seeing any other backstory leading up to it.

    How do we know he even set up the cult or anything? How do we even know if the guy is conscious? Red was in an induced coma for 6 months before Chamber woke him up, and at that point he was already in Gargantia’s hands. What if the same thing happened to Kugel and this cult somehow made Striker into an idol or something?

    I’m just saying that assuming that suddenly Kugel and Red will be enemies is jumping to conclusions. Especially for a soldier trained to obey his CO. And I don’t care how much more in touch with his humanity Red has become, he still carries the mind and instincts of a soldier.

    I’ve actually been expecting Kugel to show up since the Gargantia website bothered to make a bio on him and Striker. However, I think that he will be the one to present Red with a way home. Chamber needed help in order to make it back to the Alliance and now he has it. Yet, will Red choose to return?

    I don’t know, there is very strong vibe that he will. While he has enjoyed himself on Earth, he’s never been seen to actually feel like he belongs or that he even has a dilemma about returning home. He still feels like the fish-out-of-water and knows it. Also, there is the ominous fact that all the OVAs and comic material are going to be prequels about Ridget and Bellows and such, so we won’t be seeing Red in them.

    • Entrav

      Yeah it could go in a different direction. I mean, it’s not like they hate each other. It’s quite the opposite actually. However, it’s been some time since we’ve seen him and who knows how much he’s changed? Also, I don’t really think they can just make the mech, Striker, into an idol. No one else can pilot it except for Kugel so he must be conscious.

      Yes, they’re not going to be enemies right away, and they may never be enemies. I just think that the cult following marks a change in Kugel’s character. Power can change a person extremely quickly. Still, it may be interesting to see what he’s like now and what they’re going to do against each other or together.

      I’m not really sure if he’ll be able to present a way home. It’s literally impossible as they are extremely far away and there is no technology to transport them to extremely far distances anymore. I think we’ll just have the two interact with each other one way or another and have things develop from there. Then again, I’m purely speculating here so I could be totally wrong. The next episode should be exciting.

  • Spiller

    “These are creatures no longer share the same mindset, and with this contrast in what human beings are versus what the Hideauze are will cause the inevitable conflict.”
    I would like to point out that we also have the Hideauze and humans on Earth, and notice that they are not in direct conflict like their space counterparts. Also notice that the conflict started much earlier than the current stage of the Hideauze, it started as a political debate between humans which escalated. The difference in mindset at the start of the conflict was not much higher than the one between people for and against genetically modified food.
    The conflict on Earth appear to have calmed down (but not resolved) to a state where while they might cannot live together, they can live without having to kill each other, questioning Cambers judgment on this matter.

    • Entrav

      Ah yes, I should have wrote “continues the inevitable conflict” instead of causes. While the mindset is not that different in the very, very beginning of the conflict when they first had differences regarding the evolution of the human beings, when they evolved into the Hideauze, it made it even more difficult to have negotations. Their appearances, ideals, and the dire situation of extinction made the rift between human beings and the Hideauze even greater. So when they chose to evolve, they passed the threshold and I guess they can’t really be considered human beings anymore.

      I’m not really sure if you can say the differences in mindset aren’t that much higher. First of all they literally became another creature. Secondly, both sides are facing extinction and they have to pick a side to survive. Genetically modified food may be an important topic of debate, but it’s nothing compared to the survival of a species. I think that really amplifies and creates large differences in the mindsets.

    • Teo

      The conflict on Earth (shown in the flashback) moved to space. It seems like the humans on Earth received a restart button.
      The Hideauze on Earth are not as violent as the ones in space because they were created by humans, they are not the humans themselves, meaning they are more like an animal than a sentient being.

  • Dycize

    The 1st part of this episode should be titled “Why Pinion is an asshole”. He does make a point, but provocating all the neighboring ships… Then starting to basically build an army. Made of -pirates-. I can’t shake off the feeling that this is going to have dire consequences.

    Anyway, the main thing about this episode : the 2nd part! Ledo being basically dead inside due to the shock of “I’ve killed fellow humans all my life” was expected but… Chamber happened. In the last episode, I was feeling that it would become weird between Chamber and Ledo, but they surprised me. Chamber simply and thorougly used logic to great effect. In essence “what makes you human, and different from other mammals, is the ability to think”. Can hideauze think? Possibly. But they definitely don’t need to do it anymore. Yes Ledo, a machine just told an human what it had to do/think… This very machine being a product of Humanity, and proof of civilization. Suffice to say, Chamber’s speech is GREAT. The definite highlight and redeemer of an otherwise slow episode.

    At least, until those last few seconds. The Alliance contacts them back, and how! Kugel is alive (apparently) and followed by a weird army of cultists… The conclusion is drawing near and the plot is getting into high gear. It better pick up the pace, this episode was already too slow for a 10th episode… But Chamber and the end of the episode saved it.

    • Entrav

      Dire consequences indeed. Jesus, that guy is so impulsive.

      What’s better is that Chamber’s speech isn’t preachy or anything. It’s just stating the facts with a nice narration (Sugita!). It’ll be interesting to see what more he can work out now. He was already a favourite, but I was afraid of the Alliance brainwashing it, but now that it’s cut off, Chamber should be even more awesome.

      The story is really, really starting to accelerate. Finally. I haven’t really been this excited for Suisei no Gargantia since the beginning.

    • Alexei Lerner

      I am wrong with Chamber. Not completely, but seriously wrong.

      What makes us humans? Not only the ability to think (that can animals like apes as well), but to think at very high, efficient level.

      What differs us from other animals (and we are just animals like any other one)? The civilization?

      No, the ants have their own civilization, even more fascinating then human one because they ARE NOT HUMAN.

      I am sure that some thinking animals possess civilization. They build buildings and they have great social structure.

      But to humans this thinking “i am the greatest one, coz i am intelligent” is the issue. The intelligency is the only one, what differs us from others. And we do not have any right to destroy someone, just because it differs from us extremly and is (in our sight) primitive.

      • Entrav

        I’m pretty sure Chamber is saying that humans are capable of thinking at a higher level than other creatures which grants them the ability to constantly create new things. You can take his statement regarding civilization at face value and say that ants can have civilization to. But one must then define civilization to compare.

        Yes, ants may have “civilization,” but humans are constantly changing their civilization and are creating new ideas, technology, and so on all the time. This is unlike ants, who take a more static approach that doesn’t evolve with time. One of the most important things in human civilizations is development. Constant development that makes us different from who we were 1000 years ago. Ants do not have the capacity to be like this.

        Of course, there will be people who glorify human beings over animals. However, this is not a matter of preference on whether to exterminate a species or not. Heck, people are trying to save all kinds of wildlife nowadays. But anyways, it’s not about our “right” to do something. That brings morals into the question. What matters about what Chamber is saying is pure survival. Human beings do not have a choice but to destroy the Hideauze because it is for their survival. Like Chamber says, Ledo does not have the luxury of choice here.

  • Psychopatito

    Poor Ledo, “Soylent green is people” and he’s not taking it very well. Not that I’m old enough to have seen that movie but I’m geek enough to know it. I simply love this anime. Great work with the reviews, love them too, especially the ones on Valvrave

    • Entrav

      I haven’t seen the movie :) Checked out a bit to understand what you’re saying though.

      Thanks a lot for your support! Valvrave is fun to review :D

  • Teo

    The only complaint I have about this episode is how they are able to use the salvaged technology so easily. The operating system for these machines are so much more advanced than what Pinion’s crew uses; its amazing they can fire that gun. Though it isnt fact, Pinion should be using a different language from the Evolvers. I assume the Evolvers should be using the same language as Ledo since they use the same language as the Galactic Alliance, which Pinion and his crew do not have any knowledge of.

    • Entrav

      The girl literally randomly pressed buttons and somehow fired it. I guess she got lucky, but in all seriousness, Chamber will need to teach them or they’ll do something random and destroy themselves. The language would be different as they don’t understand Ledo, but there’s a very small chance that it’s somehow similar. Very unlikely though. I’m actually not even sure how they are even capable of fixing such complex machinery.

    • Irenesharda

      Actually, I think Chamber said last episode that he had to translate all those video clips for Red, so it’s quite possible that the Earth dialect of those thousands of ago has evolved and changed and that neither Red nor Gargantia speak/read it. However, with Chamber translator tech, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to teach, read, or translate for the Earth humans.

  • Flaiboy

    My question is: is Kugel alive or is his Chamber acting on its own? Someone or something hoisted those whalesquid onto those pikes. We’re left to assume that Kugel did it from Ledo’s exclamation but it could be that his mecha is operating autonomously. Its AI could have been damaged from the battle or from the subsequent trip through the wormhole allowing it to set itself up as an object of worship.

    • Entrav

      Hmmm… If Kugel is dead somehow, then the Machine Caliber may actually be able to act by itself. I can definitely see it working, but then I’m not sure if that would be as interesting as having Kugel there which could make it more likely that the writer will decide to keep Kugel alive. We’ll fine out next episode I suppose.

  • zombienuat

    I think that the pirate lobster robot lady is a follower of Cammander kugal i mean she couldn’t have died she came out like 2 episodes

    • Entrav

      I don’t think her being in 2 episodes really matters. There are other anime where supporting characters basically disappear after doing their part. I’m not saying that she’s not part of his group. That’s actually an interesting notion. However, the fact that she came out for two episodes has minimal impact as to whether or not she comes back later. At least, in this situation for her character.

  • evrlasting

    The thing that confuses me with Ledo’s reaction is that earlier in the series… he was completely fine with eliminating the pirates that attacked Gargantia. He did it with no second thought and didn’t know why it was such a big deal since they were the enemy… Now, I realize it must be shocking to come upon a revelation such as the one Ledo experienced… but I would think he would just shrug it off and accept that the enemy was actually human once and just continue on with his part in the war. Maybe the time on Earth has changed him somewhat, but his soldier attitude and outlook on life was so deeply embedded in him that a couple of, what, weeks? months? shouldn’t change his viewpoint. The enemy is the enemy and the enemy is to be eliminated was basically his mantra… Them being human in a past life doesn’t NOT make them the enemy. They still are. It’s just now he knows their origins… so that bit sort of takes me out of Ledo’s trauma in dealing with this new information…

  • ac

    Chamber is going to die.. nooooo!!