Suisei no Gargantia Episode 11 – Reunited

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What will you do?

Colonel Kugel.
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 11 Review
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Episode 11 Review
“Supreme Ruler of Terror”
“Kyōfu no Haō”

After all this time, Ledo and his colonel, Kugel have finally reunited once more. Given the militaristic mindset of Ledo, what will he do from now on as a follower of Kugel?

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 11 Impressions

Kugel Colonel returns

He’s back.

Ledo returning to squadron

Finally, smack some sense into this guy.

Kugel stuck in cockpit

Oh really?…

Chamber asking for information


At first glance, Kugel is quite similar to how he used to be in the Galactic Alliance. If anything, I don’t sense anything hostile about his character. However, the cult that surrounds him makes me think that he has “dehumanized” the people into a more collective group. Moreover, him not being able to come out of the cockpit makes me have my doubts about the disease being the reason. Some are guessing that the A.I. has taken over and Kugel is actually dead. As we are not able to see Kugel, it’s still shrouded in mystery, but what Chamber says could also be right so we’re really left guessing. People are already discussing the possibilities of A.I. running everything, and I can certainly see why. Oh and It’s nice seeing Pinion get his egocentric head straightened at least a little bit.

Surfing Lobster Yunboro

Suisei rackage returns

So she did return.

Kugel Colonel knows about the Hideauze


Some people guessed about Rackage being back, and well, there she is. Her rack in full display… Anyways, her not following the regular procedures of the cult, that is, dressing a certain way leads me to think that she has at least a person of fairly high importance in Kugel’s group. And going by what we see, it’s a society that’s focused on the progress of not individuals but the whole group. Kugel is bringing the ideas that he’s learned from the Galactic Alliance to Earth and is trying to better the human race as a whole, but at what cost? The people don’t look lively at all and while the Hideauze are something to be concerned about, on Earth, they are not nearly as much of a threat. Is there even a need for them to be so oppressive?

Kugel take over the world hologram


Happiness eh? This is a topic that has many, many viewpoints. What the Striker deems to be happiness here is when a person contributes to the whole. As a result, it’s related to how stable the “whole” actually is. If we use the PERMA model, by Martin Seligman, (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments), what the Striker mentions hits quite a few areas. Meaning and accomplishment are the two that stand out the most if we go with the idea that happiness is when individuals serve the whole. However, whatever conclusion Chamber and Striker may try to create, there will always be gaps because they are not truly human. They don’t feel and are just logical entities. Friendship, love, and more emotional sides to human beings are probably not clearly understood by them. So while their conclusions may not be wrong, neither are a lot of others that people on Gargantia may be able to come up with. (UTW translates “happiness” to “well-being” which is more accurate. Happiness and well-being have their similarities and differences so take what you will from what I wrote above as I’m too lazy to change it now.)

Striker X3752

Are you running the show here?

Pinion forced to talk Flange ritual

Rackage boobs with Pinion

No money eh? That’s not going to last long.

Rackage pinion

Ledo or Red

That might have been interesting.

Rackage thinking of doing something

Gargantia ship

Oh shit.

I may not like Pinion as a person, but apparently his aptitude for technical things are fairly good. Indeed, it’s a waste not to use the technology buried in the sea, but it’s arguable if they’re really going about it the right way. With no imminent threat, there’s really not a need to be like the Galactic Alliance. The way they carry things out makes me worried about the future. Sure, they may not be as suppressive now, but what about when they bring more people under their command and they have the technology? Kugel will probably maintain the authoritative stance, but really, it’ll be more for the thirst of power rather than trying to further mankind’s progress.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 11 Review

For what it is, this episodes sets up Kugel’s character decently and gives us a hint of whats to come. Ledo is also questioning various things around him so it’ll be interesting to see what choices he makes in the next few episodes regarding Gargantia. Whether the anime will take a darker turn or not remains to be seen, but we can probably expect some kind of disagreement between Kugel and Ledo very soon. Being dumped on Gargantia undoubtedly affected his mentality in a different way from how Kugel got affected from being on the other ships. Perhaps things may have been different if their positions were reversed. It may have been an interesting idea to make the main character continue with the Galactic Alliance’s ideals only to be confronted by a more Earthly one. Anyways, I’m looking forward to how this all ends. It’s Urobuchi’s ending after all.



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  • Flaiboy

    I still think that Kugel is dead and Striker is running the show.

    Did you notice that RACKage doesn’t carry the painted symbol on her head? Interesting . . .

    I’m sorry, but I’m just not able to connect or emote with this show at all any more. I’ll be interested in seeing how it all ends (in two more episodes so they better get going!) but this is one time when I’m hoping for mass destruction and confusion just to make it interesting and entertaining.

    • Eirika Felsh

      It’s been bugging me by then, but why Rackage? Last time in our fight with Ledo-san, she seemed clueless about machine caliber’s existence/great power. Let alone that she actually went to worship one. It’s strange to have her suddenly working under someone. I thought she’s too proud to herself to let that happen. I wonder how much time has it passed from that fight to now?

    • Entrav

      Well the character development certainly did not get to where I thought it was going to be from episode 4. That certainly took away from the emotional attachment to the characters. The way this anime portrays the side characters is also quite lacking. Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see if Striker is really running the show and Ledo just sides with Gargantia leading to some intense combat.

  • Teo

    Heres a fun fact: Kugel has a air tight space suit which is also a sterile environment.

    • Dycize

      Yup, found that weird too, particularly when Ledo woke up, wearing his helmet and Kugel… Was not. In fact, we never see him wearing it. Another hint to who is truly ruling the place, I suppose.

    • Entrav

      True. That’s a good point, but then what Chamber said would still be appropriate. Of course, so is the idea that Striker is running the show. Waiting to see the Striker overlord strike terror into the hearts of those on Gargantia.

      • Irenesharda

        I thought about Chamber’s explanation, but that would make no sense as to why Kugel would hide himself from Red. He can’t fool Red and rule him with fear of the unknown like those of Earth, the kid knows who and what Kugel is and Kugel has no reason not to trust Red. The boy is one of his officers and was put through the same training as everyone else, and Red still responds affirmatively to commands. So why would Kugel try to trick him?

        Unless, there’s another reason not to see what truly lies in the cockpit…

        • Entrav

          That’s a good point also, but you could also say that Kugel can’t possibly risk being seen by others while going out of the Striker as it is not near Ledo. He’s not exactly “hiding himself from Ledo” but he is trying to take precautions to make sure that his authority remains as such. Besides, he might just as well meet him later. It’s only been a short period of time since Ledo came on board and preparations might not have been made to meet him properly yet.

          However, we never actually see Kugel in the cockpit, and it’s always the hologram that’s talking. That’s incredibly strange no matter how you look at it. You would think that the animators would at least animate him in the cockpit like they do for Ledo so many times. That, and the way the Striker goes into the sky almost like it’s free or something pretty much convinces me, along with what everyone else have said of course, that Kugel is almost certainly dead.

  • Dycize

    Hmmm. I don’t know how to feel about this episode. On one hand, I like the setting up and world building, Gargantia has been pretty good on the whole “everything (generally) has a good reason to happen”. On the other hand, there’s two episodes left (afaik) and not a lot has happened. Kugel takes over, Pinion is recruited and Ledo gets ordered to subdue Gargantia. And Rackage does… Something.

    I’m intrigued by Rackage in that. Converting to the “religion” after getting whupped in the early episodes doesn’t seem too unlikely, but it’s most likely a facade. I’m suspecting she is allowed to do as she pleases by virtue of owning/piloting the Surfing Lobster, which is, aside from the Machine Calibers and the uncovered relics, the strongest yunboro available. The Galactic Alliance values soldiers/the strong, after all. But she seems to be planning something and I wonder how it’s going to affect the following events.

    Ledo being ordered to “do missionary work” will probably lead him to finally breach from the Galactic Alliance, though I foresee quite the unfair battle ahead, Striker could take people “hostage” by aiming its guns at them, since it feels no remorse. I’m with the theory that Kugel isn’t really alive anymore too. How did he even catch that disease if he never left his cockpit? And then there’s his space-suit, which is most definitely air tight (otherwise, it wouldn’t do much as a space suit).

    Overall? I liked the episode, but something feels missing. I guess I expected more Ledo/Kugel interaction. Hopefully next episode? Yeah, that’d be nice.

    • Entrav

      There’s still an OVA or maybe even two, but I’m not sure how related that is to the story.

      Regardless, they definitely don’t have a lot of time and they spent this episode mainly building everything up. I can’t say the pacing is that great as it’s been quite a rollercoaster ride. The side characters seem to have a bit of glory, and then swiftly leave the scenes forever. Amy isn’t even developed at all throughout which makes me think that it might have been better for them to focus on fewer characters.

      Rackage will probably cause some trouble, but I’m not really sure what she’s up to or what she can really do against Striker or Chamber. I’m not too intrigued by what she’s up to.

      Ledo will most likely take Gargantia’s side and do something outside of his character for once. If Kugel is indeed dead, then there’s no incentive left for him to stay with Striker. As for if he’s actually dead, I agree that there’s a high chance of him being dead. However, he might have gone out before to see the planet and taken off his helmet or something which made him catch the disease and go back inside the cockpit. What Chamber says could also work with why he won’t come out in his air-tight suit. Of course, it’s a stretch, and the writers are probably implying that he’s dead.

      Things will definitely go down next episode. I’m sure of it. Ledo and Kugel/Striker will fight it out. They have to close things up or else there won’t be enough time for a proper ending.

  • Irenesharda

    Okay, either this show is going to end in the most sappy, stereotypical, “I-could-have-written-this-myself” ending, or they might try for something a little more original.

    So Capt. Kugel has introduced the Galactic Alliance’s society to Earth, and we begin to see the other extreme of argument on the advancement of society. Sometimes humans “advance” to the point were things go wrong and they too lose touch with their humanity.

    The Hideauze are forgotten as we see Kugel continue to push for the advancement of the human race and make them more efficient. Pinion and Flange and their fleet are dragged into it and Kugel is planning an operation that involves Gargantia.

    How will Red react and will he continually follow orders blindly?

    However, why do I get the funny feeling that Kugel is dead and this is Striker’s doing? Could it be that after her commander died the machine carried on the mission of the GA using the hologram of Kugel as a front?

    I’m very suspicious of the fact that no one has actually seen Kugel and even Red has only seen computer images or holograms of him. Is this really going to be the machines taking over? Is Striker the “Skynet” of this series?

    Well, I’m interested in seeing what this series will do, but I just hope we don’t get a sappy, fluffy ending. What will happen in the end?

    I give this episode a 7.69/10.

  • random_man

    I just hope that Kugel is alive, if he really is dead, then Ledo, as the Member of the Alliance with the highest ranking on Earth, could simply order Striker to do whatever he wants it to do, like he already did with Chamber when they found about the Hideauze in episode 9, if that happens fast, there would be no big fight, between the machine caliber and Ledo would be the almighty ruler of Earth.