Suisei no Gargantia Episode 12 – Time for some action

gargantia ledo eyes
Time for some pew pew.

Chamber and Striker pew pew.
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 12 Review
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Episode 12 Review
“Decisive Moment”
“Ketsudan no Toki”

After quite some time of inaction, Suisei no Gargantia is rekindling some of its flair by throwing some missiles and laser beams around. Ledo also makes a decision for himself for once and fights the ideals of the Galactic Alliance.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 12 Impressions

Pinion totally not cool


Nah. He’s been like that throughout the series.

Pinion and rackage getting it on


LOL. Pretentious robot.

Kugel hologram

So Chamber’s theory doesn’t work. IT’S OBVIOUS NOW.



Ledo sad

I lost your… furry creature…

Melty and flange


Ledo in the rain


Oh gawd.

Oh no.

That actually looks pretty nic- HOW TERRIBLE.

Ledo/red surprised

Rackage hot anime


Pinion is being as much of a tool as he usually is while Rackage is just plotting to overthrow everything. At this point, it’s clear that chaos will soon ensue and we’ll finally get some action. Moreover, we also see the juxtaposition in how this group treats rain compared to how they treated rain onboard Gargantia in episode 4. Back then, I thought the episode was a great way to give Ledo a fresh experience and some growth in his character, but with the lack of development from episode 4 onwards, I feel almost removed from how he feels now. The juxtaposition itself isn’t bad. It’s just that I don’t feel attached to the characters.


Chamber gargantia anime


Suisei no gargantia chamber


Ledo hasn’t really made any decisions in his life. He’s listened to the will of others and carried the same orders to Chamber who executes them. Being a soldier, it was necessary for him to do that, but since arriving on Gargantia and experiencing what he has experienced, he’s come to the realization that he hasn’t really made any decisions. Finally he’s taking things into his own hands, but at this point, I care more about the action that’s going to happen rather than the characters. But hey, I like how they dumped all the people in a row and showed something towards developing the characters. I think I just wanted them to have more of that throughout rather than in a few concentrated episodes.

Amy and melty

Moving on…

Amy crying

Yeah, yeah.

Ridgett verdurous planet


Doctor ordum


LOOOOLWAT. It’s going to launch Ledo back to space to the Galactic Alliance where he’ll have to endure eternal torture for betraying the cause.

Now I don’t know what the key is, but it’s almost certainly some kind of Deus ex Machina device. That aside, it’s nice to see everyone working together with Ledo and the others finally being on some common ground. But really, there’s not much else to say about the middle scene. Amy wasn’t developed much throughout the series anyways so-

Loser here.

Gargantia on the verdurous planet striker mecha

Straighten him up.

IT’S TIME FOR WARRRRRRRRR. Screw the character developments. Time to finally witness some pew pew mecha action. You know shit is about to go down when Chamber is carrying around a gigantic machine gun and some sort of other weapon of mass destruction. Of course, the colonel/striker just has to say the most pretentious things to be that antagonist we all hate.



It’s actually interesting with this view.


Rackage gargantia cleavage boobs anime



Lobster mecha whirlwind ownage

That’s some overpowered shit right there.


Shit. Pinion did something.

Can’t hate the cloud clearing.

Suisei no gargantia ledo


Generator max output

Striker vs Chamber

G. G.

PEW. PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW! YAY! Laser beams! Missiles! And holy shit is that Lobster Yunboro overpowered compared to the normal ones. Jesus, WHIRLWIND ATTACK FTW. It’s pretty damn satisfying seeing some mecha action. It’s really the second major one since the first episode and I have to say that they do a pretty good job of having Striker and Chamber fight it out. The aerial combat with the more open view cockpit makes the fight pretty interesting. Oh and the cloud cutting shots are pretty nice as well. Even Pinion is doing something worthwhile. Some people are complaining that it’s not that great, but I don’t really see how else they could have done it. It’s not going to be like the first episode where there are a ton of mechs. It’s basically a one on one battle.

Ensign ledo

Colonel Kugel dead


Kugel's head falls off ledo stares


Striker plot twist

Wow. Now the threat is just this tincan now. Skynet wannabe.

Yep. That’s just the confirmation of the guess that everyone made. Colonel Kugel is indeed dead and Striker has taken over as the mighty mecha overlord. I actually wanted Kugel to be alive because then there would actually be some more confrontation between two humans from the same place of origin and how their viewpoints clash in a new world. This just makes it pretty linear in that now Ledo and the others will take care of Striker and… uhh… I guess they could just have a welcome back and indicate some kind of growth in terms of character? Who knows.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 12 Review

This anime has been centered around Ledo trying to see a new perspective after being through a militaristic childhood full of brainwashing and military indoctrination. I honestly think they did a fine job until episode 4. From there, it became more unclear where the anime really wants to do. As a result of the rollercoaster ride, we lost the character development momentum gained from the first few episodes and the anime became more and more all over the place. Introducing new characters, giving one-offs to characters and so on. It became really hard to care for Ledo’s situation in general. Even the flashbacks only really encompass episodes 1-4 which indicates to me that after that, the developments have been weak and kind of irrelevant. On the good side, at least we get some nice aerial combat with some lasers going around. Hopefully there’ll be more of that next episode which will be the last for the season but not last for the anime. There will be 3 more OVAs after the last episode. The 13th episode should still end smoothly though.


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  • Teo

    I wonder if this is programmed in the AI systems.
    Like the GA programmed the AI system to conform all new humans, who are not in the GA, into living the GA lifestyle. This program is only activated if the pilot is dead; I see the main purpose for the program is for the “Drifters”.

    • Entrav

      It could be. That, or some other people even suggest that the A.I. are the ones in control of the Galactic Alliance. I wonder if the A.I. is complex enough to constantly evolve? Chamber reached the conclusion of the distinction between humanity and the Hideauze apparently by itself. It could be that they are intelligent enough to improve their intelligence over time.

  • AmiMai

    To be honest, this development is so predictable it’s depressing…

    Well the animation is nice, and I like pinions new haircut, but the story is pretty much dead in the water.

    Nothing new to see here, moving on.

    • Entrav

      PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW! I actually wanted Kugel to be alive. It would have been more interesting. Oh well.

  • Irenesharda

    Finally an episode you can really sink your teeth into!

    Everything that has happened so far has come to this. Gargantia is finally making the move to make some changes and take a stand. The humans aren’t crazy about this new order and start a rebellion headed by Pinion and Rakkage. For the first time in the show, Pinion isn’t a douchebag and is actually doing really well. I guess all he needed was a new hairstyle, which I have to say makes him look ten times better. He’s almost in bishie territory now.

    Red has been battling against his ingrained training and has finally come to the decision that what his Commander is doing is wrong. He decides to fight against him instead, and Chamber decides to follow as his pilot decides, basing it on the logic that what the Commander is doing doesn’t follow along with Alliance regulations.

    And thus begins the most epic of fights as Chamber and Striker go head to head, while Pinion and Rakkage take care of things on the ground. Red is able to pin his leader, only to find out what I and many others guessed last week: Kugel has been dead for some time and Striker has been the one truly running the show. This begs the question of whether Striker’s wiring has gone haywire or if the AI has become independent and is following her own plan? Either way, it has shocked Red to the core and he looks like her is out for mecha “blood” next week.

    So what will be the thrilling conclusion to this tale and will it be a happy victory? Or will Striker’s attack cause a great loss of life?

    I give this episode a 8.7/10. The end of this show is deciding not to be a disappointment, and I’m glad for that.

    • Entrav

      I think the A.I. is just being itself. I mean, Chamber is separated from the Alliance as well and it came up with some conclusions by itself so I wouldn’t be surprised if Striker is doing this on its own accord in an independent fashion.

      To be honest, I’m just hoping for more PEW PEW PEW action as I’ve kind of lost attachment to the characters and the story the more everything progressed. Definitely a nice battle though. I’m not sure why some people are complaining about it being disappointing.

      • Irenesharda

        Well, I’m just not sure if Striker has grown independant and self-aware, Skynet-style, or is it that something happened to her wiring causing her programming to go nuts. While both options are dangerous, option 2 can be repaired, option 1 requires destruction. As while Chamber is separated from the Alliance, he still goes by his programmed parameters such as that he knows when to get his pilot’s imput and when to simply act in protection of his charge. He still goes by Alliance regulations in terms of his decisions. He still has a prime directive of caring for and protecting his charge.

        Striker seems to have lost that somehow, and it’s either because she has become so self aware that she’s her own entity now that can bypass her programming, or her programming has been corrupted which is why she’s doing all of this. I’m leaning more toward the first option, since the amount of subterfuge she’s committed in order to have Red, Pinion, Flange, his fleet, and the cult fooled, is not something that a machine would normally do on its own.

  • Flaiboy

    Finally, some action. I would have enjoyed this show, I think, if not for its split personality: it wanted to be an action show, but it also wanted to be a character-driven show. I think the action aspect could have worked better than the character storyline because it had so few episodes to work with, but since neither one of them were implemented very well I am forcing myself to finish watching the series.

    I think this episode was one of the best, which isn’t saying very much. It got away from the cliche Hideauze storyline that occupied so much time and plot development, it got away from Ledo trying to find himself, it got away from various side characters’ tangents, and focused on one thing: fighting for survival.

    Maybe an alternate plotline (without a predictable tidiness) would have gone like this:

    Ledo fights in space
    Ledo gets sent to Earth (leave the Hideauze in space where they belong)

    Ledo struggles to understand the humans he finds
    Ledo struggles to understand his own humanity
    Ledo comes to grips with humanity
    Ledo rejects his old GA thinking
    Kugel makes landfall
    Kugel rejects Ledo’s new-found optimism
    Ledo kicks Kugel’s ass back out into space
    Ledo collects his harem (or something like that)

    At this point, all I’m hoping for is more action and an ending that isn’t predictable.

    • Entrav

      I suppose what they wanted to do with the Hideauze was to use it as a device for Ledo to “come to grips with humanity” and what it means to be human. It’s just that, it’s not done well and it actually ended up distracting us from the development. Moreover, there are episodes where there are one-offs with side characters which contributed nothing to Ledo’s advancement as a character. The side characters then get thrown aside which makes everything more messy.

      I think some of the development episodes in the first few episodes without the Hideauze are just fine. I especially like how they did the rain scene in episode 4. I was hoping they would continue with things like that which would have been fine. They then brought up the Hideauze which threw everything into a cycle where he regressed and came to grips with his humanity by knowing the truth about them. It could have worked, but they may have had a better time just developing his character like they did in the first few episodes.

      Well, at least we got some action this time around. I’m looking forward to how it’ll end and the few OVAs afterwards.

    • Irenesharda

      It actually almost feel as if there were 4 or 5 different writers writing 4 or 5 different stories and then they tried to make them all converge somehow.
      You had one thing going on with the space battle and a future Utopian society that’s not exactly what it seems.
      Then you have the battle-hardened fish out of water story, trying to fit into a society that doesn’t need him.
      Then you have a romance harem slice-of-life antics story trying to squeeze in there.
      And then you have the darker, moral-challenging plot line involving the Hideauze and what really makes us human, and where does one draw the line.
      And NOW they’ve tossed that out AGAIN, to have a humanity vs. enslaving rogue A.I. rebellion storyline where the A.I. is trying to save humanity by taking over it and enforcing its mechanical logic.

      They have all these storylines that would have been great plots singularly, but they instead tried to have them all fit in a single cour show, thus every single one of them is only half done and everything becomes haphazard.

      This was a good episode, but this has been one off kilter show. I’ve come this far, I might as well see how it ends.