Suisei no Gargantia Episode 6 – Becoming accustomed

ledo wants to see dance
Getting bold.

Life on Gargantia
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 6 Review
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Episode 6 Review

If you’re expecting something marvelous, thought provoking, action-packed, or anything like that will happen, you will be very disappointed. While I wouldn’t say this episode is bad, it’s fairly uneventful and shows more of the cultural side on Gargantia and how Ledo deals with the situations. This anime is marketed towards younger teenagers with a brighter mindset so again, please do not think that this is going to be like the other Urobuchi anime.
(Fanservice below so expect some images that might be NSFW)

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 6 Impressions

Ledo thinks he's overpaid

Naw man, take it.

Has anyone ever thought that they’ve been “overpaid” or that they have “too much money?” Damn, Ledo is living the life with his overpowered Machine Caliber doing all the work while he rakes in the cash. But seriously, the very fact that he even contemplates this is already indicative of his difference in mindset compared to other humans who have lived on Earth. Being obsessively controlled in the military to fight the Hideauze, he’s not used to having so much power in his hands. Well, that and the fact that he’s innately honest and obedient.

Ledo’s need for assistance while piloting the Yunboro¬†is quite embarrassing. He’s not taking tentative steps to piloting the ancient mech, and is far too reliant on Chamber which only results in him failing. I’m actually surprised they even let him pilot it without asking more questions. Anyways, who would eat seaweed bread when they’ve got plenty of cash to spend?? He’s still has a proclivity to the strict demeanor that he’s used to.¬†Ledo really needs someone like Amy who’s much more carefree to¬†balance his militaristic mindset.

Pinion trying to convince

Suisei no Gargantia Saya

Hotness incoming.

Bellows suggests advice Amy gargantia dancing and smiling cute

Ledo gargantia gun pointed and ready


suisei no gargantia fanservice ass

Dat ass.

Amy dancing cleavage verdurous planet

suisei no gargantia three hot anime girls

Wait, aren’t there any other girls?

While Pinion and Bellows try to dissuade Ledo from taking the other’s suggestion, Ledo is off watching Amy and the three girls dance it off. Who could blame the guy? I mean, DEM HIPS, and all is… sexually provocative to say the least. This should finally make him into somewhat less of a¬†unthinking soldier, and who knows, maybe the potential relationship might change his view on his previous way of life.

Ledo hugs amy protecting

Getting intimate.

Amy anime dancing in light verdurous planet Gargantia anime amy dress kawaii

Oh man, Chamber always goes overboard when you give it nonspecific details. But it’s good to see Ledo extricating himself more and more from his past and exploring life on Gargantia. He’s even going as far as to ask Amy to do a dance for him. He’s growing fast. Those hormones are probably shooting through his body as he’s watching Amy’s dance. Oh how he has changed.

Awww yeah.

Well, things are going to get more serious with the next episode by the looks of it. Now I’m not sure if the Hideauze landed on Earth like Ledo did or if it actually originates from the Earth. Whatever it may be, Ledo’s militaristic attitude will finally become of use and hopefully we can learn more about the origins of the Hideauze and what connections they have to Earth. I guess this is the start of the journey to the climax.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 6 Review

Man, this episode is hard to write a blog post about. Other than commenting on DEM HIPS and Ledo’s growth as a character which I’ve already touched upon in previous posts, I’m not really sure what else to talk about. Everything in this episode is decent, but nothing is exemplary or worth mentioning in too much detail as it’s just daily life on Gargantia. The ending part is the most exciting part of the episode, and I’m hoping that this will lead to a connection with the first episode in some way because right now, it’s quite removed from it. By the looks of things, I’m expecting to see some conflicts in Ledo’s mind concerning life on Gargantia and his previous life in space. The Hideauze will no doubt be a deciding factor, and all the events should unravel from there. It’s just been a bit slow so far so I’m hoping Suisei no Gargantia will ride the wave to the climax properly and end gloriously.

amy suisei no gargantia wallpaper flying

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  • Alexei Lerner

    I believe he should NOT believe Chamber blindly. That thing, is actually a normal Octopus, not Hideauze.

    As long, as he needs some support by computerized environment, he is no of use.

    Besides: you know what a circle of life means? I hope. If you destroy ANY lifeform population completely, another lifeforms depending on it, will die out. At least, humans will die because there would not be enough fish.

    • Entrav

      Your comment about the “squid” is interesting, but that’s just a guess at this point. I do not even know how these “squids” would be able to move into space and/or survive in such an environment much less be formidable foes to human beings who are extremely advanced. Although they may be similar, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they “ARE” squids just yet, but it’s an interesting guess and might be proved right later on with more explanations.

      Yes, he might need to think more for himself. I’m not sure if the squid would even have the ability to negotiate with humans. I’m afraid that Ledo may not have much of a choice in this regard.

      I’m not really sure if your “circle of life” really works. We don’t have any solid evidence on whether eliminating the Hideauze will really affect the “circle of life” that you speak of. Even if it did, many species have become extinct since the origin of the Earth, but hey, it’s not like everything has died out either. I seriously doubt having one predatory (I’m assuming) species eliminated will change everything all that much.

      • Alexei Lerner

        The circle of life means, if you eliminate oceanic plankton, the wales will die out. Just as example. If you eliminate small fishes, sharks and birds eating them will die. As people would not have enough to eat, they would actually begin to eat first something else, but since their population grow that would possibly be not enough.

        • Entrav

          I’m aware of the “circle of life.” The more scientific term is supposed to be, if you are mentioning animals only, the food chain which is a part of the whole food web, but enough of the definition as we are both clear on that.

          The problem with this is that the Hideauze are not plantons. They are not that low on the food chain. If they were, then it could become troublesome and humanity could face some problems. However, they are the top of their chain and having them extinct would not affect everything all too much.

          For example, extinct top of the food chain organisms like the megalodon are extinct, but they have not affected everything to the extent that food is nonexistent even when it became extinct. If that were the case, we wouldn’t even be here today. I just think that the Hideauze, or the squid, is not that important to the overall well-being of the ecological environment.

  • Alexei Lerner

    There is something i need to let out: the reason why Hideauze annihilate humans is just simple reaction because humans annihilate them first.

    If some lifeform is targeted by humanity for distruction because of their “glory way to the future”, this lifeform might fight back.

    • Entrav

      That’s an interesting hypothesis, but I’m fairly certain that the humans have already tried some kind of communication. It didn’t end up working out as they might have not been able to communicate with each other. As such, it’s natural for species that are not able to communicate with each other to have differences which will almost always result in aggression, and in this case, annihilation.

      Of course it’s natural for them to protect themselves and annihilate any threats. Humanity, or any life form for that matter would try to maintain their existence.

  • Irenesharda

    Episode was better than last week, but still boring. I really beginning to get the feeling that this anime didn’t quite know who this show was supposed to cater too. The beginning attracted the mecha crowd, but then they tossed in some slow world building, and then some slice-of-life/romcom , and now a little ecchi fanservice here and there. It just seems like it’s trying to have something for everyone, but I’m afraid that as it’s trying to do that it will please no one. If they go back to the action and darker storyline like the mecha fans want, than the SoL fans will be displeased, and vice versa if they continue on they way they’ve been going, totally ignoring what was going on in the first two episodes.

    I honestly got into this show in the first crowd as a mecha fan, and so have rather disappointed as of late, especially with the last two episodes. But I hope the appearance of the Hideauze (which I really hope is what that thing was at the end) will bring it back on track to looking more at the Alliance, the Hideauze, and take things down a darker path than the show’s been going. Especially as we are now halfway through the series.

    • Entrav

      Well, originally this anime is supposed to give teenagers a more positive outlook on life or something along those lines (That’s what someone who is working on the anime said. I don’t remember if it was Urobuchi or not). Basically, the director has more control than Urobuchi in this anime and made it not like all the other Urobuchi anime out there.

      With that said, the first episode is extremely deceiving and from my first impressions I was wondering how they are going to tie everything together. It’s hard to say whether they ever will, but with the Hideauze now appearing, I’m hoping that it will go back somewhat to its original state. Then again, like you mentioned, that will make what the anime has been catering to for the past few episodes unhappy.

      It’s quite a tough spot for Suisei no Gargantia and I’m honestly not even sure where it’ll go from this point. I agree that they probably made not the best decision targeting the right market with the right content. They tried to cater to both sides by giving the more serious side to probably the beginning and the end of the anime while giving a more cheerful side in the middle. I’m pretty sure that this tactic, if you can even call it that, is not that effective as I’ve been losing more interest recently as well. I think that the ending part in this episode will lead to something though.

    • Alexei Lerner

      Just so you know: Urobuchi-kun has made the first (1. episode) and the last (12. episode?), those episodes inbetween are written by somebody else.

      I’ve heard of this.

      • Entrav

        Yep, I’ve mentioned that before in previous posts and it’s on Anime News Network if someone needs some confirmation.