Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7 – Conflict of interest

suisei anime ledo as a soldier

Getting more interesting.
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7 Review
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Episode 7 Review
“Soldier’s Fate”
“Heishi no Sadame”

What happens when there is a difference in culture, opinion, and general view on certain things? Conflict ensues and some may hope for one thing while others will hope for another. Even though Ledo has been on Gargantia learning the ways of life on Earth, that doesn’t separate himself from his militaristic past and his memories of struggle against the Hideauze.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7 Impressions

Machine Caliber chamber

Pew pew.

Whalesquids killed chamber

Gargantia chamber whalesquid


A person comes from space and you expect him to abide by the rules?

Whalesquids are what Ledo deems to be the Hideauze while it is also something sacred to those who live on Gargantia. Both sides are at a difficult position as they each have their own interests to look out for. Ledo wishes to exterminate all of the Hideauze, and who could blame him? The others have their own culture to support and their own ideals. The two sides, having opposite viewpoints, will obviously clash one way or another, and this is only the beginning. Well, then again, when Ledo reacted to the Octopus last time, you’d think that Bellows would tell him a few things to make him understand their situation. Oh well.

Fearokku or Fairlock captain

Ridget furious

Yeah, Bellows! It’s your fault.

Ledo angry at their misunderstanding

He’s got a point there.

What a quick regression.

Which side do we as the viewers even support? Could Ledo be misguided and could it be that their Alliance provoked the Hideauze first which caused all the mayhem in space? Could it be exactly what Ledo says and how the Hideauze are really only ignoring the humans only because they pose no real threat yet? This also leads back to why the humans even abandoned Earth in the first place, and how they got into the situation they did in space. The chances of it being spurred on just by a small conflict, like one person killing some Hideauze, must also be taken into consideration.

You can already see from just a small appearance how Ledo’s attitude changes. It’s almost as if everything that’s happened to him in Gargantia doesn’t really matter anymore. All he’s concerned about is eliminating the Hideauze like he’s been brainwashed his whole life to believe that’s his only purpose. The Hideauze themselves are in a primitive state, so could it be that they will actually attack when the time arises? Right now, we have no idea who is right or wrong, and Ledo’s strict attitude only makes things seem even more dire even when that may not be the case.

Pinion arguing with Bellows Suisei anime

How shocking.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Whalesquids approaching Fairlock nervous and sweating

Honestly, I’m not that interested in what Pinion’s conflicts are or Bellow’s for that matter. Even their conversation doesn’t stray from being a cliche, and Pinion’s motives don’t either. What is interesting is how the Whalesquids gather and almost attack Gargantia. The Whalesquids know when their kin is attacked and killed, and their aggression indicates that the chance of it being the human’s fault for what’s happening in space, much higher. Moreover, seeing the people on Gargantia take the incident differently is quite intriguing. Some want profit, others want to be more traditional, while others just have a duty to keep the citizens safe. These various conflicts that intertwine with each other makes this episode a lot more interesting than some of the previous.

Amy trying to stop Ledo

Amy hugs ledo

Can’t stop the brainwashed from doing that.

Whalesquids underneath Gargantia ships

Nice scenery.

Ridget holding gun

That’s more I like it.

Suisei anime amy and ledo

Wow. A heart attack.

Ridget commodore suffering heart attack

Phew, the way the Whalesquids went past Gargantia with the music in the background sure made the atmosphere tense. Though, it’s clear now that no matter how much Ledo has grown to be more accustomed to life on Earth, his attachment to the way of life in Space, and his past overshadow the short stay on Earth. From this point, it’ll really put his growth to the test to see if he can really change as an individual to stop being so militaristic. As for the heart attack… I don’t really know how I feel about it. Is it really necessary? I guess we’ll have to find out how that affects everything before judging it’s value. And again, it’s interesting seeing the different viewpoints on Gargantia.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7 Review

After the lackluster episodes that are episodes 5 and 6, we finally have something going in terms of story and character development, or regression in this case. I was hoping that this could have happened a lot sooner as it should lead to some deeper conflicts between the different viewpoints on the threat that is the Whalesquids. Ledo’s quick regression is also another great element to the episode as we see his mind battling what he experienced on both ends of the spectrum. Moreover, it’ll be interesting to see if the Galactic Alliance is really doing legitimate work or is just spurring on people to control society in their grips. I mean, it’s a totalitarian state, and people don’t have much to complain with all the death going on.

But conspiracies aside, Ledo militaristic attitude is severely obscuring the life he has obtained, and I have hopes that this will not be the case in future episodes as his growth as a character will be shown. Even if he retains his militaristic attitude throughout, I do not believe that to be a problem as the anime would be making a point then that such a mindset cultivated from a young age is extremely difficult to alter so we should take care to giving children different perspectives. Either way, Suisei no Gargantia is going on the right track once again, and while I’m not sure if things here and there, like Pinions conversation, and the heart attack, are well done, the rest is solid nonetheless.



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  • Dycize

    Well, that escalated quickly!

    This episode was very tense. Ledo’s duty was at complete odds with Gargantia’s rules, and it shows. As much as you can learn to love a place, you can’t simply forget the ennemy you literally spent your whole life fighting. I found it interesting that “coexistence” isn’t actually a word for space-humans. The Galactic Alliance looks bleaker every time you learn something new about it.

    And the whalesquids are basically water Hideauze. The way they showed up under Gargantia was a very tense scene. Everything was silent, no light aside from the water… And the dread of whalesquids actually doing something. Which they did not, but who knows how long it’ll last?

    According to the end of the episode : not much. I guess the talk about the Commodore’s health earlier was foreshadowing for his heart attack… Which considering the situation, isn’t that surprising. The whole fleet is scared, the whalesquids acted in a very ominous way and now most of the defensive force of the fleet wants to leave to go whalesquid hunting. And Pinion lost all of his sympathy points he got in episode 5 and 6, where he didn’t act like a complete dick. Do you really want to maybe cause a war with beings you can’t actually fight? Because as much as the Machine Caliber is powerful… It’s not made for water combat. Things are going to suck.

    But all in all? Good episode. The Pinion/Bellows drama and the heart attack felt a bit forced, but now we can hail the return of plot! And even if Ledo returned to his old self, I wonder how his “humanization” will affect him in the future. We still have a good 5 (or 6? can’t remember if 12 or 13 episodes planned) episodes to go before the end. Will the conflict degenerate? Will a compromise be found? Or will something else entirely different happen? The future of the fleet is uncertain, and so far, it doesn’t look good…

    • Entrav

      This episode gives me a bad vibe regarding the Galactic Alliance. I never though they were that great, but I thought it was inevitable that they had to use the measures that they do to ensure survival of the species. Nonetheless, now things are more fishy.

      I honestly think that Pinion and the others are crazy trying to upset the Whalesquids even more than they already have. Haven’t they seen how angry they are just having one of them die? Not to mention, they don’t have any more than the lone Machine Caliber to take care of the Whalesquids. They be crazy.

      It’s definitely a lot more solid than the past few have been, and it looks like it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. The last episode is written by Urobuchi, so I’m expecting something big leading up to that eventual conclusion.

      • xxbabaxx

        how that i have rewatch the ep a few times, Ledo did mention a very good point: that the whalesquids are not taking notice of the humans because they are so primitive. Also now the question is given the tech of humans before they left earth, there are bound to be some high tech or more advanced equipment then what they have scavenge so far, so where are all these technology? now that when Ledo and Bellows found the highly priced treasure and needs Machine Caliber’s laser to dice it open, the whalesquid comes running, personally i don’t think it is of coincidence. As of this episode we can see the population of whalesquid are ENORMOUS, possibly all the undiscovered technology are being guarded by the squid and these technology could uncover some hidden truth about why humans left earth, the Alliance, and the Squid’s evolution.

        also want to point out that Camber made a point, that on earth theres something that the Alliance lack and thats cohesion. @f96f1b909eaf0989d1af32f73a4904e6:disqus made a good point that the Squid will attack if they become more advanced, however i don’t totally agree on the feeding of energy part that they will attack Gargantia because of them being “food”. I think the squid is more advance in intelligence then they seem to be (shinsekai yori anyone ?) but seriously i think the squid never wanted to harm the human like Amy said, and they are in a sense guarding the technology that the human left behind because they know the consequence of said technology given to the wrong hand. Hence why they only attack as self defense or provoked so Amy says. Maybe the squid evolved beyond human’s understanding and believe in true cohesion, but understand that there can never be co-existence between the two race if the human are given to chance to conquer and expand. Therefore they dedicate themselves on guard the technology that could destroy the current cohesion/peace between the race.

  • Irenesharda

    Honestly I think both sides are right and wrong in this, but I have to side mostly with Red. It’s not that he’s rejecting being an Earther, he has never really committed to that anyway. He’s a soldier and has always known that. All this was was an impromptu shore leave really, and in the end he knows its his duty to return to his people. He’s not the type to go AWOL. He realizes everyday that his fellow soldiers, his fellow humans are dying up there everyday. And he scolds the Gargantians for not even taking the time to understand, nor to even care about their brethren who are dying at the hands of the “sacred” squid.

    Also, the Gargantians are place the squid Hideauze as “sacred” because they fear them. And when they literally have to power down the entire fleet in order to hide from them, they are sticking their head in the sand, just as they have been doing this entire series, not wanting to change, to break the status quo, or upset the “balance”. Gargantians know how to survive but not how to live.

    I think that Red’s statement about Gargantia not being developed enough yet to be a clue, and that if they ever try to advance, they will incur the Hideauze’s wrath. Red has fought these things for 16 years, he has the foremost knowledge of them on Earth. After some clever small clues in the first episode and this one, we find out that the Hideauze consume energy, which is why the commander had all the power turned off as to not attract them. I have a suspicion that they began as a human experiment that happened centuries ago and it went violently out of control.

    However, as they feed on energy, that means that Gargantia is on borrowed time. If they ever advance, or if they ever accidentally leave the power on while the Hideauze is nearby, they will attack them. For the Hideauze to consume energy would be death for the Galactic Alliance. Unlike the ships of Gargantia, spaceships and space colonies can’t turn off all their power. They would not only be sitting ducks, but they depend on life support and other things to live. There is no way they can live side by side with the Hideauze if the Hideauze are going to attack them simply to consume their energy.

    Also I think the GA are more complex than just a “totalitarian government”, they are not brutal or cold just because. Also, they have some good things that Earth lacks. I mean imagine that you had just lost your planet and you have to find a way to live in that cold vastness with only limited energy, supplies, and food. Not to mention you are constantly being attacked by strange energy draining monsters. The culture would have to adjust to survive, which is why resources are measured and given out, birth rate is limited, soldiers are needed to fight and protect the civilians. There is no longer money or fighting between humans. Weakness is eliminated, as well as unnecessary things, and they have had to constantly advance in order to live. Unfortunately, every time they advance, they become more appetizing to the Hideauze, which means more battles and more destruction until they are able to destroy the Hideauze once and for all.

    Humankind became a cold, sterile people in order to adapt to their cold, sterile environment. However, I think like Red, if the Hideauze were no more, and they were able to find a suitable planet to settle on (which Red states that is the Alliance’s dream), then I think that humanity’s humanity would eventually return.

    • Entrav

      Indeed, it will be difficult if not impossible for Ledo to change and become an Earthling after fighting, and nearly dying in a time of great conflict with the enemy still out there. He’s definitely not forgotten who he was, and he’s not hesitating to do everything in his power to get rid of the threat. I can certainly side with him as he’s trying to warn the Gargantia of the oncoming trouble as he cares about their situation. Though, he comes off as very hot-headed which makes it difficult for people to listen to him.

      I have to agree that coexistence with the Hideauze in space is extremely difficult as they suck up all the energy, and humans have no choice but to retaliate. The Gargantia is going on the same path and conflict will definitely arise sooner or later.

      I would say that the Gargantia itself knows how to “live,” but not “survive.” They live in the most human sense of the word, but they probably cannot survive when the threat is upon them. I mean, the whole point of Ledo’s development is for him to be more “human” so he can possess more human-like emotions, and feelings which is presumably the notion of “living.”

      Well, totalitarian governments do not have to be cold “just because.” Totalitarian governments are, in essence, “a state that holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life whenever necessary.” Totalitarianism is complex, like any form of government, and the Galactic Alliance’s foundation, and their survival, is dependent on that fact. You may have looked at the words “totalitarian government” too simply. It’s a lengthy topic that actually does encompass what you are saying, and the Alliance as a whole looks to me like it completely lives on totalitarianism.

      If the Hideauze were no more, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see humanity soften up a bit, and for the Galactic Alliance to change over time. We’ll have to wait and see whether that transition is smooth or not if it ever does happen.

  • Alexei Lerner

    Honestly i feel the whalesquids have big community sense. Once some of them has been killed, others will make a complete revenge.

  • Alexei Lerner

    I have some theory. I cannot tell if this theory is fine enough to stand. Here link:

    There is another theory spreaded here, but i dunno if this is correct as well:

    • Entrav

      I would say that your theory is not very likely as the commenter, MT-Switch, points out. Moreover, I think the original comment made by Litho, is just a joke. You can Google Ika Musume :)

      I think the other theories are better and make more sense. I definitely agree with the fact that there will be a plot twist coming soon with regards to the wormhole travel. Their theory is definitely interesting at the very least.

      • Alexei Lerner

        I already know about Ika Musume. I have a Blu-Ray of season 1.

        • Entrav

          Ah, okay. It’s just that I thought you misunderstood that he’s just joking around in the comment you replied to because you were so serious.

  • Dinosaur

    What I found interesting is the reaction from the people of earth after the event in the water occurred. Do they honestly think their weapons will have any affect? He has already stated that he has the power to obliterate their whole vessels. It kind of begs to ask question that they don’t fully understand what situations they are in.

    • Entrav

      Well, they treat the Whalesquids as “sacred creatures,” so they have pressure to do something. I’m fairly certain they know their threats don’t mean much, but then again, Ledo can’t do much against them either as he doesn’t want to kill fellow humans without good reason. At the very least, they don’t understand the situation because there hasn’t been a need to understand it. Once they get attacked, however, that’ll be a different story.

  • Alexei Lerner

    I swear by holy God, that on whalesquid territory they could find Avalon. if not, then i dunno what they could find either.

    I remember episode 1: Ledo saying, there was a time he wanted to visit Avalon, but now does not know if he would have any chance.

    Maybe Amy and the others could be descendants of people of Avalon, who were evacuated. Now they lost any of their knowledge they have posessed.

    I think the flute – being useless in a battle – is not as useless as it might be at first sight. It could be a crucial keypoint in the storyline.