Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8 – Moving on

Taking over.
Taking over.

Slow episode again, but things are being set up.
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8 Review
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Episode 8 Review

Well, it’s yet another slow episode, but this time, it’s more about getting ready for what’s to come than just plain fanservice. And while the episode isn’t bad by any means as it does touch upon some points of development, it doesn’t really stand out emotionally.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8 Impressions

Gargantia key to the ship

That’s a cool key.

Fairlock going to die Suisei Ridgett

Wow damn. The Fleet Commander, Fairlock really does die from a heart problem. When it happened last episode, I was hesitant on my opinion of it, but now I can see that it makes way for some development of the side-characters. The problem then arises when such a thing happens is whether people really care about the characters in question. Ridget isn’t a character that’s been explored at all which makes us feel very detached from her conflict with the death of Fairlock. Still, with all that said, some scenes, like the funeral scene, does have the right atmosphere.

Oh damn. You’ll be dead by then! :)

Ledo shocked at not being able to go back to Galactic Alliance

Hmmm… time to annihilate the Hideauze.

Now I would say that this is the most important part of the episode. Now that Ledo can’t go back to space anymore, what will he do? Eliminate all the Hideauze? Then what? Was the first half of the first episode merely done for us to understand Ledo’s undying hatred and duty to kill every single one of them so that we can understand his reasoning better? Still, with Urobuchi doing the last episode, one can hypothesize that Ledo going deep into the ocean and finding something that may help him get back home is definitely a possibility. Well, who knows, since this is targeted at a different audience from what Urobuchi usually targets, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lot lighter this time around.


Pinion trying to be convincing Ledo and Chamber accept agreement Flange ready to leave ship Melty taking care of grandfather


If anything, the funeral is a deciding point for Gargantia as a whole. Breaking up, going their separate ways, Pinion trying to manipulate Ledo into helping him, and so on. At the very least, this episode does a great job with having multiple conflicts that intersect with each other. Everything is chaotic now that Fairlock has passed away, and the way they’re burying him is definitely well done. I think how they all take a handful of sand to bury him is different and gives a nice sense of atmosphere.

Fairlock, Ordum, father Amy and Saya staying

Agh, this again.

Bellows encouraging

Ridget’s dilemma is understandable, but it’s been done many times before. The idea of only relying on oneself instead of others is not uncharted territory. To make matters worse, we don’t really know her that well which makes the emotional impact even less. However, the dialogue is far from terrible, and it doesn’t make me roll my eyes or cringe which is great. It’s hard to compliment it beyond that as it’s… it just doesn’t make me feel it’s beyond average.

Amy calling idiot



Gargantia chamber machine caliber

Badass Chamber.

As for Amy’s conflict… it’s the same thing. The dialogue is not terrible, but it’s not good. It uses the same formula that we’re used to and while the music is nice, it doesn’t make me feel much. Anyways, Amy’s conflict with Ledo can be seen as selfish on both ends. Amy doesn’t understand Ledo, and Ledo doesn’t understand Amy. One wants him to be true to himself, the other wants to save the other by being the way he has always been. The conflict is there, but Amy’s lines about Ledo being true to himself serve as more of a cliche approach more than anything else.


Gargantia on the Verdurous planet

LOL. That looks funny.

Bye bye.

Ledo verdurous amy wish

The part where Fairlock gets dumped into the ocean and glitters of light shows is probably the best scene in this episode. The funeral itself already gives off the depressing atmosphere, and the departure of his body into the literally endless sea with the glitters of light along with the soundtrack makes for a very nice scene. As for Ridget’s appeal for help, it’s better than the rest thanks to Fairlock’s departure and the fitting soundtrack. Taking off her hair clip and saying all she has to say makes me feel like she’s grown slightly as a character.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8 Review

It’s not a bad episode, it’s definitely a slow one that sets everything up. As I’ve said, nothing is that great in this episode and that’s mainly due to some conventional approaches to the dialogue and the irrelevance of the characters in general. We’re focused mainly on Ledo’s conflicts, and Ridget’s sudden dilemma makes it difficult to swallow for viewers. While not cringeworthy, the dialogue is certainly forgettable and gives off a “meh” feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible, and I’d say that this episode is necessary for the progression of the anime. I don’t mind slower episodes, but I just feel that the writing could have been a bit better with all the talking going on. Looks like things are finally starting next episode though!



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  • Irenesharda

    This was a quiet episode, and quite sad despite the fact that we hardly knew the Commander Fairlock. I have to say that of all the episodes, this was the only one where I have to say that everyone, in some capacity, was in the right.

    Ridget is placed in command and she’s not ready for it, but she matures through the episode and learns to rely on others in order to lead. Despite the fact that Amy and Bellows call the people who are leaving idiots and fools, I don’t see what’s wrong with them trying to do what they want to be happy? They have the right to pursue their own happiness elsewhere, they are not prisoners and therefore don’t have to stay with Gargantia. Flange and the others don’t seem in particular to be greedy or anything, they just either don’t accept Ridget as the new leader, or they believe there is a future for them in finding Earth’s lost technology. They are nothing wrong with that, they are allowed to chose their own path as human beings.

    Yet, also, I can see why Gargantians also feel the way they do since they feel that they people leaving are foolhardy for wanting what is forbidden. They see it as suicide and are feeling abandoned, that’s natural and all a part of change.

    As for Amy and Bevel, both of them are sad to see Red leave. Amy I think is being a little immature as she doesn’t even want to understand nor accept that despite the fact that Red can enjoy himself, he’s still a soldier. And like all soldiers, he is willing to put himself in harm’s way in order to protect her and the humans of Earth. However, it’s okay for her to be immature because she’s only a teenager and this is her first love. I think Bevel understands a bit more, but he’s a kid and is not mature enough to understand what Red’s been through.

    And lastly there’s Red who has found out that his SOS will never reach the Alliance and Chamber can’t get there without help. He is stuck on Earth, maybe never to go home, and there is no one who in Gargantia who can understand or care about his plight. (I wanted to strangle Pinion this entire episode! Especially when he made light of the fact that Red can never go home. I hope a whalesquid Hideauze eats him!)
    Nevertheless, like a good soldier, he is still willing to carry out his duty to take out the Earth Hideauze even if he knows that it will most likely be suicide. He is the only one who understands the Hideauze and he will not allow them to do to the people of Earth, what they did to the Galactic Alliance. He will fight them until the end.

    I think this was a good episode and served to express the fact that change is on the horizon for everyone and that you can either accept it or get run over by it. Change will come whether you want it or not, whether you are ready for it or not.

    I give this episode a 8/10.

    • Entrav

      Well, Amy just doesn’t understand Ledo all that much and is focused on herself. There’s nothing wrong with them leaving and trying to find something that may help them in the future. But of course, they don’t really want to lose anyone, so they get emotional and call them idiots. It’s not like they’re forcing them to stay or anything, the final say still goes to the people leaving Gargantia and there’s nothing much they can really do either way.

      I never liked Pinion since the beginning, and his attitude comes off as nothing more than someone who is out to use anything he possibly can to get whatever he wants. But if Ledo can get what he want, that is, killing the Hideauze, I guess being a tool isn’t so bad.

      It’s not a bad episode, but it’s average or a bit above that at best. I just didn’t feel much of the emotional impact, and the character interactions were fairly average as well.

      • xxbabaxx

        Amy and Ledo feeling is kinda like teenage/ before adulthood relationship. How both don’t understand each other but wants the best for each other, in their own minds of-course. Immature on both side, yes, but for the basic premise of the show “the teenager going into adult hood and facing a new society etc etc” the presentation of the relationship is done fairly well, better then most slice of life genre that focus on these relationship, just the actual representation of said relationship is a bit cliche. Like Entrav mentioned all the dialogue and relationship are just above average, i think that is because how cliche some of them are, nothing ground breaking.

        • Entrav

          Yep, exactly. They’re basically immature and they’re developing their minds by going through these situations and learning from them. I don’t expect them to be all mature and everything, and it’s better to see the development this way anyways.

          But yeah, it’s not like the dialogue and the interactions really help that much. They’re all really not that great, and cliche. As for it being rehearsed or not, I don’t know if you can call it “rehearsed,” but just really expected. When you say “rehearsed” it makes me think that the voice actors know what’s coming which reflects the voice acting quality negatively, but that’s probably not what you’re saying. I think it’s just that it’s too predictable so it seems “rehearsed.”

          • xxbabaxx

            Hahaha … omg .. predictable thats the word i am looking for. Yes you are right “rehearsed” is more towards the voice acting, and the voice acting is fine. Predictable ep indeed

          • xxbabaxx

            now i am just worried how they gonna connect the 3 remaining episodes to Urobuchi’s episode 12.

          • Entrav

            I know right. Urobuchi should do a fine job, so I’m at least convinced that it will be at the very least a decent end. Still, thinking about the next few episodes makes me nervous :/

      • Flaiboy

        I never liked Pinion either. But I’m starting to have a better understanding of his character. As barely touched-on in a previous episode, there was an incident involving his brother and the whale squid. We don’t have any clue what that was but the end result was his brother’s death and Pinion wants revenge.

        It could have been that he and his brother were trying to salvage tech from an area rife with whale squid (I find it interesting that Pinion seems to know that there is a whale squid nest and where it’s located) and they were attacked. It’s possible that they were doing so in full knowledge that it was forbidden, but like the arrogant guy that he is he blames the whale squid. It could be that deep down he feels responsible and so is trying to exact revenge in order to assuage his own guilt. I don’t know if any of this is close to the truth but I think Pinion’s drive to get at the whale squid is more personal than for profit.

        • Entrav

          What you’re saying is definitely possible, but the problem I have is that the way it was presented in said previous episode feels really cliche. It just seems like he’s one of those people who has a trouble with a family member and takes it out on someone or something. To be honest, I don’t even feel like it’s worth the time delving into it unless it can be done without wasting too much screentime on Ledo’s end. Well, done well of course.

          Anyways, the overall conflict he has feels very insignificant and it makes me question their decision of inserting the typical conflict. I think we’ll see some more of that soon as Ledo is going to be working with him, but I don’t have high hopes for how that plays out.

  • TheAtomicDwarf

    If this Anime will ever be dubbed in English, Fairlock must be voiced by Morgan Freeman!

  • Dycize

    This episode is what I’d call the breaking point. Characters are parting their ways, and for different reasons. The Commodore’s death, the fleet splitting, Ledo learning that he will never be able to go home. Ridget’s new responsabilities.

    The dialogue is nothing new. It is essentially setting up the following episodes, with the usual conflicts as character part ways. I don’t think it would’ve been easy to come up with more engaging dialogue for the episode. Ridget’s problem had to be solved, even if we didn’t get to see much of her, because otherwise, we would have no idea what would happen to Gargantia while Ledo is away. The feelings don’t stay, but at least, by the end of the episode, we know Gargantia is in good hands.

    Ledo and Amy/Bevel’s conflict on the other hand, had to be “resolved” the way it was to keep the plot relevant. If they separated on good terms, it would essentially lock out the Gargantia almost entirely from the story. At least, we still have Amy with that.

    It’s a solid episode, the presentation is good, the atmosphere througout the episode particularly, but the delivery typical due to the themes approached doesn’t allow it to really shine. But now, the plot is set to sail, and I will be waiting for the next episode.

    • Entrav

      It’s definitely where the plot will move in a direction that will determine the climax of the anime. I trust Urobuchi’s last episode, so I’m expecting something pretty good. I’m just hoping that these conflicts are not left as they are in this one and touched upon more in the future ones in greater depth than how they were touched upon here.