Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9 – HELL YEAH

Gargantia ledo character
Revelation time.

Revelation and it’s back on track.
Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9 Review
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Episode 9 Review
“Deep Sea Secret”

Man, I knew things were going to get real soon since Urobuchi is partially responsible for this work and the fact that the first part of the first episode is so… different from a lot of the series, but this is quite an episode. Before we go on praising this episode, let’s take a look.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9 Impressions


Ledo Ensign massacre


I could go on about how the mist can symbolize different things, but what’s important here is the narrow-minded nature of Ledo’s desire to kill the Hideauze. Who could blame him? They’re just lifeforms that killed a lot of his friends and even made his life more grim with the departure of his supposed sibling. Yeah, there’s a flashback about Pinion’s past, but who really cares? Everyone just knows that something is going to be revealed when Ledo gets down in that facility or whatever.

Yeah, yeah.

Whalesquids devour

LOL. Bye.

Chamber machine caliber Verdurous Planet chamber

That… is where you’re going to find everything.

Hideauze whalesquid

Shit that’s weird.

Man, it’s so hard for me to write about the first half of the episode as the second half is I would say the most fascinating part of this whole anime. But I guess if you’ve been wanting some mecha action, this is where you’d get some decent moments of explosions. I have to admit that Ledo going up to what seems to be the mother of the Hideauze¬†is just frightening. It’s so far from being human that one would never assume that they would be… I mean, they’re just experiments that have gone horribly wrong right. Hah… yeah…

Hideauze baby larva

Oh my God. It’s coming.

When Ledo is firing his fancy laser down at the children of the Hideauze one cannot help but see the larva as babies. Hell, they even resemble human babies. At this point, I think the hinting has gone far enough that we’ve come to the realization that they may be not what we have thought before. And what could be better than seeing Ledo take authority to find out the truth?


Oh man.


Galactic Alliance or Continental Alliance


Let’s just take this one step at a time because even if it’s not shocking to some people, it’s still an interesting watch. Basically, there are two groups, the Evolvers and the Continental Alliance. Obviously, going by their names, the Evolvers are trying to adapt to space environments by somehow manipulating the human body. On the other hand, the Continental Alliance, later to be known as the Galactic Alliance, are staying as themselves but are instead developing technologies to support the human body. With two opposing viewpoints, it’s clear that such co-existing relationship does not work in a time of great distress for all of humanity.

Here it comes…

Hideauze are humans

………. Fucking SHIT.

Human Hideauze

Suisei no Gargantia evolvers

Shit. Is that still the Matsumoto person?

Holy. Fucking. Shit. I have to say that the way they portrayed the human’s head in the Hideauze is just fucking messed up. The look on Ledo’s face as he realizes every single time he’s been fighting that he’s been fighting with humans is just… Some may have guessed that it was time travel or that it was experimentation, and I would say that they were all great guesses that had some viability, but I have to say that this revelation is quite nice as well. A lot of people have guessed that it was experimentation, but not as many guessed that they were humans beforehand. Moreover, it’s not just any experimentation, it’s for the struggle of survival. Yes, it’s not that original or mind-blowingly awesome, but the revelation is still well done.

Elaine Matsumoto whalesquid


Good. You’re starting to question things. Finally.

Fuck. Shit. Fuck.

Gargantia anime ledo

God dammit.

Ledo suisei verdurous anime screaming

Wow. That scream. Now he knows that what he’s doing is not so clear anymore. This brings up some interesting points. It seems that negotiations are off between the two races and it would appear that the Hideauze have advanced to the state that they no longer communicate like humans. Moreover, what about the wormhole? Who prevailed in travelling through it? I’m assuming that the Hideauze did because they can’t travel that far in a reasonable amount of time whereas the Continental Alliance could build a new one. Either way, they’re both fighting each other now and many of you were right about not trusting the Galactic Alliance.

But it’s not like the Hideauze are all that great either.¬†I wouldn’t be surprised if they manipulated the evolved humans into mindless creatures to fight the Galactic Alliance as well. Not to mention, their way of communication with humans is long gone. Both sides want to exterminate the other, and who knows if those Evolvers are even “human” anymore? At what point do they stop being human and are just another lifeform? Now what? What does Ledo believe he has to do? I think that with his development on Earth and the support that he’ll get from there is whats going to clear his mind and shape his perspective on how to deal with this situation.

Bevel playing flute Gargantia amy crying

I was worried about how they were going to tie everything together with Earth and the events in space being so different, but I shouldn’t have expected any less. Now the anime could go in many, many directions as Ledo faces the dilemma of not being able to go back home, and what he’s going to do with the knowledge he has obtained? Will he try to communicate? Will he try to let the humans and the¬†Hideauze¬†co-exist in peace? Is such an idea even possible in the first place? Since he can’t return to space, what can he do to make a difference about the situation at hand? From hereon out, this will be where the real character development and story progression comes into play.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9 Review

Finally. Finally Suisei no Gargantia is giving me the same excitement and wonder that it gave in the first episode. Personally, I enjoy information bombs as looking into a past with how everything works have always enthralled me. I have to commend the writers for making the backstory reasonable, believable, and most of all, interesting to watch. Even though I knew what was going to be put on the screen, when I saw the Hideauze with the head of a human I just… Man… The pacing and how everything is presented especially in the video is great. There’s not a single moment where I thought that things didn’t make sense or that the feel of the episode was off. I’m very glad that the anime transitions into this new phase so well. My interest has not only been renewed, but amplified. I’d say it’s the best episode in Suisei no Gargantia so far, and it may just be surpassed by the end.


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  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Humans! I was expecting genetic mods of squids to send as scouts but humans?

    The idea isn’t all that new. But what’s differrent from all the sci-fi books out there is that this new evoled life from still wages war against regular humans instead of just labelling them as inferior beeings and start roaming the Universe.

    Perhaps the Alliance is at fault for starting the conflict or perhaps the original Creatos of the Hideauze implemented the hatred for regular humans in thier genetic code and now theres no other choice but to try and eliminate each other.

    It was an amazing episode!

    • Entrav

      Definitely not the most original, but it’s done well. Didn’t expect things to tie together like this and now I’m looking forward to how Urobuchi ends the last episode as he’s writing the first and last episodes.

      As for who started the conflict… I mean the Continental Alliance attacked the Evolvers first so I’m assuming that they started it, but still. I doubt they would have been peaceful for long anyways. Definitely an interesting conflict and a great episode.

  • Irenesharda

    This show has had its ups and downs, going from excellent to okay to abysmal and then back to okay again. However this episode, I really don’t know what to say about it. The beginning was good, but as it kept going and the big reveal was shown, all I could say to myself was, “Really?…REALLY?! You had all this to work with and this is what you came up with?!”

    To say this show has jumped the shark in my opinion, is an understatement. It has literally hurdled over it.

    Red fights the many earth Hideauze who are not nearly as strong as space Hideauze and comes across hidden classified information. We find out that the Hideauze are no alien lifeforms, or at least they didn’t start out that way. The Hideauze are “evolved” humans who through experimentation were changed into beings that were able to first survive in deep sea and then in Space. A war erupted between the non-evolved and evolved humans that went into deep space and thus the conflict between the Hideauze and the Alliance began.

    Now, even forgetting the hideous misuse of science and “evolution” in this episode that makes the biologist in me writhe in pain, the notion that these flowers, nautilus, snails, squid, etc. were all once human is so ridiculous, that it makes everything in Valvrave believable. And knowing that the Hideauze are indeed pseudo-human makes not only the whole thousands year war idiotic and both sides can kill each other for all I care. The Hideauze are not some lower lifeform that is merely acting on instinct, they have the same capacity to think and act as we do, which makes them just as bloodthirsty as the Alliance. I say let them keep fighting their war in the stars if they wish, it’s all meaningless as each side hits tit for tat.

    As for the Hideauze of Earth, they seem to be just as underdeveloped as their human counterparts are in comparison to the Alliance. They didn’t “evolve” the ability to live or travel in space and so are stuck in their deep sea beginning form.

    This series just suddenly got so ridiculous and silly and with only 3 or 4 episodes to correct this trainwreck, I am not expecting much. I’ve gotten this far in the series, so I will continue to the end. However, I will always remember this series for the chancy but still absurd “squid-people” plotline.

    • Entrav

      I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. While I don’t think this is the most original revelation, it is by far not something that I would say to be “jumping the shark.” There is nothing in this that is even mildly unbelievable enough for it to be considered “Valvrave” level.

      I don’t really understand the fact that you find humans genetically engineering themselves to be able to survive in space and have longer lifespans unbelievable. Yes, it may be ridiculous to someone like you who I supposed is well acquainted with biology, but how do we really know hundreds or thousands of years into the future? If I went back thousands of years ago and talked about what we have today, would they be considered “believable?” For people at the time, it may be absolutely ludicrous. Sure, it may be far fetched, but is it really that unbelievable? Granted, I don’t have much knowledge about biology so I don’t really know what’s the problem. If you can enlighten me, and various others, by all means, go ahead.

      I don’t know why having the Hideauze be pseudo-humans makes the war idiotic. I really don’t understand. These two have their separate culture, their separate way of thinking, and that can lead to differences which results in conflict. Moreover, we don’t know what kind of manipulation both sides did to try to win the war. The fact that Ledo grew up in such a environment created the story of his struggle to be human in the first place. Why is it idiotic?

      I guess the main complaint you have is that the “squid-people plotline” is ridiculous and stupid. I really don’t want to spoil anything in other anime, but Shin Sekai Yori is quite similar to Suisei no Gargantia. If you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend that you give it a shot. Once you do, see if you still have the same opinion. If not, I know that you watch Shingeki no Kyojin. Would you consider what Eren went through the past two episodes to be absurd?

      I just don’t find this unbelievable, and I’m surprised that you do. While the scientific terms may not be properly used, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility, and the conflict definitely isn’t idiotic.

      • Irenesharda

        I guess it’s because I’m a scientist that a lot of the human-turning-into squids thing really rubbed me the wrong way, especially since evolution of ANY kind would never produce such a thing. It also didn’t come as a shock to me since I was spoiled on the reveal before I was able to see the episode, so the revelation had time to stew. This show has been teetering for me for some time, and as of this point I really didn’t have a lot of hope for it, but I had hoped it could wrap up the ending well. However, for them to try to introduce a reveal of this magnitude after useless episodes of slice-of-life, fanservice, and coming-of-age, the whole show just seemed to unravel for me.

        I love Red, I really do. He and Chamber are really the only characters I like in this thing and I wish to see what happens to him. Yet, I have no idea how they are going to end this well with the few episodes they have left and having suddenly revealed that the Hideauze were once human but are no longer. It both changes everything and nothing. Yes, we see what actually started this war, but this has escalated way beyond individual warring parties, and has become a fight for survival for both sides, where one side is alien and the other human. The Hideauze are still a threat for the Alliance and the Alliance is still fighting them to survive. I see no way for this show to end well in 3 episodes without it being rushed, become sappy, or become a trainwreck.

        This episode hit me hard, and I honestly don’t know what to do with this show. I’ll finish it, but wow…I feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks, and not in a good way.

        • Entrav

          It may not be evolution, but genetic modification and human experimentation could make such beings. I’m not sure if the best biological scientists would say that such a thing is absolutely impossible, but then again, that’s coming from someone with little knowledge of the subject. I understand that you can’t accept how they portrayed it as a scientist, which is really awesome mind you (just curious, what do you specialize in?), but I don’t really think the possibility of it happening is really the point here.

          It’s more like a way of progressing the story. You may be turned off with how it went all over the place and it suddenly dumped this on you. I can see why the sudden revelation would seem like not everything will be tied together. I don’t think the war is going be resolved, but it makes us question the meaning behind the war and what that entails for Ledo. Having been a soldier his whole life, how will he react to something that betrays whatever he has been living for? I think they’ll tackle questions like that in the following episodes rather than giving a resolution to the war.

          Personally, I think it’s a step to great character development, but it could fail miserably and this could just be a twist that didn’t add anything to the story or characters. We’ll have to see by the end what they do, maybe they’ll surprise us?

          • xxbabaxx

            I am not a scientist but a person of scientific interest, what the anime is portraying is gene splicing (cisgenic). With gene splicing the funding that is needed is ridiculous and there are so many laws and controversy regrading such topic. Now when you think ANY genome engineering project would cost years of research and funding, mostly the result aren’t of much revelation i am understanding that what Irenesharda is trying to say is in current day and age human genome splicing is impossible due to the law and cost.

            Let us turn to clock back 20 years, when the first Vacanti mouse was created (one with a human ears on their back, was actually a cow cartilage) regardless at the time many protest and debate happened regrading genetic engineering. However all that controversy died down when they realized it was not a full blown “human” genetic experiment. It was between a cow and a mouse. In our society today genetic experiment is expansive no one is gonna fund a research that is #1 against the law #2 human genetics has never been engineered before it could produce non- profitable results. But the anime portray a world at crisis(earth is dying) thousands of years in the future where we understand human genetics better, people are willing to fund ANYTHING that can lead to their survival. And they didn’t even know they were breaking the law until the dude turn full squid.

          • Entrav

            Phew, that’s an interesting read. Thanks for shedding some light on the subject. Hopefully Irenesharda can give some details as well.

            Yeah, I completely agree what you’re saying with the funding and the law. The fact that they’re in a state of emergency will change everything and they even touched upon them in the anime anyways. To me everything is fine, but I guess it’s a touchy subject when it’s your profession.

            Lol. Hipsters will do crazy things. It makes me wonder how our society will progress in the future. Nice info, thanks again!

          • Irenesharda

            I’m a biochemist (working towards furthering into microbiology and virology), and I understand that what they really meant to say was that it was really genetic engineering and gene splicing. I just hate that they decide to call it “artificial evolution” and these people “evolvers” which is something completely different. I am a creationist, but as I am also a scientist, I know and understand how evolution works, so seeing them use the term so freely. Yet, even if you’re talking genetic manipulation, the “evolver’s” logic is flawed. A deep sea creature such as giant squid would actually do worse in space than a human, since a giant squid is built to withstand the great pressures of the deep, if you brought it to the surface it would actually fall apart and die. It would do worse in space since space has little to no pressure at all. How was that a good model to splice with human beings in order to help with deep space travel?

            But I know this is science fiction and so there has to be some suspension of disbelief. I just find the fact that the Hideauze, a group of organisms that look like flowers, snails, nautilus, and squids (which are all widely different species by the way.)are all mutated, spliced humans that have SOMEHOW been genetically manipulated to exist on energy like plants. (Yes, that takes a LOT of suspension of disbelief) really feels as if they just pulled it all out of left field. And it really doesn’t change the fact that no matter what the Hideauze used to be, they are no longer human, at least not genetically. So we are really still at square one with them being aliens vs. humans. Are the reasons for the war even valid anymore? It’s been thousands of years since the Hideauze were created and the war begun. I honestly don’t even know if the people in the Alliance know how the war started or even the truth about the Hideauze. It could be possible that they sealed the truth up ages ago and no one currently felt it necessary to even check up on it. For them, they are just fighting for survival.

            As for the Hideauze, I question if they can even think like humans anymore. They have become more beast than man, and their only instinct is survival.

            As for Gargantia, I was glad to see that they realized that the Hideauze are neither gods nor demons and they can be killed. However, how will they react to the truth, that they used to be humans that committed horrible experiments in the name of progress? Or will they even care?

            But I find I’ve calmed down a bit and I will see where they take this. I hope they do something smart with the end of this show, even if I still think the idea of squid-people stupid. (why the heck is the squid’s eyes where a human’s legs would be? Ugh…)

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            You make a good point there. The only thing I can think about regarding their tests in deep sea is to harden their outer shell so they can survive in rough enviroments.

            You can think of it like this: Space shuttles and space travel as a whole relied on the technologies used for deep sea explorations to help them build suitable equipment to survive in the void of space. But to use this concept for a biological beeing seems farfetched.

            The only creature I know of capable of surviving in space right now for a short time is a humble spider They could’ve used that as a concept but then the whole maritime theme would’ve become obsolete.

            About the Hideauze becoming full Alien I agree. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning or form of rationality left in them. But this is the Japanease concept of evolution. Their way of thinking is a little bit more romantic then rational.

            Anyways still curious as to why didn’t the Hideauze just leave or try to escape and ignore Humanity all together like their deep sea cousins seem to do. Yes the humans in space are more dangerous, prone to conflict, militarized and all but still. If they are the “evolved” race they could simply ignore them and lable them as “inferior”.

          • xxbabaxx

            Sorry maybe different translation lead to different understanding of the meaning maybe (i watch it in chinese sub/ jap) in the sub i watch it just said the original creature are very adaptive to harsh environment that includes underwater and theoretically be able to adapt into zero pressure- atmospheric environment. (Thats what the anime said), they also said the original creature is a brilliant scientific invention “cuo se tai” (18:00 bad jap spelling), adaptive creature or parasitic organism (most of the time when an anime use that word it should mean one of them, years of exp).

            So the “squid” is not really a squid but some creation of science, in that sense is it possible to make them adaptive etc, heck is thousands of years later guys, they might have been made from many different creature’s DNA think tortoise or lobster (neligible senescence, meaning they don’t die from cellular degeneration aka immortal to old age), snail DNA (snail can sleep for 3-4 years without the need for food), and squid like appearance just because the oldest si-fi novel said so (lovecraft anyone, everyone loves abit of tentacles yea ?). Then just spliced it with some parasitic DNA so it latch onto humans, maybe thats when everything failed human never gain control of the parasitic nature of the organism and failed to contain it, remember they communicate with a joint conscience/ hive-mind behavior. (always lead to mental problem, star craft?) either way is a si-fi story, many things can be possible but unbelievable like humans sharing over 60% of its DNA with a banana,( banana man ?).

            Mycoplasma laboratorium is another good read, basically is a genome project to find out how many different types of gene combination that can support life. (including synthetic genome, a living thing made out from computer aka manufactured life). who knows one day we might just be able to make adaptive “life” and splice it with ourselves. (please correct me in any case, i just love science, but not a scientist would love to hear on). geez this ep really did its thing, interesting topic.

          • Entrav

            A biochemist :O That’s awesome. I can understand how you feel. I understand economics fairly well and when Maoyuu Maou Yuusha spewed out everything on the first episode about war and so on I got fairly irritated and wrote a lot on how it’s a terrible representation of the truth about wars and how it affects the economy.

            You make a really good point with the pressure part. Thining about it, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That makes their credibility even lower and only makes it less believable.

            As for the Hideauze, I think they just evolved and became mindless like you said. Maybe only the upper echelons of the Hideauze maintain a more sentient side? As for the war, I don’t think it’s reasons are the same as they were before and now they’re just fighting for survival. It’s more about how Ledo will react now that he knows what’s happening.

            If they were just aliens, Ledo wouldn’t have the moral dilemmas that he is having in this episode. He wouldn’t be questioning anything and he’d just think that they’re threats that must be eliminated. What about now? How will he grow as a character to accommodate for the change? I think that’s what they’re trying to strike at. I’m just not focused on whether everything is viable and more on just the overall development of the story and characters. Just a different perspective is all.

            I’m hoping that they put all this to good use. I just think that it’s going in a direction that gives some kind of direction to the anime. We’ve been getting some really at best average episodes recently, and this episode makes me think that the story and the growth of the characters will really take off.

          • Irenesharda

            I’m actually pretty interested in it now and what they are going to do with this revelation. Going over forums, this twist has tossed everyone thoughts around and now we are talking over which side had the moral/ethical high ground, if any. And if it really matters.

            It would actually be hilarious if the Hideauze and humans wiped themselves out, only for the A.I.s to rise up and rule the universe. LOL

          • xxbabaxx

            camber did give off the terminator feel at the end didnt he lol.

          • Entrav

            LOL. Chamber rules in the end and it was all part of his plan. KEIKAKU DOORI.

          • Maius

            Evolution has never been properly and strictly defined by biologists. That is also the reason the term “Evolution” is widely misunderstood, because even most biologists cannot properly explain what evolution actually is, atleast not without using other unclear defined terms.

            Therefore ruling out genetic engineering as not being evolution is not as easy as you make it sound, as it still fits most of the common definitions of evolution.

            Your also making a mistake of thinking that they adapted to deep Sea living in order to survive in space. But this was never implied. It is reasonable to assume they wanted a proof of concept, if it was even possible to form a endosymbiotic relationship between humans and squids before they invested ressources to make the squid capable of surviving in space.

          • Irenesharda

            Evolution and natural selection as a process and theory is still being explored, sure. But there are still some parameters to it that are standard. if there weren’t, no one would be able to accurately teach anyone about the theory. You can’t just say anything is “evolution”. The thing is, sci-fi is notorious for taking scientific concepts and twisting them for their own use. I can understand that as I love science fiction, so I’m okay with that.

            As for the squid, they specifically say that if the symbiote forms can adapt to deep sea, than it shouldn’t be too long before they will be able to survive in space. That is opposite and wrong. It would make more sense if they were refering to a vehicle that was able to survive deep sea pressure and then could also be able to provide enough containment to survive space. But this is organic lifeforms they are talking about. Of all the organisms that you wanted to spice with your body, you chose one that can’t even do well on the earth’s surface, much less vast space.

    • Teo

      If we have learned anything about humans (in real life) anything is possible. There are many things that we take for granted today which was considered impossible. Some of the discoveries that were considered impossible was experimented on and deemed impossible but it was found out that with a different method it was possible. An example of this would be Anesthesia. Biologically engineering humans to survive in space is too far into the future to say it is impossible or possible; though I will agree with you that biologically engineered humans looking like sea creatures is just stupid.

  • Capcah

    Well, first I think that the whole squid thing was just like: Eeeh, squids are cool. Probably they avoided insectoid forms to avoid refencing too strongly to the Zergs ( Which they do, by the way, specially in this episode.
    This episode was quite good in itself, but I think it served to direct the plot. Basically, summing up the revelation part: Gz Ledo, you’re killing humans, yee!
    I expect the following episodes to be more calm, mostly going through Red’s mentality change with the shock of the revelation, and of being lied to by the Galactic Aliance. I hope that Amy becomes part of that change. She started the series as a well drawn character, then started to fade, becoming quite shallow in the later episodes.
    One thing that I would definitely hate is for this series to take the easy way out:
    ->Red comes back devastated from what he discovered, then turns to the closest person: Amy.
    ->Without really going over the implications of the revelations to Red, he just, probably out of a magically developed love for Amy, decides to be part of Gargantia and live as such.
    -> Happy(?) ending.

    • Entrav

      They aimed it more towards teenagers and they say it’s going to be a grey ending with a lot of white or something along those lines. I think the next few episodes will involve Ledo trying to resolve this dilemma and having him grow more “human.”

      I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to end this though. I completely agree with Amy not being as great as she could have been. Man, if what you say for the ending is true, which will be quite hard to imagine with Urobuchi writing it, I’m not really sure what I’d think then. This series has really been through many ups and downs so I’m curious as to how they’re going to conclude everything. Oh and sorry for the late reply.

  • Dycize

    Finally. Finally! This is the episode that made the wait worth it. The videos revealing the story behind Hideauze are just… Wow. An episode really well done, with all the answers we were waiting for (wether they make sense or not is up for debate and I see it’s been debated a lot).

    So the Hideauze used to be humans… With emphasis on “used to be”. It’s hard at this point to say. Most of the whalesquids are more beast than man at this point… And yet you have that one person Chamber mercilessly crushed (was that still Elaine? sure looked like it, and if yes, cripes, now that’s a long lifespan), who looked much more humanoid. Probably to suckerpunch the viewer more, but still. And it’s not like either side is right in the end… The Evolvers’ goal is understandable, but it got a lot of opposition (and I’m pretty sure, IF that ever happened in our real world, it wouldn’t happen). Now we are many years in the future… The ones who have been to space have progressed considerably, but at a terrible cost, while those on Earth did not, but still live their life.

    But now… This is going to get tough. Chamber has become the closest thing to a “bad guy” in Gargantia, destroying any hope of a more peaceful end. Ledo is seemingly in control but… Chamber’s programming clearly doesn’t think so, as the will of the Galatic Alliance (of Humankind, which suddenly makes me realise how important that last bit is).

    Nine episodes to come here… Now I hope the following episodes will deliver too. I don’t want to see another Angel Beats unraveling before me. But I’m optimistic and really look forward to the next episodes, as Urobutcher’s shadow looms over the last episode…

    • Entrav

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Man, when Chamber crushed Elaine without listening to Ledo makes me think that things may not be going well for the relationship between Ledo and Chamber in the future. At this point, I’m not even sure how much power he has over his mech and whether he can really make a machine that kills the Hideauze heed his words when encountering them.

      It’s really going to be something seeing how Ledo deals with his situation now and it calls for some major character changes in the next few episodes. I’m definitely looking forward to the last one especially with Urobuchi at the helm.

  • Flaiboy

    I’m not going to debate the believability of the science involved; after all, it is just a story and frankly just about every anime out there, including the slice-of-life genre, are all unbelievable in one way or another. That’s one reason we watch them, right?

    I agree with Irenesharda: 9 episodes going from good to OK to *yawn* and this is all you can give us? Really? Some tired cliche of a plot device executed hurriedly and now you expect us to care about the mental anguish of a poorly developed character and how he works out his own humanity? Really? My wife is a middle school English teacher and constantly runs up against students who cannot find a way to end their written essays and stories without succumbing to the temptation of inserting “. . . and then a hidden bomb exploded and everyone died” or some other such thing simply because they were too lazy to think their story through all the way to the end. This feels just like that: “. . . and now we find that our enemy that looks nothing like us, talks nothing like us, feels nothing like us, and behaves nothing like us is actually . . . well . . . us, after all.”

    Entrav, you know how we worked through the various theories regarding Shin Sekai Yori and how much fun it was to anticipate each week’s episode to see if it gave us any clues as to whether any of our ideas were correct or not. The execution of this plot line in Gargantia is so poorly done – THAT is what makes this revelation ridiculous, not the plot device itself. It works for other anime – it doesn’t work for Gargantia. Gargantia is no SSY.

    • Entrav

      The more I think about it, the more I agree with you. I was far too concentrated on commending them on how they actually present the footage of the twist rather than the twist itself. Indeed, it does not have the proper foreshadowing Shin Sekai Yori does and it just feels like it’s thrown in to shock the viewers. Since the Hideauze are not even technically human anymore with the inability to communicate and them acting like beasts, it makes this twist less and less significant. It feels more and more out of place the more I think about it. I think the analogy that you use with the students really nails it.

      I was far too concentrated with what the twist will bring for the future rather than what it brings to the table now. I could argue that Ledo will now be conflicted about what he has been taught by the Galactic Alliance. Then again, that’s a weak argument as we haven’t seen much of how life is there and what actually happened to him in the past. It makes it hard for us to sympathize with his situation.

      It feels like the past few episodes of mediocrity made this one feel a lot better than it actually is, but that’s just an excuse on my part. Sadly, I have to agree that the development Ledo is getting isn’t enough which is a shame really since episode 4 did a great job and from there on it went downhill.

      I really feel like I’ve not done my part as a reviewer properly this time and rushed to a conclusion far too quickly. I even said in my podcast that I’ll talk about shock value and how shock itself does not make a story good. Talk about hypocrisy. I got caught up in everyone else praising it and didn’t think too much myself. I must deeply apologize for my amateur mistake and failure to bring a more profound review that could have touched upon both how it could be good for development later, and how it may have failed to be a good twist.

      It feels like I’ve done a disservice to those reading. I’ll learn from this mistake and think more about each episode now on in all my reviews. I definitely have to think about this event in particular. Nonetheless, this is a great learning experience.

      Thanks a lot Flaiboy! You’ve been there for Shin Sekai Yori and you’re here now helping me. I always appreciate your contributions. If it weren’t for you and Irenesharda, I think I would still have had my biased opinion and wouldn’t have learned from it. There is a shockingly amount of positive response to this episode and I’m really glad to see a different perspective that opened my eyes. Sorry for the shabby review, I’ll try to do better next time.

      • Flaiboy

        Whoa whoa whoa, Entrav, your review was not shabby! You worked hard to express your opinion and give us canvas on which to throw some of our own paint. Together we all can present a picture of what this series looks like, and like some art, we may not all agree on what that picture may represent. I like that we don’t all agree and enjoy our give and take. I don’t discount your ideas – I just have different ones of my own. The important thing is that no one feels inhibited in their expression, and I thank you that you have given us a place for expression without ridicule or flames. Keep up the great work!

        • Entrav

          I definitely don’t think you’re “discounting” my ideas as you’re just presenting them. I really appreciate that because we have different viewpoints which make watching anime much more entertaining and meaningful than if we watched just by ourselves.

          However, it’s just that I’m disappointed with myself for overly praising this episode when, as a reviewer, I should be a bit more open in my perspective. The other thing is that I didn’t really mention any of what you said at all, and I doubt I would have realized that I may have missed important points in my review if it weren’t for you and Irenesharda.

          I’m perfectly fine with differing opinions, but I think I just missed many critical points I should have went over as a person responsible for shedding some more light on episodes. If I had a different opinion fro you, that would be fine, but I’d say that I agree with you and overlooked many things. Originally I made this blog to discuss and to have reliable reviews where people can turn to to see if an episode, or an anime, is really worth all the praise or hate. I just think I didn’t do my role properly this time.

          I definitely like how you and others are so open in their opinions in the comments. I hope you all continue to do that so that we may continue having interesting and meaningful discussions. Thanks a lot for your support Flaiboy!

          • Flaiboy

            You know what would have been semi-cool: if the wormhole in the first episode would have thrown Ledo not only across space but time, as well, to a point before the war. Watching as he attempts to go against his instincts and reach out to the Hideauze in every effort to avert the future struggle would have demanded that his character be developed in a satisfying and meaningful way. And i don’t mean spending 4 episodes of him looking for work instead of just 3! Whether he would have succeeded or not (I would prefer he fail so as to expand our knowledge of his character as we observe him coming to grips with his own limitations) would be a moot point, I just think watching him grow and become more human as a result would have been fun and given me a character with which maybe I could have a connection.

          • xxbabaxx

            not sure about the time traveling since camber actually got a reply from the alliance and would take like thousands of years to get to them or something.

          • Entrav

            Wait he got a reply? I thought he just found out how long it would take to send a message to the Galactic Alliance. Anyways, the story would have to omit that if we were to go the time travel route for sure.

          • Entrav

            Some people actually hypothesized something like that in forums and other blogs. Time travel might be interesting, and what you are mentioning, with how he’s reaching out to the Hideauze any way he can and maybe even working to unveil the secret behind them to everyone in the Galactic Alliance and solving everything would be quite something. I could imagine the struggle, the mind games, and maybe even the futility of such a pursuit.

            The more I think about it the more I like it. I guess we can always hope and maybe even come up with a fan-made piece. Who knows?

      • xxbabaxx

        I agree with Flaiboy your reviews are boss mate, always detailed always original. Flaiboy is right in many regards, the “twist” is just a plot line punching in from nowhere, however for what the anime has been since ep 4(i was argue since ep 2 actually), this ep does feel alot better than it actually is and i agree.I always thought Gargantia, Maou-sama, valvrave, Titan, are the better anime of the season. Is a si-fi show so the science correctness is always “meh”, but the twist does bring back the entertainment value of this anime, which is fallen quite behind the other 3. And still waiting for Urobuchi to do his magic so theres that.

        • Entrav

          Thanks a lot!

          I’ll just say that I enjoyed how they presented the twist with the footage and everything as I’m a sucker for infobombs. Hoping for Urobuchi to tie it all together by the end if anything. He’ll probably make the ending at least acceptable.

          • xxbabaxx

            DUDE yea the footage was something very well done i think it added to the suspense, the repeating of the squid then HUMAN HEAD, was not bad indeed. HAHA i love infobomb too specially a creative one ~!

  • Den Lim

    That scene with the astronaut head inside the squid tentacles — sent shivers up my spine.

    • Entrav

      Same here. It’s just… messed.

  • Teo

    I noticed how you said the Hideauze appear to have ceased to communicate like humans.
    If you’re talking about the Hideauze on Earth, the video made it clear that these are squids made by humans and they are primitive.
    If you are talking about the Hideauze in space, the flashback shows the Hideauze speaking a language Ledo can understand (or Chamber can translate) ; the Hideauze in the flashback shows a strong resemblance to the current Hideauze so they may have not changed much.
    Though this guess doesnt matter since its too early to assume the Hideauze can or can’t communicate with the Human Galactic Alliance; we dont know much about the space Hideauze or the Galactic Alliance; we only got to see both of them in the first 15 min of the series which was a battle scene, not leaving much room for talking.

    • Entrav

      Ah yes, you could be right in that they may still be able to communicate with humans. The ones on Earth are just made by people so they’re basically primitive animals. Either way, I don’t think that’ll be a critical part of the show as Ledo can’t return back to space anyways. Even if he does, I seriously doubt that’s going to make a big difference. Maybe the anime will never touch upon it. Either way, they’re so detached from “normal humans” that communication between the two will be difficult if not impossible.

      • Teo

        I agree with you that it wont be touched upon.
        It feels like the writer is leaving room for a second season or spin off.

        • Entrav

          Oh man, if there’s going to be a second season where Ledo goes back to space or something that might be interesting. That, or it could be really bad and make this season feel very incomplete.