Summer 2015 Anime – What to watch? (FIRST IMPRESSIONS)

Anime Summer 2015
I sure had a lot of fun making this image.

Entertaining season.
Don’t worry, no spoilers.
What anime to watch for Summer 2015.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It’s been quite a while since I last did a first impressions. I decided while doing the preview for this season that for your benefit, I might as well do a first impressions instead of a preview since I can make better recommendations. That way, you won’t have to waste your time with poor adaptations, bland anime that look good as a preview, and the like. Speaking of poor adaptations, we don’t really have any this season. No, seriously. Even J.C. Staff, which isn’t necessarily known for creating great adaptations, is seriously picking up their game. With anime like Shokugeki no Souma, Prison School, and Shimoneta, it seems like they have found their field of expertise in the lewdness department. Madhouse has also knocked it out of the park with Overlord making me a very happy light novel reader, and that’s just the beginning of some solid work studios have put into adaptations this season. But of course, every season has its fair share of shit stains that viewers need to avoid stepping on, so I will tell you what shows to avoid as well. Let’s get started.

Important note: Because I am covering 21 different anime, do not expect these to be in-depth reviews. These quick opinions of all the anime below are for the most part fairly generous in comparison to if I were to do a full-length review on them. Keep that in mind.

Tiered List

Within the tier, it starts from what I least anticipate to what I most anticipate. The last (most anticipated) few ones of the tier can sometimes be fairly close to the next tier. Consequently, the first few of each tier can sometimes be close to the previous tier. Don’t complain about why some anime in tier 3 is not higher than another show in tier 3. This is a rough method and not a precise method of determining the quality of an anime. The tiers are also not relative to the anime in each season. This means that there are no fixed number of any tier for any season. It’s possible for their to be no anime in any of the tiers.

Anime On-Hold – Anime I have put on hold for various reasons. (Does not necessarily mean they’re bad.)

Tier 6: Oh Lord Tatsuya Have Mercy – The title says it all.

Tier 5: Dropped – Nope, nope, and nope.

Tier 4: Barely Hanging On – Literally a tier I made just for God Eater because it didn’t deserve to be in the third tier, but I won’t drop it either because Ufotable.

Tier 3: Moderately Anticipated – Decently entertaining shows that are watchable or anime that I think hold potential but haven’t shown it just yet.

Tier 2: Heavily Anticipated – The better anime of the season I would actively recommend others to watch.

Tier 1: Extremely Anticipated – Incredibly entertaining anime, or truly excellent anime.

Anime On-Hold

Ushio to Tora – With 39 episodes in total, and each season being split cours, I think it would be best for me to wait until all the seasons are out before watching it. The gaps between seasons can sometimes hinder the experience. Furthermore, I just cannot be bothered with waiting so long multiple times. After that, I’m all for marathoning this.

Wakaba*Girl – Far too short to watch on a weekly basis. I will wait until all the episodes are out. It’s fairly similar to Kiniro Mosaic, so I’ll definitely watch this when it’s done.

Dragon Ball Super – When Goku’s words came out of his mouth, I fucking shat my pants. Why? Because I realized I never heard his voice in Japanese before. Unlike the more manly voice I was used to, I was greeted by a much higher pitched voice. (I know the voice actor is a woman) Honestly, I’m really not used to it. I’ll probably wait for the dub to relive my childhood. You also know how much the series can drag on at times. I’d rather wait until all the episodes are out instead of waiting weeks for potentially a year or even longer.

Durarara!!x2 Ten – Again, same reasoning with Ushio to Tora. I initially watched this week to week because, well, it’s Durarara. After waiting week after week with huge gaps between this season and the next, I’ve decided to hold off until all the episodes are out. Nothing against the anime. In fact, I think it has gotten a lot more interesting. I simply cannot be bothered waiting like this with so many split-cours for this type of anime.

Tier 6 (Oh Lord Tatsuya Have Mercy)

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Anime

Does this look interesting?
Well guess what?
This is mostly not what you’re going to be seeing.
What you’ll really be seeing is…

Kuusen Madoushi Kanata Age

This shit.
You guys are familiar enough with this nonsense to decipher how wet their panties are.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the best anime of our generation. Even in the atrocious generic pile of typical bullshit, there are a few shows that are more generically bullshittingly dull than a fucking wooden door wedge. If this were a burger, even the executives at McDonalds would be having difficulty trying to shit out a blander piece of tawdry abomination than what the author of this fucking masterpiece has cultivated in his closet filled with SAO figurines that, by the way, has no Sinon asscheeks so obviously you know this guy is a mega plebian. You’ve got the typical overpowered Gary Stu patties that got churned from pig intestines or some shit. Then you’ve got the tsundere ketchup and tomatoes for the typical generic burger experience. Some fucking double D huge meat buns stuffed beside all that shit because why the fuck not. And then some blue cheese to top things off that I guess makes things a bit more interesting. What about the burger buns that holds everything together? Well, that would be the disastrously boring story that I could not give less of a shit about. So some soggy buns thrown in the landfill, half eaten by a hobo, flushed down a toilet, and then pooped on for good measure should suffice. That’s the Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Double D Soggy Gary Generic Stu Specialty Burger Special for you. Enjoy your diarrhea experience.

*Sigh* Okay, it’s not that bad. I mean, there was a scene where an ice cream man cried. That’s pretty good, right? Yeah, if only the rest of the show was like that. I could not have even bothered to talk about this show without writing the previous paragraph because this is as typical as it gets. Except so far, there’s barely been any Gary Stu overpoweredness action, and it’s just full of painful slice of life character interactions. With how phenomenal the characters are, I’m sure you can understand what it was like. To be fair, the third episode is actually a bit better in this regard since there is some worthwhile development, and the male lead uses interesting means to achieve such development. It actually reminds me of what a friend of mine used to do to make another friend of mine more open, friendly, and willing to talk. Regardless, this is definitely something I would not recommend to anyone unless you are really starving for some generic bullshit for some reason. Even the past of the main character, which appeared to be interesting at first, ended up being dealt with in a disappointing manner. Not that we know everything yet, but it’s extremely underwhelming. Heck, this entire whole show is an extremely underwhelming piece of poop. I’m not even going to try to criticize the other aspects like the female leads because that shit is too shitty to even try to touch. Avoid this shit stain like the plague or you’ll be drowning in feces before you realize it.

Tier 5 (Dropped)

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace trap

Not even a trap can save this from being dropped.

The first episode may have been promising, but the rest of the episodes haven’t lived up to my expectations. I was hoping the mysteries would be solved in a better way because how they have been solved so far were essentially full of ass pulls with very lazy explanations. It’s not really much of a mystery anime in that sense I suppose. It may be interesting to see the Hannibal-esque murder scenes, but aside from that it’s simply lacks the mind blowing solutions and the tension that come with good mystery shows. Some people say that this is the typical ero guro nonsense and people like me just don’t get it. Alright, that’s fine. I won’t comment on that since I am not familiar with those kinds of things at all. Whatever works for you. The best part about this anime for me is probably the opening. The lyrics are damn creepy. Not to mention the tempo of the song. Gives me shivers. That’s a good opening for a horror/mystery kind of show. I wouldn’t recommend this anime overall though unless you don’t mind the mysteries being contrived.

Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki

Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Seneki Ibuki

Yeah… no.

Something is missing in this show. It feels strangely empty. It’s difficult to put my finger on exactly what it is, but I suppose it’s a mix of many different things. Firstly, there are some forced emotional scenes with not so great animation direction/execution to follow them through. (They were haphazardly put together as well. Very rushed.) Secondly, nothing stands out in the story at all. Although the premise surrounding the dragon was appealing at first, the smaller plot points within all of that contain either antagonists I couldn’t care less about, or unexciting progression of events that I continuously hope will end up get more exciting except it never does. If the journey is supposed to be the best part of an adventure, this anime isn’t doing a great job at making an enjoyable journey. Thirdly, the characters are nothing worthy of note. The main character goes through the same dilemmas many teenager protagonists go through in other anime. No surprising developments here. The side characters are more or less the same. It’s perhaps this mix of these mediocre elements that make this a bland show overall. At the end of the day, I feel apathetic towards this show, which is arguably worse than outright hating it because that would mean the show would make me at least feel strongly about it and thus I’d be more excited to watch the show. At least then I could mock it and watch it to laugh at it. I can’t do that for this anime. It’s simply stale. I’d stay away from this one.

Tier 4 (Barely Holding On)

God Eater

God Eater Utsugi Lenka


God Eater Anime Alisa Underboobs

Dayum that’s hot.
It’s nice how it’s not always in your face. They include them in more subtle ways. I appreciate that.

You have no idea how fast I would have dropped this anime if it weren’t for Ufotable. Seriously. *Sigh* Well, let’s start with the positives. I like the art style. The character designs are nice too. And it’s Ufotable, so the animations are what you’d expect, or at least so I thought before watching these first three episodes. Here’s the thing. It’s obvious that Ufotable is using this anime as a guinea pig to test out things (the excessive slow-mo being a prime example). It seems like this is the kind of show where a lot of people are learning from making it rather than the pros doing it to make it look as good as it possibly can. As evidence for how this anime is produced differently compared to other Ufotable shows, for episode 3, there were 11 animation directors, 72 key animators, 55 2nd key animators at 8 different companies. Even if you didn’t watch Shirobako (you should have) or know much about the behind the scenes process of anime production, you can probably tell that this is a lot of outsourcing. That’s not something Ufotable likes to do either, which could explain the lack of fluidity in the action scenes, and how the animation quality/direction aren’t as good as they are in other anime Ufotable has made in the past. This ends up hurting God Eater immensely as I knew going into this that the animations were going to be the only thing I would watch this for. You don’t have to be an expert to figure out that, for example, some of the slow-mo scenes are far too excessive and end up taking away from the action scenes in the form of poor pacing. It’s not that the fight scenes look terrible or that the animations are bad overall. That’s definitely not the case, but if you’re looking for a typical Ufotable experience, you may be disappointed. I know that’s a really high bar. Most people, myself included, enjoy the action scenes greatly. I’m just giving you all a warning not to expect too much animation-wise just because Ufotable is behind it

As for everything aside from the animations, they’re pretty damn awful. Seriously, it’s bad. The typical pieces of dialogue with an extremely generic main character that spouts one banal line after another with some “emotional” scenes that make me facepalm more than anything else, among many other things, make this one of the worst anime of this season when it comes to dealing with the core aspects of what makes a good show. There is absolutely no depth in what the characters are saying, the pacing during conversations is poorly done, the conversations aren’t engaging, the characters are bland, it’s extremely cliché a lot of the time, the story is by no means original, and the plot points are as generic as they come. You get the point. The only reason I put it up as high as I did on my preview was because I thought the animations were going to be better than they currently are. And, well, I do have to admit that I didn’t think the characters, story, dialogue, and so on, would be bad as they have been. Just watch this for the animations and/or the artstyle like the majority of the current viewers. There are literally no other reasons to watch this otherwise.

Tier 3 (Moderately Anticipated)

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Aoharu x Kikanjuu Tachibana

This one has been a weird one to judge for me. One the one hand, I enjoy the survival games theme with the mix of both lighthearted and more serious moments that have friendship underpinning all of that. One the other hand, I find it fairly cliché and sometimes a bit bland to sit through. I suppose that’s to be expected since the anime is primarily focused on friendship and teamwork above all else. When an anime includes those two things, it almost always ends up feeling a bit sappy and typical. The good thing is that Aoharu x Kikanjuu has action scenes that are solidly animated. So if you’re looking for a slice of life anime with some action, this is one of the only ones you can watch this season. However, if you’re just looking for a solid slice of life anime, you may be disappointed as the aspects outside of the survival games aren’t as well done as other anime this season. If you were worried about reverse harem undertones with the main character being a girl, don’t worry. Well, at least not for now since she’s still portrayed to be a guy. If you were hoping for some hot bishounen action, too fucking bad. Go read some other manga that have glorious bishounen throwing themselves at the female lead who is all flustered wondering who’s D she should go for.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Anime

Ohhhhhh boy.
You know, I’ve always wondered.
How the fuck do they fuck?

Maybe… Maybe I’m just burnt out. For some reason, I’m not enjoying the fanservice and the typical antics as much as I thought I would going into this. Adaptation-wise, the anime is doing a fantastic job. Everything from the animation quality to Smith-san looking hot as fuck to the facial expressions are all very well done. It’s just that… I don’t know. For a fanservice driven show, it’s definitely up there. It’s executed well, it’s, well, obviously a bit different from the norm as those body parts make it clear, but maybe I’ve seen too much of this kind of thing and I’m a bit jaded even with a snake tail wiggling in front of my eyes and the deadly hooves of a centaur ready to stomp me into the ground for saying anything negative about this anime. Whatever I am feeling, I can recognize that this will be a great watch for those who want to watch a fanservice driven anime. This is probably one of the best ones you’re going to get period in that regard. It really doesn’t get much better than this. For the rest of us who have seen this kind of thing a million times minus the animal parts, it’s probably safe to move on until you feel the urge down in your pants. Until then, tell Miia to strangle you with her tail another time.

Jitsu wa Watashi Wa

Jitsu wa watashi wa

Jitsu wa watashi wa homosexual desu.

So far, this has been a fun romcom to watch. Everything is still unraveling though, so I can tell that it’s not quite up to its maximum potential. At this point, I can’t say I enjoy it as much as many of the other slice of life anime airing this season since the characters have yet to grow on me, and the character chemistry is still developing since characters are just being introduced. As such, character interactions haven’t been as captivating compared to other similar shows this season. Nevertheless, I have heard good things about the source material, so I can definitely see this improving as the season progresses. Even though it’s nothing too surprising so far, it’s definitely not a bad romcom. I’d recommend it if you’re into these types of shows.


Charlotte Anime Tomori Nao

Pizza sauce is best.

Now, before you verbally murder me for putting this anime so low on the list, just know that this is because only four episodes have passed and not a lot even happened. The reason why it was so high up on my preview was because it’s made by Key/Maeda Jun. They are known for emotional impact, and we didn’t really get any of that so far. This worries me since the episode limit is already bad enough, but it’s not even using what it has as well as it probably could. Currently, it’s been more or less monster of the week format with them discovering someone with a superpower and then “solving” it. Not much goes in the way of developing the main characters more thoroughly or adding to the major themes of the anime. (Such as why these not-so-functional powers in the first place for example.) Frankly, it’s been quite disappointing so far. I expected more buildup than this. It feels like the new, disposable character of the week gets more attention and development than the main characters do almost every episode. The first episode was the best one due to its attention of creating an interesting main character and premise. The other more “emotional” episode only served to show just how little time this anime really has, and how rushed such moments that try to appeal to our emotions are while the rest of the episodes are full of typical slice of life moments with slight superpower twists. I honestly didn’t feel a thing so far emotionally. It’s been funny at times and entertaining for sure, but other slice of life anime this season do the same thing, and sometimes they do them a lot better. Still, slice of life moments are not what the people behind Charlotte are known for, so it will almost certainly be better than it currently is by the time it’s over. Let’s hope they focus their attention on the right things from now on.

Classroom Crisis

Classroom Crisis Kiryuu Nagisa

What a faggot.

Well, there certainly is a good amount of intrigue in this show. So far, there has been nothing mind blowingly keikaku doori. The intrigue has been fine. There aren’t a bunch of ass-pulls, which is a good sign. The most promising thing about this anime is definitely the overarching story. You can really feel that there is something far beyond what we’ve seen so far. Something is building up gradually that will unveil itself near the end. You can feel it almost every single episode. That’s why I can’t give any definite remarks about the true quality of this anime just yet. There’s a mysterious allure to this story and the characters that make me want to see what will happen. The climax will probably make or break this show, and without seeing it, I have no idea if what has happened so far is really any good in the grand scheme of things. One thing is for sure though, it’s got my attention, and I will definitely watch every episode to see where it’ll go. I trust you Maruto Fumiaki. Go and deliver a kickass world of betrayal and intrigue. Let’s see just how far it’ll deviate from the standard school romcom.

Rokka no Yuusha

Rokka no Yuusha Adlet


Okay, the CGI looks like shit. I get it. It does. If that turns you off, fine. I’ve never been one too affected by CGI whatever the quality, so it’s not a deal-breaker for me. That aside, it’s been a decent fantasy adventure so far. There’s a somewhat typical overarching story, but it is now getting into a nice little twist that spices things up a bit. Furthermore, the male lead, like I mentioned in my preview, is quite an interesting character. Still, bunny girl didn’t end up being as much of a dirty fucking slut as I thought she would be, and flower girl’s belly button has yet to be dominated. Nevertheless, not all hope is lost. There are many episodes left for bunny slut and flower belly to show their true characters. It doesn’t help that the animation quality has strangely degraded in some parts though. Regardless, the content overall has only been building up, so we’ll have to wait and see if this will be any good. As a fan of the fantasy genre, I’ll be continuing with this one since these types of shows are kind of hard to come by. Unless you’re the same, it’s fine to skip this for now and see what I have to say for my final impressions at the end of the season.

Tier 2 (Heavily Anticipated)

Sore ga Seiyuu!

Sore ga Seiyuu


This ended up being almost exactly what I thought it’d be going into it. A more lighthearted Shirobako that focuses on the voice acting industry it certainly is. As you may expect, we see the difficulties of what a newbie faces in this intensely competitive field, and in turn, we learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. That aspect of the show has been great so far, and I think that alone makes this worth a watch, but the slice of life aspects are also decently done. The main characters are all fairly likable with good chemistry. It’s also great to see that the people voice acting the voice actors in the anime are also newbies. New talent is always welcome. Sadly, this anime has been really under the radar, so I hope you do check it out if this sort of show interests you. It’s not nearly as spectacular as something like Shirobako, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace compared to other slice of life anime and deserves more viewers for trying something different.

Himouto! Umaru-chan

Himouto Umaru-chan Anime


The most adorable anime of the season. At least, Himouto wins that in terms of character designs and facial expressions. Seriously, the faces of the despicable, but yet oh-so-lovable little bugger make me feel fluffy inside. Furthermore, the other female characters also have adorable personalities with extremely fitting facial animations to boot. If there is an award for “Cutest Facial Animations of the Year,” this anime would win it by a mile. Not to take anything away from other shows, but this anime is on another level when it comes to those faces. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the source material, but the animation studio certainly did a fantastic job putting it into anime format. As we learned from Shirobako, this kind of thing isn’t easy at all. The only slight problem that leaves a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth at times is Umaru being, well, a fucking bitch. I get it. That’s the point. I still can’t help but find her bratty behavior somewhat irritating at times no matter how adorable the animations are. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker, so if you want a show to melt your heart by showing you the cutest fucking faces (don’t read that the wrong way), this is the one to watch. Too. Fucking. Cute. MOE MOE MOE.

Joukamachi no Dandelion

Joukamachi Akane Moe


Although I had low expectations for this in my preview, this ended up being one of the best slice of life anime of this season. Surprisingly, even though it has such a large cast, it has done a good job of making the various characters unique and interesting. The character interactions are especially endearing because the anime successfully portrays that all the characters have different relationships with each other. This leads to moments that are funny, adorable, heartwarming, and fun to watch. I was initially worried about how it would deal with its 11 main character cast, but they’ve been great so far. It’s certainly no small feat to be able to do this with a cast of main characters this large. From cute little brother and sister moments to the silly aspirations of the characters to the quirks of the characters that make me smile, this anime is charming. It keeps me engaged for the full 24 minutes, and by the end of each episode, I always end up wanting more. Better yet, there are still a lot of characters that did not get a lot of screen time yet. With the way things are right now, I can expect great things in the upcoming episodes as we learn more about this large cast of characters. I would definitely recommend this if you want to watch a lighthearted slice of life anime. Oh, and the superpowers are a nice addition that make the slice of life moments a bit different from the norm. There are some… nice moments involving them. Also, HANAKANA POWA. Her character’s demeanor is too moe. Good stuff. This anime makes me feel good inside.

Gakkou Gurashi!

Gakkou Gurashi



Remember, I warned you this time. It was my bad on the preview since I didn’t warn people as much as I should have. Anyways, as a manga reader, I’m very satisfied with this adaptation. It’s important to note that this adaptation is not faithful to the source like other adaptations this season. The content is definitely a bit different, but it’s done in a good way. The foreshadowing done throughout the first episode, and the final revelation at the end of the episode was better done in the anime than they were in the manga. It helps that the medium was in anime format since the sudden shift in the tone of the show has more impact with the help of colors, the soundtrack, and so on. Manga is, of course, black and white, so there’s not as drastic of a shift there when the true premise is unveiled. Regardless of anime’s intrinsic advantages, certainly not all staff members could do as good as a job as the people behind Gakkou Gurashi at creating the contrast between the light and the dark. They deserve praise for their spot-on execution of pretty much everything so far. Censorship in this anime is done in smart ways that actually add to the impact of the scenes instead of taking away from them. The shifts in tone is one of the major points of appeal for this anime, and so far they have nailed it. For that, they deserve praise. My only concern is where they are going to take this anime in the long-run. It has diverged from the manga enough that I think it’s possible for there to be an anime-original ending. It’s too early to tell whether it’ll go this route or if it’ll be any good if it does. What has happened so far with all the delusions, and various hints thrown in here and there that were not in the manga make me somewhat more confident in the prospect of a good anime-original route. I would certainly recommend this if you want an anime with severe shifts in tone, shock value, delusions, and the best girl shovel girl because she is bestest.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime romance

How refreshing.
The characters are actually bearable.

What a nice few episodes it’s been so far. Lighthearted, fun, and full of positivity, the anime for Akagami no Shirayuki-hime does the source material justice. Unlike the other slice of life anime this season, this anime is more concerned with the development of the characters to a slightly more serious degree. What I mean by that is it has a more mature approach. There are none of those cliché misunderstandings and silly developments that come from the typical romcom. The two main characters are rational, strong, and full of youthful energy. Plus, they’re good for my mind. Watching dense main characters act like retards really does take a toll on your mental sanity over time. I cannot stress enough how great it is to see none of that immature bullshit and screaming that I’m honestly too sick of watching nowadays. Furthermore, it’s even a split-cour! (24 episodes, but the last 12 episodes will be in another season.) This is especially good news for this kind of show as the characters’ chemistry and personalities will only grow stronger as time passes making for a more and more enjoyable anime overall. Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I would recommend this to everyone. Some people will find these types of shows too boring to watch. Indeed, it’s not full of action. It’s not even full of drama. It’s a slower show that gradually develops things, which can bore some people. However, if you’re looking for a strong cast of characters, especially a strong-willed female protagonist, character developments that actually have some substance, a slowly blossoming romantic relationship, and a more mature experience without the characters acting like annoying teenagers, this is the anime to watch.


Gangsta Nic Brown Nicolas Badass

You’re fucked.

Now that I’ve seen a few episodes, I have to admit that I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. I mean, I likened Gangsta to Black Lagoon in my preview, but at the back of my mind I always thought Black Lagoon to be superior by quite a big margin. Although Black Lagoon still comes out ahead even after seeing four episodes, the gap between my view of the two shows have certainly narrowed beyond my expectations. Adaptation-wise, it’s been great. Animations have been solid especially during the fight scenes. The character designs have been kept badass, and most importantly, whenever Nic talks, it’s awesome. Seriously, they did a great job portraying his voice to be as menacingly broken as you’d expect from a badass motherfucker like him. The censorship is also minimal. No huge shadows covering up the bloody messes the characters make in this one. The mature content is also going along nicely as we learn more about the society the characters live in, the pasts of the main characters, and who “Twilights” really are. Although there have been some gang politics, there hasn’t been as much as I would have liked to see. Hopefully, in the future they expand upon the various powers in the city as well as the main characters’ importance in it. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for something with more mature subject matter, especially if Black Lagoon is your type of show.

Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Gate Jietai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri Rory Mercury Goth Loli


OH GLORIOUS NIPPON. RAIN DEATH UPON THE INFIDELS WHO DARE GO AGAINST YOUR ALMIGHTY NATIONALISM. Pew pew pew. Boom boom boom. Ah, there’s nothing like watching foot soldiers getting blown up by tanks and artillery while getting mowed down by assault rifles and machine guns. Truly, it is a glorious sight… which may be surprising coming from a studio like A-1 Pictures since they can be very inconsistent with their animations. Despite that, they have definitely done this adaptation justice both in terms of animation quality and pacing. Like the other adaptations this season, they are taking their time with the story, characters, and world-building. Nothing rushed here. The depiction of the disparity between military technologies also make for some great action scenes. Add Taneda Risa’s goth loli voice that’s literally godlike with the unique premise and you’ve got a recipe for entertainment. The setting conflict between the fantasy medieval setting and the modern setting make for a story that’s different from the norm, which was the primary reason I liked the manga as much as I did, so it’s great to see the anime capture it well. And while some people have problems with the censorship, I don’t think it was dealt with that badly. At the very least, there are no huge shadows covering almost the entire thing. It’s done in an implied sort of way, meaning that the death and gore are shown indirectly. Though it’s not great, it’s not terrible either. Personally, I don’t think the censorship is a major point of concern. The appeal of the manga is mainly in the conflict between two different settings. The mix of fantasy elements with empires, dragons, demigods, and elves withreal life elements mold together to create a unique experience. But be warned. The OH GLORIOUS NIPPON nationalism undertones are starting to come into light with the latest episode. Be prepared for Japan being somehow far superior compared to every other superpower out there. It’s pretty ridiculous, but far from deal-breaking. At least for me. Just don’t expect anything exceptional, thematically deep, and all those things that make up an excellent anime. This anime is one of those kinds of really entertaining anime to watch. That’s it, and that’s often good enough for me.

Gate Anime Goth Loli


Prison School

Prison School Characters

It begins.

Prison School Gakuto Poop

A true hero.
A true bro.

GAKUTTOOOOOOOOOOO!!! God dayum this adaptation is… Wow. It really reminds me of why I liked the source material so much. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. No, I’m not talking about Brightlight-kun and Shadow-kun invading the glorious ass cheeks blocking the magnificent view. J.C. Staff is committing a grave sin on that count. But everything else is glorious. Pacing is great, it’s hilarious, the awesome moments are executed well… It’s the whole package. From the previews before the anime aired, I thought it would suffer problems similar to the anime adaptation of Denpa Kyoushi in that it would feel cheap. Thankfully, the animation direction is spot on, so Prison School does not suffer the same problems other obviously low budget, sloppily put to gether anime have. I would, however, advise against following this anime week to week for two reasons. Firstly, the cliffhangers will kill you unless you’ve read the manga. Secondly, the censorship really does harm the experience since this shit is raunchy as hell. For the full Prison School experience, you need to see everything. And you know what? Some people don’t like how vulgar it is. I get that. It’s definitely not for those who can’t deal with something like bodily fluids being spewed across your screen. It is, however, creative in its humor and plot. You’d be surprised how well thought out it is. It certainly surprised me when I read the manga. It may be obscene and absurd a lot of the time, but it’s also quite clever with how it delivers such moments, and how the plot points are solved. And yes, there is actually a story. Quite a decent one at that as well. In my opinion, this is one of the best mix of actually decent storytelling with interesting plot points and meaningful plot progression with awesome fanservice out there. To that extent, I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a… higher quality fanservice experience as long as you’re not afraid of crossing boundaries.

Prison School Kurihara Mari Best Girl

Best girl.
You heard me.
Just watch and see.
Or rather, wait until season 3.

Tier 1 (Extremely Anticipated)

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

Shimoneta Seal

Watch and find out for yourself.
You will not regret it.

Are you tired of seeing characters hesitate to initiate mere hand holding lewdness? Kissing? Completely out of the question, right? That’s right. After countless anime that have deceived our expectations, we have learned to temper our thoughts to endure such disappointments. Well, no longer, my friends, for Shimoneta is here. This, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely fucking fantastic. I obviously expected lewdness going into this, but lewdness to this extent? I could not fathom such a thing. Phenomenal. Truly, phenomenal. Shimoneta is the lewdest anime of the year right beside Prison School. And even then I’d say “of the year” is not good enough for this kind of show. It’s more like one of the lewdest shows of all time. Besides, it’s a different kind of lewd from the Prison School obscenities. Look, you have to watch until episode 4. Without doing so, you won’t get what I’m high on. Do not stop watching before then unless you hate fanservice nonsense in which case go back to your plebian dwelling and start getting on my level. It’s good that the anime was entertaining to watch even before the fourth episode due to its various absurdities, and you know how much I enjoy absurd shows (VALVRAAAAVE). Shimoneta really isn’t the typical kind of fanservice anime. Shimoneta is more… intense. Much more intense. Perhaps what’s even more surprising is that there are also some deeper underlying themes, which make it a show not simply filled with mindless nonsense. Of course, it’s still fine to view it as such since that can be entertaining in and of itself. It’s just that there is some substance there, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it based on that. Some of the deeper meaning behind the anime are simply nice additions on top of the carnal, sensual aspects that fill this up with a great amount of erotic lewdness. Man, this level of lewdness is refreshing. I’m very excited to see what lies ahead for everyone’s now favorite animal, the seal, if things have gotten this juicy in the just fourth episode.

Non Non Biyori Repeat

Non Non Biyori Repeat


Man, it’s awesome to watch this anime again. It really is. I forgot how soothing it was. I forgot how good for my mind, body, and soul Ren-chon’s moeness was. I forgot how I would smile and laugh at the charming demeanors of the extremely likable cast of characters. The chemistry between them is really quite an art. How the anime accomplishes this is deeper than you may think. It’s not easy making one heartwarming moment after another. Nevertheless, this is not an analysis on the subject, so you’ll have to believe me and watch it for yourself. This second season is just as calming, soothing, charming, and adorable as the first. If you are one of those people who have hesitated watching these kinds of slice of life anime, probably thinking that they’re dumb and possibly can’t be entertaining, give this one a shot. You will see why people enjoy these kinds of shows unless you’re a heartless monster who doesn’t smile whenever Renge-chan says, “Nyan pasu~,” in which case please gain some humanity first. After a long day of work, this is the kind of show you want to watch. I don’t care if you’re talking about TV shows, movies, or anime. This is one of the best shows for relaxation period. If it doesn’t leave you smiling throughout the whole episode, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with the show. It means something is wrong with you, you heartless son of a bitch. WATCH IT AND APPRECIATE THE ART OF SLICE OF LIFE ANIME. WORSHIP THE NYAN PASU~ UNDERSTAND THE NYAN PASU~ LIVE THE NYAN PASU~


Overlord Anime Ainz Ooal Gown


Wow, Madhouse is doing it. They’re really doing it. Everything, and I literally mean everything (Okay, not quite, but almost everything), has been done well so far. (Please read the Overlord section on my preview for some reasons why I find the source material to be good. I don’t want to repeat myself again here.) Firstly, it’s got great pacing, which is probably the thing I, as a light novel reader, am most happy about. So far, it looks like the first season will cover three volumes. This leaves plenty of room for world-building, character development, proper storytelling, and so on without missing many necessary details. Secondly, the noteworthy moments, such as the magic scenes, all look great. Execution is spot on in terms of just about everything. Now, I have to note that the reason why Overlord is my Anime of the Season is not because these first four episodes have blown me away in and of themselves. It’s because I’m a light novel reader and I know things only get better and better from here. The scale becomes larger, the overpoweredness becomes more awesome to witness, the gore becomes more gruesome, and the story gets better. The only reason why this was not first on my preview was because of the uncertainty of the quality of the anime adaptation, not because of the quality of the source material. Now that Madhouse has shown that they can adapt this properly, there is no reason for this to not be my Anime of the Season.

Thankfully, censorship is very minimal. For the most part, you see people’s heads being chopped off and blood being spewed everywhere. There was only one part that was blacked out so far. However, since the anime will become much more brutally graphic, I’m a bit worried that the censorship will become more noticeable. If you want the ultimate anime experience, I would suggest that you wait for the Blu-rays. Speaking of the ultimate experience, I would also suggest that you read the light novel. It doesn’t matter if it’s right now or while you’re watching or after you finish the anime. Just read the light novel at some point. The reason is that because this is an anime, some details are omitted/implied. The nature of anime as a medium makes it so that there is often not enough time to expand upon everything a light novel can. To that extent, I think the staff behind Overlord have done a great job of implying whatever they could for viewers to figure things out themselves. There are no lengthy expositions, but at the same time nothing of great import is completely skipped.

Personally, I think it would be a good idea to read the light novel while you watch the anime. So, just read the part the anime went over and stop there every week. That way, you’d get the excitement of getting the Overlord experience in anime-format, which I personally find to be superior to the light novel all else equal, and the details from the light novel. This is obviously difficult to do since you would naturally really want to know what happens next, but it is the ideal experience. Whatever works for you though. I’m just really happy that this has been such a great adaptation so far. I really, really hope that they keep it up for the rest of the season. This kind of anime is truly one of the highest grade entertainment shows out there if done properly. It will be exciting to watch on so many levels. Oh man, strap-on for the ride, anime-only viewers. You’re going to be going on a fucking wild one. If the quality of the adaptation keeps up throughout… this will definitely be one of the most entertaining anime in the recent few years. I know, I know. I’m extremely biased since I absolutely love this mix of genres. Whatever, man. It’s simply awesome to watch. Oh, and if you enjoy it, please do try to support the anime by buying the merchandise, light novels, and blu-rays. That way, maybe we’ll see a much needed season 2! And 3… and 4… and 5…

Summer 2015 Anime (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) Roundup

Phew, that was a longer write-up than I thought it’d be. People are probably tired of hearing me say this again and again, but holy crap the adaptations are on point this season. Overlord, Shimoneta, Prison School, Gate, Gangsta, Akagami, Gakkou Gurashi, and so many others are all adapted well. What a shift from the seasons not so long ago where you would hope and pray for a manga or light novel you liked to read to actually not cram 5-7 volumes in a single season. Entertainment-wise, this season is absolutely fantastic. There is something to watch every single day, and I’m honestly struggling to keep up. That said, there is also nothing absolutely mind-blowing either. Anime with quality like Shin Sekai Yori, Ping Pong, and so on have been very much missing in the past few seasons. At least, there are noticeably less. Furthermore, anime originals are becoming even rarer, which is quite disappointing as that’s where the real surprises come from. Nevertheless, things should even out by the end. We’ll get our fair share of anime originals and truly excellent anime sooner or later. For now, let’s just enjoy this entertaining season with many enjoyable anime to offer. Thanks for reading!

Gangsta Anime Wallpaper Prison School Anime Wallpaper Anime Wallpaper Albedo Overlord Anime Wallpaper 2015


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  • sousuke kashim

    Dat Shimoneta… and I thought Prison school was lewd

    • Entrav

      Too gud.

  • Yunii

    I was so hoping Laplace was going to be good. Nothing made sense in that one sadly. :(

    • Entrav

      Same, too bad.

  • Bakutay

    Gakkou Gurashi easy top 5 anime of the season. And i agree with u, god eater is just too heavily hyped to reallly even be interesting… But that’s just me

    • Entrav

      I get that. It was pretty hyped because of Ufotable after all.

  • Stellahime

    Glad to see that Entravity also enjoys Shirayuki :)

    • Entrav

      I’m a fan of these kinds of shows after all, and Shirayuki is one of the better ones.


    Wow, I think you had waayy too much fun with Himouto in that pic. I love it. :D

    Chaos Dragon: Due to life, didn’t get around to watching this. On the plus side of life, BY THE POWER OF THE MIGHTY STU, I’ve killed that BA and now I have a vacation AT LONG GLORIOUS LAST!!!!!! So I’ve had some time to watch tons of stuff this season~ :D

    Overord: didn’t get to watch eps 2 and 3. So I’ll be catching up with this~

    God Eater: Completely right about this one, Entrav. I’m just on this for the animations. Yet I had to force myself to watch the latest episode. I’m worried.

    Ranbo Kitan: Yeaahhh…. it’s meh. Why I’m watching this? It’s there to watch when I want to watch anime but can’t remember which better show to watch instead. :p

    Charlotte: Holding opinions until I reach the end. I do like this though. But it isn’t OMG GREAT yet.
    Classroom Crisis: Couldn’t have said it better.

    Ushio & Tora: I F$^&*@! LOVE THIS SHOW. TORA. IS. AWESOMENESS, THIS SHOW IS AWESOMENESS. Haven’t laughed so much since HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA. And the OP is HYPED AF!! It’s my personal OP OF THE SEASON.

    Rokka no Yuusha: Not a lightnovel reader so I don’t know how it goes there, but the anime up to now has been boring. The episodes weren’t engaging (for me). This show has potential, but that’s the only reason I’m sticking with it. SSY was slow, but the episodes never felt boring or empty. And the infamous info dump in ep 4 was not only useful, but interesting. Here, there’s this info dump in ep 1 and I’m like ‘uuhhh, ok. What’s this have to do with the rest of the story?’ I hope it’s useful later on, but I highly doubt it. What’s annoying is that the summary tells you upfront what the central plot is and the anime itself only gets to that part in episode 4, all while being boring the whole
    way though. I wouldn’t mind this if it was just more engaging. I think it’s better to marathon this (or at least the first 4 eps) because I feel like I’ve wasted a life time over the past few weeks on this alone.Now that the stage is finally set, the story can start moving. So I’m
    looking forward to that. Still…

    Prison School: Wow this one somehow managed to fly past the first 16 chapters in three episodes almost flawlessly. I guess the Bluray will be uncensored – but the white censor light isn’t really that intrusive except for one moment in ep 3 near the end. Still, I absolutely agree you need to see EVERYTHING to get the full experience. Love love love the ending theme!! And looking forward to how they’ll do the rest of this. Gakuto is pure awesomeness. Truly a hero.
    Wait, Mari best girl? Nah.
    Barring Meiko, who I feel has become the mascot of the manga, best girl would be Hana. ;)

    Gangsta: Faithful adaption #1. I LOVE THIS. So far it’s only covered the first 6 or 8 chapters of the manga so some people might feel it’s a bit slow, but it covers everything and I’m very pleased with it so far. I think every ANN reviewer described the animations as bad. I don’t understand how or why. I think it’s great. And Entrav, yours is the first review I’ve seen that says they’re solid.


    I’ve only jumped back onto watching anime regularly recently so I didn’t know that anime originals are coming around less often. It’s nice to see anime adaptions of good manga but if I had to choose, I’d take anime originals. If I’ve read all of the source material, then the anime won’t really surprise me. Not to say that all creativity is lost by doing adaptions. That’s definitely not the case, but there’s less genuine surprise or awe in watching adaptions IF you’re caught up with/ read the source material. More frustrating about adaptions is that I haven’t seen many of them cover entire series (or at least more than just 1 cour. (I’m looking at you, HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA – WTF WHY?!!?!?!?!??!). But at least there’s source material to fill the void. Originals can also screw up in a similar way leading to NEVER GETTING ALL THE ANSWERS (*cough*VALVRAVE*cough*) so each has their dark sides. I just think originals have that extra element of surprise because it’s a first.
    It’ll be disappointing if even less anime originals come around in the future.

    • Entrav

      Himouto too stronk. Making those thumbnails are always a lot of fun.

      Good job. Enjoy your vacation.

      Ushio to Tora: I’ll remind myself to watch it when the 39 episodes are over. Sounds good.

      Rokka no Yuusha: And you’re not alone. I know many others who feel the same. I just like fantasy settings, so it’s bearable enough for me.

      Prison School: Yes, Mari is best. Fight me. And yeah, it covered a lot of chapters, but the pacing is spot on. Forgot to mention that.

      Gangsta: Wait, every ANN reviewer said the animations are bad? That’s pretty ridiculous. It’s fine. Nothing exceptional, but solid. *Sigh* Then again, it’s ANN. Their reviews are seriously debatable. Just look up some of their previous ones. Would take their opinions with a mountain of salt.

      Yeah, that’s a major factor for me especially with regards to adaptations since for previews of every season, I read a bit of the source material if I can. Takes some of the excitement out of it. But going forward, I’ll be doing these first impressions instead, so I won’t have the same problems. The bigger problem is the lack of a continuation. But yeah, it would be nice if more originals come around. The ratio is pretty skewed this season.

      Thanks for reading!

      • MACHA

        Thanks! Enjoy summer!

        Mountain of salt – check.
        Shimoneta didn’t get a nice reaction from them either. It was an overreaction. Most of the reviews were painful to read, too. Keeping the salt close.

        Challenge accepted!
        Dude, everything Hana does is done with a blind determination that it’s almost like an artstyle. That’s best right there.

        • Entrav

          They didn’t like Shimoneta either? Mountain of salt indeed.

          Hana’s good I’ll admit that. But Mari’s keikaku doori and what goes on later? Dem ouroboroses? Dat pride. Dat seriousness. Would be delicious to see her be all dere but alas… more chapters need to come out. I can see it happening though, and it will be glorious.

          • MACHA

            True, Mari is very BOSS with her keikaku doori – especially later. Yeahh dem ouroboroses… that got my respect. Anyone else would be scarred for life.
            Haha, indeed when she does go all dere it will be awesome.

            Both are really awesome though, so the manga would probably have to finish first in order to settle this debate.
            Until then… Hana :)

  • asdfghj

    You haven’t see Aquarion Logos?

    • Entrav

      I never watched the Aquarion series.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Tier 6: Oh Lord Tatsuya Have Mercy That should be reserved for THE BEST, not the worst. Prophet, have you forgotten to read the scriptures lately?

    God Eather Is ufotable using this one for money laundering? They’d rather burn all that Fate/UBW cash than pay taxes eh?

    MonMusu After Yahari and Plastic Memories last season it’s only normal to stop liking rom-coms with a weak MC. Same feeling here. I see it’s a great show, but all those fanservice shows in the past have made me… burnt out, like you. I’m sticking with this for the Spider Grils though. As for the other ecchi of the season, I’m not even watching To-Love-Ru, it’s just.. boring. Okusama on the other hand is entertaining because it’s a short burst, but even that one has been a bit meh in the last episode. Sigh, what has this summer turned to. Do we need another Free in our lives?

    Jitsu wa Watashi Wa Manga has better art. I stand by my initial statement. Anime is a bit generic compared to it. The half-ugly, overly-expressive faces in the manga are its main selling point. They are both lacking in the anime.

    Angel Lotte Baseball episode confirmed it. It’s Angel Beats with a fresh coat of paint. That so-called emotional moment in episode 3 is downplayed by how rushed it felt. Apparently they had enough material for 52 eps and had to compress it… sigh. Now I understand why ep 3’s plot felt like it would’ve been better if split into 3 or 4 parts. I’m watching this just for the Imouto now. Also 2nd promotional poster kinda spoiled the whole second half or ending of the anime didn’t it?

    Sore ga Seiyuu! Ok I’ll watch it.

    Himouto! Umaru-chan MOE!

    Gakkou Gurashi! Google Nitroplus, one of the studios behind this. Also, google it AFTER watching the first episode. The director for this thing is good. Yeah, it deviated from the manga, but the way it blends in all the scenes is just… briliant! Also, the way it works around censorship, like in ep 4, yea.

    Gangsta It’s an urban mafia story. Honestly, I’d rather have it stay like this for the first season and focus on the main trio and uncovering their history. You’re right, it’s exactly what people who liked Black Lagoon would watch and enjoy.

    Prison School BASED. This is fantastic!!! Also, that’s an interesting way to spell Hana. Do you need a shower? Or a bottle, Entrav-kun?

    Shimoneta It only gets better. You will see quite a contrast between the exterior appearance and the inner selves of a lot of people. One has already been revealed, but there is another, which is quite the reverse of the first one. That’s all I’ll say for now.

    Non Non Biyori Repeat That ruler contest got me more excited than most battle/fighting/shounen anime out there. This is coming from a feel good slow-paced, let’s relax, anime! NYAN PASU~

    Overlord Madhouse delievers. Now I’m even more excited for One Punch Man next season. That rampaging Death Knight was animated gloriously. This is also one of the rare anime where 3DCG fits with the setting and plot. If it keeps up the quality, it’s my anime of the season as well.

    Furthermore, anime originals are becoming even rarer, That’s because they’re a risk less and less studios are willing to take. They also tned to get scrutinized more, like Plastic Memories was last season.

    By the way. Did you start reading Yahari yet?

    • Entrav

      Tsk tsk tsk. It seems you are the one who does not understand, young disciple. As you are well aware, there are many foolish and ignorant infidels who do not worship The One True God Tatsuya Stu. Shows like Kuusen Madoushi are The Lord’s small gestures to smite the ignorant masses to wake them from the false lives they have lived so far steering them to His Truth. Secondly, it is to remind us loyal followers of His Way that should we falter, we shall suffer the fate of enduring abominations like that show. That is why the sixth tier exists. There is actually a secret tier, but I’ll save that for later when a show finally reaches such a pinnacle.

      God Eater Hopefully Ufotable is training some newbies. This would be good experience for them because they might be able to have more important roles for an anime no one really cares about.

      MonMusu Dem legs. And another Free would be nice. Next season Haikyuu hype.

      Jitsu wa Watashi wa I’ll read the manga sometime later then.

      Angel Lotte At this rate, I’m not even sure if it’ll be nearly as good. (Not that I found Angel Beats to be really excellent or anything like that. I actually had a ton of problems with it.) 52 episodes? Really? Wow, that’s pretty damn bad. They may just make a VN afterwards. Yeah, episode 3 would have been much better if it got some more episodes. Way too rushed. I didn’t see the 2nd promotional poster so I’ll just avoid that from now on, thanks for telling me.

      Prison School Nonononono. Mari is the bestest mmk. You need more uroboros in your life. Her keikaku doori? Prideful boobies? Dat body? Dat potential dere side being foreshadowed? When that tough exterior falls apart it’ll be delicious. MMMMMM… And more ass. You need more ass. Everyone needs more ass though. And no, I’m good with the shower. I’d like to maintain my humanity. A bottle would be nice though.

      Shimoneta Cannot wait.

      Non Non Biyori Repeat Fuck yes. That ruler contest was incredible. No joke. Such hype. Such tension. Yet such relaxation. Too stronk. NYAN PASU~

      Overlord Ohhhhh yeah. One Punch Man coming soon. If they do that justice… This is going to be one heck of an entertaining year.

      Yeah, it is the far safer route. The source material almost guarantees at least some sales. No need to get too creative with it most of the time. Just adapt it faithfully, good pacing, decent animations, and most fans will be happy. Those things are more difficult to do as originals. The manga/LN is basically the storyboard after all. A really good copy version that they can pretty much copy at that. Originals need more time, resources, etc. I’m not sure, but I’m speculating that they get backing from the publisher of the source material to some extent as well. I mean, maybe not in terms of money, but then there’s potentially free marketing, etc. I’m not sure how much Plastic Memories was scrutinized last season in comparison to other anime though. Didn’t really pay that much attention. Especially in Japan. I have no idea what went on over there.

      Not yet. Been quite busy overall. Soon though… soon…

  • MgMaster

    – This summer settles…IT. With Shimoneta, Prison School & Shokugeki no Souma, based J.C. Staff should stick to raunchy over-the-top…SHOWS.

    – Shimoneta & Prison School in particular are like, constantly trying to out best each other as the raunchy comedy anime of the…YEAR(or in years). They’re like two brothers trying to make their papa J.C. Staff…PROUD. It bring’s a manly tear to my…EYE. Not familiar with Shimoneta’s source material but like, I remember after Prison School 1st ep I went to just take a quick glance at the manga and before I knew it, I ended up reading it in two sittings. I just couldn’t put such a masterpiece down.

    – As for others, my feelings on MonMusu are similar to yours, thought I’m liking it a bit more because I do love me some mythological beings. I’d say the more it tries to build the comedy, fanservice & mostly everything else around the girls actually being non-humans also quite different from each other in terms of both bodies & personality due to race. The personalities still fit perfectly into stereotypes we’re all so used to, though I somehow don’t mind it as much as it’s under the pretext that it’s a racial trait. If they were almost identical to actual humans then It’d prolly be drop-worthy. Like, I never could get into To-Love-Ru despite me trying to as it was just that.

    – Then there’s Rokka no Yuusha which I’m honestly enjoying WAY more than I thought I would enjoy what appeared(and in part still does) to be a rather common fantasy “heroes save the world from evil” story. Then again, I honestly don’t mind these at all if they’re executed well enough and so far, this one sure is, IMO. The attention to detail combined with a good, slow pacing does it credit, allowing for proper world-building, tension build-up and characterization that let’s the audience get to know the characters bit by bit. I loved scenes such as Adlet watching Fremy in the mirror as he slowly walked away. Such scenes can give hope that it’s an anime that knows it’s an anime – a visual medium that SHOULD make up for the time constraints with the show don’t tell approach. If can continue offering all that, the not-so-great-looking CGI demons become just a minor set-back to me and nothing more.

    – Still finding Overlord pretty fun for a genre I’m not really into but I can see the one-sided battles getting somewhat boring eventually and as the anime itself is called, well…Overlord, I’m not expecting that to stop. Rather, I’m hoping that the entertaining comes from more than just that . Most obviously rest’s on Ain’s/Momonga’s – if he’s an interesting and/or entertaining enough character to make one-sided-fights enjoyable. I find him pretty decent so far.

    – Joukamachi no Dandelion is one surprisingly more fun than I though! There’s some family warmth to this one, mixed in with some light but effective comedy & some actual cute moments. Shiori for instance, is actually an imouto I can see as adorable, whereas for the imouto in Charlotte(the more common type…) I wish nothing more than for someone to put a paper tape on her mouth.

    – Gangsta, which is awesome. It might do an even better job at characterization with the MCs than Black Lagoon. Granted, Black Lagoon put priority on the presentation of the world the characters inhabited, while Gangsta’s main attractions are the main characters, the world being 2nd, even though they go hand-in-hand.

    – Charlotte, which I dislike as it poorly follow’s a most usual Key pattern and I’m not even much of a fan of it done right but I’m curious to see where it goes;

    – Gate,which on one hand I feel it’s doing a poor job at tackling politics but on the other I feel as if it’d be too boring without them and in the end I’m curios to see where it goes;

    – Okusama ga Seitokaichou! – Short, entertaining, raunchy,so why not?

    – Jitsu wa Watashi wa is indeed a bit too much of a generic old-school RomCom. Can get a somewhat boring at times but I don’t know…maybe because I haven’t watched one of these in a while and I find Youka & Nagisa likeable enough, it’s still kind of fun I guess.

    – Ushio To Tora is something I’m gonna treat as a long running shounen, even if it doesn’t come close to one and the only one of those I watch is Gintama. I figure one should have that mentality around it he doesn’t plan on marathoning it when it’s finished.

    • Entrav

      J.C. Staff should be proud of what they have done this… SEASON. Shimoneta and Prison School make for a season that’s too entertainingly… PERVERTED.

      MonMusu would probably be better for me to watch once I feel like it. Right now, with so many great slice of life this season with some really entertainingly awesome anime like Overlord to boot, I guess I don’t have as much patience. Plus I’ve been following anime week to week for years now, and this stuff, even with the monster girl twist, is getting a bit old.

      The latest episode for Rokka no Yuusha (Episode 5) was pretty interesting. Shows that it’s not just full of action and the author does put thought behind his writing. As far as what others have said, it gets better from here. Should be interesting though the 12 episode limit will definitely cut things a bit too short.

      I definitely understand your concerns about Overlord. I think if Madhouse manages to capture the feeling the LN gave, it won’t get boring. The author is quite good at making overpowered scenes pretty damn awesome. Don’t want to spoil anything obviously, so I’ll leave it at that. I’d recommend watching it until the end since I think it gets better and better.

      I should have actually put Joukamachi higher on the list. I’m really enjoying the series. The chemistry and the mix of characters are great. Literally all the main characters are fairly interesting/unique. Indeed, Shiori is adorable. Her relationship with Teru makes my heart melt. Too moe.

      Don’t get your hopes up about politics for Gate. Just enjoy the mix of the two different settings. The real life side of things gets more ludicrous politically speaking as the manga progresses. (Didn’t read the LN but I think they’re mostly the same in this regard.)

      Okusama ga Seitokaichou – Muh guilty pleasure of the season. Too stronk.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Kami

    I’m just a comment passing by, i really love Entravity ! For this season i’m hyped for Gate and Charlotte (i’m watching a ton of others anime though). Charlotte episode 7 was really good. I hope you’ll do something about it when you will have some time :3

    • Entrav


      I’ll do a final impressions of all the shows I didn’t drop this season when the season is over. Charlotte will be one of those shows for sure.

      • Kami

        Yey you made my day. Thanks for the hard work :3

  • cshin9

    Does Overlord really get better? I’ve been following it since the beginning, and I would place it at tier 3 at most.

    • Entrav

      I think many LN readers would agree that it gets better (provided they adapt it properly) but that’s comparative to the quality now. It’s not going to be that different from what it is now. If you think it’s tier 3 at best then no, it won’t really get better for you.

  • Diego Rivera

    Hahahaha really interesting reviews, I agree that Shimoneta is deeper (in many ways XD). Since I saw this image for the first time I always felt I saw it somewhere. Have you figured it out? The meaning behind “Sex will let you free” is more intense after realizing the resemblance.

  • Khader

    still wating for the time when you start to make some episode by episode funny review if you have time
    i really love that type of review that you do @Entravity:disqus

  • Yatogami

    I have to disagree on one thing. Anna Nishikinomiya for best girl of the season.

  • joshuua

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    Your a crack up!! Seriously read our minds when you review anime. Just wondering if you have taken on “the Devil is a part timer” Light Novels yet. I’m up to Vol 9 and it’s dope. Take care