Tamako Market Episode 2-4

Tamako Market Dera Gold-coated

More moe blobs to entertain us.
Tamako Market Episode 2, 3, 4: “A Valentine’s Day Blooming With Love”
“Hot for a Cool Girl”
“A Small Love Blooms”

Episode 2

Tokiwa Midori


Valentines Day is a time for generations of young and old to convince themselves that they can sway someone’s heart. Although not celebrated as brazenly in my city, in Tamako Market, we witness the change of an entire district to this event. With this anime’s lighthearted atmosphere, it’s easy to feel relaxed as this anime doesn’t have much of a serious story.

While the Tokiwa Midori, the popular moe blob keeps Dera company, the livelihood of the town is realized as they all vouch to support Tama-chan with her Valentines Day cause. From this episode onwards, we see the love that she has towards the shopping district and everyone inside of it. Because this is a slice of life, the character interactions are what keep the show alive and interesting. To that extent, KyoAni does a good job providing varying characters that make for some entertaining conversations.

Episode 3

Asagiri Shiori Tamako Market

Asagiri Shiori is the silent and shy type who doesn’t talk to others because she is afraid of being judged. Although it’s a common character in many forms of entertainment, there are quite a number of people like this in real life. Heck, who doesn’t want to be socially accepted? Her appearance may have charmed Dera but her straight forward manner deserts his aggressive approach. However, Dera can be useful sometimes as he does give advice that is fitting. Still, far too often do we see the outwardly foolish character saying a few wise lines to give the audience a feel for his or her intelligence.

Asagiri Shiori

I’m actually a bit conflicted with Asagiri stepping outside of herself. On one hand, I feel that it’s great that a character is being explored and that some progress is being made. However, I also feel that KyoAni tries too hard with the way it is portrayed. As Asagiri said her lines of “It was really, really fun,” I feel somewhat uncomfortable watching it as it feels forced.

Episode 4

Kitashirakawa Anko

This time, the episode revolves around Anko, the moe (do I even need to say that anymore?), and totally ordinary little girl. We’ve watched the town evolve during Valentines Day and now, it’s time for a festival. Without the glorious festival, we would not have seen the gold-coated Dera (VIDEO) in action.

Tamako Market

Apart from the embarrassed Anko who is trying to hide from who she likes, this episode offers what a normal slice of life anime offers and nothing out of the ordinary. What I can say about this episode is that all the mochi being thrown around this episode sure makes me hungry.

More Thoughts

With all these events going on, it’s hard to remember why Dera even came in the first place. His original mission of trying to find a mate for his prince ended up with him fooling around with moe blobs. While I’m sure that we’ll see more regarding his mission, I would certainly like to see more episodes pertaining to that soon. Some may find the anime intriguing and others may find it flat out boring. I stand somewhere in between; I like watching the episodes but I’m not dying to watch it every week.

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  • Guardian-NaMuKo

    You should watch Episode five.

    Now, look at this.


    I will seriously switch to OpenOffice if Microsoft patches that.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Oh damn, that’s awesome. Looking forward to more from the artist.

      I did watch episode 5 :) I almost always watch the episodes on the day they are released. It’s just that I don’t have the time a lot of the time :(