Tamako Market Episode 5-6

Ooji Mochizou and Tokiwa Midori argue or love
Potential OTP.

Mochizou and Midori?!
Tamako Market 5 Review: “We Spent the Night Together”
“Ichiya o Tomo ni Sugoshita ze”
6: “I Felt Chills Down My Spine Too”
“Ore no Sesuji mo Kōtta ze”

Episode 5

Harem pls?

Ooji Mochizou

Dera advice always good advice.

The difficulties of confessing are abundant in the anime world and it’s no surprise that Ooji Mochizou is having trouble himself. While his situation is not unique, Dera certainly adds a layer that creates a more lively and interesting atmosphere. Without him, I’m sure this anime would lose a major part of what it means to be, that is, to be entertaining. Since this episode focuses heavily on Ooji’s relationship with Tamako, or the lack thereof, it wouldn’t be as amusing had Tokiwa Midori not entered the fray.

Tokiwa Midori

She is a character who is both popular among girls and boys, but she doesn’t find any interest in boys while she holds undying love for Kanna and Tamako some for Mochizou who must be the biggest blushing idiot I’ve seen in a while. The beginnings of a deeper relationship between the two are there, but I’d be surprised if it goes that far. Nonetheless, more complex scenarios revolving around the dense characters are interesting to observe.

Episode 6

Kitashirakawa Tamako


To be honest, I was surprised to see the beginning of the episode take a more mysterious and suspenseful approach as it caught me off guard. Sadly, it doesn’t do much in the ways of promoting it any further. I would much rather see a creepy episode because it would be a great change of pace for the otherwise fun-filled anime.

Tamako Market


Makino Kanna

Are you superstitious? I always scoff at the peculiar rituals people perform when it comes to gaining good luck. It’s not that I think for sure it doesn’t exist, but because these things are probably fabricated by some random people. Though, I can say that KyoAni did a great job portraying the mysteries surrounding the town in an intriguing fashion even if it means sacrificing the spooky atmosphere they first placed.

More Thoughts

Instead of doing a weekly post, I decided to have two episodes in one for two reasons. First, there has been the issue with time, secondly, I feel that I wouldn’t have enough things to discuss if I did do a post a week. That’s not to say there’s nothing to talk about in this anime; I just simply don’t have much to add outside of what the anime illustrates. There’s also going to be another series I will be posting soon that will be replacing Sasami-san until it gets more interesting because I’m not a huge fan of it right now. Anyways, for the anime itself, I think it’s an enjoyable one albeit somewhat typical. Hopefully, there will be some more emotional buttons that KyoAni will push on because that’s what they excel at. Right now, however, it’s nothing superb but nothing terrible.

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