The state of things

Entravity update state of things
An update.

I ramble about what’s been going on.
Sorry for being so late about it.

Listen to this if you want the details. TL;DR is below.

Okay, I was thinking of transcribing my audio but holy crap it’s way too painful to do so here’s a TL;DR with a short summary.

My content is going to be a lot more random and I will really lessen the amount of content I’m going to put out there compared to the amount of content a few seasons ago. The quality should be better though.

Also, from now until the end of April I will be more busy than I have ever been, so do not expect a lot of content.

There may be weeks or even months where I may not post any content and there may be times when I post regularly. I’m not sure. This is firstly because I’ve been a lot more busy this past half year compared to the previous two years. I’ve been looking at my career more seriously and doing things on my own. Secondly, I’ve become a lot more picky as a critic when it comes to what reviews I put out there. I do make drafts that you all never see because they didn’t meet my standards. Thirdly, I am a bit burnt out from doing episodic reviews for the past two years. I’ve made 450+ posts which means I’ve done a post every two days on average in total. That’s quite a bit, but the majority of the posts came from more than a year ago where I didn’t go into much detail and didn’t know how to review at all. (I still don’t, but I’ve improved by a fair margin.) I don’t want to make those reviews anymore. I want to make reviews/posts that are more worthy of your time. Episodic reviews are not necessarily a good medium for that. I talk about the nature of episodic reviews in the video, but I could talk a lot more about why it’s not necessarily the best medium for good critique. I may switch to doing spoiler reviews at the end or during important parts of certain anime instead of just sticking to discussing episode. That’ll give me more freedom. I still will do episodic reviews of anime that I think are worth delving into and have a good amount to analyze. During those times, the captions will definitely still be there. I also will still be active on Twitter regardless of what happens, so feel free to follow me on there. (Oh and here is the post I made a year ago that I mentioned in the video.)

I really want to thank you all for your support. (More thoughts in the beginning part of the video.) You guys have been a great audience, and I’m glad that I decided to do this. Hopefully, I made you think a bit more seriously about some anime. Hopefully, I made you laugh a bit with my silly captions. Hopefully, you had fun. Jeez, this sounds like a farewell post. I’m not quitting just yet though. There are still things I want to finish before that happens. Sorry for not posting this earlier. I wasn’t sure if this shift in content was going to be a permanent thing or not. You can refer to the video for more details about everything I said above. Again, thank you guys a lot for your support. You’ve been a great audience.

May you never forget the ERU ERUFU.

May the One True God Tatsuya Stu continue to reign supreme.
May the glorious Wincest triumph.

I’ll see you guys next time.

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  • xlr8tion

    Yo man, you’re awesome, don’t worry too much.
    Sure thing, episodic reviews can be skipped, that’s okay! We just hope you put out complete reviews of shows and recommendations of them. They don’t have to be long, just short and fun! We just want to know your thoughts man!

    • Entrav

      Thank you!

      It’s tough to find a balance nowadays between trying to be critical and not making it too long and not-so-fun. Well, the top 10 should be a good place for recommendations as always, so I suppose you can look forward to that at least.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    SENPAI NOTICED ME mouth foaming

    I feel your pain man. I’m in engineering and the CV builders are murder. You have to sacrifice a lot of personal time for them. Damn this capitalistic society. Still, you should take some time off once in a while and enjoy uni. For some it’s the best period of their lives.

    Don’t worry about your reviews. Quality wise, they’re some of the best I’ve seen/read on the internet and compared to some of the guys at RandomC’s thoughts on the same series (e.g. Aldonah) you are doing a better job at being an actual critic. It’s easy to just do a simple positive review and please the fanbase, but it’s a lot harder to be a critic and withstand the brunt of negativity and occasional SJW raids on your website. Those were the days.

    It’s good to have high standards though. Don’t stop improving. The AMV’s are getting better as well. You don’t really need to do episodic reviews all the time. I, for one, enjoy the more random stuff like Demo’s vids on youtube, or info on what happens behind the scenes of anime production. You can also fit that sort of nice quite nicely, if you want to.

    Stay strong. Fight the good fight,

    May Tasuya Be With You

    P.S. Sorry for insisting so much on Wixoss by the way. Got way too overhyped by it.

    • Entrav

      Good luck with engineering. Personally, I cannot imagine going through some of those things that engineering students have to go through (especially in UoT), but hey, that’s why I’m not in it.

      Yeah, I’m trying to think of what other kind of videos/posts I can do aside from the normal reviews. It could be a nice change of pace, and maybe it’ll help inspire me a bit more as well.

      May The One True God Tatsuya Stu be with you.

      It’s alright. I know that feeling when you just want to share the hype. It’s no big deal.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Perhaps you’ll find inspiration in blogs like this

        His last article about Shirobako and its reflections of the real people behind the industry really caught my eye.

        • Entrav

          It’s always interesting reading about what’s happening behind the scenes. Shirobako is an absolutely fantastic show for that, and I think all anime fans need to watch it. Kind of makes me want to make a video titled “Why you should watch Shirobako.” That’s actually something I could very well end up doing since it is such a unique anime. Anyways, shows like that do inspire me a lot more than the typical show.

  • Ashar Shahid

    wait……….. i just want my meme epsidoes Q.Q

    • Entrav

      It’s k. The eggs should supply you with enough memes this season.


    [fangirling on]



    [fangirling off]

    The struggle is real in uni. I’m 4th year med student so I know hectic the work
    can get. [Feels the burning gaze of my
    freaking insanely huge course books since I should be studying TT___TT ] Still, depsite all the stress
    and work, the rewards at the end are so satisfying that it’s worth the
    struggle. Just don’t overwork yourself.

    I like your spoiler/mid seasson reviews because – like you said – there’s more
    to talk about. But the captions. The captions were the first thing that caught
    my attention (along with the awesome SSY review). Seriously, you’re the only
    one who does (that many) captions with the review. They’re HILARIOUS AND
    AWESOME so keep ’em coming! The contents of the review is really good – better
    than a lot I’ve checked out. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into what
    you write and why. I’m happy to read reviews that offer a well thought out or
    new perspective on a show. So it’s great that you’re really striving for

    May you triumph over the trials set
    before you with the blessing of the ALMIGHTY STU and with the power of THE

    P.S.: I have a wall of text that needs to be typed and posted about WA2. But
    alas, life happened. Still, it’ll come eventually.

    P.P.S.: Nah dude, you said it right the first time ;)

    • Entrav

      Oh man, good luck with your studies. Looks like we’ve all got a long road ahead of us.

      I enjoy doing the captions a lot when a certain episode or show really clicks with saying whatever random bullshit comes to mind. More serious shows make it difficult to do, and sometimes the captions just don’t work out that well, but sometimes, for some reason it just works and it’s a lot of random fun, haha.


      Take your time with WA2. There’s a lot to say when you finish it. Even back during a time when I usually did episodic reviews as soon as possible it took me a few days after watching it to put everything together.

  • Matteo P.

    Entrav’s reviews really unique! Entrav funny guy! Miss :(

    • Entrav

      Thank you.

      If a show and episode ends up inspiring me to write, then I will still do an episodic review for it. It’ll depend on the situation.

      • Matteo P.

        It’s funny because i would have never witnessed the deeds of Onii-sama if it wasn’t for your episodic reviews :) You saved my soul from damnation and showed me the true way!

        • Entrav

          I can only thank The One True God Tatsuya Stu for showing me His Way. I have to admit that I did not immediately start off as a believer.

  • alex4wood

    gonna miss ur awesome and funny reviews :(

    • Entrav

      Well, I’m not sure if I’m never going to do episodic reviews. As long as the show and episode inspires me to write then I will do a review about it.

      Thanks for reading my reviews!

  • Flaiboy

    Hey Entrav! *holding out my hand to shake yours and support you*

    As much as I’ve enjoyed reading your perceptions and perspectives I encourage you to go full bore into real life. Changes in life can be tough to navigate but I’ve always thought you were a smart guy and a serious player; you’ll be able to find that balance as you adjust to the dynamics that are part of your life. Heck, you’ve balanced once, already . . . get used to it, life is kinda like that. #B^)

    Maybe cuz I’m older than the usual anime fan I see the change you’re going through with different eyes: life is partly a series of choices we make so even though I’m not COMPLETELY broken up by this I can understand it. I see it actually quite a bit these days with other bloggers/fansubbers whose lives demand they spend their time elsewhere. It’s not a bad thing, just kind of a hard change to accept and get used to.

    Over the last year or so when you started blogging less our differences in the genres of shows we watched became more apparent to me: you were writing less and even worse you were writing about shows that I wouldn’t be watching! AAARgggg!!!!! But I still checked in, every day – and I mean EVERY DAY – cuz I still wanted to see what you were writing about.

    I think your perceptions about your writing are spot on: things about timing, content, and such. Burnout is real when you’re going solo like you are. You have to carry the full load every day and week.

    Remember the Glory Days of SSY and SNK!!! Just cuz you’re spending less time blogging doesn’t mean I won’t be checking up on you!

    • Entrav

      Thanks for always supporting me!

      The reason why I said I may stop doing this after I graduate is because the career path I have in mind will take a large portion of my time and energy. Mix that with the fact that I use tens of hours to make one video review and it’ll be difficult for me to get out something even every month. However, I have by no means mastered the use of my time and energy, so who knows? Maybe I’ll find the time and energy regardless of what I do. An hour a day every single day for a month is pretty much one review. Then again, I’m not sure if I’ll be reviewing anime instead of doing other things. It’s too far away for me to tell right now, but I was just giving everyone a heads up.

      It makes me glad that you check up on my site every day. I really do appreciate that, but for your sake I hope you lengthen your regular checks a little bit from now on, haha. I’m still thinking about writing a final impressions post for the season so everyone can get a word in. It’s a bit tough for me to do that since I want to go in-depth and not just talk about anime on a superficial level. That’s really difficult to do when you’re trying to talk about 20+ different shows. Well, I’ll see what I can do, but don’t hope for too much. The top 10 of the year will still be there and should serve as a good yearly review.

      Don’t worry. I have never forgotten the glorious days of old. 2015 looks to be quite something. The lineup for spring is already fairly impressive, so 2014 is merely a stepping stone for the hectic year of 2015. At least, I hope so.

      Thanks as always for your support! I’ll try my best to deliver something worth watching/reading whenever I do end up posting.

  • MgMaster

    Good luck in your endeavors Entrav, may Lord Tatsuya-Stu watch over you!

    What about seasonal charts or end-season reviews though? Or perhaps do some 1st impressions where you just share your quick thoughts on what you just watched instead of the entire seasonal charts. I figure that during the usual hype of a new season where most shows are being tried-out there’d be greater incentive for someone to share his thoughts on them without trying too much effort in finding the right words to express themselves, being the time when everyone’s still deciding what they watch & what they drop. Just my 2 cents :)

    • Entrav

      Thank you!

      I’m still thinking about it. I’ll definitely still make previews. A short first impressions of some shows at the end of the season is something I am looking to possibly do. Not completely sure though.

      May the One True God Tatsuya Stu be with you.

  • Bam

    As an aging anime enthusiast who has watched quite a lot throughout the years and is also getting proceedingly occupied with social obligations I can tell you that burnout is not only real, but quite imminent. That is not to say a new work can’t reignite a person’s interest, but that will eventually become exceedingly more rare.

    Best thing to do is to first get on with what needs to be done so you can have time to kick back and enjoy a series. They say even forced honey tastes bitter, and it can be really offputing when you feel as you have to watch a show and get an opinion out. Sit back and let something new find and engross you- that way you can be passionate about what you’re writing, which makes it more sincere and valuable then posting every week without your heart being in it.

    • Entrav

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s exactly what I plan to do.


    How CAN you forget about me? I’m a boss and a swag-hound.

    • Entrav

      B-B-But I gave you the biggest shoutout.


      • SASUGA

        EXACTLY! I’m just sayin that I CAN’T be forgotten!
        But I know you know that, that’s why I’m going to braid your hair and make you my A-drei.

        they are Groot,
        WE ARE SASUGA!

  • A.C.

    Well this is incredibly timely, albeit

    • A.C.

      Damn, didn’t realise it would do that! >__<)

      I'll say this though, you made Valvrave what it was for me, half the fun of watching that show was coming here afterwards and seeing the reviews and comments, and the name Entravity will always be burned into my mind for that reason alone, not to mention your interesting and ORIGINAL critique on other shows as well.

      Welp, I won't keep rambling as I feel I've used up enough of your time with this post already, but though I largely stopped posting, I was always checking this site out to see what was up, and as soon as I got REALLY, UNCONTROLLABLY excited about an anime again (hello god-tier Parasyte, just finished watching the last episode, DAMN they're good at doing cliffhangers! O_O), I came right here to see what was up!!!

      So, I wish you all the best, and I look forward to seeing your summary of Parasyte when we get to the end of the season!!!! ;) :P

      • Entrav

        Thanks for following me on the crazy ride that was Valvrave. That was indeed quite a ride.

        At this point there’s no guarantee for what shows I’ll review, so don’t have your hopes too high for a Parasyte review. Regardless, I’ll definitely finish watching the show. If I don’t post anything a month or two after it ends and you want to know my opinion then feel free to send me an email and I’ll reply with some of my opinions that may not be well thought out enough to be put on the site. (You can just click “contact me” at the top) That is, if you don’t mind that the opinions may not be as thorough as a more formal review.

        • A.C.

          Anytime, Entrav, I owe it to you and this site that I had so much fun with that show. And that’s a very kind offer by the way, but I respect your personal time and priorities (though I may still give in to tempation/curiosity! :P).

          It’s weird though, I’m enjoying it so much (Parasyte that is) I’m almost afraid for it to end! But it’s not like it’s an ongoing saga or anything so it will come before I’m ready sure enough. Haven’t felt this passionate about an anime in a LONG time, it’s a nice feeling. ^_^
          But I agree with your video in general, with a few exceptions (Shinichi!!!) there haven’t been that many series that you could really work with on an episode by episode basis to the extent that would be fulfilling (or allow you to avoid rampant repetition). You know, this kind of reminds me of something a glamour photographer once said “It must seem easy, taking pictures of naturally beautiful women all day and getting paid for it. But honestly, save for those standout models that practically work the camera themselves (the equivalent of Valvrave), most models make you WORK for that one shot that makes people stop and look.”

          And I hope you find that balance we all long for, I think re-prioritizing at this juncture is a really, REALLY smart move. I kind of failed to do that myself with my artwork many years ago, and it’s been a painful process trying to get back into it. I have moments of excitement, as you perfectly described it, but then that fades and I get bogged down trying to keep up with everything else again. Not to mention due to lack of practice my ‘skill’ is laughable, yet I’m a perfectionist… oravey… >_<

          So yeah, really smart move to try and re-assess everything at this point in your life before it DOES become a burden. I won't put any undue pressure on you or anything, but the fact you're honest with yourself alone gives you an advantage over many others.

          May the *UNIVERSE* be with you!!! ;)

          • Entrav

            That quote is so damn true for trying to make good captions. Some shows like Valvrave and Mahouka are really easy to do and give fantastic results. Almost every single other show is far more difficult to do. You really gotta think of some incredible bullshit sometimes, haha.

            Personally, I admire anyone who tries to improve their drawing. I am actually downright terrible at it. I remember taking classes for it like a long, long time ago and I just did not do well. I’ve always wanted to make those awesome images you see out there, but when I start and it looks like absolute shit I cannot seem to continue. It just seems so far away that I lose my motivation. But it sounds like you have a solid foundation. It’d be a shame if you didn’t work on that. I mean, like you said, take it at your own pace, but I hope you don’t completely drop it. It’s just like the case where there are those people who are really good at piano only because their parents forced them to play it and then quit immediately after a certain test level. It’s such a shame because so much effort and work went into that. They could have created, and played some awesome music. I hope you don’t let your foundation go to waste, but then again I can’t even really recommend you anything since I don’t know if there are more important matters for you to attend to or not. Regardless, good luck with your future endeavors.

            May The One True God Tatsuya Stu be with you.

  • RAptor

    Take all the time you need Entrav. Real life comes first. I’m a marine engineering student, currently in a project that has resulted in me watching wayyyyy less anime than I would like, which is sad, but hey, suffer now and enjoy later. Also, don’t burn yourself out.

    I had a blast following your Valvrave and Mahouka reviews. Never failed to make me laugh. I set my Chrome browser to open up certain tabs by default on startup, your webpage is one of them. I also enjoyed the White Album 2 reviews, although I was a bit late for me(I watched it a month ago).

    I wish you all the best in life!

    May The One True God Tatsuya be with you.

    • Entrav

      Glad that you enjoyed those reviews! Those two shows were honestly the most fun I’ve had reviewing. I still remember the days when I’d stay up really late doing all the captions (which numbered over 100). Then, I’d wake up and seeing a bunch of comments about how insane the ride is. Good times. Of course, The One True God Tatsuya Stu needs no mention for we all know He is above all else.

      Good luck with your studies!

      May The One True God Tatsuya Stu be with you.

  • karlstein12

    You’re a legend mate and your reviews are the SAIKOU-est!

    Been here since the days you wrote reviews of Valvrave the Liberator, they were just so awesome and always fun to read. Even now. I remember I always was in hurry to read your reviews after I completed an episode. Though you’ll still write episodic reviews about certain anime’s I’m still gonna miss that. Anyways, good luck to you and I’ll always look up your blog then and now to catch up with more of your funny and humorous posts.


    • Entrav

      Thanks for reading and following my content! I shall never forget the ride that is VALVRAAAAAVE.


  • Bakutay

    Good luck in your real life :) Never forget how anime/manga have supported us no matter what the situation was. *Salutes*

    • Entrav

      Thank you!

      Anime/manga will always be a source of stress relief no matter what I do in life. There’s something about those two mediums that make me feel good when I experience them.

      Good luck to you too!

  • Zerriet

    I apologize for commenting on this so late since I have been busy with school work and upcoming national exams as well but I would really like to thank you for being an inspiration to me and also giving me that push to go into reviewing anime as a whole properly rather than making it a one-off thing on MAL. I absolutely appreciate how you review things and consider a variety of perspectives, while maintaining a firm stand without having to give sweeping statements regarding shows.

    Overall, I do wish you all the best and I will continue to support you. Perhaps when I have the time, I will drop an email to you for further discussion regarding anime. Thank you again :D

    • Entrav

      I’m glad I was able to help you! It’s not easy to really get how to review properly (heck, I’m not even close to that yet), so I want to be of help when I can. Having more balanced, rational, but different perspectives for reviewing can only yield good results for the community as a whole.

      Good luck on your national exams and your reviewing! I will check my email once a while to see if you’ve got anything to say. Thanks for your support!

  • l

    good riddance

  • João Paulo Oliveira

    Man i’m sad about all of this.

    I know you spend much time running this blog alone, but i have to say, your review about White Album 2 was the best words i read when we talk about that show. It was everything i was hoping when i search for a review of that story, unfortunately in my country, even with countless enthusiasts of anime, nobody talk much about this show.

    But i see you burn much of your energy all of once in the beggining. Well, this is pretty common when your libidinal energy is burned too fast, after all, your interest in something meet your end just as fast starting.

    Thanks for your excellent work until now.

    • Entrav

      I’m glad that you liked that review!

      Looking back, I think that’s still the review I’m the most proud of since I was so emotionally invested in that show. Such inspirational and fantastic works really make my job a lot easier. And hey, if there are not many people talking about it where you live then you can tell them to check it out. There can never be too many people who have seen White Album 2.

      I know this post and the comments section kind of gives off a farewell vibe, but I’m not quitting. I’m just going to be posting a lot less in the foreseeable future. If another show that impacts me as much as White Album 2 comes around then you bet I’m going to do a review for it.

      Thanks for reading my reviews!

      • João Paulo Oliveira

        Was thanks for this excelent show found your review in your blog.

        I was so imersed and sensibilized to the point to feel really gratefull finding your words about that story

        Well lets hope for another fantastic story it will make you gain another boost in your inspiration.

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    No! Entrav hopefully this is not a farewell. You did make me think deeper on anime particularly on looking at Valvrave the Liberator S1 and S2 and Psycho-Pass.

    And, of course, yes your captions have always been hilarious! This is why I continued to return. You sure know humor.

    • Entrav

      This isn’t really a farewell. I’ll still be posting things once in a while… probably. I’ll be responding to emails or whatever regardless so I’ll still be active in some way.

      Thanks for reading those reviews! Valvrave was a lot of fun to do.

      • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

        Gets warm inside. And teary.

        OK! Please do continue on, Entrav. And Valvrave was very fun to read for me too.

  • NIX

    Hi. Although I hardly comment much…will still be continuing to check up on your blog for sure. Real life projects have forced me to leave anime for a few months and I’ve only recently started marathoning everything I missed out on so far. So, I definitely get what you’re going through. Keep doing what you do, but only if you enjoy it.

    • Entrav

      I definitely remember you commenting on some of my posts now and then. Thanks for following me all this time!

      Yeah, I’m trying to space things out more so I’ll actually enjoy reviewing. Some shows will no doubt inspire me to write something about them. It looks like Shirobako will be that show this season.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Hey man. Since 2014 season ended long ago and most of the autum seaosn 2-cours are already on their final run, do you think you can give us your own top 10 for last year? It doesn’t need to be in video format or even a long form of text.
    Edit: To elaborate, I think the tops might be veery different for both you and most of the people following here. It might spark an interesting discussion.

    • Entrav

      I was literally thinking about the top 10 for 2014 when you posted. Talk about interesting timing.

      At this point, one thing is certain. I definitely won’t make a video for it. I got hours of material to use in preparation from using Handbrake before I made this post, but I realized I really had no motivation to do it.

      However, I did write my thoughts (decent detail) for around 7 of the 10 shows already. That might sound good, but I didn’t touch it for a month mainly because I got even more busy and my motivation for doing it wasn’t helping. It’s mainly because 2014 wasn’t that great of a year for anime, at least in my opinion, unlike 2013. But now that you say that it might spark some interesting discussion… I think I could finish it up sometime sooner than I originally thought. I won’t say what time I’ll finish it by (since I already went over the “promised time” in this post), but I’ll try my best to finish it.

      Don’t hope for too much detail though, and don’t expect it to come out any time soon. Finals are approaching for me which may create yet another timesink much like all the reports I had to write these past two months.

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll try to finish it up.