Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 3-4 – Radio noise sisters

Railgun S Misaka Mikoto scared

Cloning Misaka Mikoto.
Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 3-4 Review
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 3-4 Review
“Radio Noise Project (Railgun Mass-Production Plan)”
“Redio Noizu Keikaku” (超電磁砲量産計画 (レディオノイズけいかく)
“Shisutāzu” (妹達 (シスターズ)

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 3 Review

Nunotaba left experiment

Shinobu Nunotaba kick


Well, well, things look to be getting more interesting with this episode as Misaka Mikoto finds herself in a peculiar situation where she must find out what’s happened to the DNA map that she gave to the scientist. As I thought, things aren’t exactly what they seem to be and the DNA map was undoubtedly used for purposes other than what the scientist said it would be used for. Nunotaba is also in this mess, and while she gives off a calm, collected and cold feeling, she appears to have a plan in mind as well. She used to be an important part of the experiment, but for one reason or another, she left. Could she have been kicked out? Perhaps it was because of moral reasons? Whatever it may be, Nunotaba still remains a mysterious character that I would like to see the backstory of and what role she will play this season.

Saten Ruiko desolated and sad

Shirai Kuroko going crazy over bear

She’s… really going crazy over that…

Radio noise sisters cloning report Misaka Mikoto shocked about cloning

Misaka Mikoto can't believe

It’s okay, you were young and gullible.

Railgun vs clones power level

Such a huge discrepancy between a level 2 and a level 5.

The various interactions between Saten, Uiharu, and Haruue certainly give off the slice of life feeling that we’re used to in this anime, but of course, that’s just an aside. Misaka finding out about the project is definitely the climax of this episode as we delve deeper into the interesting, but somewhat terrifying “radio noise sisters” report. Basically, they tried to clone her, but ended up failing because, as we all know, Mikasa is far too awesome to be cloned. However, it’s obviously not as simple as it being “frozen indefinitely” as the rumors are still going on and it’s not like the writer of the story will stop here. Personally, I’m a sucker for stories that are even mildly interesting, and this one proved to be quite enjoyable. This episode definitely paves the way for future developments.

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 4 Review

Shirai Kuroko accidentally puts her face on chest



Misaka electricity fries Kuroko


Misaka onee-san kawaii

Whoa. That’s definitely a weird Misaka Mikoto. Well, at least she retains her electric firepower to fry Shirai when the need arises. Nonetheless, Misaka in her happy state is nothing to scoff at. With the powers of bargaining they even manage to get an expensive looking rice cooker. Well, overall, for the whole episode except the very end, it does give me the same feeling that a lot of Railgun episodes in the first season gave me. The calm daily life activities that is strangely enjoyable to watch.

toaru kagaku no railgun Clone 9982

Misaka Mikoto madman face


Misaka Mikoto finally gets frog badge


Accelerator preview episode 5


Even so, we can’t always be entertained by the daily activities. There has to be something going on that keeps the story going, and that’s going to be Mikasa and Mikasa. Man, how awkward must that feel to be basically staring at yourself when you’re not in front of a mirror? The emotions the clone gives off is certainly not the same, and let’s just say that the experiment as a whole is… very bloody. The meeting of the original and the clone is nice, but I think what takes the cake in this episode is the end scene with all the Mikasas butchered. What may perhaps be even more frightening is how the scientists dismiss it as not even a big deal. Well, I’m just going to wait for Mikasa to blast the- IS THAT ACCELERATOR?! Finally, we get to see some Accelerator next episode… and Level 6? Looks like things are getting interesting really quickly.

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 3-4 Review Conclusion

I’m already liking the direction this season is taking more than I do with last season’s. It’s beginning to be very dark, but we’re eased into it so it doesn’t feel like a bombardment of facts that will horrify viewers. In fact, the conflict itself, the stuff about cloning and the project as a whole, is much more enthralling than whatever story the last season has. With Accelerator entering the fray, it’s only going to get better, and if the opening is an indicator of anything, even more espers will duke it out with each other. Unlike last season, it looks like we’ll be getting some real antagonists. The pacing itself is nicely done as they do have 24 episodes, and nothing feels rushed. Overall, it’s a solid two episodes that maintains the calm and steady slice of life style that Railgun gave us in its first season, but this time, it’s giving us more story to bite into and enjoy as it is more profound and intriguing.

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  • Dinosaur

    “The pacing itself is nicely done as they do have two seasons” One Season 24 episodes ?

    • Entrav

      Sorry, it may be a bit confusing, but I really mean two seasons worth of time. One season is around 12 episodes spanned across 3 months of time. This is why we have Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. When I say “two seasons,” I mean that it will encompass not only the spring season, but the summer as well, hence the two seasons. I’ll fix that up now to avoid confusion.