Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 2 – Nunotaba Shinobu

Railgun S Shinobu Nunotaba

Getting a bit more serious.
Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 2 Review
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 2 Review
Life Interrupt (Critical)
Jumyō Chūdan (Kuritikaru)

From a much needed to be explained past to a search for cash to the encounter of a mysterious character, Railgun moves along at a steady pace unraveling the story bit by bit.

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 2 Impressions

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun


Misaka Mikoto child

Even in a city as developed as Academy City, there are still diseases that affect people’s lives in a dramatic way, like muscle dystrophy. And as we can see, it’s the small, and adorable, Misaka Mikoto who is willingly closing a deal to help those in need. However, can the faceless scientist and doctor really be trusted? Moreover, what is so special about Misaka’s DNA map to begin with that it’s needed? Since she started from Level 1, it’s not as if she has a natural ability worth being sought after, but perhaps it’s the potential that counts?

Kuroko Shirai hug

Dat doubel hug.

Dog mode.

Saten Ruiko dog mode

Konori mii eat food


Sometimes, it’s quite difficult for me to comment on what’s happening in Railgun because it’s… a slice of life basically that has random, seemingly insignificant things going on. Whether it’s a harmless prank or not, the distribution of the cash cards supply more of the Railgun-esque episodes that we are used to. The one advantage of doing this is so we get to know the characters better and so the story is not rushed.

Shinobu Nunotaba Railgun S Shinobu


Kagaku Railgun S nunotaba

Shinobu Nunotaba, a student from the Nagatenjouki Academy is certainly a frightening one in, perhaps not her appearance, but the way she takes out the Skill-Outs. It’s definitely an interesting even to witness as she manipulates her opponents mentally to fear her to the extent of losing consciousness. I’d have to say, however, that the highlight of the episode is right at the end of the episode when she says “you’re the original” to Misaka. Remember that they got her DNA map and Uiharu was talking with Konori about cloning. You should know where this is going right? Well, if you’ve watched Index, you undoubtedly do.

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 2 Review

Overall, this episode is a solid progression to what’s going to happen next. Some people may not like the fillers here and there, but as a whole, it feels more complete and well rounded since they did. The thing with the fillers is that the characters are likable at least to some degree which make them a lot more bearable than it otherwise would be. Even the Shinobu, who just appeared this episode, is already starting to interest me especially since she has a background with Misaka. Moreover, at the end of the episode, things are taking a more serious turn instead of being more roundabout. Personally, I’m just looking forward to see the scenes in the opening and what will ensue from hereon out. And of course, Accelerator.

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  • Ninokuroyuki

    i havent started on this series yet, but the screenshot of shinobu made me interested. simply because in chihayafuru anime, there’s also another character with the same appearance and same name. so i was like wait, what? (picture below)

    i’v already downloaded this anime, now i just got to find some time and squeeze in this anime in between. hope i’ll enjoy it. :D

    p/s: have you watched chihayafuru? it’s actually quite nice and appeals to me even when i’m not actually interested in school life anime. give it a try, maybe?

    • Entrav

      I did start watching Chihayafuru quite a while ago, but I never got around to finishing the first season. From what I’ve seen, however, it’s definitely a solid anime I plan on watching when I have the time to do so.

      Damn, that picture is similar haha. You should like Railgun if you like slice of life with some interesting characters.

      • Ninokuroyuki

        hahaha i finished chihayfuru 1st season in one go. season 2 is currently ongoing. its best if you watch it when the second season’s complete. :D

        tbh slice of life isn’t really my cup of tea either, but sometimes its nice to have a change in the genre once in awhile. so yeah i’ll definitely be watching this. :)

        • Entrav

          Alright, I’ll take that suggestion and watch it later when the second season is complete so I can marathon it.

          Yep, give it a shot. I honestly think this season of Railgun, Railgun S, will be a lot more interesting than the last season.