Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) – Misaka Mikoto is back.

Toaru Kagaku Railgun Misaka Mikoto

The return of the Railgun.
Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) – Episode 1 Review
Chōdenjihō (Rērugan)

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 1 Impressions

For some, it has been a three year wait while for others like me who has finished the last season in anticipation for the new one, it has only been a few short weeks. Nonetheless, however long we wait I’m sure that many people are just as hyped for Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S.

A Small Introduction

Shirai Kuroko judgment

Buzz off.

Misaka Mikoto railgun

Wow, Academy City is riddled with perverts ready to sexually assault anyone that looks like a girl. I’m surprised that there are still so many running around targeting girls like Saten. Well, the anime does need an excuse to bring out Shirai Kuroko, the “onee-sama” obsessed teleporter with her unique voice that we have done without for quite some time. Well, other than Shiroyasha in Mondaiji of course. And of course, right when she tries to save the day, the oh-so-powerful, third strongest Level 5 user and electromaster, Misaka Mikoto appears to effortlessly wipe the floor with the thugs. But to be honest, a lot of people watch Railgun for her alone.

Misaka and Misaki

Misaki Shokuhou toaru Railgun S Misaki Shokuhou

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S season 2


Misaki Shokuhou


Misaka Mikoto


Meet Shokuhou Misaki, or better known as “The Queen.” She is the other Level 5 in Tokiwadai that exhibits perhaps the beauty that so many would associate Tokiwadai girls, especially a Level 5 like her. She has the ability “Mental Out” that is capable of controlling the human mind amongst other things yet to be disclosed. Her playful demeanor serves as a facade that hides her nastier side. While Misaka can’t be affected, Shokuhou’s ability may be considered more frightening when you take into account the scale and magnitude her “Mental Out” can have on people.

Banri Edasaki Ruiko Saten drinks

The slice of life style that Railgun displays is often entertaining due to the wide array of interesting characters in the anime. Kuroko’s constant attempts to molest Misaka doesn’t come as a surprise and Saten is still skirt flipping as usual. Haruue Erii is a new addition that serves to… be a moe blob? Yeah, that’s her best role as of now. Without such a cast, and the side characters that are also worth mentioning, this anime wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.


Misaka Mikoto electromaster Saten Ruiko falling Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko

Even with the ordinary slice of life elements, it’s not Railgun without some action with the skilled espers in Academy City. These ordinary thugs holding people hostage is really nothing more than the anime’s excuse to show off some Misaka flair. But who cares, the electromaster’s abilities are just as spectacular to watch as ever and the coin toss into a beam of awesomeness. Seriously, whoever came up with that attack deserves some recognition. It’s pretty fucking awesome seeing it again.

Toaru no Kagaku no Railgun S (FIRST IMRPESSIONS) – Episode 1 Review

If this episode isn’t enough of an opener for you, then the opening should give an idea as to how packed this season is going to be. I’m not familiar with the source material, but I hope that everything won’t be crammed too tightly. With the amount of new characters coming into the anime, there’s going to be a lot of conflict (Accelerator yay!) which means more action scenes compared to last season. It looks like the developments are going to be even better and the enemies are quite impressive as well.

Well, there isn’t much to talk about this time in the review. If you’ve watched the last season and you’re watching this one, you know what to expect. It’ll be interesting to review the other characters and the sequence of events that happen as the series goes along, but this episode is Railgun at it’s most “Railgun” form. Weak thugs getting in the way, character interactions, and Misaka cleaning things up. The most notable difference is Shokuhou, a newly introduced rival that will be first of quite a few new characters this season. The characters are as interesting as ever, but I do hope that the story will be much better this time around compared to the last season as I didn’t find it very compelling. However, it already looks like things are being improved upon in that regard. And anyways, it’s Railgun. What else do I really need to say?

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