Tokyo Ravens Episode 24 (FINALE) – SEASON 2 NEVER

Tokyo Ravens Harutora and Natsume
Just when it's getting good. SEASON 2 NEVER.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 24 Review
“to The DarkSky -Calling the Dead (Tama Night Crawling)-”
“tū Za Dākusukai Tamayobai” (to The DarkSky -魂呼(たまよばい)-)

With this episode ends the half-year journey. It’s been a ride that has been quite lacking in the beginning half, but something that accelerated greatly towards the end making for some interesting Onmyo fights, mysteries being unveiled, and characters being reborn anew. Certainly, these last few episodes made me view this anime in a different light. Let’s send this anime off with the respect it deserves.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 24 Impressions

Kon Tokyo Ravens anime


Yakou and Kon


Dairenji Suzuka



Dude. Just shut up. No one likes you.



Kon stabbed by Kagami Reiji

… This fucking guy…

Ohtomo Jin

Why can’t my teachers be as badass as him?


I thought he died.
Oh well.






Now I’m sad.


Kon transformation to hishamaru


Dude, you have to wait until she powers up fully. Stop cheating.


Kon Hishamaru Teenager

She should stay in this form a bit longer.

Tokyo Ravens Hishamaru Transformation





Tokyo Ravens Hishamaru

Hishamaru anime shoots arrow

Why is she so perfect?

Hishamaru angry

Perfect voice.



The party’s all here.

Shaver and Kagami Reiji

Full homo.

Hishamaru crying


Oh dayum.

Hishamaru and Kakugyouki



Harutora yakou eyepatch


Tokyo Ravens Yakou

This trio… TOO STRONK.

I wonder if he said the same to Hishamaru and Kakugyouki?


Souma Takiko sad

To think that she just wanted some friends.

Harutora saves Natsume

Bakayakou sure is oozing an aura of badassery.

Saotome Suzu Bakatora Yakou reincarnation

Pretty nice.



Damn, these two are fucking awesome.

This is just the beginning… But… BUT… BUTDSFSMAOFJDSPOF.

Looks like the ritual still has some faults.

Half-half I assume.

Time to train.

Just waiting for Kyouko to be omniscient.





How nice and straightforward.

Tokyo Ravens Haruto and Natsume last episode


Tokyo Ravens Kiss Harutora Natsume

Tokyo Ravens Season 2


Just when everything is really beginning.

Phew, well, that was a lot to go through in just one episode. The first question on my mind when I finished was exactly why Harutora leaves Natsume. I think now that he has “awakened,” he has certain things that he has to do since, well, he is a reincarnation of Yakou after all. Looking at his personality, we can assume that there is a split between Harutora and Yakou in that one hasn’t just completely taken over the other. The shivers that Hishamaru got when hearing her master is indicative of the fact that he’s speaking the way he used to. At the same time, he holds affection towards Natsume which is a sign that the Harutora side to him is still there. Now that the magnificent Kon has awakened as Hishamaru and Kakugyouki is back to serving under Yakou, they’ll probably need to finish… stuff… that we won’t know of for a long, long time if ever. That aside, we can guess that since Yakou was a master at the art of Onmyoudo, he may try to perfect the foundation that he laid many years ago. In other words, he may try to perfect the usage of Onmyouji even further and explore the depth of what it can offer. The ritual also seems to have gone smoothly, but it’s not exactly perfect. It’s possible that he’s venturing with the others to find a solution to that as well.

What does this mean for Natsume, Touji, and the others though? From the very minor spoilers I’ve heard, the tenth light novel, which is the part that’s right after this final episode, switches main character perspectives. If we were to have a season 2, I’m guessing we’ll see the story play out through the eyes of Natsume. Touji says that “we probably can’t be together like we have been until now” which hints at the possibility that they may each go their own ways and hone their skills. Kyouko’s astrology in particular interest me as she may just be someone necessary to open the world of Onmyoudo even further. Harutora was a major part of what brought all of them together, and now that he has left, it wouldn’t surprise me if the group disbands temporarily only to meet up again when trouble brews within the Onmyou Agency once again. As for the badass teacher that is Ohtomo Jin, he’ll continue to be the wild card that he has been throughout only now he’ll pose an even greater threat to the Onmyou Agency. I suspect he and Amami Daizen will try and uproot more information about the upper echelons of the Onmyou Agency. We also have Souma Takiko who won’t be befriending Harutora any time soon. Nevertheless, she’s quite an interesting character in these chaotic mix of events as she isn’t an antagonist and is someone who just wants to be friends with capable people. Now that her goal is even further from reach, she may try and find an opportunity to make up for her misdeeds or even take a complete turn due to the isolation and take a more irate path. With the trio gathered (DAT TEAM), I, much like Hishamaru after hearing the words of her master, shiver at the thought of what could transpire in the future and what Yakou/Harutora could do to the world at large.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 24 Review

And so, it ends. Yes, this really is the end. I don’t mean for the short-run. This is going to be the end for the foreseeable future. Tokyo Ravens isn’t selling to well, and the anime has run through most of the material (two volumes uncovered with nine covered). Given how long the author has taken to write nine volumes, it’ll take three years for there to be enough material to have another season. So yeah, don’t get your hopes up about a season 2. But it sure does suck not being able to see a continuation as Tokyo Ravens has gotten progressively better after the halfway mark. This was partially due to some of the mysteries thrown around and the plot twist that Harutora really was the reincarnation of Yakou. While I and many others saw this coming, the developments that ensued regarding Natsume’s death and the whole ordeal with Souma Takiko and the Onmyou Agency really did add a lot of interesting facets to the anime. And you know what? I really enjoyed this finale. We got Kon to TRANSFORM WITH INTENSE BADASSERY TO HISHAMARU, Yakou finally being truly reincarnated, Ohtomo obtaining Douman as a familiar, the revival of Natsume, AND A GOD DAMN KISS TO TOP THINGS OFF.

As rushed as some parts were in the past, this episode felt just fine. This is probably due to the fact that it didn’t spend much time focusing on unnecessary detail like side characters talking to each other. It focused on Natsume’s revival and key points of import. Focusing on those key moments also helps avoid cringe-worthy moments and dialogue. You can see that the phone call at the end with the insert song didn’t drag on at all with too much needless crying. The part of Natsume’s revival where there’s only the soundtrack playing in the background is absolutely the right choice. It portrays more with less time and gives nice implications here and there. Finally, the farewell at the end is also worthy of praise. Setting aside Harutard’s slow realization, it really is a very calming and sweet scene. This is how scenes like this should be, but you’d be surprised how shows tend to fall into melodrama letting tears flow everywhere at opportunities like this. Thankfully, this scene is straightforward, not filled with cliches, and serene. They kiss when the moment is right, they say what they need to say, and they part when they need to part. It’s beautifully simple. I still hesitate to recommend this series because overall it still has major problems especially in the first half. However, if we are to look at just this episode, it’s definitely one that’s pretty damn good. It leaves loose ends, but considering that the story still continues from here, it concluded things pretty well.

In the end, I’m glad that this series took me by surprise in the final quarter stretch. Hopefully, someday a season 2 will befall us. Though, “SEASON 2 NEVER” is probably more likely. This is pretty disheartening considering that this is where everything really starts. This is where the show can dig even deeper into the mysteries. This is where it can begin to give an even more serious vibe. This is where the Onmyou fights can get even more crazy. This is where it can begin to deliver some serious badassery with Yakou reincarnated. This is where KON, now HISHAMARU, CAN SHINE EVEN BRIGHTER WITH HER FLUFFY TAIL OF PURE FLUFFINESS… Doesn’t this feel like just a prologue to the real show? *Sigh. To soothe the pain of probably never experiencing more of this show, here’s a picture of Hishamaru from the light novel, AND HERE’S SOME HISHAMARU TRANSFORMATION GOODNESS (NSFW).

Souma Takiko Wallpaper Tsuchimikado Natsume Wallpaper


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  • omgITSorange

    I’m sad that this is ending…

    • Entrav

      *Sigh. I’d be fine with it ending if there were a possibility of it getting a season 2, but chances are extremely low.

  • niknasr

    This show is certainly one of the best airing in winter more so than it’s first half in fall..As a show that always compared with its LN counterpart Strike the Blood, its certainly leave his fellow companion halfway and move forward with its intriguing plot and improvement of the character.. I love this show mainly because it deviate from most shounen in terms of its main will not always save the day.. Although it ends with some unanswered question, each episode keeps me entertained with fights, comedy, love story and interesting story.. I salute the staff for keep following the contents of LN till the end (even though they cramped it because of not enough episode) instead of AO which I believe if they do it will not be as half as good as this.. I will keep hoping, they will doing a season 2 if the content is enough for it, although the BD sales is not that great, I surely hope it will be a great boost to the LN and we got to see season 2 because of it.. Overall 9/10 from me.. :)

    p/s: StB, screw you.. :p

    • Entrav

      B-B-But DAT HAREM in Strike the Blood makes it worth watching…

      Kind of.

      • niknasr

        Yeah, I love the harem in it too.. but in terms of other things like the fight, story and development of characters not to mention when people always comparing it with Tokyo Ravens, in terms of those Tokyo Ravens leave StB by a miles away.. As for Harem it still cannot match the awsomeness of DxD though.. :p

        Now, on to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Black Bullet (because of Yuuki Kaji of course) and DAL 2..

    • MgMaster

      I’m definitely with you there! While StB is enjoyable for what it is and has been consistent throughout it’s run,Tokyo Ravens managed to go beyond it’s generic shounen nature. I could marathon Tokyo Ravens in 2 days but could only watch StB in short doses,namely an arc per day(not that I’m gonna rewatch them,at least not anytime soon). It’s a shame it’s not doing nearly as good in terms of sales….

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    This is how all anime should be. Tokyo Ravens is not amazing. It’s doesn’t have a great storyline either. It’s just… good, simply good. Reminds me of old shounen anime like RahXephon or Bounen no Xamdou, the type that I liked to watch but didn’t leave a powerful impression on me like Evanghelion or Eureka Seven. I felt a great sense of nostalgia having watched this last episode.

    It had it’s share of problems and I agree the first half was a bit weak, but it recovered well in the second half and managed to do what a lot of shows couldn’t lately (except Log Horizon). It had a good ending. The kiss scene was simply, good! I feel i say that a bit too often but that’s my opinion of the whole anime.

    Adult Kon is awesome, but I’ll miss the chibi version and her cute accent. It’s also interesting to see what influence Gentletora will have on Bakayakou. Like you said, Yakou hasn’t fully taken over him and my hunch is that both of them are cooperating to achieve a common goal.

    This reminds me of Sakai Yuji in s3 of Shaguan no Shana. I’m curious to see if it’ll go the same way, but looks like we’ll have to wait a long time before we see another season. They should take into account people who watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation as well, not just BD sales.

    I’ll remember this anime fondly and will definitely watch it again when season 2 airs. Btw man, what’s with you and the fluffiness obsession lately haha.

    • Entrav

      To me, it’s going way too far to say that “this is how all anime should be.” I wouldn’t even want all anime to be acclaimed shows like Cowboy Bebop, Mushishi, and so on. I think it’d be more accurate to say that Tokyo Ravens is more your style of show.


  • 【フアド】

    I don’t get what fully happened to Natsume, okay she died, and then there is the Tauzan Fukun Ritual, she wakes up from bed and gets kissed by Harutora and he magically disappears, and then a scene where the trio leaving from a place possibly a cemetery? So what sort of condition is she in?

    • Entrav

      Telling you exactly what happened to Natsume would be spoiling the show, but looking at the phone call in this episode it’s pretty clear that the ritual wasn’t perfect and she isn’t completely back to normal. You can check around other forums and sites to find out more about the tenth volume.

      • 【フアド】

        the ritual wasn’t perfect? damn they should have explained that more clearly. I thought she didn’t make it or something. thanks :D

        • Entrav

          Ohhh, okay. That’s why you were confused. I see now, haha. I read some spoilers so this ending was okay for me, but I can see why it felt like she actually didn’t make it with her in a dream-like state and all. But yeah, just remember back to what Saotome Suzu said. She said it “kind of” worked.

  • zztop

    The decision to do a Season 2 will ultimately depend on the animators and involved parties, based on what I’ve heard about how the industry works nowadays. Sales and material may be lacking, but I think that’s only 1 factor to consider.
    If you consider that rather old shows like Durarara(4 years ago) and Mushishi(9 years ago) will be getting sequel seasons this year, then there could be some (very) faint hope.
    On the flipside, Strike the Blood is more vapid, but its novels and BDs are selling so well that there is plenty of financial incentive for a Season 2.

    • Entrav

      But the thing with Durarara and Mushishi is that they are both popular. And heck, even those shows are only now getting a continuation after almost half a decade or a decade. Sales are obviously only one facet to consider when it comes to light novel adaptations because it may increase sales for light novels. However, the source material itself probably isn’t going to present itself until three years from now. This is especially important since it’s not getting great sales. If it were super popular and source material is lacking, then something could be worked out. That’s not the case with Tokyo Ravens. With little financial incentive, I just don’t see this getting a sequel even in half a decade. Well, unless the light novel sells like crazy after the start of everything. It’s possible, but ultimately very unlikely.

      • A reader

        If it’s any good news, Tokyo Ravens sales in the light novel series spiked after episode 24. And at current, the newest volume of the novel was rated as number 9 of the 34 best light novel volumes going on! :)

  • MgMaster

    I had such a mixed opinion about Tokyo Ravens during it’s 1st half. I definitely saw some potential in there but my vision was sometimes clouded when it decided to go all cliche school life on us. Part of that(though definitely not all) was used to set-up the 1st half and I wouldn’t mind cliche school life but it went a bit overboard with them and the execution a bit lacking,though I certainly wouldn’t call it bad. Then things really starting rolling week after week in the 2nd half and I was damn impressed!

    I also want to applaud this episode. It provided a good ending while setting itself up nicely for a sequel which is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! that apparently we won’t be getting anytime soon. I don’t even want to think about never seeing one…Oh,and there’s another thing I really liked in this episode:

    It was how it didn’t choose to go all generic shounen on us by having Harutora actually get defeated by Kagami even with the Raven Wing AND Hishamaru because let’s face it,as much as an asshole Kagami was,he was still a way more experienced shaman than Harutora. I actually really expected for it to happen,especially when I saw DAT ASS- errr,I mean Kon’s transformation,and I wouldn’t minded it that much but there was probably this big grin on my face when it didn’t and I said in my mind “GG Tokyo Ravens,way to show other shounen shows”.

    • Entrav


      But yeah, certainly didn’t expect it to take the route it did in the second half. But still. SEASON 2 NEVER AFJDSPIFOSJFPOSDJFS.

  • TurriPi

    Man I feel like this is one of the best prequels to one of the greatest series ever made. However, that’s what it fucking is, a prequel, I want to explore this world, the way they slowly turned Haruto into a badass was awesome, even giving him a scar on his eye. I’m really sad to hear now that there probably won’t be a second season, guess I’ll have to read the LN.

    On another note, are you going to review the Noragami finale? I thought it was a big pile of “meh”.

    • Entrav

      I don’t know about the “greatest series” part, but things sure are getting interesting.

      I didn’t watch Noragami since the previous arc. Since it’s anime-original stuff, I’m not really too interested in reviewing it.

      • zztop

        Noragami’s anime director said in an interview that they chose to focus on Yukine’s arc for this season because its details are vital to understanding how future arcs work, especially Bishamon’s arc. Manga readers say this is true, especially since God-Regalia relationships are explored even further here.

        Given the limited number of episodes, they decided to leave Bishamon’s arc for now and use this Rabou arc for season closure, which was also supervised and written by Adachitoka, Noragami’s manga creators.

        The interview also says if they animate Bishamon’s arc, they’d need at least 10 eps for it, thus forming the plotline for a potential 2nd season.

        The writers obviously didn’t want to rush the story, so I think this is their way of closing the season without affecting manga continuity so a 2nd season can be carried out, should things go well.

        • zztop

          PS. As a manga reader, the finale does tease some hints as to an ongoing manga plot, the ‘Father’, and confirms Yato’s true nature much earlier than the manga did. I think they did a good job with that material.

        • Entrav

          Yep, it’s clearly best for them to not rush the arc out. The anime-original stuff is the preferred way to go in this case.

        • TurriPi

          Oh! So we can expect another season, that’s cool, I think it’s good they made this whole Rabo ordeal then.

      • TurriPi

        Yeah I tend to exaggerate, I wouldn’t be able to be as objective as you considering how I fanboy around even things I kind of like, you can imagine how I am around my favourite series.

        As I said before you’re not missing on much on the anime original stuff, I mean it’s good for being anime original and Bones once again showed their expertise in the area, but I just couldn’t go along with Rabo’s back-story.

        • Entrav

          I have the same “problem” as you before I tried to be more critical. Heck, I still have the problem of overlooking flaws and accentuating the good aspects of shows I enjoy even mildly. I try to stay away from that now, but there’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic as long as you’re careful with your words.

          • Joe W

            What’s so wrong with liking an anime a lot? As long as it was at least decent to most people, not to short and you like it, what’s bad about liking an anime more then most? I only see that this would lead to more joy in watching it. I mean sure it can be annoying sometimes, but it’s life you deal with annoyances and keep on going.

  • WindWave

    When Suzu said they were ‘kind of alive’, I think she was referring to Harutora awakening as Yakou because now technically Haruto isn’t exactly ‘alive’ anymore because he is Yakou now… It’s hard for me to put it into words but I’m sure you get what I mean. So yeah, I think Natsume is alive and well and the Taizan Fukun ritual went perfectly fine….

    Though that begs the question… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HOKUTO THE DRAGON!?

    • Entrav

      Yes, she referred to that too, but the ritual was also included when she said “kind of.” Natsume is fine, but we don’t know how “fine” she is. She did say “kind of” after all. We don’t know precisely what she meant, but I’m guessing it’s not perfect.

  • James Du

    Going to write up a full wall-o-text on Tokyo Ravens later, but for now;

    Did anyone notice the symmetry between Yakou and Hurrtora?

    They both have a disrespectful ogre as their Right Hand Man and a member of the Branch Family as their main love wincest…

    Mark Twain’s aphorism comes to mind; “History might not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.”

    Ohtomo so badass. And Kon so fluffy!

    • Entrav



    • RElaxel

      *-* :3 kawaiiiii

    • Lan


  • Clinraus

    THERE WILL BE A SEASON 2, but wait for 4 years :)
    If you read the novel ep 24 is only up to book 9 [end of part 1], and book 11 just came out.

    • Entrav

      4 YEARS?! 4 YEARS?!

      4 YEARS?! 4 YEARS?!

      That’s a long time. D:

      • chechingnaulak

        i might be dead by then….lol

        • Wajou

          1year after ur post still not dead!! GJ
          3more ….Can u do it? God only knows!(let’s ask kami-sama :p)
          good luck check u in 1more year XDD

          • l Fadeaway l

            Maybe I shouldn’t start watching It lol

          • Wajou

            Nah you should =) though it may become boring in the middle but if keep through with it u won’t regret it ;)

            Also if u want the light novel english link:


          • l Fadeaway l

            I mean about the fact that there will never be season 2 so there’s no point in watching it, but I am watching ep 1 right now lol

          • l Fadeaway l

            What the fucking fuck man it’s only ep 2 and a character died jesus christ.

          • tripleZadam

            Ya, I’m like “dude is this even episode 2”

          • Monkey Boy

            guys we are at FOUR YEARS LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please please please be released

        • Kyoro


      • Velum

        Hey we had to wait for 8 years for Mushishi zoku shou.
        This ain’t nothing as long as there’s actually going to be a season 2

        • Entrav

          True enough.

      • Pramadhana Agsha

        I;ll be waiting for you, no matter how many years pass :v #Kon/Hishamaru
        That is more good than never
        This anime make me so curious so i’ll be waiting for it

      • Niklas Højberg Klavsen Schultz


      • Kenpachi_Zuraki

        1 more year

    • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

      Although just because an anime series has a lot of content to draw from in the form of a novel or manga ,and or video game to give an anime future seasons. It doesn’t mean it will be green-lit for more seasons. Producers are probably more involved in that area and want to see how profitable a series would be to continue. If it is not then chances for a sequel are not good.

      Still if it happened I would be mega happy. Although a long time would be painful:)

    • Janelle Lim

      But why four years that’s too long

      • Asphyxiate9

        4 years sounds about right, took Durarara 4 years to get its second season which will air early next year because the first season caught up on the light novel content.

    • Daniel Prodigy

      U serious ?

    • Watch Dogs

      dam women =P anime never takes up to 4 years what are u saying lawl its not like there making a movie or a game the max for anime is 3 years it has never been 4 years and alot of them are 2 years just coz it has 24 eps in season 1 dosent mean its going to take FUCKING 4 YEARS and were da fuck did u get that info from

      • Guest153

        Best plan ever

      • Meep

        Um…Attack on Titan season 2?!

    • Guest153

      4 years I we’ll I’ll be dam in for 4 year my likes on anime might change but if they don’t than thank you people that will (maybe) create season 2 I will wait the series in my opinion 10/10 no complains the art was just amazing oh will better keep anilist or a popular website to keep me update with every new anime by email oh well 4 years what am I going to do :/ ….. >:1

      • Ricky Johansen

        Become a billionare and ask the one that’s making the manga/light novel to send copies of each book, once his done with one and then ask an animation company, preferably the ones that made season 1, to start on season 2 now, make all the episodes possible from the current content and then tell them to wait with the release of all the episodes until they got 12 or 24 episodes and then tell them to release them all in 1 day in ALL countries and for no fee :D

        • Guest153

          Guenius best plan ever

    • RElaxel

      Please tell me ur lying. I can´t wait 4 FUCKING YEARS

    • Maou Sadao

      Damn. I dont think I can wait that long… 4 years?~~
      Im losing my mind here!
      Wish it could be next year though XD :)

    • Vanhalla Geviot

      Hey guys dont’ be so down on the cooldown of season 2, besides 2018, you know there is also fifa world cup,so we are not the only ones who wait for something special

    • Vanhalla Geviot

      And also it is like “post timeskip” of One Piece waiting for…a short time that they skipped for 2 years after….so it’ll be a yes that it is like their age as 18 (current) year old will be 22 years old next..I i could see NxH get together for a longer scene

    • Natsu dragoneel

      4 year really that is very long

    • RealxD

      so is the news out yet ???? plz reply

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    I thought it was a nice ending but like you have to agree with many anime chances for a second season are slim.

    • Entrav

      Sadly. D:

  • Taro Kuroyama

    I was looking for Season 2 information and came across your review.
    Fucking epic review. *bow*

    I hope that they don’t waste the momentum they built with this finale in waiting for the writer to write more. It should be taken from the manga as much as possible and written with the mangagka’s personal notes.

    • James Du

      Original source is Light Novel, not manga.

    • Entrav

      Thank you!

      And like James Du mentioned the source material is in light novel format. It’s certainly possible for the author to accelerate his series, but I don’t know if the sales warrant such a move.

  • Suoh Izumo

    As my eyes skimmed over the images and the comments underneath, I was increasingly entertained. The *Bakayakou* actually got a giggle out of me. Kudos to you for a thoroughly enjoyable and a thoroughly thorough review. This was my first brush with your content, and I will gladly be checking for more. Keep up the good work.

    • Entrav

      :) Thank you!

  • Ako Si Kenneth

    Hey did anyone know where did harutora and two others go?

  • me

    Sorry, but I don’t get your obsession with Kon. She’s so fucking annoying -.-‘

    • Joe W

      No YOU ARE!!!! She’s a fluffy, adorable, loyal and pretty badass fox person WHAT IS THERE TO NOT LOVE?!?!?!?!

  • Shujinkou

    If you look at the Ex.2 Volume there’s a chapter(?) titled “Secret talks about anime sequel” and “Secret talks about anime sequel” so in a few years we’ll probably see a prequel first. most likely about Yakou of the WW2

  • Namikaze Kevin

    Waiting for season 2 haha.. even tough for a thousand year *lol*

  • John

    Someone invent a time machine plz


      Good Idea!

      • Demon

        and here im still waiting…

  • Valocis

    Sometimes, like all the time really, I wish I was a billionaire, just so I could fund the continuation of anime that deserved a second season, but will never get one.

    • Shika

      You and me need to sit down and talk about some o the animes that need more seasons like this, Tokko, and Spice and Wolf o-o

      • Joe W

        Don’t forget Dance in the Vampire Bund, School Days, (lol jk, that one deserves less seasons) kind of Highschool of the Dead and the one anime who’s name I can’t remember that is based highly on Japanese history, that is slightly altered and is based off of the time of war before, or somewhere around the time when America was colonized. Many of the great anime out there are undeserved because no one finds the diamonds in the rough, only the main stream “popular” anime ever get much attention from viewers because they are made by the bigger companies, or a reviewer found it and gave it props.

        • Marethyu

          I’m sry but you forgot elfen lied XD

          • Crow

            and Deadman Wonderland

        • rajasa

          and bokura wa minna.. its so hilarious

        • OtakuWeasel

          Could you perhaps be talking about Maoyuu Maou Yuusha?

        • weasel21

          is it drifters is that the one

      • Captain

        Dude you both and me are on same page!

    • Kitty

      i feel you :(

    • Kyoro

      i feel you bro

    • The will of “D”

      Yes, if only bill gates loved anime like we do. If this doesn’t happen on its own, I’ll make sure I make it happens myself. Not just because I want it to happen, but because it needs to happens. It needs to.

  • Daniel Prodigy

    So .. no season 2?

  • Nilary Kuan Rufo

    i miss bokuturra! <3

  • Velum

    This episode had me thinking “Awesome, awesome, awesome” the entire time.
    Well I guess I’ll move on to the LN now… I like pictures though ;A;

  • MeepMeep

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