Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun kiss

A heartily interesting episode that sets the pace for the rest of the series.
“Sitting Next To Yoshida-kun”

Although I read a bit of the manga and thought it had fairly interesting characters I did not expect that I would REALLY enjoy this episode as an anime! I was contemplating whether to watch it or not because tomorrow we’ll have Jormungand 2: Perfect Order and Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! the day after. Still, I’m glad I went through and continued for the first few minutes because the two main characters and their unique personalities drew me in very quickly. Can you believe that Mizutani Shizuku is voiced by Tomatsu Haruka? Jeez, listen to her voice in this anime and then listen to Asuna in SAO and tell me that it isn’t different. She even voiced the fish girl in Star Driver! Damn…

Yoshida Haru, an impulsive person who likes to pick fights gets into a relationship with Mizutani Shizuku an absolute no-life, try-hard, study-all-day person. The similarities are drawn so that the two don’t have any real friends. No matter what Haru says, the so called “friends” that he has are just extorting money from him. Haru still takes anything said to his friends seriously and even goes as far as dumping a drink on Shizuku’s head. By now, it’s easy to tell that Shizuku doesn’t really get too emotional easily under most circumstances. In fact, she is an ice queen and doesn’t display much emotion.

But when Haru’s “friends” talks behind his back she stands up for him and we begin to see that for some reason, she has feelings for him. Likewise, Haru also develops feelings of love(?) towards Shizuku and becomes so emotional that tears well up in his eyes. It seems that Shizuku feels something at long last and comforts Haru. The beginnings of the relationship begin here.

While Haru is by no means a “bad guy” he doesn’t seem to be socially acceptable; he uses force without discretion and takes off his pants in the middle of class. Well… he just doesn’t understand so… yeah… Anyways, we see that Haru is actually a genius. At the very least, he doesn’t need to study and gets the highest mark in the school. Dismayed by this revelation, Shizuku forces herself to study in order to redeem herself. Personally, I think non-stop studying and hardcore studying yields worse results than finding shortcuts and alternatives such as holistic learning. But, who am I kidding, its an anime (even though I’m sure a lot of people try too hard and yield unwanted results).

Haru is obviously annoying Shizuku and she threatens to break up the friendship that Haru wanted so much. Well, she did but we all know that its going to be all fine later. So she gets first place with Haru out of the way but she doesn’t feel happy about it at all. She realizes that she too, wanted to have friends and wants to be with Haru. They both forgive each other and reconcile. Haru becomes more sensible and understands that for Shizuku, studying is important. And in turn, Shizuku understands that spending time with Haru (eating and hanging out) is important for him. In the end, they understand each other better.

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun Shizuku

WELL. The kiss scene sure is unexpected. Though Haru is just following that book and being insensitive like how he usually is. But that’s what I like about this show, unexpected and fun to watch. A thoroughly enjoyable first episode and I couldn’t have asked for more from this show. I will now definitely go beyond just a first impressions and do an overview of this weekly. Oh, some scenes were funny too. Always nice for humor to be in a slice of life. With this episode I have now renewed my expectations. Hopefully the next episode will be just as good!

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