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Akira and Satomi.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 14 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 14 Review
“Siblings in the atmosphere”

I must say that out of all the episodes of Valvrave that has aired so far, this may just be one of my least favorite for a combination of reasons I will outline in the review section, but let’s just say that a part of it has to do with me not giving a damn about some of the characters at the heart of this episode. And let’s just say that it doesn’t help after watching an amazing episode 3 of Kill la Kill which makes me a believer, but that’ll come later as right now, it’s time to rave it up… I guess.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 14 Impressions

Yamada Raizou shirtless


Takahi Ninomiya




K bro, just be quick on the familiars.

Renbokouji Satomi juice


Takahi Ninomiya shocked



Renbokouji akira crackers

Can’t hate the Shoko food.

We all do.

Nobi Marie


Nobi Marie touches Akira


The main focus of this episode is mostly Akira and her past which is making it a pain for Haruto and the others to effectively communicate with her. It’s definitely understandable considering her background, but instead of leaving it as that, the show goes on to expand upon this topic some more which actually surprised me. Regardless, as Marie is a close connect to Shoko, it’s much easier for her to communicate in a way that wouldn’t make Akira want to hide in a box forever. While their conversation is mostly dismissible, the interesting thing here is that Marie may be playing a more important role later on with the loss of her memories as it seems to be emphasized quite a bit here.


In that weather? Ok, bro.

Kriemhild tea


L-Elf badass



Okay, Yamada. Calm down.





Valvrave V Hiuchiba


Renbokouji Satomi shocked

Just, no.


Hikaminari anime mech

Hiasobi purple mech VI



Kakumeiki Valvrave



Kriemhild and H-Neun do seem to be, as many of us thought, getting together to find out exactly what is going on, and with the Valvrave pilots entering Dorssia territory by the end of the episode, they will probably be making some important decisions to turn the tide of battle as I don’t think even ERU ERUFU is going to have an easy time going against all of Dorssia in their territory. And it takes nothing more than a finger tap from the dumbass that is Satomi to put even ERU ERUFU speechless against the situation which makes me wonder if his previous defeat against Cain affected him at all. The one positive to all of this is that the new cooling add-on will allow for many new possibilities as these mechs seriously overheat way too quickly for fights that are even a bit more drawn out.

Renbokouji Akira in suit


Why do you need to still ask interview questions?


Renbokouji Akira bullied

D: Why does she remind me of a certain someone from WataMote?

L-Elf fool


Tokishima Haruto eye damaged

A-DREI #2.




Did not expect the epic ending music that I really like being used in such a not so epic way. Damn.





Firstly, Satomi needs to give back ERU ERUFU his powers before anything else, and secondly, the government is absolutely retarded for letting a genius hacker like Akira slip through their fingers. Seriously, they should be glad that they have found someone with such capabilities and trained her/hired her on the spot. Aren’t they worried about the loopholes in their system? Anyways, the struggle of her past and Satomi’s reluctance to help her is quite similar to Saki’s past except that since the two have different personalities, they each had their own method of dealing with the situation. One becomes cold to the rest of the world and wants to stand on top while the other succumbs under the weight of the world. At least now Akira will actually be able to start communicating and start being a badass like how she’s shown in the preview of this season.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 14 Review

I don’t expect every episode of Valvrave to be full of shocking twists, and these episodes of development for the characters are to be expected. However, Satomi is a character of minor importance, and Akira’s past with him really seems like an aside to the rest of the story that doesn’t really contribute anything at all. The problem with this development is two-fold. One, it fails to make me feel emotional by any means as the scenario itself is typical, and because I don’t really care about the two characters involved all too much. Secondly, I’m afraid that the relevance of this episode will come down to them landing in Dorssia and not because of Akira’s development which will make a lot of this episode fluff.

Ultimately, the main problem I have with this episode is that there is only a season left of this show which makes every episode incredibly precious especially with so many holes left to fill in the story and the background of L-Elf still unknown. Moreover, the relationship between Saki, Haruto, L-Elf, Shoko, should take priority as they are the linchpins of the story. Even the relationship between the various Valvrave pilots may be nice to expand upon as they may run into differences and struggles in future conflicts that may be quite shocking such as one pilot betraying everyone and so on. Only time will tell how relevant this development will really be in the future, but as of now, it does not seem like time used properly.

The best part of the episode has to be the landing in Dorssia territory as this will be the start of their real struggle against Magius. Deals may be made, people may switch sides, and more giant mecha battles await. As good as this is, it doesn’t mean that this couldn’t have been accomplished without the drama between Akira and Satomi. It feels like the writers didn’t know how to fill in the gap and decided to use Akira’s past on a whim. This will be the start of more VALVRAAAVE-like events so I don’t expect an episode like this to happen any more. Still, it just seems like this episode is wasted potential.

Valvrave the Liberator Wallpaper Sashinami Shoko

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  • zztop

    Silly Customs Inspectors! You didn’t think you could fumble pronouncing Eru-Erufu in ERU-ERUFU’s presence and expect to get away with it, did you? (・`ω´・)

    I wonder where exactly the gang landed, though.
    Based on the Valvrave worldmap, I’m guessing they’re in the coastal East European/Russian/Baltic/Scandinavian part of Dorssia, although I can’t think of any nations with rocky barren coastlines/land as depicted this ep and next preview.
    What do you think?
    PS. The ED and preview music do give some good vampire horror-movie vibes.

    • Entrav

      I know almost nothing about geography so… don’t ask me about those kind of things. :/

      The ED is amazing. The instrumental is especially incredible just like Soba ni Iru yo (ED 2) from last season.

      • zztop

        That’s ok, entrav. :)
        What’s your personal take on what Pino, Prue and the 2 original Valvraves are? Some kind of alien life, or mythical vampire creatures trapped in mecha?

        • Entrav

          Honestly, I have no idea. I think alien life or vampire creatures may be a bit too typical for it to be true. Then again, I’m not sure what other truth is even possible.

      • Disky-Chan

        I feel like I can answer some of this, though not in the Earth Sense.
        You can compare Dorrsia to ZAFT, the….. other guys (Moses-Sea Splitting of Students) to be the Earth Federation and… our group is basically Orb and the crew of the Archangel.

        Now as for that girl, (Eru-Erufu’s supposed love interest. She could be the Lacus Clyne of this show… or she could be a badass like her man, or she could be the evil mastermind.

        FYI, if Eru Erufu does not get the best Valvrave of all I will be disappoint son.
        All in all I feel like this show is being a much better version of Seed… sillyness intact but not stupid like what Seed did.

  • Psychopatito

    I kinda thought this was meant to show anyhow why some of the characters may be selected as the next pilots. The school was a ground all students having the potential. L-Elf might not qualify–given what has happened before to the one who tried, he better not even think about it. Yep, this episode felt weak, but at least it was not just a technical snaffu that landed them in the middle of the worst territory possible.

    • Entrav

      Well, you have to think about the fact that Cain was the one who sent him to take the Valvraves in the first place which means that he must have some kind of aptitude for it unless even Cain didn’t know. But yeah, it’s nice that they landed in Dorssia because that way everything progresses a lot more quickly.

  • Irenesharda

    So the supporting characters are getting some long awaited character development at last!

    For the first time in a long time we get to see the side characters shine. Satomi, Akira, Marie, and even a little of Takahi, all get time to develop and I must say that I loved every minute of it. Satomi and Akira get the most development as we find out what their lives were like as children and how controlling and demanding parents led to Akira being caught for being a hacker which she did for her brother. Her hacking is what lead to her being bullied and she was betrayed time and time again by her brother in his young cowardice. This caused a rift between them that continued till this day, but Satomi, now older and wiser is determined to make things right towards his sister, but betrayal is one of the hardest injuries to mend, and Akira has never truly trusted him since. However, this episode marked a change in them both as Satomi proved his earnest loyalty towards his sister and she seeing this forgave him.

    We see that Satomi is also extremely observant and can pick up on the smallest things, even within a flood of information. We see that Akira has been an expert hacker since childhood.
    This episode actually made me like Satomi much more than I had before. It made him less of a throwaway character, and gave him some meaning. I know people are getting on him for not standing up for his sister, and it WAS wrong, but I can see why and how. With parenting like that, usually self-esteem takes a nose-dive. Also, he was in junior high, so I will give him some leeway. Also, it takes a lot of courage to stand up to that many bullies, especially in when you’re that age, and have emotional issues as it is.

    Takahi shows some camaraderie and backbone when standing with Satomi to save his sister, however I wanted to backslap her in the face for that “she deserved to be bullied because she brought it on herself” statement. Pretentious b!tch…

    Anyway, Marie got a bit of development as we see her making friends with Akira and that she might have some sort of memory loss about her childhood. She also has found out about Haruto’s ability to heal and looks to be confronting him next episode. I have a feeling Marie’s not going to last much longer…
    Speaking of Marie, we also get to see Shoko on a talk show for a few minutes, however I must say that I wish the girl would be a bit more serious. I know she’s known for her wacky unique side, but there’s a time and a place for it. She the leader of a struggling refugee nation. She has to try to see like a leader and less like a gushing teenager yammering on about how many different types of pickles there are.

    We see our Dorssian boys in their natural habit though nothing much was happening. H-neun was hanging out in town with Kreimhild tailing him, and we’re still not getting much in terms of what going on between them. However, we can tell that something’s going on. We get a split second of Lieselotte, but nothing much of substance.

    So, it looks like our compatriots have made it to Earth, but instead of landing in ex-JIOR, they have crash-landed into enemy territory. Looks like everyone will be on foot from now on, as they appear to be surrounded by mountainous wilderness. I had no idea that practically every side character other than Rion and the rest of the student council, is with them stuck in Dorssian territory. I can sense that a few of them are going to be picked off by the end of this.

    Raizou and Kyuma get to try their vampire body jacking skills for the first time, and Haruto’s bird like weapons are kind of cute power-ups. I like the idea for them to take the heat off the mechs and that they fly and “perch” on VVV1’s wrist. They’re an interesting addition, though where exactly they keep finding these attachment weapons is amazing.

    All in all, this was a pretty good episode full of character development and action. Though it didn’t do much to advance the plot, it still did a nice job for what it was trying to do. I’m guessing that it’s going to be in Dorssia and not JIOR where they will be finding their answers.

    I give this a high 8.5/10.

  • Dycize

    Hmm hmm.
    I liked this episode quite a bit. It always bugged me how Akira and Satomi’s case was never properly explained in the 1st season, with only a glimpse of Akira’s past that did not say a lot.
    Their parents are dicks too. But the explanation as a whole turned out pretty well. With parents like that, no way was a kid like him going to risk his chance to get into the school. Sadly, the consequences were pretty bad.

    Satomi’s special skill comes a bit out of nowhere, but eh… Not as worse as the Familiar. I can dig that concept though. An additional weapon that is both themed, cool -and- very useful (reminds me a bit of Garmraid Blaze’s weapons in ranged mode in Super Robot Taisen MX/OG2nd). Yeah, the way the VVVs heat up is horrible.

    Suddenly, Marie subplot! She sure likes gropping girls. And then she sees Haruto regenerating… Was this really a secret? I guess we’re too used to seeing the main chars who are all in on this “body jacking regenerating space vampire” thing. Hope this plot point will develop faster than Kriemhild/H-neun’s antics (I really like those two somehow, probably the VAs).

    • Entrav

      Kriemhild and H-Neun will play some vital roles in the future I’m sure. OTP too so… can’t hate. I’m actually really curious what Marie has in store for us. Hopefully it’s not just going to be randomly discarded in the future and will be actually relevant.

      • Evilnemesis

        I’m scared for Kriemhild and H-neun. With Kriem’s current mistrust of Cain growing this will obviously cause a schism along the way.

        Kriemhild will probably die ( why can’t strong women never get happy end, fucking Japan ) H-neun will defect, X-iens will become stronk(er) Cain buttbudy.

        Audrey is probably going to lose his shit even more, and Q-vier… will just enjoy killing stuff as usual.

        I mean didn’t H-neun have blood all over his face in the S2 preview.

        I think Hitler Youth will be more relevant and have more screentime in S2.

  • j3dmed

    The episode has both substance and form – there were hints about the bullying from previous episodes and the fact that the siblings are not getting along well. They maybe supporting characters but I think many fans of the anime are speculating on the actual situation at home and why the bullying started. It’s actually a good episode since there are both action and drama in equal measures. Bullying is a sensitive issue, as well as having a character who blame the victim rather than the bullies – the airhead cheerleader who have been quite insensitive from Ep1 who was slapped but should have been slapped silly.

    Also, when Haruto is the one who rescued Akira and her bro was forced to face the same situation as before, and not being able to give her the support she needs, but finally atoned for his past sins… very nice!

    Marie who has been hiding behind Shoko’s appeal is finally given the chance to shine. So she likes grabbing breasts….

    I like it that the characters are not so idealistic and they have lots of shortcomings, which makes the anime better.

    • Entrav

      I just find that, if they really wanted to have more substance and form to the characters, they could have done it in a way that will actually be more relevant in the future. The four main characters still have potential especially with Haruto now having more courage to end the curse with him. By the end of the season, I doubt this will be that important and there are only 10 episodes remaining to flesh out the mysteries and the main characters. If there were an extra season, I wouldn’t mind, but right now, it doesn’t seem like the best use of time as what you are saying could have been done with the main characters in mind as well.

      • Irenesharda

        I guess it all depends on if Akira and Satomi will be important to the story later on. Also, they were the catalyst that caused them to go off course and land in Dorssia. Dorssia is probably where they will find most of their answers rather than ex-JIOR.

  • Winterson Fuyumi

    Small Shoko screentime. Somehow I feel like the show is incomplete without her.

    • Evilnemesis

      Well, you’ll have to get used to it. She’s drifting apart from the MC, because of her duties and schedule, so obviously she will have less screentime.

      And there’s also the fact that unless something major happens, just like all other non-vampires she will be dead in the last portion of the anime.

      Because humans do not live 200 years, let alone forever.

    • Entrav


  • Ian Porterfield

    So there is basically no interesting Anime episodes this week?

    Kill la Kill doesn’t count, ’cause my mind finds it boring.

    • Entrav

      I’m surprised you’d find Kill la Kill boring, but Nagi no Asukara is pretty good this week. Didn’t watch Outbreak Company or Samurai Flamenco yet, but those are probably pretty decent as well. Galilei Donna has some random stuff so if you’re looking for some random fun that’s good show to watch.

      • Evilnemesis

        Samurai’s Flamenco Ep 2… Man I had a small on my face the whole time.

        Aside for Goto’s misfortune obviously :( .

        Liking the MC and his manager even more this episode. Goto is a pretty cool guy as well.

        • evilnemesis


          • Josh Herbert

            samurai flamenco’s second episode was awesomely hilarious: ‘GIVE THAT UMBRELLA BACK!!!’

  • Josh Herbert

    i would love to see a third season of this show – but that will never happen. have they talked about making any movies?

    • Irenesharda

      Actually I’m not sure a third season is out of the question. Technically this season is the second half of the first. It’s not a true second season. Most of Sunrise’s mecha shows are about 50 episodes or 4 cour, So I wouldn’t be shocked if they did announce it having another season later on.

    • Entrav

      They only announced the two seasons since before the first one started. There hasn’t been news of anything else. I would love another season to flesh everything out more, but the way they announced season 1 and 2 beforehand makes me think that it’s unlikely for them to have another season. However, if we look back to Sunrise’s previous works, they are longer than this so the chances aren’t exactly 0.

  • MgMaster

    The Satomi & Akira developments may not have much meaning in the future episodes(or maybe they will) but it still gave them some needed character development while still managing to make another exciting episode with plenty Valvrare PEW-PEW! action that we so love.Also with them crashing in Dorssia territory it looks like the M77 crew won’t be getting much of a breather!Valvrare sure knows how to keep us thrilled!

    I’d like to see more of Kriemhild and H-Neun though.I think they’d make a good team as well as a nice couple.

    • Entrav

      Kriemhild and H-Neun OTP.

  • gustave154

    I thought this episode was the most ABSURD of them all which makes it top tier lol!

    • Entrav

      Out of both seasons? I just didn’t find this episode as… exciting as the usual Valvrave episodes, but that’s to be expected if they’re taking a slower pace for now. Just a bit worried about the pacing though.

  • chibikiwi

    Entrav, I gotta say I love your reviews. They always make me laugh. I agree with you that this wasn’t Valvrave’s greatest episode since I could really care less about Akira and Satomi (I’m not really fond of them). I wish there would be more character development for the main characters, but I guess we might see that next week with L-Elf.
    By the way, I’ve also been reading your reviews for Kill la Kill. I hear people say its really good, but I’m a bit hesitant to watch due to all that fanservice…I’m not sure I can stand that kind of over the top nature, but the fighting and story look pretty good.

    • Entrav

      Thanks a lot! :)

      Honestly, Kill la Kill is very chaotic right now and extremely high-tempo. If you’re not into shows where things just happen one after the other in a very fast pace with some “over the top” action then you probably won’t like this. I didn’t really like episodes 1 and 2 that much as it felt like too quick of an introduction to the series, it being 2-cours, but episode 3 is very enjoyable to watch. If you have an hour to spare, then just watch the first three episodes and see what you think.

  • Christemo


    That’s all I have to say. I just hope Cain doesn’t become unimportant now, he was too good.

    • Entrav


  • Queenie

    I get why this didnt happen but why didnt Akira just hack the ship attacking them and use it’s shuttle to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere?