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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 15 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 15 Review
“Return to Karlstein”
Karurusutain e no kikan

After two episodes of set-up, Valvrave is finally getting back on track with being as crazy as ever. With countless questions and enemies everywhere, even ERU ERUFU is going to have a hard time getting out of this mess.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 15 Impressions


Renbokoji Satomi 200 years


eru erufu kid


Valvrave Rukino saki 200 years


Just like episode 7 of the previous season, we get a glimpse of the distant future where that God damn mess of a siscon Renbokouji is still alive. But hold on, if he’s alive and looking pretty much the same, doesn’t that mean a lot of time has not passed? Unless… he becomes a “Kamitsuki” as well. If you go back to the beginning of episode 12, there is also another flashforward (Heh) to the year 212 of the Third Galactic Empire. This means that there’s no way Renbokouji could still be alive without becoming a Kamitsuki as the beginning of this show was the year 0 of the Third Galactic Empire. The child that looks like L-Elf asks them views becoming a Kamitsuki as a blessing which has the connotation that becoming one is not all that uncommon in the distant future. What’s probably the most important is how they speak of the first Kamitsuki. Because it has been some time since the Council of 101 and one has been formed, since the last meeting was 10 years ago, there’s probably a much bigger chance of it being someone we’ve never seen before. Then again, with the ending of this episode, it looks like things may not be that simple.

Cain Dressel


Yeah, I have to agree with you for once.





Ninomiya takahi


Sashinami Shoko and Renbokoji Akira picture


Renbokoji Akira determined

Yeah, fuck Satomi.

So no one else knows of the Magius I presume.

Arus president


“Made.” Damn…

Nobi Marie holding hand

Would Shoko approve?


Even though ERU ERUFU has helped them get out of numerous impossible situations, with the type of person he is and how he’s an outsider, it’s no surprise that there’s friction between the group. What troubles me more is Haruto’s over-reliance on L-Elf. He may not be as prophetic, but I think he needs to stand his own ground if he is to be the leader of the group or otherwise everyone will doubt his abilities and there’ll be even more unnecessary internal struggles ahead. Still, even if Haruto is dependent on ERU ERUFU, he’s a genuinely nice person who cares for the people he’s fighting for which balances L-Elf’s merciless attitude nicely. He also does keeps the tension within the group down somewhat. Though, with more hardships ahead, I can see him changing more and more.



A JOKE FROM ERU ERUFU?! Man, what made him turn against everyone? Lieselotte will appear soon and the story will take a HOLYSHITWTF twist. Count on it.



Rukino Saki Shot





Imagine if they weren’t semi-immortal and she did that. Lol.

Pino VVV








Hiuchiba familiar


Valvrave V hiuchiba

See ya.


Marie may now begin to play an even more important role than Shoko in this season as her past gets slowly uncovered. If she and Pino did become friends 5 years ago, it must have been related with Pino turning to become the A.I. of the Valvrave. What may have happened is that Pino took Runes from Marie and made information about her disappear or maybe because she absorbed the Runes that information about her from memories and so on became lost. Marie must have been involved with the production of the Valvraves to a great degree hence why she lost her memories. However, it’s strange why they didn’t kill her to completely silence her forever which may mean that she’s necessary for some reason. As for the “resetting the system” part, it may be talking the system for all the Valvraves. One major thing that we can postulate from this is that Pino was a human before so we’re probably not going to be getting anything surrounding aliens like some of you have guessed.

D: Why are you so…

Tokishima Haruto not human

BUT HARUTO’S FEELINGS- She doesn’t give a fucking shit.

Nobi marie shot

……………………………………………………………………….. WTFPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOTPLOT

Nobi Marie shot dead


L-Elf gun

That was really uncalled for, bro.

Oh shit.

Yamada Raizou derp


God dammit, this fucking guy piloting a Valvrave…



L-Elf and haruto


Valvrave the liberator nobi marie


Let’s be honest. Even if the part where Marie rises from being shot is fairly predictable, IT’S STILL FUCKING AWESOME BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT’S VALVRAAAAAVE WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN. That’s not to say that I expected a shot to the head in the first place, and it’s ludicrous that a few people are calling Valvrave predictable. Sure, some parts are predictable, but as a whole? Anyways, with this, perhaps Marie is the first Kamitsuki that Saki and the others are mentioning in the beginning. What this means is that with their visit to Earth, perhaps they can find the truth behind the Valvraves by using Marie’s currently lost memories. I doubt Marie will switch sides as then she’d have to face her closest friend, Shoko, but maybe with her past unveiled she’ll be a different person. She’s becoming a dangerous individual that even ERU ERUFU will have trouble dealing with as she can’t die easily. Heck, look at the way she’s acting in the last part of the episode towards Haruto; she’s extremely aggressive and is quite merciless with her questions. Who knows what will happen when she knows the whole truth?

Valvrave the Liberator Season 2 Ending


What the fuck?


I have absolutely no complaints about the song itself as it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it’s one of my favorite songs of the year, but damn is the ending sequence horrible. They utilize the beginning somewhat okay, but it’s not as nearly as grand as the music itself. After that, it just goes downhill and the animations don’t even fit in all that well with the music. I understand that they’re putting in symbolism here and there, but it feels sloppily done so it may have been better for them to use the same approach as they did for last season and keep it simple. It’s badly choreographed, messy, and ruins the song for me. Well, at least they’ll probably use the epic beginning part of the song while the episode is still going. Nonetheless, I am quite disappointed.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 15 Review

Holy crap, it’s great to feel this way again after a few months of waiting! After things got going last season, the episodes made my jaw drop, smile throughout, and just have a damn good time laughing at how absurd the developments are. The previous two episodes were set-up ones, and I understand that they were necessary even though I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment at the loss of my previous feelings. However, with Valvrave back in full swing, I can feel the energy, the absurdities, and the inevitability of something mind-blowing happening just like last season except this time it’s going to be escalated to a new level. If you enjoyed the previous season, then you most likely feel what I’m feeling right now.

I complained about the character developments in the previous episode, and this episode has some minor developments as well. Although, I must say that, this time around, the approach to doing so, like the very short flashback with L-Elf’s past, is something that I find to be a lot better. Some of this has to do with the fact that I like the characters more, and maybe because it’s a bit more of an original as well as interesting approach. Two people screaming at each other, reaching out their hands to each other while saying lines I have heard countless times already are not things I enjoy watching over friendly antics showing a difference in personality of a likable character.

What I also like about the developments is that while they are shocking, they aren’t exactly completely illogical or random. They are giving appropriate amounts of foreshadowing throughout and just giving enough hints so that we don’t feel to left out of the loop of mysteries. The shocking events are not just shocking, but they also make way for some more developments that gives even more hints to the questions we have while also making room for future plot-twists. The best example being the shot in the head that is quite shocking which proceeds to hint at Marie’s past and her involvement with the Valvraves while tying what has happened so far with it. It may not end up being the kind of twists that you can appreciate for the rest of your life, but it’s definitely not as shallow as some seem to think. And hey, who doesn’t love DEM EPISODIC CLIMAXES OF VALVRAAAAAAAVE?!

Valvrave the Liberator Wallpaper Haruto

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  • Irenesharda

    Oh my gosh….

    WHAT IS WITH VALVRAVE!!!! Every time I watch this show I get more and more blow away and by the end I’m gasping for breath at all the adrenaline this show pulls out of me. This episode was awesome, so many twists and turns, but first, I’ve got to calm down and handle things one at a time.

    Okay…first, the flash forwards scene. How the crap is Satomi immortal too? Is EVERYONE going to become freaking Magius by the end of this? Man, if Satomi gets to be a Magius, they’d better turn L-elf into one or else!
    Also we have the young prince who looks like a mix between L-11 and Haruto. Saki also talks about the first of them who was a female and became one at 11? I was thinking she was talking about Pino at first, but then Pino looks older than 11. Then as the episode played out, I began to think that they may be talking about Marie. Marie and Pino met 5 years ago, I’m guessing Marie is 16 the same as Haruto, so Marie would have been 11 at the time. Also, Marie does look physically young for her age. She’s mature, but her body looks young. She might have gotten turned into an immortal then, but her mind aged and that’s why she’s so mature.

    Then we go back to the present and we see that the team has crash landed and they have consequently landed where Karlstein Institute is located. We begin to see how and where L-elf was made and how he actually had a close relationship with his teammates when they were young. We see that L-11 plans on stealing a ship for transportation, and he stages his plan in pieces. The plan goes well even with hiccups along the way. Akira tries to conquer her phobia and goes out with Saki to infiltrate the army. Unfortunately they don’t seem to grasp that the Dorssian Hitler Youth Brigade will drop you before you even have time to scream. We see Saki’s immortality in action for the first time when she get’s shot point blank. That was a shock to me when I saw it, even if I was expecting something bad to happen. Akira offering the hankie and then later trying out body-jacking got a few laughs from me.

    However, everything goes downhill when Haruto wasn’t on his post because he’s being confronted by Marie. Actually, I’m not so surprised at her forwardness in trying to get answers from him. She is very protective of Shoko, and she is really suspicious of this boy that she knows her friend is interested in. Also, she might get some answers from the AI in his Valvrave that somehow knows her. So yeah, I can tell why she was being harsh with him. However, that gunshot to the head… I really didn’t see it coming. I kept telling people that L-11 is no cuddly bear, he will end you if he feels you are in the way of his goals. We might be seeing some insight, but yeah, still as deadly as ever.

    However, I knew she was going to get up, and I’m beginning to think Marie may be this “founder” rather than Haruto, as she’s technically the first of them. The idea that Marie’s memories are gone because Pino took them away as runes would make sense, but now Pino doesn’t really remember everything because she was reset. I’m guessing that that gunshot might have brought them back? But if not, we have totally changed the dynamic here, with Marie now revealed as one of the Magius.

    With the team under fire, the Dorssian soldiers coming after them, and Marie back from the dead, we’re going to be in for a wild ride. Also we’ve found out that Satomi and of course Akira are alive in the wayyy future, so I’m guessing that Magius may be the norm now, or at least a major ethnicity way into the future. Humanity seems to be becoming obsolete.

    I give this episode a 9.7/10. The awesomeness has come at us full force.

    • Aleris

      I KNOW I KNOW this show is awesome plzz

    • Entrav

      You mention some good points. Indeed, she may be the “founder” that Saki mentions in the beginning of episode 12. Damn, they worked this in pretty smoothly if that’s the case. I’m kind of afraid for their situation right now. Nothing is looking good for them and I wouldn’t be that surprised if a few of them got captured.


      • Evilnemesis

        Obviously she’s the founder, her name man.

        Marie Wildfire (Nobi) She da BOUSE!

        All of the VV’s name start by 火 ( Fire )

        01 火人
        02 火ノ輪
        04 火神鳴
        05 火打羽
        06 火遊

        1: Hito (Man of Fire)
        3: Hikaminari (Fire-Thunder)
        4: Hinowa (Circle of Fire)
        5: Hiuchiba (Wings of Fire)
        6: Hiasobi (Playing with FIre)

        And then we Have the Galatic Third Reich…

        Since Holocaust means death by fire, it means that each time a VV kills someone… The holocaust happens all over again.

        WE NAZI NOW ( FOR REAL PT. 2 )

        Dorssians have nothing on new glorious leader.

        Sasuga SUNRISE

        • Entrav


          I knew the name of the Valvraves started with that, but I didn’t check Marie’s. Good thing you brought it up. I’m not 100% convinced because it seems a bit too easy to figure out for something that comes from Valvrave. Though, I guess what they could be doing is distracting us with this mystery and hiding one in the background…

        • Karasuma Kaito

          NO and NO…marie it’s not the founder she just the first who get blessing, in episode 12 is clearly state that the founder lost many comrades in battle for module 77..the founder is Haruto whom Saki made a promise with… “a promise is a promise….right?”

  • Irenesharda

    Also, since the Dorssians speak German, I’d guess the way they say hello is “Guten tag” or “Hallo”.


    I thought my body was ready~ Valvrave just proves no amount preparation is enough for THE EPIC ERU ERUFU!!!!

    • Entrav


  • James Du

    Firstly, replying to your previous comment here. Yeah, I went ahead and read the entire TL’d series of Tokyo Ravens. It seems like fillers abound after Chapter 12, but the plot is pretty damn good when it’s actually being driven.

    Personally predicting Harutora to be the Reincarnation of Yakou, and Natsume to be the reincarnation of his familiar.

    Anyways, onto the main course.

    Holllyyyy shit angst. I knew it was coming after last episode; and at the beginning of this episode when Saki said the first Kamitsuki was made at age 11 I instantly put the dots together; why Marie is such a loli, lost memories, acts the way she does, BAM!

    Damn, L’elf is being a little fast with the trigger finger here. This is going to throw a spanner into the budding Elf-Haruto friendship (maybe frenemies?) where Haruto trusts L-elf to come up with plans and do the right thing.

    Yeah, I expected mass-production Valvraves after the last episode’s preview. No suprises there, although, L-elf’s explanation of the Blume’s domination made zero sense: The sole reason the Blume was the supreme weapon of Dorssia being that it had the ability to hit the thinly armored top layers of enemy vehicles means nothing; a good tank designer would then just add more armor to the tops of the next generation of his tanks.

    Anyways, this episode of VVV/Liberation Sensation completely washed out the sweet taste in my mouth from Aoki Hagane’s ED. And I can’t wait for the next episode of Valvrave.


    • Irenesharda

      Well, remember, they used the Blumes to take over JIOR, who had the weakest military and was actually pretty lax at that point thinking they could keep bribing Dorssia to leave them alone. So, I doubt they would think of armoring up their weapons.

      Also, L-11 mentions that they use these things in blitzkriegs, which means they would be sudden, deadly ambushes. The groups they were attacking wouldn’t know what hit them until it was too late and they would have no time to regroup. Also, it’s makes sense that you wouldn’t continue to add the same amount of armor to the top of a vehicle as it does the sides, since it would make it top heavy and hard to maneuver, and also if the soldiers driving need to escape, the top would probably be too heavy to move easily in case of an emergency.

      • James Du

        Horrifyingly, during the beginning of this episode, for one moment I thought “Renbokuji, last name of godmother = SATOMI and SAKI MARRY?!?!?! WTF?!?!?”

        Then I realized Akira could be the godmother as well.

        Of course, it would be something Valvrave could pull… “pass the Saki and praise the Lord.”

    • Entrav

      The Blume explanation is kinda off, but with that kind of firepower I can see it taking down almost anything anyways. Even Valvrave V had some trouble going forward with its overpowered shields.


      • James Du

        The Blue Valvrave can withstand direct hits from siege artillery deployed aboard capital warships.

        I have a hard time believing any armament that a fighter sized unit (other than a Valvrave, of course) could carry would even dent it’s defenses.

        • Entrav

          I have a feeling this is due to the fact that the shot used by the battleship is utilizing laser instead of missiles shown here. Valvrave V cannot reflect these missiles like how it can reflect those laser attacks and has to absorb the brunt of the blow. Of course it’s not having a huge amount of trouble, but it is halting at some points to withstand the attacks.

          • MgMaster

            :D Silly little scrubs piloting the Blume.Never use lasers or light rapid fire weapons against shields.Always go for high impact weapons such missiles!I was like “LOL,THESE GUYS!” when they stopped it’s missiles and only stuck to the rapid fire weaponry.

            An RPG I played a few years ago,Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic(also known as KOTOR) had this droid partner that was specialized in killing jedi,can’t recall if it was in the 1st game or the 2nd but whatever.I remember a conversation about the best way to kill a jedi with him and at some point he goes like “If I see one more idiot using a blaster against a lightsaber I’ll shoot them myself”,then he went on how explosives or other high impact weapons are recommended.Dorssia needs to teach it’s stormtroopers-errrr,I mean soldiers that!

          • Entrav

            Haha, Dorssia needs to just get some highly advanced, armor piercing missiles and I think the Valvrave V will have a huge amount of trouble. Even the other Valvraves will be in trouble as a single hit could mean a huge amount of damage.

  • zztop

    In a realistic setting, I’d question a plan to land in Japanese JIOR territory if a slight deviation from the landing point drops you into Dorssian Siberia…
    Should’ve landed in Okinawa/north Philippines, its far enough from Dorssian lands plus everyone gets a nice beach trip!!! (⌐■_■)

    What aspect of Valvrave do you enjoy, entrav? For me, its definitely the overarching mystery and various twists introduced. The good art and character designs(courtesy of Katsura Hoshino) are a plus too!! :)

    • zztop

      PS. If this is how L-11 reacts when someone is about to spill the beans, I hate to think how he’ll react when he discovers Student B ate his secret yokan(bean jelly) stash… (o_o”)

    • Entrav

      I enjoy the over the top story with the various twists and turns where the mysteries keep me guessing. Getting my mind blown episodically is a pretty unique experience.

  • Dycize

    Yesssss Valvrave’s back to season 1’s Valraveness levels!

    Yamada you doofus, stop being a pilot and give your awesome 8-arms VVV to someone who isn’t stupid.
    Karlstein institute huh… So it’s actually a village where they raise future soldiers? I expected something more facility-like, but this works too.
    Saki & Akira’s body jacking infiltration goes pretty well so far, aside from, say, getting shot by a kid, but it’s ok they can heal (man, they’d be so screwed if the VVVs didn’t make people immortal).

    That aside, this episode is Marie’s episode! So she was there even before Haruto? But then she lost her memories because Pino ate all the information/runes. She’s been reset but it doesn’t seem to have affected her memories of Marie. And then Haruto had to interrupt, dang it Haruto.
    Then L-Elf happened. Headshot! And then Marie woke up. The next episode is going to be interesting, to say the least. Would be nice if she becomes the 7th VVV pilot later on (the Golden 7 aren’t going to remain 6 all this time… and now I realise that Saki didn’t have familiars and had to use her space water bombs, I’m probably looking too much into this).

    At this point, anything goes! Wooh, we have absolutely no idea what’ll happen next! Valvrave is back in full strength!

    • Entrav

      Marie is going to play an incredibly vital role now as some are guessing that she’s the 11 year old they mention in the beginning and I tend to agree with that, but then again no one can be absolutely certain with how things have progressed so far and how unpredictable the series as a whole has been.

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    Marie’s past with the valvraves saw coming somewhat but not sure where its going although really excited to see what happens next!

    This episode was my favorite with L-Elf really being showcased more so than previous episodes.

    • Entrav

      Hell yes, every episode needs MOAR ERU ERUFU.

  • gustave154

    everyone will get shot in the head by eru erufu for the lulz xD
    to be honest i clapped when marie got shot god shes annoying.

    • Entrav

      D: But no one should deserve getting shot in the head without warning- Oh wait, ERU ERUFU.

  • fr20708

    There are so many plot twists. It is just awesome. It would be more awesome if Haruto raped L-elf!!! I can not believe I just wrote that!

    • Entrav

      Dude. That’s not even Valvrave. That would just be pure retardation. I never thought of the possibility and I can’t believe you suggested it to my mind. Oh gawd.

    • MACHA

      Oh ma gaw- Brain bleach! Where’s the brain bleach!?!?



    It’s almost time. Just gotta hold out a bit longer. ERU ERUFU MY BODY WILL BE READY.

    • Entrav


  • Entrav

    Just have to say sorry because for some reason Disqus decided to put your comment as spam. Jeez, I’ll whitelist you and some others as you’re not the only one. :/

    Anyways, YOU HAVE THREE JOBS? Jesus, I don’t think I can ever do that as reviewing at home at my leisure is far more relaxing than that. I would be exhausted if I ever took on a single job much less if I took on three. Moreover, you do anime impressions, and from looking at the site you’re on, you also do things related to tech. That’s way more than I could ever handle >.>

    I also think that L-Elf would have shot Marie regardless. He’s quite ruthless when it comes to his plans and your example of Shoko is also a good indicator of that. I think, as you see in later episodes, people from Karlstein are better able to control their reactions in emotional situations. They are trained to react as calmly as they can which is why he doesn’t give much of a reaction. Again, sorry for the random spam filter getting in the way.

    • Angela Moseley

      No problem! I was wondering what happened to my comment. It’s better to whitelist commenters than to deal with a torrent of spam. ;)

      Even with three (part-time) jobs I still only work full-time hours near the end of the year. So yeah, I’m getting to the busy season. ^_^; My blog was started out of a desire to write about a variety of “geek” related subjects with my college/long-time internet friends as fellow writers. Video games and anime have been the main two topics but we like to write about tech when we can.

      This is a good point about Karlstein, though L-Elf seems to be quite exceptional.

      And don’t worry about it, you have to do what you have to do keep spam under control. Honestly, the only reason I still use Movable Type is because of the excellent TypePad spam filter, though it makes commenting a pain in the ass.