Valvrave the Liberator Episode 16 – MARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Valvrave the Liberator Nobi Marie
We will remember.

A sacrifice that will never be forgotten.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 16 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 16 Review
“Marie Released”
“Marie Kaihou”

A heartfelt struggle for friends by a friend. The destruction of all memories, and the loss of self. She finds peace in the prospect of obtaining new memories, but such a time will never come to pass. This is Marie’s final fight.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 16 Impressions


D: Marie…


Sashinami Shoko


Nobi Marie wound

That look of desolation.

H-Neun suspicious

I know right. Why would he mutter to himself all the time about important info?

Birschbaum blocks attack




A-Drei shocked






In the first minute where we are taken back a year, we find ourselves in a spot where development can be had for maximum impact when things get crazy. With the central internal conflict that is Marie’s memories in this episode, there is also the smaller conflict concerning Lieselotte who will become an important figure soon enough. On the official website, it says that she is currently a political hostage because of the military coup d’etat that took place in Dorssia 12 years ago. This opens up the possibility that L-Elf wanted to free her after discovering this fact which led to him wanting to revolutionize Dorssia. She is still being treated properly there, but exactly which side does she really belong? She must know something about the Magius as she is high up in society, and even her role as a political tool may affect L-Elf’s decision making later on because while he uses cold-hearted reason now, this may not be the case if the person he cares about most is put in danger.



Kirschbaum laser


Inuzuka Kyuuma suit


A-Drei giving cpr


A-Drei badass

Fangirls rejoice.



GET USED TO IT. You’re going to stay in that body for a while.


A-Drei laughing




With Saki trapped in K-zwolf’s (what an awesome name) body, the possibilities are endless from here. She could infiltrate Dorssia and find out more about the truth of Cain as well as Magius. Maybe Saki can even obtain the help of H-Neun and Kriemhild and start a revolution as the Dorssian Royalists are ready to help New JIOR as seen near the end of the episode. The revolution hasn’t really been emphasized too greatly in Valvrave because there were a lot of minor conflicts before that, and quite honestly there is plenty more to do to even begin the main objective. A-Drei is the prince of the current regime, and since the members of Karlstein are starting to split off, we may see some very interesting struggles with H-Neun potentially sparking all of this.


Nobi Marie test pilot



Nobi marie friends

Don’t be deceived. She just wants your memories.





VVV Pino

Since Marie is the first test pilot, I doubt that she’s actually the first Kamitsuki mentioned in the beginning of the previous episode. To operate the Valvraves, Marie had to lose memories for it, but that’s mostly because, as we see in the tragic final fight later that Marie is abnormal when it comes to piloting the Valvrave. This still doesn’t explain exactly how JIOR obtained such advanced technology and what Pino even is. Moreover, what about the memories of the current Valvrave pilots? Haruto bit L-Elf to retrieve information for the Valvraves so does that mean if they operate it enough, they’ll suffer the same fate as Marie or is this condition exclusive to Marie? We do know that, at the very least, Saki retains her memories so it’ll most likely be Haruto, the pilot of the main unit, who will be most prone to suffering memory loss if it should happen. That, or the person he’s retrieving information from.

Save your friends or retain your memories you gained from your friends.

Sashinami Shoko make new memories


Nobi Marie together





Valvrave season 2

Show them how it’s done.

Kakumeiki Valvrave hito


Valvrave the Liberator

This is Kakumeiki Valvrave. The system that unveils the world.

Can’t you see you’re fucked? Look at DAT GLOW.

Valvrave anime


Yeah, what happened to the fancy dashes that Haruto could do before?


Valvrave mecha I


One by one.



But without-



Kakumeiki anime



Holy shit…

Valvrave the liberator unit 1

Sashinami Shoko and nobi marie in snow









Nobi Marie screaming



A real revolution is coming.




Tokishima Haruto

Nobi Marie farewell



Harakiri VVV

Harakiri blade



Kakumeiki Valvrave season 2

Marie… Oh God.


Nobi Marie dead

She just had to become a fucking vegetable when she became one of the best characters in this show.

Pino VVV

Holy shit, that is actually really creepy how she just randomly appeared. I got shivers.

Slash by slash. Shot by shot. Memory by memory. Marie’s cries of continuing the battle only signals the despairing end of her as a character. This scene, complemented by the second ending of the last season, Soba ni Iru yo is the most despairing part of Valvrave the Liberator so far and it’s also one of my favorite. Unlike how it is usually just crazy and absurd, this part actually hit me emotionally as her memories crack and disappear one by one with each movement of the Valvrave. The pictures of her past flash closer to the present one by one until there is nothing left, and even though I knew her end had come with the dreadful 666/666, it doesn’t make it any less impactful. From a supporting character that I thought had no importance to the overall story, Marie became a fucking hero. Sayonara, Marie. Even if you forget, we never will.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 16 Review

Valvrave has amazed me with its absurdities and its craziness, but this one is on a different level altogether as it actually made me feel something other than just feverish anticipation. I truly felt sad for Marie’s loss of memories with how well it’s choreographed with the song, and how the disappearance of each memory is portrayed. I knew there was no way out of the situation, and I knew that she would become a vegetable by the end, but I was still cheering her on hoping that she’d make through it somehow. Marie quickly jumped up from a character I didn’t care about to a damn admirable one in the span of half an episode. It’s just… her desperation even under the circumstances she’s in and then at the very end when she is glad that she had friends even though she lost everything… Then it fucking reached 666/666… The God damn FEEEEEEEELS.

This is one of the most enjoyable episodes of Valvrave the Liberator for me so far. The more I watch the scenes where Marie is fighting with her memories on the line the better I find this episode to be. Even though the pacing in this episode is very fast and the events are hectic as hell, I never find it to be too fast. Looking back, it’s actually surprising how well Sunrise can make the pacing like this and still maintain a level of coherence. They could finish up the series in the next 8 episodes, but I’m afraid that it may not have the level of pacing it’s had so far if they do. Nonetheless, if they keep episodes like this up I’ll be overjoyed. I could go on about the animations and the foreshadowing, but Marie’s sacrifice takes precedence.

Sayonara, Marie.

Valvrave Wallpaper Characters

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  • Ian Porterfield


    • Entrav


  • zztop

    The purple machine’s a portable solarium! The Princess needs some colour on her skin after all. ;>

    • Entrav

      Haha. The luxury of the high class.

      • EvilNemesis

        Confirmed for being villain.

        She’s wearing black underwear. That means she wants to have sex, and you know how evil people want sex.

        Also after a few usages of that tanning bed she’s going to look like this. What a fucking slut.

        But, really, what if that thing is some form of VVV OS make-inator?

        • Entrav


    • Onomarchus

      The weird purple sarcophagus/Pandorica/port-a-sauna/man-I-don’t-even-know-what has the level 4 vampires’ symbol on it. It looks like an outline of a four-leaf clover with a dot in the middle, and it’s what appeared when one of the level 4 vamprs took over Der Fuhrer. (I don’t mean the yellow V-looking marks, which look like standard Dorssian decoration.) She doesn’t act like she’s possessed by one of them though, and the Fuhrer didn’t seem to need preheating in a purple thing for one to take him over. Also, it was a nice touch with the maids covering either their ears or faces when the thing activated/started steaming, though that could have been just to avoid the steam.

      I’m glad that short bit got put in this episode, because it was definitely weird/crazy in the regular Valvrave way. The rest of the episode, while definitely good, didn’t seem quite like what I normally expect from the Valvrave show, but that part was. Then again, I guess constantly defying expectations is part of what Valvrave’s about.

  • omgITSorange

    WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME?! Just as she became one of the better characters of the show, too! :(

    • Entrav

      I know right. D:

  • Red Claire

    I am betting she’s not truly physically dead, just functionally so.

    Same difference, but recovery isn’t impossible in the long term even if the memories are gone forever.

    • Entrav

      Well, Valvrave did bring Shoko back from the dead so it’s not out of the question. I kind of doubt that this is all that Marie is going to do for the rest of the season. I would think with how important she is that she’d have a more prominent role in the second season as a whole. Sunrise may have something planned…

  • Red Claire

    Also, in addition to my doubts about Marie’s death, I do wonder about what will happen now that everyone will apparently discuss this danger next episode.

  • zztop

    In season 1, there was a scene where Kibukawa tells L-11 that the Sakimori students had been ‘specially prepared’ to pilot Valvraves.
    In this context, I think this limiter was one of the preparations.

    • MACHA

      That’s a good theory. But if Marie was the test pilot 5 years ago, then they must have figured out how to add a limiter in those 5 years. How could they not prepare Marie within the same time, but for all the students of JIOR?
      Pino did say that her limiter was broken, so I think it’s more likely that they had the limiter part figured at the time, but not how to fix if it’s broken. Since Marie’s an abnormal case, maybe the limiter is embedded in DNA.

      Maybe Marie unconsciously releases a lot of runes (kind of like Shin Sekai Yori where Shun uncosciously released Cantus)

  • saikakun

    boku janai boku janai

  • James Du

    They just killed off new best girl.

    • Entrav

      Since Shoko’s role is non-existent now, a few more episodes of like this and I would be obliged to agree. Though, I guess Shoko is using Marie as a proxy for her Shoko POWAS.

      • James Du

        Saki X Cain NTR: Probability massively increased.
        Shit that Haruto is going to have a hard time explaining to Shoko: Increased again.
        Aina 2.0: Achieved!

        “erm yeah I got mad when I thought they killed you, got turned into a space vampire that has to bite people and drain memories to power these vampire space mecha and sorry we got your one of your best friends turned into a vegetable through complete mind-wipe to power a vampire space mecha.”

        Fucking Sunrise. Code Geass wasn’t this bad.

  • EvilNemesis

    Rofl, this show. Everything so hamfisted , especially the last few episodes. The writers literally writing out Haruto.

    Anyhow, this week is going to be a long one as we wait to know of Marie’s fate and Haruto actually doing something.

    So I wonder what is Marie’s fate. Is she dead or is she going to be Kamille V2.0?

    • Entrav

      Screw Haruto. But seriously, he’s becoming less and less important. I think Sunrise may just go down this route of focusing on certain characters in each episode. I really think there’s more for Marie to do so her role as a vegetable is probably not going to be her last.

  • Irenesharda

    Wow, that was awesome, and yet….so tragic…

    This was an intense episode…everything was just going wrong. Haruto’s become even more useless, but Marie saved the show, but it cost her everything. However, Marie has shown us the immortals’ weakness. Runes are both their greatest strength and greatest weakness, with them, they can do wonders, but take them all away, and they die.

    This episode centered on Marie and her past, and we see that she was the first test pilot of the Valvrave program. Their treatment of an 11 year old girl makes me sick, and I’m beginning to wonder if there were ANY good guys in this war. JIOR is just as bad as the rest of them, maybe worse since they were hiding their true nature under a disguise of neutrality. How dare you criticize Dorssia, JIOR, when you treat your own youth the same way? Hypocrites….

    Anyway, Marie and Pino became friends, however, something was wrong with Marie where she has no limiter and so overuses her runes, causing a greater output of power, but also causes her to lose to much at too fast a rate. So, after losing all the memories of her past life, she only had the last two years left.

    Back to the battle, because of Haruto’s idiocy, Kyuma and Raizou are getting pummeled by the superior Kirschbaums. Akira on one side and the rest of the students on the other are waiting for the signal from L-11, but everything goes wrong when A-drei realizes L-elf’s presence and plan. Having to speed up his plan, L-elf blows up the bombs prematurely which takes out half the forces. however it separates everyone thanks to the ground caving in and L-elf is with Marie and the Valvrave, Haruto is on his own, A-drei and K-zwolf (Saki) are stuck together, and the students are found out by the army. Everything is going downhill and everything will soon be lost.

    That is until Marie decides that the lives of her friends is worth the sacrifice of her memories, and pilots VVV1 like Haruto only wishes he could! As she fights the Dorssian forces saving Kyuma and Raizou, L-elf and Haruto rescue the other students and take the transport. They get a message of assistance from the Dorssian Royalists that are willing to help them.

    However, none of that is really important as we watch Marie’s last stand in all its tragic glory. Marie destroys memory after memory as she continues the fight. But she doesn’t let that stop her as she declares that she can just make new ones. However, Pino warns her that she is going to far, and in the end we see that with one last glorious slash of the harakiri blade which decimates their enemies and turns night into day, Marie dies, as she loses even her brain’s autonomic memory of how to breath and maintain a heartbeat.

    This episode has changed the game so much and has also raised some questions. We finally get an actual scene with Lieselotte, however she seems much more coy, intelligent and powerful than the I thought she would be. Even Cain seems to be walking on egg shells around her. Is Lieselotte a Magius? This brief scene seems to suggest so.

    Marie is the young 11 year-old first kamitsuki that future Saki was talking about, and we can now see why they hold her in such esteem. Speaking of Saki though, it seems that she will be sticking with the Dorssians in her K-12 body for a while. There seems to be something they may try to start between her and A-drei? She seems to be seeing the Dorssian side of things for the first time.

    However, in all that fighting and rubble what happened to Akira and Saki’s bodies that currently hold the kids’ consciousness? At least Saki obviously gets hers back eventually, but does Akira? L-elf definitely wasn’t carrying the bodies around with him or anything, and I doubt they had time to get them on the new transport after they blew everything up, so where are they?

    Well, maybe they will answer this all in time. As to why the memory thing has only affected Marie so far, that’s another question they will have to go into. My only guess is that instead of Marie feeding off others and supplying runes that way, like Haruto does, they didn’t know she had to feed and so she used her own body’s runes which even while she has a healing factor as an immortal, she doesn’t have an infinite supply of. So, when they ran out, so did she.

    Man was this was a magnificent episode, chocked full of suspense, action, tension, character development and tragedy.

    Sayonara, Marie Wildfire. You died with honor and I salute you.

    This was a 9.5/10.

    • EvilNemesis

      Even though, Marie shown us how baller she can be, it really didn’t have to be this.

      But like I’ve said already, It’s possible sunrise might pull a Kamille with Marie. Can’t be sure though. But it’s the death of “Marie” as we know it for sure.

      Sunrise I am irked, Haruto is approaching Shinji Ikari level of uselessness.

      In both cases, I just want to punch them and tell em ” GET IN THE FUCK SUIT YOU FAGGOTS ” . Truth be told, Haruto might be more of a faggot than Shinji since his sexual act wasn’t even of his own accord ( heh ) .

      Lieselotte is looking a lot less like she’s just a little girl isn’t she ? Inb4 she’s the last boss.

      Some pattern I found funny

      You don’t want to be friends with Shoko really.

      Shoko friend #1 – Dead
      Shoko Dad – Dead
      Akira AKA Shoko friend #2 – MIA
      Marie AKA Shoko friend #3 – Dead

      Luckily for Haruto they’ve drifted apart so they aren’t friends, so he’s safe… for the moment.

      • Entrav


        • EvilNemesis

          She survived her “death” and death flags, so now that they are not used by her, each time she gets close to somebody, she unknowingly gives some to them.

          That’s what you get for fooling death gurl.

          • Dycize

            So Shoko is actually the protagonist of a Final Destination movie without knowing it?

    • Entrav

      I’m actually wondering if Saki’s body is immortal or is it whatever body she possesses that is immortal. I’m not sure if this fact is going to matter throughout the course of the show, but it may be interesting to see if this “loophole,” if it exists, being utilized as part of the show.

      Damn awesome episode. THE FEELS when Marie fights and her memories are slashed away one by one with the music…

  • Dycize


    Oh my god this episode.
    So much win!
    But so much feels D=

    Marie “died” with a smile as she gave out everything she had with hopes of a better tomorrow.
    Every fucking thing.
    That moment when her eyes go dull… Broken.
    The reason why she does so awesome in the VVV is because she has no “limiter” which means that her memories get eaten at a franctic pace.
    That fight of awesome was such a big bag of feelings. On one hand, the VVV doing the best things it has ever done in a while, the Dorssians getting CRUSHED all around. But so did Marie’s memories.
    Dang it Sunrise. WHYYYYYYY

    I can’t blame Pino. Her speech pattern all around says “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it it’s how I’m made”. She’s simple and really wanted to be Marie’s friend… Sadly they are probably the least compatible friends ever. JIOR really screwed up Marie’s life. Curse you neutralists D= Next thing you know, we’ll learn that in an alternate universe, JIOR created Zeorymer (which is also a mecha powered by TERRIBLENESS).

    Just an amazing episode. This is how you make anime.

    Also I’m hoping, just hoping, that there’s still hope for Marie. Maybe not instant recovery but that she may one day live again. Please Sunrise D=

    • Entrav

      I actually got the FEELS watching the parts where Marie just slashes her memories apart, and with Soba ni Iru yo playing in the background… Holy shit. SUNRSIE PLS. I WANTED SHOKO TO LIVE AND YOU ANSWERED. NOW IT’S MARIE’S TURN.

  • Guest


    • Entrav

      Because being Marie is suffering. D:

  • Chipp

    Hey lets compose a Despair list for Shoko, I mean just stuff that she is about to learn:
    1. Her future BF Haruto is not a human
    2. Her future BF Haruto fuck saki
    3. Her dear friend Marie wasn’t human.
    4. Her dear friend Marie is now mentally disintegrated.

    • Alvaro Rivero

      0. Her DAD!!!!!!!!

    • Entrav


  • EvilNemesis

    Look at this image

    Notice the 3 one the left? How they are out of the group. Yep, R.I.P

    • irenesharda

      But we know Akira will live, so I’m not sure about that theory.

      • James Du

        Unless Saki gets turned into Mrs. Renbokuji.

  • gustave154

    Great episode Sasuga Sunrise.
    But now Saki gets captured i hope she doesn’t fall in love with A-drei…

  • Tidus

    To be honest, I think every character on the is on Sunrise’s shit list. I expect the characters to die at some point, even Haruto. Although it’s proven that Saki and Satomi lived 200 years in the future, this does not mean they cannot die in that time as well. I’m just saying most, if not all characters might die.

    • Tidus


      To be honest, I think every character on the show is on Sunrise’s shit list. I expect the characters to die at some point, even Haruto. Although it’s proven that Saki and Satomi lived 200 years in the future, this does not mean they might not and cannot die in that time as well. I’m just saying most, if not all characters might die.

  • Irenesharda

    I was wondering Entrav, you usually use ggsubs when you do your review, just I think this time you used the Aniplex ones? I’m not sure if you’ve done that before, I just noticed it this time with that weirdly worded “dreams of country of students” line, and the fact that they said Marie was “fired” from being a test pilot when I highly doubt they actually hired an 11 year-old as proverbial lab rat.
    Also, you missed using L-elf’s hilarious line to Takahi of “Shut up and enjoy the scenery.” which was a bit of bright spot in this otherwise somber episode.

    I was just wondering though, if you had a subtitle preference or you don’t really care?

    • Entrav

      When I can I will generally use ggsubs as they put some interesting translations, but the problem is that they are 4 hours slower than the Crunchyroll (CR) ones I’m using here, and I wanted to get this out as fast as possible so I used the other ones.

      As for the translations themselves, these are actually pretty accurate. Regarding Lieselotte’s line, CR’s subs are actually dead on. In ggsubs there is no mention of dreaming and instead says “pique your interest” which is fine as well, but it’s not as literal as CR’s. As for the “fired” part, that’s actually “correct” however weird it is. Pino says “kubi” which basically means that she became unemployed. This time, I would say that ggsubs words it way better as a literal translation here isn’t the best.

      For L-Elf’s line, he doesn’t actually say “Shut up and enjoy the scenery.” CR’s subs is correct, but gg undoubtedly knows of this and decided to add their own flair to the subs which I enjoy a lot. For example, in the previous season, one of the miscellaneous pilots says, “Your back is more open than your mother’s legs!” which is absolutely hilarious. I prefer using ggsubs because they tend to have some more entertaining lines here and there, but if I want speed then it’s obviously going to be CR.

      • Irenesharda

        Well, I know that they usually have a flair to their subs that aren’t the literal translation, but I just enjoy them so much. Also, they sometimes westernize them a bit so that they make more sense than the literal translations will. I have classes until late at night,so the subs are usually done by the time I come home. I will resist watching the episode until then. The CR ones are okay, and I like to compare the too, but usually they are either too literal, or sometimes they make mistakes that make them confusing.

        • Entrav

          Yeah, it’s pretty nice sometimes how they add these things, but if it’s done poorly it can be distracting not that I’ve never had that problem with ggsubs so far. I like literal translations more because I understand bits of Japanese here and there which makes reading literal subs make more sense than more westernized ones. UTW’s subs in general may be the best example of excellent balance between keeping most if not all the meaning and being easy to understand.

  • Hunter K. Lyon

    I Can Only Say.. Marie, The Original ONE.

  • Desu

    Marie!!!!!T_T so awsome , so short >.< ( Crying)

    – Is it me or there is still one valvrave left ( I mean they called then the "7 …( i dont remember) " )

    • Entrav


      • Desu

        Well the point is that it must be one more valvrave left , it MUST happen >.<

        • Skylar

          2 actually. Since Marie is the test pilot for unit 1(and for the valvrave technology) and now she is a vegetable/dead, I’m also assuming that Golden 7 meant the living and active ones. Most likely Satomi Renbokoji will be one of them(Remember he was with the ERU ERUFU descendant and Saki at the start of Ep. 15).

          • Desu

            So by golden 7 they ment the kamitsukis??

          • Skylar

            At least from my point of view, yeah. Afterall, you have to be a kamitsuki(aka magius) to pilot a valvrave.

          • Desu

            So they would be:
            Greedy sempai
            and …well ( I hope shoko )
            not marie since she’s death/unknown

  • Lerot

    All these “Marieeeeee” makes me nostalgic. :D

    • Entrav

      Did not think of that. MARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


    Hey Entrav, what other anime are you watching this season besides the ones you’re reviewing?
    I saw first episode of Arpeggio of the Blue Steel, but I haven’t gone back because I’m having doubt about the story. I watched the first 10 minutes of ep 1, then left it for an hour to do something else.. Is it worth watching? (Note: I did the same thing with Valvrave, too. I actually stopped the video to go and continue writing my story for 3 hours. But that’s different. ERU ERUFU set the standard)

    Aside from Kill la Kill, Valvrave and Kyoukai no Kanata, I;m also watching:

    Samurai Flamenco

    Nagi no Asukara (I’m surprised that I actually like this. But it’s done really good and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!)

    Gingitsune and

    Meganebu! (Come on, I had to. And it’s funny.)

    • Entrav

      Arpeggio of Blue Steel has been an enjoyable experience for me with the ship battles and of course, the girls. I don’t find the CGI to be a problem and I think it adds to the battles themselves. It’s nothing extraordinary, but the pew pew and the explosions are nice to look at. There’s some interesting character developments here and there as well. It’s definitely not as big of a surprise as Valvrave is, but it’s not bad.

      Other than the anime I’m reviewing, I’m watching:

      Nagi no Asukara
      Gundam Build Fighters
      Tokyo Ravens
      Galilei Donna
      Samurai Flamenco (have not caught up to the latest episode though)
      Golden Time
      Outbreak Company
      Strike the Blood
      Log Horizon
      Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~
      Unbreakable Machine Doll
      Ore no Nounai… (whatever that long name is)

      I dropped a lot of shows because I am short on time nowadays.

      • MACHA

        I see. Thanks for the info. I’ll probably give it another shot once I get some time :)

        Oh~ I forgot to check out Strike the Blood, Outbreak Company and Galilei Donna!
        I’ll get to those after I finish the rest – and once life gives me a break ;) (And after I watch Gankutsuou. I STILL NEED TO SEE THAT. It’s look really good! )

  • Valk

    That was a damn good episode, Marie’s death (?) was perfect, but it sure is dangerous to be Shouko friend!

  • Irenesharda

    Did anyone notice the slight differences between L-elf and A-drei’s memory on the death of their royalist teammate? I sure didn’t until someone matched up this picture for me:

    Do you think this was simply a continuity mistake, or is there some significance to the fact that the two have similar stories, but incorrect details?

    I find the whole story fishy to a degree. We know that A-drei is a royalist as well, and it’s possible some of the others on the team, like H-neun and L-elf might have been too. So, why did they pick out this one boy as the scapegoat? Also, that boy seems content with his death? Do you think that their entire team was made of royalists and the superiors began to suspect, they “secretly” killed one of their own to pull suspicion off the group?

    I mean, if the crime is as bad as A-drei put it, then why would he be telling a boy ( who he has no reason NOT to think would tell his superiors) about it, instead of keeping it secret, as he indicates, it was supposed to be? The only reason I can think of , is that he knows that the superiors know, and they know that he knows they know, but no one speaks of it.

    However, these inconsistencies in the two’s stories make me think that perhaps the guy might not even be dead? However, they covered it up in some way?

    • Entrav

      Hmm, I actually didn’t notice this either. I’m honestly not sure if it’s intended or not, but it’s definitely not impossible. This brings up some interesting possibilities like you say, and A-Drei’s talk with the kid makes it seem like it doesn’t even matter anymore, but maybe it’s not so insignificant as he makes it seem…


    Once again RAVE NIGHT tonight. Sadly I can’t take part in the epic action until tomorrow night T T (got a more epic raving test tomorrow that needs my attention)

    Fellow RAVERS enjoy the ride!

  • Evilnemesis

    Just seen EP 17 on MBS. Fuck you Sunrise, that is all.

  • duoearth

    When I saw the ending of this episode. My tear just exploded. The music is really fit the emotion of the scene. I was stunning when the creator team decided to raise Marie role for this only one chapter and killed her. ( So Cruel ! ) . Never seen such tragic flashback scene like this one before.

  • Uboa

    Three words: FUCK YOU SUNRISE!