Valvrave the Liberator Episode 17 – Burden

Valvrave H-Neun

What’s wrong, H-Neun?
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 17 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 17 Review
“The Abyss of the Runes”
“Jōhō Genshi (Rune) no Shin’en”

After the incredible ride that is episode 16, Valvrave delivers a solid episode overall to set-up the challenges yet to come. This episode is by no means as exciting as the previous, but it’s surprisingly solid all-round.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 17 Impressions

Nobi Marie dead


Ninomiya Takahi sorry



Valvrave pino



L-Elf cool


Nobi Marie dream


Tokishima Haruto scared





If you were hoping Marie would come back alive like Shoko did back in episode 2 like me then you’re in for a huge disappointment. It would have probably been worse for Marie to randomly come back alive as this show has taken a darker turn especially with this season. Nonetheless, it still feels painful for one of the better characters of the show that became such in a span of only two episodes gone so quickly. The question that most of us had regarding the loss of memories with the rest of the pilots has also been addressed in the way you’d probably expect to create maximum conflict within the characters. Haruto has already been piloting the Valvrave for a decent amount of time and it seems to have almost no affect on him. If Marie’s death is a signal of anything, the Valvrave eats away at memories from the very beginning and then moves to the present. Just like how we can’t quite remember our childhood days, Haruto will sooner or later feel that for the days he should remember. Still, as it eats away at his memories far slower compared to how it eats away at Marie’s, it’s definitely possible for him to end everything before it catches up to his current memories. The problem is actually not related as much to the loss of memories as he may think. It’s actually more related to his current realization and how he has to deal with this potential loss that may or may not happen.


Whoa, whoa. Why is A-Drei so… INB4 SAKIXA-DREI LOLWUT.


About your anus?

Tokishima Haruto showering

Yeah, suck it up. Marie sacrificed herself for you guys just like that.

Hmm… So, if Haruto bites L-Elf then he too will… God dammit.

Pino VVV


L-Elf disappointed


H-Neun on cellphone

Dude, are you seriously going?

Except the gap between 1st and 2nd is gigantic.



It’s unknown as to whether the Royalists are part of Magius or not. However, I expect this cooperation between the two groups to not be so simple as this. If they are indeed successful to some extent in creating some kind of revolution, then people like A-Drei will have to start choosing sides. Not to mention, with how Magius is taking over the key figures of human society, this revolution could just be all one big sham. Nonetheless, whatever comes of this, all L-Elf has on his mind is to save his precious princess and to this end he is willing to do anything including sacrificing his own life. Of course, she did save his life, but his conviction is still quite absurd. The princess hasn’t been taken over by Magius just yet, but if they ever do, L-Elf could be in a huge amount of trouble. Well, as long as their acting isn’t terrible.

I need one of those.

Wait, what? Is this just a nervous gesture or is it something else? Does it send a message or something?


Cain Dressel magius


Well, they’re obviously Magius.


Ceremony? Why are you helping them? Why are your kind so hungry?

So that’s why when Marie piloted it it was so pretty… ALSO. NO BULGE.


Should have been “young boy” for maximum homo.

H-Neun shocked


It’s not too much of a surprise that Cain has been taken over, but I can say that I was never completely sure. The question is, how long ago was it that the original Cain got taken over? I assume that his body got taken over some time before the revolution where the Royalists were overthrown. More importantly, they seem to be executing some sort of plan with the Runes on a massive scale. This “ritual” or “ceremony” probably has something to do with the nature of becoming a Magius or a Kamitsuki. There are also members in Magius who look fairly old and require a new vessel. As you know, physical capabilities are granted to the person in control, but it also seems that mental processing capabilities are also carried over to the new owner of the body. I assume that this “ceremony” will replenish the Runes they’ve been using to preserve their own lives. Or… could it be something greater than that?



That makes sense, but why that useless brother?


Eru erufu


Lieselotte smiling


Sad life.

L-Elf prophet


Valvrave Hito unit 1


So, Valvraves can withstand that kind of temperature and they overheat so easily? KSUNRISENICETRY.


Tokishima Haruto pilot


L-Elf nude




Cain Dressel bloody



Some people say that this guy looks like a gay porn star. I can’t comment because I haven’t seen any gay porn so…

Haruto may have been annoying with his hesitations in the past, but his hesitation in this episode is quite understandable as it is his very life at stake. Though, hopefully this will be the last time that such a development is necessary. With how determined he is now, you just know that everything is going to end horribly for him. And it’s not just going to be him either as New JIOR is going to be targeted as a new food source. Some people have come up with an interesting hypothesis of L-Elf or someone else being kidnapped and then being taken over so that they can be used to pilot the second Valvrave unit that Haruto has to face with great difficulty. At this point, the only thing I can be a bit certain of is that this story won’t end well for Haruto and L-Elf.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 17 Review

With this season, Sunrise took it down a notch by fleshing out the basis of the story and made it just a tad less crazy and random. This episode is one that doesn’t blow my mind like the last episode does, but it’s just very solid all-round expanding upon the characters, conflicts, and the story itself while implementing noticeable twists here and there. The aspect I found most interesting is the inner-workings of Dorssian society. With Cain, and the Fuhrer under Magius control and H-Neun trying to reveal the truth, it makes for some entertaining drama alongside the angst that Haruto has. Indeed, if it were just about Haruto and his despair at the situation, I’d be bored to death, but the side characters have their own moments to balance everything out.

The one aspect that is a bit concerning are the screen-time of the various characters. Saki will have her own time to shine soon enough, but all the other Valvrave pilots seem to be literally tools to pilot the Valvraves. Kyuuma, and Thunder basically fulfill their roles as pilots and that’s it. I mean, it’s not like that’s a huge problem, but since they are the damn Valvrave pilots you’d expect something more from them. Again, it’s a minor complaint as the rest of the supporting characters like A-Drei, H-Neun, Cain and so on are all far more interesting characters to expand upon. Then again, maybe Sunrise shouldn’t have made such uninteresting characters as pilots. Just imagine if A-Drei worked with ERU ERUFU… Heck, Marie should have just… D: MARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

Valvrave the Liberator Rukino Saki Wallpaper

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  • zztop

    In Haruto’s shower scene, you can see the Magius triangle symbol on his upper chest.

    Judging from the ‘click’ sound when H-9 touched his piercing, I think the piercing is a sound-recording device. Hopefully it has mobile service so Kriemhild is listening on the other end.
    In ep 1, the Magius revealed that Cain had been one of them for 10 years prior to TC 71. H-9 said he remembered the old Cain’s advice from 12 years prior to TC 71. So old Cain was still himself for 2 years until he was bodyjacked. I’m not quite sure about the Fuhrer-led Dorssian revolution timeline, although I remember the show saying anywhere between 10-12 years prior to TC 71.
    Judging from the big Rune container Cain brought into the meeting room, perhaps that container was meant for X-1’s bodyjacking ritual to make it permanent. All conjecture until proven, of course.

    • issaxchan

      But Magius insignia looks more like a clover, right? I think that triangle is a symbol of a different organization, maybe the Jior’s perhaps? In the War of the Roses, the Lancasters have red rose, while the Yorks have white. So in this case, it’s green clover and red triangle. I mean, in every great organization there has to be an opposing team.

      I also think that H9’s earring is a device that either transmits video or audio recordings and I also hope someone on the other line is watching/listening so that H9’s efforts won’t be in vain (why is it that the ones who uncovered dark secrets always dies first, dammit!)

      • Evilnemesis

        It’s unsure if he’s dead or not, but his butt-budy X-iens and OTP Kriemhild will definitely try to rescue him. He’s probably going to end badly, but you never know.

        • issaxchan

          Kriemhild…hmm… Her conversation with H9 on the phone got me into thinking that there are people within the Dorssian army that are suspicious of bodyjacked-Cain’s main motives. Like, what’s up with the rumors about the castle, right? Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

          Anyway, I’m missing the boy-Saki in this episode. I wanna see her development with A-drei. LOL Haruto is just waaaay too lame for her >_>

          • Onomarchus

            Saki is continuing to have an A3 day. As am I, actually. In fact, everyone, have an A3 day!

      • zztop

        That’s the odd part, cause there seem to be 2 different logos. At this point, I’m taking it to mean both logos signify Magius.

        • Irenesharda

          My theory have always been that the clover symbol is the symbol of a particular Magius clan, while the three Vs are the symbol of the Magius as a species. Haruto and the others have the Magius symbol as their clan symbol since they are part of the original clan to which Pino and Prue would belong.

          Also, its nice that you caught that in that shot. I certainly didn’t notice it. So, this means they all have that sign, they just don’t mention or show it to us.

          • Dycize

            They are clothed most of the time, so it’s natural.
            I remember when we saw time-skip Saki with the mark and it was pretty weird.
            Also Cain’s talk about our heroes being “3rd generation” when musing about their regenerative abilities, so yeah, it’s very likely the symboles represent different kinds. Now what the 1st and 2nd kind are…

  • zztop

    IRL, Kakumei Dualism is currently top 10 on Japan’s hot 100 music Billboard for this week*.
    Also, TM Revolution, Mizuki Nana, Angela and Elisa, the singers for Valvrave’s OP and ED, as well as the voice actors for Haruto and L-11, will be performing at the Anime Festival Asia in Singapore this week. Will you be attending?
    *May be subject to change.

    • Entrav

      As much as I’d like to go, I’m not anywhere near Singapore so… Too bad. :/

  • Evilnemesis


    The worst feels of the episode for me was when Cain just burned the letter H-heun had left for X-iens. Dang that was just low blow.

    L-elf really wants a VVV, he can’t save his princess without power. But he can “use” Haruto, such homolust. At least he’s a Newtype ( lol wtf ) .

    I agree that the other pilots are not having a lot of screentime, it’s possible that Thunder might die in the rescue of Saki, I mean someone Satomi needs to get his VVV from someone, since he’s in the flash forward 200 years in the future.

    • Entrav

      I want to say that no one piloting a Valvrave will die in the near future because it is the “Golden 7” after all, but we still don’t even know what that label means. It could just be the Valvraves themselves and not the pilots so it won’t matter who dies as long as the Valvraves stay around. Still, with how things have progressed this season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more people die off. Hopefully it will be filled with FEELS like the previous episode.

  • Irenesharda

    Well, that was a lot revealed in one episode.

    So we have confirmed that the Magius live from body to body by transferring their consciousness and permanently jacking their victim. Weirdly, the bodies they jack don’t seem to age physically(Cain looks no older than his younger self, despite that scene being 12 years ago, and he became a Magius 10 years ago.), so do they change bodies because they want to keep their cover? Or because something is going on on the inside of the body that breaks down and that’s why they have to change from body to body?

    In a way, I was a little disappointed to find that Cain has a victim of the “invasion of the body snatchers” disease. He seemed like a really cool guy. Now, he’s still cool, but to a lesser degree. However, what they heck happened to H-neun? I know he gave a signal out using his earring and the only person I can think that he would signal is Kriemhild. However, it looks like she gets there too late. Also, from the way it sounded, Kriemhild has her own secret organization as well? Is she a royalist? We see 4 Kirschbaum’s out fighting with Cain in the ED, so H-neun has to be in one of them. My guess is that H-neun got taken over too.

    With the JIORians, we find out that for now Marie is definitely dead. It seems her death was caused by a continual drainage of runes over the three year period she was a test pilot and then this last time was the clincher. Actually from the way it looks with the team, it’s that as long as they don’t pilot the Valvraves, they have immortal life, however the more they pilot, the more the machines drain them of life force aka runes.

    Interestingly, we learn that JIOR captured Pino and trapped her in the engine of VVV1 so that they could use her as a conduit to use runes as an energy source. I can definitely see why Prue is kind of pissed at that. The Valvrave is draining runes to use as energy, not Pino, though she consumes a small amount as food. Prue and Pino seem to have very close association with the Magius, and they might just be Magius themselves. We have yet to see the space vampires true form, but I’m guessing they were humanoid. Haruto and his fellow pilots seem to be specialized Magius, since they are humans that have literally been transformed biochemically into Magius, rather than simply the natural born alien species that takes over human bodies. This is probably why they in the future call their particular subspecies Kamitsuki, a sort of specialized form of Magius.

    That JIOR scientist with the mustache we’ve seen before in Marie’s flashbacks. I’m getting the feeling that’s Haruto’s dad. They don’t really look alike, but Sunrise is full of kids who don’t look like their parents, or at least a lot of sons look more like their mothers than their fathers. He doesn’t look particularly trustworthy either.

    We see Haruto have a mental crisis after learning that he could suffer Marie’s fate, and at the same time, L-elf finds that Pino finds him distasteful. This disappoints L-elf since he knows Haruto is useless, and it make him feel powerless. I don’t know, but I have a feeling L-elf will become a pilot, and if sweet Pino won’t take him, angry Prue might not be so picky…

    I find it hilarious that L-elf was so underhanded that he manipulated all the pilots off the ship so that he could create new pilots and make an immortal army. He’s perfectly willing to dump Haruto as pilot and damn all the students to immortal lives if it’s for the greater good. However, thankfully, Haruto decided to man up and not turn a blind eye to what was going on any longer. He decided to at least be half the person Marie was and go out there without any regret even if it costs him his life, which is what I think it may end up taking.
    We know that some of the other students will become Magius as well. Will L-elf actually get that immortal army he was alluding to? We’ll have to see how this whole Third Galactic Reich gets started to see what happens with that.

    Speaking of Reich, poor H-neun really came in there unprepared, and X-eins still doesn’t know what’s going on. However, I have a feeling that if anyone defeats Cain, it will be X-1 if he finds out that an alien being took over his beloved colonel and killed/jacked his best friend, there will be Hell to pay.However, what is this ceremony that the Magius are planning? It can’t just be moving from one body to the next, since they didn’t need to prepare any vats of runes for that. What are they planning? Why do they need so many runes? Also, what did happen there that night with the attacking ships? It was kind of hard to follow what was going on with the fight going on outside. It also looks like the Neo Jior is going to be attacked by the Magius in a cloaked vessel. And unfortunately, there’s nothing there to protect them, and L-elf and Haruto don’t even know about the Magius yet, let alone the dangers they pose.

    It looks like L-elf stored Akira and Saki’s bodies on the transport ship is some offscreen way, though he logically had no time to do that, so….yeah Sunrise, just kinda rushed past that one huh? Also, I guess you’re never going to explain how you disposed of the remaining crew that got locked in off the ship, or what the heck happened to the girl whose body Akira took over? No? Nothing? Okay, fine.

    Poor Saki got almost forgotten in this episode. It took Yusuke and friends, of all people, to finally bring her up. Where were you on that Haruto?
    She’s still with A-drei, who is being pretty princely at the moment. ; ) Hey, I’m all for those two being together. Though it looks like Akira and Raizou are going out to get her, though I don’t know how long that’ll take. I’d actually support a romance between those two as well. There is nothing like having a “yankee” bad boy boyfriend to bring a timid girl out of her shell. ^_^

    Well, they covered a huge chuck of information this week, and it looks like we’ll get even more backstory next week.

    I give this episode a 8/10. Not the same heart-beating-out-of-your-chest action and twists of the last couple of weeks, but still really good, if just for the new information being presented.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I think H-Neun may have gotten jacked as well. Though, I’m not too certain about that as the only person who needed the body was that old-looking person. I’m sure they all found suitable bodies for themselves and they may not want to change. That, or he’s captured and some other member can take over his body later on.

      They may just want bodies that are “better” than the ones they currently have. Perhaps they are using Runes to sustain their age, but then we’d have to look to the 200-year time-skip and see that Saki hasn’t changed her body. It’s unlikely that she’d be leeching Runes off of people so it’s more likely that they are just looking for more adept bodies. They could still be using Runes, but it must be a tiny amount. Heck, looking at the destructive power of the Valvraves and you’d see that just a bit of Runes go a long way when used properly. But since they are gathering so much… I’m really not too sure what they’re going to use it for.

      • Irenesharda

        Okay, here’s my theory. We see that the Magius seem to permanently jack a human body. However, I’m wondering why? At first I thought that was because a body would get older and die, but then we look back at Cain again for an example. The guy is supposed to be almost 40, but he doesn’t look a day older than when H-9 and X-1 met him, when he was in his late 20s. This leads me to believe that the bodies the Magius take over change as well. Also, with Mirko, we can see that he posses vampiric attributes even though he lives in what was once a human body. This means that the host bodies change physically when they are taken over. This leads me to believe that the jacking this time, is permanent.

        So, if they bodies they have now are changed and immortal, why do the Magius switch out? I think for the same reason most vampires move around all the time or stay in hiding in literature. Their agelessness gives them away. To keep up appearances, they must change bodies and pretend that the old body “died” as they blend in with humanity.
        Another reason I think they switch vessels, is because they consume the runes of the bodies they take over. Pino mentions she consumes runes as her food. What if the Magius do as well (and that’s if Pino is not herself, a Magius…), and they consume the rune supply of their host. And like Marie, they would have an immortal physical body, but the rune supply would still get lower and lower, until they consume them all and that body dies? And this will continue as long as they hide their true forms in human shells.

    • Angela Moseley

      ” Also, I guess you’re never going to explain how you disposed of the
      remaining crew that got locked in off the ship, or what the heck
      happened to the girl whose body Akira took over? No? Nothing? Okay,

      I’m going to assume L-Elf took the time to kill them and dumped their bodies somewhere. It’s both simple and mildly gruesome. ;) (Why waste resources on taking your enemies hostage or risk being spotted by letting them go?)

  • Dycize

    H-Neun D= !

    Not you too! Stop it Sunrise, stop killing likeable characters! As if getting Marie comatose forever didn’t suffice =l (I still believe she’s not -really- dead since they haven’t really said that… but she’s going to be “dead” for a while).

    So the Magius are collecting runes huh. People-memory-farm in a submarine, which has been… Foiled? I don’t remember the submarine/base getting blown up so… But the end of the episode with how the ceremony got post poned looks like it may have happened. At least something happened but -what- is the question. H-NEUUUUUUUN D= But at least he recorded things before disappearing (I’m on the side that thinks his earring is a recording device, considering when he activates it).

    And now we know for good that Cain is hijacked. Makes his supernatural powers more understandable. The Magius are bad news and we still have no idea what’ll happen next, yay /o/

    Also I didn’t realise that the vessel at the end of the episode was going towards the Moon. Dang, this sucks. C’m’on Shoko, I hope you secretly built VVV-7 and will pilot it to protect everyone because this is going to become ugly (on a scale of bad news going from 1 to 10, I’d say using VVV-able students to power a rune-vat farm is a good 12.)

    Haruto, I hope you finally got your shit together for good this time. “I will die if I keep piloting the Valvrave”. What a twist! This is a friggin’ war machine with which you went to battle multiple times, and more than once in pretty dire situations and -now- you’re getting scared of dieing? Gee. Sure, what happened to Marie is pretty horrible… But so far, no sign that Haruto’s in danger. This curse is yours to bear, as you said already back in season 1… Keep that resolve in check!

    Meanwhile, A-Drei hit it off with Sak- K-Zwölf. A-Drei turning into an ally down the road seems more and more likely now. Aside from his issue with ERU-ERUFU, he’s Dorssian nobility and has a caring and human side to him when not in proximity to his nemesis. (and we all know what nemesii really are : )

    Solid episode all around, we even got pretty explosions! Now to wait for next week again…

    • Entrav

      SUNRISE CREATES DESPAIR IN ALL CHARACTERS. I’m still wondering what’s the 7th Valvrave. It better have ERU ERUFU or Shoko piloting it. If fucking Satomi does… Holy shit, I’m going to…

      • Christemo

        Calling it right now, the 7th Valvrave is the black one from the intro and the creation of which is what the Cain referred to as “Connecting our lives together” at the end of episode 8 when he was talking about the Bride/Valvrave 02.

        • Entrav

          It seems more likely that the black one is the second unit that Cain stole except modified to be an actual mech instead of just being in a broken form.

          • Dycize

            I always think that the showey-black one is the stolen VVV upgraded to a proper appearance.
            And thinking about it, Golden 7… Implies that all 7 VVVs may band together.


      • MgMaster

        You’re going to….throw a party?I’M IN!

        But really now Sunrise,can you at least kill off one annoying character?They’ll breed and polute the future,need to lessen the numbers a bit,you know?For instance,the big busted blonde chick could die,she’s pretty useless after all but I bet she won’t,just like Satomi.

        It’s like the annoying and/or useless characters in Valvrare all have very thick plot armor!

        • Entrav

          The worst kind of plot armor DESERVES NO PARTY.


    First of all: This was a very solid episode. And we finally some more about about the Magius.

    Now some ranting (because it’s late by me and I just watched a string of latest episodes of anime that played this week):

    First MARIE!!! F** Sunrise
    NO! H-Neun too?! F** Sunrise again
    Haruto being lame AGAIN before getting it together: F** U Haruto
    ERU ERUFU NOT BEING TASTY?!!?!? F U Sunrise and F U Pino. Just GTFO.

    I’m REALLY worried that the 7th Valvrave pilot will be that lame brother.
    There’s no other way he could be alive 200 years otherwise… (That’s yet another F at you, Sunrise)

    OMG Entrav, your commanntary under the pics makes this episode much funnier than it should be!!! It’s a delight to read :D

    But seriously – ERU ERUFU NOT TASTY?!?!?

    • Irenesharda

      Satomi could be a rotational pilot, just as L-elf intended, so he might not be the official 7th pilot, but he could be a pilot. I wouldn’t be surprised if his sister gets in trouble and he pilots her mech in her stead. Also, its possible there are ways of making people Magius, without them being pilots.

    • Entrav

      Looks like ERU ERUFU’s chances of getting in a Valvrave is dwindling more and more. SCREW THAT PICKY EATER D:

  • James Du

    Well, it didn’t make me mad.

  • MgMaster

    Mad props to Shouko from me if she doesn’t completely break when the shitstorm’s gonna hit her.After all,she’s been missing out on a lot of “fun”.

  • Onomarchus

    I noticed a little something: when L-Elf explains that Akira should be one of the two looking for Saki in part because she’s the only one besides him who knows “how Rukino Saki’s current body looks,” he says it in front a of a whole bunch of un-vampirized Sakimori students, and this is two episodes after he (apparently) tried to kill Marie to prevent her finding about the body hijacking ability from Haruto. Now maybe he lowers his voice a tiny bit when he says this to Akira, but Satomi is still standing close to both of them.

    I figure this is not too hard to explain around, but it did seem like a strange oversight. First of all, even though L-Elf said that was the reason he tried to kill Marie, it wasn’t necessarily the only reason he shot her and maybe not really one of the reasons anyway. Shooting her stopped her from delaying Haruto from getting in the Valvrave right when L-Elf wanted; L-Elf may have wanted to try to assert control over Haruto, and it may have been spite born of frustration since L-Elf tends to get annoyed when the Sakimori students in general and especially Haruto in particular don’t fall in line with his militaristic ways. Finally, he probably felt like returning to form and his old Karlstein ways, including killing allies that didn’t measure up in some way or needed to die for some reason, after spending all that time reminiscing with himself about his history because he was revisiting where an important part of that history happened. I tend to think the last one is it since that was a major theme of episode 15: under that interpretation, it’s called “Return to Karlstein” for more than one reason. (It’s a bit of a long shot at this point, but I will probably be impressed with the show if his killing-prone fascistic nature leads him to eventually kill Liselotte intentionally.) Actually, a major theme of the show is Haruto and L-Elf changing each other, but while Haruto’s clearly been changed by L-Elf to be more like L-Elf starting back in episode 1, L-Elf remains basically overall unchanged.

    There’s another way to look at why he said it too. Here in episode 17 he’s clearly reformulated his plans to include vampirizing all the Sakimori students as Valvrave pilots. I figure this is because the example of Marie and talking with Pino made it clear he’s not limited to one vampire pilot per Valvrave and it should be safe to try it with all their people who aren’t him, Kibukawa, and Rion. Now, I think he was a bit too paranoid in not trusting the body hijacking secret before to allies (like Marie, someone he should have considered on his own side) whom he didn’t think already had or would get the power, but that kind of paranoia is still his nature. (Oh, and Kibukawa gets a pass because he’s clearly useful, knowledgeable about the Valvraves, helped L-Elf learn about them, and he and L-Elf seem to trust each other in general.) Now that L-Elf would at least like to try to vampirize more Sakimori students–I don’t think he was just bluffing to motivate Haruto this time, and it’s pretty likely Satomi gets vampirized some time–he doesn’t mind talking about the body hijacking power in front of his other non-vampire allies there. And the main guy he lets it leak in front of, Satomi, just happens to be the first one he intended to be the next new vampire pilot.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was actually pretty well planned out, and I’m not sure I know better.

    • Entrav

      Nice observations. I didn’t notice that L-Elf said it in front of everyone until someone said it on a forum after I posted the review. I understand why as you illustrate it nicely, but the problem is, shouldn’t the rest of the students be surprised about this revelation? They stood there and accepted it like it was normal. He uses this excuse after he shoots Marie, and Haruto implicitly confirms that they don’t know by not rejecting his assertion. If everyone truly knew, then shouldn’t Haruto say how what he’s saying is complete bullshit?

      We already saw Satomi 200-years in the future, and he’s a Kamitsuki then so sooner or later he’ll have to become one. I completely agree with the fact that he wasn’t trying to bluff Haruto when he asked Satomi to do it. You can see just how frustrated he is by not being able to pilot a Valvrave and seeing Haruto hesitate when he has that power must have been the last straw for him.