Valvrave the Liberator Episode 19 – GOD DAMMIT SUNRISE

Valvrave the Liberator L-Elf despair
True despair.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 19 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 19 Review
“Tears Like Falling Snow”
“Kanashimi wa Furu Yuki no Gotoku”

It’s been a while since I’ve felt conflicted about an episode in Valvrave. Before, if anyone spoke of Valvrave being predictable, I’d smack that person in the face without hesitation. However, this episode is really far more predictable than the usual Valvrave episodes that I love watching. And it’s not a good sign for the mysteries of the overall story either. But hey, it’s Valvrave Thursday so…. LET’S RAVE IT UP!!!

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 19 Impressions

Oh damn.

L-Elf in love


Who would laugh at tha-


If she rejected him, that would have been both sad and hilarious… I’m a horrible person aren’t I?


Damn, if there is another season after this, let this guy build something else.

Rukino Saki sleeping


Rukino saki bite


Really? You’re going to get shot again.

A-Drei pointing gun

WELP. Going to get shot pretty soon.

Instead of leaving the conversation like that, L-Elf is actually confessing his feelings to which you know that only unfortunate events await. But the troubles on other fronts are not to be ignored as they do leave Haruto’s father behind. Hopefully, he becomes even more crazy, and does something out of the ordinary that will be relevant in the future as it’d be a waste to have his character thrown away like that. Cain has it all sorted out, but this time L-Elf knows of this and is a bit more well suited with dealing with him as he does have Lieselotte for moral support. But what will happen when that moral support disappears? What will happen when the main reason that you’re struggling, and fighting just disappears?



Wow. They’re actually useful for once!

Renbokoji Satomi shocked



L-Elf Karlstein


Q-Vier smacked


Kakumeiki Valvrave L-Elf vs Q-Vier

Just don’t even bother.

Q-vier crazy

He’s probably not going to get possessed any time soon.

Tokishima Haruto



Pino VVV

Not as cool as Cain’s last statement.




Magius aliens

Aliens? REALLY SUNRISE? I was just joking about that. >.>


VVV Pino


Wow. Something actually sensible.

Valvrave Hito




I guess even ERU ERUFU has to fall sooner or later.


That’s pretty awesome.

Magius council of 101

Both humans and Magiuses?

NOMNOMNOM. So there’s something else they can get?

Yamada Raizou

Says the guy who went “huuuuh” at a fucking giant laser beam.

L-Elf determined


Valvrave ERU ERUFU


What? Didn’t it cool off at least 20-30 points last time?


Great. Just great.

Liselotte VVV


YOU’RE “MAD” BECAUSE YOU’RE DUMB IN THE FACE OF ERU ERUFU. To be fair, everyone would be but… It’s fucking Haruto so whatever.

Well, we have vampires, shining finger mechs, so I suppose it’s only right for there to be aliens as well. Magius are spiritual lifeforms that take over living organisms in order to survive on earth. Pino is the same as them, and I suppose instead of going into living organisms, somehow she’s inside of the Valvrave. This brings into question how many Magius there actually are. Pino isn’t aware who Lieselotte is which makes me think that they may not have crash landed on earth only once. Still, it’s a mystery as to how many there are or how they communicate with each other so it could be possible that they just lost contact after landing and trying to look for suitable hosts. Still, if they crash landed a few hundred years ago, and the first episode of the first season says that the start of the show is the beginning of the Third Galactic Reich, you have to wonder if they had any contact with the Magius home-world. I mean, it’s not like humanity can just declare that they conquered the galaxy right? From the 200-year time skips, we know that humanity reaches far out into space by the end of this show. So, is Haruto and L-Elf going to take over the galaxy and start this “Third Galactic Reich?” What happened to the previous two if this is going to be the third?

Valvrave VI hiasobi



L-11 VVV

Honestly, I was just waiting for Cain to appear and say, “You know you can’t beat me… HEHE.”

Cain Dressel



L-11 Valvrave


Tokishima Haruto conviction

Haruto, if you be more independent and stop being such a tool, you can be a good character.

L-Elf Karlstein


Is this ship sinking faster than Titanic?


Valvrave Lieselotte


Liselotte magius



Cain dressel irritated

Screw you, Cain.


Oh gawd.


Valvrave the Liberator


They can’t even retrieve her body either.

L-Elf shocked

Oh man, what if he goes LELOUCH ON US?!!?!?!?!

Come on, can’t the characters get a break?


Following the same trend as Aina, Marie, and H-Neun, Lieselotte is yet another to die. It’s no surprise that since she’s a Magius that she’d be considerably older than meets the eye. This is taking liking older women to a whole new level, but that’s Valvrave for you I guess. Anyways, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Well, it’s more like you should be surprised at how unsurprising it really is. What this scene does do aside from the obvious is to stir L-Elf’s emotions. He can take the path to seek revenge on those who put those restraints on her, or he can fulfill Lieselotte’s wish of having human beings and Magius co-exist. From the flashforwards, we do know that they will probably co-exist. It’s not as if humans are going to explore the galaxy and not come into contact with more Magius, and it appears that at least the upper echelons of society do know of Magius and are accepting of them. Which brings into question exactly what is Haruto’s role in all of this. He may try to end the curse by making it so Magius will no longer have to feast on humans. Since there are probably no human beings on the home-world of Magius, then they undoubtedly have some sort of other way to survive. If they utilize that, then the curse will be lifted.

Valvrave the Liberator Season 2 – 2nd Ending

Are they bros now? Hopefully it won’t just be ERU ERUFU doing awesome things. Haruto needs to stop being just a tool.


He moves on, eh?


SYMBOLISM. Looks like Haruto’s going to sacrifice himself.

I’m still not quite used to this song yet, but there is a lot to decipher from what’s shown in this ending. It seems to me that Haruto and L-Elf’s relationship may become closer as a result of Lieselotte dying. Hopefully this is the case as the bond between the two has been shaky at best. If they get to know each other properly, and are on the same page, then both characters will improve. Whatever they’re going to do, there is going to be a lot more destruction, and they’ll be closer as a result. L-Elf will find the resolve to move on, but what he’s going to fight for is the biggest question as we don’t really know anything about him and how he feels aside from his feelings towards Lieselotte. By the end of this, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Haruto dying for the cause of ending this curse.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 19 Review

This episode may just be one of the most predictable episodes so far. However, that doesn’t make this episode terrible. Firstly, the execution at the end with Lieselotte’s death is something to praise, but I cannot say that it has the same impact as when Marie died. The reason is two-fold. Firstly, while the soundtrack is fitting, it is simply not the same as when Soba ni Iru yo was used. Secondly, she’s just fixing the rocket and is reminiscing while Marie slashed away her memories one by one and everything was just perfect. Everything was synced up, and the disappearing memories got closer and closer to the present while she fought with brilliance. This, on the other hand, is simply not as exciting. Emotionally, I wasn’t too affected either as the relationship between L-Elf and her has been not expanded upon. Even so, they do deliver a decent enough scene considering how little screen time Lieselotte actually had, but it’s a bit below my expectations for such an important episode. I just have a feeling it may have been better for her to actually survive here and die later so she gets proper development to make her death more emotional. Her potential has really been cut short here.

The most disappointing thing about this episode is definitely the revelation of the truth about Magius. Okay, the spiritual aliens are kind of interesting, but crash landing on earth hundreds of years ago? Come on, I was joking about aliens in my earlier reviews. I didn’t expect it to become a reality. But it’s not just that. The method of the revelation is lacking. Lieselotte basically talks about this even though we’ve been waiting for quite some time to hear it. The delivery of this revelation just seems like a means to an end and I wasn’t excited about it at all. I suppose it may not matter in the grand scheme of things, but with how Cain gloriously ended the season with the Magius, it doesn’t feel quite right that they’d push out the facts in such a plain way.

This season is much more serious than the previous, and for the most part, I’ve been happy to see a more well thought out story. I’m just worried that if they take this too seriously, some of what made the first season great, that is the crazy absurdities, will become less and less significant. Not that it’s happening right now, but it is nonetheless a concern of mine. In the best case scenario, which is close to what’s happening right now, Sunrise will continue to tell this absurd story in a coherent and well thought out manner. It’s going to be extremely difficult closing everything up in just half a season especially when there are so many developments left to be had especially if they plan to do it in this more serious way. I’m hoping the mysteries can hold up to expectations because the twists and turns have been a huge part of Valvrave, and I’m not exactly taken away by the “twists” in this episode. I didn’t feel the hype that I usually feel after watching my weekly dose of Valvrave which is not a good sign, but the next episode could easily make me forget about my troubles in this one. Better yet, they could have twists to the obvious developments in this episode!

Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 2 Wallpaper

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  • MgMaster

    For a moment there,I was actually worried that they might kill off L-Elf. I wouldn’t put it past Valvrare but good thing this week’s sacrifice was Lieselotte instead(I know I’m going to hell for that).She should’ve at least become Shouko’s friend before dying though.Besides making the audience care more about her death it would’ve also kept the “Let’s kill Shouko’s friends” trend.I agree that it wasn’t bad,but it could’ve been better.

    But enough about that,WHAT ABOUT SAKI???She’s trapped in enemy territory and next episode’s tittle “The Kamitsuki Exposed” gives off some bad vibes.

    Meanwhile,it looks like Shouko is finally gonna make an appearance again.Why do I have this feeling that Haruto hasn’t given up on her?

    • Entrav


      Thank God Shoko is going to be back. Haruto hasn’t given up yet clearly because he just told Lieselotte not to think that humans and Kamitsuki cannot be together.

    • m500

      Saki is Kallen. She is trapped. You’ll see, she will beat up A-3

      • AliceLiddell

        Or she will be paired with him. It`s sunrise for you.

  • Ian Porterfield
  • Entrav

    Ian, you can post your images again, but I have to warn you yet again to not post spoilers of any other show so delete Sayaka’s image and it’ll be okay. I had to delete your whole comment because Disqus doesn’t let me delete individual images for some reason.

    • Ian Porterfield

      Whoops. Anyways Kill la Kill is next!

  • megumi9

    That was a really intense episode, though the part when Eru Erufu said: “We haven’t even spent an hour in each other’s company” made me go LOL. It was more than a tad predictable when Lise died, but man, the feels. Still, I felt that it was awesome because of all the exciting action. The execution of the episode, IMO, was quite well done. Thank you for your detailed review and the perfectly hilarious comments under the screencaps ^.^

    • Entrav

      I watched the important parts of this episode quite a few times and each time I did I just felt that my previous thoughts on it was a bit harsh. It got better and better each time, but I think my first reaction to the episodes is still alright as I can pinpoint some of the problems that I had with this episode more readily. My expectations are always very high for Valvrave which just goes to show how great it is as it more than exceeds them a lot of the time.

      Thanks for reading my review!

  • zztop

    Some thoughts:
    1) The conversation between Pino and Magius Liselotte suggests to me that Pino (and perhaps Prue) only came to Earth centuries AFTER the 1st batch of Magius crash-landed, making the Council Magius super-ancient, and Pino and Prue relatively young Magius. Dr Tokishima then discovers Pino and Prue, sees their genetic potential, and proceeds with his VVV superhuman project, whilst (perhaps)remaining ignorant of the Magius.
    2) If Magius Liselotte wants to co-exist with humanity, I wonder if there are other Magius who share her sentiments.
    3) I suspect the Magius were involved with overthrowing the Dorssian monarchy and installing Fuhrer Amadeus as a controllable pawn. The fact they even possessed Liselotte means they (probably)intended to use her to support the new regime, which failed after Magius Liselotte discovered the Council’s dirty secrets and openly defied them.

    • Entrav

      I’m still wondering how their homeworld, with all their technology, cannot communicate or hasn’t made contact yet. They may have, but I doubt it or else we’d just have aliens all over the place. Well, it’ll be up to ERU ERUFU and Harutard to figure things out.

  • zztop

    Since Magius Liselotte is probably centuries old, does that make L-11 some kind of MILF? Ohohohoho—(gets disemboweled by grieving L-11).
    Although he’s still leagues better than Haruto the Holy spirit crybaby(gets vapourised by Harakiri Blade).

    • Entrav

      Dude, she’s a granny. >.>

  • James Du

    I figured if they didn’t kill off L-Elf, someone else would bite the bullet this episode. But killing off Lieselotte in this manner- without giving us time to connect with her or know anything about her, and because it’s freaking Okouchi-sensei we knew there would be a high body and mindrape count, we’ve become desensitized.

    If they let us get to like her more over one episode, like they did with Aina, it would have had much more shock. As it is, I shrugged and wondered “What is L-elf going to do now? And Haruto totally forgot Saki? And are the end credits implying homo ship?”

    • m500

      No homo. Heterosexual life partners.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I wanted them to develop Lieselotte some more. It’s just a huge amount of wasted potential for some very nice build up which will lead to her eventual death. This one just seems… tacked on to create a shock factor. Don’t get me wrong. That’s fine, but it’s just that since this season is more on the serious side, it would have been better for them to keep her alive. Oh well, SUNRISE DOESN’T LIKE ANYONE WHO’S ALIVE AND HAPPY.

      • James Du

        Yeah, the potential was really wasted. I miss Marie more.

  • Irenesharda

    Well, that was just sad. Poor L-elf…

    Well, many said that Lieselotte was going to die this episode and they were right, however in spite of this, it was the way that she went out that makes me rather happy. Lieselotte developed her character and gave us useful exposition all at the same time, which does not make her simply a “girl in the fridge” for L-elf but actually a real character with real motivation. And her death was one of the most beautiful sacrifices right after Marie. The way that she and L-elf had such an unconventional love…I don’t care about ships or anything but, I will always consider L-elf and Lise as the ultimate pair.

    Anyway, as to the rest of this episode, Cain has already out-thought L-elf and has surrounded the JIORians at all points which leads to a tense race against time as everyone hurries to get everyone to the shuttle and get it running so that everyone can escape. Satomi, Raizou, Inuzuma, and even Haruto have great moments during this tense fight against the Dorssians. However, once again it’s L-elf that takes the spotlight as he is willing to give it all to save the woman he loves. For once we see the One-Man Army in his weakness and he get bruised, shot, and beaten, but he keeps going if only to save his woman. However, even as Haruto saves his life, Lise decides to use her powers to save everyone. Having been punished for want to reveal her people to the world, Lise was punished and had her runes extracted keeping her at a state of near death all the time, however, despite this, she wished to save her beloved Michael and his friends. She becomes like the very angel her beloved is named after and spreads her wings to try to keep the rocket’s thrusters stable until they are able to get enough lift. However this costs her all her runes and thus her life.

    However, before her death, Lieselotte reveals the truth about her people. It seems the Magius were exactly as they had been alluding to this entire series: space vampire aliens. Unfortunately, the Magius have no physical shape and could not survive on Earth without taking a human body. Having lived on Earth for centuries, their people have kept hidden by going from body to body. They created a governing body, the Council of 101 to help keep their people safe from humanity. However, they live off of runes, and since humans are the largest vessels of runes on Earth, they have to feed off them to survive. I must say, this revelation was one that I had thought of, and one that proves what I’ve been trying to say. The Magius aren’t just some inherent villains, they’re a species just like humans with their good and bad individuals. They also cannot help what they are, I cannot blame them for jacking living beings in order to survive, no more than I can blame them for feeding off humans. They are doing what they are doing for survival. And unfortunately though for Lise’s dream that everyone be able to live together, humanity has a habit of never wanting to accept anything that’s different from them, especially a people that have been hunting them for sustenance all these years. I can see humanity waging war against the Magius because of this. We do see some group that resembles a futuristic Dorssia fighting Saki? Could this be what’s left of humanity fighting against the Magius/Kamitsuki?

    However, what of Prue and Pino who seem to have some small corporeal body in comparison to their Magius comrades? Could it be that these two as two of the primogenitors of the Magius race have forms? Like for instance the difference between the queen bee and the worker bees? I’m guessing that perhaps there was either more than one ship or that Pino was trapped in the ship and thus was buried along with the crashed ship which was years later found by JIOR? Also Pino’s runes have been been reset, so It would explain how she is confused about everything. Also, the Magius say that humans are the greatest source of runes they can find ON EARTH. Also, they have to have survived before this on their own world so I’m guessing there are other large sources of runes out there in the galaxy? Perhaps that’s why the Empire is so widespread and far from Earth? Also

    Well, anyway, Haruto now has the past of the Magius who now happen to be his own people. He however decides that he wants the Magius to be able to be with whoever they want, and so he thinks back to his love of Shoko (Sorry, Saki….) and he tells Lise to fight for her love of L-elf, to which she does to her last breath. Haruto is slowly building up his resolve which is good. Speaking of Saki, L-elf MUST be a prophet because he knew that A-drei and Saki and ONLY A-drei and Saki would be the ones the find the abandoned ship, and he placed a letter to Saki in some vent that I’m guessing she would know about? And he left VVV4 there only for her to find? Yeah, that’s some coincidence, Sunrise….
    But unfortunately, just as Saki changes back to her old self, A-drei catches her in the process and holds her at gunpoint to question her. And Saki seems to be staying on Earth alone with the enemy as the others are headed back to Module 77.

    So now that we know the story of the Magius, how will everyone react? How is L-elf going to be now that he’s lost the love of his life? What’s going to happen to Module 77? What’s going to happen to Saki? How is this Empire going to begin?

    Well, we’ll have to see as this series continues to unfold. I give this episode a 9/10. Farewell, Lieselotte, your guiding light will guide Michael from now on….

    • Entrav

      Looking back to the first episode, and how they say it’s the beginning of the Third Galactic Reich, I’m wondering if they can even close this up in just half a season. Their homeworld definitely has another source of “food,” and I presume the humans have yet to make contact. They also have to explore the galaxy, and take over the damn galaxy as well. Not to mention, they still need to revolutionize Dorssia and reveal the Council of 101. How will they do this in half a season? I sure hope they don’t rush it to hell.

    • Aleris

      Yeah WTH they just left Saki behind. And you just said it: L-elf and Liesolette are definitely the ultimate pair. This episode and the sacrifices they made for each other just made me so emotional :’) But PLZ. The part where she called Haruto ‘The Boy who Fights the World’ just made me shrivel up. Nope.

      • Irenesharda

        The thing is Haruto might be the Boy who Fights the World, but L-elf is the MAN who Tells Him What to Do. :p

  • m500

    Fuck yeah!
    Eru Erufu, you made my day.
    You gave me everything I want from anime. Thanks God it wasn’t last episode, man, or you’d be dead under the “Madder Sky” music.

    • m500

      “Blue” from Bebop would be ok also.

    • Entrav


  • Satisfaction

    this………is great /
    I cuoldn’t ask more of this episode *sniff* and i got the ERU ERUFU feels man….
    I hope ERU continues to be an awsome character as he is now ; and doesn’t turn into some kind of psycopath by the next episode T-T

    • Entrav

      ERU ERUFU WILL BE ERU ERUFU. Hopefully. D:

  • Bam

    It should’ve been quite easy for them to tell (given their past record and heavyhanded foreshadowing) that keeping Lieselotte alive would’ve been THE unexpected twist they were shootin for here :)

    • Entrav

      Yeah, except they wiped all her memories, her physical body is destroyed, and there’s no way to recognize her anyways even if her “soul” is still alive. Derp.

      • Bam

        No I meant to keep her alive and functional; maybe one of the other Valvraves could grab her and another one boost them out of the atmosphere (which I think it seemed like they could, since theirs was significantly cooler than unit 01) before she lost that much runes.

        And I didn’t mean to keep her alive for long run neither. The imagery of their love story had tragedy written all over it, and I’m fine with that. But keeping her alive for character development and then killing her off in the last two episodes would’ve had more impact and way less predictability.

        • m500

          I think they killed her to prepare ground for another paring for ERU ERUFU. He will be so broken, that Sh~ I mean smbd should return him to life and defrost our ice queen. Finally we have this boy in distant future: if it is not a clone, there is only way for children to be born.

          If they would killed her in last episode it would be just sad. But now they have a chance to give us a bit of hope.

          Another (and not the best for me) way to develop L-11 – he could start roaring rampage of revenge.

          • Bam

            There’s more than one way to make babies ;)
            In Vitro perhaps ?
            My money is on th clone scenario tho. Kid looks too much like L-Elf

  • zztop

    (Gasp) Little green (parasitic) men from outer space?!
    You were right, Mulder!! I believe, I BELIEVE!!!!

    Let us take comfort in the fact that Liselotte’s actions did what neither our merry gang has been able to do- to wipe that smug smile off Cain’s fat face.

    • Entrav

      I can’t believe they just casually threw out that important revelation just like that. Jeez, Sunrise.

  • Pychopatito

    Noooooooooooo! I just hope that with his personality L-Elf goes into totally kicking butt mode. I would so want to kill a few people after something like that, so why waste the chance? Anyway, this is totally ‘Lifeforce’ meets ‘Gundam’. Have you seen that British movie? I think it’s from the 80s. I would call that campy fun and a bit ridiculous, but this story line makes me think the writers may have seen it and got it stuck somewhere in their mind. On the other hand, at least Haruto knows that L-Elf has lost the woman he loves and would hopefully be ready to share a few drinks with him, as our manly man would not have let this information out of his mouth. By the way, Saki being left behind may explain the image in the advance scenes that placed her in Cain’s presence. Here’s hoping this is part of a plan (she did get a message from the ship before returning to her body, didn’t she?) What a cruel episode with L-Elf going ‘I did it, I did it, I did it, ooh I didn’t do it.’ Once again: NOOOOOOOOOO! Although that image in the closing credits kinda, sorta, made up for it with L-elf smiling.
    Thanks again for the excellent review. See yah!

    • Entrav

      Haven’t seen that movie. I’m not sure what’s in the letter she received, but ERU ERUFU probably has a backup plan seeing as how he always does. Not to mention, she found her Valvrave shortly afterwards so it must have a larger plan in that huge piece of paper.

      Thanks for reading my review!

      • Evenlyn

        i found the translated message from Eru Erufu

        • Aleris

          Shit, L-elf is the man.

        • Entrav

          Sorry for the really late reply, but thanks a ton for finding and sharing this! ERU ERUFU is too awesome. :)

  • Valk

    Two words : Vintage Sunrise. Nuff said.

  • mk28v

    Valvrave really has it in for the legal lolis it seems…guess gonna sell more model kits than dakimakura :)


    Ok, WTF. I’ll save my ranting for tomorrow, this ep doesn’t deserve my time. However,

    On a motorbike dodging gatling guns from several bots – no problem.
    Dodging SAME gatling guns UNDER FREAKING WATER: It’s like tuesday for this man!

    (Rave Night Thursdays are Fridays for me now~ need me weekly dose of L-11. The BEST ENERGIZER IN THE BIZZ!)

    • Aleris Celt

      In this episode we get to observe the hot yet cool-headed, intelligent yet passionate, and invincible yet vulnerable L-elf desperately trying save his beloved… yet he painfully fails. It’s just so beautiful and terribly sad.

  • A.C.

    Didn’t like the end credits, not that they were bad per se but the foreshadowing was almost charcoal it was so heavy. Yes, Haruto’s going to DIE, we get it. But come on, his freaking battle scarred helmet!?!? Seriously!?!?!? O_o

    Either that or Sunrise is trolling hard, but I doubt it. And also, as you pointed out ERU ERUFUU learns to deal with the loss of Little L it seems, which is nice, but did we REALLY need to see the reveal so soon after the tragedy!?!?! *sigh* )_)

    That said, ‘Little L’ died way too soon anyway, should have at least seen a bit more of her character before the end. I did feel sorry for her, but much more for ERU ERUFUU. Speaking of, it’s nice to see Haruto stepping up a bit, though ERU ERUFUU’s gatling gun fueled insane determination will be almost impossible to match by this stage. Still, I’m hoping (just for shiggles honestly) Haruto redeems himself fully right at the end! :P

    Haruto: SEPPUKUUUUUUU BLADE OF INFERNAL JUSTICE… you CAIN in the A$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!
    Cain: Wait, did you just… *is suddenly obliterated by Haruto’s suicidal POWAH!!!!*

    Also, Haruto! You mad bro!?!?! Oh you are, my bad… >_<

  • Gwyn

    Urgh…the pairings are getting super complicated… I initially started watching this show because I like seeing Haruto X Shouko (they were acting all shy and cute towards each other), but now…I’m totally and utterly confused as to where this is going.

    I can sort of tell this is roughly what it looks like by season 2…

    Haruto –> mutual feelings Saki (guilty, wants to take responsibility)
    Saki –> Haruto (tsundere affection, possessive)
    Haruto –> L-Elf (Want sugar in your coffee? Fujoshi-bait)
    L-Elf –> Haruto (You keep your sugar to yourself. I like my coffee bitter. Fujoshi-bait)
    Shouko –> L-Elf (We are Nakama~!)
    L-Elf –> Shouko (Hmm…)
    L-Elf –> Saki (My tool)
    L-Elf –> other Valvrave pilots (My tools)
    L-Elf –> anyone from the school (My tools)
    A-Drei –> L-Elf (My supposed to be right-hand!)
    L-Elf –> A-Drei (I have my own right-hand)
    L-Elf –> Cain (I wanna pwn you!)
    Cain –> L-Elf (I can’t be pwned… lol)
    L-Elf –> Lieselotte (Luv!)
    Lieselotte –> L-Elf (Urm…you’re still kinda illegal in my eyes)

    A-Drei –> Saki (hands up!)
    Saki –> A-Drei (Stockholm Syndrome?)

    Then there is that kid from S2 Epi 15 who’s causing all sorts of war in tumblr Haruto X Shouko VS Haruto X Saki VS L-Elf X Shouko VS Haruto X L-Elf’s mystery kid coughthoughmymoneyisonthelastpairingcough

    Seriously, I think Sunrise has some kind of agenda…