Valvrave the Liberator Episode 20 – MONSTER

Valvrave rukino saki

A revelation for the world.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 20 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 20 Review
“The Holy Spirits Exposed”
“Abakareta Kamitsuki”

It’s time for a revelation for the world. A tactical move on Dorssia’s side may just have destroyed much of the support for these young “heroes.” Did you think this would just be a calm episode after the storm? Let’s be realistic here, this if VALVRAVE. THERE ARE NO BREAKS ON THIS RIDE.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 20 Impressions

Renbokoji Akira


Kibukawa Takumi

Well, at least he tried. He’s no ERU ERUFU though.



Come on, Crunchyroll. He didn’t say that… That’s just terribly mean. D:

Sashinami Shoko return


Shoko hugs Haruto

Haruto doesn’t even deserve her GENKI POWERS.

Akira Renbokoji jealous




Kitagawa Iori

Who da fak are you again?

Burnett golden news


Thunder Yamada Raizou



L-Elf can't save Lieselotte


L-Elf Karlstein depressed


While there is great joy on one side (SHOOKOOOOOOO), L-Elf’s side is filled with the darkness that is the inevitability of Lieselotte’s death. With enough scribbling to make Einstein proud, even the almighty prophet cannot find a path to save her. Indeed, his rash action of trying to save her in the first place has led him to a spot where she simply could not have been saved. The problem is, exactly what will spark his desire to do something now? Overwhelmed with grief, he does not even have it within him to seek revenge because currently he thinks that it’s all of his fault. Aside from Lieselotte, exactly what else does he have? He betrayed his previous friends, and now he’s in charge of people he doesn’t even have much of a connection with. As ridiculous as it may sound, Haruto may be the one to get him out of this rut with his sweet naivety because it’s not as if there’s anything else. Well, he’ll get him out by giving him another reason to live, that is, destroying Cain and all those responsible for putting Lieselotte in that position in the first place. I can see it now, the determined ERU ERUFU ready to completely destroy all opposition with hatred that makes him lose his way only for LIESELOTTE TO COME BACK IN GHOST FORM TO REMIND HIM OF HIS PATH. One can dream.

Not going to let that happen for long.


Cain Dressel


She’s getting stabbed all day probably.


A-Drei feels sorry for her? OOOO DAYYYM.

Nobi Marie grave

Oh man, Shoko is right beside her too…


All of that Shoko pain. D:

Renbokoji Satomi cocky pose


And what can you do about it?

Holy crap. Good luck with that.

Tokishima Haruto no plan


Only with ERU ERUFU.

That girl is pretty hot.



Because he was jelly of your Saki.

X-Eins ring

HE DIDN’T GET TAKEN OVER????????? WAIT WHAT? WHAT’S GOING ON? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT OLD DUDE? Didn’t he want some “young flesh?” (Oh gawd that sounds too homo)

L-Elf Karlstein depressed

Simulations while napping.

Even Harutard has feelings you know… D:


With L-Elf in depression, Haruto has also lost his path. Before, he’d just obediently do whatever L-Elf said because that’d be the way to victory, but he hasn’t grown up himself as a result. In fact, he only knows what he has to do, but he doesn’t know how to do it at all. The one responsible for all the planning was L-Elf, and he was only a tool to be able to execute those plans. What he had to do, when he did it, and how he did it all rested within someone other than himself. Perhaps now he is realizing his uselessness at the disappearance of his lifeline. If L-Elf is all fine and well, Haruto would probably say that they can win, but as it stands, he cannot. Like it or not, he needs L-Elf, and L-Elf needs him. There’s no way Haruto can be as great of a strategist and as much of a badass as ERU ERUFU. At the same time, L-Elf needs Haruto’s determination to end the curse to execute his plans. He could ask someone else, but I doubt there are as many people as Haruto willing to sacrifice almost anything for his purpose. He really does care greatly for his friends and the whole “country.”

Inuzuka Kyuuma


Sashinami Shoko head tilt


Alright, animators. That looks really scary. YANDERE SHOKO IS A BIG NONO.

This guy… He’s more than he appears to be.

Good job, Shoko. I’m not kidding. They handled this really well. She can do it if she tries. :)


Valvrave sashinami shoko cute

Okay. Seriously. Is she the best girl or is she the best girl?
That blush.
That smile.
That cuteness.
That mysteriously mature look.
If you don’t think she’s the best girl after this picture, you need to just-
Why is Shoko so perfect?

Tokishima Haruto

SHE’S TOO GOOD FOR YOU. JUST ACCEPT IT ALREADY AND PROTECT HER SMILE. Actually, ERU ERUFU can do that. At least he’s more reliable. Jeez.

AND OF COURSE. WE HAVE THE BEST GIRL FINALLY MAKING AN APPEARANCE. It only took… THE WHOLE DAMN SEASON SO FAR, but at least she’s back now. Not only that, it seems that she’s actually taking up the role of the prime minister just fine as well. By “just fine” I mean not being utterly impractical. Shoko clearly still likes Haruto, but Haruto’s mind is completely elsewhere. The flags are triggering, and if L-Elf is going to be in despair… Well, Haruto’s feelings probably won’t be left alone for too long. Shoko’s cheerful behavior must be somewhat of a relief for Haruto as he’s been through one hell after another with people dying all over the place. Moreover, he is the “main” pilot and as such, he also has the burden of… biting people’s necks so they can stay alive themselves.

ARUS and new jior

This disparity.




An idea.

SASUGA SUNRISE. But wait… he got this intel from where?…


Tch. This tool.

Magius council of 101



…………………………… So…. Basically…. Some people may not have died……. Did they really not check everything? MARIE MAY HAVE BEEN SAVED. D:

Kibukawa Takumi suspicious

Uh-oh. PHANTOM?…. Or could it be they’re working for them?

Dorssia Amadeus


Valvrave season 2

Did she get stabbed a lot?

Rukino Saki captured

Like a princess.

Cain Dressel

He’s got his sword ready.

Kakumeiki Valvrave

I bet Saki didn’t just get stabbed there in her time in prison.

Kakumeiki Valvrave season 2

Poor Saki.




Thanks for your valuable input.

Sashinami Shoko shocked


SAKI SAKI SAKI EVERYWHEREEE. Hey, she got what she wanted. Everyone knows her now.


Amadeus K

Yeah, it’s an awesome being.

Tokishima Haruto shock


WELL… The secret is out now. So, when L-Elf casually spoke about Kamitsuki, I assume that they either thought it was something else or it was just a mistake. Regardless, anyone who’s watched a decent amount of anime knows that this trope is very much a re-occurring one. Seriously, if you’re just a bit different, or you have some kind of power, you’re labeled a “monster.” You have to wonder, who exactly is the greater monster here? The girl who is held or the people who let her get stabbed in the heart? I understand that people will be shocked about this, but they have to wonder exactly how do they even know she’s immortal? It’s not as if they can test it on her without trying it out first so then that means they must have some kind of information or that they really did want to kill her. Either way, Dorssia still remains the big bad guy here, but as we know, people will panic, rumors will spread, and fear will overwhelm their rational side. They are probably in the biggest trouble they have ever been right now as if they stop receiving support from the people, they’ll lose everything. They have to uncover the truth behind the leaders of the world or try to cover this up somehow. Either way, they have to get humanity to accept these new beings and it’s not going to be easy without ERU ERUFU, but fear not, he’ll be back. He’ll be back with more power than ever.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 20 Review

Ah, just the way every episode ends in Valvrave make me feel great. Excited, hyped, and looking forward to what’s to come, I can say that for an overall calmer episode, this one does a nice job of setting up the scenario for future difficulties. We have the expected development with L-Elf which will probably result in some greater growth in the future, and even Haruto is starting to see that he needs to do more than what he is currently doing. If he can hold his sweet naivety while facing the situation like a man, he can surely become a better character. At least, he’ll be more interesting. Of course, we can’t forget about the little bits here and there that contribute to the greater story. H-Neun’s death and what he left behind may give X-eins a spark of inspiration that will lead to something later on. Then, there are the phantoms and the council of 101 which are equally important that this episode hints upon.

The way the show has split up in multiple directions is an interesting one, and they’ll tie everything together at the end for some kind of ultimate resolution. However, since they have gone this path, I’m thinking that there is no way this season is the end of Valvrave. A few episodes ago, I was thinking that they could still push out an ending depending on how they tackle this, but this episode is a fairly slow one, and the revelation only serves to lengthen the progression of the story by creating even more minor conflicts along the way. I do not see a way for Sunrise to end this series with this season without it being very rushed and leaving many questions open. Yes, the flashforwards that we have will be mostly unanswered if that happens which would be horrible. I mean, there are four episodes left in the season at most and the next one will start. Given how the first half of this season has taken, there are just too many things left to be answered and to be done to be finished… Right?

Kakumeiki Valvrave L-Elf Wallpaper

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  • Christemo


    • qwertyfish25

      Same guy from the valvrave Facebook page?

    • EvilNemesis

      That penetration, spiky just like a cat’s . Saki looked quite sexy in that scene though, I guess it’s the hair, no matter the circumstances she always is lovely to me.

      But as for her fate, seems like all that Shoko suffering transferred up to Saki this season.

      But you know what they say, what doesn’t kill you ( lol immortal vampire hurr durr ) makes you stronger.

      I’m slightly jealous that I will never be able to stick it deep inside Saki.

      Honestly this episode was 25 min of Shoko happiness and Saki suffering, this reverse of situation irks me ( not that it was a surprise, I mean it was blantly obvious this was going to happen, it just doesn’t make it easier on me ) .

      I agree with your general view that this can’t be the last season if they want to have a proper paced ending. Although this is Sunrise, and they tend to have some questionable decisions quite often.

      Now I wonder what’s going to be the aftermath of the whole non-human thing here.

      Obviously everyone is going to shit bricks just like the royalists back in the other camp.

      How is Shoko going to protect the pilots from the bloodthirsty mob? Is this where she becomes the fuhrer of the cow empire? To protect her childhood love from the masses.

      Is there going to be some sort of schism somewhere down the line ?

      • Entrav

        Ah, I forgot to mention the juxtaposition. Before, it was indeed the other way around. It looks like by the end of this since we know that Saki is alive… the other…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUNRISE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS.

    • Entrav


    • MACHA

      Are we talking about the same episode? o_O

  • omgITSorange

    Stabby-stabby! lol

    • Entrav

      Can’t get tired of the stabbing in any show.

  • Gwyn

    I was totally looking forward to your commentary about the episode~

    Since X-Eins wasn’t taken over, my guess is that he was just there to take H-Neun’s belongings back to A-Drei and the rest, as a sort of “witness” that H-Neun’s dead. H-Neun is the one whose body is actually taken over, while X-Eins will probably be the new contact for the royalists. H-Neun will probably return at some point to weed out Kriemhild and the other though. He seems to be her weak point, since she does seem to have a soft spot for him.

    I sense incoming romance between A-Drei and Saki. It looks like the Haruto X Shouko ship hasn’t completely sunk yet, but with the ending…oh man… it’s not looking good for the Valvrave pilots…

    • zztop

      True to that.
      Then there’s the conveniently disappearing JIOR scientists and that missing Eileen girl from Barnet’s newsteam…Coincidence?

      X-1 had better discover H-9’s recording soon, for everyone’s sake…

    • Entrav

      :) Thanks.

      I’m thinking that X-Eins will get the recording and somehow broadcast it to cause further chaos to detract attention from Haruto and the others. At least, maybe they’ll buy enough time for something else. They’re definitely trying to tie all these things together. Who knows, maybe they can even capture a Phantom and reveal it to the world though that may not end well for anyone with those powers.

  • zztop

    I’m not saying anything on H9’s demise until they show us his cold, dead, Runeless corpse.

    • Entrav

      You will never see it. His corpse has already been disposed of.

  • megumi9

    Saki’s look of utter despair was really painful to watch :( Even if she’s kamitsuki, that stab must have hurt a lot. That sword was so huge and sharp :O. Being a major character in Valvrave is suffering. But oh, the irony; calling Saki a creature when they themselves are formless, green-light emitting things to begin with.
    If only Eru Erufu will step up his game and live in Lieselotte’s stead! The new Jiorians will definitely need his help to turn the tide. Depressed Eru Erufu does make me a little depressed as well.
    Thanks for the awesome, detailed review!

    • Entrav

      Indeed, his sword was so huge and sharp.

      • Zeraion

        giggle :D

    • Irenesharda

      Well, technically the Magius don’t really mean anything by calling her a “monster” since they are only acting in their parts as their human hosts. This what the Fuehrer would have said and it’s also part of the Dorssian’s PR counter-attack to destroy what Shoko had done.

      As for L-elf, it’s going to take a lot to help him get out of this emotional hole he’s in.

      It really made me sad that the first time Haruto visits L-elf, instead of giving advice and comfort, he’s asking for help and talking about vengeance. He really doesn’t know anything about L-elf does he? (If you want to know how L-elf feels about vengeance, go back to episode 9 of the first season) If I was L-elf, I would have tossed him out too.

      For L-elf I really hope that Lise comes back to him in some fashion because I don’t really think he’s ever going to give a care about anything ever again. This has completely shaken his belief in himself and he thinks himself at fault rather than any third party. That’s why the thought of revenge would never work. If Lise could just come back even for a small time and give him that push, it would go a long way. Without that, I don’t know if they’ll ever snap him out of it.

      L-elf needs someone who understands. He either needs ghost Lieselotte or A-drei, someone like that. Shoko might have been able to say something, but even she doesn’t really understand. She lost her father, but her father wasn’t her whole life like Lise was to L-elf. L-elf’s entire life was a barrage of darkness and Lise was the solitary light within it. Without her, he’s completely lost and without a guide.

      I have a theory regarding Eileen, the missing girl reporter and how she’s the only missing female out of the people that have strangely disappeared, but it’s just a thought for right now.

  • Hexadecimal001

    How dare you insinuate that my poor Saki has been getting sexually abused?

    • Entrav

      You’re looking to deep into it. I’m just saying that she’s getting stabbed multiple times in various areas. The screams are probably too much to bear so they take turns. Multiple times. All over the place with different sized swords to test things out.

  • Irenesharda

    So, the secret is finally out, and in the worst way possible.

    So poor Saki was taken into custody and at least we were not treated to a horrific torture scene of them trying to prove her immortality. (Thank you for doing an excellent job of that, ‘Shiki’….)
    It seems that the Magius have made their move, and in a genius maneuver decided to make use their own side-kin, the kamitsuki to take the heat off them, and to make them the enemy to humanity. I honestly feel sorry for Saki, she’s caught in all this and something really bad always seems to happen to her on the 10th episode of the season. It seems that A-drei is sympathetic towards Saki….will this mean that he might help her escape in the future.

    Meanwhile, I’m thinking that H-neun might just be dead. I mean, how the heck did they get all his earrings if not off his dead corpse? But then again, Sunrise likes to gloss over small continuity plotholes. (L-elf was stabbed AND shot last episode, and yet now he’s perfectly fine, despite not having regenerative abilities?) So if H-9 comes back I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if he stays dead, I’m not surprised either. I’m glad the boys had a really close bond then we really realize, H-9 wore and earring for each of his teammates and I never noticed. He recorded his encounter with Cain on X-eins’ earring and hoped it got to him, probably sacrificing his life to do so.

    Speaking of our Dorssia boys, poor, poor L-elf. The guy has gone depressed and is falling apart at the seams after the death of his beloved. He loved her so much that his mind has snapped and despite his great, uncanny intelligence, he could find no possible way that he could save his true love. Haruto is the only one brave enough to go to him, and he doesn’t know what to say to alleviate the pain. We know that L-elf will find a way to overcome this, but it will take time, and I think perhaps the only one who may be able to talk some sense into him may be the “Newtype ghost” form of Lieselotte.

    Haruto is lost without L-elf and he’s got a lot of gumption and ideals with no plans to get him there. Haruto may be “The Boy Who Fights the World”, but L-elf’s “The Man Who Tells Him What to Do”, and without L-11 Haruto’s simply a weapon without a wielder.

    Shoko’s returned, FINALLY, and she’s just as in love with Haruto as she always was. In fact, this episode she actually seems to be more into Haruto then he was with her this episode, but I think that might be because he was just to overwhelmed with all the stuff that happened to him. Haruto and Kyuma are the only ones who mentions Saki, and everyone seems to be having a good time while she’s stuck as POW of Dorssia….
    But anyway, Shoko has been really doing her job here and is getting all the countries to meet up. However, all that goes down the crapper the moment that Dorssia’s Fuehrer Amadeus shows up and broadcast’s to the world a public execution. Saki’s public execution…and subsequently reveals to the world the existence of something non-human. Now the question will be how can the Magius prevent this fear that’s going to spread from getting out of control and affecting them as well?

    Saki’s unfortunately has gotten her wish to be known to the world, but not in the way she wanted and I think this shall doom Neo JIOR and they will lose all the support that they had just fought for. Also, I think Haruto and his friends might also be in a lot of trouble among their fellow students as well judging from their responses to Saki. And that title “The Cost of Lies” tells me that Haruto’s going to pay for not telling Shoko the truth, and he’s going to pay dearly.

    Well, this exposure to the world has created a whole other facet to this series, and I really can’t see how they are going to end this in 4 episodes. I’m betting that X-1 finding the information on the earring will be the key to exposing the Magius themselves, but that might not really help the Kamitsuki much, since the Magius have way more resources to protect themselves. We shall just have to see. Also, there’s the missing scientists and that reporter girl as well, and what’s with the reporter guy getting the info early? Is he a Magius too? Something is coming and it’s really not looking good for Neo JIOR. Next week everything’s going to go to Hell and hopefully by then, L-elf will be able to get himself together and save the day.

    I give this episode a 9/10. It was full of suspense and full of tense excitement. I can’t wait to see how this is all going to fall apart.

    Oh, and BTW: I did see the cameo appearance by the characters from the “spin-off” Valvrave: Undertaker, but they were pretty much worthless just as I thought they would be…

    • Entrav

      Yep. No way they can end it in 4 episodes. It’s not like they said this season will only be 12 or 13 episodes either so… Anyways, I agree with the fact that X-Eins will probably expose them sometime in the future. He’s finding out about the recording, and he’ll probably broadcast it or something. That, or he’ll switch sides… Well, it can go anywhere from here, but no one with those powers are going to be safe.

      Yep. I saw the cameo. Too bad they’re just… there.

  • zztop

    Happy Thanksgiving, entrav!!! ( ^ ^)/
    Re Valvrave: Use plausible deniability against the Magius, PM Shoko!!
    This stunt is quite a cocky, bold move by the Magius, since it assumes there is no risk of them getting exposed once people start investigating the Holy Spirit kids.

    • Entrav

      Thanks! Though, I live in Canada, but I appreciate the sentiment! Since my comment is so late, happy late Thanksgiving!

      There’s no way they can expose them right now though. It’s not like Saki can go up and stab him.

      • EvilNemesis

        Hah, Entrav is a fellow canadian!

        Where you from ? I’m from Toronto, Ford Nation and whatnot, funnily enough my mayor is more of a train wreck than all of Sunrise’s shows put together. I feel good about that honestly, it’s quite an accomplishment = P .

        • Entrav

          HAHAHA. Wasn’t there some news about the Toronto mayor recently? I remember watching Jon Stewart… Ah, yes. That is indeed the case. It was an awesome thing to watch.

          I’m from Vancouver. :)

          • EvilNemesis

            Hey at least he’s put Toronto on the map so to speak, everyone knows about it. Murica’ had some good laughs on for a week on practically every show that deals with politics.

            Yeah man he’s so good. It all started about an alleged crack cocaine video, which he denied ever existed. Months later the police make a statement that they have the alleged video and have fully investigate his every mistakes and drunken habits.

            So everyone is outraged, obviously, I mean it’s bad enough he actually smoked crack ( as a politician, you know you can’t do drugz if you’re a politician, cause politicians are all upstanding citizen lul ) but he lied about it for months.

            Then he does a bunch of crazy stuff, and the pinnacle was when he responded to some allegations that one of his staff members ( a woman ) allegedly was said to him by him something about her doing something to her pussy ( the actual line escapes me ) .

            It turns out that the woman said she never said made such a statement, so it may not of happened, but the real issue is that he said the word pussy to quote the allegations and then proceeded to deny the allegations by saying that “I’m a happily married man, I have enough to eat at home.” Which is, like, totally awesome if you ask me, but not everyone is me obviously.

            I have a pretty high threshold when it comes to what’s appropriate and what’s not, probably has to do with browsing the internet since 1995, we’ve had it since the start at home since my father was a programmer, the good ol’ days mang.

            I can remember playing games in the mid 90s with good ol’ Pentium I @ 100MHz and 166MHz. We’ve come a long way!

            The guy just won’t quit like a normal guy would, so it makes it all interesting, and the city council does not have the power to remove him from office, they can only limit his power, which he only has little at this point, he’s only a figurehead. But still he’s the mayor in title. The only one who can “fire” him is the provincial government if they so desire to, but they don’t really want to have to interfere.

  • zztop

    Special guest appearances by Nao(pink hair) and Jin(earring boy) from the Valvrave Undertaker spinoff LN:

    Have you heard of this spinoff, entrav?

    • Entrav

      Yep, I heard of the spinoff before this episode. I saw that on the forum, but I forgot to include it.

  • Dycize

    As ancient sages and men of wisdom would say :
    “Well, this is gonna suck.”

    Tense episode… The Valvrave’s upgrade really comes right on time, they’re gonna need this duration boost.
    What with the whole world going to turn against them now.
    Shoko’s back! Right on time for the awful truth to finally catch up. Then Saki gets stabbed in front of the world.
    Gee Sunrise, between all the suffering and the killing off, we’d start to think you don’t like women.
    Saki just can’t catch a break though. Gets shot at the start of the operation, ends up stuck in Dorssia in a child soldier’s body, gets caught when she finally gets to go back to her body, imprisonned in a weird body bag thing and THEN publically executed by Dorssia to reveal her regenerative abilities to the world. And that’s just in season 2, and we all know what happened in season 1.

    Only 4 episodes left to wrap things up, dang. Please don’t tell me we’re gonna have a “wait for the ending in The Movie(tm)” because I don’t want to wait 2~3 years to get the conclusion.
    Anyway… Neo JIOR’s been doing pretty well back home, too bad it’s going to crumble next episode. They may just be “different”, but the big reveal is going to raise many questions, such as how this is even possible. The truth being “human experimentation (with some aliens thrown in)” is definitely not going to help. Heck, the fact that most of Neo JIOR doesn’t even know about it means it’s going to be utter and complete chaos.
    There’s definitely something up with the reporter. He’s mentionend as being famous, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some ties with the Magius (or if a crew member did… hello there woman who disappeared near the end). And the scientists’ disappearance is just weird.

    Aaaand then there’s L-Elf. Lieselotte’s death was a deadly blow to his whole life. He essentially lived to get the girl and the girl died helping him. Now all he has left is a bunch of students in a country going to hell and even then only one still care about him. And in hindsight, there was no way he could have saved her. Harsh. I wonder what will be the spark that will get him going again.
    Also, Haruto is currently grasping how bad their situation is. The interview says a lot : he just had no idea what would happen, he lost his naiveté.

    Overall, another excellent episode of Valvrave. Lots of plots left for the next 4 episodes, but if Valvrave told us anything, it’s that anything can happen. Looking forward to next week, as usual…
    And please let Saki kick at least some butt this season.

    • Entrav

      Seriously, the Valvraves overheat wayyy too quickly. Haruto just travelled a fairly short distance and he overheated. >.>

      Sunrise just can’t have both of them be happy. They love to juxtapose their positions. They’ll probably let this second season move into the next season. That, or we’ll have to wait yet again.

  • Ian Porterfield

    I cannot believe I would have to use Monokuma for this.


    • Entrav


      • Ian Porterfield

        I mean that this REALLY REALLY isn’t going to end well.

        Saki will spend the next 2 centuries in depression… :(

        • Valk

          It’s not a trainwreck, it’s just a Sunrise mecha anime (can’t be more specific than that).

  • James Du

    Saki Penetration Count – 2

    • Entrav

      How do you know it’s only 2?

      • James Du

        That we know of so far ; ]

  • zztop

    Here’s an interesting comment by Triple R from Animesuki re. this ep’s situation:

    “I can understand keeping Shouko in the dark… until she was elected Prime Minister of NeoJIOR. At that point, she should have been told everything about the Valvraves and their pilots.

    I can understand Haruto’s emotional reasons for keeping this secret, but as a practical matter, there’s no way Prime Minister Shouko should have been kept in the dark about this. It would be like NASA confirming the existence of intelligent alien life, but keeping it secret from the US President. This is critical knowledge that a Head of State really needs to have, if for no other reason than to prepare for the possibility of it somehow becoming public knowledge.”

    • EvilNemesis

      Well there’s also the issue of self-persevation going on here. It’s not in the pilots’ best interests to start talking about their powerful nature which might alienate them vis-a-vis your citizen.

    • Entrav

      Actually, because this is a smaller group, the analogy doesn’t really work the same way. Moreover, if they tell her, she is aware of that fact and may let something slip as a result. It’s better to keep her in the dark so she cannot talk about it at all intentionally or unintentionally. It’s a risk, but I think it’s a fine one. When they are exposed, it’s not as if Shoko knowing anything about it will help all too much because ERU ERUFU will be the one coming up with the solutions. However, no one expected that he would be in this kind of state so…

      • Irenesharda

        I actually agree that as PM she should have been let in on it. If she’s handling the politics, she could have been prepared if something like what happened here ever went down. Shoko is very smart and savvy when she wants to be. However, because she doesn’t know what’s going on, she can’t salvage this situation and by the time she knows everything, it will be too late. All of the work she’s done thus far is going down the drain, and I think that next week’s title of “The Cost of Lies” applies to not only Haruto keeping the truth from Shoko, but also how them keeping everything under wraps without a back-up plan is now going to cost the entire module dearly. Haruto and the pilots might not have only lost the world’s support but probably also a good majority of the students as well. And Shoko’s going to be really hurt by this too.

        • Entrav

          You also have to remember that L-Elf had a difficult time predicting what Shoko would do. Her unpredictability has probably led him to the conclusion that it’s best to keep this from her as he would be no longer completely under control of the situation should that happen. Now that this has happened, it’s easy to say that they should have let her in on it. However, we don’t necessarily know what would have happened if they did. Regardless, either decision has its pros and cons so I don’t necessarily think one is just better than the other.

  • Valk

    Next episode is gonna be interesting. Now, i think i understand how and why Haruto will create the third galactic empire. With nowhere to go, the whole world and perhaps some of his comrade against him and the other kamitsuki, he will have to create a nation where everyone, human or kamitsuki is accepted. Look out for some serious character development for him.

    • Entrav

      Note the word, “third,” though. What about the first and the second? This means that it’s related to some previous ones. Haruto is definitely going to develop alongside ERU ERUFU though. That’s for sure.

      • Valk

        With all the shit who’s going to hit the fan, and a possible altercation between Shouko and Haruto ( Sunrise really like this kinf of thing), he will need ERU-ERUFU in the following episodes. Let’s get ready for the bromance! VALVRAAAAAAAAAAVE!

  • MgMaster

    It’s good to see that Shoko has been doing her part,it seems she’s come a long way.Props to her for keeping herself together when she heard about Marie’s death(even if only in the public’s eyes).That also makes me think that she won’t really freak out much now that she’ll find out about the secret behind the Valvrares but rather be upset that she wasn’t told about it.Anyway,it’s good to have her back.

    I still favor Saki though :P There’s just something appealing about a tragic heroine…The more suffering she goes through,the more I want things to work out for her in the end.The ultimate example that I know of was Ein/Elen,the female lead in Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom(one of my favorite animes) and I remember being all “DAMN IT!WILL SHE(as well as the male lead,Reiji/Zwei) EVER GET A BREAK???” back when it was airing in 2009.The effect is even more profound when the characters are well developed.It was the first anime where I learned of the name UroButcher.

    Speaking of UroGen,OMG!WHAT IF HE’S SECRETLY PULLING THE STRINGS IN VALVRARE?All these deaths & Saki’s torture would be right up his alley.

    In all seriousness,I bet he regrets not working with Sunrise on Valvrare :D

    • Entrav

      B-b-but BEING SHOKO IS SUFFERING TOO. D: DID YOU FORGET THE TEARS LAST SEASON?! She has even less screen time this season. Has Saki ever actually cried? Eh… I can’t really remember. All I remember is… you know what.

      The ending for Phantom was pretty interesting. It’s a well done one though I didn’t really like the second half of the show all too much.

      Nah, Urobucher doesn’t like characters that don’t die for real. He’s fine. Though, IF HE’S BEHIND MARIE’S DEATH………….. DKLFJASDPFOIDSJFPOSIFJSF

      Shoko best girl. Accept it. You will be converted eventually. Accept your fate now.

      • MgMaster

        Nope,she hasn’t let out a single tear throughout the entire series(we can assume she did as a kid though) but that only makes me appreciate her more as a strong character who’s been through A LOT.

        So NEVER!!!Saki4ever /insert Luke Skywalker’s “I’ll never join you!” here :)

        • Entrav

          Appreciate her more? Strong character? YOU MEAN SHE CAN’T LET OUT ANY TEARS BECAUSE SHE’S COLD-HEARTED AND DEVOID OF ANY EMOTIONS. (Probably because she’s been… stabbed so many times) Shoko, on the other hands, still possesses FEELINGS.

          I mean, seriously. Look at that blushing smile of absolute perfection. Saki on the other hand is… well…


          • Ian Porterfield
          • Zeraion god

            you may praise your angel (Shoko) all you want dude, it’s I’ll explain the reason why they’re so different (Saki and Shoko)

            now the reason Saki never show any emotion it’s because she have all those horrible childhood memories, and she’s also an actress so she can hold up all those emotions so well. in the other hand, Shoko is just an ordinary girl that never have any horrible childhood memories (well duh she’s always with Haruto) so basicaly she have a happy life all along until all this war begins though…

        • MACHA

          I don’t like Saki much, but I’m not crazy about Shoko either. Although I support the latter because she’s really hard working AND USELESS HARUTARD DOESN’T DESERVE HER!!!

          However, you do have a point. I didn’t realize that she hasn’t cried the entire time. That does make her a stronger character. I can appreciate that, especially with crapload of pain she’s gone through so far.

          So, I have more respect for Saki after reading this. :D

  • A.C.

    Poor Saki, man I want that Magius SO DEAD right now, smug hypocritical sonuva… even his FACE screams superdouche, and as for that CAIN in the A$$… >_>

    I’m interested to see what it is that will spark ERU ERUFUU to action though, it hurts to see him like this, though it’s understandable. After all, the love you feel is always equal to the pain you might one day feel, simple as that. And his love for Little L ran deep.

    Nice captions as always, time to ‘YOLO’ indeed!!! Would love to hear Haruto actually say that, “YULAAAAAAAAAWH” or something (at least, that’s what I imagine it would sound like), but either way good to see him stepping up a bit.

    • Entrav

      CAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNN!!!! Well, it’s not actually him, but WHATEVER. Whether it’s Shoko, Saki, Marie, or whoever, all the main girls suffer at one point or another. Damn Sunrise…


    This was a really good episode. The music that was playing during the epic reveal had some DeathNote vibes!!!! Totally epic!
    Then the ending song just kinda killed all that hype…

    Shoko FINALLY appears again THE POOP JUST HITS THE $%^&%# FAN –
    being Shoko is serious business. But finally she’s back~ :D She’ll still be there for the last 4 episodes (5 or 6 plz?) SHE WILL BE!

    I don’t like Saki much and apparently neither does Sunrise… But I hope
    she finds a way to do something awesome and totally screw over CAIN in
    some way. That probably won’t happen without X-eins (and possibly
    A-drei’s) help but it would be epic if it could.

    Either way, this can’t possibly be wrapped up in 4 episodes. Not without a miracle. And even then there’s too much going at the same time now for Sunrise to simply just speed their way through. Although, Sunrise took its sweet time, its been going way too slow as it is. This episode finally sets the stage for the real battle – yet there’s still a Mt Everest of other issues that need attention.

    And ERU ERUFU will likely get his swag back halfway through the next episode or in the final 5 minutes and do something more epic than HE even knew he could do. Yes… I see that happening
    Unless Sunrise is evil and stall that for the episode after that…

    • Entrav

      SHOKO IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. I just know Sunrise is going to do something bad to her. D:

  • Irenesharda

    Well, at least the Dorssians know how to treat their POWs after they completely exploit them on live TV. They were nice enough to give Saki a bath, a new gown, and hair ribbon. LOL :D

    • Entrav

      LOL. Now that you mention it. I didn’t even realize that at first. MAYBE THEY AREN’T SO EVIL AND ARE MERELY TRYING TO SURVIVE. :O

      Or… they wanted to freshen her up for………………. I’m a horrible person aren’t I? I BLAME EPISODE 10.

  • Dynasty 12

    My opinion:
    The problem with this anime is that its filled with so many over-used anime tropes that it’s story is completely terrible, cheesy, and reminiscent of every other mech show I have ever seen including power rangers and ultraman. AND ITS ALMOST LIKE THEY ARE TRYING TO RECREATE CODE GEASS BUT WITH A “NEW AND ORIGINAL” story. They add the cliffhangers at the end so I am inexorably tuning back in every week to watch this stuff. Everything else is good like sound and animation, but the story………………..uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Entrav

      Why is it so hard for you to just turn your brain off and enjoy the crazy ride? It’s not supposed to be incredibly well thought out. It’s supposed to be over the top and enjoyable. So what if they use anime tropes? They portray it in a different light and it’s entertaining as hell. I honestly don’t think the story is “completely terrible” as the point of the show is to portray these cliches in an entertaining fashion. For me, and many others, they are doing a damn good job of it. If they are getting you to come back week after week, then maybe you should reflect on what they’re doing right as well.

      • EvilNemesis

        Personally I’m less Irked by the anime tropes and the cheese than the plot holes and inconsistencies.

        I’ll explain why…

        First off, I firmly believe that Anime is a real art medium so my standards are the same as the other mediums. But when I see series with a bunch of inconsistencies and scenarios that do not make plausible sense, I feel a pain in my heart.

        Anime, just like gaming for the longest time has strived to reach out people and make people believe their work is a real piece of art.

        We’ve all seen the emphasis on storytelling and character building in the 2000s with gaming. Few “games” ( I should say interactive media here ) like more recently Beyond: Two Souls and a few games in the last few years. Honestly I think we’ll be moving away from these, because like many pointed out, it just tries to copy a lot of what happens in T.V. and the likes, and the mediums are different, you shouldn’t try to imitate a medium when you’re using a different one.

        Basically I have the same standards for Anime than literature, fiction novels, television and other form of art. Which, more often than not, makes work fall short when it comes to my enjoyment. I understand people working in the anime scene aren’t genius writers and talented individuals, and they have some time constraints when it comes to projects, but that doesn’t excuse everything.

        Now let’s go back to Valvrave, who does the series composition and screenplay? Ichiro Okouchi, who is he you ask ?

        Well… he’s a shit-tier screenwriter that’s what he is.

        His first non-episodic screeplay was in 2001 in the form of Angelic Layer… Which you could guess had a bunch of plotholes.

        His next big assignment was in 2003 with the series composition and screenplay of the anime animation of Planetes. While both the Manga and the Anime was well received, The Author Makoto Yukimura ( most recently working on Vinland Saga ) was so raged and what the adaptation did that he vowed to never let any of his other work to be animated.

        The next big work was his biggest, he basically wrote everything in tandem with the director. Obviously we’re talking about Code Geass here. This is pretty much Valvrave on crack, double the plotholes and double the ride. The thing that makes it worse than VV though, is that the show took itself seriously.

        He worked next on Guilty Crown as assistant series composition and episodic screenplay, we don’t have to tell people how this series ended up…

        And then next we come upon the worst thing that has ever been conceived…

        I firmly believe him and the director should be executed for the affront they did to the fans… Yes I know it’s a bit extreme but the Golden Age Berserk trilogy movies were the worse pile of shit I’ve ever witnessed. For the sake of fairness I won’t delve into the CGI and the animation here, because that wasn’t his job in the creative process.

        Alright so… What is there to say ?

        – Butchering the characters and their attitude
        – Completely misunderstanding their actions and the motivations behind them
        – What the fuck is this mess of scenes with absolutely no flow

        And a bunch of other shit I can’t care to remember because I try not to.

        To this day, each time I hear his name and the name of the Director for those movies, I feel physically ill.

        TL;DR I dislike apologists such as yourself when you say, in my opinion, dumb things like “It’s not supposed to be incredibly well thought out.”

        The truth is that, the general idea and flow of a show cannot excuse the blatant shortcomings of the writter. If he did this only for this show, I’d be inclined to agree with you, but that’s not what happens, he’s consistent in his mediocrity. The only reason why he says that the show is made to be this way is because he’s a one-trick pony and wants to hide his faults. But I can see through him = P.

        In reality this show would be at the extreme bottom of polls and sales if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a Sunrise show, and one of the most ancient and prestigious anime studios. There’s too much of a fandom for Sunrise Mecha.

        • MACHA

          I don’t consider Code Geass to be Valvrave on crack. They’re two very different stories, and you said it yourself – Okouchi wrote that one with the director. Trying to compare the two makes no sense because the writing is considerably different from Valvrave. It build in complexity very early and stayed with it all the way. The aim was to bring a complex, sophisticated, ingaging, and intelligent story line – and it did just that.

          Valvrave on the other hand started out with the idea to try and stay lighthearted at times while frequently trolling the viewers with despair. While it stayed with the strange randomness a bit too long back in season, the show found its rythm soon afterwards. Keeping that in mind, of course it’s not incredibly well thought out. But that doesn’t mean it that the plot is just going mindlessly from point A to G then C with no coherent outline.

          “- Butchering the characters and their attitude”
          Where? So far all the characters have been very consistent and haven’t done anything that seemed odd or didn’t have some form of foreshadowing.

          “- Completely misunderstanding their actions and the motivations behind them”
          Like I said above: note the case here as far as I know.

          “- What the fuck is this mess of scenes with absolutely no flow”
          Definitely the case in the first half of season 1. The scenes flow fine, the pacing is rather slow considering there’s only about 4 episodes left and still lots of questions/issues to resolve.

          Valvrave has its issues, but it’s not horribly bad. If you don’t like it, just don’t watch Okouchi’s shows.

          • EvilNemesis

            Code Geass is a different kind of anime, you are very right, and that’s precisely the issue I have with it.
            The comparison between the two was stricly on redundant flaws that appears in his every work. Plot holes and inconsistencies, which were myriads of them in Code Geass. That’s why I said it was an even bigger concern for me when it came to comparing the 2 works, because Code Geass tried to pass itself as a serious intellectual and complex anime whilst Valvrave does not.

            As for the 3 quotes you’ve taken from my post… They were concerning the Berserk movie trilogy not VV.

            That really REALLY intense vitriol is not directed at Valvrave, I’m not THAT critical of it to write this amount of hate. I wouldn’t write on a review site which has weekly updates of content if I absolutely hated the thing, that’d be a pretty colossal waste of my time.

            As for the last paragraph… I’m doing just that.

            I don’t watch Valvrave, jus Entrav’s take on it, which takes me 5 minute to read and covers pretty much the important parts of the episode in a funny tone writing and a bunch of screencaps. It’s more time efficient this way.

          • MACHA

            Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying about the quotes. Sorry~

            Then Valvrave is still doing something right, right? It might not just be all hype with Sunrise that Valvrave is stil interesting enough for you to still want to know what’s going on without using the full 23 minutes to do that.
            It is more efficient that way, but I think it’s much more enjoyable watching each episode – flaws and all~

          • EvilNemesis

            I watched the first season in it’s entirety, I did it because I had time, less shows to watch in general compared to this fall. With school also taking some of my time now I’ve had to make choices as to which entertainment I can fully invest myself into.

          • MACHA

            Can totally relate. I’ve stopped watching most of the shows I started this season in the hope of watching them in the vacation (which may be turning into no vacation at all)

            Which shows are you watching at the moment?

            It’s only this and Kill la Kill for now. I won’t even start Monogatari as long as school keeps stabbing more work my way >.>

          • EvilNemesis

            Literally the only thing I’ve watched is Samurai Flamenco up to ep 4 and KLK up to episode 6. I’ve watched a few episodes 1-2 of certain series I was interested in, but I can’t manage the time.

            I usually just watch anime originals since I’m more of a manga kind of guy, especially with my knowledge of moonrunes. I’ve got a lot more to read than most will ever really.

            That and Path of Exile is taking most of my time really. Most collect more loot. ALWAYS CAN HAVE MOAR LOOT!

          • MACHA

            YES! POWER TO MANGA!!!
            MANGA IS LIFE!!! LIFE, I SAY!

            I haven’t heard of Path of Exile before, so I might check that out one day. But as with all RPGs YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH LOOT!!

          • ZeroSaber

            Hey guys,

            Firstly, thanks so much to Entrav for sharing – in addition
            to his regular cool synopsis, funny captions, and adrenaline-filled
            reflections – the part about hating Sunrise “shafting” characters –

            Plus I strongly dislike the whole sunrise thing of shafting the good couples, Athrun and Cagalli in this case. “Hurr durr we can’t be together cause I got work n shit yo”. FU Sunrise :( .


            I think for me that brings up a major issue with how the
            story is unfolding.

            I have no trouble falling in love with both of the main heroines – the
            upbeat, big-hearted, genki-filled and daring Shoko, and the naughty,
            strong, vulnerable, but compassionate Saki. Both of them are beautiful
            and exude levels of charm that make any man drool.

            At the end of season one, I was particularly touched by how
            Saki,after the kamitsuki-driven rape, took the lead in forgiving Haruto and leading him to begin asking what to do about their relationship – which, until that point, has been an innocent blooming love of young adults, joined together by their desire to protect, and their discovery of
            attraction in the midst of strife and the struggle to live. They were,
            until the tainted act by Haruto, progressing well with a bountiful love
            of youth.

            Saki’s maturity, her calmness, her recovery from such trauma, and her taking Haruto’s hand all touched me. When Haruto proposed to her, I felt an expanding wave of happiness from the moment Haruto launched back towards Saki’s cockpit because the anticipation of a
            confession of love has its overwhelming magic, which forced me to
            almost want to freeze each frame and revel in the heart-pounding a
            moment longer. When Saki’s purple eyes widened, I really felt such
            tremendous joy that I fired off a letter to Sunrise asking them not to
            kill her off in the manner of dooming newly minted couples (never mind
            she rejected his proposal in the next episode. I didn’t know that!)

            Here’sthe problem. For both Shoko and Haruto’s tentative affections to each other and Saki and Haruto’s yet confused outreach to each other, there hasn’t been enough time and space for relationships to naturally grow. Shoko is heading the government, and Haruto is on the expedition. Even on the expedition, he’s not had time to spend alone with Saki to
            discover more about her or to take actions to cement their bond.

            And absent the growth of love between very attractive characters, I’m
            feeling my concern for the rest of the characters dwindle away.

            Lisselotte’s death is tragic, but it barely made an impact on me, because there wasn’t enough time between ERU ERUFU and her for me to really feel their bond.

            Of course, Marie and Akira are for me two strong supporting characters whom I do care about.

            Akira’s scene of breaking out from her hideout to save Shoko had my heart swelling and pounding in admiration and tingling from the
            resonance of the courage that she has grasped. It’s just really meaningful and powerful for the weak to find strength – it brings up a longing inside each of us, and in this case it was executed brilliantly, despite the fact that Valvrave No. 6 was conveniently sitting there like the good old trope it is. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

            Marie’s sacrifice is also powerfully executed, but in this case the sense of deja-vu really toned down the impact for me, unfortunately, probably
            because I’ve seen the concept of giving up memory as fuel for power
            needed to protect.

            And I have a major issue with the character design of X-Eins. Have you guys read World Embryo? THE FACE, FROM THE GLASSES TO THE
            SHARP CHIN, is exactly the same as Hayato from World Embryo…that really disturbed me. Maybe it can’t be helped, maybe there’s some reasonable leeway in terms of repeat of design concepts, maybe this is just a random repetition but…itjust keeps jarring me.

            Going back to the point about how for me, the story really has to be driven by characters worthy of our affection, the distraction from the main heroines is really weighing me down.

            One last thought. Yamada is a poorly designed character.

        • Entrav

          I totally understand your opinion of Okouchi. You’re definitely not the only one. I have nothing to comment on about the Berserk movies because I simply have not seen them, but my friends have and they all said that it’s pretty damn bad so there’s that. Since you’ve cleared up that the three points are for Berserk, I have nothing really to say about that.

          I also agree with one of the main problems in Code Geass that are the plot holes. You seem to be implying that the show is a bad show because of how much of a horrible mess it is. However, as much of a mess as it is, in the end, it does end up creating an emotionally impactful story. Heck, the overarching story makes complete sense, so it’s just the bits here and there that are hit and miss. Regardless, it’s delivered well by the end and those plot holes do not take away too much from the experience itself which is the most important thing in that story.

          Here’s the thing. You are clearly criticizing him as a writer and rightfully so. His shortcomings are his plot holes and inconsistencies. Nonetheless, in Valvrave, while the first half of the first season is chaotic and unnecessarily confusing with its plot developments, how it has proceeded after that is perfectly fine. If you can point out to me where are the big plot holes that make the story horrible, then by all means, but as I’ve reviewed every single one, I seriously do not see any anime-breaking developments so far.

          He may be mediocre overall, but he’s focusing on what he does best, and that’s creating over the top stories that, while they do contain plot holes and inconsistencies here and there, are impactful in various ways. For example, in Valvrave, I don’t think I’ve ever been as hyped after watching some episodes, and the absurdly crazy things that develop are among the most entertaining things ever. Should I view Valvrave negatively just because it’s Okouchi that wrote it? No, I should criticize it based on what the heck the show is about. The only reason why I would care about the writer is how it will develop in the future. What he made is what he made. I should criticize mostly the work and not just him. Criticizing him and not Valvrave itself is a disservice to the show.

          I’m not sure if he said he made it this way, but this is how I and many others view the show. It shouldn’t matter what the author’s intent is. It should matter what the audience views the show that he creates. Just because the author says it’s crazy and stuff like that, doesn’t mean it actually is. I judge shows based on the show itself and not because of the writer’s view on his own series. It has some merit, but in the end what matters is the final product.

          As for the one trick pony part, I can agree with that, but what’s so bad about that? People specialize in different fields. Urobuchi focuses on the darker side of things involving the death of characters. Okouchi is just good at writing over the top stories that are damn enjoyable and makes plenty of viewers emotionally involved. Sure, he had bad pieces here and there, but that wasn’t his forte and he’s focusing on what he can do well.

          What I meant by “It’s not supposed to be incredibly well thought out” is that it’s not going to be a profound piece like Shin Sekai Yori or some masterpiece that’s meant to be deeply analyzed. This is a piece that’s clear in its approach of creating entertainment for the viewer. Shortcomings of the writer? What do you even mean? Aside from the first half of the first season, everything else flows perfectly fine. There may be plot holes here and there, but so far, none of that is enough to make me say that the story doesn’t make sense. In fact, the ridiculous story is what makes me like this anime quite a bit. You can view it as hiding his faults or you can view it as taking advantage of what he does well.

          Then you go on to talk about sales? Come on, man. You should know well that sales are not an indicator of quality. Shin Sekai Yori and many other shows sold very poorly even though they are well done. I don’t know how your point even contributes to the discussion about the author’s quality. I understand that you don’t like the writer at all, but at least in this show, he’s doing a pretty damn good job entertaining the viewers. I don’t think you should take that away from him just because some of his previous works aren’t good.

          • EvilNemesis

            Man.. I was halfway through my post and my browser crashed, so this is round 2… Ugh…

            First off I’d like to mention that the only critic I’ve ever said about VV as of yet was inconsistencies and plotholes. The attacks to the author was not related to VV. I think because I went on a tangent you and another poster focused on that part because it was more exhaustive( this was obviously my mistake ). So if I come off as unfair to VV, that isn’t actually true. See how the intent actually matters even in my own comment, not just anime ! = D

            Code Geass: I’m not implying that the show is bad because of how much of a mess it is, IM STATING IT OUTRIGHT. COME @ ME BRO.

            The overarching story doesn’t make that much sense, the only thing that makes 100% sense is the initial motivation of the MC.

            It does break it the fun for me, when there’s inconsistencies and plot holes for Code Geass. Why ? Because just like I’ve said previously, it tries to pass itself as a cerebral and intricate story. If im reading a science-fiction or fantasy series of novels that spans multiple volumes each of them several hundred pages long and there’s inconsistencies, plot holes and retcons, you can be you I’ll be in quite angry. I’ll be incredibly more impressed and rate the author highly if he’s able to have continuity through his whole piece.

            You cannot stay impactful if there’s so many flaws at the core especially if the intent is to try to make a work that appears to be “deep”.

            It’s like if I do a study on proving that cockroaches are more intelligent than mices. The result comes out and the experiment was a failure because the end result was the complete opposite of what the intent was.

            Can a RPG be good if the storyline and character characterization is sub-par? Never.

            Can a RTS be competitively good if certain races are way stronger than others and the map pool favours too much a certain race? Never.

            Can an anime that tries so hard be good if it’s riddles with storyline and character flaws? You’ve guessed it, never!

            I see you waving “the ride or the experience” these are dishonest buzzwords. There’s only so much you can forgive for the sake of “beauty in the eyes of the beholder” . There’s such thing as objectivity when considering an piece of work.

            Ultimately Code Geass is hailed and will be hailed as the best anime of all time by a bunch of drooling individuals that’s just to like to see the world burn ( Euphie’s asspull demise ) and people who do not respect the will and intent of the author ( lelouch’s “ambiguous death” ) which isn’t ambiguous at all since they’ve came out and said that Lelouch was truly dead. But, even years later, there’s still a legion of individuals that believe in Lelouch being alive, because, screw canon right? I think this sort of shit should stay in fanfiction.

            This last paragraph was a bit of a rant which, I can do that right ? = ) so you can skip it, it isn’t for argumentation’s sake just more of me venting.

            VV: To be honest, I wasn’t irked that the first half was a chaotic mess. Sure the flow was pretty horrible, it tried to introduce us to all the characters and didn’t do that great of a job, but that happens in a lot of anime.

            Ultimately I don’t dislike VV that much, just that for me it’s a very forgettable anime amongst the pile that I’ve come across over the years.

            That’s really all there is to it.

            Quotes from now on:


            – “What I meant by “It’s not supposed to be incredibly well thought out” is that it’s not going to be a profound piece like Shin Sekai Yori” –

            I see your point here.

            But, Shin Sekai Yori isn’t that profound, what it boils down to is that power is morality. Squealer was shafted by history because he was weak, only the strong survive. You know what they say… history is written by the victors.


            As for – “It shouldn’t matter what the author’s intent is. It should matter what the audience views the show that he creates.” –

            That couldn’t be more wrong, like I’ve said before. For example Pablo Picasso is regarded highly not because his work were aesthetically pleasing ( the vast majority were not ) . But because of his multi-layered symbolism that were inside those art pieces, most of the things weren’t 1st degree that you could easily pick up. It’s EXACTLY because of the intent behind his work that makes it’s so highly praised, without the intent that was behind his art, it wouldn’t amount to much.


            – “Okouchi is just good at writing over the top stories that are damn enjoyable and makes plenty of viewers emotionally involved.” –

            I’m not emotionally involved.


            – “You should know well that sales are not an indicator of quality…” –

            Shin Sekai Yori had production values problem, A-1 is notorious for that, it’s not because the storyline wasn’t good enough, but the product as a whole wasn’t warranting a buy.

            VV is a Sunrise show, hence my argument that it would do a lot poorly without the label.

            Recently J.K. Rowling released a Crime novel under a pen name in hopes that she’d be rated by critics and readers without her name being attached to it. Obviously the secret has been out now, but everyone loved her “debut” before she was ousted. She wanted to be rated for solely for her piece of work, and that’s what happened.


            As last off-topic, trust me I understand that sales don’t equal quality, the best example would be Seed and Seed Destiny ( Destiny managed to sell even more than S1 ) .

            Can you believe that the Japanese believe that those 2 seasons are the best Gundam series of all time?

            I really don’t understand how you can say that the ultimate Gary Stu and Mary sue, Kira “Jesus” Yamato and Lacus Clyne ( that’s his nickname in Japan, he’s been in the top 1-3 of best anime character polls even to this day ). I can’t even begin to understand how they managed to form this opinion, maybe it has to do with the emasculation of the Japanese man, and seeing this powerful Yamato blooded individual somehow connects with them subconsciously. *shrug* one can only guess

            Well… This was pretty long

          • MACHA

            I have to come back in on this because Shin Sekai Yori IS a profound piece of work and I’m not gonna let that one slide. But first your other points :)

            How many ‘flaws’ were there exactly? I saw Code Geass donkey years ago (actually 2 years ago =) ) and any major flaws that could’ve ruined the show weren’t apparent to me or they were just so minor that it didn’t really
            matter. Or those ‘holes’ were things left to the interpretation of the
            viewers. And as Entrav said, they hardly take away from the overarching story.

            Furthermore, the thing about plotholes – I’ve come to notice that what some people call plotholes are not really that. Sometimes ther are actually alternative possibilities that could only be considered in retrospect. You already know how it ends, but looking back now and realizing there was or might have been another way to do it doesn’t make it a plot hole. Just an unfortunate missed opportunity. Not to say that there weren’t any, just that not all of them can be seen as such. And that’s not always the fault the writer. That could just be a part of the character and intentionally done to add more depth. (But that’s just a possibility and depends solely on the skill of the writer).

            About the experiment: If you do a study with the hypothesis that cockroaches are more intelligent than mice and the result is the opposite – that doesn’t make the experiment a failure. It means the initial hypothesis is false. The experiment can reveal something you didn’t think of before and can still provide a result that could be useful whether it proves the hypothesis to be true or false. An experiment is failure when results are tainted by bias and bad procedure – not solely by the results themselves.
            Can’t compare an experiment to the intent of the author and the
            actual product the a show – the two are not the same. Moving on…

            As for storyline and character flaws, I completely agree that anime chock full
            of storyline flaws is never a good thing have. But when it’s one or two
            minor details that hardly change the story overall, that’s not a flawed
            story. And what do you mean by character flaws? No character is perfect
            – in fact ‘character flaws’ when written out well, add depth and realism to the character. But that depends on the skill of the writer so I’m guessing
            you’re talking about writers not giving enough explanation for a characters
            actions/motivations and that kind of thing. In that sense, I completely
            agree – if the characters are written poorly they really break a show. And
            that all depends on skills of the writer.

            Rant or not I can’t let SSY go~ :) So…
            Just what about Shin Sekai Yori is not profound?????? Your main point
            of the anime showing that power is morality is just one of the
            overall conclusions that SSY comes to. The show actually managed to
            make the villain look like a victim and the victors look less righteous. You don’t see that often – at least not in the way it was executed. The delivery and so many other things about the show too numerous to mention now – really made the show stand out for me. SSY’s brilliance is in the details and that makes it a greatpiece overall – for me. THAT’S THE WAY IT IS.

            Well, I think we can all agree that we’re basically writing novels of arguments here. =)

          • Entrav

            Dude, you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s hard for me to find such a lengthy segment of text reflect pretty much exactly what I’m thinking.

          • evilnemesis

            Gosh I just came back and now I have to respond to you two. I’ll skip the the redundant things you guys both hit on because It would never end.

            Character flaws: Yes I meant the 2nd one. The first one would make it so that I dislike real weaknesses of an individual, that’d be crazy since I rambled about the Gary Stu and Mary Sue effect with Seed.

            Code Geass: I’ll get you guys back on this, years ago I wrote notes about my issues with the show. It’s been probably 5 years or so. I can’t promise I’ll be able to find it, because it’s buried deep now and I’m pretty much not an organized person. If I can’t find it I won’t be able to back up my claims which would be unfortunate. But I’ll try. If not, maybe, possibly I’ll rewatch it again and find more issues with it ?! I think your comment of re-experiencing something years after ( your outlook on life is different hen ) is something that I can totally relate to.

            SSY: Maybe profound isn’t the word I’m looking for. I do agree with you that the delivery was very well done which is one of strength of the shows. The victims looking better than the “victors” is precisely because of how it was directed.

          • MACHA

            I think our browsers don’t like us for writing such long posts :p)

            It’d be great if you found the notes – my memories more than a little rusty on the details :)
            Though rewatching CG to find issues would be awesome challenge! Bring it I say, BRING IT ON!! I’m in anytime~

          • Entrav

            Man, I know that feeling. I had written a whole post and then my browser died… Took me another hour to get it back and writing it again is never the same.

            Firstly, it’s perfectly fine that you view Valvrave as forgettable. I don’t think there will be many people who like this type of show as much as I do. Nonetheless, it is my view and I can only really speak of my perspective and my reasoning behind such a perspective.

            As for Code Geass, it’s been a few years since I watched the show, and my overall opinion of shows has greatly changed since even just a year ago. I will have to re-watch everything to make a proper argument, but you can try and answer MACHA’s points as they are probably exactly what I would write anyways.

            As for your analogy of the experiment, once again, MACHA takes the words straight out of my mouth so you can answer him. I do not waving around the phrase “the ride or the experience” lightly. I have only said it in this way for Valvrave so far in any of my reviews, and rightfully so. Just because some people use these words dishonestly does not mean that I do as well. Yes, I understand that there’s only so much you can forgive, but how people determine what is too much or too little is extremely subjective. To some, even though Code Geass may be riddled with flaws, the ending and the overarching story makes it a compelling enough experience. But again, I’m not sure how I feel about this now as I have seen it a long time ago.

            Shin Sekai Yori isn’t that profound? Well, I think it is, and if you don’t think so, then the point I will make later will address that. Anyways, it’s not just about “power is morality.” It is a topic about morality itself and how society deals with various moral issues. It highlights the grey area where no one is right or wrong. Not only that, but the characters themselves wonder exactly what is right or wrong with their own actions. There is also the idea of discrimination, the laws themselves, and so on. It goes far beyond “power is morality.”

            Even if you view SSY as not so profound, you must also take into consideration that this is a way of expressing the human condition to leave enough of an impact for viewers to reflect upon things they wouldn’t have otherwise. Look, if you wanted random “profound” things, you could just search up quotes or whatever, but what weight do they really hold without any context? You may be able to simplify SSY’s main points in a few sentences, but the person reading that will not be as affected as if he or she saw a story revolving around this from beginning to end. This gives viewers an impression. It makes them think more about the world around them. The execution in SSY is well done enough that people may be influenced enough to question things they wouldn’t have otherwise, and that’s a great enough thing to do in and of itself even without the profundity.

            Since when did an art piece have to be “aesthetically pleasing” to be highly praised? As you mention, there is plenty of symbolism there which shows his quality. But I think you’re misunderstanding my point. The final product is the final product. Picasso’s intent leads him to create this piece, but just because his intent is to create a piece filled with symbolism does not mean the final product actually will be. I know what you’re saying. The intent leads him to create these works and without it he wouldn’t have amounted to much. I definitely agree. However, I’m saying that it doesn’t matter what his intent is for his actual works because he may not fulfill that intention. For example, if he says it’s supposed to be highly symbolic and whatever, but doesn’t end up making one like he describes, would we still view it as highly symbolic? The audience may not understand the symbolism at first, and we can study his intent to gain a better understanding, but in the end we judge his piece and not his intention. It’s not his intention that makes him highly praised. It’s his works. Intention is nothing without proper execution.

            If you’re not emotionally involved, that’s perfectly fine. Remember, I did say “plenty of viewers” and not “all viewers.”

            Well, I think it has more to do with the otaku who purchase anime more than the product itself which just goes to show how tasteless they can be at times. I agree that Valvrave wouldn’t do nearly as well without the Sunrise label. I just thought you were linking this up with quality or whatever, but I misunderstood.

            Just checked that out about J.K. Rowling. Pretty interesting. Though, I find that the better the person creating the work, the more I am critical of it because I have such high expectations. Nonetheless, a blank slate is a very good gauge of one’s real abilities.

            To be honest, I actually liked Seed though God knows how long it’s been since I’ve watched that. I was pretty damn childish back then (still am :D) so… Regardless, Destiny is just straight up bad. It’s sad that a lot of people haven’t seen the older Gundam series. I haven’t seen much at all, but I know there are far better ones out there.

            Oh man. Top 1-3? Holy crap that’s bad. They just want to self-insert or some crap. That’s horrendous. *SEEDMODE* HURRRRR. Yeah….

          • evilnemesis

            Yeah re-writting sucks.

            VV: Well we agree to disagree here, wonderful. And I totally am not saying that you’re not allowed to have your opinion. Because if I did, why would I view your reviews for multiple shows? Just tell yourself that as long as you keep seeing my comments on your site, it means you’re doing something right! =D

            Code Geass: View my response to MACHA.

            – “Shin Sekai Yori isn’t that profound? Well, I think it is, and if you don’t think so, then the point I will make later will address that. Anyways, it’s not just about “power is morality.” It is a topic about morality itself and how society deals with various moral issues. It highlights the grey area where no one is right or wrong. Not only that, but the characters themselves wonder exactly what is right or wrong with their own actions. There is also the idea of discrimination, the laws themselves, and so on. It goes far beyond “power is morality.” –

            – “Even if you view SSY as not so profound, you must also take into consideration that this is a way of expressing the human condition to leave enough of an impact for viewers to reflect upon things they wouldn’t have otherwise. Look, if you wanted random “profound” things, you could just search up quotes or whatever, but what weight do they really hold without any context?” –

            There 2 quotes are inter connected. You’re right that it’s how society deals with moral issues, and the grey areas, which is interconnected with power is morality. I don’t think saying that characters wonder what is right or wrong is really argument. Although, the protag reflecting upon himself is pretty in anime, so there’s that. It’s definitely the complete opposite of what’s happening with the “shonen syndrome”.

            As for making the viewers reflect upon things they wouldn’t have otherwise, this is probably why I did not enjoy the shows as much as you two would have.

            A small background on me, I’m in law school, and my father is a lawyer as well.

            Now why is this relevant here? Well it’s plenty relevant to this show, since we’re taking about power and morality.Unlike you, I think the reason why it wasn’t “profound” to me is because I already knew all about the subjective morality, the power and abuse of the law, the ill-conceived ideas of the majority which holds the power, and those who are at the mercy of all of them. I think I’m too close to with these ideas in my everyday life, that’s why I’m not so in awe.

            Now that I think about it, while I may not of enjoyed it like you two did. It did connect with me emotionally, albeit in a negative sort of way. After reading your arguments and looking back at our different perspective, I think I understand now why you guys liked it and why my experience was much different. Ultimately it might of been good for me because I could relate. Sort of like an “ugly truth” which I don’t really want to see.

            On another note, it would be interesting to see what my father thinks of the show as a veteran in the field, I’m sure he’d have a lot of things to say. Should I force him to watch this? “Daddy watch out for Ep 8!” Haha that would be fun.


            – The final product is the final product. Picasso’s intent leads him to create this piece, but just because his intent is to create a piece filled with symbolism does not mean the final product actually will be. I know what you’re saying. The intent leads him to create these works and without it he wouldn’t have amounted to much. I definitely agree. However, I’m saying that it doesn’t matter what his intent is for his actual works because he may not fulfill that intention. For example, if he says it’s supposed to be highly symbolic and whatever, but doesn’t end up making one like he describes, would we still view it as highly symbolic?” –

            But it’s exactly because he told people, “try to figure out what all this means” that people enjoyed it. He set up his goal and people reacted favourably because it was what was being sold. To be symbolic someone has to try to be, and the final product will be good or bad if the objective has been met.

            Sort of like how NGE is a piece of shit because “muh symbolism” when ultimately it’s just a whiny litte kid. Yeah I went there, please don’t respond though because I don’t want to post more walls ( is there an actual character limit for comments with this system ? ) .

            This argument was kind of down there ( because it was in my quote “section”) but tied-in with Code Geass in a roundabout way. It was sort of an anology that for me I didn’t enjoy it because the objective wasn’t accomplished because of the blisters in the work. I should of really put it in the code geass section but it was already pretty big :/ .


            – “To be honest, I actually liked Seed though God knows how long it’s been since I’ve watched that. I was pretty damn childish back then (still am :D) so… Regardless, Destiny is just straight up bad. It’s sad that a lot of people haven’t seen the older Gundam series. I haven’t seen much at all, but I know there are far better ones out there.

            Oh man. Top 1-3? Holy crap that’s bad. They just want to self-insert or some crap. That’s horrendous. *SEEDMODE* HURRRRR. Yeah….” –

            Yeah man, just look at the sales.


            Destiny is so high up it boggles the mind, Jesus Yamato wasn’t even relevant until the very end when he just “Seedmoded” ( yeah a new verb yo )his way to finish the conflict, absolutely ludicrous.

            Plus I strongly dislike the whole sunrise thing of shafting the good couples, Athrun and Cagalli in this case. “Hurr durr we can’t be together cause I got work n shit yo”. FU Sunrise :( .

            Well it’s more of a Japanese thing, the bittersweet ending.
            Always duty before emotions, it’s also a chinese motto as well. This is why we can’t have nice things.

            Okay so, another wall. Hopefully this is the last one… THAT IS UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY HAHAHAHAHA. ( Fuck me )

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    Man … Valvrave really needed a 3rd cour. That would’ve been epic

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