Valvrave the Liberator Episode 21 – … I don’t even

Valvrave the liberator inuzuka kyuuma
Yet another.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 21 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 21 Review
“The Cost of Lies”
“Uso no Daishō”

This is the first episode of the season that just has so much random shit mixed up that I am actually struggling to find something to write about because there’s just so much all stuffed into one episode. Not that the pacing is horrible or that they can actually finish it in three episodes because they can’t, but HOLY SHIT SO MUCH SASUGA SUNRISE.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 21 Impressions


Dude… You just said the damn of the damn ship.


Maximum despair.

Oh God.


Isn’t it slightly suspicious that THEY EVEN CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION?!





ARUS president

You have that much power? Really?

Cain Dressel and Dorssia


Holy shit that’s an annoying voice.

Everything is just so convenient for Dorssia isn’t it? Seriously, isn’t it suspicious at all to people watching that it’s literally perfectly timed? Golden News goes inside just at the right time, and heck, why do they get to go on screen everywhere around the world when they just stumbled upon this? It’s not like a newsgroup can just take over the screen like that unless everything has been staged. I mean, shouldn’t people be distressed that Dorssia, an enemy of ARUS for a long time, figured all of this out? Not to mention, I’m not even sure if the president is given that much power to just declare that they are no longer human like that. You know… Shouldn’t they judge them by law-



Holy shit.



Nanami Rion and Kibukawa

Not now, sensei. Get it on at another time.


Lolwtf “Dorssio-ARUS.”


You mean ERU ERUFU did.

Yeah, there is, but he’s just fucking retarded.


But she was too captivated by your hair.

Valvrave saki

Just being tsun tsun for now. Watch, it’s going to happen.

Aw come on, you don’t want to ask how the swords felt were during her stay in prison?
Aren’t you going to offer yours?

WELL DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. TIME TO OPEN FIRE AND KILL EVERY STUDENT. Wait, they’re not human and they’re immortal right? DON’T WORRY AND SHOOT. EVEN IF THEY ARE REALLY DEAD. In all seriousness though, since the council is involved and that was their plan, it’s not as if this particular part doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t surprise me if the soldiers were manipulated in some way. But while that’s not as big of a problem, the creation of the alliance between Dorssia and ARUS certainly is. I mean, seriously. This is the fastest made alliance ever and is totally not spontaneous. They pushed aside all of that tension between the two powers just like that? Man, that’d be nice in real life. Though, the thing is that there’s not much anyone can do about it even if they find this ridiculous. Magius has control over the upper echelons of society along with the media, and just about everything else. Sure, they can revolt, but no one will really know the entire truth, and they can fabricate their reasoning behind everything later on. Right now, they have to just… BRUTALLY MURDER EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL. MWHAHAHAHAHA.


PEW PEW PEW. INB4 dragoons.


Valvrave V Hiuchiba familiar



Kitagawa Iori


Sashinami Shoko crying



Shoko, look he’s just retard-

Nonononono, look, don’t let Iori and those people fool you.



God fucking dammit.

Sashinami Shoko


Yamada Raizou mad

He’s got a fucking point for once.

He said the same thing last season in the 9th episode as well. This is the 9th episode of the second season. :)

I know right?

SHOKOPLS. Jesus Christ.

God dammit, Haruto. After a few episodes of being decent, why do you have to be utterly useless again? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK JUST TALK INSTEAD OF SAYING, “I…” AND TRAILING OFF LIKE AN IDIOT. OF COURSE THEY’D MISUNDERSTAND IF YOU DON’T FUCKING EXPLAIN. HOLY SHIT. HARUTARD IS TOO KIND OF A NAME FOR YOU. Anyways, that’s the cost of the lies that they’ve hidden from them this whole time. In this kind of situation of life or death, it’s really not a surprise that they’d resort to such measures. You’re probably thinking, shouldn’t Shoko understand that there’s a reason why Harutard has been lying to her and that she shouldn’t have just sold them out like that? Isn’t this out of character? Why did she just randomly do this shit? Well, the thing is that you have to take into consideration what just happened. The whole school got slaughtered, everyone is running for their lives, she finds out that Haruto knows what is going on and he fails to explain anything, and everyone around her is going almost crazy as well. It’s no surprise then that she’d make this kind of decision. Heck, anyone aside from ERU ERUFU would fail in this situation which is why they should have known they lost when they lost their damn prophet. At the very least, this episode shows what happens when a bunch of students try to make themselves a country without the ALMIGHTY ERU ERUFU.


Inuzuka Kyuuma badass


What a fucking bro.

I know Shoko isn’t exempt from blame, but I mean everyone is at fault here. (MOSTLY HARUTARD.) This is fucked up.

VVV Hiuchiba V



Yamada Raizou thunder




Oh man.

Kakumeiki Valvrave season 2



Yeah, okay.



Oh no.




Inuzuka Kyuuma death

At least it’s a visually glorious death.

Valvrave season 2 death

Sayonara, senpai.


Tokishima Haruto scream

Can you stop being a tard now? Will this change you for the better?


……………………… WHY DOES EVERY CHARACTER THAT TURNS AWESOME ON THAT EPISODE DIE THAT EPISODE? Fuck. You. Sunrise. Stop it. JUST. STOP IT. DJAFOPDSFJIASDFIOFJSDPOFIJDFPS. You may be wondering why is Inuzuka even asking Haruto these questions right before he’s going to die? Why would he even do this for him? The thing is that, he kind of had a thing for Aina and let’s just say it didn’t work out so well. As such, he wanted Haruto to at least have things work out with Shoko in the end because he’s always seen them on the edge of working things out. Clearly, Haruto is a good friend of his, but it’s not really shown that well throughout so it does feel a bit more random. But hey, the guy is a good guy. Even though Iori calls him a monster annoyingly he makes a very nice point about protecting those who don’t even believe in them because they wouldn’t be “holy” otherwise. Sayonara, Inuzuka Kyuuma. Although you weren’t that great of a character before, in this episode, you did some marvelous mecha ass-kicking.

Side note 1: I’m not sure about this, but some people were saying that if the Valvrave gets destroyed then the pilot dies as well even if he’s immortal. But seriously, even if that weren’t the case, he’s still dead because he would have been blown to smithereens.

Side note 2: For those wondering where is the preview, you can find it here. HARUTO AND ERU ERUFU SPACE MAN SUITS? HELL YES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 21 Review

Firstly, I just want to say that the insert song is fucking glorious. It suits this last scene incredibly well, makes it far more impactful, and it’s also timed very well. Yes, it’s been used before at the end of episode 8, and it’s called “Mother Land” by Yuuka Nanri. You can’t expect anything less when it comes to insert songs in Sunrise’s mecha anime. Heck, Vestige was the song that made parts of Gundam Seed Destiny actually awesome. Without this last part, I wouldn’t have nearly liked the episode as much. Seriously, a lot of it is just hectic killing, with no real impact, but the last scene seals the deal and gives some room for Haruto and L-Elf to work a way out. As sad as it may be that Inuzuka is actually dead, at the very least he went out with a bang and didn’t just play a tiny role for the whole series.

As for the rest of the episode, from a spectator’s perspective, a lot of what went down can be pretty damn stupid. Of course, if you take into account what the students are going through, some of their actions are understandable. Valvrave has always been great at being unpredictable most of the time, and this episode throws people’s predictions out of whack yet again because we have absolutely no clue what will happen with them in this state of disarray. Personally, I enjoy just how ridiculous things can develop, and the unpredictability is a large part of the enjoyment. Hopefully there will actually be more development between Haruto, and Shoko now that this has happened because that’s been really lacking. Other than that, hopefully ERU ERUFU will come back stronger than ever soon as he is a large part of what makes Valvrave entertaining due to his ridiculous nature. It’s just… It’s just not often that shows leave me smiling and laughing at how ludicrously awesome it is when it ends. Speechless, smiling, and just dazed, I can say that this is a SASUGA SUNRISE episode.

Valvrave the Liberator Inuzuka and Aina Wallpaper

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  • Nicholas

    A little bit annoyed at why the soldiers never wondered why the students weren’t reviving like Saki when she was shot, yet the soldiers still believed all the students were monsters who were immortal when the students weren’t reviving after being shot lol.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, that’s something I had a problem with too. The argument against it is that they didn’t want to take any chances to get rid of these “monsters.” That, or the council manipulated them and so on.

    • Irenesharda

      Oh, they could always find a way around that. They could simply say, “their one weakness was steel-jacketed bullets”, or something?

  • ZeroSaber

    How do Magius die? Is it sort of like Claymore, when the immortality/power to recover is contingent upon some sort of bodily integrity i.e. when you’re vaporized there’s no chance of recovery, when your vital linkages are cut (decapitation for instance) they can’t be reconnected?

    Inuzuka senpai’s death is indeed majestic and I was touched by his heroic sacrifice to save those who aren’t worthy. By exemplifying the will to protect, our blue-suit pilot has earned his place as one of those who died to protect the future of JIOR.

    I thought the mass slaughter and instant betrayal – insidiously carried out by Dorssia, is executed superbly in this episode. The sense of horror at students getting slaughtered – there’s just something about it that tears at our very foundations of morality, of sanctified space, when the most vulnerable/those who embody society’s ideal purity are cruelly murdered. The coldness and revulsion brought up by those bloody scenes, and the confident, no-punches-pulled pacing of this episode make it extremely memorable for me.

    I hope my heroine Akira survives! To me, she more than anyone else of the pilots embody courage in overcoming one’s handicap and most deeply ingrained trauma/fears.

    • Entrav

      I read somewhere that if the core in the Valvrave gets destroyed then the pilot dies too. That, or they don’t have immortality anymore. Not sure though, but regardless his body disintegrated so…

      Yep. Inuzuka is a total boss. As for the massacre itself… I mean, I’ve seen it before (Code Geass) and I’m not exactly sure why, but I just didn’t find it all that fantastic in this one. It’s by no means badly done though.

      Pretty sure Akira survives because Satomi mentions her in the 200-year flashforward.

      • ZeroSaber

        Saki is the one narrating in the flashforward right? And the boy is…ERU ERUFU junior? BTW I can’t wait to see him kick some ass very soon as you mentioned his self-deprecating words are a prelude to some major badassery.

        The Founder presumably died?

        Is anybody else pining for some more time dedicated to the development of relationships between Haruto and the two main heroines? I just think Saki had such a fantastic sequence in her recovery from Haruto’s rape. Her decision to forgive him and to lead him to assess his feelings demonstrates her gentleness and probably also her dedication to him. Haruto’s proposal is a milestone in the transformation from a form of puppy love to an urgency to discover whether they have feelings for each other. Though obviously, reparation was not what Saki was waiting for.

        Shoko and Saki are both spending too much time away from Haruto is my take. Rescuing the enchained princess could be a plot-driving force from now on, and Haruto certainly needs to step up his game to earn happiness with either of them.

        Shoko’s optimism, forthrightness, and energy are what I love about her. After her loss of faith in Haruto in this episode, I think she’ll compensate for her letdown by shining through in the following comeback against the Dorss-Arus alliance.

        Saki’s naughtiness and glamor, her confidence in her own beauty, and her growing awareness of her friendships with those around her make her even more attractive.

        Good luck with exams bro!!!

        • Guest

          “HARUTARD” Hahah xD Lol ~~ I really really loves this page .

        • Entrav

          Hell yes, they really need to develop these relationships. I just want Harutard to stop being a tard. Then everything will be fine.


          • ZeroSaber

            Also watch out for the smog enveloping pretty much all of China’s eastern seaboard and central areas. Bring a good mask.

  • megumi9

    At least Kyuuma senpai is with Aina now; he was a hero to the very end.

    Haruto and Shoko both pissed me off this episode. It’s perfectly understandable for Shoko to get all worked up and enraged, but the fact that she allowed her feelings to sway her actions and judgement was rather disappointing. And Haruto…he really was quite useless throughout the entire episode with his shocked face , but he’s suffering in his own right as well, since his memories are beginning to disappear bit by bit. L-elf was so quiet and depressed that it was almost amusing to see him get pushed into the capsule with Haruto. This show needs more L-elf~

    In the 3rd ending sequence, the five valvraves are shown facing off against Cain’s Tekka and the Dorssian forces, (and Tekka hasn’t even appeared in battle yet.) I wonder if that’s for show or they’re really going to rebuild VVV 5 and get a new pilot to fight alongside the rest(Satomi?).

    But really, Thunder’s manly tears gave me so many feels. RIP, Kyuuma!! I’m sure Haruto and the others will not let your selfless sacrifice be in vain.

    • Entrav

      Aww yeah… I didn’t think of it that way. He is with her now. :)

      Yeah, I can’t deny that it was disappointing that Shoko didn’t see through it, but still I can’t really expect her to though. It’d be more unrealistic if she did. She actually thought he got “taken over” by something. He hesitated all those times, and just ended up saying, “I… Sorry…” which only made things worse and confirmed Shoko’s false suspicions. If Haruto just spoke a bit more openly it’d be a different story. He even lost his memories and just… handled things so poorly.

      I don’t think they’re going to rebuild the fifth Valvrave. That was just Sunrise’s red herring much like the teaser to this season from the ending of the previous season so…


    • Irenesharda

      This my feeling regarding Shoko. Yes, she made one bad move this episode, but not only was she under emotional stress, she was clearly unsuited for this situation. Haruto did a piss-poor job at trying to explain himself and just stood there gaping like a dead fish, and so she was left to draw her own conclusions. She loved Haruto, and thought he felt the same. She knew they were best friends, and yet he’s been lying to her all this time and has not even bothered to give a good explanation as to why. Any girl would be furious in this situation. And then pile on top everything else that happened, she thought she was making the right decision. And while Shoko is smart, she’s always been naive, just as Haruto is. She trusts way to easily and has never had to face a double cross like this before. That kind of judgement is learned through experience and time, which Shoko has had none. Shoko is a good leader for a school, but not a country at war. That was why her reassurance when she was saying that they will all pull through this, sounded hollow. Shoko was actually leaning towards giving into the Dorssian’s demands when her father was held prisoner, that’s why L-elf was prepared to kill her. There’s a reason that he’s behind the military aspect and he just let’s Shoko be the face of everything. He’s basically Neo JIOR’s second in command and he does all the work and makes all the heavy judgments. Shoko was out of her depth here, AND she was emotionally distraught. Shoko needs someone to tell her when not to take people at their word and to know when they’re deceiving you. That’s a skill you have to learn through experience, and Shoko has never had that.

      • dupe10101

        yeah i agree with you , but everyone has a right to have a skeleton in the closet they want people to know about , in Haruto case he hided the fact he no longer human ,that not necessarily a lie per se , he kept it hidden,Haruto not wrong in doing so , if it is consider than Shoko wrong in hiding the fact that haruto killed her father , Shoko has a realistic reaction (it like finding out your boy friend was a vampire ) but she was way to emotional and that clouded her judgement which made her do the mistake

  • Verathrogna

    I almost want Haruto to become like Shu from Guilty Crown well not exactly, I want him to change because just like Shu after his friend dies he realized the way he is doing things is not getting the job done so he changes maybe not as drastically as Shu but change would be welcomed. It is hard to judge how anyone can react because even if they are fictional they are created to be “human” ironic considering the episode anything can set them off. I cannot be angry at Haruto because from the beginning we already knew he is not exactly the most outgoing and or sociable person so being unable to fully explain what happens is forgivable coupled with the fact that he just had some memories taken he was basically a nobody at the beginning of this series so I doubt he has had ample time to develop a lot of the skills needed to be leader or a public speaker.

    L-elf still with the feels but if and when he over comes this depression he will be better for it… hopefully. Then there is Shoko it is understandable to feel betrayed and angry but he was trying to avoid this exact situation you viewing him as a monster it is really bad for morale when everybody is scared for their life and our pilots do not really have to worry about being killed to some extent. Even with all that you are supposedly his friend you stand by him everybody has secrets and are not exactly forthcoming with everything no matter how he hides things he is your friend after all the stuff you guys have been through shipping him off to save your own ass just seems odd oh well human nature and such. I still like Shoko I just thought she would be last person to throw Haruto under the bus or anyone for that matter I look forward to the next episode as always.

    • Entrav


      I really do hope that he changes how he views everything now. He can have his naivety, but I just want him to… smarten up and do something. I’m sorry, but Haruto is even more stupid in this episode than the previous. I can understand that he won’t shout it out in the big meeting, but he said those things out loud and instead of denying it, he just ended up stuttering and saying random crap. The biggest problem is how he handles his conversation with Shoko. I mean, he can’t talk to a person that he’s known for so long? Come on.

      Haruto definitely doesn’t need to disclose everything, and Shoko definitely didn’t make the right decisions this episode. Everyone is to blame really, but I just like to blame Harutard because he’s Harutard. :)

      • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

        I agree with you both!. I have always like shoko but this episode she made bad descisions. Still like her a lot though along with L-elf and ok Haruto.

      • Mike

        Nope, this tears it for me. If the bitch can’t stand by her man, then she doesn’t deserve to be there. I can only hope Haruto’s memories of Shoko disappear fast so he can make some new ones with Saki. As for Shoko? I hope Haruto wigs out and drains her. If there’s one thing I CANNOT STAND in anime its when the main female lead betrays the main male lead. Saki is ready and rearin’ to go Haruto, drop the treacherous dead weight schoolgirl.


    …………………………………… w-why…?……………………………………….

    That was my reaction the whole way.

    I can totally understand why Shoko reacted the way she did. She’s been working her butt off to get this far and just as she’s almost made it – crap hits the fan and oh! Harutard knew! It was just too many things happening at the same time and she just saw all her hard turn to dust in mere seconds. She’s an awesome character, but I don’t expect her to have such great mental prowess to be able to make better decisions at that time. So I’m not really bothered by how she handled the situation, because I just don’t expect that from her.

    I expect that from mother%$#&^( Harutard. But noooo, he just doesn’t get it. He couldn’t explain or even get mad and defend his side of the whole mess.

    As for L-elf, I don’t know how Sunrise is going to do it, but however my man gets his head back in the game – It. Better. Not. Be. Random Bullcrap.

    But BLOODY HELL Inuzuka was a favorite of mine, and there I was wondering last week WHEN WILL THIS $%&*@ MAN GET SOME REAL SCREEN TIME AGAIN!?!? I think my mind quietly imploded when it became apparent that he’s gonna freaking be blown to dust. Inuzuka really stepped up was MEGAFREAKING AWESOMESAUCE.

    Congrats Sunrise, you just blew my $^%*$( THIRD favorite side character!

    • Entrav


      Seriously, first it was Marie and now it’s Inuzuka. Both have badass deaths in the Valvraves.

      • ZeroSaber

        Is it wrong to think Marie is attractive?

  • Ian Porterfield



    • Entrav

      That’s a pissed off kuma.

  • Christemo


    • Entrav

      Hey, hey! Call him by his name. D:

  • Irenesharda


    That’s all I can say is “wow”.

    I was wondering how they were going to get rid of all the extra student weight, and this episode did it in spades. There were so many who were saying they weren’t going to turn their weapons on the students? Well, I guess this episode was the answer for you. The world sure is fickle.

    So in one day, Haruto’s lies have cost them everything. The entire world has turned against them and almost everyone is now dead, massacred for something that wasn’t even their fault. The students turned against each other, and the ARUS turned against them, calling them “Class 7 dangerous beings” which somehow means: If you find one–Kill It.

    The Magius are quite clever, and using one of their own Phantom ships, along with JIOR scientists and reporter Barrett, they frame the students for being the ones harvesting humans, and unfortunately panic has already set in and no one believes anything Haruto and the others have to say. The ARUS and Dorssia made an unprecedented move (well, “unprecedented” for anyone who wasn’t in the know) and made an alliance together to fight against the Module 77 and destroy the “non-humans”. And the public of course, goes right along with it. Interesting how this is the same public that once praised Haruto and called him a “hero”, isn’t it?

    A majority of the students are shot down, and only a few escape on three ships using the “Orb-esque” Mass Driver. However, we can’t have this end without more suffering, so Iori, in despair over her father’s death by RUNE drainage thanks to the Phantom ship, tricks Haruto to fall into a trap in which they will give him to the ARUS in return for their safety. Haruto gets into a tussle and is fatally shot. However, this finally reveals his true side to Shoko.

    Shoko is in horror at this, and at the fact that he didn’t trust her with his secrets. Also, there’s the fact that Haruto is beginning to lose his memories to the Valvrave and therefore doesn’t remember their cave incident. Shoko, in an emotional and hard decision, decides to give into the ARUS’ demands and give over Haruto. (They also give over the still destroyed L-elf, saying he’s too dangerous for them to take with them).

    However, of course it’s a double cross, and it’s up to Inuzuma to save them, despite the fact that most of the surviving student have already demonized him and his fellow pilots. Kyuma falls to his death flag from last episode, and in a kamikaze style mission, he leaves Raizou and Akira to protect Shoko’s ship, while he goes to rescue Haruto and L-elf, who are in that confounded capsule. His Valvrave is damaged beyond compare, and with his last gasps of breath, he declares that he and his fellow pilots are not monsters, but kamitsuki, and then demands to know if how Haruto feels about Shoko. Haruto firmly confirms that he is, and always will be, in love with Shoko. (And you can hear the soft cries of the SakixHaruto ship finally dying )

    After hearing this, Kyuma throws Haruto and L-elf out of the blast radius and destroys as many enemies as he can, before going up in a glorious and tragic explosion. Now is he really dead, being an immortal and all? I think so, but we’ll have to wait and see. This could prove that once Valvraves are destroyed their pilots die too? We’ll have to see. Also, what does this mean for the future Golden 7? And how many are going to survive. Will the students that have survived become the new immortal army now, once everything is finally explained? It’s not like they have anywhere to go; the entire Earth is against them now.

    It looks like it’s time for the Galactic Empire to be born…

    Now that Haruto’s finally chosen Shoko, it’s still going to take some time before they repair their differences. Trust is easy to break, but hard to build. Also, Haruto still doesn’t know about Shoko’s father, and I have no idea what they’re going to do about episode 10 and if that’s ever revealed.

    Also, poor Saki, who started this whole thing, gets only a few minutes of screentime and she is questioned by A-drei, who is wondering why she never attempted to kill him while inhabiting K-zwolf’s body. She refuses to answer and so he changes the path of his questions and begins to ask about L-elf instead. I’m thinking that he’s finally going to get some answers on who it was that really shot him in the eye.

    This was a game-changer episode and we’ll have to see what the students are going to do now that they have nowhere to go. They now have only three Valvraves to protect them, with pilots that they don’t trust. Hopefully they can rescue Haruto and L-elf. And L-elf…I really don’t know what they’ll do for him. Even the Module 77 massacre can’t wake him up from his depression, and he’s completely questioning all his abilities. The guy really needs a jump-start.

    This was a tragic episode and the end of the Sashonami School and Module 77…yet, I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of the suffering.

    I give this episode a 9.6/10 and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Entrav

      Hell yes. It’s time for Harutard and the almighty ERU ERUFU to build their empire from scratch. I actually can’t wait to see how they take it from here. I also can’t wait for the cliffhanger at the end of this season as weird as that may sound because the last one was just… absolutely incredible.

    • Arkan421

      Well I agree with most parts, but to be honest, I think that everyone is a bit at fault here. So right now, I’m just trying to find out how everything could have been stopped from the very beginning.

      • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

        i have to agree. The students were no better.

      • Owa

        “Every path… leads me to one conclusion… into darkness”

      • Arkan421

        Now I’m considering that if Satomi won the election, none of this would have happened…

        • Entrav

          Let’s be honest. It wouldn’t have really mattered who took over because it was still ERU ERUFU doing everything.

        • Owa

          Regarding Rainbow 7, if they somehow rebuild VVV4, i suppose Satomi could pilot it but it wouldnt be the same :(
          Then there’s Cain’s VVV2 and no mention of VVV7 yet.

          (only 3 eps left? ARGH)

        • MgMaster

          Speaking of Satomi,I never really cared much for him but I think he deserves some credit for keeping it together,unlike others.

        • Irenesharda

          Actually, I think it would have. Satomi was still a gutless wimp at the time of the election who wouldn’t have handled the situation any better. However, now he’s grown and matured quite a bit since his trip to Earth. He’s owned up to his behavior with his sister, he’s been leader on several missions, had to take on a hostile environment and battlefields head-on. He’s become a better man since his trip to Earth. He’s now calm and level headed. He has better judgment. He grew a spine, and knows how to discern a situation. He still fusses over his sister, but it’s not as bad as before. He knows when to let someone else handle things.

          Now, he’s ready to be a leader

      • Zeraion god

        well duh, they’re all just bunch of kids, they easily fell into a trap (it’s so sad)…it’s like the magius (grownups bitches) bullying a group of babies like a walk in the park, so all those thing is off course Magius (101 whatever) fault…

        • Arkan421

          Well now that I think about it, the students reaped what they sown. They voted to have a “YOLO” festival on the moon instead of having a secure future as a small nation, I can’t feel sorry for them at this moment.

    • ZeroSaber

      Did Haruto ‘choose’ Shoko? Is there still a possibility for him to be together with both of ’em?

      • Irenesharda

        They aren’t going to disrespect Kyuma’s last wish. If Haruto lives by the end of this, and Shoko too, I’m almost beyond sure they will work things out and be together. Saki is on a different path right now, and she doesn’t need to be “second best” for any guy in her life.

        • ZeroSaber

          I hope Saki doesn’t produce chibi ERU ERUFU. =.=

          • Ahnaf Tajwar Tahabub

            Haruto always loved Shoko, he just openly admitted it now. If they both live then they will most likely be together but considering that this is a sunrise anime, I highly doubt that the main character will have a happy ending. Also, remember that saki is the only one shown to survive in the future so far, anything is possible. Since liselotte died, someone has to produce the L-elf junior right?

          • ZeroSaber

            You are right…I think it’s probably the resistance I feel towards the possibility of Saki ending up with somebody else, that emotion is clouding my mind. I always have a problem with a heroine I like not ending up with the hero, as in I hate to see her not get her wish.

            But as Irenesharda said, Saki doesn’t need to be “second best” for any guy!!! And Saki certainly doesn’t need to pine for Haruto, she’s stronger and more beautiful and more attractive than he is, if attractiveness can be converted to a neutral scale.

            Minor Spoilers –

            The last time this sort of thing happened, in Full Metal Panic, I was shattered seeing a heroine having her heart broken by a dumbass.

            But the more I think about it, why the hell not end up with another better guy? Maybe there’s some sort of sinister feudal mindset that’s clouding me, some sort of idiocy insisting on staying with the first guy we see a heroine fall in love with, despite the possibility of change.

          • Ahnaf Tajwar Tahabub

            You’re right, Saki is my favourite heroine in valvrave too and it would be a shame if she doesn’t find happiness. The reason Shoko is disliked in this episode is that being the prime minister, she should have handled the situation better and not done something absurd like trust the bad guys. I mean satomi would have made a better choice. When she even won the election, she didn’t do that with an epic speech but one full of sunshine and rainbows; that’s not how the world works shoko.

            These turn of events do not rule out the possibility of things happening with saki, we still don’t know what that promise is from the locket. However, Shoko will be very depressed about what she did to haruto, judging by what he said to Inazuka is not that shocked by the betrayel and will follow comfort shoko about it.

          • ZeroSaber

            Shoko’s letdown gives rise to the possibility of her feelings surging in a wave of affection when they reconcile. I always love the impact of a heroine melting down in pain and a reclaimed, overwhelming love for the hero after she hurt him in some way. That may sound a little extreme but reconciliation can be beautiful when executed well.

            Building the world anew; like people said above, it’s time for some exciting butt-kicking~!

            No matter what, we’ll love Saki right? I want to see her kick some ass!

        • ZeroSaber

          I agree that Saki deserves the best!
          What do you think of her maybe bearing L-elf’s kid?

          • Irenesharda

            You’d actually still have the problem of being second best. She would be the replacement for Lieselotte, who I’m doubting he will ever truly stop loving. And remember, he doesn’t like to share his heart.

  • Gwyn

    The first thought which came to my mind the minute this episode ended was…how could you, Valvrave pilots!!! You just lost your freaking tank! The next mission could very well be a party wipe!

    But seriously, Inuzuka may not have been given as much of a spotlight compared to the other male chars (Haruto and L-Elf), but he is my favourite Valvrave pilot (because he actually thinks, even if it’s not L-Elf level of thought-processing…but still…). He’s kind, and he shows some level of being manipulative (not completely and utterly manipulated like the mess Haruto gets himself into).

    Initially, I thought saving the researchers will give Module 77 a fighting chance (finally), to be on par with the two main factions with strong military backing. Module 77 is a country run by students, most of whom do not have thinking capabilities their age (perhaps to balance out the imba-ness of L-Elf). The pilots go to war, return and get their mecha fixed by the researchers, who constantly churn out upgrades for the machines. The student ruling body will focus on trying to run the country, but at least this time they have adults to turn to. Who would have thought that in one episode, these (thinking) adults are all gone. Sorry kids, on Module 77, the maximum limit for the above-20 age group is 2.

    I have sort of given up on trying to like Valvrave It really is a show geared for guys’ viewing pleasure. One fav char down, and now if anything happens to L-Elf, I can seriously just stop watching and get updates from reading these posts. The girl chars in this series are just built to be eye candy or annoying banshee materials. (exceptions who are still alive being Kreimhild, Akira, and Shoko)

    I am going to continue watching for only two reasons now – L-Elf…and chibi L-Elf.

    • Entrav

      Really? Irenesharda likes this show quite a bit and she’s a girl. I just think that as long as you can sit back and just take in the craziness, I don’t think it matters whether you’re male or female. That, or it’s just not your type of show which is perfectly understandable.

      ERU ERUFU has always been one of the primary reasons why I watch the show though.

    • Irenesharda

      Um…no, I’ve been a mecha fan since high school, and I’m a girl. I’m also a shonen fan and like two of the big three, and still a girl. And believe me, I’m no tomboy. (I still love the Disney Princess line :D ) But then again, I’ve always liked those things that are considered “geared for males”. I love comic books, and superhero movies, and action movies. But I also like “girl things”, like a good romance or sappy Hallmark stories. :P I’m pretty balanced. I like these kind of shows because of the plots and stories, and also, they really have limited fanservice in comparison to other genres. Compare this show with Majestic Prince that just came out, and you will find at least two to three times the amount of fanservice there.

      It’s true that mecha, or really a lot of anime in general don’t have a lot of good female characters, however, the mecha genre does have some, and Akira, Shoko, and Saki are some of the best I’ve seen recently. I like them more than the recent Sunrise females that all talk about peace, love, and harmony all the time. Bleh.
      Also, I really like CC, and Sayla from the original Gundam, is my favorite female mech character period.

      True, my favorite character is also L-elf, as he is pretty much the antithesis of all those boyscout Gundam pilots. And also he’s just awesome. ;)

      I’m actually loving all this carnage and mayhem and I’m really want to see where this series will go from here. The mystery of the plot is half the fun!

      • Gwyn

        Ehehe. I don’t think liking Valvrave makes you any less of a girl. Don’t worry about that. I’m more geared towards shonen-themed anime/manga too. My beef with the current part of the plot is that I do not quite see a way out for them right now. Financially and technologically they are way behind Arus and Dorssia, plus they have lost potential fighting power/Valvrave pilots (what with the cleanup of most of the student population). I don’t think that teacher of theirs can do a one-man-show and suddenly fix up a spare Valvrave for them. They lost a fairly powerful, defense-type Valvrave, and a guy who actually can spontaneously leap into action if he sees the need for it. The rest of them tend to make pretty bad decisions (though Akira did get brownie points in this episode for being the first to act). They’re left with easily manipulated characters, and the strong characters are all filtered out. (Saki’s nowhere near them, Lieselotte (She’s not a strong char in terms of fighting ability, per se, but she does make L-Elf stronger), Marie and Inuzuka are down). Even if L-Elf does get out of his slump and retake the position as their war strategist, he’d be left with severely limited resources to work with.

        I can only picture some hidden new character waiting to jump out in the later episodes somewhere with a secret stash of robots and a huge amount of money to pull them out of this mess. Otherwise, Haruto will have to use his main character power and get more people killed while he figure out the best way to kamikaze through to the magius base.

      • ZeroSaber

        What do you think of Lunamaria?

        must be the spirit of independence that really appeals. And I think in
        this case, VV is graced with two main heroines who aren’t psychopathic,
        who have their struggles and are not cast in the simple manner of
        peace-loving goddesses. I totally agree with you on their realism being
        their appeal.

        • Irenesharda

          I actually didn’t care for most of the girls in Destiny, almost all of them seemed to be just tacked on and copies of the Zeta Gundam girls they were based on. SEED girls were okay, but not the best. Miriallia and Ramius were my favorite there.

          • ZeroSaber

            Hmmm…you know, I haven’t seen Zeta, but I have a thing for Flay (I am on her side and I think the b*tch-bashing against her is too unforgiving and too extreme. The very fact that she realizes she loves Kira is enough for me to forgive her)

            And I love Lunamaria!! I don’t know if going and watching Zeta will change my views about how original her character is, but she really left an impression on me with her tomboyish energy and crisp, clean hotness. I rooted for her the whole way.

  • Daniel


  • zztop

    I really don’t know how Japanese anime writers can get away with some of the
    stuff like in this ep, considering most countries’ censorship boards generally
    ban even a bit of these sort of things. Loopholes in Japanese censor laws?

    • Dragon Heart

      Well Japan doesn’t have much gun violence as say America. A massacre of students can fly by better than America which has had multiple school shootings just this year.

      • Mike

        And yet violent crime, including gun violence, is down 70% from what it was in 1992. How’s that for the media over hyping everything?

    • Entrav

      Well, I mean, there are plenty of disturbing scenes in movies as well so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It’s really late at night when it airs too so none of the kids are watching anyways.

  • zztop

    But with the Blue Valvrave and Kyuma out of the running, this raises more questions as to the Golden 7.
    Assuming all Golden 7ers are
    pilots with their own Valvraves, only 5 functional ones are left(4 of Haruto and
    co, Cain’s Black Valvrave). There’s 2 less, unless the writers plan for something else to make up 7.

    • Irenesharda

      I think this alliance between Dorssia and ARUS will continue, and they have effectively united the world on one front and that will be one side of the space conflict, with the empire on the other.

      Also, the Golden 7 somehow still exist and they are 7 individuals that will all be alive at the same time, since the future soldier talks about them fighting in a future battle against the Royal Guard for 40 hours straight. There is no Royal Guard yet as Dorssia still isn’t yet ruled by the royal family. and this long legendary battle that they still talk about 200+ years from now, hasn’t happened yet. So, there will be 7 individuals fighting together in the future as the Golden 7, yet we’re now down to there being 4 pilots and 4 Valvraves, and we’re going to have to see who will be numbers 5, 6, and 7.

      Or is it just coincidence that there are two Dorssian boys who are perfectly poised to switch loyalties? Along with L-elf, they could make up the remaining 3? As much as I think Q-vier may switch side along with his teammates, I can’t see him as one of the G7.

  • Kazanari

    Seriously: they kill Marie and Inuzuka, but they let the stupid council president that is Renjobuki live?! This is just stepping out of the line.

    anyways, I have a feeling that almost all of them will be dead by the end of this season. Haruto’s probably going to turn evil or something and decide to destroy the world, and maybe that’ll be Saki’s promise: to stop Haruto. Whether it is to Shouko, or to A-drei, or maybe L-elf. I just cannot see a good future for these guys. And who is chibi L-elf? Shouko’s almost certainly gonna die (though I don’t want to think about it much), and L-elf…well, he’s one character I’m not so sure who will live or die. But then this is just my analysis of what’s going on. Knowing sunrise, they’ll probably pull off a shocking ending, one we wouldn’t expect.

    • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

      I know. I dislike Renjobuki he is so irritating.

  • NightDog

    Shoko a shit
    Behead those who support Shoko
    Death to Shoko
    Death to Shokofags

    • Entrav

      Sorry, I don’t want to suffer the kind of death those students just received.

    • Zeraion god

      shoko just a kid like other students, she just have a will, a courage, a spirit of youth, smart indeed but doesn’t have a good strategy and a battle prowess….definitely too naive to take on the world

  • Syira Akaira

    “HARUTARD” Mwaahahah xD I loveeee this website .

    • Entrav

      This episode has good excuses for me to say, “HARUTARD.”

      • Zeraion god

        well he’s waaaay too depending on L-elf..he’s not smart ass like L-elf, so when entire students fell into a trap he’s become useless hahaha…..he’s not hero, he just doing what he can to survive (his battle pattern is suck in comparison to Marie) ….I should say he’s not hero at all….we’ll see the next episode what will he turned out to be (the seed of 3rd galaxy empire)

  • Erasnest

    “the army has lost their guardian, their defender”

    but… i feel it too cruel…
    there’s a time for me, why the hell Haruto can’t speak for himself
    and then the whole students, like hell who actually defend, protect them this all along time?
    and them dump them like garbage?
    at least don’t hand over the one who stand for you

    this episode really bad….. for your emotion
    beside nice plot-twist and the song…
    everything just like… leave unsaid…
    like how could sudden alliance, and why sudden declare and stuff

    either Haruto destroy his own kind ( the Magius, Valvrave, or maybe the government)
    he’ll destroy the world itself
    though i’m wondering about what will happen between Haruto and Shoko
    it said that things won’t harmonized like before
    i guess… probably it will be a long story….

  • valk_72

    It’s vintage sunrise all over again

    Uh, i must say that Shoko has lost a lot of my admiration… As for Haruto, if there is a time to give his character a much needed development it’s now or never.

    • Entrav

      If anything, this episode shows that she’s just a human being. I’m not sure what people really expected from her. She’s not Mary Sue.

      • valk_72

        I can’t say that i didn’t expect that kind of reaction from her, but selling Harutou out like that? She clearly overreact.

        I also think people are a little hard with Haruto. Just look at all the shit he has being throught and i can understand his actual behavior. He even begins to lost memory…

      • Gambit Seven

        I suppose. Though I can’t help but hate her for being a sell out. In a way, I can see how it makes sense why she made the decision, but why she thought it was a plausible decision in the first place is beyond me. They just slaughtered everyone and she chose to trust those fiends over the people who have been fighting along side them this whole time and clearly still is.

        Might be a personal thing but thats what I got out of her. I would of left them to die or had her position as prime minister relinquished.

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    i have to agree on L-elf needing to his old self again. This episode it was kind of hilarious among all the bad when L-elf says “You’re overestimating me”. It just implies how very sad he is and in this state he couldn’t create a genius plan to escape and rescue everyone.
    i so miss L-elf.

    • Entrav

      The way he said it in the 9th episode of the previous season has a whole different connotation. Don’t worry, ERU ERUFU will set things straight.

  • Aaron Epstein

    honestly you cant be a monster just by being immortal if i was immortal i would train my body 24 hours a day every day because im FUCKING IMMORTAL and my bodys regnerating rate is super fast i wont need to sleep and ill probably be able to eat way more with out dieing so ill gain more mass and i can push my workout inensitiy litterlly past 200% BUT NOOOOOO instead we got a bunch of high school kids (except for el – elf who should be the main character and the only immortal) are not worthy to be immortal but im glad the uq holder manga makes up for this anime so im content with that but if any one is a monster in this show its el – elf and if he was immortal he would probably follw this inhuman training ritual

    • Entrav

      And to think that Satomi becomes a Kamitsuki…

  • Guest

    if any one is a monter in this show its el-elf

    • Entrav

      Haha, ERU ERUFU is indeed the ultimate monster.

  • Owa

    Code Geass Ep 22: Bloodstained Euphy.
    Was Sunrise trying to one-UP that episode??

    Also, the second Inuzuka blocked the shuttle from the beam, you KNEW what was coming:

    In season 1, when he got his shield valvrave, my friend and I even joked about him going out by blocking a beam to the bridge. Goddammit…

    • Entrav

      Hell yes they were trying to.

      Mwu La Flaga… D:

      • ZeroSaber

        Except Mwu came back alive and that was really cheesy.

        And you would think Ramius would have some consideration for poor Natarle on the Dominion instead of getting taken over by hatred.

        Seriously, the sense of dread at the obvious impending death, the eagerness to see how it would play out, and the intensity with which Kyuuma used every last ounce of his VV to whip the ass out of the enemy is awesome to behold.

        I liked how the disintegration of Kyuuma’s Valvrave is timed in sync with a corresponding price for his opponents, such as when he charges in and takes a hit but slashes the arm carrying Haruto and ERU ERUFU. And the final launch of the cockpit as a suicide projectile is so heroic.

        That’s called getting a big bang for the buck, that last hit.

  • steviepopo

    RIP Inuzuka, best girl 100%

  • harutard

    From 4*chan **spoilers*
    X-eins releases H-Neun’s footage
    The Magius are fully exposed
    Cain launches the rebuilt VVV2
    Utter devastation ensues
    VVV1 stands but at a terrible cost
    The world is forever changed

    • Entrav

      Well, if this actually ends up being true then it’s right within my realm of expectations.

  • Irenesharda

    You’d think Haruto would have learned by now…stop charging headfirst against L-elf. It’s never going to work.

    • Entrav


  • MgMaster

    This was truly a depressing(in an awesome way that is) episode for me.Worst than the massacre was the fact that the M77 students that went to earth went against the ones who’ve been stuck in Dorssia territory.I wouldn’t expect random people to act otherwise because that’s just how the world works but I’d expect the students to show some camaraderie between themselves after what they’ve been through and some gratitude to those that fought on the front lines for them.

    But I knew! I knew that after I finish the episode and read your post I’m gonna be laughing.I lost it at the Psycho Pass “CAUSE I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL.” reference :D (speaking of which I hope S2 for that show comes out sooner and hope that you’ll be blogging it)

    Also :

    Shoko’s reaction was understandable but that doesn’t change the fact that Saki handled it better,just saying :P

    “SHOKOPLS.” *grin*

    • Entrav

      Hell yes I will be covering the second season of Psycho-Pass when it comes around. Urobuchi does like to have his themes spread which gives me a lot of things to talk about.

      Saki handled it better? YEAH, GETTING CAPTURED AND BEING THE CATALYST SURE IS DOING A GOOD JOB. I won’t be so partial that I won’t point out flaws of even the best girl when I see it. I blame everyone.

      • MgMaster


        AND SEE?MOAR OF SUFFERING THIS EPISODE(outright deaths too)!Urobutcher must’ve sneaked into Sunrise’s office & wrote the script for this episode(besides Kyuuma’s last moments,his death was too meaningful for Gen’s taste) because he can’t wait for S2 of P-P anymore.

        • Entrav

          This is just the beginning.

      • James Du

        No longer best girl.

  • Miyashita_Kaneko

    Valvrave 21 makes me cry, angry, sad, and exciting at the same time.
    The moment when the massacre happens, it was tragedy that will be remembered in the future, I think.

    With story aside, I feel sorry for Inuzuka-senpai. And I just realized that he give US the dead flag in the previous episode (when he talked many things with Haruto, and suddenly Shoko interrupted them). His action was very manly, comparing with fucking bad Haruto that just still silent, and say SORRY as much as he can. SHUT UP HARUTO YOU CAN’T RETURN aaaand SAVE ANYTHING IF WHAT YOU DID WAS JUST APOLOGIZE. TAKE A RESPONSIBILITY AND DO SOMETHING AAAARGH PLEASE (at least he can tell what he knows to Shoko).

    For Shoko, why being Shoko is suffering?? T_T;; She lost her dad, (many) friend(s), and now trust for a man that she loves. Despite Haruto was SOOOO BETA, still I feel sorry for her. And in the middle of despair situation (for saving any survive students), she made a hard choice (gamble I think).

    Is it only me to think that A-drei (and friends) and Saki will turn over the tide of this war? Oh come on, their conversation about L-elf (and maybe the other things), I think it will lead to some revelations, plus X-eins have knew something about “H-neun earring” (from ep 08). I got that conclusion because new JIORians really at a disadvantage and they can’t make a possible move to escape and even rise again in the battle (unless the almighty ERU ERUFU stop for being a beta, move on and have new reason to fight back).


    • Papaswerve

      honestly if you think about it the jiorains were very resourceful soliders so i am thinking a it was a mic, b its a tracking device to find his body, or c a video camera that recorder his death. and i think l-elf old comrades will come together and turn the tides of this war once they find out what happens !

  • Zeraion god

    well Saki did say Haruto (the founder) lost his many comrades during fight for module 77, so those massacre are not surprising me (as I seen a lot in Guilty Crown, it has it’s similiarities)…naw please don’t disdain Haruto too much, coz the writer is already set him like that (like I see in yukiteru-Mirai niki)..Haruto isn’t the hero type, he’s easily swaying and to nice and naive in nature..well I’m assuming that the next episode will be a turning point in both main character life (Haruto n L-elf) this is the point where the basic structure (seed) of 3rd galaxy empire start to formed to fight those Magius bitches…damn I hate those Magius basterd, but if the episodes for a season is 12, so only 3 episodes left (too fast?) well I sense S3 comin…

  • Madokami witness

    I know this is not the right post but please tell me you are going to review the madoka movie IT IS AWESOME

    • Entrav

      I’m going out to see it in 2 days, but a review may be a long time from now since I need the BDs or something to look over everything again. Maybe though, I’ll think about it.

      • Madokami witness

        trust me you wont regret it, Or maybe yes…..

        • Madokami witness


  • Ian Porterfield



    • Entrav


      • Ian Porterfield


    • The Atomic Dwarf

      And don’t forget the smack talk they had in the opening moments of the ep. The burns!!!

      Also Senjougahara almost crying HNGGG!

  • Papaswerve

    UMMMMMMMMMMMM Harutard and SAKI for life i just really hope he doesn’t choose shoko and i think even if he did, the little incident about having sex with her is gonna come up again and shoko is gonna be a lil bitch and cry about it and BTW since yall are talking about babies saki hasn’t hit the point yet when she should be showing signs on pregnancy and i am pretty sure harutard didnt wrap it up.

  • Bam

    hisashiburi dane Valvuravu :)

  • SirBikesalot

    Is it just me or is anyone else seeing more and more similarities between Gundam Seed and Valvrave? Don’t get me wrong i love both series but here’s what i’ve got so far.

    Haruto and Kira are both genetically enhanced to become beings superior to regular humans.

    They both have 2 primary love interests whose characters similarities are nearly identical. I swear that Lacus and Frey are the basis for Shoko and Rukino.

    Shoko is a ditzy girl with a knack for politics. Lacus, a seemingly ditzy gal who also has a knack for politics.
    Rukino, is an idol. Lacus is an idol.
    Shoko’s dad died in an ship explosion. Frey’s dad also died in a ship explosion.

    Rukino did it with the main character. So did Frey. And there is clear evidence that this has happened.

    Dorsia invades Module 77 in hopes of capturing the 5 Valvraves who have been secretly developed by the Jior, a neutral country.
    Zaft Invades Heliopolis hoping to capture the 5 Gundams who have been secretly developed. by Orb, a neutral Country.

    Magius, a organization who has been playing everyone for fools.

    Blue Cosmos/Logos, Organizations who have been playing everyone against each other.

    The survivors of the massacre of the student population of Module 77 escape on a mass driver to unknown space.

    The remaining military personal of Orb escape on a mass driver to outer space.

    Haruto and L-elf, former enemies team up with each other.

    Kira and Athrun, former best friendsies and former enemies, team up with each other.

    The Openings of Valvrave are described as having a Gundam Seed and Gundam Destiny feel to it.

    Now i know that shows rip off each other all the time and i don’t really mind, only that they’re both produced by sunrise and was just really wondering if anyone has caught any thing else similar between the two.

    • Irenesharda

      Yeah, there’s definitely similarities, but that’s largely because both Valvrave and SEED employs tropes that have already been used for quite some time in Sunrise, specifically in their Gundam/mecha lines.
      Valvrave also shares similarities with Code Geass and Guilty Crown, as well as some of the earlier Gundams like the original, Zeta, and Wing. SEED and Destiny are also very close to the original and Zeta respectively, because they are almost reimaginings of them.

      The reason why the OPs sound similar is easy: T.M. Revolution. He did the most famous OPs for both SEED and Destiny, and here, he shares duet songs with Nana Mizuki for Valvrave’s OPs.

      Though I would have to say, Lacus and Shoko are completely different. Lacus is in no way “ditzy”. She’s what I’ve come to call the “bubble-gum haired princess”. She is essentially a faultless girl, who always has the answer, and she is everything that is kind, caring, perfect, and always about peace. She’s actually pretty boring as girl character, and she is so famous, that you’ll start seeing her in several other mecha series and we tend to call these other girls the “Lacus clones”. The only person who was close to becoming a Lacus clone was Lieselotte. However, Lise subverted that fate narrowly by being a very interesting and interactive character, who instead of sweetly preaching to us, came off as a “real person” who had made mistakes, but wanted to still live and love just like anyone else.

      Saki does share Lacus’ idol status though, but not to the same level of Lacus. Lacus uses her songs for unselfish reasons and to promote peace and harmony. Saki did it to become famous. Saki also, is a more real character than Lacus and other than the idol thing, she too is nothing like Lacus.

      As for Flay…..the less I say about that b*tch, the better. Suffice it to say, other than possibly Iori at this point, none of the girls in Valvrave can thankfully be compared to Flay. The father dying in explosion is actually not that uncommon in mecha space stories in general, so Flay wasn’t the only one.

  • theartitecture

    funny thing is the thing they call “monster” are the very reason there still alive . aww it so sad how they forgot that fact — it like they dont even know how they were able to get to the moon — they have no gratitude .

    let not forget the useless happy go lucky president , and the stupid students who elected someone who speech is about having a festival on the fking moon rather than a carefully thought out plan that could of ensure that their NEW nation could survive =_= .
    seriously she not even the student council president , what make them think she can run a country , not to mention she decleared that Module 77 is going to be a independent nation ,when she had no plan after that , Shoko a people person not a leader , she not leveled head nor is she calculative .i need to stop hating on her but she really pissed me of in this ep .

    Haruto may love Shoko but he cant forget about saki , the fact he rape her (even though she wanted it ) she could be pregnant if Shoko learn of this there relationship is never going to happen . it going to be hard to hide the fact if saki is pregnant.

    i hope L-elf find a new reason to live and get out of his depression state soon

  • theorymadness

    i just came up with a theory of why that child aka”prince”from the future look like L-elf .
    remember the explanation about rune are the building blocks of life and that rune is like DNA well when Haruto bite L-elf for his runes ,Haruto DNA slowly changes to eru erufu, which could be why he looks like eru erufu or he could really eru erufu son (grandson since it 200 year )

    • poopadupe

      funny i was thinking the same thing

    • poopadupe

      tbh i was thinking that haruto just took L-elf body since someone say his body got destroyed in the end

      • Makdef

        maybe just experiment kid, or the kid may not related at all with haruto if you notice there are several student with haruto’s eye color in Sakimori Gakuen why would haruto took over L-elf body? when they can’t do anything without L-elf, and haruto is not real magius who don’t have lifeform he may die without his own body and if his body only can destroy inside valvrave if that happen he will die …what you said that just one of that crack speculations

  • Porokichin

    Goodbye, space cowboy….

  • Novandi Purnama

    DId someone know what song that played on scene inuzuka senpai dead ???