Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22 – Promise between bros

Valvrave the Liberator L-Elf and Haruto promise

Time for some bromance.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 22 Review
“Fist of the Moon”
“Getsumen no Kobushi”

“What do I live for? What reason do I continue to struggle? Is it even worth moving forward?” Those questions pop in the head of Haruto and L-Elf as they find themselves in a hopeless situation. As they reflect upon these questions, however, they find a commonality that can push them closer together to become real partners. It’s time to unveil the world. It’s time for some VALVRAVE.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22 Impressions


Sakimori Academy

Did they leave all the dead bodies in there?

Rukino saki 200 years

Magnificent 200-year hair.


L-Elf space suit

Because ERU ERUFU.


Arus and Dorssia


Those eyes are so not creepy.

Alright, Shoko. Just go take a cold shower and cool off. This is uncalled for.

Screw Haruto, Akira is the one being affected.

Yamada Raizou

While I don’t think anyone aside from ERU ERUFU could have done better, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that she made mistakes.

Sashinami shoko trust

Don’t worry. Give it 10 minutes.


Rukino saki captured

Why hasn’t he done anything to you yet?

A-Drei revolution


Valvrave L-Elf Karlstein laughing



L-Elf revolution

ERU ERUFU’s plan to revolutionize Dorssia involves planning you to plan that you have to revolutionize Dorssia.

A-Drei laughing


These 200-year flashforwards have been used to build some excitement as well as to give some clues as to where the show is headed. The preservation of Module 77 rightfully reflects what will probably happen in the next episode as it is named “Battle to recapture Module 77.” Contrasting the strenuous relationship between Haruto and L-Elf is the bond between A-Drei and L-Elf. Not only does L-Elf have a far more friendly demeanor towards him, but he also holds a similar vision that binds them even closer together. Now we see why he’s so stuck on having L-Elf be his right hand man. Still, because he betrayed Dorssia, there’s no way for them to remain in contact without A-Drei being seen as a helper.




So I’m just going to tell you to make you suffer now. MWAHHAHA.

You overestimate him. He probably can’t even take you on with it.

Yes. If Inuzuka didn’t say those lines, you would. 100%.


Valvrave shoko season 2



Pino VVV


Sashinami Shoko despair

And people are vehemently hating Shoko.

Now that Shoko realizes what burden Haruto has carried on for her sake, she’s probably mentally slapping herself across the face for acting the way she did though it was understandable. Haruto still hasn’t given up on her, and now that she has seen his side of the story, she is probably more than willing to forgive his actions, but it won’t be such a simple relationship. From the second ending shown in this season, we see Haruto slipping past both Shoko and Saki foreshadowing that neither of the two will “win” by the end. Saki will remain the Valvrave pilot that she is for the remainder of the story, and Shoko will most likely work with L-Elf and Haruto again with a better understanding of their goals. So perhaps the most important thing this episode shows is the re-establishment of relationships that will lead to their eventual success.


Haruto and L-Elf


Kakumeiki Valvrave L-Elf punch


Seriously, Harutard better make it up to everyone.


This Haruto should just take over.


Yeah, a huge ass Magius mark.

Lieselotte ghost

Like making a GALACTIC EMPIRE.

L-Elf and lieselotte

Tokishima Haruto


Valvrave the liberator



Now all they have to do is to learn how they move their mouth and make those random sounds.




L-elf and haruto

Can L-Elf pilot a Valvrave now? I know it’s pretty much hopeless at this point for him to do so but still…


HARU- I guess I can’t call him Harutard if he’s going to act like this from now on.





Retrieve the space men!


Kakumeiki Valvrave season 2


Now it all starts to make sense. The promise that Saki mentioned is almost certainly the promise between Haruto and L-Elf in this part of the episode. We have seen time and time again the show hinting at how Valvrave is a “system that will unveil the world.” Now we know that this unveiling is the revelation to the world about the secret of Magius and the Council of 101. There’s also never been another time when Haruto and L-Elf has both been so in sync about something as usually Haruto is just… a tool obeying ERU ERUFU’s orders. The way they both have such determination in their eyes nicely reflects the second ending where the two look up at the same time showing how they can now work properly with each other with the same goal. We also know why Magius are not eliminated as Haruto changes his goals with L-Elf so that everyone can live together. For Haruto, this mission will be the last before his runes burn out, and for L-Elf, he even says that he can’t live his life on without her, but that he will finish this mission to fulfill her wish which means that he may very well die when this is all said and done. I can just see the end as the two of them sacrifice themselves to complete this final mission. For now though, it’s just damn glorious that the two are going to work together to create a fucking GALACTIC EMPIRE. Are they a superpower? Hell yes. Why? Because ERU ERUFU. Heck, now that Haruto has found his resolve and Saki is free, IT’S TIME TO UNVEIL THE WORLD.

Note: Preview is here.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22 Review

Holy shit. I’ve been waiting for them to see eye to eye like this since they started “working together,” if you can even call it that. And let’s be honest, when Kakumei Dualism started playing during the end… Well, if it doesn’t hype you up then you need to get ERU ERUFU SPACE MAN PUNCHED. In all seriousness though, both of them got their fair share of development in this episode, and the execution is so like the Valvrave that we know with dead people, and Magius, showing up as ghosts to urge them onwards. Well, Inuzuka wanted the Harutard- Anyways, the plot itself did not advance too much in this episode as this is a preparation episode, but you can see how A-Drei and X-Eins will become pivotal to this unveiling of the world as the show sets up the pieces for what will probably be a third season or a movie. The unpredictability of Valvrave has been one of its major selling points, and now that A-Drei and X-Eins are more involved in the overarching story than ever, they will only bring more unpredictability to the show which most, if not all, of us can appreciate.

One of the parts that I find most lacking in this series since the beginning are the characters. Of course, this is excluding ERU ERUFU, but Haruto has seriously been a bit too irritating to watch a lot of the time. This is being nicely addressed in this episode as now he’s being dragged with L-Elf and nothing can possibly be short of awesome when ERU ERUFU himself is around even if it is Harutard. Sadly, both of the main female characters have been neglected for much of the season, but now that Saki is finally free, and Shoko understands what the heck is going on, I expect the main characters to only improve from here. This episode isn’t downright crazy like usual, but it is probably one of the most satisfying ones so far with solid developments overall that ties what the series has been hinting on since the beginning. Two more episodes remain for the rest of this season, and you know how the last one went. It’s going to be fucking glorious.

Valvrave the Liberator Saki Wallpaper

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  • Entrav

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  • Irenesharda

    Well, compared to last week, we needed a bit of a rest period. However, decisions have been made and the stage is set: Get Ready for the Third Galactic Empire to Arise!

    This was a pretty slow episode, however, it had tons of character development. Haruto and L-elf are stuck on the moon, L-elf is still as apathetic as possible and decides that there’s no point. Haruto can’t stop whining about stuff.

    However, problems arise when eventually the two extreme opposites annoy each other to the point that they start fighting. Well….Haruto tries, and L-elf continues to own him. Let’s just say, if they didn’t have space suits on, L-elf would have beat Haruto to death 5 times over.

    L-elf reveals the truth about Shoko’s father being killed by Haruto, and yells that Shoko hates him and that he is a monster that brings misery everywhere he goes. Haruto yells back that Lieselotte was the same “monster” as him and that she was immortal.

    Both men are stunned by the revelations, and in a nice twist on the Newtype ghosts, both men are confronted in their heads by the person(s) they loved. Haruto’s about to give up to death and join his friends, but the Kamitsuki half of him says that it would be a waste and everything he ever fought for would have been in vain. Lise talks to L-elf, who is wondering if anything between them was real, and Lise says that thought they can’t be together anymore, she still had a dream, and it’s a dream that L-elf decides to carry on: to create a world, a haven, where humans, kamitsuki, and Magius can all live together. Both men decide that they want to live, and Haruto subsequently learns about his ability to rune speak, like the Magius can.

    L-elf quickly discern that the Magius control the runes through words(specifically chants) and that Haruto who while he is only feeling this out, might be able to release enough power for a flare.

    This is actually a pretty good moment for the two. We see that L-elf has become just a bit softer and he has a new mission in life which has reinvigorated him from his former despair. Haruto however, has totally done a 180 and now sounds wayyyy more confident than he ever has before.

    Are we finally, finally seeing a better side of Haruto? At the very last minute?

    This Haruto is confident in himself, wants to start his own country that is not Jior, but something all their own. He’s strong and able and he knows it will be a hard road, but he doesn’t care. He will go on for as long as it takes.

    As for the other characters of this show? Shoko went down in my estimation (Girl, I stood up for you! ) with her comments against Raizou and Akira. However, she does thankfully find out about why Haruto became the way he did through a video given by Pino, who doesn’t care who is her pilot, as long as somebody feeds her.

    A-drei got some surprising depth this episode as we see a flashback of why he wants to start this revolution. And as he and L-elf talk, I have to say, that they two were as good of friends as A-drei always suggested. L-elf is shown to have emotions, laugh happily, and actually relax while he’s with A-drei, and the two share their dreams of revolution. This makes me think that every scene we’ve seen the two confront each other since, L-elf was acting. He never again showed that slightly less stoic side that we saw for an instant way back in episode 2, when he said that he would have never have shot A-drei.

    A-drei finds out that L-elf wasn’t the one who shot him, and now feels that it wasn’t L-elf who betrayed him, but it was he who had betrayed L-elf by not believing and trusting in him. He then is the one who releases Saki and returns her Valvrave to her, so that she arrives just in time to save Haruto and L-elf from the Dorssian Army.
    However, A-drei lets himself get caught by X-eins who is wondering why his team is all suddenly turning into traitors. A-drei says that it’s not betrayal, but his penance.

    In the end, L-elf and Haruto make a new promise that they will reveal the truth to the world and make a new country of their own. They are rescued by Saki, and we will have to see what goes on next episode.

    There’s a small flash forward scene as well that shows that Module 77, or at least what’s left of it, is on the new world wherever Saki and Satomi live now, and they are showing it to the Prince. Saki, activates the chamber that holds it by using her own rune power, so we’ve got to assume that all the other kamitsuki end up perfecting their powers.

    Well, we’ll see where this goes. The team is back together finally, even though they now only have 4 Valvraves rather than 5. The refugee students are hurt bad and floating out in space with nowhere to go. It’s obvious from their state that if nothing is done, they will all die.

    Next week, it looks as if they’ve been found, and the kirshbaums are still a heavy match for the Valvraves. Also, will we ever see VVV2? And does the set up for these two last episodes look like a season finale or a series finale? Well, we’ve gotten where the start of the empire is going to come from, however, we don’t really know where this is going to go. I can’t see a large climatic series finale battle on the horizon, not the way they’ve set things up. A-drei’s fate is unknown. X-eins is beginning to figure stuff out but it’s obvious that he’s gotten no info from the earring for some reason. Haruto and L-elf want to find Cain and the Council of 101, but I really don’t see them doing that until the finale episode. Also, we still don’t know the Magius’ plan, or what’s up with Prue and Pino. I’m guessing their going to reveal some of that in the last episode. However, I still can’t see this being the end. This just doesn’t have that, Sunrise “THIS IS THE END” feel to it. That said, as leisurely as this is moving along right now, I’m almost sure of another season coming up.

    I give this episode a 7.7/10.

  • Irenesharda

    Here’s the new design for Valvrave Unit 2. It actually looks even better than it did before, it’s a rather regal look with the gold, silver, antique accents, and alien writing all over it.

    Cain has renamed it too. It now carries the Danish/Scandinavian name: “Dáinsleif”. It is named after a cursed Norse mythology sword that when drawn, and I quote: “must cause a man’s death every time it is bared, nor ever fails in its stroke; moreover, the wound heals not if one be scratched with it.”

    That last part doesn’t seem too good for our heroes.

    • ZeroSaber

      Very badass, with all the rune inscriptions in a mysterious language running over its plating.

    • Entrav

      Hell yes, that is a badass mech. SASUGA SUNRISE.

      Those four arm parts look like Carmilla’s legs. Well, looks like there’s going to be some magic that’s going to add a bit more spice to the battles.

    • supersaver

      i want to see the other to valvrave that part of rainbow 7

    • Zeraion god

      from the looks of this “madness” design, this mech is way too scary and crazy..if you look at both hand and legs, you can see that these pair of hands and legs in each “intact” hand and leg….if my thoughts are right, this mech could separates into five different mech (yuck)

    • Zeraion god

      my analysis of this mech: this mech contains the others Valvrave abillity, indestructible shield (VV5), multiple arm+power (VV3), Speed and maneuverability (VV4), Sword fight (VV1)..I don’t know if there’s hacking ability of VV6 though…but I think it’s true

  • ZeroSaber

    I have some expectations for a classic emotional bonding unfolding between Shoko and Haruto. It’s a tried-and-true method of using misunderstanding to build regret and with it, a ten-fold surge in affection for a heroine who wounds a hero. In this case, it’s obvious Shoko’s love for Haruto is going to be in full bloom, after she sees how he became a kamitsuki to avenge her, the moments of grief and determination in the first episode.

    Emotional meltdown -> Determination to give all of her body and soul to the hero -> Bonding

    And on to the brilliantly designed dual-awakening of Haruto and L-Elf, I must say I was touched by the realization that Lisselotte wanted to create a “haven” for those who are persecuted, where misunderstanding gives way to coexistence. Of course this was already revealed, but the sense of inheriting a cause from a loved one is just imbued with such emotional power. Both Haruto and L-Elf received strength from the encouragement of their loved ones, and finding meaning in continuing to live – “I can’t die yet!” strikes a chord at our deepest humanity. When found, the true cause that is worth dying and living for imparts on a person courage and a consecration of his life, which is what we see here with both of them.

    Haruto, facing a visibly finite remainder of his life, is bearing the bigger burden here, I think, and overcoming it is just very inspiring. Saki, the heroine who smiles in her tears at seeing Haruto, is also beautiful in her green pilot suit. I love you Saki! I want to see you and Haruto make love one more time!

    “The Land of Curse and Promise” My gosh, I love Saki’s entire appearance in the flashforward, tinged with melancholy at loss, yet beautiful in her pain, glorious in her maturity.

    • Entrav

      “I want to see you and Haruto make love, untainted by violence, caressed by each other’s affection!” You’re a damn poet, that’s what you are. I’m just glad that Saki actually likes Haruto now instead of being a total tsundere at the beginning of the series.

    • Zeraion god

      “love in full bloom”?? after both of them (Shoko and Haruto) wound each other heart (too deep), will it be the same as before? the only option is their respect and trust for each other is matured,…but when the truth about the worlds is revealed, I think Haruto will think about it, that’s if his memories still remain (still it’s too sad)

      but then again it depends on the story writer (sigh)

  • Zashuu

    I get the distinct feeling that haruto will die in the next episode. L-Elf will live because i think thats his progeny that is shown in the flashfowards.

    • Entrav

      I don’t know about Haruto dying in this season because it simply would cut his role short, and I think he has a lot more ahead of him. The show needs him to live on for now.

      • Makdef

        only if there is another season, i think i read somewhere the producer said they will finish it in 2 seasons and morever BD/DVD sales not that good, are they have enough budget consider Sunrise will has another mecha show soon…

  • Dycize

    This is episode to me was…

    A slow episode, but tons of setting up, L-Elf and Haruto finally getting along and Saki Come Back yaaaay!

    Haruto and L-Elf’s development as they confront is definitely the main part of this episode, and a very interesting one. They reveal all the ugly truths to each other, both striking a very painful part. Haruto murdering his love interest’s father and L-Elf’s being one of the “monsters”.
    Then follows a trip to the center of their mind where dead people help our heroes realise what they want.
    L-Elf realises that he can live on, working towards Lieselotte’s dream, as well as his realisation and acceptance that yes, she is a Magius. He had been fixated on saving her, and her death pushed him over the edge… But now, he can still do things for her, in her stead.
    Haruto is offered to take a break (and a pretty definitive one), but a part of him disagrees. If he stops there, then everything would have been in vain, for nothing. His life would have been meaningless… And thus, whatever happens : he will put his mark on history.

    Those two can’t die yet! *cue Rune explosion*
    By hitting the bottom of the barrel and having nothing left to hide after declaring all those truths, Haruto and L-Elf came to an agreement, and it is glorious.
    This the moment we’ve all been waiting for and aaawww yeaaaah it’s aaaaawright.
    Valvrave has some really good execution, this scene could have been really cheesy (and it is), but the way Valvrave does it just -works-..
    I mean, we have two teenagers in bright orange space suits punching each others and dead people giving advice and then runic emotion burst power! And it is awesome.

    Now onto the other parts : Shoko learns the truth of the truths! Haruto did all of this for her from the very beginning. No wonders she feels like an ass and starts crying after what she just did. In a way, it’s kinda like A-Drei and L-Elf, with one jumping to conclusions too fast… Except less homo.

    And of course, Saki’s back! Wooh! Oh did I miss me some Carmilla action and saving our heroes while fitting music plays!
    The next episodes are going to be all kinds of awesome.
    Also the last episode will basically be a slightly delayed Christmas present. GLORIOUS CHRISTMAS INCOMING.

    • Entrav



    Haruto is finally becoming a better character, worthy to stand next to L-elf and work with him instead of being a tool; and L-elf discovers that he can still do something for Lieselottle.
    It’s great that these guys are finally on the same wavelength.

    It’s even better that Saki is back in action! The stage has been set and it’s going to be crazy awesome. At this rate I’m wondering what other twists Sunrise will slap us with.

    Poor Shoko – she finally found out that Haruto did everything for her from the beginning. We last saw her crying in the Valvrave, so… I think she’ll choose to pilot the valvrave in order to show Haruto that she does believe him and doesn’t think of him as a monster.

    We don’t see her anywhere in the 200 year flashforward, but if Renbokuji is there – she could be too.

    Shoko becoming a valvrave pilot would be an awesome way for her to redeem herself.

    • ZeroSaber

      Shoko would be the HOTNESS in a VV pilot suit!

      What do you think her color should be in that situation? I say caramel or quartz-colored. If she’s driving VV1 she might inherit Haruto’s crimson?

      • Makdef

        haruto will arrive soon…so i don’t think we will ever she her in VV pilot suit..she is prime minister btw…they don’t allow political leader in front line…and she seem to freak out with “resign from humanity” sign

        • ZeroSaber

          You may well be right~ I will keep hoping, though. Part-timing in the VV would also be a way of making up to Haruto, by sharing his pains and his burdens and his destiny.

      • MACHA

        Definitely quartz – that’d be awesome.
        Crimson wouldn’t really suit her I think – color might clash with her hair XD

    • Entrav

      Yep. Shoko may very well become a BAKEMONO herself just so she can be with Haruto. Then again, maybe because he sacrificed himself already she doesn’t want to trample on his efforts.

      I’ve been waiting for her to pilot since the beginning though I’ve kind of given up on that.

      • James Du

        Don’t care what she does. Still a turd.

        L-elf and Haruto clobber heads again. Not the worst showing from Hurruto this episode.

        Haruto best girl, actually.

        Saki best husbando for Hurruto.

    • Makdef

      if she choose to pilot the valvrave will make bigger misundertanding because she is prime minister and i think that other student won’t listen to her anymore if she also become BAKEMONO, how L-elf and Haruto can explain to everyone if the only one that can speaks to that student also become bakemono that not good thing from story points

      • Entrav

        But if she becomes one, doesn’t that show that she accepts them which may make everyone else think better of the Valvave pilots? It could go both ways, but if ERU ERUFU is involved, things will go just fine.

        • MACHA

          ERU ERUFU literally means KEIKAKU DOORI
          Just like duct tape, he fixes everything.

        • Makdef

          nope…just because shoko accepts them doesn’t mean everyone else will remember last episode with Iori, shoko can’t do anything about them, that show how they already lost trust to each other…if shoko also part of bakemono will make situation go worst…

        • ZeroSaber

          I am all for Shoko becoming a pilot!!! Makdef mentions that it’s not reasonable for the leader of a country to be on the front lines. That’s sound strategy, but even in a pinch in this situation there’s nobody closer/more appropriate than her right now to ‘resign being a human’ and launch.

      • MACHA

        I’m not sure how far away Saki and the guy are from Shoko and the rest but if they get heavily attacked before Saki returns, there’s a chance that Yamada and Akira alone won’t be able to take care of it. In an attempt to help them out and save everyone, Shoko very well could become a VV pilot in the time that it’ll take Haruto to get back. The misunderstandings and such will almost definitely come if things go that way.
        But the students eventually have to understand BAKEMONO don’t save lives, KAMITSUKI does. They can’t stay hypocrites forever. If Shoko does make that sacrifice – like Entrav said – it could show that she’s on their side and believe in the VV pilots.

        • Makdef

          they are not that far…in next episode preview shown Saki already there with her pose

          • MACHA

            Being present in the next episode doesn’t strictly mean that she’ll reach there fast. That scene could be halfway through the episode…

          • Makdef

            that still fast mean they are not that far and the Jiorian ships also doesn’t move…remember how long before they reached the moon that was far need many episode if they can reach it in half of episode means that was pretty close…the earth crew from moon to earth which was close need half episode

          • MACHA

            That’s not true. Reaching a place fast in just under an episode doesn’t necessarily mean it was fast. The speed is relative to the episode itself and how the rest of the events are portrayed to give us an idea how much time passed. I’m not saying that it will take them long or that they are really far away – because I don’t know how that’s going to play out, but half an episode is enough time for lots of stuff to happen before the guys make it back.

  • MgMaster

    So it’s back to S1 Valvrare craziness huh?I must admit,although I know this episode was necessary,I was a bit put off by things deus-ex-machina moments such as Saki being released at the exact right time & arriving at the exact right time to save Haruto & L-Elf,or the fact that whatshername rune-eating-spirit conveniently told & showed Shoko what happened with Haruto.Normally,I wouldn’t be bothered by that seeing as how things like this are what got most of us into Valvrare in the 1st place but then came S2 which took a much more serious & down to earth approach(which managed to work out quite well too,I actually liked it more).

    Looks like I might have to turn off half of my brain cells again & welcome back that S1 craziness,heh.

    • ZeroSaber

      Let’s hope there’s a S3!!! I wanna see more of Shoko and Saki and Haruto and L-Elf.

      The deus-ex-machina is pretty obvious, now that you mention it, but it can be forgiven if there’s more awesomeness coming up –

    • Entrav

      SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It’s all KEIKAKU DOORI. L-Elf clearly planned everything so Saki arrives just at the right time.

  • valk_72

    Finally! The Haruto and Eru-erufu bromance is alive and kicking! About Haruto, he had a lot of character development in this episode. Can’t say it was very original (i was expecting him to forfeit his life one moment or another) but it was much needed.

    Don’t see how they are going to finish all the plots and sub-plots in 2 episodes. I think we’re gonna have a season 3…

  • Zeraion god

    “the hero will die for the future” this kinda feeling that I’ve got after I’ve seen this episode, but I mostly curious about “the ultimate being” that Haruto’s “father” brag about (but if haruto died, that would explain saki’s “sad and lonely” expression in the first flash forward preview)…
    well anyway this episode truly make my day, the future path are already opened, and now time for final battle…
    about Haruto and Shoko relationship, well I would say that their relationship will never be the same as before, even if they got back together, the feeling of guilt still lingering in their heart, they’re just licking each other wound (well if Haruto still awesomely a super sweet and ultra naive, he’ll gladly back to her side ~thats waay too fckng annoying~)..well I think their relationship would be kinda “support each other not in romantic way” type of relationship, but it depends on the writer (absolutely)..
    anyways, our task is now to wait for the next episode ~YAAAAYYYY HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS

    • ZeroSaber

      Hmmm you know I still think their chasm can be overcome given the foundations of their relationship. Look back at the carefree days they spent together before they were forced on exile and set up a nation, the seeds of affection have clearly been a long time in nurturing. It’s the fun times you spend together, emphasized by the eating contest in the first episode, that already gave room for their feelings about each other to grow. And I think it’s pretty obvious that Shoko returns Haruto’s affection, revealed by her tokidoki anticipation at what he was about to say in front of the shrine, but never did say.

      Haruto held back out of a fear his being a kamitsuki made him not worthy of love. Shoko did something that is indeed unworthy of a trusted partner and loyal companion, but after what he did for her is revealed, Shoko should have an impetus to return and match his love.

      Forgiveness will trump the wounds that were inflicted, I believe.

      • Zeraion god

        well it’s true that it’s still have a great possibility that they’re gonna back to mend their relationship and become a couple, as I’ve learn in Code Geass R2 when Shirley forgive Lelouch even though Lelouch kill Shirley’s father (though Shirley have to die after that)
        they will become a couple or they’ll ended up just like Caggali X Athrun (gundam seed) relationship, supporting each other, it will decide in the next episode…
        but we hoped for the best no matter how painful and sad it is…

        But time is ticking as Haruto’s memories start to vanish one by one

  • Ian Porterfield

    It’d be funny if this show ended in 2 epis-

    *Sees Saki being awesome*


  • Zeraion god

    I’m afraid after all those battle is ended, the moment haruto face with shoko, he tilt his head and said “Shoko?……did I know you?” ……..cry out loud shoko x haruto fans