Valvrave the Liberator Episode 11 – Joy and suffering. The zero-sum game.

Valvrave rukino saki haruto
Oh yes he did.

Valvrave time? Ohhh yeah. Shit goes down.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 11 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 11 Review
“The 54th Military Tribunal”
“Gunji hōtei dai 54-gō”

Although I may not think that life is a zero-sum game, it’s apparent in this episode that while one side turns the tide with joy, the other plummets into despair only for further sadness to await them. While one side unexpectedly gets everything turned around, so does the other. And while the personal joy and torture continue, Valvrave the Liberator accelerates towards its climax on an even grander scale. That time of the week is here. IT’S VALVRAAAAAAAAVE TIME!!!

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 11 Impressions

Sashinami Ryuuji father

It was bound to happen.

Ninomiya Takahi fanservice boobs

Getting their bodies ready for the next episode.

The music tells me otherwise.

From the opening…

Of course, Sunrise is just going to pull a parent out at a time like this. Well, Shoko was right for believing that her father is still alive, but you can already tell from the outset that this is just going to get the bad end of a SHINING FINGER ATTACK. That, and Shoko speaking her mind with the super-dreadful music certainly isn’t helping my senses. God, this is just another flag isn’t it?

Valvrave sunrise hot anime girl boobs bikini


Tokishima Haruto shocked


Uhhh… sorry that I uhh… raped you… Yeah, that would be too awkward to say. Just leave it.

ROFLMAO Haruto staring at a billboard with a hot chick on it and reminiscing about what he did to Saki. Sorry, it’s pretty funny to me. I’m actually pretty surprised that Saki is still being the same person that she usually is, at least, on the outside. You’d think she’d be more mentally unstable or even a bit afraid of Haruto. Nonetheless, I guess she really does like him. A date it is! It’s the start of a beautiful relationship… right? At least Haruto’s perfectly aware of what he’s done and is willing to take the responsibility. Oh yeah, he’s ready to take responsibility alright.

Nobu Lightning III Hikaminari

Hikaminari anime mech

Not as cool as the cooling balls of glory.

If Valvrave were real life... I just know that it would not be pleasant living as a Dorssian soldier. Being sent out only to add kill counts to the Valvraves...

If Valvrave were real life… I just know that it would not be pleasant living as a Dorssian soldier. Being sent out only to add kill counts to the Valvraves…

Banshou Juuto

Who the fuck are you?

Inuzuka Kyuuma

LOL. LOL. FINANCE. INB4 racist comments.

Ninomiya Takahi boobs cleavage

She’s just a slut.

Nanami Rion

I would have expected a swimsuit from her.

Nobie Marie.

Sashinami Shoko prime minister


She… she wants the-

Rukino Saki smiling

Actually not going tsundere?

Awww damn.

Saki’s for real this time.

Good instincts.

Renbokouji Akira blushing

Takahi Ninomiya talk to the hand to Satomi


What the fuck.

Satomi Renbokouji siscon

Fucking siscon.

I’m not even sure how Akira going to pilot the purple Valvrave if she’s going to be scared of even going outside. They’re going to have to pull something out like Shoko in distress or something which forces her to go outside to pilot a Valvrave. As for the other minister roleplaying stuff… LOLBOOBS. That is all.

I would laugh but… not really appropriate anymore.


Tokishima Haruto

Processing. Processing.

Rukino Saki anime sad

The D.

Saki sure is being firm about being in a relationship with Haruto now which is nice. No more of that “who cares about Haruto.” It did take some… extreme measures for her to drop that attitude or act. Maybe that’s the way to get tsunderes to truly stop being tsunde- ACTUALLY NO. THAT’S A BAD IDEA. I don’t want to have to do reviews about those sorts of things again. There are other ways. Valvrave will make it work BECAUSE IT’S VALVRAVE, but I’m not sure about other shows. Yeah normal developments like when Haruto and Saki are watching the movie and interacting are just fine…

Dorssia fleet

Valvrave colors yellow, red, green, blue


Hiuchiba V blue




FUCK YEAH. Seeing all four Valvraves work together is truly something else. It really does look amazing to have “all colours of the rainbow” destroying everything. It’s quite a spectacle, that’s for sure. Also, leave it up to Cain to not disclose any important information when needed and instead blab random stuff when he’s not supposed to. At least we’ll see a quick decimation by the means of the HARAKIRI BLADE soon enough. That Satomi student council president can just do the job that he always wanted to do. Not that anyone cares about the guy anyways. It’s more like L-Elf is just dumping work on him.

L-Elf leaning to shoko

Whoa whoa. He’s leaning a bit close.

Shoko surprised face


Yeah, where the fuck is ARUS???

Shad up bald dude.

III Hikaminari yellow

Thunder Yamada raizou

Sorry, your Nobu isn’t Kyuuma’s Aina.

Valvrave iv carmilla

Finally, she got better.

Did the juxtaposition begin already?…


NEGGGGOTIATION TIME! Valvrave style! Holding someone dear to the other end? Use them as a hostage to negotiate. You could still see that L-Elf can’t really predict all the actions of Sashinami Shoko. He’s gone as far to take out a gun just for precautions. Of course he knows what the end result will be. He knows that in the end, whether Shoko succumbs or not, the Harakiri Blade will cut everything and he’ll make sure of that. Though, it’s certainly strange how he’s basically watching Shoko mentally break down. He undoubtedly has a plan for this in the grander scheme of things, but for what we still don’t know. To break the relationship between Shoko and Haruto? To change Shoko’s character? Or what?


Coolest dad.


Sashinami Shoko not sure what to do



Sashinami Ryuuji killed


Valvrave the Liberator sashinami shoko

Aw. Shit. Fuck dude. Dude that scream. Fuck that’s like heart wrenching. FUCKING SUNRISSSEEEEEEEEE

Aaaaa not this again

Sashinami Shoko crying


Shoko crying l-elf looking down


FUCK AND HE HAD TO BE AWESOME TOO. FUUUUUCCCKK THAT SHOKO CRY. THAT JUXTAPOSITION AGAIN DAMMIT SUNRISSSEEEEE. Holy shit Sunrise you son of a bitch. Now Haruto has done two things that he did not mean to do. Rape a girl, and kill the father of the person he loves. Dude fuck this shit Sunrise what the fuck did Shoko do to deserve this crap? What the shit. Do they really like torturing just about everyone in this anime or something? Thunder’s friend died, Kyuuma’s lover died, Saki got raped, Haruto got raped, and now Shoko loses her father?? Are they trying to set everyone up to make sure they have despairing childhoods just like a lot of mecha main protagonists for next season or something? Holy fuck. Sadistic bitches.



So what happened to tea?

Renbokouji Satomi panicking

-__- Forget this guy.


CAIN > ERU ERUFU??????? Naw. Not possible.





Are you fucking serious?

Tokishima Haruto marriage proposal


Kakumeiki Valvrave Rukino Saki


VVV-tan marriage happy


WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHAO WHOAHOAHFDSOFIAPJSF WHOA WHOA WHOA. DID THIS GUY JUST… DID THIS GUY JUST PROPOSE? HOLY SHAT THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE ONLY POSITIVE EVENT- Oh wait a second, Shoko is going to FUCKING SUFFER EVEN MORE FROM THIS. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I’m actually really glad that Haruto is taking full responsibility. That’s really fucking awesome of him to be such a responsible person. Yes, it’s fucking awkward for him to propose marriage after raping her, but that just a naive teenager’s way to show that he’s willing to take responsibility, and I think that’s fine. HELL, IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE RIDICULOUSNESS THEN WHY ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING VALVRAVE? He’s not as awesome as ERU ERUFU, but for a “normal” individual, he’s doing all that he can.

Those who have been following Valvrave the Liberator with me know that I’m in favor of Shoko. However, I’m not going to disregard everything that happens and not change my mind about who the “best girl” is. Characters change and by the end, I could very well say that the best girl is Saki depending on how she performs relative to the other female protagonists. Sure, I make fun of Saki and say that she’s useless, but that’s the fucking truth. I mean seriously, she was completely useless after episode 6 by getting stuck, falling into traps and so on until episode 10. When credit is due, I’ll give it. It’s not like when Shoko started SINGING JINGLE BELLS RANDOMLY I just accepted it. I cringed so hard in episode 5 because of that scene. Jesus.

From this episode and Saki’s more genuine approach to the relationship between Haruto and her, I can say that I definitely like her more. Hell, I mean she got raped and she still likes him that much. Jesus, that’s just awkward to type. Am I disappointed/angry that Shoko didn’t “win?” Uhh… in this situation? I don’t even think there’s a better way to go about it. I would be absolutely livid if Haruto just FUCKING DITCHES SAKI and leaves her to rot after he did something like that to her. I wouldn’t even be able to accept the relationship between Shoko and Haruto if that were to be the case. So I’m thankful that he’s doing what he has to do.

Howwwwwever, that leaves Shoko in a terrible situation. Not only has Haruto gone and killed her father, but now he’s with another woman. I don’t even know if she’s in the mood to confess anymore, but if she does before Haruto tells everyone about Saki… Holy SHIT THE DRAMA. Just imagine if she thinks that Haruto will help her after she lost her father only for her to find out that… OH THE PAIN. If Haruto tells Shoko about the rape, then maybe she’ll understand, but even then, she’ll be put even deeper into despair. Though, it’s still possible that by the end of everything, this anime will take another turn relationship-wise. Sunrise could just be fooling us yet again…

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 11 Review

What an episode. It looks like Cain is outsmarting L-Elf, but that might just be part of his plan as well. I think that Haruto will be the person who will be the unexpected factor that Cain will not be able to deal with. I want L-Elf to take a more active role, but it’s like he’s the puppet master more than the prominent main character that takes center stage. I do want to see some more combat on his side with his skills as a soldier though. Even so, without the L-Elf absurdities, this episode is incredibly packed with events. It’s not like the pacing is off, it’s actually pretty good for having so many things in one episode. I’m just worried about how they’re going to revolutionize Dorssia and meet all the goals in the next season.

As for the relationships themselves, someone had to get the short end of the stick and this is sadly the best way it could have ended. Hopefully Shoko will find something that… eh… I don’t really know what she can do at this point. Oh and Haruto sure is bold asking Saki to marry him RIGHT BEFORE HE GOES TO FIGHT. This is just a fucking death flag, and he’s going to be a shitload of trouble. I can already see this being related to the 200 years later promise back in episode 7. But man, way to reverse the situation. Things are going to get way more messy next time with Cain entering and this season nearing its conclusion. Oh wait. This is the PENULTIMATE EPISODE. Holy fuck. With how the previous few episodes have ended, I’m expecting something BIG to end the season. It’s probably going to be one that’s going to keep us hooked for the one season wait and I can’t help but remind myself how Code Geass R1 ended. Oh that was… Yeah… PREPARE YOUR BODY LIKE YOU’VE NEVER PREPARED IT BEFORE. YOU’LL NEED IT.


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  • Porokichin

    I can see it…. the “death-flag”… -_-

    • xxbabaxx

      ^ death flag bump if school days turns out, only one side can die ….. right ?

      • Sardorim

        Good thing this isn’t School Days than! Though I guess you can say “technically” Shoko died here as she will be forever changed over this event and L-Elf knows it.

        • Porokichin

          what happen if this really turn into school days? would anyone expect Sunrise pulling that off?

          • Coldmuffin

            I think by this point I wouldn’t be surprised after that mental suffering I had to endure the last episode and the out of the blue proposal in this episode…My emotions are a wreck right now and my mind is just “akhgbashgb” half the time now. If school days happens…. by the power invested in me I will have a serious break down…but hey its ANIME!?!

    • ozma

      They said the same for Shoko… and her father ate all her death flags.

      • Sardorim

        Indeed. I doubt Shoko will die now after someone died to give her so much character development in one go.

  • xxbabaxx

    So ….. she lost her dad, now her only support is Haruto, but he “accidentally” raped a girl and now going to marry her. Aka Shoko loses two pillar of support, also not to mention HE KILLED HER FREAKING DAD. He doesn’t know but SHE DOES and i got a feeling she is going to just forgive him since he is her soul-mate, now that she got no one(or so she thinks he is the soul-mate, wait till the marriage new aye). SO inb4 YANDERE Shoko guys, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED~!

    • Entrav

      Shoko and Saki’s positions have been switched almost. The fortunate and the unfortunate. Shoko will forgive Haruto for sure, but man, she’s really going to be depressed when she hears the news. That is, if everyone makes it out alive.

      • warghostmon

        what’s really messing with me is the placing of all those little scenes;
        the flashback of the pink-haired girl..saki holding a pocket-watch
        sized picture about a promise.the sheer amount of psychological, and in
        episode 10’s case, physical damage being flailed around…This is going
        to be a spitball shot of a guess, but in my barely-screwed head it seems
        to me that either there’s going to be a major defection in the main
        group, or that(hear me out now..) Haruto’s not the ‘main’ character in
        the sense we’re use to. think: what if Haruto dies? just how much of a
        change in the series dynamic would that cause? the fallout…

        if Haruto would be the one who defects(far outfield, i know)?the
        ‘promise’ that Saki could be talking about would be the one where she
        would kill him if he goes too far…again..head not on all the way..

    • truthtellah

      Not to mention that she also lost the pillar of “well, if I’m cluelessly positive and passionate, everything will just turn out alright”. She lost a lot in this episode.

      • xxbabaxx

        OH yes her de-facto characteristic that “super positive mentality” could be gone. Which in turn will affect Haruto, specially if he finds out he killed her dad and is responsible for whatever to happen. (Shoko breaking down, turn nazi, turn yandere) alot can happen and Haruto will expect to remedy that him-self somehow. Death flag on Haruto can be interesting be really haven’t seen an anime killing the (useless, new, think of all the Gundam main characters those kids) main character so early in the series. There are series that done killing the “main” character but not the “main main” character, at this point i don’t see any other “main” character stepping up.

        • truthtellah

          Yeah, if Haruto dies, it might pervert Shoko’s positive passion into a passion for protecting everyone. Which is, as L-Elf noted, similar to what led the Dorssians to become a military dictatorship. Shoko shall be the founder of the space nazis against Saki’s Valvrave rebellion!

          • xxbabaxx

            ^ did u send your resume to sunrise for valvrave plot dev ? you can join their day before production “how to screw with viewer” decisions. LOL

          • truthtellah

            Maybe I -am- a Valvrave plot dev. dun Dun DUN!

            How Valvrave would that be? ;)

  • fay

    Shoko then create the galactic nazis empire…

    • Entrav

      Haha. That would be interesting if she started being all authoritative because of all of this. ALL PART OF ERU ERUFU’S PLAN??!

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    All the necessary flags were triggered. Now then who turns yandere and who dies?

  • T_I

    in a surprising twist, Cain decides to defect to module 77 next week

    • Irenesharda

      Unfortunately, as interesting as that would be, Module 77 won’t be there for much longer. They are literally drilling a giant hole right through the center of the thing.

      • Entrav

        Well, time to move to the moon. It’s about time they got a bigger base.

  • Noir

    Being Shoko is suffering. :(

  • Teo

    Your right about Haruto being the unexpected factor that Cain won’t expect. I see it though as Haruto making L-Elf think differently than what he would usually think allowing him to not be as predictable.
    It seems though Cain knows everything about the Valvraves so maybe he might have put Haruto into the equation already (???).

  • Irenesharda

    Oh wow…so much happened this week.

    Shoko finds a situation she can’t think her way out of, L-elf has helped them win again, but ends up being out smarted by Cain! And now the school is being damaged beyond repair, the students are under attack and Haruto proposes marriage?!

    Okay, Okay first things first. I thought they glanced too much over the events at the end of last episode and I hope they really address that or it will feel as if they just used rape as a shock and awe tactic with not real purpose. Yet, it was slightly addressed by Saki and Haruto going on a sort-of “date” and Haruto proposing marriage to her in the end (which I think is really out of his sense of duty, more than the fact that he loves her or anything).

    Next we are faced with the Dorssians charging ex-Prime Minister Sashinami with war crimes (ironic!) and giving him a sham trial with a sentence of death. They try to use this as a way to twist Shoko’s hand, but while highly conflicted, she doesn’t stand down. L-elf by the way, tells her that his plan to defeat the advancing army is to use Haruto’s harakiri attack, however, this will certainly kill her father. Shoko struggles with what to do. L-elf seems though to have no hesitance in actually killing her if necessary, and prepares his gun even as she is trying to negotiate.

    However, there is really no way out of this one and time runs out. Haruto does his attack, destroying 74% of the Dorssian fleet and killing Shoko’s father in the process. However, we find out that L-elf has actually fallen right into Cain’s trap, as Cain uses the lull after the victory to attack Module 77 and successfully boards it. It seems Cain was L-elf’s teacher and thus he really knows his student.

    However, we have yet to see L-elf’s expression and response to Cain’s invasion and since he left no notes regarding it, I’m a bit suspicious of his motives here. Did Cain really out think him? Or did he know Cain’s plans but deliberately kept them from the students? He seems willing to kill Shoko should it prove necessary, so I’m guessing his not holding too closely with his contract with Haruto. What’s going on here? And does it have something to do with H-neun? We haven’t seen a continuation of what went on with him since last episode, so we’ll have to see.

    Other than all of that, we get a little more on Akira. We find out that while she can interact with Shoko and is climbing a little out of her shell, she is nowhere near wanting to socialize with others. She has a panic attack after talking with Shoko and friends and Satomi says that he will deal with it. However, it seems she is too crippled to even answer his calls. We see that her family are posh socialites and this is a nightmare for an anthropophobic like Akira. Now how that will be addressed next episode I have no idea. How the heck are we going to get a girl with this bad of a social phobia to pilot the last Valvrave?

    This was a great episode and I didn’t want it to end. However, next week is the final episode of the season and I can already tell it’s going to be a dozy.

    I give this episode a 9.5/10. Had to give it slightly less then ten because of the largely unaddressed issue between Saki and Haruto from last week. However, other than that, loved it!

    • truthtellah

      I also feel that they glanced over it too much, and I worry that they’re now just using the anime trope of “repressed female character is finally able to embrace her feelings after a male character forces himself on her”. To me, their relationship is still horribly hollow, and it seems like neither of them are really committing to each other for the right reasons. It’s set up for failure.

      • Citsim

        Well, as you’ve said before, Haruto may well die in the next episode. I agree that the “consensual rape” vibes disturb me, but last week I was afraid it could be worse. It’s far from perfect, it’s not satisfactory, but at least it’s not a trainwreck. The dark and serious atmosphere all over the episode helped (not another “don’t worry, be stupid” episode), as well as Hauto’s characterization.

  • Irenesharda

    Watching this episode again, I watched the order of events. L-elf handed his notes to Satomi for him take over right BEFORE the Dorssians hailed them. Shoko asked where he was going and that was when they got the call. He then distinctly tells her to go to the PM quarters to take the call and escorts her alone.

    L-11 KNEW that they were going to call her and bargain with her for her father’s life. That’s why he left his notes with someone else even before the hail was made. He was definitely going to kill her if things didn’t go right. He set all of that up beforehand so that he would be the only one in the room with her when she got the call. Because he can’t accurately predict her actions, he went there with her in person to make sure she didn’t let her emotions destroy everyone on the module. If Shoko had called Haruto to tell him not to attack, Haruto wouldn’t have and would have tried to save the dad. Remember, he’s all about saving “everyone”, and L-11 knows this. There was no way that they could have saved both the module and Shoko’s dad, he knew that too.

    L-11 would have killed her if she had made the wrong choice of either giving into Dorssia’s demands or calling Haruto. If he had only meant to bluff, he wouldn’t have pulled his safety off. He was very serious. He won’t let anything keep him from his goals, even the parameters of Haruto’s contract.

    Also, this may point to that L-11 also knew that Cain and army was going to invade. If he had had to shoot Shoko how could he have gotten away with it? He would have blamed it on the firefight caused by the Dorssian soldiers, which means he must have known they would be there soon.

    And actually, with the advent of Cain’s invasion, I’m beginning to wonder how much L-elf cares about that contract and what is his real endgame.

    • Sardorim

      Killing Shoko would ruin all of his plans and turn the Module, Haruto, and everyone into his memory. This was merely a test to see if Shoko has the will to rule the Country and to stand by his side in the things to come as an equal, or close to, as all of his plans involving the Module require Shoko’s cooperation and if she’s willing to see the bigger picture. Shoko didn’t give in no matter how much it hurt and with her father dead and Haruto with Saki(which she will eventually learn of) she literally has nothing to lose.

      The old Shoko is pretty much dead after all this as Shoko will have a far different outlook on life after being screwed over so hard despite everything she has done. Thus she will be perfect for L-Elf to mold to achieve his goals.

      • Irenesharda

        Well, to be fair, he really had no hand in it and it was something Shoko was going to have to face anyway as the new Prime Minister. As the PM, she was the one they hailed and she’s the one with the power and authority to make decisions. He didn’t set up a test or anything for her, it was part of her job that she was elected to by her fellow students.

        However, he can’t really predict how she acts and thus can’t risk her cracking under pressure or under the influence of her peers. This is why he moved her to one room and kept his gun at the ready, just in case she made the wrong decision that would have doomed them all.

        A trained soldier like L-11 doesn’t deliberately take off his safety on his gun unless he’s going to fire it. And you can’t say he was going to bluff since he never even let her know in the slightest that he had it. He’s not going to waste time with threats. He maybe hanging around students, but he’s still the same cold-blooded killer soldier he always was.

        He would stand to lose everything if she made the wrong decision. He knew they only had one shot and they couldn’t blow it. L-11 could leave nothing to chance, by his very nature. Contract with Haruto be damned, Haruto would have nothing to say if they missed their chance and everyone (including Shoko!) was killed at the hands of the massing Dorssinan armada.

        • Sardorim

          Trained soldier or not, L-Elf knows that if he killed Shoko all of his plans are ruined and he makes a bunch of immortal Space Vampires in giant mecha into his eternal enemies until he dies. If he did kill Shoko he may as well kill himself too as everything he has worked for is ruined and he would never be able to recover his plans with Haruto and co. hounding him.

          L-Elf could easily disable her or shoot the transmission if need be, killing Shoko is the worst choice possible as he has options towards diffusing the situation.

          • Crazycolorz5

            “immortal Space Vampire[] in giant mecha”
            – legit official canonical term
            If it wasn’t, I’ll use it as if it was now.

          • Citsim

            That’s asuming he really didn’t know about the Dorssian invasion. If he knew, then it would be relatively easy for him to pin the blame on the attackers. “I tried to save her, really, but…”

            So instead of a bunch of immortal Space Vampires angry with him, he would get a bunch of immortal Space Vampires angry with the empire. Whatever happens, he wins.

          • Sardorim

            Actually no. He announced to everyone where Shoko and he would be at, he didn’t hide it. Furthermore L-Elf obviously knew about the invasion but didn’t write any plans against it as to fool Cain he must fool his allies first as Cain would be prepared for whatever the students set up to try and stop his landing. Cain things he has the upper hand now, which is what L-Elf wants him to think.

          • Irenesharda

            That doesn’t mean he can’t just say she wasn’t killed in the crossfire. And actually, I think that the fact he didn’t include any notes was because he has his own plans that might not include protecting the students. You act as if he absolutely needs the Valvraves for his revolution. He was going to achieve his goals with or without Haruto and friends, the VVVs just allowed him to be move up his timetable.

            However, if he dies because Shoko makes the wrong decision which will cost the lives of everyone on the module, then everything would be naught and he can’t let that happen. He would kill her in a heartbeat if it was a choice between her life or the completion of his goals.

            And again, you can’t waltz over the fact that he deliberately took out his gun and took the safety off. He wouldn’t do that unless he was prepared to kill/injure her.

          • Sardorim

            No one would believe it as he wouldn’t have time to clean her blood out of her “office” and than move her body while fighting Cain. There’s also cameras as well that would prove that he’s guilty and Akira would have an even bigger break down if she sees Shoko murdered by L-Elf and Satomi would learn of the truth from her.

          • Irenesharda

            Umm, he wouldn’t have had to do that. Why clean up blood or move a body in a place that is soon to be a warzone littered with bodies? Or for that matter, a place that probably won’t last for much longer? Nobodies going to care about any of that. No one has time to investigate while an invasion is happening, and the module is now structurally unsound because a giant hole is being drilled through it.

            And even so, what does L-11 care if they find out or not, he’s acheived his goal of what he thinks is important at the time. Even if they find out there’s nothing they can do to him. He’ll either manipulate the Valvrave pilots some other way (blackmail, violence to innocents, etc.) or completely regroup and plan his revolution some other way.
            ANY of those options are better then dying because some inexperienced, emotional little girl decided to plea to her not-boyfriend for her father’s life despite the fact that it would cost everyone else theirs.

          • Sardorim

            Yes he would as the cameras show them going in together, L-Elf leaving withoiut blood on him would screw him. Even if he did clean himself up they would see the shot was execution style and that Shoko let her guard down as she has no reason to resist or suspect L-Elf of trying to kill her there. Thus killing Shoko would be impossible for him to cover up, especially during the chaos of the battle/invasion as he has no means of editing the files in a timely matter and deal with Cain. Even than Akira is computer savvy and would uncover a cover up if L-Elf messed with the recordings.

            Ergo he was screwed if he killed Shoko hence his test. He needs Shoko to be on his side fully but to that she had to learn what it means to rule which she learned in this episode.

          • Citsim

            Sorry, I’m no L-Elf, but I can see a very good solution to the problems you’ve pointed out:

            a) Leaving with no blood > “I, as an experimented soldier, was shooting from cover. What a pity Shouko, being Shouko, tried something strange”

            b) Akira is computer savvy > Kill her (seriously, what do you think he would do? Especially since he knows she manages the cameras)

            c) No time to edit the files > Let the whole module blow up, records included, and pit the blame on the Empire (he’s never been fighting for New Jior, his goal is the revolution)

            Seriously, there are way too many options for L-Elf to get away with it. He’s the One Man Army, after all.

          • Angela Moseley

            I’m going to have to agree with the others. If there was a test, it was to see if Shoko would live or die by giving in to Dorssia or calling Haruto. She passed because her mind was running in circles, trying to find a way to salvage the entire situation. The pre-set timer, Haruto’s attack via L-Elf’s plans, ran out and the choice was made for her.

            From everything we’ve seen L-Elf isn’t the kind of guy to pull out his gun for no reason. Shoko is unpredictable as hell and his that gun was his counter-measure. She, like her father, would have died in order to save his plans/the colony because he needs them. If he were going to threaten her he had plenty of time to do before she took the call.

            You brought up the cameras. I’m going to say everyone was focused on Dorssia and never gave Shoko going off with L-Elf a second thought. Besides, what’s the harm in having the Prime Minister go off with the master tactician? The only two people who may have been concerned (Haruto and Saki) were out fighting the enemy. And who knows what kind of shape the colony will be in when the Dorssians are done, those cameras and the command center might be unusable when they’re done shooting the place up.

            Final point, L-Elf could have easily shot Shoko, left her there and returned to the command center. There are soldier flooding the colony and most would probably infer they killed the young PM. Or he could have said they were attacked and only he was able to make it back. No one’s going to question him in the middle of a fire fight. This also points to the very real possibility he knew Cain was coming and he factored that into his plans before separating Shoko from everyone else.

            Besides, L-Elf is smart enough and flexible enough to keep the students under his thumb. If he can’t willingly have their cooperation, outright fear and further manipulation would easily work.

          • Citsim

            I agree with Irenesharda: why would he clean the blood in a soon-to-be warzone? The fact about the cameras and Akira is a valid point, though… or it would be if several chapters ago we hadn’t seen him single-handedly conquering the module, with the same cameras and Akira working on them.

            Of course, I don’t think killing Shouko was neither Plan A, nor Plan B, but since L-Elf has been portrayed as a ridiculously awesome strategist-commando, I’m sure he had plans for that eventuality that didn’t include “Run away before the Valvraves kill you!”.

          • BC

            L-Elf cocking the gun meant he was either prepared to shoot or at least wanted it to be clear to Shoko that he was. It is entirely possible to shoot without killing though.

            On the subject of actually murdering her though I think covering the whole thing up is not as easy as some of you seem to think.
            It’s not as simple as removing witnesses or erasing data. If we have
            Shoko dead on the surface and everyone else in the bridge also
            conveniently dead; that’s a huge red flag right there. And on top of
            that there’s no way Haruto would buy any BS excuses he came up with.
            They haven’t shown that he’s still suspicious of L-Elf’s behavior for

            And no, ruling by manipulation and fear would not easily work either. L-Elf is one person with one pair of eyes and people do
            stupid shit when they’re scared. All he’d be doing is giving himself a
            hundred different ways for his plans to be screwed up by any number of
            students. And how is he going to manipulate them if they don’t trust him
            worth a damn?! Everyone would know that he doesn’t have their best interests in mind and figure it’s only a matter of time before he throws them under the bus.

            I like L-Elf but some of you are making him into even more of a Gary Stu than even the show is currently in danger of doing.

  • Yukine

    Okay, so a lot of things are still not too clear in Valvrave. Eleven episodes later and there are still a lot of question unanwered AND characters that are not introduced. Also, the purple Valvrave is still not in action, but I’ll guess they’ll show it in the next episode (hopefully so). Well, I suppose we’ll get our answers in the second season.

    Meanwhile, I can’t get the feeling that Shoko’s meant to die (no offence). I’m not going to judge the whole series just yet, since it hasn’t even ended. However, I think some will agree that the first half of the story is, well, rather slow compared to the other half. All in all, Valvrave is still an enjoyable watch, and the recent turn of events are worth it (this episode, too). I’ll give it a 9.5 out of ten.

    • Entrav

      There are so many things left to cover, with the revolution and all that I’m afraid they’ll rush everything too much in the second season. Agh I really hope they don’t make things TOO hectic in the second season even by Valvrave standards.

      I’ll do a review of the first season and the second season separately though I’m not sure if I should just bundle the two together or not…

  • L-Elf Karlstein

    I wasn’t really going to shoot Shoko if she begged for her father’s life in the middle of negotations, I just missed my handgun, that’s all, promise!~ =)

  • Sardorim

    Thank goodness I favor L-Elf over Haruto for Shoko.

    • Entrav

      I do too, but her chances of winning against the Light Princess, that is if she’s still alive, is extremely low.

  • Dycize

    Today, in Valvrave the Hype-ator.

    Aaaaaw yeah this episode. Penultimate episode of “season 1”. Our grand finale is going to be glorious with the way this episode just ended.

    Anyway! L-Elf was totally planning on getting rid of Shoko if she did something funny. Which she didn’t because she was too busy being conflicted. Just like Haruto, she only wants to save everyone… And the Dorssians won’t have any of that. And then Haruto kills her dad along with 3/4 of the ennemy fleet. Things are really looking bad for Shoko this episode.

    Saki and Haruto, on the other hand, seem to have recovered from their unexpected double-rape pretty well. Saki’s always been a bit like that so it doesn’t surprise me too much. Haruto… Well, at least he decided to man up. Man, marriage. In the middle of a battle. It’s like the ultimate death flag. Except that it’s our main characters who trigger it and they will most likely be alive a long time after this… They have yet to become the Golden 7, afterall.

    Cain doing a “surprise attack” like this really makes me want to use those quotes. L-Elf knows his methods, and so does Cain, you’d think L-Elf would have prepared something for such an attack, since it’s a pretty glaring weakness. Also the surprise attack was, in essence, a good old blietzkrieg : break through with the heavy first, then unload your soldiers. Now why would L-Elf now tell the others about this… Either he really didn’t know (which would be almost out of character for him by this point, Shoko being random has nothing to do with war battle plans), or he plans on luring Cain in a false sense of security by letting everyone panic. We’ll see next episode.

    Next episode, that I really can’t wait for… Valvrave has been a wild, if at times really awkward/non-sensical ride, but a fun one. This final episode will mark the end of the 1st half of the serie. Where are we right now? Four Valvraves out of 7 are active, Shoko is getting the very short end of the stick on the happiness scale, Haruto proposed to Saki and Cain took matters unto his own hands. The final stage is set. The Moon is near. I need a screen of the VVV-girl except with “HYPE” replacing the “MARRIAGE” captions.

    • Dycize

      Oh I forgot to mention Akira. Then again it was a pretty short scene… Well at least it shows that she’s willing to try. Then everyone had to go and over react and somehow remind her of her past? For some reason it feels like she got abused or something, heck, she could even be adopted (anime genetics should have given her blond hair). Or maybe she is autistic in some way. Or all of the above.

      Her relevance to the plot is that she’s mentionned from time to time to remind us that she’s there, making her prime VVV candidate. Add to that, she breaks down this episode and her only friend is getting to break down too. And the other possible candidates are like… Takahi/Satomi (if going by plot relevance). Naaaaaah.

      • Irenesharda

        Akira seems to have a severe case of agoraphobia, anthropophobia, or something to that degree. Shoko rushed her too fast and tried to hard to pull her out of her comfort zone. So instead of helping her, Shoko might done greater harm and have pushed her all the way back to square one.

        I do think Satomi is probably a better choice at this point to help her since he probably knows the cause of her phobia and how to deal with it. However, she’s kind of retreated in on herself at this point and isn’t answering any of his calls or any points of contact with the outside world.

        • Dycize

          Satomi strikes me as over protective though. Yes, he probably knows best how to handle her, but his reactions such as “She’s my sister!” or how he was simply shocked to see her interact with someone else in the earlier episodes doesn’t seem like he helps much with her issue.

          Shoko went too fast, that’s true, and it was part of her disaster spiral this episode. But Satomi had a lot more time to try to get her to open up and it seems like he favored sheltering her. Then again, keeping things as they are seem to be part of his character.

          • Irenesharda

            I think that’s probably because of his nature and how his family is probably used to handling it. I am in a similar situation myself with my own younger sibling, so I guess I can understand him a little more.

            He yelled that “She’s my sister!” because not only has Shoko been robbing him of his roll as school leader as well as older brother, but she has actually succeeded in making his sister’s condition worse. Its a mix of jealousy and anger. It’s his role as an elder sibling (especially a male) to take care of his younger sister. He feels Shoko has meddled enough in his family and life and now he will take care of it.

            He’s also probably quite aware of the fact that Shoko has been able to get his sister to open up, where he and everyone else failed, which again affects his male ego and his pride. So when she messes things up, he takes up his roll again to try to help his sister.

            He’s used to taking care of his sister the only way he knows how. And that is to shelter her from everything that she’s afraid off facing. He goes and gets her food and drink, probably escorts her to the washroom when she needs it, takes her clothes and things to wash them when she needs it, gets her supplies when needed. He’s used to being the only support his sister has had because of her social disorder. He acts as her barrier.

            However, Shoko begins to have a friendship with Akira and Satomi sees his roll as elder brother being challenged. And this is a character that dislikes change. It makes him question his relevance in his sister’s life and he begins to feel useless, which is a feeling that no person wants.

          • Citsim

            I agree that Satomi’s role may have been too overprotective, playing it safe and boosting his ego a bit for being his sister’s only support, and him telling off Shouko may have been a knee-jerk reaction to all the things Shouko has taken from him (in his mind).

            However, he says something important: he really is her brother, he’s family and he probably has much more information about his sister’s condition than Shouko with her weeks-old friendship. I saw the scene as another nail in the coffin of Shouko’s naivety. You can’t solve everything just by saying “think positive!”.

  • truthtellah

    Next episode will end with a close up of Shoko staring at the viewer… and then shooting herself in the head with L-Elf’s gun. And we just see bits of Shoko splattered on the screen and stare in abject horror as the ED rolls.

    Because Valvrave.

    • Entrav

      :( But Shoko…

      • truthtellah

        Agreed, but.. Valvrave. :(

    • Winterson Fuyumi

      I’ll just spoil you bro, No one dies among the MCs. You’re overthinking too much lololololol :D

      • truthtellah

        Yeah, a lot of people died, but none of the MCs. Oh well. There’s always season 2!

  • truthtellah

    To me, the death of her father saved this episode.

    I’m still disappointed in how they seem to be addressing the rape, but at least they maintained a note of excessive darkness through the death of Shoko’s father and her belief that enough positivity will overcome any issue. So, as much as it bothers me that they might just be glossing over the rape, Haruto killing Shoko’s father and her scream of pain keep me on board with the hope that they may be going somewhere with these darker elements.

    I can’t see how Haruto’s relationship with Saki will work out though. They seem to be in it for all the wrong reasons, with her simply longing for -anyone- and then responding lovingly following a rape and him reluctantly having anything to do with her until he is forced into raping her and then feels an obligation to be with her. That’s a sick, backwards relationship, and it’s almost certainly going to fall apart eventually. Which would at least be interesting to see. A lot of anime have people get in relationships and stupid things split them up, but this is a truly bad relationship at its core. So, it can just crumble naturally through a poor foundation.

    Though, as many have suggested, they might get around this by just having Haruto die next episode, but I have a feeling they have more in mind for him. I’m not convinced they’ve justified some of their decisions yet, but there is enough potential there to keep watching this crazy show.

    • Entrav

      I have to agree that the foundation of the relationship between Haruto and Saki is literally non-existent. The fact that Haruto only proposed because of the rape proves that. Saki has been alone for a long time and she got desperate. It’s not impossible for the relationship to work, but it’ll almost undoubtedly fail sooner or later as Haruto will just go back to the person who he truly loves. I’m just glad that he took responsibility even though it’s a really naive way of doing it. He has a good heart, but he’s still too immature I suppose. I forgot to mention a lot of that in the review haha.

      I’m not really keen on the idea of Haruto dying. He still has a lot of potential especially since he made that contract with L-Elf as well as being able to pilot that Valvrave.

      • truthtellah

        I’m starting to wonder whether the Valvrave is just an alien intelligence trying to use Haruto to learn more about the Human experience. So, it switches from person to person to experience more and wants to learn things about love and sex. And now marriage! The next natural step is for it to try to get Saki pregnant.

  • Yurei

    I’m glad that Haruto decided to go for Saki. It allows me to ship Shoko x ERU ERUFU without any obstacles. Also, I need some of that Sunrise water.

    • Entrav

      What about the Light Princes? She has to be eliminated for there to be no obstacles. It would be… intriguing to see ERU ERUFU liking Shoko though. Haruto vs ERU ERUFU kind of.

  • Cassandra@Book&Movie Dimension

    I till can’t believe this. This episode was roller coaster of a ride.

    I love L-Elf so much but what the hell? He was trying to off Shoko for sure!

    He didn’t only after seeing how she didn’t allow herself to give into Dorssia’s demands.

    And with Shoko’s dad dying it was so heart-breaking. Shoko’s crying definitely felt like it will change her somehow.

    Now Haruto…
    What is going on with him asking Rukino to marry him? Out of nowhere?
    One episode left to go and excited to see how Season 1 ends.

    • Entrav

      I’m still conflicted as to if L-Elf was really trying to shoot Shoko or just the screen if things went wrong. Though, with how he positioned his body… I’m not really so sure it was the screen.

      For those people who say Shoko is a constant, we’ll see if that’s really going to be the case moving into the second season. This anime is actually getting surprisingly dark as we progress.

      He’s… TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. But seriously, it’s still a very naive way of doing it. Oh well, it’s a huge death flag for him.

  • Irenesharda

    Well, next week is titled: “The Heretic Activates”, so I wonder if that could mean that VVV6 finally comes online, or that the shadowy figure hovering behind VVV-tan in the ED will show up, or could it even be that Haruto goes full vampire?

    Oh, and by the way, it is confirmed that the pilots are vampires. (Magius, I guess was the term they used for space vampires.)

    And we learn that Valvrave, is actually an acronym (another page out of your Gundam handbook, Sunrise?): VAmpire Link Vessel Rune Activate Vital Engine.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, the preview apparently has the purple Valvrave screen so we’ll be seeing that next episode.

      Vampires indeed. Magius? That’s kind of interesting…

      LOL. If Valvrave is an acronym for something I’ll lose it. And if it had something to do with what happens later as well… SASUGA SUNRISE.

      • Irenesharda

        Oh, I wasn’t kidding about that Valvrave IS an acronym, they just haven’t revealed it till now. Look closely at the words underneath the symbol.

        • Entrav

          Sorry for the really late reply. Didn’t even see the comment. BUT DAMN LOL VALVRAVE AOTYAYEY CONFIRMED. Jesus, that’s too good that they added Vampire too.

  • 福 赐 天上

    That would be a better solution for your picture links.

    • Entrav

      I was actually trying to find something like that, and I was thinking of the zoom that RandomC uses, but I’ll definitely try this out.

      Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Saved me lots of time :)

      • 福 赐 天上

        No worries. Anything to make my life better :3

  • Onomarchus

    I wonder if Haruto will try to castrate himself.

  • Kritin Techasarin

    I just died