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Valvrave the liberator l-elf and lieselotte

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 18 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 18 Review
“A Father’s Wish”
“Chichi no Negai”

Not only do we finally get to see what is undoubtedly the best pairing in action, but we also get a twist that, if you watched Gundam Seed, would make you say, “SASUGA SUNRISE” out loud as it is being revealed. Things are moving fast, bits of information are everywhere, and the show is more chaotic than ever with things happening on multiple fronts. Yes, it’s time for another glorious VALVRAVE THURSDAY.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 18 Impressions

L-Elf and Lieselotte

Sad ERU ERUFU makes me sad. :(


Snow, eh? Well, next episode…

Valvrave Lieselotte magius



Good girl Lieselotte.

As Sunrise is keen on throwing in more flashbacks at the beginning of the episode, this time we see a much needed scene between Lieselotte and L-Elf because of what happens at the end of the episode. Kimura Ryouhei, the voice actor of L-Elf, actually threw me off here with how he voice acted this part because of the change in the deepness of his voice. Usually, he voices L-Elf deeply, but suddenly he sounds more like Kise from Kuroko no Basket in this scene. I’m not sure if this is intentional to show a softer side to him, but I suppose it is hard to do certain sounds like gasps when using a “different” voice. It’s also revealed that Lieselotte is a part of Magius which doesn’t come too much as a surprise though the machine she is in still is. The marks on her body may serve to suppress her in some way. It could be suppressing her powers as Magius or it could just be physically or mentally draining her so she won’t try anything. The only thing that is clear right now is that she’s not possessed by Magius and that she is still a honest girl trying to fight for what is “right.” Though, I fear that this may lead to her inevitable fall.

Haruto doesn’t react whatsoever.

You mean that gay porn star?


Not as cool as ERU ERUFU.

X-Eins pool



Little does he know…

At least he’s not muttering random shit like Cain always does.

Kibukawa Takumi

Really? They didn’t eliminate all of them?

Inuzuka Kyuuma


I’m sorry, but he looks really fucking weird.

A-Drei shhh

I see who is going to be dominant in this relationship. HEHEHE.

Closing his eyes right at the appropriate time.

Of course, it’s ERU ERUFU we’re talking about here.


63?! How did they let these people live?


Kriemhild gun


Shoots Marie in the head for this “plan.” D:


Oh well, what’s done is done. GO GO GO GO GO!

Currently, we have conflicts on many different fronts. L-Elf is now trying to get Lieselotte back, and he’s basically willing to sacrifice everything to do that. The moon is under attack, and by the time they return, some people may be abducted, or worse, some of them will be taken over and Magius will infiltrate their home. Then, we have the main covert operation with regards to obtaining information about people from JIOR who were captured and trying to find a way to go back to space. The interesting thing is how they’re separating the story into several parts that will come together eventually because until an episode or two ago, Valvrave had a far more linear approach to the story. Not only that, but the interests of the characters are also becoming more emphasized with L-Elf showing his desperation, and Haruto finding it within himself to move forward even without L-Elf. While their interests coincide for now, you have to wonder if this will stay the case throughout the entirety of the story as ending the curse will have something to do with the current Magius which may also affect Lieselotte.

Man, the next episode is going good.


Aren’t you supposed to be confident in your “new life-form?”

Tokishima father

See? This guy is just…




Well, let’s give him some credit. He’s not necessarily wrong.


Tokishima Haruto despair





Tokishima Haruto angry

“Dad.” Hah.



Souichi Tokishima punched



WELP. That didn’t end up so well.

I was hoping he’d go crazy or go really evil trying to prevent Haruto from doing so but… He’s just pathetic.

From the preview of this episode last time, I knew Haruto’s dad was a total creep, but to think that he’s going as far as genetically modifying Haruto and the others to create a new life form… SASUGA SUNRISE. But in all seriousness, this brings in the question of whether Marie was genetically modified or not. I’m guessing that she was to a certain extent, but she was an experimental one that led to the eventual creation of Haruto and the others. By the very existence of Magius, we know that Haruto’s dad is not the first to attempt this, but what are these different “generations?” Cain mentions in episode 12 of the previous season that Haruto is of the third generation, so did Haruto’s dad experiment through the different generations or did he just jump to the third one? Haruto’s dad calling it the “second generation of primates,” makes me think that he did just that. And even if they are genetically modified, then what is the substance the Valvrave injects into the person who first steps into the Valvrave? Surely, there is something more than just genetic modification.


L-Elf handgun




Valvrave Lieselotte shocked


What a line. When do you ever hear that?

Lieselotte princess


Kakumeiki Valvrave l-elf michael


Valvrave the liberator lieselotte


Oh man.


… I don’t even know how to start.


In what is the most manly way possible, the almighty ERU ERUFU not only makes Lieselotte dazed speechless at his fantastic maneuvers and suave lines that any girl would swoon over, but also shoots down two helicopters with a handgun while suffering only minor injuries from two gattling guns and a fucking rocket that blew up the part of the building where he makes his FABULOUS entry. Man, I have missed the good times like this and I certainly hope this is not the last of his incredible maneuvers. What this means for the story is that things just developed very quickly. I have my doubts as to whether Lieselotte can truly escape with L-Elf, but I certainly would want to see the chemistry develop between the two. Still, we all know that Sunrise is just setting up their development, and they’re going to make it crash and burn soon enough. Looking back, after Aina got a bit of development… Yep. After Marie got a bit of development… Yep. After H-Neun got a bit of development… Well, it’s still not confirmed, but he basically got screwed over. This time, it may very well happen to Lieselotte. The title of the next episode is “Sadness is like the falling snow,” and with how snow has symbolized Lieselotte so far, there’s only going to be suffering ahead.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 18 Review

I’ve never had too much of a problem with Valvrave’s pacing, but I can understand some people who viewed the last season to be a bit too hectic. This time, Sunrise is pacing everything a bit better with gradual developments that relate to the underlying mysteries in some way or another. Before, we just had some… crazy ass singing, and absurd moments that, while enjoyable, cannot be done too much now without taking valuable time to finish up the story conclusively. After all, it’s easier to put in random moments that barely have any relevance to the overarching story than it is to put absurdities and events that are related to the overarching story. Moreover, we do finally get to see some ways in the development of L-Elf as a character. As awesome as he is, it wouldn’t be as interesting seeing him stay the way he has been after going through this crazy story. After all, if they can make someone as amazing as ERU ERUFU develop even further to become someone even more incredible, as they are doing in this episode with his last line and his reckless desire to rescue Lieselotte, then that’s a true indicator of good character development. I mean, seriously. After watching the last scene, tell me that you don’t like ERU ERUFU even more than you already did. Impossible. Also, not only is he a badass, but he’s even being somewhat of a romantic with the way he acts at the end. Moreover, there is also the cleverly disguised confession with what is one of the best lines of the year. No, seriously. “Abduct” is perfect here. It’s supposed to be literally translated like this for maximum effect. It’s just… perfect.

As for Haruto, while it’s good to see that he has the resolve that he has, I still find his character to be relatively uninteresting compared to someone like A-Drei and the long gone Marie. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly why I feel this way, but it may be due to his indecisiveness, and just how typical he is as a character. If they added more dimensions to his conflicts other than just ending the curse, such as his relationship with Shoko or Saki, then maybe that’d be better. Yes, he did have some development with Saki after… that. However, they seem to have just thrown most of that aside now, and the relationship he had with Shoko with how he viewed himself as a “monster” which made him not confess has just disappeared. Now, it’s just the curse itself, and this single-mindedness is getting more and more stale. He really just feels like a tool.

The reason why I’m not really talking too much about whether the story is good or not is mostly because it all depends on how this anime reveals everything. So far, with each revelation we’ve just been getting more answers. This genetic modification “twist” doesn’t answer our questions about Magius or even about the nature of the Valvraves. What I can say is that the show is taking a risk in making the story more complicated with how there are major conflicts on multiple fronts. This makes it so that it either has a very nice tie-in to blow our minds or it just falls down into the “meh” category. The developments themselves have always been very interesting, and whenever L-Elf is at the center of such developments, which is very much the case in this episode, they are even more so. I’d consider this more of a preparation episode for the future, and as such I usually don’t expect too much, but somehow Valvrave doesn’t let up with the episodic climaxes which makes even these build-up episodes seem like climax ones. Man, if that doesn’t impress you, then I don’t know what does.

Kakumeiki Valvrave L-Elf and Haruto Wallpaper

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  • omgITSorange

    Is it bad that the reason I watch Valvrave is mostly for ERU ERUFU? Him and his awesomeness. “Allow me to abduct you” WHAT A BAMF.

    • Aleris

      I LOVE L-ELF ALL THE WAY plz who could resist his crazy sexiness, intellectual superiority and the most adorable side he shows to the princess?

    • issaxchan

      GIDDINESS ALL OVER!! When L-elf finally meet Lieselotte, I just couldn’t stop smiling! I mean, FINALLY! Everything L-elf did all came down for this moment. And they’re just so lovely together, I couldn’t even… (*´艸`*)

    • Entrav

      Before this, ERU ERUFU was already pretty badass and the best character of this anime. Now, with his… badass, romantic, and just all-round amazing actions this episode, he’s one of my favorite characters of all time. All they need to do is to develop him a bit more, which they are doing, and he’ll be even more incredible.

      I wouldn’t blame you at all as that’s what kept me watching Valvrave from the start.

  • EvilNemesis

    L-elf was already ten million times better than Haruto but with this “kidnapping”. I don’t think his “betterness” can be calculated. I’m officially FULL HOMO for this guy, and don’t any of you judge me, okay?

    About Haruto’s Dad, I knew that guy was going to be FATHER OF THE YEAR as soon as I saw him. Thought I imagined him a bit more manly and evil with that mustache.

    I find myself in agreement with his logic, although I’m sure people would probably disagree cause humans have rights and stuff.

    Nature was always almost the strongest, and it remains the same even when you’re a powerful immortal being. The degree of strength matters not, it only matters if you’re stronger or not. That you use a knife, or a gun, or a bomb to kill people or OBAMADRONES or your visually beautiful vampiric biting powers, in the end you’re still in a position of force.

    I must admit I laughed out loud so hard at the “does that make me god?”.
    People in the house we’re asking me what was happening, quite funny.

    I knew that this episode would be “better” than last episode with the way things we’re going to, and it did not disappoint. I’m excited for the next episode for sure, it’s likely that shit will go even more bonkers considering the diverging storylines taking place right now between the cast.

    • Entrav


      The thing isn’t about advancing humanity, but it’s more about the consequences that is eating other people’s runes. Well, there’s the whole genetic modification, but I really don’t see what’s wrong with that if they don’t have to NOM NOM NOM. I was hoping Haruto’s dad would be a bit more evil or cunning than he is shown here. I mean, he’s just hugging Haruto’s legs pathetically. Can’t he go with the flow and make up some plan in the background? Jeez. Some scientist he is.

      Next episode, I’m expecting something truly amazing. If L-Elf doesn’t get what he want… The next episode may go down as one of the best episodes of the season.

  • zztop

    So the cold, calculating strategist was driven by the most human of emotions…Love. (︶_︺)
    Perhaps the Valvrave injection is a key in unlocking the super genes of the Sakimori students.The vampire powers lie dormant within their DNA until they are injected, which activates their immortality powers(etc) on the cellular level.
    Although one wonders what angle Dr. Tokishima used to get parental consent. Money, power? Both? Or lying to them about the true extent of the Project?
    Also, ARUS seems to be becoming even more of a footnote in the proceedings. Their people seem to have no geniune idea of what’s actually happening, plus their President’s more concerned with preserving his greying a** from the Magius’s wrath.

    • Entrav

      Damn, couldn’t have put it better than you do here. He is a cold calculated machine, but he’s really just driven by a very strong human e motion…

      Yeah, maybe it’s to unlock that potential within them. I imagine it would be ridiculous to have all the students biting each other. Haha.

      • MgMaster

        I somehow doubt saving Lieselotte was ERU-ERUFU’s only intention though.He probably wants to rule JIOR with her and use it a staging ground for his revolution against Dorsia.I’m thinking that maybe she changed his views on the world or something and they wanted to shape it in a way they believe is right.

        I’m kind of hoping for one or more flashbacks showing a few more conversations between the two or at least them talking about it in the present before Lieselotte will bite the dust.

        They might stall for her to befriend that a certain ancient,long forgotten character.That would be the final step to confirming her demise.

        • Entrav

          I don’t think it was his only intention, but it’s definitely his main one. The reason why he wanted to revolutionize Dorssia is because of Lieselotte anyways because she’s held as a political hostage. Everything about his plan revolves around her which is why he’s so desperate in this episode.

          I’m not even sure if Sunrise is going to have her die or not. It seems like a waste at this point. He’ll probably just fail to retrieve her for now. Hopefully. Sunrise………

  • zztop

    On an unrelated note, have you seen the latest subbed BD Gargantia ep 15? It clears up a lot of questions re. Kugel’s arrival to Earth and the formation of the cult.

    • Entrav

      Not yet, sounds interesting. I’m still hoping that they’d go back to space and show the conflict there. :/

  • Bam

    C’mon ! Did Valvrave just forgot how to be bad ‘o somethin ?!

    • Entrav

      I’d argue that the first season isn’t “bad.” I mean, sure, some episodes in the first half of that season was questionable at best, but after the first half, things got pretty damn real.

      • Bam

        The 1st cour was quite entertaining even at its low points, I’ll absolutely give it that and that’s why so many people (including me) stuck around. But C’mon … the idol episode, the school election, the contrived and rushed plot developments that felt just tacked-on ?
        This show used to be that pure unadulterated Sunrise gold (read Code Geass R2 or more accurately Guilty Crown or later Gundams) that hypes you yet cracks you up completely unintentionally, but this 2nd cour actually been handled with sophistication so far and the fast pace and developements maintained coherently.
        I would say that it’s running the risk of becoming a really good series in the end instead of the disastrous masterpiece it was destined to be.

        • Entrav

          Sorry, I didn’t necessarily phrase my comment correctly. What I mean is that the objective of the show has changed from the first season. In the first season, it’s mostly made of random absurdities that, when you get into it, becomes extremely entertaining. I’d argue that the school election, and the plot developments that happened last season contribute greatly to that feeling. Moreover, I don’t think the plot developments are “tacked-on” or else they wouldn’t even be relevant in this season.

          The main thing is that, the purpose of the first season is to bring people enjoyment with how crazy and ridiculous it is. To that extent, most of the episodes do a wonderful job which is why I don’t view Valvrave to be “bad.” I agree with your statement that it was supposed to be a “disastrous masterpiece” with how crazy it was last season.

          That’s not to say that it couldn’t be better which is what is happening in this season. It’s something to be crazy and entertaining, but it’s also something to be sophisticated while maintaining that. Certainly, the plot developments are better in this season than it was in the previous. However, I do not view the previous season of Valvrave to be anything close to Guilty Crown. Guilty Crown tried to be serious from the start with deeper themes, but it failed miserably. Valvrave, on the other hand, attempted to create a show based mostly on crazy developments for entertainment, and it did an extremely good job of that. This season, they’re adding another layer by making everything even more coherent and, as you say, sophisticated.

          A bit off topic, but a lot of people view the previous season to be a trainwreck in that, “it’s so bad, it’s good.” I just can’t agree with that because you can’t even consider Valvrave to be “bad” in the first place. That’s like saying High-School DxD is a terrible show because it doesn’t have a deep plot. That’s ridiculous because that’s not the point of the show. Sorry, ranting a bit here. I am trying to gather my thoughts for my Youtube review of the first season so… forgive me. :)

          • MACHA

            To me, the first half of season one was definitely not amazing. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it at first, but it kept oozing potential that finally started to show after episode . Since then the series really has matured. The crazy randomness of the first half didn’t do it for me. Surprisingly enough, the first character to pull me in was A-drei first (!!!) then L-11(!!!). But at the end of the day, I really think it was the situation that kept everyone watching – whether we knew it or not at the time. The way this show has been handled since last season is just amazing.

          • Entrav

            I can totally understand that the crazy randomness may not be some people’s type of thing. I just wanted to emphasize the fact the first season of Valvrave isn’t really “bad.” I definitely agree with the fact that this series is really maturing. It’s not just nonsensical, entertaining developments, but it has a complexity to it that reminds me of Code Geass.

          • MACHA

            It seemed as if like someone else mostly wrote the first half of season 1 than the second because everything was just out there and predictable. Some of what happened through those first 7 eps were at times not necessary at all. But like many other shows did, it was all about getting catching our attention hook us with that craziness early. But Valvrave didn’t need it per se – or it could’ve used less of it.

            But I agree that Valvrave isn’t bad. At first it was was generally predictable development with unpredictable crazyness, but now it moved on to become UNPREDICTABLE AWESOMENESS.
            And YES the complexity certainly reminds of Code Geass.

          • Entrav

            I actually really like the absurdities so it worked out for me. However, upon seeing that they are capable of doing episodes like this with how this season has been done, I am becoming a bit more disappointed in the first season because they could have very well had the same amount of absurdities, but also have a level of complexity similar to what’s shown in this season.

            They could have made the beginning half of the first season a lot better. Some parts, like the INCREDIBLE MOSES SCENE, and the coffee lines are just amazing, but some other parts could have been done far better considering how this season has gone down, so I definitely agree with you there. It’s a very valid complaint which I will outline in my eventual (I seriously need to finish it) video review. But I have to admit that the second half made up for everything and then some so…

  • m500

    Mikhail in some translations has more sense than Michael. It is Dorssia after all

    • Entrav

      I just stuck with Crunchyroll’s translations this time around is all. Not that I have any idea how it should be spelt.

    • Irenesharda

      Actually Michael is perfectly fine since Dorssia is framed around a combination of Germany and Russia. Michael is spelled the same in German as it is in English, it’s just pronounced differently.

  • issaxchan

    I just noticed but, does L-elf have pointy ears?? Hmm…

    That last scene was the best reunion I’ve ever seen in an anime so far. Not too cheesy – there are no tears, no hugs, nor kisses. Just that simple holding hands and steady gazing.

    As for Haruto, maybe the reason we just can’t seem to like him is because of his self-victimization mindset (I dunno if I used the right word here, but I think you know what I mean). He always complains about a lot of things. And so far, whenever he’s needed, he’s not there. Wherever you look at it – his intelligence level, will-power and even sex appeal – it’s all at a side-character level. I know Sunrise intentionally designed him that way so that normal people like us can relate during his moments of doubts (which is quite often) but he is JUST. SO. WEAK. :(

    If Haruto is seen as the future leader of mankind then GAWD, we are all doomed.

    • Entrav

      It’s just a bit pointy though. It’s not as if he’s an elf or something. Haha.

      ERU ERUFU makes everything better.

      You’re probably right about Haruto. It just makes it worse that he’s alongside the almighty ERU ERUFU who makes him seem even more useless. He’s making ways to being stronger mentally, but we’re already halfway through the season so… I’m not certain if they can develop him that much more.

      • issaxchan

        It’s funny how you type ERU ERUFU’s name in upper case every single time . BECAUSE HE IS JUST THAT AMAZING! haha

        I thought the pointy ears was a Dorssian trait but I think he’s the only one who has it.

  • Hellwarden

    You know, someday I hope I can grab a girl gently, look into her eyes, and ask her if it’s okay to abduct her.

    And she’ll just be like, sploosh.

    • Entrav

      Dude, you have to shoot down two helicopters firing gatling guns at you, and you have to make one of them shoot a rocket, and survive the blast to make a FABULOUS ENTRY. Don’t forget that. Or else it won’t work. Oh, and make sure you built a country beforehand to protect her.

  • Valk

    “Allow me to abduct you” Just how badass can you be eru-erufu?

    As for Haruto, if he indeed is the emperor of the galactic reich, wich i’m absolutely not sure (i think it could be eru-erufu), he is gonna go trough some serious character develoment, and i can’t wait to see that.

    • Entrav

      A fittingly amazing line by the only person who can make it even more so, ERU ERUFU.

      Jeez, hopefully he’s not the emperor because right now he’s still developing. Very much so. I don’t know how much development they can really cram in. ERU ERUFU should just take the seat. We can all be happy with that.

      • Valk

        Well there is only thing i see to make him change so quickly, and you’re not gonna like it, it’s killing Shoko for good. That’s the only thing that could make him go 180 degrees character wise.

  • Verathrogna

    My only thing I never get a sense of time in these type of anime other than with Micheal (L-elf) he knew he had a reason to fight for the past 3 years while Haruto I cant even tell how long its been and its hard to judge character development based on a false sense of time.

    • Entrav

      Haruto’s been all over the place in terms of character development. He didn’t want to join up with ERU ERUFU, hesitated, and then finally does. In this season, he wants to end the curse, but he hesitates because of Marie, and then he tries again. Each time, it doesn’t really seem like he’s making big steps forward. Not to mention all the hesitations in-between. If this were 52 episodes in total, then that’d be perfectly fine, but we’re already half-way through what I think is the last season of this show, and I can’t say I’m liking his character any more than I did when I first saw this anime.

      • Josh Herbert

        is there any possibility that there will be a third season? isn’t this anime really popular?

        • Entrav

          One thing for sure is that it’s not really that popular. The chances of season 3 isn’t zero, but at this point no one really knows. They haven’t conclusively announced anything yet so we can always hope.

  • Irenesharda

    Well, well well. We are really getting in the meat of the situation here.

    The JIOR kids are informed by L-elf that Dorssia has sent an attack squad to attack the moon. They want to go back but they also want to accomplish their mission and of course they turn to L-elf for a plan. Their dependence on L-elf was even more evident here than anywhere else, however Haruto for once is showing a little backbone and development in deciding to go without him when it’s time for their paths to split. Haruto’s still boring, but at least he’s not as bad as he once was.

    We learn that the kids are going to steal an old-fashioned rocket to get home while single-handedly also rescuing a bunch of JIORian scientists. They do this through working with the Royalists of which it’s revealed that Kriemhild is one. She goes through Lieselotte who is playing a dangerous game between the royalists and the Magius to try to do the right thing. I feel that it might lead to her downfall, but I really hope not as I find a really interesting character and not the Lacus clone I had feared her to be. And I’m sorry L-elfxShoko fans, but Lieselotte is the only girl in L-elf aka Michael’s heart. Michael a nice German name, and it make sense that he is named after the warrior archangel of heaven. He and Lieselotte have so much chemistry, and that scene at the end was so suave and romantic. L-elf shows that he can be quite debonair when he wants to be. The fact that he’s created Neo JIOR to be his weapons just so that he can save his lady fair, is rather awesome. And even if this eventually ends tragically, I doubt there will ever be another woman that brings his emotions to the forefront like she does. I will totally ship them from now on.

    Speaking of ships, it looks like Saki is being put on the back burner again. I thought they sent Akira and Raizou out to look for her but it looks as though they’ve called them back to deal with the matter at hand. Saki is still out with A-drei and they’ve really become the buddy team. The two find the transport the JIORian team stole, but L-elf and company have already abandoned it. Next week Saki gets her body back and she and A-drei meet face to face, and we’ll have to see how this suddenly and bizarrely shippable couple will react to one another, because goodness knows Saki could do better than Haruto who didn’t even mention or think about her this episode.

    As for Haruto, he meets his dad again, but finds out that his dad is basically a more pathetic version of Hojo from FF7. His father is an insane scientist that genetically modified Haruto to be the ultimate being. He says that he’s created the ultimate human, but I feel that the guy didn’t realize he was messing with Magius tech and ended up making Haruto a space vampire instead. It’s said that all the students at Sakimori were also modified before birth, however I find the idea that every single parent of every single student at that school signed up to be part of this genetic modification program before their kids were even born?! That’s a lot of time, a lot of kids, and a lot of douchebag parents. And most of those kids have been killed already in the attacks on JIOR, so they just wasted a bunch of money and science tech on a bunch of cannon fodder?

    Well, the Magius seem to be rolling along, still mostly in the shadows. Cain seems to have more up his sleeve and we still don’t know the status of H-neun though the official story is that the boy was selling secrets and was put to death. The Dorssian boys are loosing members left and right and I fear that X-eins and A-drei might be next to turn traitor.

    Haruto finds out the truth, rejects his father, and pledges to destroy the Valvraves. However we know they are still around in the future and instead an empire is created. So what goes wrong? We’ll have to see as this story continues.

    Also, has anyone seen Shoko? That girl used to be a main character and now is almost down to doing guest appearances. I think she’s been in, at most, 15-20 minutes in this entire second season, and most of that was in flashback.

    This was a good episode and I give it an 8.5. L-elf (Michael) and Lieselotte really made this episode.

    • Entrav

      They better have something planned for Shoko or else her role that was developed last season is going to go to waste. But if it’s at the sacrifice of some more interesting developments, then I guess I wouldn’t mind. It’s just sad to see her role disappear like this. Even Marie who was just a side character got her chance to shine this season. Heck, even Satomi had more screentime.


    Best episode. Done.

    Oh MA GAWD~

    1. Make a planet for yo woman
    2. Shoot down 2 armed helicoptors while expertly dodging gatling guns
    3. “Let me abduct you”

    Nothing short of the most SUAVE and EPIC action I’ve seen from this man to date. Truly a guns blazing entry. ERU ERUFU GOT DA MOVES!!! I’ve never shipped a couple soo much before I this.

    Sorry, Haruto, but as I’ve secretly told myself before early back in season 1: it’s about L-11 man.

    And I’m watching this for the plot [clearly picturing epic L-11 as I type this~]

    With all this new information coming in at lightning speed I think I’ll enjoy this much more if I watch the next episodes in bulk (and life always gets in the way as usual). I’ll have to part ways with both Valvrave and Entrav’s awesome reviews (this ep came a little late, I HAD TO FORCE MYSELF TO STAY AWAAYYY FROM HERE! I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS MAN!).

    So I bid ye farewell L-11!
    Entrav, keep up the awesome work. Your reviews are great! :)
    I WILL be back (in about 3 weeks)

    • Entrav

      Firstly, thanks a lot!

      Personally, I think watching Valvrave is a week by week experience and not a bulk one. The reason I think this is because you have the hype of each episode each week, and that is made even more so by discussions with other people. I mean, I really don’t think I’d like Valvrave as much as I do if I just marathon everything because there’s no anticipation week to week and no discussions because I will just watch the next episode and be done with it. Sure, you can look back at the discussions, but there’s nothing better than discussing it in the moment with other people. That’s a large part of what makes Valvrave incredibly enjoyable for me.

      • MACHA

        Very true. This is the first time in a very long time that I’m watching several shows weekly and it’s just more awesome that way. After this weekend I’m gonna be buried in all types of crap I’ve never seen. So I’ve been thinking about just stopping all anime I’m faithful to at the moment. While some are easier to step away from for a while – you’re spot on about about this. Definitely gonna put most of the shows on hold, but coming here after Valvrave is almost second nature. So I’ll probably find my way back here (dodging gatling guns) next week for RAVE NIGHT.^^

  • Josh Herbert

    crash and burn time!

  • Psychopatito

    Hi there. I was wondering if I lost something because I thought the ‘ritual’ had been disrupted by H-Neun and the lack of Runes, so X-whatever hadn’t been assimilated—sorry, I’m a big Star Trek fan, that’s my lingo—a la quasi-Borg style, and had gotten a reprieve—is that the word? If he had been taken over by a Magius, he wouldn’t be playing pool and sticking to that little brat but promoted to the big leagues. By the way, DNA sequences look more like a series of bar codes aligned together, but I guess you can program a computer to interpret the relationship of the chemical components any which way—I’m a science fiction buff too, though leaning more on science. Great reviews as always. I enjoy watching Valvrave and then I come here to read. You are spot on and it’s great to read your commentary for the images. Thanks.

    • Entrav

      There’s no way they can promote X-Eins to the big leagues. Q-Vier, and just about everyone else would be extremely suspicious if that happens. I’m pretty sure he’s been taken over.

      Thank you very much for your compliments, and thank you for reading!

  • megumi9

    *first time commenter
    The last few scenes were just priceless. Eru Erufu has once again proven himself to be a fantastic badass. I don’t know, but I fear Valvrave will not have a completely happy ending. The next episode’s title does give off some really bad vibes. Wonder if anyone is going to die. Guess I’ll just enjoy this awesome show for now. Thanks for covering this show so well. ^ ^

    • Entrav

      I don’t think Valvrave will have a happy ending either. It’s typical of Sunrise to do this to us. At least we know 200-years in the future some people live. Thanks for reading my reviews!

  • James Du
  • A.C.

    I won’t lie, I wasn’t THAT impressed by ERU ERUFUU’s romantic shenanigans in this chapter, mainly because I’m the most unromantic S.O.A.B. in this place! >_<
    That being said, the way in which he DID his romantic shenanigans was brilliant, and reminded me of James Bond (or rather, how I viewed James Bond as a kid. In reality Mr. Bond wouldn't last five seconds against the man ERU in a contest of awesome! :P)

    Anyway, ERU ERUFUU's unmatched awesomeness aside (seriously, I still can't get over the way he 'took down' that wall, talk about style…), I wholeheartedly agree with most of what's been said about the man Naruto, sorry, Haruto. As I've said in the past, the characters almost obsessive need for self-martyrdom is grating, when in fact he COULD use it to galvanize his resolve and turn into a reckless, crazy headed but well meaning and hugely motivating IRRESPONSIBLE HERO!!!!!!

    I'm serious, think about it…

    Haruto is mad keen to put himself in harms way if it means PROTECTING THE PEOPLE.
    Haruto cares about the well being of everyone BUT HIMSELF.
    Haruto is full to the brim of MAD PASSION.
    Haruto hates all that is bad, loves all that is good and deep down wants to DIE IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!!!
    Haruto wants to DIE FOR THE SINS OF MAN (so that no other needs to SUFFER, preach it!).

    Come on now, think about that last one. Even JESUS in the BIBLE (seriously, it's right there in the old book itself) didn't WANT that. Sure, he accepted it eventually, but he didn't WANT to have to do all that shizzle. But Haruto!??!! HIS BODY IS READY YOU B!TCHES!!! #BRINGIT!!!!!!

    AHEM. )_)

    Sorry again. I'm just saying, Haruto doesn't need to be anywhere near as lame as he is, and could actually be a really cool if unrefined counter to ERU ERUFUU's super stylish efficiency if he didn't keep tripping up over his own insecurities. It's maddening, and as others have rightly pointed out, also makes him seem really, really generic.

    It all reminds me of what a friend said when I first showed her pictures from VALVRAVE.

    "Hmmm, let me guess, the one with whitish grey hair is really cool and strong, and the one with the BIG eyes and dark hair is a well meaning dumba$$, right!?!?! Yeah, I thought so, they always do that…"
    Of course, I instinctively tried to stick up for poor old Haruto, especially as this was early in season one. But DAMN did she have them pegged. (_(

    • A.C.

      Oh I also forgot to mention, Haruto’s dad is SO lame he almost (I said ‘almost’ people, don’t kill me) makes Haruto look like ERU ERUFUU! WTF!?!?! O_o

      That’s just sad man. )_)

  • lalunafelis

    I’ve just recently got into this show and caught up with the 2nd season, despite the warnings of some sectors that this is one “trainwreck”. Glad I didn’t listen to them, this was really enjoyable so far–even the supposedly controversial “rape” scene, which in my view, is an actually a thought provoking insight on the characters’ psyche–until the recent revelations here in the latest episode which left me going, “meh”(all the kids in the school are gen modded? Totally original and unheard of), but things seemed to be heating up for another confrontation that could look interesting, so I’ll hold out for next week.

    My major complaint is that

    WARNING for potentially unpopular opinion!

    It seems that people seem to have a BIG thing against the classical nice guys like Haruto, in how both the audience(just look at the comments here!) and even the writers seem to be treating him. This is my biggest frustration; I mean, you can all say what you want about him, but I can see a lot more potential in his character. I dunno, but L-Elf is just one big walking Gary Stu who’s all PERFECTION and seems to only exist to make Haruto look even more pathetic than he’s supposed to be. Haruto’s “insecurities” in my eyes, are a sign that he’s aware of the implications of being what he is, a gen-modded space vampire, what it could mean to the people around him(one comment of him in another forum about him being an insensitive ass makes me laugh because of this)and he’s not gonna throw it out the window just so he could fit into someone’s criteria of “badass”. I even have this niggling feeling that people wouldn’t be this hard on him if he were a girl instead, and would even go MOEEEEEE and waifuwaifu for her(Double standard ahoy!) Unfortunately, the writers and most of the show’s watchers are male, so their characters are written the way that we see them now. Classic nice guy who’s just too human=wimp and therefore a bad thing, BADASS totes PERFECTION guy=cool.

    I’m kinda depressed with the implications of what I just wrote.

    • Entrav

      I actually find this season to be more well thought out than the first with not as much absurdities just yet. They’re building up to a proper climax this season around, and I’m not finding the change all too bad. It’s actually quite awesome. I mean, the “twist” shown here isn’t really a big deal. Sunrise knows of this, and it’s just a means to an end. I mean, with all we’ve seen, they know what they’re doing when it comes to twists.

      As for your opinion on the characters, I disagree. The reason is not because I like Gary Stu type of characters. The thing is that relative to someone like Cain, who is the antagonist, ERU ERUFU is still relatively powerless. Moreover, he’s not completely overpowered as he’s not even capable of piloting a Valvrave. Sure, his plans and his abilities are amazing and all, but he’s not “perfect.” He’s also got one of the best names ever so… Not to mention his incredible lines in this episode, ERU ERUFU is just more than a “Gary Stu.” I think it’s unfair to judge ERU ERUFU just because he may be seen as a “Gary Stu.” It’s not like there can’t be interesting varients of this kind of character.

      I don’t mind if there’s a character like Haruto who’s weaker and all that. However, there are better ways to have him develop than what has been shown so far. If anything, his character is far more stale than ERU ERUFU’s who has an interesting background, and a strong reason for doing what he is doing. It’s just that, insecurities about his position and all that have been done so much that if you want to do it now, you have to execute it better for people to say it’s “good.” I don’t completely hate Haruto. I just find him uninteresting.

      Nah, it’s good to express how you feel. Don’t worry about it.

    • A.C.

      Interesting points there. On the issue of Haruto, I agree the idea of him being insensitive is bizarre at best, if anything he’s ‘too’ sensitive. And as much as I do get annoyed with his insecurity, I also agree 100% that he has TONNES of potential. In fact, as I said in my post above, I actually feel his desire for self-martydom COULD be used to at least make him a lot more daring but in a less calculated way then ERU ERUFUU. And no, that guy is by no means perfect. This was evidenced when he started crying uncontrollably (by his standards anyway) in the first season when he (or technically, his body) looked at the picture of Lieselotte (whilst being controlled by another soul, no less, which speaks to how deeply he feels for her). As someone said below, the almost at times robotic, super efficient/amazing ERU ERUFUU is on many levels powered not by the perfunctory, cold logic of a machine, but the most human (and at times powerful/frail) of emotions, love. That doesn’t take away from his cool factor, but it certainly doesn’t set him up to be the perfect warrior either (and we’ve already seen he does have limits, even in CQC, which he excels at).

      Back to Haruto, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I assure you I get just as annoyed at wishy-washy female characters as well, no sexism allowed! ;)

      Case in point, I got really annoyed at many of the female cast (not to mention the males too) for their reaction in Gargantia when their lives are saved by the destruction of the pirates (I think episode two or three). It bordered on childish, like they wanted it to play out A-Team style (i.e. nobody gets seriously hurt/killed). As if they were saying “HEY! We have an equilibrium here man, don’t mess with it! Sure, occasionally we’re held at gunpoint and treated like literal b!tches, but nobody gets HURT!!!!!”

      *sigh* >_<

      Anyway, I don't mind Haruto being a little insecure, as you point out it's more realistic that way, given his character. But it's WAY TOO MUCH at the moment, and to your point, is actually hampering his potential. It's not really ERU ERUFUU's fault he looks the way he does, heck even the reckless but usually funny 'Thunder' is more interesting at this point. And that's even after he needlessly got his Valvrave beatDOWN. O_o

  • D Zero

    I miss Shoko so much, but as luck would have it, Liselotte’s interactions with Eru Erufu or should I call him Michael reminds me of her and completes my watching especially that she kind of resembles Shoko’s benign demeanor and determination.

  • MegaAnimeFreak7

    I was NOT expecting his name to be Michael, but it fits! OMG