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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 23 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 23 Review
“Module 77 Recapture Strategy”
“Mojūru 77 Dakkan Sakusen”

After all the agony, misunderstandings, and trials that have been placed in-front of Haruto, L-Elf, Saki, Shoko, and everyone else, it’s time for them to work towards a greater goal no matter their individual sacrifices. It’s time to unveil the secret to the world.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 23 Impressions

I wonder how X-Eins feels about that?

X-Eins revenge


Carmilla mech


So these guys are totally okay with Kamitsuki. Why the fuck are people in the other ship around Shoko a bunch of pieces of shit?

Sashinami shoko

Making amends? Yeah right. It’s obviously not going down that route.

L-Elf smiling


You tell them.

Renbokoji Akira place to belong

She may be a NEET, but she sure is becoming a badass one.

ERU ERUFU pretending to be injured


A-Drei fabulous hair


“I was taken over by a vampiric immortal teenager that’s capable of piloting a giant mech run on Nvidia that can use a shining finger attack to obliterate-“
Yeah, I think not.



Rukino saki

No one will be happy. :/


Finally, he’s not being a total tard.

Saki and Haruto

Is this the actual promise? I think it’ll be one before he dies or something though.

Rukino Saki sad



A-Drei never really hated L-Elf. He constantly wanted him back even though Q-Vier is keen on blowing him to bits, and as such, it’s no surprise that now that their goals are aligned that they’d work together. What’s perhaps most interesting about their reconciliation is that Q-Vier is not involved at all. Quite simply, A-Drei and X-Eins do not trust his crazy ass enough. Then, we have Saki and Haruto who finally got back together. It should be fairly apparent with all the flashforwards and the progression of how this season has gone that neither Saki nor Shoko will end up with him by the end. For Saki, the problem has been, at least in this season and the ending few episodes of the previous season, trying to get across her feelings to Haruto as he’s fixated on Shoko.


You bet your fancy mini-jetpack thingy you’re not.

Renbokoji Satomi

As much as I admire your effort, it’s still kind of creepy if you put it that way.

Renbokoji Akira blushing


Valvrave dainsleif unit 2


Because they are literally a giant without its head without Cain.

Prue and Cain


Nanami Rion hot


Those clothes must be tight around your… uhh… assets. Taking them off sounds like a good way to get some better rest.

She’s in the wrong ship.

……………. These fucking guys.

Fuck. This doesn’t sound good.

Shoko, you know you just want to leave this retarded ship.

Honestly, I think Akira expresses my thoughts of these kinds of developments perfectly.

Renbokoji Akira disappointed

At this point, this is exactly how I feel. This writer just hates genki types doesn’t he?


VVV Pino


Sashinami Shoko sad


… It’s hard for me to like the “brave face.”

Valvrave season 2 haruto crying


A lot of what has transpired between Saki, Shoko, and Haruto is just how unfortunate their fates really are. For Saki, she was constantly at a disadvantage because Haruto just likes Shoko more, and for Shoko it is how she did not become a Kamitsuki and doesn’t know of the truth until the bitter end where things cannot be fixed anymore. Upon realizing that Haruto was doing all of this for her, Shoko knows that she’s not really fit to be with him and subsequently puts on a “brave face” to reject him as a way of punishment for herself. After all, she probably doesn’t feel like she deserves it after the way she behaved. One could argue that as a Prime Minister Shoko should have tried to convince everyone that Haruto and the others aren’t bad people, and I agree that it’s a valid option. Nonetheless, if she were to do that then it’d be as if she didn’t really face any consequences for rejecting Haruto previously. She wants to distance herself from him for his sake, and by the end, only despair will remain as Haruto loses all memories of her. Of course, that also means that Saki will not get much of an opportunity to build her relationship with Haruto further to maybe change his mind about who he truly loves. In the end, the three are fated to be apart.

Indeed, it’ll be the first time a fucking slow-mo cutting of a person’s throat will be shown world- Not even worldwide. More like space-wide. Yeah, words.

Renbokoji Satomi hope

Satomi is becoming more likeable. Thank God because there aren’t a lot of humans left who are.


So many flags.

L-Elf Karlstein neck


That’s hot.

No, but the ERU ERUFU squadron is.

Here it comes…

Valvrave shoko flashback

PLS NO HATING. When you think about doing so, just think of this picture.

I can just imagine the ending of this series now.

Carmilla VVV



Rukino Saki

At least we know she’s not going to die.


L-Elf Karlstein smile

He’s glad to be back AND WE ARE TOO.

Shoko and Haruto

One by one.

Piece by piece.

Tear by tear.

Tokishima Haruto screaming

The end is near.

A-Drei L-Elf and X-Eins




Yamada Raizou Kamitsuki

Best thing you said so far.

Q-vier sucker

You bitch.

Yamada Raizou death

More like it’s going to be the GOLDEN 1: SAKI.

“Good deal…”
Getting blown in half with blood everywhere? Yep.

Well, shit.


Renbokoji Akira screaming

You call the ERU ERUFU and he will respond.


L-Elf badass




Valvrave the liberator season 2

Now this would get me watching TV again.


What a bunch of failures.

What happened to all the other ships? I guess they all got destroyed by the RUNE LEAKING HARUTO.

Saki sure has some competition now especially with that face.

Can the writer stop torturing my Shokofag heart now?

With the death of Yamada, it’s becoming clearer that the Golden 7 may very well be the pilots that were alive, or be the key people who expose the Magius and defeat them. What’s also a bigger problem in the grand scheme of things is just how exposing Magius will bring humanity and Kamitsuki together. At this point, I suppose they could somehow push the blame onto the Council of 101 and not make the students look as bad, but hatred will not disappear so easily. Haruto and the others will end up liberating Dorssia which may make them look better, but it really may end up taking many, many years for the rest of the world to accept these beings. Still, I’m not too doubtful that they can execute this properly with L-Elf, A-Drei, and X-Eins now working together to change the world. They just have to somehow differentiate Kamitsuki from the Magius in the Council of 101 and they’re good to go.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 23 Review

After 23 episodes of this absurd ride, I’m starting to become a bit desensitized to the craziness especially if I don’t care too much about the characters originally or if I find it predictable. For this episode, the most predictable part is the revealing of Magius to the rest of the world. It is done in a dramatic, ERU ERUFU way which is damn awesome, but it doesn’t really compare in terms of unpredictability to the developments of the past such as the revealing of Prue, Magius, the SHINING FINGER DESTRUCTION, and so on. Thankfully, Haruto is quickly improving to become a decent protagonist and you know what that means. Yep, he’s going to die soon! As for Yamada’s death, I never really liked the guy, and I’m not too sad to see him go, but he’s at least the best he’s ever been in my eyes. Besides, I can’t hate how he knows what to do, what to protect, and what being a Kamitsuki is all about. He remained proud until the end. It doesn’t have the insert song going for it or the build-up that Inuzuka did, but it’s not bad.

Overall, because the developments in this episode are fairly predictable, I just didn’t feel that incredible VALVRAVE awe by the end. Sure, things develop nicely, and you have to wonder how they’re going to tie everything together which make things interesting, but I just don’t feel the hype that I usually do. Hopefully Sunrise won’t just finish the battle with Cain and skip 200+ years and have Saki say what happens during those 200 years because that would be more disappointing than the last episode of Kyoukai no Kanata. As long as it can give me the thrill it usually does next time and doesn’t end the story abruptly, I’ll be more than happy. If it surpasses the previous season’s cliffhanger… Well, it’s going to be AOTYAYEY ALL OVER AGAIN.




Valvrave the Liberator Saki Shoko and Nanami Wallpaper

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  • zztop

    You know,the writers still haven’t resolved the mystery of the Valvrave tech, and Pino and Prue, throughout Season 1 and 2.
    They still haven’t revealed
    1)how JIOR found the original Valvraves and Pino and Prue,
    2)how Pino and Prue are related to the Magius,
    3)and how the two beings ended up in their respective sides(esp. how Prue ended up with Cain).
    The writers should at least answer 1 of these questions for the final episode.

    • Hansen Putera

      they might just gonna reveal it in another story like in novel or something like that…
      maybe… a movie ? or s3?

    • Irenesharda

      Also, I’m assuming Pino’s going to get released in the end of this so that she and Prue can reunite. So how are the VVVs going to keep running? Also, what was the Magius’ ceremony they were gathering all those runes for? How do the VVVs get their golden form? How does Satomi become a kamitsuki will only 3 VVVs left, and why? How many others in the future become kamitsuki? Is their really a way for them to do so without becoming pilots? What about Haruto’s dad? How does the Empire expand into the universe?

      And they had better not reveal and destroy VVV2/Dainsleif is one episode! That thing has been built up for two seasons, they better do something awesome with it. Cain deserves a longer end fight.

    • Entrav

      I imagine they’ll explain the whole deal with Prue and Pino which will reveal how the Valvraves were made in a flashback or something. I do hope that they answer at least one of those questions too because it’s already been 2 seasons.

  • valk_72

    Death flag, i see death flag everywhere!! With all the death flags he has, i’m quite sure Haruto is gonna lose all his memories and die in the next episode. Can’t wait to see the final!!

  • Christemo


    • zztop

      The issue’s the sudden and jarring characterization change for Shoko, I think.
      The writers establish her as this character type in Season 1, but don’t drop or show any hints to possible character degradation for Season 2. Also we never saw much of her for most of the season.

      • MACHA

        I tink we’ve gotten hints that Shoko is a strong character and she understands very well what she has to do to keep things stable on her end. What we are seeing is how Shoko has chosen to deal with this mess.
        Her dicisions aren’t so surprising that it makes her a different person. Due to the situation, she really doesn’t have a choice. She has to go for the option that doesn’t result in a huge fight among the students.
        Keeping Haruto and the other VV pilots at a distance was for Haruto’s sake. If she openly expresses her support for the VV pilots, it’ll only turn the other students against her. With the new reveal thanks to ERU ERUFU & co, hopefully, they’ll change their minds.

      • oprirq

        Shoko finally acting like a President , choosing harsh decision even though it will hurt her

    • Entrav


  • Christemo

    Q-Vier is a better love interest for Haruto than Shoko at this point. The long journey from almost best girl to worst girl of the season. All aboard the Saki train all the way to Rapeville, choo choo.

  • Misaki

    I’m smelling a season 3

    • Josh Herbert


    • Entrav


    • oop

      i want to know more about the golden 7 /rainbow 7 , their was 5 valvrave now their 3 valvrave , we all came up with the conclusion that Haruto going to die which mean that Satomi will replace him …
      cant wait to find out who the other 4 are

    • Zeraion god

      S3S3S3S3S3S3 kidnap the writer

  • D

    Valvrave is crazy, but I think recent developments in Samurai Flamenco’s plot have surpassed Valvrave to acheive new heights of insanity.

    • MACHA

      OOOH!! I haven’t watched since episode 4 (because school/suffering) – and this all I’ve been hearing for a while. I WILL BE WATCHING THIS – RIGHT NOW.

    • Entrav

      Yep. Samurai Flamenco is ridiculously insane now that it’s shown its true colors. It all depends on how they handle this though.

    • MgMaster

      I really need to pick up that show…but I will when the bleak-looking winter season starts.

    • May

      After seeing your comment. I watched Samurai Flamenco. It was so hilarious!! Still, I prefer Valvrave’s plot twist better.

  • Irenesharda

    This show is really moving and moving fast!

    So, this episode was completely fast paced with events happening at lightning speeds. We have the reveal that Cain is the murderer of H-neun (which X-eins kept pretty well to himself especially since last episode he was still wondering whether why H-neun was a traitor and all) they break up into teams and meet up again with L-elf. The three decide to renew their team and together take down Cain and the Council. At the same time, Haruto and the rest of the pilots meet up about this new idea of making a country of their own.

    Unfortunately, Shoko still has to support those under her so she acts coldly to Haruto and treats those on the ship like “other”. Haruto retakes him mech and heads out a fight against Dorssia to retake the Module. This is a wild fight and the kirschbaums who were so powerful before seem a little downgraded to make way for the plot, but that’s fine. As they are fighting, Akira hacks the networks to make room for L-elf and company’s little show below, which is too reveal that the Fuhrer is really an immortal being just like the students! Which….puts into question that if the Magius make the human body that they take over immortal and able to regenerate from lethal wounds, why do they need to get new bodies? Why does that body age? So is really the only difference between kamitsuki and Magius is that they require more runes and the bodies they inhabit age?

    Anyway, now the world knows to the anger of the Council. However, I really don’t know how this is going to solve anything? If the Magius have immortal bodies that can heal form any wound than you really can’t kill them unless you can somehow make them run out of runes which they would have to give up voluntarily. It’s kind of like attempting to make a person make themselves throw up so that they can die of malnutrition/starvation. It’s a pretty hard feat, especially for hundreds of alien refugees. So, while this presentation shows the world some of the truth, it doesn’t show it all, and why would this make the world accept the students any better? All it does is create more monsters for them to be afraid of and/or hate.

    Anyway, Raizo dies here. It wasn’t a very big surprise and didn’t have as much impact as Kyuma, Lieselotte, or Marie’s deaths did. It kind of seemed tacked on. And actually, the whole time I was actually congratulating Q-vier on what an awesomely smart tactical move he made. I honestly thought Q-vier was going to bite it, but he really showed how smart he actually is in that finishing move. However, this has also signed the poor kid’s death warrant. I had really wanted him to live since he’s not a bad kid just raised horribly wrong. However now that he’s actually killed one of the main pilots I’m almost sure he’s going to get killed by one of the other remaining pilots, or something like that.

    So, the episode ends with Haruto and the others still fighting outside, the reveal of the Magius living among them, and Haruto beginning to lose more and more of his memories because of his overuse of VVV1. Cain looks like he is about to join the fray, but he’s yet to unleash him VVV2, Dainsleif. So either that machine is going to be total let down, or this series is going to end in cliffhanger despite the next episodes title. We also see the promise that Saki made was “to never give up” and we also learn that the Magius found out about the Valvraves from Prue, who we can guess was part of the project at one point. He was rescued by Cain, and now he’s determined to get his sister back. Also the way the council woman held a gesture of respect towards Prue, again confirms his status despite their lack of honorifics.

    So we’re down to the last episode and we’ll have to see where it goes. It does look like we may go into epilogue territory, but I really hope that they don’t defeat Cain this easily. It should take more than one episode to defeat Cain, and probably longer to figure out what to do afterward. However, at the rate we’re running out of main characters, any sequel to this will have to have new replacements. There are still questions that need to be answered, but it seems they might rush through them like they did with this episode. H-neun might just stay dead offscreen, we might never know what happened to Haruto’s dad. Will they ever tell us what that large ceremony was for that the magius were planning and needed all those runes for? Will we find out why Prue and Pino are so important. What happens with Prue and Pino meet out in the battlefield? Either this will be all answered next week, or who knows what…..just don’t rush everything and disappoint me Valvrave.

    I give this episode an 8/10.

    • ZeroSaber

      The part about running out of characters is a very apt observation of the constraint that the storyboard is confronted with. I think you bring up loose ends that I would also like to be resolved or explored more – like pino and prue.

      Lisselotte’s death really did not have an impact on me at all, because of the lack of room given for proper attachment between her and L-elf, as well as between her and the viewers. Marie’s death was the strongest, I keep on believing that she was simply asleep and would wake at the touch of the lips.

      However, did for any of you the fact that the plot device of ‘losing memory’ is not an original innovation dampen the impact? Even in Marie’s case, remembering that this is a common device dampened the blow for me.

      Rushing it would be very detrimental to the overall quality of the resolution, but I am fearing that the final battle with Cain will indeed be bunched together with the 200 years fastforward. Which would be a disappointment for Haruto and both the female leads, I think they deserve better. The story really would be more rewarding were it to allow emotional bonding and intimacy to grow properly for the trio.

      • May

        Oh you are opposite with me in this case. The impact of Lieselotte’s death is bigger on me than Marie’s. Maybe because of personal experience.
        But yeah, thanks to Marie, I learnt that having memories is better although bad memories, than not having one at all.

  • megumi9

    L-elf was so badass this episode; he’s back with a vengeance! His screen time this episode makes up for the two episodes during which he just sat and moped around.
    Thunder won’t suffer from a lack of company in the afterlife (or Heaven), at least. Sempai and Nobu will be there, among others. He was somewhat of a comic relief in season 1, but he matured a great deal this season, I think. His line about not discriminating those he saved in a recent episode proves that. He went out the way he wanted to, protecting a fellow comrade and friend. I liked Inuzuka-sempai more than him, but I’ll miss his catchphrase line.
    Akira…dat scream…but still, she has Saki and Satomi. Her friendship with Shoko is almost beyond redemption. Akira and Saki for best girls!!
    Haruto looks set to die from rune-depletion, but if he jacks L-elf’s body in the next episode and his own body gets destroyed, wouldn’t it mean that L-elf would die? (Someone correct me if I’m wrong) Haruto’s death I can accept, but L-elf’s I can’t. The mere thought is sacrilegious. L-elf is the one who carries the show and dictates what needs to be done. Yet, the future prince has silver hair like him. I don’t know what to think anymore.
    Earlier in the show Haruto said that he would destroy the valvraves, if I’m not mistaken. As of this episode, two valvraves are down. Haruto’s goal/wish came true partially, but back then he probably didn’t imagine the huge price that would have to be paid: the lives of two of his comrades.
    Iori deserves to get killed. Her wary, angry face just rubs me the wrong way and pisses me off. The pilots have feelings too!! Shoko’s putting on a façade, but Iori’s hatred looks genuine. Speaking of which, Haruto x suffering is the best OTP.
    Wonder how everything will be resolved in one episode. This show sorely needs a continuation and a good, unrushed ending.
    Great review as always.

    • Entrav

      Firstly, there’s no way Sunrise will kill off ERU ERUFU because he’s the reason a lot of people watch the show in the first place. Secondly, the actual plot reason is the prince that is shown in the flashforwards that looks like him. He needs to at least get it on before dying.

      Iori just needs to die a BAKEMONO death.

      Agreed, Haruto x SUFFERING is OTP.

      Thanks for reading! :)

      • Iam

        Firstly, there’s no way Sunrise will kill off ERU ERUFU because he’s the reason a lot of people watch the show in the first place.
        Time to remember, that lot of people watched Code Geass because of Lelouch

    • MACHA

      Your theory about Haruto jacking ERU ERUFU’s body is freaking scary. It really would explain how a child that looks like MIGHTY ERU ERUFU could exist 200 years later if ERU ERUFU himself is not a kamitsuki in order to be there and create the kid in the kirst place (and never can be T T) (that would also explain the kids freakishly Haruto-like blue eyes…)

      It’s very possible and too scary to ignore. Sunrise is not afraid to do it if they’re very determined (and evil).

      If that happens, I hope Haruto will just jack another body afterwards and ERU ERUFU will live, because bodyjacking doesn’t kill the original owner of the body. (Althoygh bodyjacking for 200 years is… probably not good for the original owner… oh gawd)

    • dangerpoop

      Firstly … the moment Eru EruFu dies this show ends , like me I’m sure many others people are drawn to this anime because of the epicness shown by Eru EruFu .

      secondly the name ” third galactic Reich” , is German ,as we know L-Elf German , i doubt if Haruto did take over Eru EruFu body he would name it ‘ Third galactic REICH ‘also no matter how stupid haruto is he knows he cant run a nation with out L-elf so he wont take over his body .

      third there a Foreshadow that Rune are like DNA ,and my theory that every time Haruto take over/bite L-Elf he changing L-elf DNA , there a possibility that there a little bit of haruto in L-elf or vis versa there could be a little bit of L-elf in Haruto … scary right ? which could be why the prince look a bit like haruto. also if that prince is related to L-elf that mean that L-elf became a self appointed king of the new nation .

      I somewhat agree with what Shoko done this episode(it may have been done for personally reason but it was the right thing to do ) ,considering the situation , where many student witness there friends /classmate murdered in front of their eyes , because they had these so called “monster” living with them , they obviously going to fear and hate the Valvrave riders . If Shoko tried to convince them to accept Haruto , there no way the student is going to listen to her anymore and basically outcast her with the rest of the Valvrave riders .

    • Miyashita_Kaneko

      Your theory about Haruto will hijack L-elf body, …..nooooo ;_;

      But it seems too convenient to be true
      *gendou pose waiting for Valvrave 24*

  • Irenesharda

    Oh, and that scene were L-elf was explaining to A-drei the plan and then A-drei just stops him and tells him “I know.”, as if to say “It’s okay, we’ve got this.” And L-elf just gives a natural smile.

    He is so glad to finally be working with professionals again! LOL
    It’s the first time in months he gets to work with people that he doesn’t have to type out instruction manuals or write down sticky notes for. :D

    • Entrav

      I know right. After dealing with completely inexperienced tards that whine all the time it must be a big relief to be able to pull off everything without even needing to go into extreme detail.

      • zztop

        Dear Magius Council,

        How’s it feel to be publicly exposed to the world? (・`ω´・)

  • May

    Actually I’ve been waiting for your post since the raw version came out last night. Hehe.
    It was not as thrilling as the unexpected live “show” of saki’s kamitsuki truth and the massacre.
    BECAUSE. Well, we’ve already used to someone’s dying every episode. We know that somebody and Haruto are going to die, we know that A-Drei will team up with L-Elf, we know that crazy Q-vier maybe would not join.. It was all already expected.
    I just wanna know what will happen to Pino and Plue? how Haruto will die? will Shoko die too? What Cain is going to do with Saki? Who exactly is the prince in the time leap? That prince really looks like L-Elf with Haruto’s facial expression.., .. How exactly Saki the Golden Kamitsuki can live for such a long time (because they need runes)? How Satomi becomes the kamitsuki? ..
    Yeah, I agree with you, Shoko is really on the wrong ship. If there was no “we-are-human,-you-are-monsters” ruckus, maybe Shoko will press that “Yes” button. who knows. I hate that damn Iori. She’s the most need-to-die person here.

    • Entrav

      Iori needs to die. Hopefully Q-Vier blows her up and then commits suicide. Yeah. That’ll be quite a finale.

      I think they’ll find another way to maintain their Kamitsuki status without resorting to sucking up runes from people who are alive.

    • julyismybirthday

      when Haruto started to lose memory of Shoko i started smiling , maybe it because i always wanted him to end up with saki , if by chance Haruto survive this battle which is unlikely , he like maria in this case , his Rune are leaking out ,his already started losing his memory , it not looking good for him . but by chance he forget everything about shoko and only remembers saki , that would be a happy ending for me !

      • May

        Haha.. It’s good if there’s any happy ending like that here. Still, maybe no girls actually get the hero, like Macross Frontier and Code Geass. If this is like Gundam Seed then we can expect that sort of happy ends. It’s just, when things get harem like this, in shounen anime maybe that chance is.. not so high… I think.
        Before this in season 1, I actually would be happy if Shoko ends up with L-elf, and yeah maybe Haruto is better suited with Saki, ok, I can accept it. But after seeing that how much L-Elf loves Lieselotte and also that massacre scene, and the stuffs after that, ok, I see. Nobody ends up with the hero. Maybe. Like always. Sigh. Just wait for somebody to create doujinshi etc.

    • Miyashita_Kaneko

      Until I read your comment above, I am still not realized that Valvrave 2nd season will end in two (or three??) last episodes. Yet still many things unresolved and time-leap thingy, I believe Sunrise maybe need Valvrave S3 (to explain all of the mysteries). If Valvrave just end with S2 only, haaah it will so disappointing (Two or three episodes will too fast for me, really), except Sunrise surprise me with some unimaginable conclusion. LOL

      Is it only me to think that Saki deserves Haruto instead of Shoko? Yes, Shoko is really on the wrong ship, but she already know about the fact (Haruto resigned as human because of her). OMG. Why she can’t accepted him? =_=” Yeah, we really don’t know how this triangle relationship will conclude but I’m still in my opinion, that Saki deserves more for Haruto that Shoko.

      Oh, and slow-motion L-ELF cut that Dorssian neck was FABULOUS XD

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    Season 3 has to be in the works.
    I have to agree that now that a few pilots have died what it will mean for the Golden 7.

    • Entrav

      Golden 7: All dead except for Saki and Akira.

      • cantsay no

        we dont know that yet , in the future clips we know that Saki ,Akira and her brother are alive , we cant say the others are dead just because their name hasn’t been mention yet

      • Zeraion

        we know that Valvrave 01 is providing the runes to all Valvrave (episodes 13), if Haruto dead how’d saki could become ultimate magius?

  • Zeraion god

    one more episode will do well than season 3, coz the thing’s developed so fast, but if the next episode is the finale, then the battle between cain vs haruto will be so fast…well I would like it ended in 2 more episodes and haruto die in glory

  • zztop

    Katsura Hoshino’s character designs for Valvrave are really good. It’s a pity Hoshino hasn’t had any other showcase works apart from D-Gray Man and misc. one shot manga.
    Interesting how Hoshino’s designs are more elaborate then the anime design, such as little Liselotte’s hair ornaments(instead of anime hair buns) and the Karlstein uniform epaulettes.

  • Bam
  • Bam
    • ZeroSaber

      You know what? Considering that it’s obvious the girls have forgiven him (both in the show and played out by the expression in this meme) this would actually be a happy ending. One that I would root for a lot, actually.

      Bigamy should be the law of the land in the Galactic Empire.

  • Michael

    I actually disagree with the prevailing opinion that Haruto will die/lose ALL his memories. I am betting that he is just going to lose all of his memories of Shoko, leaving only the ones with Saki (mainly the rapey time). Consider this, Marie only had memories from junior high, the rest had been eaten already. Lisselotte had her runes slowly drained as punishment for most of her “princess” life. Haruto is strangely losing his Shoko memories (the ones most important to him?) but nothing about his other friends that he’s had for so long. I think Shoko will be wiped from his memory and when they next see each other he’s just going to walk right by her to Saki. I’m laying odds on the emotional tragedy ending, not actual death.

    • Entrav

      True, it is definitely strange that he’s just losing memories of Shoko. If we use Marie’s death as a guideline then it could be that the most important memories go first. However, I do think that if he loses memories, he will lose memories of everything. Right before Marie died, she forgot who Haruto was as well. I think he forgot Shoko first for dramatic effect, and because those memories are all ones from quite some time ago so memories with her would be the ones most likely to be destroyed as we know for certain that Haruto knew Shoko back then, but we’re not sure if he knew anyone else that he knows now back then.

      • ZeroSaber

        I personally want to agree with Michael with all my heart, but my head says that Entrav is right and even Saki won’t be able to have Haruto.

      • MgMaster

        ” I think he forgot Shoko first for dramatic effect”

        ^Bingo.Your theory makes sense Michael but don’t forget that this is still Valvrare,using too much logic is a no-no! I’m expecting Haruto to loose all his memories in a intense mecha battle with Cain.

  • zztop

    TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki will perform a duet mashup of Preserved Roses and Kakumei Dualism at this year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen music contest.

    Unsurprisingly, the Karlstein boys didn’t trust Q-4 enough to let him in on their defection + expose the Magius plans.
    Shame Raizo had to pay the price. :(

    • Entrav

      Hopefully it’ll be uploaded somewhere. D:

  • (:

    Hey which website do you watch Valvrave at?

    • Entrav

      You can watch it at Crunchyroll.

  • ZeroSaber

    Before the finale, I want to go back to what for me was one huge opportunity missed for a golden moment in anime love history. Did Saki reject Haruto because she was looking for something more than ‘making up’ for mistakes? Had Haruto proposed with more of an element of saying ‘I desire you, I want you to be with me because I think you are beautiful,’ would she have fallen?

    • Entrav

      I think she would have if it didn’t sound like Haruto was just trying to be responsible for his actions. Saki doesn’t want to force Haruto in a relationship he doesn’t truly want to be in.

      • connos

        totaly agree

  • zztop

    Re. Haruto x Saki, the writers REALLY NEED to explain Haruto sexually assualting Saki back in Season 1. All we know is that Pino was happily involved.

    Was it ever meant to serve some kind of narrative purpose in the plot? Or was it just for shock value?

    • Entrav

      It was to serve the Valvrave purpose. I’m sure you know what that means by now.

    • zzztopw

      i think he talking about , why it happens , since normally he bite people for runes . Was pino trying to increase the chance of surviving by making Haruto and saki bear a child?
      that scene doesn’t seem to fit in this story anymore

  • MgMaster

    Game set & match.You just don’t loose a revolution with FukuJun on your side.

    • Entrav


  • May

    By the way, how come only students in Shoko’s ship are injured while the ship Otamaya is in isn’t..?

    • May

      Ah~ who cares~ poor shoko, living with a bunch of fools.

  • MgMaster

    So like yea,Sunrise managed to give Satomi enough developments this season to make me like him as a character.Now he just needs to get rid of his obsession over Akira…Granted,he did seem to get better at it.

    At any rate,I’m happy knowing that he’ll survive(and yes,I’m 90% sure that’s actually him in the future).Guys like him that learn well from their experiences are a good thing for any country,especially for a new one.Can’t have everyone be a martyr now can we? :P


    Just one more episode to go for the season.
    This show’s begging for S3 – GIMME.

    On a sidenote, Sunrise already has it’s next mech anime lined up for January:

    According to them it’s a buddy robot drama. I’m curious how that’ll work with Sunrises’s SUFFING setting that’s usually built in..

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    Indeed that picture strike a low blow to me. I’m feeling it!