Valvrave the Liberator Episode 24 (FINALE) – LOOOOOOOOOL. OK SUNRISE.

Valvrave the Liberator L-Elf episode 24

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 24 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 24 Review
“Revolution to the Future”
“Mirai e no Kakumei”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Oh God, I actually don’t even know how I should respond to this episode. There’s a side of me that wants to be serious and address the problems of this episode, and then there is the side of me that just says, “screw it, it’s VALVRAVE AFTER ALL.” Well, whether it’s horribly done or a masterpiece, VALVRAVE IS STILL VALVRAVE. SO LET’S SHOUT, VALVRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!!!

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 24 Impressions



They are literally retarded without Cain.


The internet in a nutshell.

Wanting to go back to school when being nearly annihilated by immortal aliens in control of all of humanity.

Ninomiya Takahi




Overpowered as fuck.



Dude, this is not Oreimo, screw off.


Pretty accurate description of the internet.

What a bunch of plebs.


Dainsleif vs Hito VVV

Bitch please, I got all of the specialties of all your mechs and then some.

Dainsleif unit 2


X-Eins revenge


Please, screw off.

How did this guy even become president? Oh right, Magius.

Stingy. Heh.

Holy shit, how many things can it do?

Cain Dressel

Your pretentiousness: A+

What a psycho.

More importantly, H-NEUN, right?

Bitch, take the X-ANUS FULL POWER.

X-Eins death

It’s the natural order of the SUNRISE.

Valvrave Dainsleif

Wow, that’s it? ANUS IN DESPAIR.

X-Eins dies



L-Elf Karlstein


Haruto bites L-Elf


Only Harutard would say that kind of line. :)


Rukino Saki

Saki, you need to watch more anime.




Talk to the fucking hand, asshole.


A-Drei shocked

A-Drei can’t believe how beautiful his hair is.

Q-Vier death

Why aren’t you appreciating his beautiful hair? What a pleb. Just die as a pleb.

It’s okay, A-Drei, someday you will meet someone who can match up to your beautiful hair.

If we’ve learned anything in this series, it’s that the side-characters who stay on-screen for too long are short lived. Thankfully, A-Drei has managed to stay away long enough for him to not meet a bitter end like the rest of his friends. Well, that, and the fact that the fangirls will burn the studio down if he ever did. Not even Sunrise can mess with them. They’re scary. But what’s a bigger enemy of all the fangirls is undoubtedly Q-Vier who is being a huge nuisance to A-Drei’s beautiful hair. That, ladies and gentlemen, warrants a slow and painful death, and fear not, such a death he does receive! If Yamada had gotten some lessons of how to make his hair have even a fraction of the beauty of A-Drei’s, then maybe he would have stood a better chance in the previous episode, but alas, not everyone can acquire such marvelousness.

As his former commander, Cain has most likely gotten some lessons after teaching A-Drei something in return. While it may not be a great trade for A-Drei to give anyone the secret of his beautiful hair, getting bitten in the neck is probably something he’d avoid or else he’d lose his beautiful hair altogether. It’s fairly surprising considering that Cain could have obtained A-Drei’s hair at any time, but chose not to. You would think that a person like Cain who has capabilities that surpass even ERU ERUFU would be quick to seize that kind of opportunity. However, he is cocky. He thought he could defeat ERU ERUFU without A-Drei’s beautiful hair, and as such, we see how he quickly falls to the might of the extended lessons of beautiful hair creation that ERU ERUFU has received from A-Drei. Indeed, ERU ERUFU is not cocky. He knows perfectly well the power that is held by A-Drei’s beautiful hair. You can see how quickly the tide begins to turn when Haruto possesses a being with superior hair. Such is life.


So… what happens when they realized that they didn’t actually die?


It’s not a bad one.



Sashinami Shoko decision\

Uh-oh, never say that to a siscon.


There goes his memories.


Take off your eyepatch and reveal your true powers!

Pino can’t take the RAVE.


Too? I wouldn’t really call what you did in the past “trying.” It was more like crying.



And we don’t really see the rest of how he does that. Yeah, okay. Thanks, Sunrise.








Kakumeiki Valvrave Kakumeiki Valvrave season 2



Wow, that overpowered mech just got…

JEWBR- I mean, Inuzuka!

Time to sacrifice himself.


Dainsleif mech punched



L-Elf Karlstein shouting


Hito vs Dainsleif vvv

Oh. That’s it? I was hoping for some special slash. D:




Valvrave Cain


So small. Heh.

Pino and Prue


Nononono, let me see the rest of the story…


He didn’t say promise. D:

Kakumeiki Valvrave anime

Valvrave L-Elf friend

Well, damn. Can’t hate the ERU ERUFU tears.

Valvrave the liberator


ERU ERUFU shocked

He’s so mad right now.

Tokishima Haruto last smile

One last smile for the person he loves most.
I can’t believe I just said that.

Tokishima Haruto dies

Bye bye, Harutard.
Sorry, couldn’t resist the HARUTARD.



It’s okay, Shoko, you’ll become a BAKEMONO to make up for what you’ve done.

Renbokoji Satomi and Takahi marriage

Staring at DEM BOOBS.

L-Elf emperor of the galaxy


Fuck, Iori is still alive? She looks worse than ever too. Ugh.


Rukino Saki and Kriemhild


Hard choice, but you can’t expect anyone to ignore your BEAUTIFUL HAIR.

Rukino Saki and Renbokoji Akira 200 years


Renbokoji Satomi nervous




Sashinami Shoko pilot



This is just… Oh God. Too good. LOOOOL.


Valvrave season 2



Wow, is that it? Is this really the end? Holy shit, there are a lot of questions left to be answered so I’ll try and answer some of them. The mystery of how the Valvraves came to being was never explicitly stated, but from what Prue says in this episode, we can guess that it’s as simple as JIOR using their souls and putting it into that engine. Whatever, it’s not too important anyways. One of the biggest, and also unanswerable question, at least for people who are not ERU ERUFU, is exactly how ERU ERUFU manages to make humanity and Kamitsuki live together. Akira says that people are more connected than before, but that doesn’t explain how people come to accept Kamitsuki especially when they slaughter all of the Magius. And what the heck does it mean by the “Third Galactic Empire?” Was there even a first and second? I guess Magius just called themselves the first and second? Did they capture all of the Magius or did they kill them off by depleting their runes? Did ARUS and Dorssia work together? What about the students during all of this time? Were they in hiding? Did they contribute anything? How the heck did they do everything afterwards to create a fucking GALACTIC EMPIRE? I mean, I am by no means doubting ERU ERUFU’s abilities, but there are just far too many questions left without many hints at all. Let’s not even get started on the prince as that goes completely unanswered.

Well, at least Shoko somewhat redeems herself by piloting Unit 1, Hito, which is probably her way of carrying on Haruto’s dreams and her way of punishing herself for not believing in him before. Let her positivity spread throughout the universe and let all alien lifeforms bow down before it! As for Saki’s locket, it’s probably a picture of Haruto and the promise that the two made now that everything is said and done. There are no other alternatives after all. WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT IS WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ERU ERUFU? IS HE STILL ALIVE AFTER 200 YEARS? THEY DON’T EVEN SHOW THE PERSON WHO MADE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!?!?!?! THERE BETTER BE AT LEAST AN OVA DEDICATED TO ERU ERUFU AFTER HE GOT PROPER LESSONS FROM A-DREI TO MAKE HIS HAIR AS BEAUTIFUL- NO, EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN A-DREI’S. DON’T DISAPPOINT ME ANY MORE THAN YOU ALREADY HAVE, SUNRISE.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 24 Review

Well, now that the series is completely over, there is nothing left protecting the plot-holes that this series has. I was anticipating a season 3 because everyone knew that if Valvrave ended in this season then it would be a clusterfuckofshit, and sadly, that’s exactly what this last episode is. The thing is, the core of what Valvrave is to me is entertainment. It has brought that time and time again, and I do not call it “bad,” or a trainwreck in the sense that, “it’s so bad, it’s good” because it is entertaining as hell. A lot of it had to do with the episodic climaxes, a lot of it had to do with ERU ERUFU, the absurdities, and so on. Quite simply, I was hyped after almost every single episode during this crazy ride. However, the problem arises when the ride is over. How does a show end when it has depended so much on its episodic climaxes that made viewers hyped for the next episode? There is no future episode. They cannot put a cliffhanger like usual, and this is why the last episode falls flat. The anime, after doing episodic climaxes so often that leads into something, does not know what to do when it has to just end. Since it never had a great amount of solidity in its conclusiveness of an arc at any time, maybe it’s not too much of a surprise that it would end up badly.

The main problem with this episode is that it has fallen into the category of being a trainwreck in the sense of “it’s so bad, it’s good.” Usually, the absurdities and the craziness had at least some sense to them and wasn’t too completely out of whack. I understood what needed to be understood at all points of the show. At no point did I feel like I didn’t understand something that was supposed to be understood. The revelations came gradually, and the excitement built up to them extremely nicely, but what this episode fails to do is to close up the questions with the similar excitement that they were brought up on. I can’t deny that when they revealed Magius in the first season finale among the many, many other questions that appeared throughout the series that I felt awesome. It’s a feeling of excitement unparalleled to most other shows, and it happened almost episodically! I knew however, that these were only how they put these questions out there and not how they answered them. Actually, the way they answered the origin of Magius was actually extremely lame. However, I reserved most of that judgement because it simply wasn’t over. Now that it is, we see that the show simply fails to close everything up with even a fraction of the excitement.

With great anticipation because of the greatness of how various exciting points and questions were brought up there is great anticipation for how the series concludes them. Indeed, it is far easier to deliver exciting points than it is to resolve them with similar levels of excitement, but that definitely does not excuse the series. Quite frankly, I felt completely and utterly underwhelmed by how everything resolved. Not only is the second unit’s death a disappointment, but the entire revolution, and the heart of the conflict feels skimmed over. Haruto sacrificed his life to build a place where Kamitsuki and humans can co-exist, and yet, we don’t really see much of that aside from a wedding which I could care less about. We don’t even see the struggle that followed to convince humanity that Kamitsuki are not all that bad. Not to mention that it makes no sense how the Council of 101 are slaughtered if they want to bring peace between humanity and Kamitsuki. ERU ERUFU’s will to carry Lieselotte’s dream, and the promise between Haruto and L-Elf are downplayed as a result which is a great shame.

Then, we have the battle between Cain and L-Elf+Haruto which is just simply not as exciting as I thought it would be especially with Soba ni Iru yo playing in the background. Why? Well, some of it has to do with how they repeated cliche lines over and over. Look, I don’t expect them to deliver profound lines or anything like that, but it’s far better for them to deliver a few cliche lines that hold some meaning than deliver them over and over again. What made Marie’s death impactful was because it was purely her feelings that drove the scene and not her words. As the memories disappeared one by one, there is visible pain and struggle. This time, the disappearance of Haruto’s memories seem to just be a means to an end rather than something that’s supposed to be emotionally impactful. Mainly though, it was far too rushed. They needed to space out the fight a bit more and have his memories disappear like how Marie’s disappeared. A bit of creativity like how they disappeared back then would have helped. Still, I guess now that the show has used this memory loss over and over again it’s lost a lot of impact due to repetition as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still decent. It’s just not as climactic as I thought it would be given how it is the final fight.

All right, enough with the negativity, let’s put some SHOKO POSITIVITY IN THIS REVIEW. But in all seriousness, the one part that stood out to me to be at least decent is the scene between Haruto and L-Elf. We’ve seen Haruto miss his punches against him over and over again, but finally, for the last time, he manages to hit him right in the face with lively eyes. It’s not an great farewell by any means, but at least it’s decent. The two never really had a strong bond to begin with so at least that scene strengthens it somewhat. The fights themselves are actually very well done as visually, and action-wise, this episode is one of the best that this series has offered and is definitely pretty damn great compared to other mecha shows. Leave it to Sunrise to deliver some quality mecha action and you will not be disappointed.

Overall, my main point as to why this episode fails to be as good as previous episodes is that the show simply does not conclude all the various points it brought up throughout the two seasons with as much excitement, hype, and awesomeness. Valvrave knows very well how to bring about exciting events that will keep you hyped for the next episode, but it fails where it matters even more and that is how to conclude those exciting points with similar finesse. It is undoubtedly more difficult to do so, but it would have made the show all the greater. Quite simply, this shows the lack of skill on the writers’ parts. This is what separates this show which is exciting, fun and nothing more from greatness. I didn’t even talk that much about the various plot holes which only make this ending even worse. However, I can’t say I didn’t have fun overall. This ride has been one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve ever been on even with this lackluster, disappointing conclusion. Sadly, this season episode will not gain the “AOTYAYEY” status like last season’s finale did. Oh well, I’ll still shout one last time…


Kakumeiki Valvrave Haruto and-L-Elf-Wallpaper

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  • EvilNemesis

    Sunrise… No… Just no.

    Rating for this ending: The rage of a thousand white hot blinding suns of hateful fury/10

    Not even Kriemhild’s assets could save this ending.

    Only way to redeem this series is to have a S3 named “The daily lives of Adrei and his harem”.

    • Entrav


      It would be a BEAUTIFULHAIR/10 which would save the abysmal rating of this ending.


    Once again great review! (Been stalking the site for a while waiting for this~~^^)
    Review is spot on.
    This just bombed really bad. I watched the bastard twice – because I couldn’t believe it (and some parts were just wtf?????)

    And I watched Nagi’s season finale first – which left me SCREAMING AT MY COMPUTER FOR NEARLY THE ENTIRE LAST 5 MINUTES. (Did you see it?!?!?!) Yes, with biased hype in hand, I walked into Valvrave’s finale expecting to be completely mindblown. And it just didn’t. Not comparing, but I really expected more from vavlvrave. :(

    The sheer epicness of THE MIGHTY ERY ERUFU (aka KEIKAKU DOORI) and
    A-DREI’S BEAUTIFUL SEXY HAIR couldn’t save this finale. And I feel like
    the whole thing just amounted to wasted time. Not incredibly stinking
    heaps of wasted time (like KnK) because this show has good things too
    that kept me watching, but somewhat stinking heaps anyway because I feel cheated
    out of a great end to what was almost consistantly a very good ride.

    • Entrav


      Please don’t scare me. D: I was sure that Nagi was 2-cour and you made it sound like it was only 1-cour, but you meant the ending episode of this season so all is well, haha. Anyways, I’m saving up the Nagi episodes for when I get back home tomorrow. I have a lot to watch, and now that I’m getting a better idea of the next season, it seems more and more likely that I’ll do reviews for Nagi because Thursday is really empty next season. (God dammit, just when I planned out my courses so Thursday would be open).

      I do feel cheated as well. I really do love Valvrave because it’s like no other show for me. It’s been an extremely enjoyable ride for me especially since I reviewed every single episode with as much haste as possible without taking too much away from the quality. It’s such a shame because it’s been such an exciting ride and it just fell apart where it mattered most. *Sigh. Such a wonderful opportunity, and yet it disappoints. A season 3 would have helped greatly. Oh well. At least I can look forward to doing the winter preview. ;_;

      • MACHA

        Oops! Sorry about that – got too excited about Nagi!
        Nagi reviews possibly coming true is happiness! :D
        Do a marathon of those episodes and I GUARANTEE you’ll be screaming at the end.

        I’m looking forward to your winter preview. I took a glance at animenewsnetwork and … it aint pretty. The single real highlight of the season for me is A FREAKING OVA. OF THE BELOVED MUSHISHI!!!! GIMME A FULL SEASON DANGNAMMIT! I want mushishi back ;___;

        You’re already coming back tomorrow?! Time flies~ as it also reminds me of an ever impending trio of redo tests looming closer… T T (*cough* next week *cough*)

        I hope you had an awesome vacation! And have a safe flight back!

  • ZeroSaber

    I was laughed like a cuckeroo when I saw you attempting to space out your boiling disappointment at the increasingly desperate unfolding of the last trainwreck of an episode. I bursted out loud when I saw you couldn’t contain your critical impulse any longer and yelled WHERE THE HELL IS ERU ERUFU. And it’s another ROFL moment when the verdict comes down, which is that this is episode has been a clusterfuckofshit.

    Indeed, the desperation that we all shared as supporters of VV was the obvious knowledge that with the way things are spinning, uncoiling in one episode would be a disaster which is ‘exactly what this conclusion turned out to be,’ quoting Entrav.

    Do you guys agree that –

    Things began to go wrong in the beginning of season 2, when the expedition team was sent off and engaged in a series of battles on enemy territory that was neither set in an inspiring environment nor used up valuable story time for good purpose? As in, proper emotional development. Of course, each pilot got his or her chance to shine as they headed towards their heroic sacrifice, but for me, the stage on which it was played out lacked requisite depth and interest.

    Rescuing the scientists and fulfilling what for L-Elf was his all-consuming quest of existence, that of saving Liselotte, was a high point of season 2. When they got back to the moon, the betrayal and massacre was another compelling plot-advancing development. But like you said, there was simply not enough time to play out the struggle – and the accompanying deepening of relationships between what are very good female leads – that would have made the ending for me much more meaningful.

    Because, like the reviewer at ANN said, characters are not a strong point of this series. Yamada was particularly weak as a character because he is not likeable and comes off as pretentious in his gruff nature, and Inuzuka’s heroic archetype is not special. Takahi is interesting but not given room to shine, and Akira has a lot of potential – her breakout from her psychological enclosure was the scene that gave me the greatest excitement in the whole show. Even if an oft employed tactic, the combo of music and struggle for a weak person to overcome her chains strikes at a deep chord within humanity and I admire her for the brilliant display of courage.

    But if they were to work with the time constraints in this show, I think everything should have been dedicated to making the most out of the love triangle between Shoko, Saki, and Haruto. The two heroines’ potential was wasted because the friction of rivalry and the tensions of camaraderie when burdened with personal emotions could make for some really juicy character development. But when the expedition took off, it took away the chance for Haruto to reflect on his romantic relations, to tryst, to make choices. The battles never provided the hero with the time and space to build love.

    Maybe take the original Macross for instance, Hikaru’s love with Misa is forged from an initial position of superior-subordinate relationship to blossom through CAPTURE IN BATTLE and PARADE BEFORE SEX-IGNORANT ALIENS, and even then the consummation of their relationship is not taken for granted. In contrast, here the space fights provided Saki and Haruto with nowhere near the degree of intimacy and TIME for a convincing relationship to develop, not to mention poor Shoko for becoming the PM and thereafter subjected to the SHAFTING that Entrav talked about…”Got work and shit, yo…”

    Where does the Galactic Empire come from? How did ERUERUFU build it? The 200 years of passage fail to inspire the proper sense of loss and longing because the way it’s portrayed is so superficial. Even the passing of Haruto is so forced, in my opinion. If there is no ABSOLUTELY compelling reason for the hero to be sacrificed, then for the love of heaven let him live and spare gratuitous suffering for his loved ones. It would have been much more fulfilling to see Haruto end up with both of them and have tons of babies and maybe bromance with L-Elf too.

    • Entrav

      I really tried to get as much positivity as I could in the impressions, BUT GOD DAMMIIT WHEN ERU ERUFU DOESN’T SHOW UP 200 YEARS LATER WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION………………………………

      But yeah, I definitely agree with you. They pushed Saki and Shoko to the side, and didn’t deal with the situation between the three of them at all even though there was great potential. Not to mention episode 10 of the previous season. Instead, they focused on the side-characters which were sometimes good and sometimes not. Honestly, because this series took a more serious turn, I was worried from the beginning as I wasn’t so sure if this series would do well with a serious tone. It was going well though to my surprise, but they just couldn’t keep it up. Actually, although another season would have undoubtedly helped, I don’t know if the writers are competent enough to make a compelling end to this crazy ride regardless of how much time they have.


      • rei

        I think L-Elf is already..urm gone after 200 years. Because he can’t be a kamitsuki. And audience would kill sunrise if sunrise shows that l-elf dead.. lol. But hey, did they put L-elf’s statue in the end?

    • May

      Cause this is not Macross bro.. The main importance is ERU ERUFUUUU. Yeah I agree with you that the two heroine(.. err, are they really heroine?) have more potential. But this is not a full love story, so..let’s leave triangle love mecha to macross. It’s their trademark lol. Btw, Valvrave focused on suprising events, so they can’t do long episodes, I think. We can’t think out too much idea, yeah, bcos we’re only ningen…

      • ZeroSaber

        I think though that we should always seek to surpass earlier classics~ I mean, a love triangle would still have been much more exciting because it could concentrate the impact of the good characters. The choice they made to spend time on sub characters was a failed one I think.

        As one confidant once said, ningen should be admired for being capable of producing things that are BETTER than themselves! So don’t let our mortality weigh down our greatness bro!

  • Christemo

    Cain was fucking amazing this episode. Using the unlocked powers of his now-loosened hair and gantai, Cain saved Oniichan from certain doom. the true hero.

    Also I want to make note of something that was probably gonna have been a plotpoint if Sunrise didn’t have to cut down from 3 seasons to 2; Cain with his hair down looks exactly like a blonde L-Elf. L-Elf was an orphan. Cain refers to him as “His greatest creation” and has that one shot when Haruto tears Unit 02 apart where he looks at L-Elf like a son or something.

    In conclusion, I believe that Cain is actually L-Elf’s father, and it would’ve been a plot point if not for the executive meddling.

    • Entrav

      LOLOLOLOL. Cain can suck Prue’s alien dongdong for all I care. That pretentious son of a bitch who thinks he can defeat ERU ERUFU. What a noob.


      • Christemo

        He did. He punched L-Elf in his nerd face.

        • Entrav

          He won the battle, but HE DIDN’T WIN THE WAR. I would call that a strategic move on ERU ERUFU’s part.


    • Irenesharda

      Totally agree, Cain stole the show this episode. He was so awesome and he had one of the best death scenes in the series. In fact I would rather call him and anti-hero than a villain for how awesome he is.

      I actually would have like to see more L-elf and not just Haruto in L-elf’s body, and maybe an explanation of WHY L-11 actually hates Cain would be nice.

      It would actually have been interesting if original Cain had been L-elf’s father and had betrayed his family for the glory of Dorssia. o_o

      • Josh Herbert

        hell yes!

    • May

      OOOhhh~~!!! I like that idea Cain’s actually L-Elf’s father! Superb! Yeah, that could be the surprise part of this episode. Somebody please makeover the last episode lol

  • zerriet

    Entrav, alot of people on myanimelist still kind of hate on Shoko despite all the justification, even to the point of downrating the series because she did not die. What are your thoughts on that? I was the one who started the Shoko thread.

    Also, the score is now 7.77 what could this mean?

    • EvilNemesis

      Means the ending was atrocious, I don’t think people hating on Shoko was really what made the rating go down that much.

      Also the intellect of your average MAL user is verging on the mentally challenged. I only use the site for information on series, anything else will make you lose faith in humanity even more than you already are.

      • zerriet

        I think the ending was pretty balanced imo. I only brought up 7.77 because it was the valvrave lucky number. But yeah mal can get quite cancerous at times

      • shemei

        the drop of rating could be from the episode 10 when shoko rejects haruto, and the massacre

    • Entrav

      Haters gotta hate.

      Those who rate the series lower because of Shoko are far and few in between… probably. The lower rating is probably just because of how bad the ending really is. Also, I really would advise against taking the MAL ratings too close to heart as some people on MAL are just… terrible.

  • Gwyn

    Hmm…you pretty much summarised the questions I had in mind after watching this episode. I saw no way out for them initially, and in the previous two episodes I realised that I should never underestimate L-Elf’s awesomeness (The previous episode was one of the better ones too). This episode…however…feels extremely rushed. More like the odds were stacked so high against them, but convenient plot power just breezes them through all difficulties (plus more minor characters get to die before the curtain closes)

    If there is anything I do like from this episode, however, it’s the moe of finally seeing L-Elf have more facial expressions (and tears). That, and Haruto finally managed to score last hit against L-Elf. Right in his pretty face too.

    I do not think that L-Elf’s dream of uniting Kamitsuki and humans got realised. There was no safe haven created for the magius. Rather, they were all eliminated. Only the school students are safe as kamitsuki. Indirectly, it’s like L-Elf wiped out all of Lieselotte’s clan.

    Also…kid prince’s parentage not revealed. I am not at all satisfied by this. Well, on the bright side, more plot holes bring about crazier ideas for fanfics and doujins.

    On the bright side…L-Elf didn’t die!!! I was bracing myself to see both him and Haruto die in the final battle, and their DNA was used to clone that kid or something. Was that a Fuhrer outfit on L-Elf though? That will definitely confirm that the kid is one of his descendents, since they address him as prince.

    Also, I thought I saw a girl with similar blue eyes as the kid prince during the Renboukouji wedding scene. It was shortly after the camera shows L-Elf smiling, and before the camera pans to A-Drei, Kreim and Saki. Will be rewatching the episode to confirm. I seriously hope not though…

    • Entrav

      The problem is that they don’t show if ERU ERUFU is even alive 200 years later. It is nice seeing a softer side of him though. It’s just how disappointing the episode is completely overwhelmed that. I’m not even sure if I want to argue whether ERU ERUFU succeeded or not. My instincts tell me that he did because he’s ERU ERUFU so that’s what I’ll say.

  • megumi9

    The ending was far from perfect, but at least it was action-packed and absurd (Shoko talking to weird aliens in the epilogue). The battle scenes were great and Haruto and L-Elf’s conversation at the end made me tear up.:true friends at last. Glad that L-Elf becomes the head of state in the end!! ^ ^
    I don’t really mind the golden seven and all the other unresolved things, but I DO mind about the future prince. They could at least have given the viewers his name and parentage. L-Elf doesn’t look like the type who would fall in love twice and Haruto, having finally redeemed himself, is confirmed dead and has gone to join his fallen comrades.
    Shoko taking up Haruto’s mantle and becoming Hito’ pilot was unexpected, but still, her assuming responsibility for part of the empire’s core defence was heartening. In the end, Haruto ended up with no one. So much for Saki saying that she couldn’t win against a childhood friend.
    It has been a really enjoyable ride, despite the plot holes. Heck, I love Valvrave even with the plot holes. I give Valvrave a 9/10 (no perfect score because of the infamous ep 10 & unanswered questions)
    I wonder if the unanswered questions hint at an ova or movie. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and the weekly reviews. (:

    • Entrav

      Yep, action-wise it’s damn awesome. The series has been severely downgraded in my eyes because of this ending though. D:

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    MY sides… ABRAHAM HARUTARD hahahaha! Full character description right there.

    Now then.. the ending. It’s crap! is the short description. We need a third season of this, there are way too many plot holes. I want to see L-Elf’s journey to becoming emperor. And nothing short of an epic space opera with grand battles and backstabbing politicians will sate my hunger!

    But in the end, it was one hell of a ride. The battles, the scheming, the studio’s answer to The Red Wedding, I loved every single moment of it. Perhaps Sunrise will make a Pacific Rim Anime too? That would be awesome!

    Now then before you do the preview for next season, how about a short rant about Log Horizon?

    P.S. The wallpaper is Fabulous. It just needs some sparkles and it’s perfect!

    • Entrav


      Overall, Valvrave is still enjoyable as hell, but this conclusion is seriously disappointing and makes the series a lot worse in my eyes. D:


  • James Du

    Somewhat disappointing. Turdface Prime Minister lived.

    H-neun gay for Cain confirmed. I always knew there was something a little off about how big a Cain fanboy he was.

    A-drei certainly had a hard choice, lol.

    All bow down before God Emperor L-Elf (only one person is allowed to use Michael, and she’s dead)

    I feel this episode was so awful in terms of plot holes partially to give Sunrise the option of farming more money with a Season 3 if they felt like it.

    Welp, after the crap that the Arpeggio anime turned out to be, I still have Log Horizon and Tokyo Ravens. And Kill La Kill.

    • Entrav



      • t.lockz

        disappointed with the ending instead of a firm conclusion they created more question at the end , a season 3 is necessarily

        i somewhat pissed i didn’t see ERU ERUFU statue in the hall of heroes (could this mean L-ELF alive ??) and even more pissed seen that YOLO prime minister still alive .
        i wished they showed us a scene where ERU ERUFU is getting crowned EMPEROR … wait is he even emperor ?

        i came up with the conclusion that L_ELF is like lelouch : a undercover prince , disown by his father , trying to create a revolution to change the world ….that the only way he could become EMPEROR IF he is a EMPEROR and not the Right hand of A-drei

      • James Du

        Shoko is a fucking cunt.

        I never abandoned the Shoko ship even when hordes were switching over to the Saki ship- however, after that shit she pulled in 21…

        Even after she realizes the truth, she values the control, feelings and opinions of the other shitty jioran brats above Harutard, that was the final nail in the coffin.

        Sasuga Sunrise.

        • Entrav

          CUNT?! She’s still the Prime Minister which is why she needs to place the feelings of the people before her own personal feelings. I’m not saying she made the right decisions, but if she went with Harutard the other students on that ship will be in complete disarray. Yeah, that’ll help. She sucked it up and dealt with it like a human being and not a Mary Sue.

          • Irenesharda

            Well, to be fair, by the end of this, Shoko is out of a job, she was only prime minister of Neo Jior, which is no more. In the end, L-elf became emperor and his lineage still reigns 200 years from now.

          • James Du

            Cunt. I was once one of her staunchest “Osananajimi loyalists.”

            Who gives a shit about the other retards on her ship? Only the guys on Satomi’s ship (holy fuck, can’t believe what I’m saying) deserved not to die in a fire, after the shit they pulled. Holy fuck. Especially Iori. I bet Satomi & Takahi’s marriage must have burned for you, right?

            Kid has Shoko’s eyes and L-elf’s hair… And Shoko/L-elf had a certain amount of chemistry, right before they left for the moon. I think Haruto would be happy with this, to be honest. Freaking Harutard, lol.

            *picks up the world’s tiniest violin* no good end for Saki Rukino, eh?

    • Irenesharda

      Well, he probably did eventually change his name back now that he has his own country. “Emperor Michael the First” has a good ring to it.

      • James Du

        I’m sorry, God Emperor Eru Erfu is even better :D

        Besides, who knew his real name and is still alive? Kreimhild?

        • Irenesharda

          Actually, everyone who was on the Earth landing party. He admitted that was his name when Kreimhild asked about it and the entire party was asking each other about it and saying it wasn’t a JIORian name. So yeah, there are others who know his real name, including Takami-sensei and others.

          • James Du

            IIRC, he didn’t say anything when Kreimhild asked about ‘Michael’, he just flipped a table and went to rescue Lisolette.

          • Irenesharda

            Look at the episode again. He goes through a whole analysis of Kreim’s statement as well as where she got the signed authority to help them from. He states aloud that Michael was his name before he entered Karlstein and he was stripped of it and given the designation “L”, number “11”. And then he states that the only person who would know that would be “her” before he goes off to find Lise. Haruto even questions him about it, asking if his real name is really Michael, and this is in front of at least half the Earth party, if not the whole group.

          • James Du

            Well, you’re right, and I was wrong.

            Still, I’m uncertain he’d let anyone else call him that.

    • Josh Herbert

      is log horizon any good?

      • Josh Herbert

        and are you watching strike the blood?

        • James Du

          What? Strike the Blood has awful reviews…

      • James Du


  • Claziranon

    Does anybody notice how Pino wasn’t on the monitor at the last scene? I think they probably figured out a way to let them free since Pino and Plu were put into the machines against their own will.

    And also, did they build more Valvraves? Considering how they upgraded Carmilla to have ‘afterimages with mass’ they probably had the technology to build more Valvraves right?

    Annnnndddd…. Saki is hot. Sorry man, I prefer her over Shoko :P

    • Entrav

      That’s a really good point about Pino. They may have indeed found a way to take them out though it makes me wonder how they power the engine. They probably made some new tech to make that possible. Wouldn’t be a surprise if they made more Valvraves.

      To each their own. I have no problems with other people preferring Saki over Shoko as long as it’s for valid reasons.

    • Gles

      A-drei picked the one he loves, L-Elf. He’s been chasing after him since the beginning of the show (canonically, he’s his “guiding light” as Lieseotte was L-Elf’s).

    • Irenesharda

      I really hope so. I hope Pino and Prue found a way out. I would hate for them to be stuck in that prison for 200+ years.

  • Maxi

    Haruto: You know who I am?
    L-Elf: You are my friend!
    Me: T_T

    ERU-ERUFU Y U so epic????

    The epilogue was rushed. Not as rushed as Gundam AGE’s epilogue (“We ass-pulled a cure for radiation poisoning, now everyone’s fine”) but still… Let’s say a 25th episode would have helped… A LOT.
    The only thing i liked was the very last scene, with Shoko trying to befriend aliens and Haruto’s memories stored inside VVV-1.
    The battle with Cain was nowhere as epic as I expected
    I think the episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Far from greatness, but not total garbage either.

    Overall, I agree with you. kakumeiki Valvrave is damn entertaining, but it fails ridiculously when it comes to answering questions and filling plot holes.

    • Entrav




  • acorea

    I have to say I’m not THAT disappointed at the ending because it was just not possible to get decent conclusions on all the open plotpoints in just one episode, so I lowered my expectations from the beginning |D

    But I found myself watching the clock the entire time thinking “Only a few minites left, you still need to tell me about the future prince I WANT TO KNOW DAMMI” >A_>

    But well that’s just me being bitter *trololol*

    ANYWAY I really enjoyed your reviews, thanks a lot for all the efforts with this series (and the other series too of course) I really love your screenshot captions, made me laugh so may times <3<3<3

    • Entrav

      I am disappointed mainly because Sunrise decided to make this only 2-cour and not 3. This resulted in all that happened in this episode, and of course, it also makes me disappointed in the show as a whole. Oh well, the ride as a whole is still exciting as hell.

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on my reviews! Glad that the captions are doing their job at least some of the time! :)

  • Zeraion god

    KUSOOOOOO~ sob

    • Zeraion god

      I hoped for extended version (like gundam SEED), but overall it’s AWSOME

  • lool

    lool i just noticed the president (that fat guy ) looks like Gordan brown

  • valk_72

    That was an OK finale for me, apart from the weird epilogue with Shoko and the aliens, because i didn’t expect Sunrise to explain all the plot holes in one episode. And we have at least some closure, something i can’t say for all the series i’ve seen or read (Nagi i’m talking about you).

    About the episode itself, i liked the scene between Haurto and Eru-erufu. The smile on Haruto’s face after Eru-erufu called him his friend was strangely beautiful. I also liked that Eru-erufu was very emotional during this scene ( i love bromance ^_^).

  • Ematic

    That bastard annoying little kid was killed. I’m happy.

    • Irenesharda

      Oh don’t be mean about Q-vier. I actual saw him as a real tragic example of the worst of Dorssia. This is what happens when you take a child and train him since he was 3 years old to be a killing machine. I actually really felt sorry for him. And his death scene was actually better than Yamada’s. I thought it was awesome that in the end he really just looked up to A-drei and was happy to be killed by him.

      • Ematic

        Call me heartless, but I had no pity for him.

  • Owa

    Enjoyed your coverage of VAAAALVRAAAVE but maybe you’re being a little too harsh on it. I mean yeah im not exactly satisfied either but since ep 21-22, everyone was basically reciting that “there’s NO way they can finish this in time,” so my expectations were lowered to a reasonable level by the time this came about.

    Because of all the flash-forwards, we already “knew” the ending, and ofc the journey there was what was important. Really, they probably just needed 1 or 2 more eps to transition it cleanly, but we’d still be left in the dark because the whole RISE of their empire would need another season to show.

    Considering all that it, i think Sunrise did good enough with what little time left they had left.

    I still have the HOPE that with enough demand, a third season will be announced to show:

    – The world burns
    – A-Drei and Royalists take over Dorssia
    – ARUS and Dorssia get too crazy in their witch hunt for “monsters” and eventually turn against New JIOR (again)
    – A-Drei and Kriemhild and Dorssian/ARUS ppl that arent assholes defect to New JIOR
    – Shouko decides to pilot VVV1
    – They make Haruto’s dad and friends rebuild VVV2,3,5 and 7 (where is it???)
    – Only students can become pilots so Satomi gets in one, maybe Tahkai and Iori? (barf) Maybe those kids from Undertaker novel. Could see Satomi riding the defensive VVV5 and maybe Otamaya (engineer dood) riding Thunder’s VVV3.
    – The Royalists take over the world and New JIOR (Orb) fights them back

    – “The Rainbow 7 fights against the Royal Guard for 2 days to a standstill” (future ugly bull mech dood says this – SHOW US THIS!)
    – To counter the “evil” Earth Royal Federation, New JOIR forms their Galactic Empire (by uniting the colonies ;p)
    – Thru battles and other stuff, develop Saki x A-Drei => future prince (half-kamitsuki). Eru Erufu would NOT get together with any other girl than Lise, so I think the prince isnt from L-Elf’s line. Plus prince = decendant from royalty = A-Drei (probably)

    Plenty of material for a third season!

    • Entrav

      I don’t agree with the statements like, “Sunrise didn’t have much time left and they did a good job with what time is left. Therefore, this episode isn’t that bad when you take that into consideration.” The thing is that, if it’s bad, it’s bad. It doesn’t matter if they are strained for time. Sunrise is supposed to have in mind exactly how to pace this all out. If they have 24 episodes, then they should pace it that way. It is by no means an excuse that they don’t have enough episodes to finish it because they should adjust the story accordingly and finish it appropriately. This, they did not manage to do at all.

      I agree that there is more than enough material for a season 3, but the show really ended here, and that’s what’s important. They did not leave the rest of the story hanging for a season 3. They just rushed through to the end of the story. This is poor storytelling no matter if there is a season 3 or not which affects these 24 episodes. Even if they do have a season 3, it does not excuse this episode because it’s just terribly delivered closure of a very enjoyable ride. As a critic, I’m generally more harsh than most people, but my statements are by no means exaggerations. I mean, that’s what I’m for. If critics are not harsh then who will be? I’m just severely disappointed because this is one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve ever watched and they butcher it like this. D:

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting! :)

      • Owa

        Well the “end” being not as good doesnt ruin the whole thing for me. But i agree its not an excuse for them not pacing the writing. I’m mostly praising/empathizing with the production staff animators/artists (im one myself) since they dont have control over what comes down from the top. That’s what i meant by they did good with what they were given.

        I mean its no where as bad as Guilty Crown’s ending, most of the Valvrave stuff makes more sense than that. It was just rushed T_T

        I guess my point was “its good to make the most of it” so when i look back on Valvrave, the positives still outweigh the negatives for me!

  • quicksortfriday

    Yay Haruto lost his tard suffix for at least loving one girl till the bitter end. It sucks for Saki that she didnt get any feelings returned though. Maybe this is why Sunrise gave out so many Saki relatec goodies to appease the fans. I still say they trolled big time with that Sakix Harutard calendar pic though…

    Kimura Ryouhei doing harutoness voice + Erus face …best comedy of the season lol.

    • Entrav

      I really dislike how they just pushed Saki and Shoko aside. :/ It had some great potential.

    • James Du

      Where is this calendar pic?

      • quicksortfriday


  • sweN

    Thanks for the review.
    So, my only commentary : wtf. (and my first by the way)
    It is the last episode and wtf (again wtf). The last fight was kinda disappointing but whatever, it’s not the worst. The worst is the ending, OMG. So many plot holes and things unanswered. Really, they can’t stop the anime at this point, it’s not possible : WE WANT ANSWERS ! (or at least a little explication).
    The kid, at the end who looks like L-elf, just who is he ? And why Shoko ends up to replace Haruto ? Oh by the way, Valvrape is dead (yeah it’s Haruto) and above all in the L-elf’s arms : Bromance DONE !
    So, I give a little 7/10 for this show because too many plot holes, it deserves at least few more episodes to REALLY complete it.

    I have just found out your website and it’s very interesting, keep going !

    • Entrav

      Shoko ends up replacing Harutard because it was her way of carrying on his dreams and punishing herself for not believing in him before. She will live for the rest of her life as a “bakemono” that she did not believe in before.

      Thanks a lot for reading! :)

  • zztop

    Came to Valvrave for the rocking opening songs(especially Kakumei Dualism), stayed for the conspiracy/mystery.
    I DO agree that the ending (and some other parts) needed to elaborate more on certain plot points to make the experience truly complete. Although if they choose to do a sequel, no one can say they don’t have anything to work on. :D
    Speaking of sequel, I guess that comes down to the studio and producers. If even a so-so selling show like Gargantia can get Season 2, then Valvrave could have a chance.

    • Entrav

      If it gets a season 3 it still won’t change the fact that this episode is terribly done. It will forever be a huge stain on Valvave no matter what Sunrise decides to do.

  • zztop

    I’m puzzled on what significance the new Valvrave activation question ‘Do you believe in
    humans/humanity?’ has relative to the show’s events, and how it is meant to
    contrast with the old ‘Do you resign your humanity?’ activation question.

    That said, for someone working behind Cain’s back, I’m surprised Kriemhild never came under Cain’s predictive suspicions.

    And H-9 was written off just like that? I really thought he’d come back.

  • Miyashita_Kaneko


    at the end of the episode, I sat with silence. ….WHAT??! ONLY THAT????!!

    WHAT ABOUT THE ANSWER? HOW CAN THAT MAGIUSES ANNIHILATED? WHERE’S THE SECRET BASE? WHO ARE THE PARENTS OF A FUTURE PRINCE KID? HOW THE THIRD GALACTIC EMPIRE WAS ESTABLISHED?? Aaaaaagh so many disappointed thing in the last episode. But well yeah, at least they DID try, even at a flash scene.

    We all have expected Haruto will die, but he died in front of L-elf? It’s really makes me sad but epic at the same time. The last sentence that Haruto know before he close his eyes forever, is L-elf words acknowledge him as a friend. I can’t hold my tears really, even L-elf said that with sad smile.

    And for the songs, IMHO, I believe that :
    -Preserved Roses is L’elf song about Lieselotte,
    -Boku ja nai is Haruto’s theme song,
    -Soba ni Iru yo is Saki’s song about her feeling for Haruto,
    -Kakumei Dualism is L-elf’s theme song,
    -REALISM is Haruto’s theme song,
    -Akai Memories wo Anata ni is Shoko’s feeling for Haruto
    (daaaaaang ;_;)

    Overall I rated Valvrave for 7/10. It was an exciting moment when the plot got a twisted story one after another. Comparing with season one, IT’S MUUUUUCH BETTER lol. But still, Sunrise was too rushed for finishing it like this.

    • Entrav

      That’s… an interesting take on the songs. Uhh… it seems kind of weird that Preserved Roses is ERU ERUFU’s song about Lieselotte though. I would have probably thought of something a bit less intense.

      • May

        If you look at Boku janai’s lyrics and it’s ending video, you would find it is matched when Liselotte is on the screen when the song says “daiji ni, daiji ni shiteta noni, kantan ni fumikowasarete shimatta..” .not so sure how to translate it, but it shows that L-Elf holds the thought of Liselotte so dearly in his heart but that was so easily broken away when liselotte died..
        oh okay, maybe you don’t feel much impact about liselotte’s death so maybe it will effect the point of view here..

    • ZeroSaber

      Thanks for the song matchup!! My interest is now piqued and I will digest the lyrics closely. Buying the OST is probably a way I can honor the good parts of the show.

  • zztop

    I think the one encompassing moral from the show is,
    Lies and deceit cost you in the long run.
    You just have to look what happened to Haruto’s relationships when he started lying, and what happened to the Magius council from centuries from lying.
    At least, that’s what I think, anyway.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I definitely agree with that. It’s just that the craziness is the concentration of the show so the moral side is far less pronounced.

  • Psychopatito

    Well, L-Elf said ‘you are my friend.’ I was kinda hoping for ‘you’re my trusty puppet, and I have a plan to make you snap out of this losing memories nonsense!’ Seeing that Saki et al. are still piloting and alive and kicking not in veggie state, they surely found the way. Maybe they even found the way to make already born humans into transgenics so everyone had a chance to receive the ‘blessing’ and maybe L-Elf gets to pilot a Valvrave now!
    I like the idea of the hall of heroes, with some tech to change the sign in Yamada’s statue to ‘Thunder da!’ Hah. I also like that L-Elf is not among them, which most likely means he’s still around and told Shoko to welcome the aliens with the halfies statement while they get ready to act. Sounds like a plan.
    I hope we get some more insane Valvrave in the form of OVA and extras in the discs.
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful reviews. I saw the ep in raw and haven’t seen it with subtitles yet but couldn’t resist coming and checking on what you said about it. :-)

    • Entrav

      Yes, some insanity in the form of OVAs and so on would be awesome. Some random crazy story or something would be fantastic.

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting! :)

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    Valvrave the Liberator, why!?
    Seriously the ending didn’t carry such an intense impact as I expected.
    At least it tried for a conclusion unlike some anime series out there but hoping they release some ova or even a third season. I know the third season is highly unlikely but still.

    At least Shoko becoming the pilot of Unit 01, Hito, held a surprise and some impact and the way L-Elf mourned Haruto’s death dearly.

    • Entrav

      Oh well, at least we saw some ERU ERUFU action…


  • Irenesharda

    Now when I first saw this in raw, I was pretty pissed over it. There was so many problems here, so many open, unanswered questions and plot holes, such as when the Magius were all slaughtered by GUNS?! Also, when Haruto somehow defeated Cain simply by will power. However….now that I’ve taken the time to watch this again, and this time with subs. I have to say that–I’m really glad I did.

    This was much better the second time around. After getting to understand everything I can see that this was actually a pretty bittersweet ending then first presented.

    So, not only were the Magius not the bad guys here, they had actually wanted coexistence in the first place but were tortured, hunted, and killed every time they tried. I can understand why they acted the way they did. Also, Cain actually comes off as more anti-hero than villain in the end. He only wanted to keep his people safe. He only wants to return his people to the peace they once had. And interestingly, the people they they got to feed off of, was given to them by the human governments themselves! So, really, this was just a big mess of conspiracies with plenty of blame to go around.

    I’m really ashamed of humanity here, and I would have answered “no” to the new question of “Do you believe in humanity?”. No country was the good guy here, and could Haruto and Cain have talked things out rather than fight? Both of them wanted peace, but Cain was older and knew what it felt like to be scorned and hunted, a feeling Haruto was new to. I actually disapprove with Haruto just saying “I can’t lose to you!” instead of asking to figure out their differences.

    And what ends up happening is that the Earth is tossed into chaos, war breaks out everywhere, and there is a complete witch hunt where everyone both guilty and innocent are hunted down and killed. I actually feel bad for the Magius more than any of the humans. All they wanted was to live in peace and tried their darndest to protect themselves, but even they were wiped out by the humans who are against all “monsters”.

    The students decide to leave humanity to their wars and hatred and find a place to call their own. They start the new empire with Michael/L-elf as their first emperor. Satomi and Takahi marry and they live a happy life simply protecting themselves from their enemies whether human or alien. Shoko takes up Haruto’s old spot as pilot and she has learned from her ways, with a nice timely line from Rion. Years into the future, Satomi, Saki, and Akira are telling this story to the young prince that is a descendant of L-elf.

    I have to say, this ending wasn’t as bad as watching it the first time around, and understanding what was said really helps. Yes there are still a ton of plot holes and questions that never got answered, but it was a good time. The fight was awesome and VVV2 despite it’s short life, didn’t disappoint. In all honesty, despite, Haruto’s grand sacrifice and all, he really did sound a lot like a rehash of Marie and Marie unfortunately did it better. Cain actually stole the spotlight here. He was grand, noble, loyal to his people and his friends, had a pretty good reason for why he’s done the things he’s done, and had a much better death scene. The scenes where he was grading everyone on performance was funny, but it was sweet when he was proud of X-eins for his willingness to sacrifice himself for trying to avenge his friend. Cain valued loyalty and friendship above all, and it showed when not only did he risk his life to honor his promise to Prue to save Pino, when he could have just as easily destroyed VVV1 right away. And of course in the end, he give up the last of his power to save Prue’s life, showing how much of friends they were to each other. Cain had one of the best death scenes in the entire series.

    Q-vier had one of the saddest death of all this episode, as he really took to heart they promise they made when they killed F-6. And the fact the A-drei didn’t want to kill him, and yet wasn’t aware the little guy couldn’t block, and in ended up killing him by accident. To make it worse, Q-vier was actually happy about it, and always looked up to A-drei as the best and thought he was so cool. I think I actually teared up.

    The end with Haruto and L-elf was sweet too, as Haruto sits there dying drained of all his runes, and L-elf struggles to explain the nature of the relationship between the two of them. Comrades and teammates is something he knows, but “friends” is something altogether different. And while I’m not really sure the he and Haruto were every really “friends” and not simply “weapon and wielder” until perhaps a couple of episodes ago, the two saying goodbye without really saying it was rather nice.

    So, what can I say? There’s definitely room for improvement, but they actually did a pretty good job with what they could do? Should they have a sequel series? Absolutely, they definitely could do it. However, they would need a totally new cast, and they could explain the many plotholes including the G7, Episode 10, and the future war with the humans. It looks like they have met many other aliens that they have now begun classifying them all. So, I can see there this taking off into a sequel or even a franchise.

    This was a fun ride and I will be getting this series on DVD after all. I give this episode an 8/10 and the series a 9/10. It made a lot of mistakes and had a bunch of plot holes but I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly anyway.

    See you guys in the next mecha series!

    • Entrav

      The sales for Valvrave have been decent, so the chances of it having a sequel isn’t necessarily 0. However, it’s by no means good enough to be another franchise. And I’m not sure if people in Japan will be too happy about this ending. Still a very enjoyable ride nonetheless.


      • Josh Herbert

        im optimistic that buddy complex will be good (fingers-crossed)..

        • Irenesharda

          The very name of that show makes me doubt it. I mean really? “BUDDY Complex”? At least Valvrave’s name comes from and ancient Norse mythological raven of the slain. But Buddy Complex? Even Americans don’t really use the word “buddy” much anymore in everyday language. -_-

    • May

      TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU~~!! the theme is FRIENDSHIP. Thanks for making me realize that.
      you delivered the message of this anime perfectly. Grade S++. Lol.

  • zztop

    The Animesuki forums translated some info from a Valvrave fan event pamphlet that elaborated how JIOR got the Valvraves.
    20 years prior to the events, JIOR discovered a crashed spaceship which contained the 2 Valvraves, Pino and Prue. Its scientists researched the tech and eventually found out about Runes.
    Shoko’s politician father approved the weaponisation of the Valvrave tech to provide JIOR with a military deterrent to prevent ARUS and Dorssia from attacking JIOR.
    And we all know how Dr Tokishima got involved in this.

    • Entrav

      Well, that makes good sense. Too bad they couldn’t actually work it into the show itself.

  • Josh Herbert


  • ZeroSaber

    I want to bring out an alternative to Haruto’s death. There are shows where the hero pays a heavy price for the victory, mentally and physically wounded, but survives. I think it would have been a much much more appropriate ending if Haruto were left:

    – frozen in a capsule, with the possibility of a thaw in an indeterminate or defined length of time (perhaps 1000 years, so they would wait 800 more years from the current ending)
    – really become mentally disabled, or mentally regressed to a permanent child-like stage but capable of building relationships and loving a care-giver (and capable of sexual activity on par with his physical stature)
    – exiled as the price of peace between the warring factions (Magi and Humans) to a faraway place, where he will cease to pose a political threat to the competing factions. If he had survived, this would have definitely been a reasonable obstacle to peace, given his status as a hero of the unveiling of the world. There’s a saying that the hero who fights a revolution can’t be the hero who builds the peace.

    Now, the possibilities above would give the story room to transcend death, to instill a sense of prolonged pain from separation for his loved ones, but yet also be tinged with hope. This would be a bittersweet ending, but it would allow Saki and Shoko to show their COMMITMENT to the man they love.

    They can show their commitment by waiting, by never giving up, by loving him and caring for him. For Shoko, this would be a chance to make up for her betrayal. For Saki, this would be her way of fulfilling her promise with him (I’m sorry I actually forgot what the promise was. To come back alive?) and furthermore the significance of keeping the promise would be much greater because of the amount of effort it takes to care for a living person.

    Like Himura Kenshin discovered, choosing to fight and live is a morally superior and more glorious struggle than simply embracing death. It is also much harder than just dying.

    Saki and Shoko could also love Haruto by making love to him per option 2 above. There’s a whole philosophical struggle over whether engaging in sexual activity with a mentally incompetent person constitutes a negation of their consent. Obviously, prohibition against such stems from fear that the incompetent partner gets abused due to being inferior in power and understanding. But the flip side is that good sex is an epitome of human flourishing and its denial means losing one of the crucially good experiences of being alive.
    And by the end of VV I think a strong case can be made that the basis for a trusting consent has already been established between the three.

    I want to emphasize that all of the options I am offering are not original on my part. They have been done before in fiction. But then, the context and characters involved are different, and I think with proper execution the story would be much more touching.

    • Night ScL

      Yes I see your points, and I would have to agree with you. This anime would have been better if he would have stayed alive but pay a heavy price, and like the original poster of this whole review said it ended flat and maybe making the finale into 2 episodes might have been better and more dramatic, like we just see shoko crying for like a few seconds then she’s good even though they said it was like weeks or months (don’t remember) but still I would have like to see her what she felt for him and how she felt after she heard that he died, and for miss pop star, but still it was a good anime but the finale was just ehhhhhhh

  • bluelust

    Okouchi tweeted that the kid’s parents identity was left to the viewer’s imagination.
    Thanks Sunrise.

    • Entrav

      More like the lack of the writer’s imagination.

  • Teo

    Before I thought Gundam Seed Destiny was one of Sunrise’s worst anime mecha; Gundam Seed Destiny wasnt a bad anime it just want up to par with the rest of Sunrise’s mecha.
    Valrave took that title away completely. I would give a little more leeway to other anime but this is Sunrise:a corporation that gave us Gundam and Code Geass.

    • May

      Prefer Seed better than Destiny. That is what will happen if they made season 3 of valvrave. I lolled at the similarity between Seed and Valvrave at first. Nothing new, just Gundam’ s trademark especially Seed, of 3 countries which include a neutral country, with the president died and his daughter became the next president, just like our lovable shoko here, plus a perfect lelouch who has brain and also marvelous battle skills, plus vampire. That’s all. But the surprises in valvrave is one of the best..

  • MgMaster

    So like,I barely ever watched crazy shows like this and I will remember Valvrare being the one that made me realize how fun they can be.I started liking season 1 more & more with each passing episode and the 2nd season was honestly my most anticipated show of fall(also because I really nothing else caught my eye from previews alone).

    The 2nd season of Valvrare took a much more serious & darker aproach though which I personally really enjoyed.It didn’t take me too long to accept this more serious version of the crazy Valvrare I knew because the I felt the 1st season was already going down that path.Valvrare has actually been my 2nd favorite show of fall,until this ending.

    I’ll be honest here: at some points in this season I forgot that Valvrare was a show where you shouldn’t ask too many questions and just enjoy the ride but this is most likely the case with a lot of viewers.My inexperience with crazy shows such as this showed off and as a result,I ended up being not just disappointed but also a bit angry at this ending.

    In the end,I can’t say I didn’t have lots of fun watching Valvrare but MEEEEEHHHHH!,I’ll need a bit to get over this lackluster ending.Still,it was a damn fun ride,Sunrise.From now on I’ll be watching more of these types of shows,but I’ve learned my lesson not to expect much in the long run.

    A big reason for my enjoyment of this show was also because of your reviews,Entrav.Your style is just perfect for it(I don’t think there was a time where I didn’t laugh at least once while reading them).

    Lastly,Valvrare is the show that led & made me follow your blog so it gets some credit for that too :P

    • Entrav


      But yeah, this has been a really enjoyable ride, and it would have been far more than that if they managed to close up everything nicely with a third season. Oh well.

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! Reviewing and discussing the anime is also a large part of why I enjoyed watching the show as much as I did. :)

  • Nicholas

    I’m not exactly sure why the question in the valvrave is “Do you believe in humans?” I mean, I get that Pino doesn’t hate Haruto as a human, but I think a better question would be something like “Do you believe in coexistence?” or something like that since that was part of what Haruto wanted. Just some thoughts.

    • bhsiung

      The reason why the question is “Do you believe in humans?” is because by accepting the ability to pilot a Valvrave, you will become something that isn’t human any longer. By saying “yes”, you are saying “yes, I have faith in humanity, that humans and akatsuki can live together in peace, that humans won’t turn against us and try to hunt us down and destroy us.” Because if you don’t believe that, you should say “no” and refuse to do it.

  • May

    Actually I didn’t feel last season episode as last season.. well we know that it’s not the last. this is just a simple 25episode anime.
    But I learnt something from this last episode. The enemy of the protagonist is not necessarily bad people. Cain and Q-Vier is actually kind too, well they have their own reasons for why they acted like that.
    But I was shocked at how siscon Plu is… lol

  • May

    I wonder why so many people expect for season 3. Because this kind of anime will not answer all the questions, of course. Those are not the message that this anime wants to deliver. If valvrave have season 3, maybe they will have new characters, which most people would critic. Like Gundam Seed, they have Seed, Seed Destiny. Then Seed Astray(?) which is not related at all… Well, I would like to see L-Elf and A-Drei’s reign.. and also their brides hehe. And who the hell is that chibi L-Elf boy.. Sasuga Sunrise, keep people speculating till the end of this world.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, of course I don’t expect every single question to be answered, but there are a few developments that need to be at least hinted at or expanded upon because right now they’re just plot holes.

    • Nooma

      maybe artificial insemination or clone technology combined with gene splicing

  • GammeXPlays

    Omg you stupid shits are actually agreeing with this failed attempt of a troll. This dude is making fun of this show when I really thought it was awesome! Don’t listen to that stupid shit Entravity you people are better than this and you are being influenced by him when the ending I thought wasn’t that bad. Yeah it wasn’t the best ending in an anime but wasn’t the worst either. Quit being influenced by nobodies like this guy on the internet, he doesn’t know shit what he’s talking about.

    • Entrav

      Are you actually for real? Did you even read my review? Instead of flaming, can you discuss rationally? You’re saying this last episode is what you wanted from an exciting series like this? Did you even read any of my other reviews? I’m not even saying Valvrave is a bad show overall. Heck, I was one of the first to defend the show from people saying it was “bad” since the first season. I don’t know what I’m talking about? Okay, please read my review section for this episode and say exactly what is wrong with it.

  • Miku Blackrockshooter Hatsune


  • Ian Porterfield



  • Evening Breeze

    Someone tell me what this anime is about. Is this worth a watch?

    • Entrav

      If you’re looking for something crazy, and enjoyable, the ride is definitely exciting enough to warrant a watch. Turn your brain off and enjoy the ride. Just keep in mind the finale is pretty damn bad.

  • Fringie

    This Anime could have been so much more. Great Anime but they just shoved it all into 2 seasons. 3 Seasons would’ve been enough to pace it I agree but the story could have gone on via another arc at the very least.
    Great Anime regardless but I’m so sad because it could have been so much more, it wasn’t like AOT with an amazing amazing start then it slowly getting worse (although it was still good), it was entertaining and left you longing to see the next episode.
    Unfortunately, with the ending they used (ending throughout the Anime in a sense too) they won’t be able to fix it *cries* and if they try to I’m sure they’ll ruin the Anime. That’s why I was so sad when I saw the finale episode.. it was a true ending and a bad one at that!

  • Frazuera

    *sigh* i’m just so disappointed with this episode…. what a way to end the series…. i just feel like throwing a bag of skittles at somebody!! Ugh!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

    Great job with the review. I agree with it entirely…. i just… *sigh*しりません

  • Isahata ESQBS

    it is truly, an epic story baseline.. with a very bad closure that’s it…….. VALVRAVUUUUUUUUUU

  • bhsiung

    On a totally different note, the brief shot of Akira in the future looking well-adjusted was a fun bonus.

    I think the way the boy who future Saki is giving the educational tour to looks so much like L-Elf when L-Elf was young is hinting that L-Elf *did* found the dynasty which became the future imperial line. As for who he did it with, who knows? That is something that’s better not to define, for the sake of further drama in the Valvrave-verse.

    I would definitely watch a sequel series that covered the creation of the galactic empire (or maybe the galactic empires before the third one), but I think they would have to work hard to toss in as many twists, turns, and stakes as Valvrave was juggling. But wouldn’t it be worth it to see Shoko as a buttkicking genki vampire girl?

  • Alejandro Guzmán

    I wonder if the prince is Saki and Haruto’s child.. You know after that consensual rape!

  • Naon

    I just wanna know who that kid’s parents are ^ ^ I do kinda feel that the series was a little rushed but I loved it all the same!

  • Zaid Tahir

    LOLLL Review… Awesome man ! …. I liked Rukino Saki more, They coulde made huge bucks with this, But they rushed and ended it -_-

  • Entardity

    Who did u cal Harutard u bitch? u fucking Entard I mean Entrav…

    • Entrav


  • Entardity

    Who did u call Harutard u bitch? u fucking Entard I mean Entrav…

  • i have just watched it yesterd

    damn i just couldn’t stop laughing , really thanks for the trolls even if they are logics but i just … couldn’t stoop laughing hahhaha
    thanks so much :’)

  • Pedo The Bear

    Sasuga sunrise, i like you made haryto forget shoko first and saki later