Valvrave the Liberator Episode 5 – We have absurdities and then we have this

valvrave the liberator rukino saki
Saki's turn to shine.

Going a bit overboard?
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 5 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 5 Review
The Sakimori Academy Sings
Utau Sakimori Gakuen

So, we have the regular absurdities that we have in other anime, and then we have Valvrave. I… don’t even know anymore. I mean, even shutting my brain off and just enjoying the ride is not doing the proper job. Just… just what is Sunrise really trying to do?
(Thanks to gg for subs! Jaka pls don’t be depressed. I need my dose of Valvrave + more stuff. But in all seriousness, Hope you get better!)

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 5 Impressions

Shoko plowing through food


Sashinami Shoko happy

Takahi Ninomiya wedding dress

What are you doing?

Now that I think about it, I would actually want to do what Shoko did. Well, except with sleeves as I’m sure there’s a bunch of sharp plastic in what she ran her arm through. Anyways, it doesn’t really look like they’re doing anything right? They’re just kids having fun and not caring about the fact that they’ve just declared independence and are by themselves against two very powerful nations ready to duke it out with each other. I was talking about how Shoko’s plan could work, but this isn’t the way to go about trying to run… Ah, forget it. They’ll figure something out with L-Elf…

Shoko Sashinami shower bra see through


Valvrave fanservice anime boobs


Kakumeiki Valvrave shoko



Nanami Rion anime boobs cleavage


Re-rea-REALLY GUYS? The dumbass broke a valve and precious water is leaking everywhere! You’re separated from the rest of the other parts so it’s not like you can get more that easily. But you know what’s really appropriate and fit for the situation? Dancing around in the water and taking pictures of Shoko wet which subsequently shows off her bra. Well, at least some people are working. Where is ERU ERUFU?! Where are his prophecies? Oh oracle, please guide the foolish peasants that have no idea what are the repercussions of their actions.

ARUS meeting


Valvrave Mecha anime

Yep, yep, ARUS and Dorssia can’t do jack shit against the lone badass module that houses potentially alien machines. That’s right, as the physics teacher said, these machines don’t look like they’re made by human technology. I mean, is it that surprising after what Valvrave has thrown us so far? The other major aspect that’s not stuffed in is alien technology. I’d actually say that what happens later in this episode is far more shocking and perhaps dangerous for my mental health.

Well, here’s where the dedication and the mindset of the students and their willingness to be really independent is put to the test. It’s not all too surprising then that the anime basically takes a double stance in which a few people, like Takai Ninomiya, the blonde girl, are against the idea, and Shoko who randomly bursted out the idea to begin with. It’s typical for people to express different emotions to fit the situation, and really, we all know they’re going to be okay. The dialogue, especially when Takai says, “then why don’t-


Rukino saki gets slapped

Pls slap her moar.

………………… DID SHE JUST… DUDE RUKINO. WHY?! Just when I thought that Rukino Saki represented a calm, steady, and logical character she fucking bites on her hand hoping to do what Haruto did. Man, that writer must be laughing his or her ass off right now. Ugh… and to thin-



OH. MY. GOD. I don’t think I’ve cringed harder in my life. As soon as Shoko started singing “jingle bells” I literally said in real life to myself, “Oh god, it fucking hurts. Oh god.” I could take the stripping from before. I could take the random declaration of independence, but seriously, that’s just… I don’t even care if it works, or if it leads to a random song later on that makes just as much sense as…. well, the rest of the series. It’s just so painful to watch. You know that feeling you get when you can’t believe that someone did something incredibly painful to watch? Well, that’s this multiplied by a couple hundred. As much as I like you Shoko, for your lively character, I think you really do need to take Saki’s question of “do you have brain problems” to heart and really go see a doctor. Thanks.

Why so horny?

HarutoxShoko sing

That is so out of character I don’t eve-

Kakumeiki Valvrave Hito I Valvrave the liberator mecha picture

In your life
In my life

Well, all my arguments about Shoko being maybe insane has just been made invalid by this magnificent song brought to you by no other than Rukino Saki the harbinger of tranquility and the next Sheryl Nome. Well, I don’t even know what else could surprise me no-

Wow, some logic.


What do we have here… I should have known, but to smash this in with the rest of the absurdities is… absurd. Looks like there’s going to be four more badass motherfuckers ready to fuck the universe up with more alien superpowers. L-Elf better be piloting one of those mechs or I’m seriously going to consider dropping this anime (only to pick it up the next week). But don’t worry, that’s probably all right? HAHA, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE VALVRAVE THE LIBERATOR.

Rukino Saki kisses Haruto

HARUTOXSAKI. SHIP? YES OR NO? Shoko gunna be mad.

Right. So, I didn’t find the kiss particularly groundbreaking, but the message on the screen at the end certainly makes me question my sanity.

I… I just… don’t even… VALVRAVE PLS.

“Is this sexual intercourse?” I stare blankly at my screen hoping that this is just a joke. I rub my eyes once, twice while the ending song, which is great by the way, plays in the background. Thinking that I’ve gone crazy with the absurdities thrown in everywhere, I look back at the well endowed (alien?) woman with the same line, “Is this sexual intercourse?” I took a sigh and thought to myself, “Who am I kidding? This is fucking Valvrave the Liberator.”

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 5 Review

You know, it’s 11:28pm 1:00am now that I’m done. I’m tired, and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow today, but that’s not going to stop me from posting this post. In all honesty, I didn’t necessarily enjoy this episode as much as I did the previous few. Usually, Valvrave does an exceptional job of making me laugh, smile or having something to poke fun at with my friends at how amazing (absurd) it is. This episode, however, isn’t quite there or should I say, it’s gone overboard. I can handle the absurdities here and there, but amongst the dancing, the jingle bells, the random out of character singing, the NO ERU ERUFU, and that fucking ending line, I feel that Valvrave is cramming in too much.

It’s clear that I’m not reviewing this based on story, characters, or the ordinary formula that you usually take to review an anime as this anime requires a different method of reviewing. It gives you the feeling that it’s so bad it’s good, but in a different way by means of absurdities instead of just being “bad.” To that extent, it’s different from what I normally watch, and talking about things, such as the amazing Moses line last episode, makes this anime extremely entertaining. Nonetheless, this episode steps over the line too many times for me to appreciate it like I normally do. I didn’t smile or laugh as so much as I cringed and had a frown on. Perhaps it’s time to tone it down a notch and spice things up in a different way with some much needed ERU ERUFU and mecha action.

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  • FlameStrike

    OMG LOL YEAH SHOKO WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!?! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was so so…… I face palmed literally when she did that. It thought she was gona strip again but WTF. To think I actually liked Shoko a bit after the previous episode, now I know she’s just a weirdo!!! SO WEIRDOO. That OOC song was lulz as heck too, but everything about Valrave is just LOL. I normally turn my brain off and enjoy these kinds of lulz shows, but Valrave is another beast. I have to really reach deep and turn my brain off ANOTHER NOTCH. Hahahahahahaha well now that I know what to expect I prepare my body.

    • Entrav

      I know right. I have to literally go a step I’ve never taken before to watch this anime and maybe that’s what makes it so entertaining at times.

  • Dycize

    I guess this episode is the calm before the storm (if the preview is anything to go by, next episode will go back to pretty explosions, yes). Hasn’t it been stated before that Saki was an idol of sorts? Which is why it didn’t strike so weird that she was singing such a happy song with that smile when she’s basically in “get me out of here”-mode until this happened.

    This episode feels like something to get all those standard troubles out of the way. Students got their drama over the situation, they lose power, but it’s ok, one button push and everything’s A-ok! Also they got lots of funds (something like 2.5$ millions was shown), so there’s that too.

    Shoko is… Well yeah that was random, but it’s Shoko, the person who saves people in cars, gets saved from a mecha beam with said car then later declare independance on a whim. Plus her song was so awkward, it threw off everyone, which ruined the drama. Which is something I approve of.

    I’d say the episode didn’t go too over the top, but tried to and it wasn’t enough, so it fell short and became awkward.

    But really, the end of the episode is where it’s at. Thank you Saki for pointing out that the Valvraves make a rainbow. And for suddenly kissing Haruto. …That was fast. Oh Valvrave-girl, you so silly. And then the preview… Ok, if Saki will actually pilot the green Valvrave, this is pretty awesome. Mecha series need more female with good robots. L-Elf better hijack one too.

    • Entrav

      Really? Saki was an idol? I didn’t even notice so my bad if that’s the case. Even so, that’s still strange considering her personality, but it’s not that far fetched. It’s just that you’d think she’d be less willing to do something like that.

      Well, at least they tried to give rise to some adverse situations in order to make it seem more “realistic” that not everything is so happy and cheer- Who am I kidding? Shoko singing Jingle Bells solves all of that.

      I just found her bit extremely awkward. Obviously the drama is terrible, but Shoko just made me cringe. Really hard. I’m not going to say that it didn’t “work” for it’s intended purpose.

      I agree with your perspective as well; it’s possible to view it like it didn’t go far enough and became just awkward. However, I think there’s enough absurdities thrown in for it to be considered going far enough, but it’s just… awkward. Very much so. Maybe I’ll explain why I think that way in another post.

      Oh yeah, the best part of the episode is the revelation of the four other mechs. It would be pretty amazing for the girls to pilot some badass mechs for a change. L-Elf will almost certainly take one. I’m almost certain. I hope. But damn, that Valvrave girl shocked the shit out of me with that line.

      I wonder if Shoko will find out that they kissed? I hope they execute the Shoko vs Saki correctly and make it entertaining.

      • Dycize

        I think we can really sum up this episode with “awkward”. Which is why I get that vibe that they only wanted to get things out of the way… So it’s a bit rushed, falls flat between the “drama” and “comedy”, and it becomes really awkward. There’s also a good number of secondary characters and everyone gets a scene (even the hikkikkomori, almost forgot about her), so there’s that too. Not a lot of time left to flesh out characters (at least they drop hints that Saki is more than meets the eye).

        Now on the topic of the kiss… Finding out they kissed? Maybe, maybe not. Finding out that things happened? Definitely. Shoko is perceptive and Haruto is kind of a wuss, so that feels like a given. How will Saki play into this? I have absolutely no idea and hope too that it’ll lead to interesting things. But if the opening is any indication, both are here to stay, so let’s hope!

        And Valvrave-girl is such a mystery, now we know that she can, err, think. Or at least ponder about 2 teenagers kissing. And she looks slightly different than in the ED (which I agree, is good).

        • Entrav

          I wouldn’t be that surprised if either Shoko or Saki ends up dying before the season ends actually. They’re going to have to spark some more interest and bring some more dramatic moments eventually. From the looks of the preview, things will be… interesting between the three of them.

  • Irenesharda

    Well, this was an interesting episode, but it definitely shows what I feared for Shoko’s impromptu plan.

    The students have been left alone for a week because Dorssia and the ARUS have better things to do. The ARUS is thinking about allying with them, but they’ve got bigger problems with Dorssia who is indeed a Nazi Germany/North Korea-esque regime. I mean, they have the goose-step marching soldiers in formation, the tanks in the streets, everyone standing in salute to the “Fuehrer” during his (HIS?!) speeches. (I’m telling you that guy looked like an old woman last episode…). They simply replaced the saluting arm, with a saluting fist, and the “Sieg Heil!” for “Blitzendegen!”

    The students now without rules and responsible adults, are basically acting like kids who are left home alone without their parents or a babysitter for the first time. They act irresponsibly and do every fun thing they can think of without any though to the consequences. The module is heating the place up to high summer heats as it tries to compensate for the module being away from the artificial sun. (Yeah, WHY was that a good idea again?)

    You know that things can’t last like this, and indeed it doesn’t as the environmental controls overload and the place goes from summer to winter. The students fall apart fast and begin to fight among themselves about why they even made the stupid decision to become independent? They blame Shoko, but Shoko tries to cheer them up with a song.
    Nerdy guy and Kuwabara look-alike go to fix the problem that somehow only nerdy guy can fix. Though since the problem is fixed by only hitting a GIANT RED BUTTON(!) I call bullcrap on that.

    In the end they send out a music video sung by Saki to everyone including the imprisoned JIORians, the ARUS, and the Dorssians to keep up the faith and that everything will be all right. However, I have to say that I very much disagree.

    This episode just showed me what I suspected all along. This isn’t going to last long, this whole independent nation thing. Sure it worked this time, but these are irresponsible teens who have no idea how to truly rule themselves. The council president can organize and issue orders but he has nothing to back it up. The two adults are useless and if this one incident almost caused them to fall, I have no idea what will happen if something something more major occurs.

    L-11 is strangely absent from a lot of this episode as he is doing espionage work look around the bowels of the school. He finds the other Valvraves 3-5 and he for some odd reason leads Haruto and Saki to them. What is his plan? I don’t like him smiling, he has something up his sleeve.

    Also, Saki is acting very mysterious. She seems to be used to violence and at times reminds me of L-11 with her quiet, dangerous air. She tries to bite princess-girl and is surprised when nothing happens? What’s with that? Is she a space vampire too and her powers just didn’t work? What’s up with that? (and by the way, how did Saki become a singing idol? She’s horrible. Lacus could sing rings around her…that ending song was just…bad.)

    Also she is quite devious and has come on to Haruto fast! She hasn’t spent much time with him but has already kissed him and wants to be alone with him in return for keeping his secret? There is definitely something up with that chick.

    Also the little avatar girl came on in the Valvrave and asked about sex? What was up with that?

    And lastly, the physicist-sensei doesn’t seem to be one of the doctors in on the Valvrave and he wants to find out how it works. However he does speak of a Dr. Tokishima (Haruto’s mom or dad?) and that the Valvrave may be of supernatural origins? So that’s fascinating…

    Well, this was an interesting episode and next episode seems to be about Saki and may be her debut as a fighter pilot? We have more fighting next episode and I’m expecting more twists along the way.

    I give this episode an 8/10.

    • Entrav

      That’s a long post and I’m not sure if I have anything to really add as you have already read my post and you touch upon other points well.

      If the opening is an indicator of anything, it looks like ARUS and Dorssia will go to war with each other and the students, or the four Valvrave-like mechs and the Valvrave itself will be a deciding factor in the war.

      Well, the prophet L-Elf probably has everything planned out and is working in the sidelines putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to realize his goal of revolutionizing Dorssia. We definitely need more of him or else this anime will be not nearly as interesting.

      I’m assuming that the girl in the Valvrave is probably not very familiar with human culture (an alien). Still, that leaves us the mystery of how they even got these mechs to begin with.

      The point about the doctor talking about Tokishima is interesting and will probably bring up some backstory which can explain some of the events and how they even got the mechs to work in the first place.

      • returnity

        Wow… So MC-kun’s DAD built the mecha? Who’d have thunk it, Sunrise. Trollmoar.

  • returnity

    Needs moar Eru ERUFU… But seriously, 5 minutes of that catastrophic song. At least gg went all out on the karaoke– oh wait, no. Also, Rukino (best girl) lolwtf? I hope she gets the purple Valvrave, and kakumeikis Haruto’s boxers right off. Actually though, I’ll all about Rukino/L-Elf. We all know the Shoko/Haruto ship is inevitable by nature of its inexorable inability to sail even slightly forward (lampshaded by the writers in this episode, “Things with Shoko and me are already back to normal… it’s almost disappointing.” lol). The best part of this show is the trolling, just like Code Geass. I’m not sure this show will hit the >9000 mark like CG, but I’ll be watching for every minute (except all the parts involving SINGENGRISH).

    • Entrav


      That song. LOL.

      Jeez, Sunrise should just troll even more and put Saki and Haruto together so that Shoko can be left with ERU ERUFU. Haha, to be honest, my friends and I were talking and one of them mentioned potential NTR in terms of ERU ERUFU stealing all of Haruto’s women. Ahh… who am I kidding…..

  • Lucia Malpense

    Half the reason why I’m continuing this series is your hilarious reviews. The other half is L-Elf.

    • Entrav

      Haha, thanks a lot. ERU ERUFU will be back soon and it will be amazing.