Valvrave the Liberator Episode 6 – Oh yeah the stage is set

Valvrave rukino saki determined to be a star

More Rukino Saki.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 6 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 6 Review
“Saki’s Comeback”
“Saki Kamubakku”

So, another normal episode for Valvrave. We have some painful past that no one cares about, more slaps, more Kakumeiking, more Rukino Saki, more singing, and more amazingness? Is your body ready? Let’s get right to it.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 6 Impressions

It wasn’t that great TBH.


Rukino Saki piloting

It begins.

See that guys? This is why Shoko is still the number one girl okay? I mean, Saki’s just in it for the fame and not for the love. Though, I can’t say that the lack of genuine love towards the main protagonist is not refreshing in one way or another. She doesn’t give a shit about resigning as a human. Screw that, who needs to be human when you can be a VAMPIRE BITING MACHINE BEAST? You better step up Haruto, or else Saki’s going to be taking all the glory.

Saki Rukino singing idol

She looks somewhat hysterical.

Carmilla green


Wait, she sang the same song again only for a real performance? Right, so what happened to ARUS and Dorssia? LOLNEVERMINDTHAT. We need more “PEACE PEACE FOR YOU FOR YOU (In my life).” And remember guys, it’s not a bird, or a mecha, IT’S A BAT. Those are vampire powers. Haruto’s still really nice though. He did a lot of things for everyone and-


Oh gawd.

Rukino Saki vampire bite


What is… I don’t even.

LOLOK. “You’re a really nice guy.” *BITES HARUTO AND DOES RANDOM THINGS WITH HIS BODY. If you’re the type who like manipulative bitches you guys have the right girl right here. Still, I wonder how Haruto felt in her body. Hehe.



Oh wow, the school is part of the plan all along! Who knew they would be training to-be pilots in this random school? Looks like L-Elf is going to have some trouble getting a Valvrave of his own which is a shame. Don’t worry. Believe in the ERU ERUFU. His prophecies are absolute.

Haruto and Saki

Already a scandal. HarutoxSaki right?

Oh the irony.

Normal version which is okay.

Valvrave Rukino Saki hot anime girl

GG version which is amazing and makes me like Saki a lot more. Boobies. (Shoko still #1)

Rukino Saki paid in advance kiss

She’s not complaining about that picture??

Do you have brain problems?

Shoko Sashinami jealous and blushing


Dude. STAHP.



Kakumeiki Valvrave

OH GAWD. When is Haruto going to learn to distance himself from her? Who knows what she’s going to do with his body next? A porno isn’t out of the question when Rukino Saki’s around. She’ll do ANYTHING to get what she wants. She’ll throw Haruto away as soon as she finds him useless and he’ll probably find himself on the front page of something he doesn’t want to be on. This is why Shoko is still #1. Okay? Well, at the very least they suit each other a lot more.

Rukino Saki, Carmilla. HASHIN!

PSH. Can’t get ganked guyz.

OHHHH YEAH. That’s some nice Valvrave Carmilla action right there. But I can’t believe she didn’t say: “Rukino Saki, Carmilla. HASHIN!” She better learn how to use the launch properly like Kira Yamato. Spinner knuckles? More like an enhanced DRAGOON system. But Saki really knows how to use her hands. Hehe. But seriously, look at her APM. It’s above Korean-level. That’s some sick-ass next level shit right there. I never thought I’d see the day, but Valvrave proves that its level is once again beyond the scope that we all know.

Moses senator figaro




NO. MOSES! WHAT. DUDE. NO. I’M… WHAT THE FUCK? MOSES! Wait a second… this wiki page is wrong. It’s supposed to have written that he died in space trying to fight a giant mech while helping two Valvraves out. Okay, someone can go fix that page now. BUT DUDE. MOSES. DAMMIT. HE HAD SO MUCH MORE SPLITTING OF THE SEA OF STUDENTS TO DO :(

Cain and Kreimhild


Rukino Saki crying in despair

What a pansy. Come on. You talk big and you don’t-

Oh damn.

AW SHIT SPIDER DASH POWERS. SASUGA SUNRISE. If this is what this mech can do I can’t wait to see what the scepter mecha can do. Oh my god, if the main Valvrave can do SHINGING FINGER Harakiri then… what about the rest?? Holy shit. Imagine the possibilities.

Rukino Saki child

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Please get slapped every episode.

Shoko Sashinami shouting encouragements

Shoko being Shoko

Do you have 700 million friends now?


Valvrave green carmilla mecha

Now she’s interested in Shoko.

Disregarding Saki’s past which is of utter unimportance, we have music in the background, some relentless cheering, and uhh… Haruto being useless as usual. All is well in the world of Valvrave. Except for the fact that Moses died so early on. DAMMIT. I DEMAND THAT HE GETS THE SAME TREATMENT SHOKO DID. Ugh.

A-Drei revenge

More ERU ERUFU now??

Finally. Finally ERU ERUFU will get some action with A-Drei. At least, I hope. He’s seriously been lacking the proper screentime in the past few episodes. We need some more one man army destruction, but he might be too overpowered right now so we need some balance here in this anime since you can’t nerf ERU ERUFU. It’s okay. I’ll need another week to prepare my body anyways cause it takes a week for me to properly regulate my blood levels so I can take my dose of Valvrave for the week.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 6 Review

Okay. If Saki isn’t as manipulative as she is here, and totally heartless, then I probably would like her a lot more than the scheming, fame-seeking, non-caring bitch person that she is (Though that gg picture makes me think otherwise). I have to admit that it’s a lot more interesting having someone like her who breaks away from the regular harem formula. Yeah, but that’s not going to last long because ERU ERUFU is going to show her how a real man operates. Saki and L-Elf? Sounds like a great combo to me.

Again, the lack of L-Elf is hurting the anime. Yeah, Saki’s APM is marvelous and all, but we need some more rope ripping, fabulous dashing, prophecy realizing badass. Still, the mecha action is flashy (Sasuga Sunrise) and it makes me wonder what kind of more special abilities Sunrise can pull out. As for the other mechs, I just want L-Elf and Shoko to have a chance to shine as well. Otherwise, I don’t really care who pilots the rest as long as they have some kind of badassery. Oh and I found Saki’s backstory laughable. That slap across the face is golden.


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  • Dycize

    Dayum Saki, girl be crazy yo.

    And I’m lovin’ every minute of it. And Green Valvrave is the hyper-mobile one huh? I love those weapons. The spider dash too. And the Valvraves are really tough, Saki’s ate something like 4 missiles straight on and didn’t suffer much. Yep, Sunrise quality mecha battles, I am happy.

    Now onto the drama. Saki’s tragic past, which was hinted at, is revealed. Her messed up childhood messed up her too, it seems. But she doesn’t seem to realise that. I had to scream “UNIVEEEEERSE” when I saw Green Valvrave posing in front of the moon with the makeshift scarf (I blame the spread out arms). Anyway, Saki is crazy, manipulative and more than glad to have become a monster. You could say she’s batty (In Memoriam : Moses, ep 04-06, why did they do thaaaat). And the way she used the body swapping… Man, talk about resourceful female leads. Speaking of female leads! Oh Shoko, you’re so perfect. Even when jealous, she still ends up cheering Saki and rilling up everyone else. Because she’s smart and getting the fighters/friends killed isn’t a good prospect. And she doesn’t buy a second that Haruto did all the stuff he apparently did, but that’s because she knows him so well. The HarutoxSaki ship exploded as soon as it appeared on the radar, and I prefer it that way I think.

    Speaking of Haruto…That’s a bit too much episodes where he needs to pick up the slack. All the other leads are leaving him in the space dust. I hope he’ll really step up his game soon but… It seems like the next episode will be more ERU ERUFU, for everyone’s glorious entertainment! Sorry Haruto, you’ll have to wait more!

    All in all, I liked this episode. The drama was a bit cheesy but the usual Valvrave crazyness makes up for it, now to wait a week for the next episode.

    • Entrav

      Ohhhh yeah. This is Sunrise’s mecha action alright. Just think of what happens when all the Valvraves work together. Jesus, I think I need a medical team beside me when I watch it.

      Well, anyone hoping for HarutoxSaki isn’t going to get it anytime soon. Personally, Saki is probably better off like this as she’s a bit different and is more interesting as a result. Shoko is the typical Mary Sue, but hey, at least she’s not a tsundere and just loves Haruto. It’s nice to see two opposite characters go at it against each other though.

      Haruto needs to just step up his game or leave everything to the prophetic badass. ERU ERUFU needs to just get more screentime and everything will be that much better.

      Enjoyable episode as usual, but it was 2:00am by the time I finished this so I’m not even sure I was in the right state of mind. Nonetheless, Valvrave is Valvrave!

  • Chuangshiji

    The only reason I am sticking with this anime is so I can see L-Elf in action and the mecha action. Everything else is just horrible. First the students and teacher (if u can call her that), excluding the physics teacher, are straight out idiots. The story, when its not combat, just makes me cringe. This anime is by far Sunrise’s worst mecha anime franchise.

    • Entrav


      I think you got it wrong. It’s Sunrise’s best mecha anime franchise and it will stay that way. Think no more of it okay? AOTYAYEY.

    • Random Anime Fan

      If you are perceptive enough to spot the underlying themes, you’d immediately recognize what a masterpiece this is. Sunrise outdone themselves with limited episodes and budget. It’s a shame that the audience aren’t open-minded enough to accept newer concepts/designs. This show is like a parody of all their previous mecha works you know?

  • Rika

    I LOVED YOUR REVIEW, THANKS MAN. Anyway, best line: “Please get slapped every episode.” Yes, please. Or maybe if she got punched it would be way better. I dislike Saki so much. ANYWAY. Man, this was my exact reaction to the episode, just that I raged instead of laughing. I also want ERU ERUFU and Shoko action so bad. And wtf happened to Haruto in this episode? It was like he wasn’t even there. Maybe the show must be renamed Carmilla the liberator. Also, MOSES DIED AND NO ONE CARED?????????????? LIKE???? I’M?????

    • Entrav

      Haha, thanks! It’s nice to see that you like it :)

      Yep, she needs more slaps. Punches are too good for her. Slaps are more suitable.

      MOAR Shoko and ERU ERUFU action needed for sure. Haruto is slacking off too much in that badass Valvrave. He needs to make way for ERU ERUFU. On that note, I think ERU ERUFU the Liberator is a suitable name for the anime.

      DOOD. I KNOW RIGHT. MOSES. THE MOSES DIES AND THEY… THOSE… UGH. PLS Sunrise. Do the same thing that you did with Shoko and I’ll buy your figures.

      • Mecha Fan

        No seriously, that’s just getting disgusting. You wanna punch a girl for simply being outstanding in character? I’d much rather have all of the Hollywood heroines punched in the gut TBH.

        Shipping HarutoXShoko is fine and I would totally agree with it. But that shouldn’t mean absolute hatred on the other girl. They’re both thinking and acting out of the box. Both of them deserves praise, so drop the hate?

        • Entrav

          Firstly, you are taking my comment way to seriously in an anime that is not so. Most of the time if I am dissing Saki, it is just a joke. If this were a completely serious anime then you can slap me in the face as that’d be a terrible thing to say.

  • Gurotake

    Hey, I like this episode and Saki. I haven’t expected that she would be crazy like this but wow! interesting character. L-ELF and Saki are the reason why I keep watching this show.

    Until episode 5 I’m really annoyed Shoko but in this episode my idea might be changed.

    Finally, I expect some yuri scene between Saki and Shoko hehehe

    • Entrav

      Yeah, she’s interesting alright.

      Yuri scene incoming heheheheheheh.

  • SQD

    AOTYAYEY? What’s the -EY?

    • Entrav

      You’ll know by the end of the year, but for now, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

  • Random Anime Fan

    Well, I think it’s getting ridiculous how much hate you’re showing there. Rukino Saki may not be an absolute angel, but that’s the refreshing part of her personality. TBH, the series isn’t developed enough for you to label characters as useless and irrelevant. If you’re just going to ignore any past a character has, then there’d be no plot to begin with.

    Other than that, I do agree that Shoko is an amazing heroine. It’s about time for us to have female characters who aren’t Mary Sue clones.

  • Some1

    Hahahahahah!!!!!!! Oh crap. This review……. :) made me laugh so much! MOSES! And the 700 million friends. :) hahahahahahah. Shoko being shoko. Jeez I’m more addicted to your reviews then the anime. Hahahahahha oh crap my stomach hurts…..