Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7 – THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT

valvrave eru erufu piloting mecha

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 7 Review
Haruto Under the Ruins
Gareki no Shita no Haruto

Just… I don’t even know where to start. Sure, we had some episodes that are ridiculous, amazing, and cringe-worthy in their own rights, but this is just stepping it up another level. Can’t help but feel that hype/euphoria/awesomeness while watching Valvrave keep VALVRAVING.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7 Impressions

Ohhhhhh man.

Valvrave Carmilla iv



Alright, so from the last episode, I expected A-Drei to do some fancy stuff right?! NOPE. MEET 200 YEARS LATER SAKI. That’s right guys. TWO. HUNDRED. YEARS. I just started the episode and I’m already smiling and laughing at what is to come. The first episode indicates that the Year 71 on the True Calendar is the beginning of the Third Galactic Reich, and for this episode it says Year 214 of the Third Galactic Reich. So it’s actually 214 years later and the Year 71 is basically… uhhh… not really relevant. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT. Damn, when I heard the voice, I knew it was Saki, but still. She did say they are “immortal,” but-

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Just taking a shower.

Don’t blame gg for the justowns part. He really does say justowns. Probably just a period of time for these people.

Please, after 200 years this is all that you can make?

OH DAMN I was wondering when they were going to put down some cooling devices to help that Valvrave extend it’s fighting capabilities. But the mechs from 214 years later sure are… terrible? They don’t look like much of an improvement from the previous-

Carmilla afterimage


Lolwtf with mass? Ok.

Rukino Saki hot anime girl

Saki may not be #1, but she’s pretty fucking hot.

5 bucks it’s a girl.

Rukino Saki's promise to someone

To Shoko.

AWWW SHIIT AFTERIMAGES. God damn I’m using three paragraphs on this first minute, but it’s probably the most awe-inducing moment in the episode in my opinion (Well, that and the last part which I will get to later). AND AWWW SHIT IT’S SAKI. I’m not a fan of her, as you may know from the podcast, but I have to give credit where it’s due and I’ve got to say that she looks fucking pretentious/hot (big boobies)/amazing in that outfit. Let’s not forget another cliche you can throw in at times like this! A pocketwatch that has a picture of the person that she made a promise to. Haruto? Shoko? ERU ERUFU?!?! I guess we’ll have to find out who she’s doing the favor for and whether she’s doing it for peace or other reasons. So guys, 300 words in the first minute? That’s Valvrave for you.

Rukino Saki opening green outfit

Looking good.

If you watched the opening this time- HELL. Why would you skip this opening? It’s one that I actually watch over and over again, but anyways, the opening changed a bit and we have Saki posing with her Green Valvrave, or Carmilla as she lamely calls it. I suppose we’ll see more modified openings in the future when we get more pilots. Ah… anyways, onto more amazingness.

Purple colored valvrave Hiuchiba V Valvrave

No. You need to get slapped again.

You seem dissatisfied. Bipolar disorder person.

+1 for that though.

Why you jelly? I thought you just wanted to be famous.

They come in all colors of the rainbow!! Aaaaaggghh seeing them all makes me want to have L-Elf pilot all of them and use multi-tasking abilities never seen before to destroy all the nations and conquer the univ- But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’ll happen. We all know it will, but right now, it’s all about how to utilize their Valvrave arsenal to assist in their precarious position between Dorssia and ARUS. I didn’t expect Satomi to be so assertive with trying to possess all the Valvraves, but I guess anyone would want Valvraves. By the way, Shoko proves herself to be #1 yet again.

Those presumable Valvrave parts A-Drei is taking pictures of are probably either prototypes or other projects that JIOR were doing in secret, but again, it’s a wonder how they got all this technology to begin with. Perhaps they stumbled upon some alien technology or something. Still, it doesn’t look like those pictures he’s taking are going to do much going by the first part of the episode. All the Valvraves are still mysteries, but we can hypothesize that they are at least partially not man-made.

Aina Sakurai saying that he's a human

Hah, no.

Inuzuka Kyuuma smiling

You look cool. Get on a mech and destroy some Dorssians.


Satomi Renbokouji kissing takahi ninomiya


While Haruto is adding more members to his harem, Takahi and Satomi are engaging in some sexual ritual. Uhh… for some weird reason I thought they were brothers and sisters when I first watched this which made this scene extremely awkward and made me burst out laughing because they were engaging in an incestual relationship. I suppose that’s going a bit too far even for Valvrave.

Sashinami shoko cooking food

Sorry, Shoko. I have to agree there.

Saki surprised by shoko's cooking


See that guys? #1.

Sashinami Shoko best girl smiling

Best girl. #1.

I’M SORRY SHOKO. I REALLY DOUBTED YOU THERE. I seriously, seriously did. I mean, looking at that shit made me feel really weird. I can’t believe I turned to the other side for a second there. Jesus, I must repent my sins. Just when I thought Valvrave was going to pull out another cliche it surprises me again with… cooking. So all Saki lovers should take this to heart and put Shoko as #1. I don’t mind if you still like Saki, but Shoko should deserve a #1 spot. Even the anime is expressing her awesomeness. I mean, I wouldn’t be that surprised if Saki started liking Shoko and this anime went yuri for a bit because she’s amazing enough for even the same gender people to be attracted to her.

HEIL ELF shoko sashinami pointing

Everyone will be heiling pretty soon alright.

Bitches please. He’s got this.


Kakumeiki l-elf anime


ERU… ERU ERUFU!!! Finally, after three episodes of nothing, he comes back with some IMPACT. As expected, his plans are logical, but amoral for everyone’s tastes. It’s not like you can really underestimate him though; he’s ERU ERUFU the prophet after all. I can’t believe some underlings like Saki and the more-awesome-than-Saki Yamada really tried to take him on. They’ll see soon enough that he’s not to be messed with.

Saki and Sakurai Aina Yuri


Sakurai Aina kawaii cute

I can see why you’re going to die.


Dammit, more yuri flags between Saki and a girl. They’re really trying to ship her with a girl or something. But let’s not forget Haruto’s new name, KAMITSUKI (Holy Spirit so gg translates) which I cannot find on the dictionary (I’ll ask Yukimaru for help later). It’s basically wordplay on the word kamitsuku which means to bite. Hah. Hah. To bite… you know… cause he bites people. Yeah…


A-drei trying to obtain right hand

Heh. Not this time Lelouch.

A-Drei eye damaged

True dat.


L-Elf ERU ERUFU pointing gun

valvrave nanami rion anime fanservice ass

I know this is weird, but I had to put it here. WHAT IS UP WITH THE SHAPE OF HER ASS?

When will Haruto learn that he should just listen to what L-Elf is saying? Look, he’s just being a bullet sponge again. Man, people who have watched Code Geass is probably laughing at how this is turning out. I mean, it’s FUKUJUN (Lelouch) asking for ERU ERUFU to be his right hand man. Seeing how he tried to pursuade Suzaku… But ERU ERUFU is just about a million times more awesome than that justice-seeking, naive fool. Sorry Lelouch, this time you’ve got yourself a tougher opponent and he’s not just going to bow down to you. It’s Li Xingke revived and biologically modified close to perfection. People wanted to see more of Lelouch and Sunrise gives it to us two-fold with ERU ERUFU playing the Lulu-like role, and A-Drei being a weaker version, but still maintaining the amazing voice that constantly reminds us.

Wow, that’s fast.

Q-Vier crazy face


WHAT- DA FAK. Q-Vier just shot Sakurai and she blew up. Uhhh… We’ll get to that later, but as expected of ERU ERUFU to be able to dodge laser explosions in zero g. Lelouch’s got nothing on this dude. But seriously, Kaji  is doing a great job with the voice of Q-Vier. His psychopathic tendencies, like those shown in Eren in Shingeki no Kyojin are coming into play nicely. Except that he’s just insane this time around.

Tokishima Haruto leg stuck under beam



L-Elf offers his arm to bite

Get your shit together Haruto.

Tokishima Haruto vampire bites arm


Tch. Tokishima Haruto is still being useless. Though, his KAMITSUKI title is well fitted here. HEHE. Saki is now being the useless one. Last time it was Haruto being nothing more than a missile shield for Saki, but I guess it’s her turn this time around. L-Elf is really willing to risk everything to complete his goals. It’ll be undoubtedly fascinating when he plans out everything and takes over this petty world for his own glorious plans. Does L-Elf simply view Haruto and the others as pawns or is he more humane than meets the eye?

Kakumeiki Valvrave red mecha H-Neun melee combat


ERU ERUFU l-elf anime

It’s over.

Q-Vier, please. A-Drei still wants him.

AS EXPECTED OF ERU ERUFU’S MANLY BODY. His maneuver and shooting skills are incredible. One part of the soundtrack really reminds me of the beginning of Vestige (Looking at it again, Valverave’s opening is quite similar to this as well with how the mechs and the pilots are shown together). While the fight isn’t amazing, I’d say that Miyano’s voice acting and Preserved Roses in the background more than makes up for the lack of animations. Sunrise has to save their budget for the climax.

Sakurai aina dead killed

Huh. Dead. Moving on.

Though, at this point, I’m thinking that Sunrise is not going to give L-Elf to pilot a Valvrave. The students are the only ones who are capable of piloting it, and L-Elf’s body withstood it only because Haruto took over his body. He’ll probably be playing a more strategic role throughout the series rather than a fighter, but when Haruto does take over his body it’s nothing short of SEED Mode. Oh yeah, Sakurai is dead. She’s probably not going to come back alive and whether she does or not, I don’t really care all that much unless she gets more screentime and pilots a mech or something.

Liselotte Valvrave

L-Elf crying


OH MAN. THIS IS… LELOUCH DOING THINGS FOR HIS NUNNALY. Oh god. Oh Sunrise. Oh ERU ERUFU. How nice for him to have a reaction even though Haruto is in his body. It goes to say that even if the soul changes, the heart and the body remember. Oh god. I said something cheesy and added more cheese. But man, ERU ERUFU is totally doing this for her. That was his objective all along. Valvrave is really stepping things up one more level. God dammit THIS ANIME IS AOTYAYEY. (The ending changed as well. Still like Angela better though)

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7 Review

Going into this anime, I knew it was going to be fun, and after episode one I thought I prepared myself, but this episode makes me think that I better prepare my body better next episode becasue I didn’t fare so well this time. But anyways, how do I even begin to review this episode of Valvrave? This episode is already amazing on so many levels. Firstly, we have a random timeskip 214 years later which I can’t even imagine how they’re going to tie together with the main story. Then we have some more Shoko goodness. ERU ERUFU’s prowess is followed shortly after while all the meantime it’s doing random stuff that’s nothing short of entertaining (KAMITSUKI!!), and making references to Code Geass reminding me of that other awesome adventure.

I honestly think this is the most enjoyable episode so far that actually progresses the story and is not just abundant in absurdities. The thing is that, while I enjoy the random absurdities back in previous episodes, this episode actually made a lot of progress and is extremely entertaining at the same time. Just thinking of what will happen at the end of this season makes me feel excited and hyped. Hopefully Sunrise keeps going in this direction because I fucking love this episode.



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  • xxbabaxx

    Valvrave the shitx, 10bucks theres time traveling to tie the first 1 min later on, in 2nd season

    • Entrav

      Wouldn’t be that surprised if that were to be the case.

      • xxbabaxx

        the locket seen interesting, but from sunrise past work with team mecha and so on, i think the photo in the locket is of all the pilots of valvrave and the vows they made: save the world or something hahaha. so where can i get myself a shield call Haruto, which attracts enemy gunfire even not infront of me?

        • Entrav

          Oh man, got to have some FRIENDSHIP (NAKAMA) in there to motivate Saki. Can’t wait to see them take the most cliche, but at the same time awesome because it’s Valvrave, vow ever. Should give me tons of laughs.

          I totally need Haruto to be my bodyguard. He attracts all enemy fire. Pretty useful.

          • xxbabaxx

            Oh i see you did a Sakurai there, watch out for sunrise aye~ they might do something about that

          • Entrav

            Yeh yeh, got to have some more deaths. Shoko going crazy would be nice too haha. She’s usually a bit… awkward to say the least.

  • Irenesharda

    This was such a good episode. I loved everything in it. I’m telling you, L-elf single-handedly carries this show.

    Saki looks good in her older form, more mature both physically and mentally. There is so much you can guess from that small scene, I hope we get to see more. L-elf’s taking over the school was hilarious and the scene of him using Haruto as a meat shield…priceless! :P

    We see more of the relationship between A-3 and L-11 and I think A-3 has plans of his own, especially since he wants L-11 to be his right-hand man. Q-4 accidentally kills Aina, and she becomes the first named character to die. Her death was kinda gruesome, but that’s what Sunrise does. This will probably mean that Kyuma will become the next pilot. I think Raizo, Akira, L-11, and A-3 will finish out the “Golden 7”. They seem to be the only ones I can see as pilot material and to be a pilot you don’t HAVE to be from the school. You simply have to be compatible to the Valvrave systems. It just so happens that the school was collecting and grooming pilot material in it’s students, but the students aren’t the ONLY ones who can become pilots. L-11 is obviously compatible as Haruto was able to pilot while using the other’s body. L-11 wasn’t sure about it when he offered himself to Haruto, but he said it was worth the risk.

    And lastly, there was a picture of the little princess girl, who L-11 is trying to protect. Him crying over her was such an emotional scene! I think that seals it, the “L” in L-11 stands for Lelouch, he’s Lelouch the 11th variation or something. LOL.

    All in all, it was a good episode and I give it an 8.95/10.

    • Entrav

      I know right. ERU ERUFU does it all.

      Dunno about her looking that much different other than her boobs being highlighted. I don’t even know if they age with whatever immortality they got from the Valvraves. Can’t wait to see what happens with that 200 year timeskip though.

      The amount of awesomeness if you watched Code Geass is amazing in the scene between A-Drei and L-Elf. I mean, it’s like a reincarnation of two versions of Lelouch and they’re going head to head against each other. I wouldn’t be that surprised if L-Elf can’t pilot, but then again, we never really know. L-Elf might have only been able to pilot it because Haruto was in his body.

      Oh damn. Lelouch for sure. Lelouch for sure. Too amazing. Those references. That awesomeness. Too good. Too Valvrave.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure the “Afterimages with mass” thing is a reference to the final battle of the movie Gundam F91.

    • NN

      At first I thought it just meant that each afterimage has its own physical body. Like a Bunshin no Jutsu from Naruto. Wasn’t it?

      • Entrav

        Could be, but it could also be a reference like he said.

        • xxbabaxx

          afterimage in F91 is abit like the after image u get from destiny gundam. when u watch Valvrave in Chinese sub the translation is “Judgement’s Mirage”, possibly what some info that already been released in hobby japan by sunrise themselves. Mirage system closer to F91 and destiny yea, kinda confusing with the English trans, the jap and chinese actually got a name for the move.

          • Entrav

            Oh okay, I see. If it’s like the Destiny Gundam then I get it. Interesting stuff. Thanks for telling us.

          • xxbabaxx

            Yea but i think since it is valvrave, this “Judgement’s Mirage” is not like a gundam where a system helps make leftover images, after re-watching that part … the “mirage” so they call it actually hit that ugly mech separately one after another. IT IS LITERALLY MAKING COPIES of itself. like Naruto but mecha. so it seems ……. they do spells and shit…. theres literally a wizard valvrave using a staff so yea….. sasuga sunrise…….

          • Entrav

            Valvrave is up another level on the other series. Too good. Got to have some duplications with “mass” to support the overpowered nature of these Valvraves.

    • Entrav

      Sadly, I’ve never watched Gundam F91 so I can’t get the reference. If that’s the case. More power to Valvrave for making that work :)

  • Dycize

    That random time skip was just. I can’t. What.

    AW YEAH DUPLICATING. And one of the Golden 7. Man, this is Liberating Fighter V Valvrave, with the nation of Neo JIOR fighting the- Oh god how can I make sense of the situation by comparing it to G Gundam. Because this is mother liberating Valvrave. Saki looks nice with that pilot suit (it has a little “knight” feel, which I like).

    Anyway! That’s one cool episode. Poor Aina got a pretty fatal death and this one isn’t going to get retcon’d anytime soon. Unless you can become a Valvrave pilot post-mortem. The random incest bit was… A random incest bit. What the heck? But who cares about all those littles details.

    L-Elf is back and it is glorious! Gotta love how he just… Hand out the print out, complete plan to lead the nation. “Oh hey, while you were busy letting a mentally unstable singer in a death machine, I made a plan that will save you all, also, the school is now rigged with traps”. And of course, Shoko is being Shoko, that is, being the closest female equivalent to L-Elf when it comes to being the best. And then Haruto gets to dance in L-Elf’s palm again (and get pushed by it towards bullets too). Isn’t it sad A-Drei? You’re the only one who even cares about L-Elf and he just left you for another man. I mean hand.

    We also got the closest to L-Elf piloting a Valvrave, with Haruto essentially only working as a passcard for the Valvrave. Reflexes and skills? L-Elf’s. Plan? L-Elf’s. Emotions? L-Elf’s. So he -does- care about someone other than using it as a new hand. Now to wait for an explanation on their relationsip to each other.

    That fight scene… Saki got owned hard. Props to Dorssia for finding various ways to capture the Valvraves without actually destroying them. Then again, if they -did- want to destroy them… Outch, I think the Valvraves would’ve gotten blown up already. Or maybe L-Elf would have saved the day again. Maybe? How can I doubt, this is ERU ERUFU, he would’ve found a way.

    The results are in : this episode is awesome and Valvrave manages to keep a high ratio of entertainment througout. Anime Of The Year All Years Every Years indeed.

    • Entrav

      Comprehending the first minute already blew my mind cause I really didn’t expect it to suddenly happen.

      Too bad I didn’t delve into G Gundam or many of the older Gundam series or I might have felt even more awesome watching Carmilla duplicate. Knight feel? KNIGHTS OF ROUND?!?!

      Lul. Aina. Haha. I honestly don’t care. As for the “incest” I don’t think Satomi and Takahi they are related so it’s not really incest. Though, I did think that originally which made me feel extremely awkward.

      HE’S DODGING MISSILES LIKE HE SHOULD BE. ERU ERUFU! Like Shoko said, although mistakenly, everyone will be heiling him pretty soon. HEHE. Shoko still #1 and will probably remain that way. Lelouch must be sad for his Knight of Zero being taken away haha.

      We’re finding a more humane side to him and it’ll probably make his mission clearer and make him more sympathetic as a charac- BUT HE’S JUST ERU ERUFU SO WHATEVER.

      Saki being useless. Oh well, at least she’s pro 200 years later right? ERU ERUFU will find a way out of everything. He’s the mastermind behind New JIOR after all.

      Yay! Someone got the AOTYAYEY acronym! :) I don’t remember if I mentioned it in its entirety in the podcast, but YEAAAAH AOTYAYEY!

  • GDL

    Oh man, Haruto and L-Elf, make a ridiculous Overpowered team.

    • Entrav

      They will stay overpowered. MWAHAHAHAH.

  • The Question

    This was an awesome episode. On that note, I predict that now that Sakurai’s dead, her “boyfriend” is going to try and pilot a Valvrave unit in order to avenge her. And I sincerely hope he does, even if it takes him until the finale.

    • Entrav

      Inuzuka Kyuuma should definitely pilot a Valvrave. He looks like he could handle it and it looks like he’s a badass ready to show his abilities.

      • The Question

        I can see that happening, but which one? That is the question. On another note, I can also see one who seemed in love with Sakurai piloting a Valvrave unit as his means of facilitating his vengeance.

        • Entrav

          Wait, who is the one who seems to be in love with Sakurai? I’m not really paying any attention outside of laughing at Saki, Shoko, and Haruto while being marveled by ERU ERUFU’s abilities as a human being.

          • xxbabaxx

            ERU ERUFU is a PROPHET~! i mean what kinda human can write a fate of a country in a small stack of paper, he is embracing his godlike powers.

          • Desu

            Well , there´s a possibility that the dead girl becomes a pilot as they could use the vampire generative ability to heal her or something …I guess

            But she´s better death ….I want Shoko to pilot one instead ;3

          • Entrav

            YES. SHOKO BETTER PILOT ONE. Saki got her own, so at the very least Shoko needs to have one.

          • Entrav

            All heil. As Shoko said, HEIL ERUFU!



    • Entrav

      Anime of the Year All Year Every Year.

  • xxbabaxx

    kinda late but, “golden 7”. Theres only 5 valvrave shown so far in the op, guessing sunrise is actually going to go Super-robot route with valvrave, they are like magical and stuff, with the illusion with “mass” and immortality stuff. Prob they are alien tech or even life form, the os goddess shouldn’t just be some simple AI. Wonder where and how the remaining 2 Valvrave will appear. GETTING NERVOUS~!

    • Entrav

      Oh yeah. I totally forgot to mention the fact that there are 2 Valvraves still not unveiled. Definitely something to look forward to, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if by the second season everything goes fucking crazy with random things.

  • Lucia Malpense

    I just spent the whole episode cheering on ERU-ERUFU. And yeah, when Haruto took out that pic of ERU-ERUFU’s sister I thought Nunally immediately too.

    • Entrav

      HEHE. Finished writing the 1700 word post for the next episode. This next episode is so marvelous. TIME TO DO THE PICTURES. God I’m hyped.

      • xxbabaxx


        • Entrav

          Got to balance it out with the bitterness. Damn, I went overboard again. 97 pictures. Going to take another 30+ minutes to finish.

          • xxbabaxx

            well gl cutting them down, this ep got so much goods, can’t wait for your captions on them pictures haha.

          • Entrav

            Hair chip? God, there are so many parts that I’m not even sure what I missed. Well, if I do miss something by all means put a picture in the comments or something.

          • xxbabaxx

            oh haha, the hair pin needle thingy is also sharp enough to cut hair :O, must not take the show seriously yes, but there just so much to tsukkomi haha