Valvrave the Liberator Episode 8 – The contract and the beginning

valvrave haruto and l-elf

Finally, it really begins.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 8 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 8 Review
Princess of Light
Hikari no Ōjo

Just. Wow. Valvrave is just far too entertaining to watch. We had immortal vampires, overpowered mechs, ERU ERUFU, random singing, and so much more, but it seems that this is just the beginning of everything. While the absurdities alone may have brought enough enjoyment, even the more emotional side is explored in this episode. Valvrave is trying to do it all and it’s doing it damn fucking well. LET THE CONTRACT BEGIN!

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 8 Impressions

L-Elf slave as a child

Chibi ERUFU!

Liselotte light princess


She’s not even mildly concerned. LOL.

From L-Elf’s stern behavior back in episode 1, we already know that there had to be something in his past that made him so bitter. The past of a slave is but a normal one and no one can really be surprised at that fact. The inevitability of him meeting up with the “Light Princess” doesn’t come at a surprise either. It is, however, nice to see a perhaps more human side to L-Elf than we are used to. Moreover, this will mark the beginning of his love, whether romantic or not, towards the Princess. Fate or not, I’m fucking glad that L-Elf is there in present day.



L-Elf Karlstein contract

Just agree to it.

Rukino Saki useless loser

Yeah, you suck. Worst.

If anyone forgot the contract back when Kyuubey L-Elf first offered the con- Ah, hell. Who would even bother forgetting anything that L-Elf has done? He’s predicted everything so far, and while he may be crude in his approach, he speaks no lies. L-Elf saying that the school will last 6 hours isn’t all too surprising given the fact that they are still students, and Saki has been completely useless last episode. God, she’s even useless in this one. Fuck. But I’ll get to her patheticness soon enough.

Sakurai Aina glasses dead


Kyuuma Inuzuka angry for death

Cause he’s Haruto.

Shoko sashinami calming

Don’t worry, she’ll visit you as a ghost later.


Dude. I think you’ll need more than just a towel to clean that.

Nanami Rion cleaning

Yeah, it’s pretty backbreaking.

Well, I mean… crying about it to Haruto won’t really help, Inuzuka Kyuuma. He’s already repeating the same cliche lines when a character dies! That’s why you have to take matters into your own hands and just pilot a Valvrave. I honestly am just looking forward to what the other Valvrave have to offer. Aina tripped up enough death flags last episode, and I don’t care for her too much. THOUGH HER COMING UP WITH KAMITSUKI IS PRETTY COOL. Eh, yeah. That’s what I’ll remember her by. But hey, it’s Valvrave right? Ghosts aren’t out of the question… NAH. Even Valvrave wouldn’t just stuff in ghosts right?

Wut’s that?

A-Drei Jawohl

LOL. JAWOHL. GG pro translation.

Cain Blitzendegen

Heh, nice try.

Cain is like the most suspicious person in this entire anime. Not only does he have a weird crystal container thingy that randomly rattles, he’s asked A-Drei to take these pictures for probably a very specific reason. As to what those crystals are, everything connects more at the end so I’ll talk about it then. For now, I can’t see Cain as anything other than the main antagonist of this first season, and maybe even the second as well. Though, I can’t help but be more excited about A-Drei facing L-Elf. It’ll be an interesting battle of Lelouch vs Lelouch. God, I need more FukuJun.

LMAO. THAT’S ACTUALLY REALLY FUNNY. It’s like, oh we cooked… and then there was a COUP. LOLWHAT. That just shows how random this anime is.

Sashinami Shoko valvrave


Fuck everyone else. Except for L-Elf.

FUCK YOU HARUTO. FUCK THOSE GUYS. They made Shoko cry. Assholes. What a bunch of faggots. And where the fuck has Saki been the whole time? Singing on top of the temple still? I hope she starved there already because she’s been useless in the module while getting her ass kicked in space except that one time. Shoko, please. Just get a Valvrave. Seriously. Get a Valvrave and show Saki and Haruto how it’s done.


Satomi Renbokouji shocked siscon

HAHAHAHAHAHA… Wait, that’s actually really awkward.

Don’t even get me started on that siscon of a brother. He’s definitely not getting a Valvrave. If he takes one up, and Shoko doesn’t get one, I’m going to be fucking pissed. Well, he’s probably going to die and Takahi is going to take over a Valvrave or something. That’ll be better than this… Wait a fucking second. Hold on just a fucking second. This guy is the president right? This dude? Holy shit he needs to just step down for L-Elf. I’ll give him until next episode. It’s going to happen guys. No. It better.

Saki pls.


Tokishima Haruto helmet suit ready

Oh yeah. Haruto looking badass.


Kibukawa Takumi sensei teacher


Yamada Raizou vs Satomi

Him to. Let him pilot one.

No Saki. You’re not good enough to be called “kamitsuki.” You’re just possessed. Kyuuma, on the other hand, might be suitable for the name. He’s got the balls to try and pilot one himself, and he looks capable. Thunder, or Raizou, has gotten my approval as well. They’re two people who the module needs right now. We, as viewers, also need some actual badasses to pilot the various Valvraves. Haruto is barely getting by as it is, and Saki is just a pathetic excuse of a “Valvrave pilot,” at least, right now. And where’s ERU ERUFU you ask? Don’t you worry. This badass motherfucker won’t disappoint.

Vox out hashin

See? See? This is how you properly launch, Saki.

Tokishima Haruto launching from hanger

Rukino Saki with helmet and suit

Don’t fail this time, Saki.

Kakumeiki Valvrave red


You did?

Kk, talk to you later A-Drei.



Oh my God Saki is terrible. I’m sorry Saki fans, but I will give credit where it’s due. Last episode she got some badassery going on 200 FUCKING YEARS LATER, but her skills right now are just… Ugh. She may need to practice using her brain instead of practicing how to pilot the Valvrave. I’m looking forward to the hardcore training L-Elf will put the pilots under.



Kakumeiki anime red mecha

Haruto doing all the work. Jesus.

Rukino Saki useless

… Saki pls…


Sakurai Aina ghost heard by haruto


Oh Haruto.

LOL. LOL. IT’S A GHOST! LOL. AINA. LOL. Who said she’s dead? SHE’S RIGHT THERE. GHOST FORM. I wouldn’t mind her being like that for the whole season. HAHAHAHA. Oh and leave it up to the students to figure out that they have their own battleships hitting them. Still, It’s nice that Kyuuma and Thunder are trying to get the weaponry to protect themselves, but this situation isn’t really going to get better. Satomi is turning batshit crazy as well, and it looks like everything is over. YEAH RIGHT THIS IS VALVRAVE. NOTHING IS OVER WITH ERU ERUFU AROUND.

Satomi Renbokouji holding gun


Takahi Ninomiya scared of Satomi

Smack him, Takahi.

Dude. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

L-Elf Karlstein surprised face


Haruto talks with L-Elf coffee scene

DAT COFFEE ANALOGY. Haruto getting better.



Tokishima Haruto agrees to contract peace sign


Why am I not surprised? But LOL DUAL WIELD ASSAULT RIFLES.

ERU ERUFU badass


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally. Finally. FINALLYYYY. HARUTO IS USING HIS BRAIN. Oh god. How fantabulous this is going to be from here on out is beyond me. Leave it up to Haruto to come up with those coffee lines. Oh man. We needed more MOSES SPEAK, and while that line is not nearly as marvelous, it’s good too. Got to balance out that sugary naivety with some ERU ERUFU biterness. We’ve waited 8 episodes for this, and now it’s finally here. Time for some real badassery.

Don’t mind me guys.

Valvrave L-Elf shooting gun



Valvrave VVV laser full power charge shot Carmilla Valvrave III

No thanks to you.

A-Drei surprised at plan

Do something for once.


Oh man. Random coordinates, decimals… SHOOT THE MODULE… Things happen and PROFIT. That’s right Haruto, just let ERU ERUFU handle the tactics, and you can be his ultimate pawn that holds the power of the Valvrave. Even Saki is beginning to be more awesome because of L-Elf. I don’t think he can impress me any more than he already-

H-Neun shot from behind


L-Elf Karlstein in interceptor


Kakumeiki Valvrave green Carmilla

Rukino Saki fighting

Don’t worry, she’ll be with you in a sec

Valvrave Harakiri seppuku anime


OHHHHH YEAAAAAAAH. Haruto, and especially Saki, you two need to learn from this badass. He doesn’t even have a mech. All he has is an interceptor and he’s doing more work. While I’m obviously waiting for him to get into a Valvrave, this will still satisfy me somewhat. Man, he’s gre-

OMG CALCULATED SUICIDE BOMB? Please, learn from this future terrorists. Actually, don’t. That’ll be way more dangerous.

L-Elf peace sign in space


GIVE EXACT COORDINATES, SUICIDE BOMB, GET THROWN INTO SPACE, PEACE SIGN WIN. Oh my God this guy is just… Holy fuck. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe the almighty powerful being that is ERU ERUFU.

Tokishima Haruto 666 screaming

Valvrave the Liberator light of lune



Cain looks at light of rune

Dude. You know your fleet just got fucking destroyed right?

Man, even Haruto is picking up the slack. I have to say that he’s a lot faster on the uptake than Suzaku is, and I’m so thankful for that. While he’s still the naive character that he is, like he said, with some ERU ERUFU power, he’s going to be just fine. DAMN THAT SHINING FINGER IS GREAT. But about the “Light of the Runes” or “Light of Lune,” or whatever it is, it’s obvious now that Cain knows what’s going on more than anyone else in the anime. But first, some PRINCESS AND ERU ERUFU ACTION IS NECESSARY.

Lieselotte anime child

She’s so innocent. But seriously, who would really do that? OH WELL. IT’S VALVRAVE! Oh yeah, forgot to add that that’s a damn sharp hair pin. I’m surprised she didn’t poke herself already.

L-Elf Karlstein

Light Princess cute moe


Who wouldn’t fall for the Princess when she’s just so… innocent? (But seriously who would do that with a person holding a needle to your throat?) Being his savior in a time before death, L-Elf must think that he owes her much more than just his life. That smile. THAT INSERT SONG. THOSE FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS. I never thought that Valvrave would make me feel this way. I thought it would just keep bombarding me with randomness. Then again, I’m a sucker for great insert songs that give the proper FEELS when it happens. Not to mention that this is the start of a very interesting friendship between Haruto and L-Elf as I’m not sure if L-Elf really thinks of Haruto as a partner and less of a pawn much like how I was originally uncertain about a certain someone.

No idea what that is.

Cain master plan

Evil mastermind incoming.

Final Valvrave bride


IT’S THE MARK OF CAIN! I can see it now. Oh the possibilities. Oh Daisuke’s voice acting. Oh ending intro music. OH MYSTERIOUS “BRIDE” VALVRAVE YET TO BE FULLY CONSTRUCTED. Dammit. Just when you think this anime is ridiculous, it becomes even more ridiculous. Anyways, whatever that container that Cain has must be related to that Valvrave at the end. It may be an alien lifeform or something related to the Valvraves. Remember, it’s the Golden 7. We have only seen 5 so far, so the other one must be that one shown here. Could it be the mother of all Valvraves? Moreover, the “connection” that Cain speaks of could be the curse that the Valvrave gives to the user. Are humans trying to connect with another lifeform? What does this all mean? Well, we can leave it to Valvrave to destroy our expectations later. I can already see the ludicrous yet marvelous events occuring in the future. Time to get my body ready.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 8 Review

What an episode. What an episode. I thought last episode was good, and I still do, but I must say that this one has a bit of an edge. Although, the 200 year time-skip was a big surprise, this episode is just fantastic with the much, much needed ERU ERUFU action, and even a more emotional side to the anime. The backstory really makes me like L-Elf as a character more than just for his ridiculously overpowered nature and makes him feel more relatable, and human. But to be fair, I have to say that the Princess is fairly crazy in her own right. Being held hostage and then giving half her life away. Jesus, I don’t eve- BUT IT’S VALVRAVE. AND IT’S EMOTIONAL BECAUSE IT’S ERU ERUFU AND HIS PRINCESS. OKAY???

Anyways, the mysteries brought up, while pretentious, are just plain fun to watch. Can’t help but feel my blood pumping when Ono Daisuke does his job at voice acting and the ending soundtrack comes on with a yet to be unveiled Valvrave. The badassery that ERU ERUFU displays is nothing short of incredibly entertaining, and even Haruto is becoming less annoying. The relationship between the two, as I mentioned, will be interesting to keep track of as well. The chemistry between the two is great this episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they expand on that. I CAN SEE THE BROTHERLY LOVE COMING ALREADY. Man this anime is fucking enjoyable. This anime is just… SASUGA SUNRISE. SASUGA VALVRAVE. Oh and there’s going to be a blue Valvrave next episode. Fuck yeah.


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  • xxbabaxx

    That is one hell of a review nice work mate. Oh the ending has so much foreshadowing is too valvrave(too much). This is what Valvrave should be like every week, in Saki’s defense shes so dam fine 200 years later. I demand some more time skip, Eru Erufu 200 years later anyone ? now saying that ….. since there is gonna be 200 years later and if ERUERUFU don’t pilot a valvrave ….. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN :O, he NEEDS the VALVRAVE~!

    • Entrav

      Thanks man. I was working on it actually focused for 4+ hours. There’s just too much to cover this episode that I went overboard with content.

      There’s just, like you mentioned, so much foreshadowing it’s ridiculous. The amount of Cain being nothing more than a tool for us to think of what will happen in the future is so Valvrave.

      Saki is fucking badass 200 years later, but right now, she’s…. uhh… not really great. L-Elf will help get some real skills.

      OH MAN. ERU ERUFU 200 years. Jesus, but I don’t really know if he can actually live that long as I’m still not sure if he’s going to pilot a Valvrave. I would love him to pilot one, but it may also be interesting if he doesn’t.

      • xxbabaxx

        How they follow his prophecy for the 200 years to come or something (like Gundam 00) ? that would be very interesting indeed

        • Entrav

          Time travel wouldn’t be out of the question, but it is definitely interesting to see what Valvrave could pull. It could be something very unexpected that may lead to the second season or something.

  • Dycize

    Awesome episode. It’s just… Packed with so much win.

    If usually Valvrave amazes with randomness, this episode has much less randomness, and yet! It’s simply great. L-Elf and Haruto finally starting their duo of glory being the best part. Loved that coffee analogy too. I don’t know who writes those lines, but I love him/her. More of L-Elf’s past and him being a complete badass, Haruto finally making decisions! …Yes Saki, keep training please. You got the most mobile Valvrave and somehow is the 1st to get stuck in the boomerangs.

    But it’s Haruto’s time to shine. Time to SHINING TRANS-AM RAISER FINGER SWOOOOORD. A fleet destroying attack, how cool is that. Wonder how they’re gonna deal with the hole in the sea though.

    And Shouko… Keeps her rank of best female character in the show. Poor Akira just can’t react to her crying. But she can kick some asshole’s face. This guy needs to be fired.

    Now Cain… Well, Cain. In the Whitewolf Vampire tabletop rpg, Cain is pretty much the 1st vampire ever or something like that. It’d be funny if that’s where they got their inspiration from. Anyway Cain, way to show your plot relevance! Keeping a buzzing green thing and talking about connecting races and confirming what the shining finger is. And that weird bride talk (plot twist : the bride is Valvrave-girl and she’ll come to life once all 7 Valvraves have been activated.). Getting Moid vibes here (a character from Rinne no Lagrange).

    Next episode will feature a dog, with japanese for dog being inu… Why hello there, Inuzuka, I wonder what’s that I’m reading in your name. Also, Thunder, to hammer the point home, “Rai”, just like in Raizou. Or Thunder. Yet they only show one Valvrave? Hmmm. Co-piloted Valvrave? Or… Two Valvraves and they want to surprise us by not showing one?! But still, Blue Valvrave, coming right up!

    Verdict? I think we need more fancy words to say how something is good. With every episode being awesome, I’m starting to repeat myself. Gee Valvrave, why are you so good.

    • Entrav

      I’d say it’s the best episode so far mainly for the fact that it’s not just ridiculous, it’s actually just entertaining with some actual story progression and character support. That coffee line is amusing to say the least, and the duo is just incredible to watch. Before it was just about L-Elf running the show, and he still is, but Haruto is being a more acceptable character as well.

      DAT “LIGHT OF LUNE” or “LIGHT OF THE RUNE” attack is just… I don’t even. SO VALVRAVE.

      Shoko still #1 which makes me confused as to why she’s not piloting a Valvrave, and Satomi can just screw off. He doesn’t deserve a Valvrave.

      Dude. I.. I think you’re spot on with your prediction. If that happens… Oh man. Valvrave is going to be even more VALVRAVE. Cain is just spewing out random incomprehensible stuff, but it’ll all make sense later I’m sure. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

      It might be them competing to get on the Valvrave as well. Who knows? I’d like to see them both pilot one as there are not really as many great candidates left anyways.

      All we need to say is, VALVRAVE IS JUST BEING VALVRAVE.

  • Desu

    I guess your pleas where listened , by the previews I can tell green haired bad ass is on for the blue valvrave

    • Entrav

      Yep. Let’s see what Inuzuki Kyuuma can do.

  • Irenesharda

    Another amazing episode from Valvrave!

    The Dorssians are getting serious and the new JIOR students are as well. With Aina’s death, things take a serious turn as Dorssia once again invades and begins to fight the students in earnest and even with the power of two Valvraves on their side, the students are still losing badly. It’s only when Haruto finally makes his deal with L-elf that L-11 saves the day.

    Speaking of our silver-haired awesome powerhouse, we get to see into his background a bit and find out what his relationship is with the pink-haired princess. It seems L-11 was from one of the countries that Dorssia conquered and was being sent to a concentration camp, but he was able to escape. However when about to be captured by the guards he takes the Dorssian princess hostage. However the princess makes a plea for his life and sacrifices half of her life for his which allows him to live. This gives a key to why he was so upset with Haruto’s use of the term “half”, and why he’s doing what he’s doing.

    Meanwhile, Kyuma and Raizo are emotionally ravaged by Aina’s death and to say they will become pilots next episode is practically writing on the wall. (The next episode being entitled “Dog and Thunder”, which is a play on the two’s names, “Raizo” meaning “thunder” and Kyuma’s family name being “Inuzuka”, meaning “dog house”.) You get to see more of the bishie Nazi kid hit squad and none of them can understand why Cain isn’t telling the higher ups about L-11. Cain however has plans of his own and again proves that he knows much more than anyone else in this story. He knows that the OS-tan of the Valvrave is named “Lune” and he speaks of his “bride”. He also wears the mark of the Valvrave which can indicate that he too is a space vampire.

    L-elf, Haruto, and Saki all wage battle against the Dorssians, and with L-11′s help, they’re able to win. Meanwhile, Satomi is falling apart because Shoko is taking over all the parts of his life, from his job as class president, to that of being elder brother to Akira. I have a feeling that he too will be unfortunately dying soon, if only to prove himself as strong a person as Shoko.

    Haruto again is quite naive, as L-11 has pointed out several times, and always wants to save everyone. However, we know there will come a time where he will not be able to save everyone and that is what will put him to the test.

    Can’t wait till the next episode, I give this one a 9/10!

    • Entrav

      The Haruto and ERU ERUFU chemistry is great this episode. Very enjoyable to see the two different people work together to achieve the perfect balance. COFFEEE

      We’ll see Inuzuka and Raizo get into Valvraves soon enough. I’m not that surprised as they are the two other characters that really hold some presence aside form Shoko, and obviously L-Elf.

      A really nice episode and I enjoyed writing up the review a lot even though I went completely overboard.

  • Teo

    The highschool’s are annoying and do stupid stuff in this anime. But thats the masterpiece, the writer of the anime actually portray highschool students as they really are: doing random stupid stuff and acting all cocky.

    • Entrav

      While I admit that the students are doing stupid things, with ERU ERUFU around, I don’t think anyone can call what they do stupid anymore.

      The anime is portrayed in a way to bring incredible amounts of entertainment, at least for me, and besides, if anyone is really reviewing this like they would review a more serious anime like Shin Sekai Yori, he or she is not getting the point. It’s just great how much fun my friends and I have when we watch this anime. It’s something I rush out on the day and I don’t mind spending 4+ hours on one post.

  • some1