Valvrave the Liberator Episode 9 – Two more, mecha action, and piecing things together

Valvrave the Liberator III and V
Mecha action time.

Two more Valvraves, and developments.
Valvrave the Liberator Episode 9 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 9 Review
“Dog and Thunder”
“Inu to Kaminari”

This episode is by far not a “calm one” by normal anime standards. But by Valvrave standards, it’s more of a “calm episode” in that it develops everything for the future as we get some developments in terms of character, and some hints for us to piece it all together. Well, I mean we get some amazing action so I may just be eating my words about it being a “calm episode.” But hell yeah, it’s VALVRAVE TIME.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 9 Impressions

Sakurai Aina eating hotdog

Yeah… Innuendo…

Sakurai Aina death memorial

HAHAHA. I’m sorry, it’s just. Wow. I just opened up the episode and I see Aina’s face pop up with a million messages surrounding her face. It’s just so random. The fact that she doesn’t have any significance in the story other than haunting our fellow Valvravers makes it even more funny. I guess everyone has a role in Valvrave right? Aina can be the show’s supportive ghost that gives Inuzuka the will to do what he needs to do. We have to fill up the Golden 7 somehow right?

I mean you’re…

Tokishima Haruto anime vampir ecrazy


Valvrave Pino


Oh God. Just when I thought that Haruto going insane and biting people was just a side-effect of having “immortality” the Valvrave girl is hungry. As if previous events weren’t convincing enough, I’m pretty sure that it’s clear now that she’s alive to some extent. I’m just wondering now if things like her exist in all the other Valvraves or if it’s only in Haruto’s.


That's right.

That’s right.

Nanami Rion cleavage boobs fanservice


Finally, after they foolishly separated themselves from the rest of the world and almost got killed multiple times because of the lack of expertise, L-Elf puts them to work effectively. For the first time since the “country’s” conception, the students’ stance on the situation has become more realistic. And let’s face it, we’ll always have people like Thunder going for the Valvrave for revenge. I’m not one for his impulsive attitude and Inuzuka is far more suited, at least currently, to pilot a Valvrave even if he’s still mulling over Aina’s death.

Yamada Raizou captured

LOLWHAT. How did he even get into that state?


Inuzuka Kyuuma holding assault rifle


Just. Just get together already.

Yeah, she’s with him in soul so don’t worry.

What a guy. He’s taking L-Elf’s hints to heart without really second guessing him and admits that if he wants to succeed, he has to take the time to be more like a soldier. Shoko and Haruto should really just fucking get together already. Screw Saki, she can get someone else for all I care because she doesn’t even like Haruto anyways. She’ll do anything for fame. And I mean anything.

Thats… Nice… So how do you even see and react fast enough to the laser beams travelling at the speed of light? I guess it’s not just L-Elf that’s overpowered.


:O Dude. You’re taking things too seriously.

Saki… Just… Just no.

Who the fuck are you?


Thank God ERU ERUFU is sitting high up like an awesome commander should. They finally pull out uhh… wait what they had so many things to defend themselves? Barriers, turrets, Valvraves… This Module 77 sure is loaded with all kinds of different things. I also have to admit that it’s kind of sad how Inuzuka is almost dehumanizing himself to be a top candidate for piloting a Valvrave.

Sorry L-Elf, it’s all about Shoko’s cooking this time.


Kakumeiki Valvrave

LOL. DID THEY ANIMATE IT WRONG? He’s supposed to reject the food not try and eat her hand.

Valvrave the Liberator l-elf

Sashinami Shoko best girl

#1 #1 #1 #1

L-Elf surprised


ERU ERUFU nasty look

For any of those still doubting Shoko is #1, please refer to the above. I mean, not even ERU ERUFU can deny the amazingness that is Shoko. He’s got nothing to say. Although, that doesn’t mean that Shoko should be with L-Elf. Uhh… no way. That just doesn’t work. Like, at all. L-Elf should be rightfully with his precious princess. Anyways, some people thought it was a huge plot hole that JIOR has such a ridiculously powerful mecha underneath a school of all things right? Sure it’s Sunrise, but they’re at least mindful enough to put some explanations in. Well, at this point it’s just hints.

Saki… You know what? Can you just go in an incubation chamber until 200 years later? Thanks.


Inuzuka Kyuuma punched in the face

Uhh… gg.

Thunder vs Inu

True dat bro.

That’s cool bro but-



Right okay, so we have Thunder going batshit crazy thirsting for some Valvrave powa while Inuzuka is talking about Aina and uhh… stuff I don’t really care about. ANYWAYS JUST GET INTO A VALVRAVE AND EVERYTHING IS COOL. Punching is fine too, but we really need to get something going I mean… everything is being blown up after all and you’re just standing their making your speech like some-

Inuzuka Kyuuma valvrave




Inuzuka Kyuuma piloting

Yeah, she’s with you. Always.


Valvrave V Hiuchiba


Did they really think that this is not all part of ERU ERUFU’s plan? Come on, the damn guy is a prophet. BUT HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT’S ABOUT TIME! Finally, Inuzuka steps into the most overpowered defensive Valvrave ever. Man, I must say that the production values for this anime is actually quite great. Everything is just pretty and really shows the awesomeness of each mecha. Look at those laser beams go-

What about your mother’s legs?

Yamada Raizou thunder mecha

Valvrave III Hikaminari

Those are some overpowered beams.

Valvrave III anime yellow mech

Valvrave three 10 arms



Oh. Thunder got a Valvrave too. WELL HE’S PUNCHING PEOPLE SO I’M FINE WITH THAT. They’re pretty good as a combo and you can’t possibly dislike the yellow Valvrave going 10 arms which it must obviously have gotten some from Avalokiteśvara and some from Nnoitra Gilga. I may not like the guy, but he’s badass fighting in close quarters combat like that. Pretty awesome right?

Valvrave V mecha

Are you for real?

It’s a laser beam. You better take thi-


Kakumeiki Valvrave


OH MY GOD. Haruto may have felt her presence last episode, but Inuzuka is seeing her MANIFEST right in front of him. He may have understood what she said, but I have zero clue and I also give zero fucks about what she said. All I care about is that she’s giving him the answer he needs for him to KICK SOME ASS. By kicking ass I mean blocking giant laser beams capable of wiping out an entire colony with mass destruction capabilities. Yeah…

Wait. What the fuck did you understand from that?


Inuzuka *SUPER SERIOUS MODE*: “I understand now.. AINA!”
*Blows up enemy spaceship and massacres everyone on board.
LOOOOOL OK. Aina is the mastermind behind everything. That makes sense. Taken in a different context it’s just… hilarious.

Cain anime talking to himself


Kriemhild did not mishear

You shouldn’t be hearing this because he’s not SUPPOSED TO TALK OUT LOUD ABOUT IMPORTANT THINGS.

Tokishima Haruto angry

Haruto. Chill.

No shit.

No shit.

L-Elf mocking

L-Elf troll more pls.



Uhhh... I think I know why everyone just ignored him at this point.

Uhhh… I think I know why everyone just ignored him at this point.

Reproduced? So if we put this together, the Valvraves are capable of reproducing and I suppose the giant robot in the center of the… secret… place (shown a bit more below) is the mother that gives birth to all those prototypes around it. Do you know know what’s better? Haruto going all crazy just because he isn’t the only “special” one anymore with vampire powers. He’s just mad that he’s not unique anymore. Let’s not even talk about Aina anymore. Let’s just leave the damn dead girl… uhhh… Oh I don’t know… DEAD AND NOT MATERIALIZING RANDOMLY. Though, it’s incredibly entertaining watching everything happen.

Valvrave the Liberator experiment


Master Fellow

Uh huh.

L-Elf holding gun in his hand


The mother of all Valvraves. She’s probably the one reproducing all the Valvraves, and moreover, look at how many prototypes there are! Just imagine what kind of power JIOR would have in like a few years. They could take over the universe with this much firepower. Not to mention, EVERYONE WAS MADE TO PILOT VALVRAVES. As if that teacher isn’t fishy enough, he’s pretentiously talking to L-Elf of all people. Heh, don’t make him take out his pistols and shoot with his cellphone at his ear while destroying everyone.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 9 Review

So, where did they even get the Valvraves to begin with. Do the machines have souls inserted or something? I think it would be going to far to say that they’re organic, but maybe they’re sentient? At the very least Haruto’s Valvrave has a consciousness of some sort. Whatever it may be, Valvrave sure is spewing out one thing after the other to only make me more curious. At the same time, it’s nice how we can begin to piece things that were considered ridiculous at first, into something more comprehensible. To that extent, the episode develops everything pretty well.

I must say that the action in this anime is great. The production values of this anime is rather high and the scenes used, whether it be explosions, laser beam deflections, or whatever are quite something for the eyes. There aren’t many reused scenes either and it just goes to show how far technology has come since Gundam Seed that such visual presentation is possible without a huge budget. I’m just waiting to see the other two Valvraves and some big revelations that will probably occur by the end of the season.



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  • Casey Lee

    Well, it’s good episode and all. But Shoko should be in the pink Valvrave, right? Please be goddamn right Sunrise, please..

    • Entrav

      I actually think there’s not going to be a lot of hope for that. I mean, she’s been giving me the vibe of not piloting the purple one. I really, really, hope she pilots a Valvrave, but I don’t know if she really will. SUNRISE PLEASE GIVE SHOKO THE BEST VALVRAVE. Uhhh after ERU ERUFU of course.

      • xxbabaxx

        is interesting because other then Shoko i don’t see any other character being emphasis of importance. Maybe the otaku girl? wizard valvrave seems fitting. Thing is, it should be a girl because is a girly purple color not like Justice gundam’s pink. Just a guess, ERU ERUFU on a wizard vlavrave ? command center? maybe. i bet is on the otaku girl somehow getting into that vlavrave.

        • Entrav

          Takahi is actually using the shields and she was who I thought to be a candidate for it. I guess Shoko may pilot it then. Still not sure though. I’m just purely guessing at this point and all, but it seems that Shoko is playing a different role from the typical Valvrave pilot. Ahhhh whatever. I’ll just wait and hope for the best!

          • xxbabaxx

            yea it makes sense for the other two to pilot the valvrave since they get so much screen time, well who knows, takahi seems to be getting alot of attention too.

  • Detritus

    No mention of that pedantic first mate and the commodore’s reactions? It made me laugh more than it should have.

    • Entrav

      Oh yeah. I kind of forgot about that :X It’s funny how she keeps contradicting him hahhaahaha. What a leader he is.

  • L-Elf Karlstein

    That movable shield Module 77 used was a nod to the first Super Dimensional Fortress Macross anime – where the original Macross carrier/transforming mecha/city had a barrier that could be manipulated via the same way – the bridge bunny girls moving the barrier via a touch screen of sorts. =)

    • Entrav


      Yeah I didn’t watch that anime either, sad to say, but I will soon enough. The way they used the shield is pretty… interesting. I would love to play a game of blocking the light speed projectiles!

  • Dycize

    Haha! So I was right last time when I thought they were hiding another Valvrave in the preview (not like it was unlikely to happen but hey). And do they not disappoint. Blue Valvrave got some pretty friggin’ strong defense alright, deflecting main cannon beams like nothing. The spread bow guns are pretty cool too! Yellow Valvrave though… Man, those arms. That range/melee hybrid. So badass. Thunder and Inuzaka make a nice combo, to say the least.

    Saki, please, just, stop, please. I can’t even remember if we saw you shoot your weapons. You say two lines for the whole episode and blow them on falling into a trap then reacting to said trap. Sigh. So much for being the sole female pilot so far eh?

    Shouko shutting up L-Elf. Isn’t it glorious how he’s just… “Dammit it’s actually well done.” and can only look at her angrily because she’s right. #1 forever. Also, coordinated stalking with Haruto. Get together already!

    Meanwhile, Aina is a newtype ghost. And also very dead. I don’t think she’ll appear anymore now that the pilots are finally in the robots (plus post-mortem confession). Definitely feels like the weakest part of the episode.

    And now for the fun plot stuff! So the whole module was made for the Valvraves. Not entirely surprising and suddenly gives a lot more sense to all the military stuff on a civilian/school area. Valvrave girl is hungry but… Hungry of what anyway? It’s not like they are actually sucking blood or anything. Guess it’s a plot point for later. Cain now talks about the Valvraves “reproducing”. Not much else to say about that. And finally… L-Elf notices that 7 students are pilot candidates. I think that rules him out of piloting one, sadly. Unless something unexpected happens (in Valvrave? Naaaah).

    The random Dorssian commodore and his first mate made me laugh too. Love the writing. “What?! It has 8 arms?!” “If we count the other 2 from before, that makes 10 arms.” “I know!” Also, gg subs best subs.

    • Entrav

      Just when Saki is slacking like a noob, THUNDER and Inuzuka are here to pick things up. They work great as a combo even without practicing and they sure have some amazing specialties. It’s quite something to see Inuzuka deflect everything like it’s nothing. Those arms. Oh man, can’t wait to see what other abilities they have.

      Saki is just… I’m not even going to talk about it anymore.

      Yep, even ERU ERUFU acknowledges Shoko’s superb abilities as a human being. Haruto should be happy to have her but uh he’s got to be more assertive.

      LOL. Aina materializing is just… oh man. Inuzuka is going to find another girl and she’s going to appear one last time saying that she’s glad that he’s moved on.

      The random story bits here and there only make this anime more entertaining. It’s just nice additions where Cain obviously talks to himself out loud about random stuff that’s undoubtedly important. I’m not sure how they’re going to satisfy that Valvrave girl’s hunger though. It’ll be something to look forward to.

      Now we just need more Moses style lines and that’ll be all we need.

      GG doing great job subbing. Worth the laughs even though I know what they said in Japanese.

  • Irenesharda

    Again, Valvrave does an excellent job!

    Kyuma and Raizo are have been trying to become pilots, but have been constantly foiled since as L-elf says, they are not yet ready. L-elf has effectively taken over the module and has begun to train the students to become a military nation. However, those two still want to avenge those they have lost. Kyuma, after some advice from L-11 has begun to train himself hard to become as calm and efficient as a machine. Raizo continues to be bullheaded and continues to try to take the Valvrave and eventually is put in the brig. I love how opposite those two characters are, but yet they are similar in a way as we see from their later tete-a-tete.

    We get the debut of Valvrave 3 and 5 in this episode and both are amazingly awesome. VVV3 surprisingly can go from having 4 arms to 10 and is a good close range melee fighter. VVV5 is excellent for defense, having the strongest shields of all the Valvraves. Yet he is also go for offense, have twin hand guns that resemble a bow and can shoot out multiple shafts of laser fire.

    The Dorssians changed it up a bit and brought in another fleet to do a divide and conquer attack. NewJIOR is ready because of L-elf’s training and strategy, but even then the Dorssian’s new plan is beginning to be too much for them. However, L-11 has of course planned everything, including having set things up for Kyuma and Raizo to become the new pilots of the Valvraves, who using their new weaposn, save the day while Haruto and Saki are occupied.

    Kyuma, who had been in love with Aina, comes to the conclusion to fight for himself and live on, and goes back to his normal self by the end. However, even while everyone is celebrating, there are new tangles beginning to arise. Col. Cain doesn’t care about the battle but only that there are now “four of them” and that they have somehow “reproduced successfully”? He knows more than anyone what’s going on with the Valvraves so I wonder what he means by that? While none of the new pilots have been showing signs of going into bestial vampire mode, Haruto has been experiencing it more and more frequently, with the VVV-tan strangely saying that she’s hungry. Coincidence? I think not.

    We also find from our physics teacher/JIOR soldier Takumi-sensei, that not only was every teacher (except Rion) and worker in the school but also every person in the surrounding city a member of the military, but that the entirety of Module 77 including the students, was all set up for the Valvraves. We had already guessed that from L-11’s earlier comment a few episodes ago, but now have it confirmed. However, I have to say that if that’s true, JIOR has some of the crappiest soldiers ever. That entire module was made up of soldiers but they still got taken down by a single Dorssian fleet and group of 5 bishie Hitler youths? That’s just sad…

    They didn’t give us a preview for next week so I am concerned. However, we now have 4 Valvrave pilots up with 1 more to go and a unfinished VVV unit (2?) in the basement. What shall happen next? I’m excited to find out.

    I give this episode an 8.5/10.

  • Irenesharda

    Oh, also about Aina and Kyuma at the end was that Kyuma was going to sacrifice himself in protecting the Module in that last laser attack. However Aina (either her spirit or just his memory of her) reminds him at the last minute to keep living by saying she “doesn’t want him here”.

    Also, I almost 99% sure that Akira will be the next pilot. They have stuck to the order of the characters shown in the OP and after Raizo is Akira. Though WHEN that happens, I have no idea.

    And lastly, for some reason we didn’t get the preview for the next episode which is entitled: 恋の選挙公約. I’ve been told it can be translated as “Election Promise of Love”? Whatever that means…

    However, the Chinese subs did get it so here’s the screencaps I came across.

    • Entrav

      I’ve got nothing to add for your other comment cause you basically said everything so… Thanks for putting up the preview for next week! It was weird when I didn’t see it when the episode ended. I thought it was going to be some huge episode where they can’t show it. Guess not.

      Akira eh? if they’re going in order… I’ll have to check where Shoko is in that then. Isn’t she the last one to fade out that leaves the biggest impression? I can just see her dying soon or something. Dammit.

      Well the previews never give justice to Valvrave’s entertainment and I guess we’ll see Cain’s incredible ability to talk out loud to himself about important things come bite him in the ass.

      That’s… an interesting title though. Thanks again for the preview caps!

    • Dycize

      Thanks for the preview screencaps!

      Based on the pictures and the title of the episode, it looks like it’ll be Takahi/Student Council centric? Or at least they’ll get some plot. And more Dorssia infighting shenanigans?

      Akira being the 5th pilot doesn’t seem too unlikely… She’s a super hacker of sorts and Purple VVV looks like a mecha buddhist monk (the staff at least), which tends to imply more indirect abilities rather than outright beam spam. There hasn’t really been other possible candidates anyway. Though I’d laugh if Rion ended up as pilot. I mean, she’s the only teacher who isn’t from the military and she got to narrate the beginning of this episode.

      And now that I’m saying that I kind of want it to happen… It’s just me being crazy though.

  • Teo

    I think that Valvrave in the tube is the Purple Valvrave. From what I remember, there were only 4 completed Valraves in the hanger (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow). Also how the professor is asking why the tube Valvrave isnt moving gives me reason to believe it is a new Valvrave being “born”. On a side note: I seriously hope its L-Elf’s Valvrave.

    • Entrav

      The purple Valvrave is in the hanger as well. Shown at around 2:50 in episode 7. The one in the center is definitely more important than just another Valvrave. It’s probably responsible for breeding them or something.

  • Desu

    lol , now its just one valvrave left , who would be the pilot?? make your bets
    Shoko? , Eru-erufu?, the red haired otaku girl?( personal choice) , not the class chairman ( really DO NOT MAKE HIM A PILOT) he would be bitching around more than saki

    • Entrav

      Well, remember it’s the Golden 7 so there’s more than just one Valvrave left. For this one, I’d say it’s probably going to be Akira or Shoko.

      • Desu

        But maybe the evil guy ( dont remember his name) get his hands on the other 2 valvraves ??

        • Entrav

          Then they wouldn’t call them the Golden 7 now would they? If he stole 2 of them then it would be the Golden 5 because he wouldn’t be in their group. Then again, it’s still possible that they’d still call it the Golden 7 because they’re special machines. Who knows? You could very well be right. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen because I need Shoko and L-Elf piloting a Valvrave or two.

          • Desu

            Fell like L-Elf …..

  • Desu

    Make your bets , the last valvrave is on the table who will the next pilot be:
    Akira (red haired antisocial) — my favorite
    The boobs monster?
    The nerd one?
    -.Not the class chairman or the blondee —( really DO NOT MAKE THEM PILOTS)

  • Ian Porterfield

    Those preview screencaps turned out to be quite something, alright.

    • Entrav