Valvrave the Liberator – Kakumeiki – Episode 4 – LIBERATING INDEED.

Valvrave the Liberator Shoko Sashinami cheese
ERU ERUFU? No. It's Shoko now.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 4 Review
Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 4 Review
“The Valvrave is the Hostage”
“Hitojichi wa Varuvureivu”

Wow. Seriously, I didn’t expect this kind of… what am I even saying? This is fucking Kakumeiki Valvrave AKA Valvrave the Liberator. We can’t predict this masterpiece. I mean, who saw the amazingly overpowered L-Elf from the last episode coming? This episode is no different as the magnificent Shoko destroys even ERU ERUFU’s prophecies. Or does she?…

Valvrave the Liberator – Kakumeiki – Episode 4 Impressions

Oooo some story about how ARUS wants to make the same weapon JIOR has, but we all know that’s going to happen anyways by the looks of the opening. Seriously, I’m really curious as to how JIOR even managed to build such a monster of a machine, but hey, they put all their resources into it before… right? Whatever, whether an explanation actually comes or not, I don’t really care. All I care about is how amazing everything else is. Screw the old guys talking like they know jack shit about what’s going on.

Long term planning right here.

Akira Renbokouji scared about being found




The prophet speaks. Haruto, you’re retarded for not listening to the almighty ERU ERUFU. I mean, he even says it himself: “My predictions are prophecies.” Do you understand, Haruto? Do you even know that you are speaking to THE ERU ERUFU that single handedly took down an entire army? Jesus, Haruto is like the annoying Suzaku not understanding Lelouch’s amazingness. It’s okay, even though Haruto is annoying as Suzaku, there is still the incredible Shoko which Haruto clearly does not deserve. It also seems that L-Elf was never too fond of Dorssia to begin with, and I’m almost certain that it has something to do with his past and why he acted so coldly towards Haruto in the first episode when they first met.

Valvrave Pino


Yeah, get out.

Figaro Senator

Oh no. The bad guy!

Tokishima haruto biting


Sashinami Shoko call cancelled


So the Valvrave doesn’t just take orders from any low-life. Well, that’s not a surprise, but it looks like the girl in the Valvrave will probably be more important as the series progresses. Annndd… as everyone expected, that politician is a good-for-nothing scrub. Once again, I’m getting tired of Haruto’s slow take on the situation. They should just let ERU ERUFU take over the whole anime already. Although, without Haruto, I guess Shoko wouldn’t be the way she is and damn is she random (but awesome at the same time).


Sashinami Shoko stripping


Isn’t that the opposite of what you’re doing?

Nonononono. WHY U STOP HER? LET HER… do her stuff…

Rukino Saki brain problems

LOL. Just. LOL.

Negotiations not working? STRIP. If anything else, I learned something incredibly valuable today; the embarrassment that comes with youth is not to be taken with lightly. Alright, to be fair, a lot of you is probably thinking how absolutely ridiculous it is. I’m sure that the writers do as well as Rukino Saki clearly states what she’s doing is absurd. Still, it works. I mean, if you can’t get their attention, you have to use a different approach that will shake their senses so that they will listen to your claim. While this approach is… strange to say the least, it’s not like it’s results are contrived. All the students’ reactions are fairly spot on. If anything, it highlights the eccentricity of Shoko as a character which makes me like her even more.


Bro. Bro. You just got shot in the face.

No, really? Thanks for telling us.


Call me Moses. I’m going to split this sea of students before your eyes.

AHAHAHAHAHAH. AHAHAHAHA. AHAHAHAAHAHAHA. That’s… That’s too great. Oh God. Jesus Christ… No wait, MOSES. LOL. HAHAHAHAH. This level of writing is… phenomenal. They are really going all-out with the absurdities here which makes everything all the more amazing. Oh and, a student also got a submachine gun, randomly fired it at a soldier, and didn’t manage to kill him! He even says “it’s real” without being even mildly frightened that he could have totally killed someone. By the way, the first bullet is supposed to hit the guy in the head, but fuck logic.

Satomi Renboukouji slapped


ERU ERUFU contract keiyaku


L-Elf shocked


What the… the whole module randomly powered up?? LOL OK. I was getting tired of it being dark anyways. ERRRUUUU ERUUUFUU IS BACK!!! I was waiting for the man of the anime to show up and stir up… Fuck that. Shoko is running the episode this time. Basically, she’s using the Valvrave, which is a machine of incredible technology that both sides want, as a bargain piece to keep both sides at bay. Neither side would want to give up the Valvrave and would be hesitant to make any rash decisions. In the end, they’re forcing ARUS to work with them, and for Dorssia to stop attacking them. You know what, this is actually better than I thought.

If Dorssia attacks, then ARUS will have no choice but to help them as ARUS will not want Dorssia to have the mech. If ARUS doesn’t help, then Dorssia will get the mech and the tide of war will change as they mentioned. Effectively, it’s a stalemate in which no side can really do anything until similar models of the Valvrave are made. It’s very unlikely that either side will do anything stupid, and if that’s the case, then the plan will work. Well, it looks like Shouko is the confirmed NUMBER ONE GIRL. ERU ERUFU trying to make a contract? No way. Shouko is dealing the contracts out this time.

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Pew pew pew

Valvrave the Liberator


HEY! Chill out bro.


L-Elf the feels

Now just work together and take over the universe.


Oh man, a space battle! No wait… are they… declaring INDEPENDENCE? This really is Valvrave the Liberator. Wow, if this doesn’t remind me of Guilty Crown, then I don’t know what does. Student body running their own show? Hell yeah. Cutting up the pathways to the module (I suppose the module is self sustaining), laser beams, and even ERU ERUFU getting caught up in all of this and enjoying it gives me the most amazing vibes ever. I can just imagine L-Elf working with all of them to… uhh… what were they trying to do again?… LIBERATE the world from the evil grip of Dorssia. Yes. That’s it. If L-Elf plans everything out, Shouko being the image, and Haruto doing the fighting, I can just see the awesomeness in this season.

Valvrave the Liberator – Kakumeiki – Episode 4 Review

I can safely say that I didn’t expect any of this going into this anime. Sure, I knew it would be Gundam-like, but the PVs really gave nothing away, and I didn’t know what to expect. After four episodes, I think that Valvrave is definitely the one to make me smile and laugh in perhaps not because it’s humorous, but because of just how random, surprising, and entertaining all the events have been so far. To be honest, I am surprised that the part about using the Valvrave as negotiation actually making sense.

Like L-Elf at the end, it really gives me the feeling of pure awesomeness while watching this anime. I just completely enjoy the anime. If you’re still looking for coherence, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do watching it until now. But seriously, turning your brain off and just enjoying the ride is very, very enjoyable. Well, at least for me. It’s difficult to place my finger on what exactly makes me like it so much, and I’ll definitely look deeper to try and find it, but for now, I think I’ve said enough. Next time on Valvrave… they… sing……… But don’t be deceived by the preview, there is something awesome in every episode. It is Valvrave the Liberator after all.

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  • Entrav

    Very enjoyable episode. I love it :)

    • Daniel

      Indeed :)

  • Irenesharda

    I have to say that this was an interesting episode. They quickly found a way to make both sides of the battle evil and JIOR (of course…) to be the better group. (Ughhh…) Though I find JIOR to be too idealistic, too complacent, and too weak. I mean they only fought back once against Dorssia before giving up.

    Shoko was an excellent leader and I admired her spirit here, however I have a feeling that that has raised (another?) major death flag for her. Those in charge of movements that happened to be the sweetheart of the MC, usually don’t turn out well.

    And speaking of their idea, I think its really interesting and new, but a little too idyllic and naive. This is a tiny module against literally the entire world. With the rest of JIOR taken over by Dorssia, they are on their own. As much as I admire their spirit, I don’t think that they can last the long haul. And what happens when one of the superpowers calls their bluff? What if they decide to simply blow them up, Valvrave and all?

    Also is it really smart to have a “country” entirely run by 480 students and 2 teachers? These are a bunch of teens who have never seen or cared about war. What if this war goes on for years as most believe it will? What happens when supplies run out? If the module has mechanical issues? Or a myriad of other things? And eventually your going to have a bunch of students who are just going to give up, the weak links. These aren’t soldiers, these are teenage students.

    And I actually believe more in L-11’s plan. As he says, it’s the foundations of the government that needs to be changed in order for there to be any change. This move is just a bandaid on a much bigger wound. I honestly believe what L-11 says. Haruto WILL make a contract with L-11, it’s just a matter of time. (Perhaps Shoko will actually die and Haruto will be unable to save her and so Haruto will have to turn to L-11?)

    Anyway, I had a feeling that the Valvrave would only let one person pilot. That contract’s nothing to laugh at. I honestly don’t even know what it injected into that poor guy. It look like he imploded and had hemorrhagic fever all at the same time. When the screen said “Your Mistake”, I was like “that’s the understatement of the year.”

    Akira looks as if she has some social disorder or something and she can’t be around others. I’m guessing her brother knows this, so I’m surprised he didn’t catch on to how Shoko heard the ARUS transmissions.

    That Moses line took the cake though, I cracked up at that one. I will forever call that senator “Moses” from now on!

    Also, it seems that Haruto can expertly pilot the Valvrave again. I loved that things gun and other sickle thing. The enemies vehicles look bad, like giant insects, but I find the waffes though are really good.

    Well, everything seems too nice now, and the next episode seems the same. I’m doubting that this is going to last long. There be major storms on the horizon in store for our tiny, tiny, tiny “country”.

    I give this episode a 8/10.

    • Entrav

      You sum up everything nicely. As for the overall plan of being independent, of course it will only work in the short run. They can’t possibly last long against two superpowers, but for now, that’s their best course of action.

      Also, when they say “country,” they really mean being separated from the two superpowers or just being independent. I mean, they know that it’s just a way to protect themselves from ARUS and Dorssia and it’s obvious that ARUS and Dorssia can’t remain idle for long as they’re both researching the technology. Anyways, it should be interesting to see how they react to this short plan and how everything turns out.

  • Richard Shiflett

    L-Elf will now make a contract with Shoko as clearly he has met a woman that can defy even his prophecies!

    Haruto, stand aside! Shoko needs a man! A man like L-Elf!

    • Entrav

      Haha. It would be hilarious if she entered a contract with ERU ERUFU. No, screw that. Everyone should make a contract with ERU ERUFU.

      • Richard Shiflett

        I’m fine with her making a contract with him. She seems to be a hands on type and loves “doing” instead of just “watching” so I can see her working well with L-Elfs plans. That and she’s the Prime Mininster’s daughter so she has a lot of political clout.

  • Tidus

    I’m just gonna say it, Valvrave the Liberator is just f-ing awesome! The first episode is more than good enough to just watch it but it was also very, VERY entertaining with the whole cliches in a very serious setting! Every episode they released was just awesome, especially this particular episode. I mean declare INDEPENDENCE with 400+ students and 2 adults? That’s just mindblowing! Your reviews just makes my interest in Valvrave much more fun!

    • Entrav

      I’m actually surprised they have managed to entertain me to such an extent over the course of four episodes. I just hope that they can keep this up throughout.

      Always a pleasure to give you guys my viewpoint and it’s great to hear all your thoughts :)

  • Dycize


    This episode. This episode. It’s amazing. Shoko being the best girl. L-Elf being a prophet! Valvrave showing off his shiny gun (and injecting Kenshiro’s Hyakuretsuken into a poor sod)! FRIGGIN’ MOSES HAHAHAHA (god I hope this character will stay, I want more of those one liners).

    And Shoko’s plan is genius. When she yelled after Haruto while he was going to consider working with L-Elf, everyone knew he would be contract-blocked. But what a way to go! Of course Shoko turns out to be the President’s daughter (and it’s only now that they feel it’s necesasry to point it out).
    Haruto better step up his game, piloting the cool robot is nice and all, but that’s not enough. Not enough for VALVRAVE THE LIBERATOR!

    • Entrav

      Yessss more entertainment for my somewhat stressful week serves as fantastic relief. This anime really goes in random directions I didn’t anticipate it going into when I started it. Shoko was my favourite in episode one and she still is in episode four. I’m also looking forward to seeing who will pilot those other mechs.

      • Dycize

        Some of the characters I’m expecting to see pilot one of the Valvrave are Rukino and the bully-guy. They are side characters who get some focus scenes and they aren’t the kind to shy away from action. Plus, they aren’t part of Haruto’s friend circle (that and the student council seem rather unlikely).
        I’m also expecting L-Elf to get one too (and see him cause much chaos with it).

        • Entrav

          If ERU ERUFU doesn’t get a badass mech I’m going to rage just like when Shoko “died.” I would agree with you for the most part though. Would be nice to see Shoko in a mech, but I’m not sure if that fits her.

  • GDL

    Why so much hate against Haruto?

    • Entrav

      I have no hate per se against Haruto, but it’s just that the other characters are more interesting. That’s all.

    • Richard Shiflett

      I don’t hate him, but he messed up for not just confessing so he should have to squirm a bit and watch L-Elf sweep Shoko off her feet. A girl like that? You don’t just leave her hanging by breaking her heart!

  • Cassandra@Book&Movie Dimension

    L-Elf when he said who is that bitch? think was really surprised me the most in the episode but then again Valvrave the Liberator somehow in each episode shocks you one way or another.