White Album 2 Episode 13 (FINALE) – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY HEART. Best anime of 2013.

White Album 2 best anime 2013
Absolutely phenomenal.

Best anime of 2013.
White Album 2 Episode 13
“Love Beyond Reach”
“Todokanai Koi”

… How do I even begin? Devastating, despairing, poignant, and emotionally moving to a degree that puts other romance shows to shame, this episode is the culmination of the feelings of Touma Kazusa, Kitahara Haruki, and Ogiso Setsuna that is nothing short of incredible. Thankfully, there is a continuation after this, but what kind of continuation can really await them if this is the starting point for such a continuation?

White Album 2 Episode 13 Impressions

… They’re actually getting it on!

Yeah, if only it actually meant her trip didn’t work out in the end and she stayed.




Holy fuck, Setsuna is destined to interfere. Even the laws of physics make her job easier.

Kitahara Haruki shocked


Kazusa kisses Haruki

Damn, that’s hot.
What a move by Kazusa.

… That feeling when you know it ends with them separating…

Sorry, Setsuna. I don’t have anything against you, but don’t mess with the sexy time.

Contrasting the coldness of outside and the hotness in the room?!

Thanks, darkness.

White Album 2 kazusa sex

Too adorable.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it.
I’m a terrible person.
This is mutual sex not mutual ra-
I’ll stop now.


White Album sex scene

That’s hot.

What an intro.

Not only do we get to see quality sexy time with a fantastic chello piece in the background, but we also get to see the only after-sex morning limping caused by the soreness of the marvelous sexy time. In all seriousness though, better than any other scene between Kazusa and Haruki, this moment between the two of them show just how much they desire each other. Haruki is so focused on Kazusa that he doesn’t even remember Setsuna until he sees that she’s calling him which startles him enough so that he feels a bit of guilt until he is once again overwhelmed by his raw feelings for Kazusa. The phone call itself shows how even in the closest of times between the two, Setsuna always pushes herself in the middle and interferes. Kazusa’s irritated gesture to knock the phone away shows how she really feels about Setsuna getting in the way of the two of them. On the surface, the two are the closest of friends, and they still are inside. However, deep, deep down, if Kazusa had the choice of having Setsuna interfere with their relationship or not, her answer may not be so straight forward.


My heart.

Wait, she’s not really moving on then is she? She’s still hopelessly in love with hi-
FUCK. This is going to be important later on isn’t it? When she comes back she’ll still have it and- MY FUCKING HEART.

Touma Kazusa crying

She realizes, and I feel bad. This show makes me feel horrible for everyone.
This show…

She’s not going to give up when there’s only one more part of her plan to execute.

TOUMAAAAAAAAA. Don’t worry, next season after more build-up she’ll show up and pain and suffering like nothing we’ve ever experienced before will ensue.

Wow, I think Haruki was trying to break off relations with her right here and she stalls it. Masterfully done.


STOP IT. You know very well that he doesn’t want her to leave the most.


I just…

I can’t even hate her for it.


God dammit, human beings are all selfish, who the fuck am I to say that she can’t be?

Not being angry at all.

Those good times turned into such a mess. Those good times were… We all knew it was short-lived, and that makes those moments all the more sad.


And she used this to her advantage. What a scumbag. An understandable scumbag.

This is so wrong, but so right.

And win you do, at least at the end of this season.
Well done, but fuck you… kind of.



She totally controlled the conversation.

Looks like a win.

Further ratifying her position.

I wanted you to not confess, but there’d be no dramatic story like this that turns into
No seriously, thanks. But fuck you too.

Come on, if he looks back at it in a world where he did meet you, there’s no way he’s going to say no.

Ogisa Setsuna roof

A small event turns into something catastrophic.

Even if it means Kazusa leaves you? What it were a clean slate?


“One thing.”

Kitahara Harukicrying

… It’s over. It’s fucking over. Fuck this fucked up situation.

Those memories.

You’ll always find each other…


… She’s been watching him the whole time.


Touma Kazusa eye


Kitahara Haruki looks back

You’ve found each other.


Why did you come?
You two are just drawn to each other and yet… and yet… and yet… AND YET YOU CAN’T BE TOGETHER.

You know you wanted her to find you.


Touma Kazusa shocked



That scream. He still loves her so much. It hurts so much to watch.

What the fuck man. This scene is ridiculous. It’s fucking shit for Setsuna, shit for Haruki, shit for Kazusa. SHIT FOR EVERYONE. On the one hand it’s a final goodbye between two people that should have been together, and on the other hand it’s a girl getting her heart ripped out after trying so hard. Everything sucks. Life sucks. Fuck.



Just endure it for a little more…

Touma Kazusa apologizing

…………………………………………………………………… Why.

HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, I’m sorry, but that spin totally ruined it for me. It’s one of the only flaws content-wise, but it is a pretty big one. They should have had them reposition themselves when Kazusa created some distance between her and Haruki instead of spinning like this.

Stop denying it. It’s… it’s over now. It’s fucking over now.

Ogiso Setsuna and Kitahara

I may not like you as much as Touma, but I can’t help but empathize because this is just… brutal.



We know that wouldn’t have happened since this is an anime, but who’d have thought it’d affect me this much?

TOUMA. TOUMA. WTF. TOUMA. STOP. JUMP OFF THAT AIRPLANE RIGHT NOW. WITH A PARACHUTE OF COURSE. BUT JUMP OFF AND MAKE A DRAMATIC RETURN TO HARUKI’S ARMS. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT LOGIC ANYMORE. Touma… Why couldn’t she have just been happy? Setsuna may end up suffering, but this isn’t the end of it all. It’ll be even more painful if they meet in the future so please, do it now… Come on… Touma…

There’s nothing in my fucking soul anymore.

She’s gone now, you can-

Ogiso Setsuna eye

That’s better.

Fuck. Touma…

Holy shit, right at the end. I actually forgot about that third song.

KAZUSA’S NOT EVEN THERE IN THIS EPISODE’S VERSION. In episode 7 she’s there with them…

Kitahara Haruki sad

You knew then that it’d never last didn’t you?


Ogiso setsuna love beyond reach

Too fucking fitting.

Where it all started…
*Sniff *Sniff

I couldn’t stop thinking about this show. I actually couldn’t. I literally didn’t even do much in the past few days. I just… lost myself.

Just wow.

Why. Why. Why. Why. WHY. WHY. WHERE IS THAT SMILE NOW? I BET SHE’S BAWLING HER EYES OUT ON THE AIRPLANE. YOU COULDN’T FUCKING PROTECT THAT SMILE, HARUKI. But I understand why you couldn’t. It just makes it even harder because I understand why you couldn’t.

Your jaw should be on the floor and you should learn to respect the TOUMA SAX POWAS.
… She’s gone now though.
Beyond reach.

And guess what, this show didn’t really truly begin yet. That’s the scary thing.

White Album haruki and setsuna

They end up together, but at what cost? And what of the future? What will you do when this past haunts you later on? Will you look back to this moment and regret the fact that you didn’t make the right decision?

Haruki, if you end up with Touma, will you forever look at this moment in regret? Will you forever lament the fact that you couldn’t make the right decision and that it can never be changed? The time between you can never be repaired. You lost those years you could have spent with Touma, and you can never get them back. And even if you end up with her, what will be the cost then? How much more heavy will be the burden compared to this one that you currently cannot even bear? How… How can you even move on with such sadness?…

Don’t forget this moment. We’ll come back to this moment eventually, and the pain will be even more severe.

Even though they try to stay away from each other, even though they have been pushed to this state where they can’t go back, they still find each other. They still want to be together for one more moment even if it meant pushing everything else aside for that one moment, but it is just a transient moment. It cannot be, at least not for now with these circumstances. What about Setsuna? What are the feelings stirring inside her heart as the man she loves is so much more in love with another woman? Instead of being angry, she is apologetic, and you can even view her as an angel! BUT HOLD YOUR BALLSACKS JUST ONE SECOND. I want to propose the perspective that Setsuna is pretty damn manipulative and most importantly, incredibly selfish. You’re probably wondering, how the hell can I say that to a girl who’s getting her feelings crushed? Have I no soul? True, I may be looking to deep into it, but if this anime has shown anything it’s that it can go deep. Let me ask you, who ends up winning by the end of the episode? My first reaction is that no one won by the end which makes things all the more despairing, but hold your emotions for just one second. By the end, even though it is through an absolutely brutal kiss, she does end up having Haruki all to herself. Now you may say that this is all just a coincidence, but ask yourself this: why do Kazusa and Haruki even have to separate in the first place? Why can’t they just be together now that they have affirmed their feelings for each other. Hell, they’ve already done it, right? What’s the big deal with just not going?

The reason surrounds Setsuna. If she weren’t there, and Kazusa got the offer to go to Vienna, do you really think she’d leave Haruki for that? It’s clear that the primary reason is the guilt that has been building up as a result of Setsuna’s current relationship with Haruki. Moreover, Kazusa truly doesn’t want to make Setsuna any more sad than she already has. Indeed, if they stay together, they have to be around Setsuna all the time, and that just won’t end up working out. They’ll be forever reminded of their actions that betrayed this kind girl. They can’t properly live together under that kind of pressure so they end up breaking off because it’s better for both of them that way. At least they can end on as good of a term as they can instead of enduring the pain of staying together. 

We also have to look at if she really wants the three of them to stay together as much as she says she does. Strange question I know because isn’t it obvious that she does? She says it on so many occasions, and even got together with Haruki because she doesn’t want to be left out. But my biggest piece of evidence for this perspective is episode 12 where Setsuna talks to Io about how she changed her mind. Remember, she’s not saying this to Haruki and Kazusa. They never hear this. However, we do. The fact is that she knows how to make a proper resolution for everyone so this situation will not be as fucked up as it is. However, she decides to “break it” because it’s not the scenario that would bring her “the most happiness.” Don’t mistaken Setsuna for a little angel. She’s not. She is clearly flawed, and she is incredibly self-centered. I’m not saying that’s a “bad” thing. That’s a very human thing, but this is nonetheless her motive to bring the most happiness to herself. She wants Haruki more than she wants the three of them to stay together. I definitely wouldn’t say that she’s just pretending to want the three of them together. However, she knows herself that it’s impossible for them to stay together like this. Someone will always be the third wheel, but yet she tries to keep them together anyways. She selfishly tries to accomplish that goal even though she knows Haruki and Kazusa will go through great amounts of pain if she were to have her happiness and have all three of them together. If she truly weren’t selfish, she would sacrifice herself and endure the relationship between Kazusa and Haruki. However, she can’t bear it after seeing that they may really get together and tries to soak up as much happiness as she can.

Look at what she’s doing. She’s not even mad. Why? How can someone act in such a way in these circumstances? Well, if there is the thought that she will get Haruki by the end of this then it’s enough for her to say the lines that she does. You’d think that after seeing Haruki cheat on her, she’d break up with him, but she doesn’t. Why? To guilt-trip him and Kazusa even further. To make them feel even worse about their betrayal, and by doing so, she keeps the relationship with Haruki as he can’t bear to break off his relationship with her after she’s acting like this, and neither can Kazusa. Again, this is the reason why they have to separate. If Setsuna reacted normally and was just livid, and started slapping Kazusa in the face, it’d actually make Kazusa and Haruki feel not as bad because they know they are hated and they know they deserve it. Haruki can find the courage to break up with her then because he can find comfort in the fact that she’s already this angry, so continuing it any further will only make things worse between the two of them. It’d be a normal break-up! Instead, she acts in this way and the other two feel so guilty because, they are normal human beings after all. If she were angry, they could have just seen Setsuna as a bump on the road in their relationship. However, since she’s not acting that way, how can they bear to break her even further? They are not without empathy. They feel the burden of guilt and it’s too much for them to carry.

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression though. I’m not saying that Setsuna is the only one at “fault” here. Definitely not. No way. She’s just the deepest character of the three and the one worth a thorough analysis. The “fault” lies in everyone. For Touma Kazusa, her fault was in her indirect confession. She kisses Haruki but never vocalizes her feelings to Haruki. If she had done so at any point before the kiss between Setsuna and Haruki, there’d be no way this shitstorm of a heartbreaker would have happened. And there was time. PLENTY OF TIME. And it’s not just that either. Setsuna even told her to express her feelings during the concert. Also, when Setsuna asks if she could have Haruki after her confession, Kazusa didn’t do anything. She let her man be taken away from her without even giving a fight, and she was the one who accepted it! The more I think about Setsuna’s actions, the more genius they become. Setsuna specifically asks Kazusa if she can take him. Key words, take him. Yes, she knows his heart is not with her, and Kazusa lets it go. When they cheat, it only makes Touma feel worse because she affirmed it herself before and now she’s betraying that. She even says that she loves Setsuna. You can say that maybe she was just trying to rationalize her position so it makes her feel better to suffer or you can say that she truly does love her as much as she says she does. Whichever one it is, it only makes her even more guilty of her actions when she betrays Setsuna. What started as a small mistake became a monstrosity that overwhelmed her to the degree where she would actually leave Haruki, and to think that it was really the only path she could have taken to remain sane is quite startling to say the very least.

As for Haruki, his fault lies partially in not seeing Touma’s feelings for so long. Yes, he’s dense, but he is not unreasonably so. He undoubtedly thought at certain times that Touma thought something of him, but it’s not consistent enough for him to pick it up. Others may, but he just thought that he wasn’t good enough, and ultimately because he was satisfied with the status-quo. He liked where his relationship with Touma was and he didn’t feel that he needed to put it in jeopardy unnecessarily by admitting that he loves her. Actually, the timing of it all is also quite sad. I’m sure he felt something for Touma since he helped her all those times, but I don’t think he realized just how much he did until they were preparing for the concert or until the end of the concert. By then, his feelings with Setsuna got caught up in the mix and admitting them became even more difficult.

Another huge part of Haruki’s fault is how he refuses to set his feelings straight and continues to deny his true feelings after he realizes them. It would have been difficult to break up with Setsuna in the beginning, but it’s certainly far easier than it would be by the end of the series. If he just said the kiss was a mistake made with all the adrenaline running through him after the concert then it may have ended up better. You know what, as long as he broke up with Setsuna before cheating on her, I think he could have dealt with it a lot better because although it would have been painful in that moment, the guilt wouldn’t be nearly as bad for not only him, but for Kazusa as well because the slate would be clean and every point from then on would not create further guilt. But even then you have to try and understand how difficult it is because he didn’t think in the beginning of the relationship that Kazusa even likes him. It’s difficult for people to go into the unknown especially when there is a safe haven as good as this. The relationship with Setsuna is literally the next best thing he could have asked for. He likes her, she’s supportive, and all that good stuff. I think before blaming Haruki for this, one has to take a closer look because it’s not as easy as it first appears to be.

And you know what? Haruki is going to stay with Setsuna for sure. I know he will. Why? Because he’s going to feel that if he does, then it would have been like Kazusa left him for nothing. It’s a sunk cost, but people don’t view it in such a rational way. It’s impossible for him to act that way after all the pain he has gone through, so he feels he should at least make it worth something by staying with Setsuna as that’s the only option left that will be acceptable for him mentally. And you just know that Kazusa won’t be gone for long. She’ll be back when we least expect it. Well, since we are expecting her to show up at the least expected moment then that doesn’t make it the least expected now does it? Regardless, this is far from over, and you just know that while this episode is painful, the next two arcs are going to be even more brutal because things ended up the way they did in this episode. They broke off now, but if they see each other again in the future and still love each other all the same… This finale is going to be even more brutal because essentially they are making the same mistake yet again. They are not setting things straight in this finale, and it will probably fuck them up even more later on, and can you even blame them? You can’t because it’s already so hard now. What can they do? They cannot see the future. They can only live in the present moment and that’s why people make mistakes. However, when the mistakes turn into bigger mistakes and becomes a never-ending spiral, that’s when you really feel the pain because of the inevitability of it all.

White Album 2 Episode 13 Review

I watched the finale around midday yesterday, and my first reaction was, “Holy fuck, that just happened. Why the fuck did they leave each other? My fucking heart. Fuck. I just wanted Touma to be happy and for them resolve this mess.” Then, I thought about it for the whole day and wrote some parts of the impressions that explained why things are what they are until I stumbled across some bits of spoilers of what happens later on that made me feel even more devastated than I already was. This is mainly because it emphasized the core conflict of making human mistakes that are unchangeable in the future even more than they already have in these thirteen episodes alone. Don’t worry, I wrote my predictions for I think will happen in the future before I read the spoilers. Honestly, it’s not like the scenario is unpredictable or anything, it’s the opposite. Anyways, I’ll try my best to write my feelings on why I think this show deserves to be the anime of the year for 2013.

This kind of fucked up scenario is the most emotionally affecting when done in this way. You know why? Because it makes perfect sense and it’s human. It’s real, and that’s why it hurts so much to watch. These people are hopelessly human, and they make mistakes, but what can they do after they made those mistakes? For Kazusa, whatever she did, either the pain of guilt or the pain of leaving Haruki remain. For Setsuna, she has to endure torturous moment one after the other to even get a chance at all because no matter what she does, the heart of the man she loves is beyond her reach. For Haruki, he is completely split and feels too guilty to break off relations, but loves Kazusa so damn much he doesn’t know what the fuck to do any more. He has no more willpower to fight against anything anymore and clings on to the closest lifeline he can grasp. He can only accept what currently is. This show is painful not because of the dramatic moments in and of themselves, but it’s because these characters are so human, and their mistakes are so human.

Another major aspect of this show is just how I can’t hate any of the characters’ actions at all. Setsuna’s actions are especially noteworthy in this respect because she is selfish and wants Haruki for himself. Who can blame her? She is hopelessly in love with him, and what’s wrong with wanting to be with the person she loves most? She may be manipulative as hell, but I just can’t bring myself to hate her at all. In fact, I sympathize with her situation because she can’t control how she feels. We all want to be happy, and Setsuna is no different. Her goal is pure, her goal is selfish, and her goal is so beautifully human that it makes me so fucking angry that I can’t be angry at her. It’s like how she continuously acts like an angel to Haruki and Kazusa, and doesn’t let them release their frustration by letting her anger go loose. I too, am frustrated at how I want to hate her so that this anime will not be so heartbreaking, but I can’t. I actually… I actually can’t believe she can go so far for Haruki. Even if she knows she will “win” by the end, I can’t help but even admire her for her mental fortitude. As much as I would be pained to see her end up with Haruki by the end because I really like Touma, I probably won’t be able to say that she doesn’t deserve it.

As for Kazusa, how can I possibly hate her? Even though she made those wrong decisions, she wasn’t sure of Haruki really liked her either. Even if she were sure, you have to keep in mind that her personality is not exactly an open one. It’s very difficult for a girl like her to be the first one to confess especially if she doesn’t know if it will be reciprocated. The same goes for Haruki, and this stupid misunderstanding becomes so much more complicated than that, and the magic is really in that it’s not a forced misunderstanding. Nothing is forced in this show. What’s great about White Album 2 is that it just puts these three characters in a certain situation, and the writer writes the rest as realistically as possible keeping in mind the different personalities. There is enough conflict from that alone that there is no need for him to add dramatic plot-points. Everything unfolds naturally and believably. The fact that these characters are flawed is enough. There’s no need to add that someone gets in a car accident or whatever junk like that.

I didn’t even talk too much about the specific points in the episode that are worthy of note. Firstly, the chello soundtrack in the beginning is just perfect for that beginning scene. Moreover, what I noticed while watching White Album 2 is that whenever it can, it will show instead of tell. Holy shit, I’ve always wanted more shows to do this, and it’s glorious to finally see it done so well. There are no words that need to be said between this intimate moment between the two of them. Everything is conveyed through action, facial reactions, and what we know of the characters because of previous episodes. Personally, what I find to be the most devastating part of the show is in episode 11 when Touma is driving them home from the hot springs. She leans in to try and kiss him, but you see that she can’t because of the guilt, and because there is now a distance between them that she cannot cross. It’s not like before when he wasn’t with anyone. Setsuna is with him now, and she can’t do the same thing she did before. When she drops them off, she looks in the rear-view mirror and sees Setsuna waving. Then, Setsuna leans in to Haruki and Haruki smiles back to her. Then… we see tears start to drop from Touma’s face. That moment hit me so hard because she realizes then that she really just lost the man she loves and there’s no way of getting him back. “I lost him, and it’s my fault. If I only confessed sooner then maybe things wouldn’t have turned out this way. Maybe he would be by my side now instead of her’s… If only I… If only I just…” Those thoughts probably went through her head, but you can never turn back time. What’s lost is lost, and all that she can do now is cry and swallow the pain. Cry and weep… My fucking heart.

And you know what? They also did the flashback episodes beautifully. They made what happens later on even more impactful, and the part with Kazusa trying to get the book back hit me pretty hard as well because it shows how the only person close to her at that time was Haruki. Her family isn’t there, she has no friends, but Haruki reached out to her even though she acted in the way she did. That’s how much she values him. Fuck man. It’s just becomes more and more devastating the more I think about it. To think that they were so happy back in episode 7. They were capable of being best friends and they were so happy. Everything becomes so messed up. The fact that everything completely understandable just makes this devastation on a whole new level. Personally, I just want Touma to be happy. Yes, I’m in that big ship. But holy crap am I conflicted. My feelings tell me it’s fucking bullshit, but my reasoning makes perfect sense of everything. Shit. It’s just so… understandably fucked up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Sorry, I’m not sure if it’s weird to you all that I’m this enthusiastic about an anime, but man, this is why I review shows to begin with. This show gives me a reason to continue to do what I do (of course, all you supporters do too). I try to steel myself as I can be a bit too empathetic which isn’t good for a reviewer. However, once a show breaks me down like this, I can’t hold back. And I admit, I cheated. This finale is made more emotionally devastating because I read some minor spoilers so it’s understandable that some people may not feel the way I do. It’s one thing to guess what will happen in the future, and it’s another thing to have your assumptions affirmed. When they are affirmed and you know whatever will happen will actually happen, it hits you far harder than if you think it’ll happen. That’s what happened to me. Though, you can imagine how things will be if Touma does end up coming back and how that’ll remind you of all the pain in this episode, and how they may have been able to set things straight to avoid further pain however hard it may be in that moment. But they can’t. In that moment, they don’t know what’ll happen in the future, and they make their decisions. It may come back to bite them, but what can they do? They can only make the best decision they can at the time. Human beings can only make the best decision they can at the time. That’s just the brutal reality of life, and it hurts. It hurts a lot. When everything ends, come back to this season and watch it again. Maybe you’ll get a better understanding of why I feel the way I do now. I didn’t even start talking about the other songs and soundtracks used in this anime. The insert songs are phenomenal, and the soundtracks used, especially that piece in that scene of episode 12 that I mentioned which is the same one as the one used before Haruki tries to walk out of the airport. When Haruki says, “I’m sure she’s… found us,” with that piece I just… Holy crap. Don’t even get me started on that instrumental (After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~) right afterwards when Touma shows up and Haruki shouts “TOUMAAAA!!” Too strong. Too strong. Then there’s that last song… I don’t really think I need to say anything for that.

Oh, I didn’t even answer the key question of whether I cried or not. This is a strange one. Watching it the first time, I was just shocked, and didn’t cry. Throughout the day, as I thought about it, I watched it several more times, and things started to make more sense, but I still didn’t cry. Now that I look back, it’s strange that I didn’t cry back then. What got me was when I randomly woke up at 5am in the morning because of jet lag. Unable to sleep, I just kept thinking about the damn finale of White Album 2 and the show in general. The more I thought about it, the more devastated I became. As ridiculous as it may sound, it felt like I was in Haruki’s shoes in some sense. I was so into the series that it felt that it wasn’t just Touma flying away from him. What a time to self-insert, right? While it may sound strange and creepy, it just shows how real this episode is. And you know what? I cried. I cried just thinking about how messed up things became. I too, just like Setsuna, wondered, “Why did that have to happen?” I can’t blame the melodrama because there was none. I can’t blame the characters because they are all too human. I can’t blame anything but life itself and how cruel it can be at times that such a thing can even happen. The more I thought about it, the more painful it became. The more I thought about it, the more devastated I became. It expressed what it wanted to express, and while it may not hit everyone as hard, it certainly hit me hard. Now, you can just imagine how I feel when I watch certain scenes again, and watch them again and again I did. I guess it’s the fact that even if Kazusa and Haruki get back together at the end, they will still remember and have the pain of what they went through in the past that really hurts me. Everything is just so conflicting. And now, we wait for the next two arcs where things really go down.

If you’ve read through the whole thing, I really want to thank you, and even if you didn’t you still have my thanks for reading at least a part of it. It’s the longest review I’ve ever written, and the one that I’ve put the most emotion in. I don’t expect other people to feel this way, so please understand I can only express how I really feel. The thing is, I think I can still write more, but I’m too emotionally burnt out to write too much more. Sorry if it’s creepy, but that’s just how human emotions are beyond a certain stage. Thanks again, and I’ll see you all next time.

One can never obtain the love that another received, and the two who share that love only do so for an ephemeral moment until they are ripped physically apart and torn mentally from each other. It truly is “Love Beyond Reach.” It truly is a title more fitting than any other…

Love beyond Reach (届かない恋)

Are you pretending to be lonely?
I wonder why I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Before I knew it I was head over heels for you.
What can I do to have my feelings mirrored back to me?
My Love for you may be beyond my reach…
But will it still be mirrored someday?
Until the fog around the answer begins to clear…
This love of mine cannot truly begin.

Love beyond reach

Best anime of 2013.


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  • Drig

    About time you came around to reviewing it.

    The day I finished this anime, I re-realized what a power medium of expression anime can truly be.


    Well, that about sums up my feelings once I finished it…….minus a lot of expletives.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      They did show a sketch of Coda (last part) on Twitter. They better make that hearbreaking shit. I’ll hate it, but I’ll love it. Mostly love.

      • http://myanimelist.net/profile/ZALRAN ZALRAN

        Lel bro 3 years later still no sign

    • Cain Kahi-stowers

      WE NEED A SECOND SEASON PLZ :'( happy ending is needed

  • niknasr

    Yes! Yes! and Yes! This is the best anime of this season or wait, maybe the year? It’s so heartbreaking and so real.. I always thought Toradora is the best romance I have ever watched, but now I have to rethink back, depends on if there is a 2nd season or not..

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree a little with your point, At first, I,m like you,I like Touma,well because she’s my type. Tsundere or maybe a Kuudere.. But, I think the development in relationship that Touma and Haruki had developed more or less will not happen without the interference from Setsuna.. So, Setsuna is the trigger, for the development between them to occur.. I do see Setsuna as an angel but more than that as a martyr, she’s willing to blame all on herself (she’s tough and sure a selfish person) and the way from the producer put more emphasize on Touma is not helping either.. But, as you said the three of them had flaws and at the end, I cannot love anyone and call anyone an antagonist either.. Best story I have ever watched without the happy ending. Sure hope there will be a second season..

    Lastly. – Todokanai Koi – karma maybe??

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I think if left to their own devices, Touma and Haruki would eventually get somewhere themselves. Yes, having Setsuna in did undoubtedly spice things up, but as time goes on, there are more opportunities, and I doubt they’ll just leave each other and say nothing of their feelings because they have nothing to lose at that point. So, at the very worst, they will admit their feelings for each other on graduation day and there’s no way they wouldn’t go out then because, well, they fucking love each other and there’ll be nothing stopping them.

      • niknasr

        Well, I agreed that maybe the case but with Touma’s personality, I doubt it.. That’s why I said in some way or another with Setsuna’s presence, it actually lighten up the courage in Touma and actually help her breaking free from her own shell..

        In Setsuna’s case, why sometimes people find her manipulative, (well I do too) is because the producer put less emphasize on her character rather than the other two, I think she is the one who have less monologue within and that’s why we see her character as deceptive and manipulative, I do not know if this is intentional or in the script, but I think if we were given chance to understand what inside Setsuna’s heart, maybe our view will probably change..

        Just my 2 cent though.. :)

        • MgMaster

          She is indeed manipulative but there’s no malice in it. I see her acting because of her fear of being left out but ends up taking it too far in shooting for the happiest possible outcome for her. She’s a really complex character but Entrav already went into great detail on her in his review. But I agree that the anime seemed to favor Kazusa a bit more though. Also,I forgot that I stumbled on this post from baka-tsuki a few days ago:


          It’s apparently known as “Setsuna’s 30 minutes” that wasn’t animated. It shows what was she thinking on the day of the festival,right after Kazusa kissed Haruki and before he woke up.

          • niknasr

            Oops!! I hope you and entrav did not misunderstood me, I love his reviews and this is the best review I ever read from him (forgot to mention earlier).. Well, I just wanted to provide a new perspective for us to look from.. Indeed, she is a complex character, and she’s the most perceptive between the three, so no wonder people will assume that she has a hidden agenda or something, and this is something I cannot fully agree without knowing the extent of her real inner character..

            Well thanks for the link, btw, this is the first one out of many stories that I have seen, that actually made me think very deeply, so yeah, I cannot help but feel excited to post what I think too.. :)

          • MgMaster

            Lawl,don’t worry,I’m sure no1 misunderstood anything. Besides,everyone’s entitled to their own opinion as long as it doesn’t offend anyone.

            I hear CC(Closing Chapter) is mostly about Setsuna & Haruki during their college years so we’re likely to get a much better view on her character. I also heard it’s the hardest part of the VN to adapt though,whereas this one was the easiest.

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Yeah, don’t worry about it. Because the characters go pretty deep and we haven’t seen the end of everything, there are a variety of interpretations and I respect that you have a different one.

  • Calaad

    *slow clap* Your longest, truest and best (to me) review. I felt the need to register today just to telle you that.
    I can totally understand how you felt after that finale, I kinda felt the same. It’s scary how that show made me feel a much wider array of emotions than some real-life situations, if you see what I mean by that.
    I’ve had to keep repeating myself “it’s just a show, chill!” the day I saw the finale haha!

    One thing is for sure, the next arc(s) will be one hell of a rollercoaster…

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks a lot! I really didn’t think I’d feel that way, and it’s not like I felt it while watching this show. I felt it afterwards after I thought about it more and more. Man, I live at a place where a ton of airplanes go past and now… now I just think of the sound as it passes over in a totally different way. TOUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

      Can’t wait for the next two parts. It’ll be even more impactful. I don’t know if I can handle the next two parts.

      • Josh Herbert

        have they said when they are going to start working on the next two arcs for the anime? will it be out anytime soon? ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY! WHO DOES HARUKI END UP WITH?!?!?

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          They tweeted out a picture of Touma in Coda (the last arc of White Album 2), but nothing has been officially announced. Since it is a visual novel, Haruki can end up with either Setsuna or Touma as they are both considered “true routes.” However, I’m pretty certain they’ll go with one of the routes over the other. Obviously I won’t say which because that’d be spoiling things.

          • Josh Herbert

            how do anime production companies decide whether or not to make second, third, etc seasons of shows like this? does it depend on the sales of the subject material (light novels, manga, dvd), or are there other factors as well?

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            For something like White Album 2, the sales for the visual novel should be one of the major factors alongside the sale of the BDs and DVDs themselves. It won’t really matter if the BDs and DVDs sell badly if the visual novel gets a big boost in sales.

  • sweN

    Thank you for your review !
    I have just watched the last episode and I’m a little mixed.
    I’m like you, I did not cry (I swear) but I was TRULY shocked. Setsuna keeps blaming herself although it’s ONLY because of the MC. Firstly, he accepted Setsuna’s confession although he does not love her (or maybe a little but less than Kazusa). And the worst, he cheated on Setsuna… So, I can’t understand why he accepted Setsuna’s confession but I might do the same thing.
    Oh eventually, I don’t have a secondly lol. The whole story began because of the indecisiveness of the MC and finally he hurts everyone around him. Moreover, he kissed Kazusa even though Setsuna is seeing them, what a fucking bastard (yeah it’s mean I know).
    Finally, everyone is sad. Setsuna suffers the most while she is the only one who is honest, the MC (yes I forgot his name) ends up with nobody and Kazusa has to leave. There is better end
    The whole story is unfair for Setsuna and I feel really bad for her.
    The MC does not deserve any sympathy and I hope he will be sad (HOW MEAN).
    And Kazusa, hmm… I don’t really like the character because she is too much kundere (?). Actually, I hate her.

    The ending is sad and HOW SETSUNA CAN STILL LOVE HIM ??? EXPLAIN ME

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I wouldn’t say that “the whole story began because of the indecisiveness of the MC.” There’s a lot of factors that led it to begin in the first place. Setsuna’s increasing affection towards him, the fact that he didn’t realize that Touma likes him, and that Touma couldn’t portray her feelings properly to him. It doesn’t have so much to do with indecisiveness as it has to do with a misunderstanding of who loves who. It’s obvious to us, but it’s not obvious to the characters.

      As I said in my analysis, he accepted Setsuna’s confession because at first he didn’t know that Touma likes him until it was a bit too late. The exact problem is when he cheats on Setsuna. The problem is the guilt of that wrongdoing that causes Haruki and Touma to separate. They are human beings. They love each other, but they do feel the guilt of their actions as well, and they can’t break off relations with Setsuna because of the reasons I stated my impressions.

      The whole story is realistic. What do you really mean by “unfair?” The fact that Haruki doesn’t love her as much as he loves Touma? Well then, you can view it in that it’s “unfair” that a person like Setsuna came between Haruki and Touma, but that’s the thing isn’t it? That’s life, and it’s a damn show so something has to happen. Viewing it in different perspectives, it’s “unfair” for everyone.

      Setsuna probably loves Haruki as much as Touma does. Maybe even more so. That’s why she will do whatever it takes to get him, and she does what she does. It’s manipulative, but it’s very human for her to try to get the most amount of happiness. I don’t know if you read all of my impressions, but I’m just repeating what I’m saying now. Anyways, Setsuna just loves Haruki. Love is weird. That’s it.

      • sweN

        I find that you are way too harsh to Setsuna. She just loves Haruki and tries no matter what happens to end up with him (as you say). It is maybe selfish but it is understandable.

        Yes, it’s unfair for Setsuna because she is the only one who had enough courage to confess and I think she deserves at least a little hapiness. Maybe the life is as unfair as the anime but I’m not old enough to know it yet.
        Yes, Setsuna loves Haruki, but I’m not sure that Haruki loves Setsuna. I think Setsuna is more a backup for Haruki because he did not know that Kazusa loves him.
        I don’t agree with you. It’s not unfair for everyone, Haruki deserves it, he was too dense and he did not act correctly.

        Finally, I would say Haruki is the most selfish because he cheated on Setsuna. Morever, he is acting normally as if he is not with Setsuna. I still can’t understand why he accepted Setsuna’s confession although he does not love her.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Setsuna does get “at least a little happiness.” She did share all those moments with Haruki even if it means she had to endure seeing Haruki cheat on her. She knew that those two love each other. She knew that there is the big chance that Haruki will cheat on her. She knew this, but she loves him. So if you’re going to say that Haruki deserves it, then why can’t you say that Setsuna deserves it? She knew it coming more than Haruki did. I’m not sure how I’m being too harsh on Setsuna. It’s not like I’m saying her actions are “wrong.” I admire her actions, bravery, and mental fortitude.

          I’m not sure if you read all of my analysis because I explain why Haruki accepted Setsuna’s confession. He doesn’t know if Touma loves him, and it’s difficult for people to go into the unknown especially when someone like Setsuna confessed to him. It’s not like Haruki doesn’t like Setsuna. He does. He just doesn’t like her as much as Touma.

          I’d still argue that in his position he didn’t make a “wrong” decision. In retrospect, of course he did, but how would he have known at the time? Humans make TONS of mistakes when they look back, but they can’t look to the future and say, “Oh, I shouldn’t do this because this will 100% happen in the future if it does.” We don’t know, and we make mistakes in life. Everyone is selfish in this show, but that’s what makes them so enthralling to watch because they are so damn human.

          • sweN

            I read all of your analysis but there are some statements that I can’t understand or disagree.
            Firstly, after reading your analysis, I felt like you’re blaming the most Setsuna although she acted rather nicely (she confessed/really loves him/ etc…)
            Secondly, for me it’s either you love someone or you don’t love someone. In love, you can’t love more someone than another one. So it was a huge mistake to accept her confession because I think, in the bottom of his heart, he does not love her. I don’t even know if at the end he realizes that he hurts everyone around him (Setsuna+Touma)
            Eventually, can you explain me your idea about going into the unknown ? Because I don’t understand why going out with Setsuna was less “going into the unknown” than with Touma.

            Thank you very much for your answers ! (Sorry for the possible mistakes, I’m tired)

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            As I said, I’m talking about Setsuna more because she what I view to be the deepest character, but I am in no way blaming her the most. It’s just that she’s the catalyst for making all of this happen, and the rest of the events revolve around her decision to confess to Haruki so it may seem like I’m blaming her more, but I’m really not. It’s just how things unravelled.

            Are you saying that you have to be deeply in love or not in love at all? That there’s no room in between? I can’t really agree with that. Not only have my friends gone through relationships where this is not the case, I have gone through it personally before. There are times when you like someone, but like another person more. However, what happens when that person you like more doesn’t seem to even like you? You can try to confess for sure, but if that person you like less expresses their love to you, it’s not a “wrong” decision to take it because the other love seems to be beyond reach. Maybe you are fortunate enough to be in a situation where you only have your eyes on a single person. It certainly isn’t the case in other instances though.

            Basically, the thing about going into the unknown is this: Haruki doesn’t know if his feelings will be reciprocated. Actually, he thinks he’d rather have things as they are. It’s not going into the unknown if he goes out with Setsuna because she really does love him. She’s the one who confessed. He is absolutely sure then that his feelings will be reciprocated. If he confesses to Touma, he doesn’t know if his feelings will be. He thinks he has no chance at all. Accepting Setsuna’s feelings is a lot safer than venturing out to try and get love that he sees to be beyond his reach. Obviously, as a viewer, it’s clear what he should have done, but you have to take in mind that he can only see it from his own perspective. Looking back, both decisions can be seen as “going into the unknown” because he’s not staying true to his feelings and there is the possibility that Touma actually does like him. However, to him, at that moment when he accepted Setsuna’s confession, the possibility of Touma liking him is far less than her rejecting him, and he chose the safer option.

            It’s just that in this case we know Touma likes him, but there are instances in real life when we just have to settle for the next best thing because the thing we truly want is out of reach. We can’t get it so we have to settle for something else. Did he do things flawlessly? No way, but they are reasonable choices nonetheless. These are choices that make sense.

            No problem! :)

          • sweN

            Indeed, in love matter, you can’t do things by half. Either you truly love someone or you don’t love at all someone. Maybe what I have just said is wrong but this is how I feel.

            I understand the idea about going into the darkness and I agree with you. It was easier for him to choose Setsuna because she confessed. But I still think that Setsuna was more a backup and he does not truly love her. He was going out with her only to try to forget Touma (not Touma as person, but the feelings towards her).

            He did not do things flawlessly because the anime was destined to be realistic.I think he could have done things better. As you said, he could have settled his own feelings and break-up with Setsuna before cheating on her.
            But it is easier to us because we know what everyone thinks thus I might do what the MC did.
            Thank you ! It was a very interesting conversation and looking back, this anime is awfully realistic lol. I hope I will never be in his situation.

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            It’s all good, I can see where you’re coming from though. It may be hard to understand without going through it yourself.

            You’re welcome! I had fun discussing this. :)

            To be honest, for Touma, I wouldn’t mind going through his situation. I mean, who gets to go through life with this much drama? I’m pretty damn masochistic aren’t I? BUT IT’S FOR THE TOUMA. :)

          • sweN

            There are so many people who love Touma :(
            Personally, I prefer Setsuna so I was disappointed :(
            But it’s not finished, I keep hoping !

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Because Touma is the best.

            They’ll go for Touma true end. Yep. They will. They better.

  • zztop

    VN game blogs say that the anime’s story is based on 1/3 of the source White Album 2 visual novel game.

    Parts 2 and 3 take place in Haruki’s uni and working years respectively, where he must reconcile his emotions and ultimately decide which girl he truly desires to be with.

    Or he can go off with other girls, should the player desire it. ;)

    PS. Strike the Blood kittens, and skirtflip boards to lighten your mood, entrav:



    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yes, and the introductory chapter isn’t rated that highly as a VN on a Japanese eroge site. However, the rest of the two parts are actually #1 on that site. I’m hoping they go the route I want them to go, but whatever it’ll be, I’m sure it’ll be even more devastating. I can’t wait.


      Touma. ;___;

      • Zaid Tahir

        Haha love ur reviews man

  • MgMaster

    *Clap,clap,clap* That was a truly impressive review Entrav.

    The fact that there’s no antagonist to blame here is definitely a huge reason why WA2 basically nukes our hearts so much. There’s just no1 to hate on,just three good people that make mistakes we can hardly blame them for.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks, MgMaster! There are actually quite a bit of shows worth delving into this year. SSY, Psycho-Pass, Uchouten Kazoku, etc… It’s just that, none of them really inspire me to write to this extent because this anime hit me emotionally harder than any other show this year, and maybe in recent years.

      Yes, I have to definitely agree with that. There’s no antagonist, and that makes everything far more brutal. There’s usually an antagonist by the end, and we can all be happy or sad that he or she or it is defeated. In this show… I suppose the antagonist is the abstract concept that is life. Living life as a human being who is flawed is the closest thing I can think of right now, and that makes it all the more devastating.

  • Person

    I’m so glad that you made a review on this anime! Personally it was one of my favorite, and you make da best reviews :D so hilarious. And I agree with everything you say about this anime ;)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks for reading the lengthy review! :)

  • Ian Porterfield


    Long live my natural apathy!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      … HAVE YOU NO SOUL?!


      Touma… ;_______________;

      • Ian Porterfield

        My soul lies only in those I truly love. Like Psycho-Pass, Gahara-Sama, and my own Date. Don’t forget that I gleefully watch Berserk as much as Nichijou sometimes.


  • Gamematio

    HEHEHE I WON A BET ON THIS, GOT 1200 yen out of it (about 12 dollars) cause he stayed with the girl I wanted.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      • Gamematio

        Sorry, I just kind of saw it coming I mean … either way he went … it was gonna end in a bath of tears and nostalgia.

  • MgMaster

    Also,dat sex scene was pretty awesome on how it like gave the middle finger to the usual cock-blockers we get in romance anime when Kazusa tossed away Haruki’s phone and directed his attention at her.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It shows how Touma really feels about Setsuna interfering. And man, the way she turns Haruki’s head away from the phone and straight up kisses him… It just shows how much she wants his eyes to only be on her. Touma/10. TOO STRONK.

  • MgMaster

    By the way,did anyone ever tell you that you might make a good comedian? Even in a show like this,a few bits here & there in this review still made me laugh :D (Oh god I’m a terrible person aren’t I…Thanks,Entrav -_- IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!).

    To lighten the mood a bit,could you imagine ERU-ERUFU working together with Setsuna instead of Haruto Harutard*? VVV would’ve been over in less than a season!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Nope, no one tells me that. My parents think I’m way too serious, but that’s just because I take most things really seriously. The captions are where I just let loose and have fun. I don’t know exactly why, it may be the culture, the language, or whatever other quirks, but I really do enjoy watching anime even if it may not be a great show or whatever. This show though… Holy crap. I’m glad you think some parts are funny! :)

      Jesus, if those two work together, Sunrise would have to put in some beach episode fillers or something. It’ll be over too quick. Even Cain will be overwhelmed.

  • James Du





    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


      But I can’t hate the characters because I understand why they did what they did which is why it hits me hard. You can’t really blame a single person, and all their actions are reasonable in their circumstances. SEASON 2 WHEN?!?!?!??!!?

      • James Du


        I can’t place all the blame on any single person.

        However, I can hate them all equally.


  • Rithux

    I just finished watching this and HOLY JEEEEEZUS ASKKLD HSA:LF HSLSKJFHSJKLH I can’t even. D: WHYYYYYYYY. Ugh. I AM SO ANGRY AND HAPPY AND I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE. GOD. SAD.. Just sad ;___;

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I felt exactly the same way as you did and then maybe some more because this is the kind of thing that tends to hit me the hardest. Don’t worry, if you feel like this feeling won’t go away, it will, but it’ll do so slowly. Discuss, read some other people’s comments, think about it, learn from it, despair at the inevitability of failure of some human actions no matter how well thought out they are, and slowly move on. It’s not as intense as it once was for me. It’s staying at a certain point when I always feel a faint version of what I felt when I first watched it, but at least now I can actually do something else other than think about it all day. I have a feeling it’ll linger within my heart for a long, long time.

      For me, what soothed me for the now was a picture I saw when I accidentally Googled “White Album2,” yes, without the space between “Album,” and “2.” I found comfort within that picture between you know who and Haruki even though I knew they were going to meet each other sometime in the future. But I mean, preserving that feeling isn’t so bad because while it may feel very, very devastating, you probably won’t find be getting a feeling like this again any time soon. Anyways, sorry for my rambling. :)

      • Rithux

        D’aww It’s okay. :D But yeah, I’m pretty sure I won’t be feeling this again any time soon. It feels like, not to be exaggerated or something, but a part of me has been chipped off. After I finished watching it last night. I couldn’t even sleep. .__. I just laid down there for about 1-2 hours before I finally got to sleep. Hahaha. I won’t be forgetting this for a LOOOOONG time. It’s a great anime, and boy does it hit your heart down at the bullseye. and HARD. Specially when your idle and your mind wanders off and makes you remember the feeling. Lol I guess I’m being to enthusiastic, but this is how I feel. D: ASDFKJLFHSFKLJH Haha.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          It’s great knowing that I’m not the only one to be emotionally devastated to such an extent. I was afraid that I’d be one of the only ones feeling this and that a lot of the feelings were projected from me onto the show and not because of the show itself. Nonetheless, it’s almost been a week now, and those fears have pretty much gone away because first of all, there are people who feel the same way like me, and that this feeling didn’t just disappear within a week. Usually, I may feel emotional about how a show ended, but I’ll get over it within a few days. For White Album 2 though… I just can’t. It really resonates with me, and I’m pretty confident on my stance now.

  • Ahnaf Tajwar Tahabub

    This has become my personal favourate romance anime, and I just marathoned it yestarday! At first I didn’t have high expectations for this but this smashed every single catagory in epicness. It’s a masterpiece to say the least, there is without a doubt no antagonist and also, I couldn’t decide which girl I preffered more in the end. Kazusa would be a little higher than setsuna but then again setsuna, however manipulative she was, also an amazing character.

    Every action that is done and every event that transpires is a result of the decisions made by these characters who are bounded by the knowledge which only they know. We can’t read minds, nor can we see the future, and frankly people (except eru eru fu) think well in the moment. Everything happens due to this search for happiness, the objective which everysingle indivudual human being has. Everybody wants to find happiness, there is absolutely no bullshit in this, its completely simple. However, like 17 dimensional differencial equations, the bullshit lies in how to get to that happiness and how your search affects that of others. The universe, is not linear such that our paths are parallel and linear where we all become happy and this happiness is independant of that of others. It is way more messed up than that, the dynamic interactions that occur between the paths taken by different individuals is so convoluted that one person’s happiness can cause that of others and also sadness for others. This complexity is what casued such a simple thing that setsuna did, so that she was happy into a void of tragic events. The paths are made so complex that something as simple as finding your own happiness (happiness is a relative concept) can casue immense pain for others. Love is a concept of immense magnitude which acts like wormholes in this web of paths to happiness and this convolutes things even further. We are yet to explain love, is it a force of attraction between two connected (maybe not the right word) individuals like gravity is the force of attraction between two masses, or is it something way more complex.


    You could also blame it on the second law of thermodynamics, the disorder (entropy) of a system always increases, so as time goes on people’s feelings (information) about others are more scattered and its harder to know who the right person is for you. Haruki’s feelings were more scattered as he spent more and more time with setsuna and so on.

    You see, physics and maths can be used romances, everything is connected. The universe, is united and everything has a connection.


    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Nicely written. If I had to add anything to my review, it’d be something like your second paragraph which explains things in a different way. Writing is cathartic , and discussing it with someone in real life is probably one of the best ways to try and slowly get over this devastating show. So, if you are somehow fortunate enough, like me, to have a friend who watched this show, talk to him or her and it’ll make you both feel better. If not, I’ll be here. :)

      Indeed, we just want them to be happy, and the fact that they don’t and it’s all so completely reasonable at the same time is just… JFIODSJFOPAIFJASFSDJFASDOFJASD. I don’t know if you could link entropy with Haruki’s feelings to Setsuna though because they really didn’t stay together all that long. To me, it comes down to the fact that he loves someone else more.

      Don’t worry, no matter how impactful a series may be, you will feel less and less of it as the days pass. However, I don’t think my feelings towards this show will just disappear like they did for other shows. I think it’ll stay with me for a long, long time.

      • Cain Kahi-stowers

        The feelings I have for this show have stayed. It just hit me straight out of left field and I want to watch/ read more. Have they made anything after this show ??

  • Chriz

    Thanks for this review man. I marathoned the series a couple days ago and I haven’t been able to forget it. At first, I didn’t know what to feel, but I knew I was sad. But after thinking about it for a few days, I just felt so sad that things had to turn out that way. Its great knowing that I’m not the only one who felt so strongly about this series. I usually don’t watch romance dramas, but I gave this one a try after seeing some reviews and I’m so glad I did. Your review has given me some more closure as I’ve slowly been getting along with my life. I keep reminding myself that its just a show, but damn. I hate Setsuna so much even though I can’t blame her for what she did. But still, TOUUUUUMAAAAAAAAAAA

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks a lot for reading this! Man, it’s nice to know that there are more people feeling the same way I do every day! I thought I was just a bit too empathetic or something. Don’t worry, the feeling will fade eventually, but it’s not the kind of feeling that will just completely disappear. I watched other shows, and while they have not given me a feeling to this extent, it was still pretty severe. They all faded in the course of the next few days pretty much completely as I moved on with my life. But man, I don’t know what it is about this show, but this devastation just doesn’t completely go away, and I love this show for it.


  • Josh Herbert

    entrav did you marathon this show or watch it weekly as it came out? i marathoned it, but was curious if watching it weekly improved the viewing experience overall. this show was in my top three this year – golden time has nothing on white album 2!!!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I did not watch this anime weekly. I picked it up a week after it ended, and I watched a few episodes a day. I didn’t watch it all in one sitting, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do so because you really need it to sink in. I think watching a few episodes a day yielded great results. I’m not sure if having a week in between each episode would affect it that much. Though, no one will really know for certain.

      • Josh Herbert

        my brain (and heart) would explode if i watched this show in one sitting!

  • Okami

    “I couldn’t stop thinking about this show. I actually couldn’t. I
    literally didn’t even do much in the past few days. I just… lost myself.”

    I totally know that feeling. I am so sad after finishing this Anime, I hate it so much… but I love it so much at a same time. I want a second season and a Touma happy end.

  • Bryan Corbin

    Think there will be a continuation? Can’t really find any info’ about it .. :(

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Nothing has been announced. You either have to learn or know Japanese so you can play the VN or wait for an announcement.

  • Ian Anthony

    Basically le sex scene in the first half reminded me about School Days, and just episode by episode near the end about seeing Touma’s POV of her feelings were hearbreaking, if only Touma didn’t leave (no offence Setsuna) but I have a soft spot for characters like Touma ;A;

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Wait, what “le sex scene in the first half?” Am I high? There was nothing of the sort in the first half, right? It happens in this episode, but not in the first half.

      • Ian Anthony

        ahhh.. I dunno if I’m high or your high, if I remember correctly in the last episode, in the first few minutes there was. But anyways the sex scene wasn’t the only one I’m referring to, how Touma hit the phone to block the Setsuna call.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Ooooohhhh you mean the first half of the last episode. I thought you meant the first half of the entire show, haha. Everything makes sense now. Yep, even gravity wants Setsuna to butt into their sexy time.

          • Ian Anthony

            The feels to this show is too much. Btw have you heard about Oregairu 2?

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Yep. Very glad that it’s getting a season 2.

          • Ian Anthony

            I still feel quite empty and sad after watching White Album 2, and to make things more depressed, its kinda the Holy Week for Christians and I’m in it so yeah.. double the pain.

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Man, I totally understand. White Album 2 destroyed me for a few days and the feeling strongly lingered for a week even. The feeling still stays with me now, but it’s not nearly as strong as before. It helps to read other people’s thoughts on the series and to share your own hence why this review is my longest so far and why I discussed it for 10+ minutes in my top 10. It’s actually White Album 2 that pushed me to complete the top 10. Without it, I don’t think I would have made it.

          • Ian Anthony

            Its always good to discuss these things between friends and people that can relate to you, not only will you feel more stronger about it, but it can also let you see sides that your perspective can’t. I always like talking about stuff like this with others.

  • acko

    Man , really is i hate the ending so much
    I want to see Touma smile and happy :'(
    I read ur review from beginning, it make’s me more sad bro
    Why? The ending must like this?
    What happening to Touma?
    I hate this anime for sure !!
    Touma Touma hw could this happen to you??
    All you get just pain and saddnes
    U always cry , cry and cry

  • Incarnations

    Sup!! I found this site by coincidence. It was during my search for maybe a new season for what you’d like to call Mahouka no Wincest :D It was episode 16 review I first read on this site. Then I found your top 10 animes in 2013 and that includes the best of the year WA2. I had already seen a few of them, atleast I agree with uchouten kazoku and kyousougiga. I definitely found them quite “weird” when I had watched a few episodes, but the story definitely caught off guard later on. But this isn’t why I am writing this post. Even though it isn’t the reason I’m writing it definitely has some connection to why I am writing, that is your Awesome way of reviewing the animes. After I had seen the top 10 anime 2013, I took 2 animes that I would take a deeper look into. That is ShinSekai Yori and Boku Wa tomodachi(too long a name to write). There was 1 peculiar anime that you named the anime of the year. I definitely thought you were crazy, no offence, but it seemed quite “wrong” to name it the anime of the year, so during the video you said that those that haven’t seen the anime had to cease watching the video and check it out before and that’s what you recommended. So I stopped the video!!! I was at first a bit hesitant as to watching WA2 or not, but I started watching it anyways. I ended up watching it over 3 days and it was actually just yesterday that I finished the actual anime. I had quite a hard time after finishing the anime, since many of the animes I’ve watched so far, that include romance has such a happy ending, it’s almost became dull. This in comparison does the opposite and it caught off guard the same way as uchouten and kyousougiga, but definitely harder. I had feelings I couldn’t describe, and even when I tried analysing much of the characters, but it didn’t really give the answer. So I went back and re watched the anime of the year part, that you so proudly used 10+ mins on. And I definitely saw the “HARUTARD” part in the review :D But I caught the link to your written review, so I read through every word and it definitely made me reach the edge of wanting to cry and I would have cried if i wasn’t concious of my family ^^ Surely I can understand why you deem these awesome characters as humanish as possible. Cause as you’ve written they take decision according to what they think is right and they do mistakes with such realism that it is hard not to think so. I quite agree that the missing antagonist in this anime makes it quite hard to vent the anger on, cause there has always been 2 kind of people thoughout the ages: Good and bad. But in this case we don’t see any “bad people” we see 3 protagonist that try to make the best of their life and taking decisions according to their feelings and personality. Out in the society there definitely are many people that has the same problem as Touma. That is, having a hard time expressing their feelings and at the same time trying to put a strong front, kinda like a mask that acts as the opposite of what the person deep inside would want to do. And we have Haruki Katahira, he definitely is the kind of guy that bellitles himself and doesn’t take action when needed. As you said in your review, if he had even tried a bit to convey his feelings for Touma, it wouldn’t have turned out this way. Lastly we have the “devil” Setsuna, that is quite an “angel” as well. I just can’t make myself to either hate or love her. At times I definitely thought that this girl is so kind and cute, but there definitely were times were I thought that screw this, this girl definitely isn’t a good girl. But still I love and hate them all equally. If I hadn’t read your review I wouldn’t have been able to sort my feelings this early. I defnitely agree 200% with you that this freaking awesome anime is the anime of the year :D That kinda sums up my feelings from the coincidence in finding your reviewing to how I almost cried, and definitely would love to read more of your reviews. So keep up the good work.

    P.S I really love the Mahouka no Wincest and Tatsuya stu. I definitely will be sad when he leaves us, but even though he will be gone, his presence will still live in our hearts. He left us a present, his disciple Kirito-chan to show us a portion of his Stuness :D

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thank you very much for your comments! I’m glad that I managed to help one more person sort out their feelings for this anime. It definitely hit me harder than any other anime when I watched it, so I very much know how you feel. All we can do now is to wait for the continuation because it’s not over just yet.

      Quite the interesting story about finding this review also, haha. It’s always interesting seeing what people say about how they found my reviews. Looks like The One True God Tatsuya Stu led the way. May He bless our souls.

      I don’t really have much to add that I haven’t said already. If a season 2 is announced later on, I’ll definitely come back, watch this season again, and make a more thorough analysis. Thanks for reading my reviews and your kind comments!

      P.S. I’ll be sad too. But He will live on within us for all eternity.

      Also, I’m in the process of making the longest review I’ve ever made, so you can look forward to that next week. (Hopefully I can make it on time before I go on vacation.)

      • Incarnations

        I will be eagerly awaiting that review, that is of course if you can finish it before vacation, and the drive for my excitement is probably which anime that will deserve your longest review :D I will be doing the same!! When the sequel to WA2 comes out I’ll rewatch WA2 then continue to the sequel :D It will most probably do the most impact I’ve ever experienced. I really am looking forward to knowing which kind of anime it is and how your approach as to writing your review for that anime will be !!

  • Terry

    I just finished White Album 2 this morning, and believe it or not, I had the worst possible state of mind to be at work after. And I had to bury myself deep at work just to fight off that stupid feeling in my heart that I got after watching the anime. As for my comments…

    Everything seemed so perfect. Honestly, I thought everything was going to be perfect. But Touma’s true feelings started to show right after episode 7. Setsuna was very direct and straightforward. She knows what she wants, and she did what she had to so that she can be happy with Haruki. Touma lost the race. Setsuna won. Touma could have respected Haruki and Setsuna as a couple. But HELL NO!!!! When she started feeling regret, started realizing how much she truly loved Haruki, that’s where all hell broke loose!

    Let’s face it, we always want to root for the underdog! And that’s what made Touma so lovable in the first place. Setsuna was much more clever than Touma, much more intelligent, which makes her look like the villain, but in actuality, just wanted to be happy, albeit selfish. Touma is a big air-headed idiot who couldn’t face Haruki with her feelings head on. I hate to say this, but if Touma had more self control, or if she had a higher level of self-confidence, just saying or even showing more of her feelings to Haruki would have tipped the scales in her favor. And Haruki and Touma would have been a real couple. Why do you guys have to feel sorry for a person who is so indecisive in the first place! Especially with a guy as dense as Haruki who is also one big stupid idiot.

    I wanted to root for Touma, but she was such an idiot. I wanted to root also for Setsuna, even though she was selfish and manipulative. But the big factor was HARUKI! If I were in his shoes, I would really get upset and utterly CONFUSED! Yes, that is THE WORD which describes Haruki’s state of mind. And when he realized that he was going to lose someone so important, he felt LONELY. I don’t know where to place Haruki’s feelings. I think it would be a mix of LOVE and PITY towards Touma. Things were too sudden for him that he wasn’t given time to THINK THINGS OVER.

    The point of the story, you only realize how important someone is to you when you’ve finally lost them. It all came down to how much value you’ve placed on someone. And it always has to be the painful experiences that make you realize these things. And in the end, you are face with nothing but regret, sadness, guilt, and loneliness.

  • Zaid Tahir

    Hahahah I love ur reviews u jack ass :D … When is the next season coming ?? :’

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    You made a great review mate. I apologise in advance for the incomprehensible writing; still recovering from this ending.

    Haruki loved Kazusa the whole time, The signs were there. THEY WERE THERE THE WHOLE FUKIN TIME. You just had to pay attention to the small things, the small details. Just look at how he drinks his MOTHERFUKIN COFFEE; especially after drinking that super sweet cup during those practice sessions at her place. His habbit changed to match hers. BLOODY HELL. The anime has a quirk for pointing out this small details. I need to watch this again, just to pay attention to the small hints in the background.

    Setsuna is the queen of mindfuck. I should hate her, but I can’t bring myself to do it. On one hand, she’s the one to blame for this conclusion. Why would you do that? Can’t you see that no one won? On the other, she’s the reason an otherwise frozen relationship progressed. She was the main trigger, the Han Solo (yes, he shot first) that started this clusterfuck saga of emotions.

    Kazusa was broken from the start. It’s understandable, because she had no family close to her and was surrounded only by assholes throught her life. Those short encounters with her mother don’t even count as bonds. They only serve to fuel her stigma, her fear to show her true self to others. Yet I still wanted her to win. FUCK!

    Since there is no sequel announced yet, and I’m too impatinent, I did a quick google search to see how the story will progress in part 2 and 3. Honestly, if they go on with this show and follow the fan popular route, it’s going to become the best anime drama of all time. The story is simply amazing and the songs are beautiful. There is one particular song at the end of the most popular route which will literally eat at your heart!

    I don’t think I ever cursed this much after finishing a series. Few anime were able to stir my emotions like this, Well done, WA2. Now if you’ll excuse me, time to take a looong walk in the cold, since I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      MAN, DID YOU SPOIL YOURSELF WITH THE SUMMARY OF WHAT’LL HAPPEN IN CLOSING CHAPTER AND CODA?! D: I was so close to spoiling myself, but I held on somehow and after you don’t succumb to temptation on the first day, you’re good for the rest of the time.

      But yeah, I heard that too. Just hoping they adapt the rest properly should they ever do it. No, they will one day. I’LL SOMEHOW MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS. Meanwhile, when I have time I’ll start practicing my Japanese to read the VN. I’m actually not even kidding here. I just wonder if I even have enough time nowadays, but I’ll try when I can.

      Truly a unique experience that hit me like no other show did.

  • Mazryonh

    I’m surprised that you didn’t comment on Setsuna’s choice of wardrobe in this episode. She happened to be wearing the same outfit in this episode as the one she wore to her and Haruki’s “first date.” I take it the writer wanted that outfit, in which she first “opened her heart” to Haruki, to be the same one in which her heart was broken.

  • Kylzen

    I need a season for them to fix that ending, my gut cant take any more anime with bad endings

  • One True Tatsuya’s Apostle

    This is why harem genre is born.


    Finally had some free time so I thought I’d just get this out of the way~
    Disclaimer: So sorry this is a long wall of text. You might want to get some tea, coffee, hot cocoa or whatever before you start. This one’s gonna be while…

    I got around to watching this in the summer last year and I was hesitant about this because romance tends to involve lots of melodrama, but I got a look at some snippets of this review (while expertly avoiding spoilers :D) and it’s been mentioned more than once that there’s hardly any melodrama I figured I’d give it a shot. Needless to say, it is a very good story. Especially sinced I marathoned it. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up repeating what’s been said before about this, but I’ll try my best not to be too repetitive. Oh gaaw…

    Because I did see some comments long before I saw the anime, I was aware that many people couldn’t hate anyone. Honestly, I started watching it thinking I’d find a way to hate someone in this – someone’s always at fault. Boy, how wrong I was. It’s really hard to hate anyone, no matter which perspective you view the events from. And of course, I feel sorry for everyone. They all deserved a happy ending. But who do I feel sorry for the least? That’s a much easier question to answer. But I only thought of that much later.

    Kazusa, Setsuna and Haruki all want to be happy. That much is obvious. Early in the story, they just wanted the three of them to stay together. Somewhere along the way, that changed. Instead of wanting to stay together (as a happy group of friends) each character was trying to get happiness without hurting the other person (at least Kazusa and Haruki wanted this, I’m not so sure if Setsuna did – will get to that later). This is not possible. This type of happiness couldn’t involve the three of them, only two. And the anime portrays this in most realistically painful way possible.

    Kazusa’s situation speaks for itself. She was alone and Haruki was the first person to show any genuine kindness to her. But not knowing how he felt, fear of rejection and the fear that telling him her feelings would ruin their friendship made her hold back. End of story. But it’s a story that hits close to home. (Needless to say… TEAM TOUMA!) Haruki’s situation is a little more complicated. I was annoyed with the guy in the beginning the crapstorm started primarily because he stalled for so long. He is the source of the problem. Two girls like him. He’s dating Setsuna, but finds out that he likes Kazusa. ERABE: 1) Stay with your current girlfriend Setsuna; 2) Break up with girlfriend and choose your true love Kazusa, or 3) Just f%&$ the whole thing up by stalling, cheating, lying and making up excuses to try and keep everyonge happy, but ultimately fail miserably and be miserable. I’m not trying to trivialize his situation, but the crapstorm could’ve been avoided very early. The main problem lies in Haruki’s personality (Same for the other two, but it’s most obvious by him). He’s too nice – but you don’t really come to that conclusion in the beginning. The first episode portrays him as someone who’s reliable in the student council club (they even call him the president even though he denies it). But we quickly come to see just how hard he’s trying to keep it all together before he finally breaks down, realizing how horrible he must be. And when the crap hit the fan, that’s when it’s clear: he’s too nice. Arguably to the wrong person: Setsuna (will get to that later). Yes, she’s his girlfriend. But he loves Kazusa. If he cared about Setsuna at all, then he should’ve just broken it off the moment he realized his feelings. But life doesn’t stop moving while we ponder the mysteries of our feelings and hormones. By the time he realizes how he truly feels, he had already left a trail of lies and tears. It sounds like I hate the character, but seriously I don’t. We can only judge and analyse all the events after the fact. And Haruki was acting based on what he’d observed from Setsuna and Kazusa. He liked both girls, they were his friends. He thought Kazusa didn’t like him much, while Setsuna openly declared her love for him. He went for the obvious choice. And Kazusa didn’t seem to mind at the time. It’s not like he could read her mind. But he couldn’t just leave Setsuna for Kazusa. That would mean losing their friendship and hurting Setsuna. He loves Kazusa, but he’s with Setsuna. Choosing Kazusa means hurting Setsuna. Even though Kazusa can survive, staying with Setsuna and denying his true feelings ultimately hurts Kazusa. And either option leaves him feeling like a jerk. So he stalls instead. And ends up cheating and lying.

    While Haruki is the main problem because he’s the object of two girls’ affections, the one putting
    everyone between a rock and a hard place is Setsuna. Nether Kazusa, nor Haruki want to leave Setsuna. Both of them are linked to her. Kazusa is her dear friend, and Haruki is her boyfriend. The friend circle can’t hold if her best friend and boyfriend like each other. And her friends know this, and they’re too kind to hurt her (any more) so they don’t/try not to. Entrav already mentioned that Setsuna is manipulative and selfish and I agree. Despite all the crap Haruki put her through, she never really gets mad. This could be because she’s too nice. But that’s a little hard to swallow. It’s not that she’s too nice. Rather than being too nice, it’s because she’s too selfish to get mad. That’s all the other two need in order to move on – then she’d lose them both. She know’s that, so she never gets mad, and don’t think she ever will. She says she’s a horrible person, but doesn’t show any emotion to Haruki who broke down in tears again while she tells him her side of the story. This girl can have any guy she wants, but for her it has to be Haruki. She won’t budge an inch. She did give Kazusa a fair chance, but she also could’ve walked away anytime she wanted when realized Haruki was no longer hers. She made a choice to keep it going. But her desire to stay with Haruki and remain best friends with Kazusa is wishful thinking here. It could be argued that she doesn’t have any consideration for their feelings at all. This is why I think Haruki’s efforts to keep her happy were wasted on her. Kazusa and Haruki remain apart for her sake, but Setsuna doesn’t really do anything for them. Setsuna doesn’t actually try to gain happiness without hurting the other person involved – she wants it for herself. Can I blame her? No. But I do think a true friend would know when to back off (or at least actually fight for her man, geez.) – especially when they realize what’s going on long before the actual people involved do. So even though she’s not entirely to blame to the whole thing, I have the least sympathy for her.

    The pacing was a little slow in the first 4 or 5 eps, but never boring. And no melodrama. The story
    played out really well and the music was great. I love Twinkle Snow – that song is beautiful.

    Ultimately, I think this whole s#%!storm can be described in one quote: “You can’t make an
    omelette without cracking a few eggs. And humanity is just a cracked egg. And the omelette stinks.” – Johnny (Movie: Naked)

    This was a great ride and I’m glad I gave it a chance. Still, I have to thank Entrav for that review
    though. I wouldn’t know this anime even existed without it. So, thank you for sharing the wonders that was your epic review.

    P.S.: Now to begin my path to enlightenment with THE MIGHTY STU…

    P.P.S: I may, or may not have read most of the summary of Coda… my heart…

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Not really much else to add to what you’re saying and what I said in the review. It’s been a while since I first watched this and, well, my feelings haven’t changed at all about this anime. I think this is one of my favorite if not my favorite anime of all time. I really like it that much.

      Did you get the soundtracks and songs? Holy crap there are so many good ones especially the instrumental that plays in the beginning of this episode and all of Setsuna’s songs? How is she not more popular? Good Lord Tatsuya those are some absolutely fantastic songs. You should definitely check them out if you liked Twinkle Snow. And yes, Twinkle Snow is beautiful. One of my favorite songs of all time. Fits the mood so incredibly well. Moreover, whenever I hear any of the songs or soundtracks I just start feeling the emotions I felt when I originally watched it. I honestly can’t listen to those songs/soundtracks anymore since they make me emotionally sick. I just end up thinking about what happened and being all despondent about the whole thing. You know when the music can make you feel that way that sound is handled extremely well in the show and that the show is impressive as well.

      It’s difficult to resist reading about Coda right after you finish it since you want to know what happens at the end. DOES IT END HAPPILY? DO THEY FINALLY GET TOGETHER? WHAT HAPPENS? I have to admit that I almost succumbed to it, but held back after just reading some general reviews for it. (I almost got spoiled though. Very close.) After the first day though, it wasn’t that difficult to resist. That was the first time I felt like I could learn Japanese and read the VN. Obviously I’m too busy right now, but someday maybe I’ll install one of those translation things for the VN and slowly work my way through it. I do understand some of the very basics of Japanese which allow me to read and understand RAWs for manga to some extent so maybe I’ll be able to do it for VNs. Well, it’s a long-term project, but one I want to do sometime in the future.

      Glad that you picked this up! Unless if someone absolutely despises romance, this recommendation cannot go wrong. I’m just so impressed by the writing and the emotional impact. Honestly, no melodrama in a romance anime?! That’s unheard of.

      Thanks for reading the review!

      May The Stu be with you on your path to enlightenment.

      • MACHA

        I haven’t gotten around to listening to all of the songs, but did check out the soundtrack again – why? It keeps bringing back the feels TT TT Still, it’s worth it when the music is so incredibly fantastic. So I’ll be checking it out again soon~

        Coda. Oh my glob. I couldn’t. I HAD TO KNOW. Go through the VN. I think it’ll be more satisfying knowing all the details. Even knowing basic Japanese is a million years more than I know of the language. I love manga and VNs but I don’t have such godly levels of determination to learn even basic Japanese for that. So respect to you, Entrav.

        Right now, I think my school believes it’s the MIGHTY STU and is trying to screw me over four ways into sunday… So now’s as a good a time as any to power through the ONE TRUE PATH OF ENLIGHTENMENT. (Because FINALLY I can. But seriously, school has been epic in the worst sense of the word. But the summer anime list is epic in the best sense so I guess it evens out~ :p

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          The music is really incredible. It’s crazy how you feel your emotions overwhelming you after you hear some of those soundtracks. Proves that a soundtrack’s association with a good show really does make it a lot better than if you heard it by itself with no context. Nevertheless, it is of course still good even without that, but it just gives it that extra huge punch.

          Yeah, I’ll never read anything like a summary for White Album 2. It just doesn’t do the series justice at all. I’ll put it off until I find the time/energy/inclination to really dig into that. I know enough Japanese to be able to use one of those add-ons that assist you when you’re reading to understand I think. I mean, just listening to lines without subs I can understand a moderate amount of it.

          It’s the same for me with university actually. This semester has been such a joke. I don’t even. I just had two midterms this week and Lord Tatsuya please help me. The material is too irrelevant to what I want to do later on that I cannot find the drive to study. But yes, this summer looks to be really good. (Look at all dem anime out today (Saturday). Holy shit. And we’ve just started the first week of the season.)

          • MACHA

            May the Mighty Force be with you and may you own those midterms. I’m 1 class away from bachelor completion freedom and my chances of getting it have been ^$&#@! unless I can come to a mutual agreement with the STU- I mean, school.

            W-wait holy how so many shows out already!?!? Time to check them out~

  • Melenie

    I think even thought the ending was like that, It was pretty obvious that Haruki still loved Touma more that Setsuna #justsayin but like when you think of Haruki and Touma’s moments together compared to Setsuna, its just fricken overpowering and way more emotional in a good way
    idk but even tho Haruki and Setsuna “remained” together. Haruki obviously loved Touma, and if she never left Setsuna would probably see her sorry butt outta here. The ending was so definitly Setsuna and Haruki but it was pretty much a 1-sided relationship b/c i’m just calliing it out there but pretty sure Haruki rather have Touma anyways so ya

  • Abdul Alim

    Good work, I just stumbled your site and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. I have subscribed to your feed and I hope you write again very soon! xnxx

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