Why you should watch Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters
What a ride.

Should you watch Gundam Build Fighters?

Youtube Version (Please watch this if possible. It makes a huge difference.)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Entrav here. So, Gundam Build Fighters… How I underestimated this show. And it’s not just me either. Who would have thought that a Gunpla promotional material that most people thought was Sunrise’s way of getting more money to wipe their ass cheeks with turned out to be something so enjoyable? So what’s it all about? Well, the story is incredibly simple. It’s about how the two main characters, Reiji and Iori Sei, try to win the Gunpla Battle World Championships. That’s it really. The characters battle each other with Gunpla and it looks good. If you’re afraid of more and more anime taking up CGI for mecha animations, you’ll be glad to see that Gundam Build Fighters uses none of that. There’s absolutely no CGI, and, well, it’s Sunrise so the flashy mech battles will definitely not disappoint you on a visual level. Just look at this.

I went into this anime thinking that as long as it has some nice mecha fights, which it does, I wouldn’t really mind watching a show with a shitty story and a crappy cast of characters, but you know what? Surprisingly, they’re also not bad. While it touches upon the messages of teamwork and friendship like many other anime, it doesn’t shove it in your face with irritable cliché dialogue that I originally expected this show to have. It portrays its messages of teamwork, the importance of Gunpla, the importance of winning and having fun mostly through the battles themselves. For a show that’s made to sell more Gunpla merchandise I thought it’d try to shove the importance of Gunpla down my throat so I can buy their fucking toys, but it didn’t. The messages felt genuine until the end. Especially at the end actually.

Iori Sei gunpla

Shameless promotions?

Reiji and Iori Sei teamwork

Real bromance right here.

Yasaka Mao

Iori Sei bittersweet ending

That ending.

Iori Sei funny nose


Gundam Build Fighters Anime Fights

The fights man. The fights…

Gundam Build Knuckle


This is mostly thanks to its solid cast of characters. Reiji and Sei aren’t bad, and most of the competitors like Fellini, Aila, Nielson, Yasaka Mao, and Yuuki Tatsuya are all solid characters. Even other supporting characters like China, Ral, Kirara and Sei’s glorious mother contribute on the side without being annoying. Ral would give random bits of information and China would just quietly support Sei without screaming out “KUROSAKI-KUN” EVERY 5 FUCKING SECONDS. Thank god for that. Anyways, the reason why the major competitors are as good as they are is because of the rivalry between each of them. They all want to win, and their passion for winning drives them to compete with a force that’s very enjoyable to see. The major competitors’ abilities are fairly even and the characters themselves realize just how strong their opponents are. The characters are confident and they struggle until the bitter end leading to one intense battle after another. The show successfully builds upon the rivalries and pulls off incredibly exciting climaxes. One battle in particular was just glorious to watch as you see them beat each other’s Gunpla into pitiful states which also helps emphasize the importance of Gunpla to its owners without explicitly stating it. The characters make it feel like the battles actually have weight and that it really means something to them. This importance to them became important to me through their dedication. The fervor that this anime exudes is incredibly contagious.

Jyrkiainen Aila steals bun


Aila and Reiji GBF

Tsun tsun.

Iori Rinko and Kousaka China


Aside from that there are also a decent amount of slice of life episodes, and guess what? This show makes the best pairings so you don’t have to argue about who the OTP is or worry about a love pentagon. Well, there’ll still be arguments about who the best girl is. But that’s pretty easy to solve after a few episodes. Whether it’s the friendship between Sei and Reiji or the innocent romance that others share, the chemistry between the characters are great. It allows you to go through the slice of life episodes fairly smoothly.

If you’re a Gundam fan, watching this series should be a no-brainer.

Just seeing this makes me fucking sad.

For Gundam fans out there who have watched other Gundam series, you will love the abundant amount of references in this anime. I’m not a big fan of Gundam and even I noticed some. Others have pointed out many more references so you can look out for that if you’re a Gundam fan. As for the problems I’ve had with this show, one of them is how later on the fights get rather… monotonous. Basically, the main characters use this same move over and over again to win which makes the battles feel a bit blander than if there were more tactics involved or if there were a bit more variety in how the fights ended. I mean, the fights themselves are all varied, but just the way they end aren’t. Some of the slice of life episodes can also be a bit slow, but that’s nothing compared to the blatant misconducts during the tournament that everyone just ignores without good reason. But I think the fierce battles between the likable characters and the way Gundam Build Fighters executes the delivery of its messages is better than many other shows that are far more popular than this anime. I mean, just look at how under-watched this show is. On MyAnimeList, at the making of this video, there are 4,489 that have completed the series and only 10,005 users in total. The popularity of this anime is ranked 1,857th. I mean, Jesus Christ, that’s nearly the same as this Infinite Stratos OVA. Alright, alright, it’s a pretty popular series so whatever, but then there’s this. It’s ranked even lower than this fucking hentai. Who bothers adding that to their stats? You just fap and be done with the thing, and what the fuck? There are more reviews for this fucking hentai than for Gundam Build Fighters? What? Come on, we don’t need reviews to tell us whether we can fap to the thing or not. We just do it.

Yuuki Tatsuya Meijin Kawaguchi


Gundam Exia Dark Matter

Just put away your tissue boxes for a second and watch some Gundam Build Fighters. The show is really not bad, and the second half in particular was a very enjoyable watch. If this kind of anime is used to promote merchandise then I want more of it because it greatly surpassed everyone’s expectations by the time it ended. Now that I’ve heightened your expectations, this probably won’t apply to you anymore. But if that’s what it takes for people to be more aware of this anime, then so be it. Even if you don’t like the first few episodes that much, I’d still recommend you to stick around until episode 6 as that episode exemplifies the true capabilities of this anime. If you don’t get pumped up on that episode, I don’t know what will get you excited. If you don’t like it by then, feel free to drop it. Whatever the case, this is an under-watched show that even has all of its episodes on Youtube in HD. Yes, full episodes on Youtube. What are you waiting for? It’s literally a few clicks away. Go watch some Gundam Build Fighters. (And my video if you haven’t. I seriously spent a lot of time on that.)

Gundam Build Fighers Wallpaper Star Build Gundam Build Fighters Anime Gundam Build Fighters Wallpaper


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  • Kevin Ortiz

    I went in just to get my gundam rocks off . I went expecting some bland story and such but was very surprised at the quality of the this like you said. I would say that the fight scenes were up there with gundam 00 my favorite series. Over all I very much enjoyed this anime, and hope we get a season 2. Last fight with shadow Exia and Build Strike was very awesome, though Exia should have won imo.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Watching this week to week was truly glorious. It became the series I looked forward to every week the most alongside Log Horizon after the first few episodes. When those fights happened… Damn… Good times.

  • Drig

    The only thing I had an issue with were the knuckles……… While I realize that was in homage to G Gundam, I was kinda hoping we’d not have that…….

    Solid show though. 00, Wing, Seed ( not the BS Destiny ), Zeta, ZZ, Turn A still better. :)

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    If it’s legal and on Youtube, mind sharing a link? Not a big Gundam fan, but might as well give this show the 3 episode rule.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I guess you missed the link I put in the last paragraph, but here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9H1u1zFVNc

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Thanks. Sry didnt see the hyperlink well. Perhaps if you change the color a bit, or put the text in bold so it can be easier to see.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          No problem, I kind of figured when I chose that color that it wouldn’t be easy to spot. It’s actually pretty helpful that you didn’t see it because it just affirms my suspicions. I’ll try some other colors.

  • Anzekay

    It took some convincing for me to give this a go, but I didn’t regret it one bit. I came in when it was around episode 16ish, and I basically marathoned all that in a day after it got its hooks into me.

    Totally worth it.

  • Allen

    The end of this series is frustrating , i want to see more !!!! whether Reiji and Sei will meet again or not . I also wanted to see a romance scene of Aila and Reiji

  • niknasr

    Good review!! Certainly, I will add this to my never-ending watching list..

  • Marc Carlo Vendivil

    well you made me interested