Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 10 – Tension

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Yukino’s distance.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 10 Review
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode 10 Review
“The Distance Between Them Still Has Not Changed As The Festival Is Soon A Carnival.”
“Izentoshite Karera no Kyori wa Kawarazu ni Matsuri wa Mōsugu Kānibaru.”

So I promised on Facebook that I would do some episode reviews on Yahari Ore no Seishun. It’s definitely one of those anime that I should have reviewed much earlier as the characters are surprisingly deep and it’s quite a nice change from the typical high school slice of life anime. While I’ll get to the general anime review by the end of the season, I’ll just say what I have to say about this episode along with some of the previous events that have major influences in the episode.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 10 Impressions



It’s not as if things are just going to be all fine and dandy after Hikigaya’s previous encounter with Haruno. Not to mention, last time’s monologue ended with him being disappointed with how he views Yukino. While things between them have never necessarily crossed the threshold into nicety, perhaps that’s where Hikigaya wants it to be. After all, from episode 5, we already know that he isn’t particularly fond of nice girls. Yukino may just be the girl for him being the ice-cold beauty, but we all know this isn’t some typical harem anime that resorts to measures that may decrease the ingenuity of the anime.

Sagami Minami


Hikigaya Hachiman deadly look

LOL. That’s like… the worst.

Oh man, social pressure. As some of you may know from the podcasts Yukimaru and I have done, Yukimaru is from Japan and while he hasn’t necessarily participated in school, he understands the culture better than a lot of us. He says that bullying, and some of the things that happen in a typical high school anime are quite true for the most part. We live in Canada, and to be honest, things don’t happen this way in schools that we went to. And even if they do, it’s not often. But to think that some people mock, laugh, and put strain on others without a second thought of the victim makes me sick.



The worst thing you can possibly do to one who has a brother or sister of excellent abilities is to compare that person to said brother or sister. Always being compared, always having a certain standard to reach, always being treated not like an individual possessing intrinsic worth, but worth bestowed upon them by one’s brother or sister is a pain to say the least.


Yukinoshita Yukino agree to request


Oregairu yukinon


Yuigahama Yui


So when Yukino gladly agrees to Sagami’s request even after suspending club activities, you know something is wrong. Having her suspend the club is just a logical thing to do, and may be taken as no more than a measure to give time to everyone for the festival, but she’s taking up the role like she doesn’t need to depend on anyone. She’s even softer than before and acting unlike herself, but why? Is it because she wants to chase after her sister and be the person who is essentially the chairman like her sister? Is it to run away from Hikigaya and Yui as things have gotten awkward with the car incident and them knowing that they are hiding things from each other?

Shiromeguri Meguri president


Well, Yukino might as well just be the chairman. I mean, really Sagami? Come on. Then again, perhaps Yukino could help her instead of taking over absolutely everything and making her feel completely useless. Yes, you could argue that Sagami’s not doing her job properly, but it’s not like Yukino is taking the approach that would make her feel like doing more work. It’s almost as if she’s taken up the role that Haruno took up without even realizing it. Honestly, everyone is boarding the hate train for Sagami, but it’s not completely her fault (at this point). When someone takes over like that, how are you really supposed to act? Do you even need to anything anymore? But I will agree that if she doesn’t feel like she’s up to it, she should just resign instead of doing what she’s doing. Moreover, it’s not like asking Yukino for help when you don’t do your job properly is a great idea. I’m not taking Sagami’s side by any means, but I’ve been seeing some one-sided hate fests that’s not exploring some other sides of the conflict.


Ebina Hina pervert Hayama Hayato and Ebina Hina

Totsuka Saika trap


With all the tension in the air weighing heavily on viewers, it’s like the halfway mark is a break from such a heavy atmosphere surrounding Yukino. Ebina Hina sure is whipping out her other side quickly with all her emotions running rampant. All we need is more Totsuka Saika moments with Hikigaya going all crazy over him and being all perverted. Yep. That’s what we need. Uhh… yeah… anyways…

Yukinoshita Haruno trying to help

You have to admit that Haruno’s pretty hot nonetheless.

Yukinoshita Haruno trying to help


Sagami Minami

Haruno fake smile

So fake it hurts.

Yukinoshita Haruno crying

Haruno Oregairu


Sagami Minami being a bitch

Really? REALLY?

Ah. So… the topic of the episode: Haruno. People have different perspectives about her character. Some say that she has bad intentions and is just using her superiority to belittle Yukino, and others say that she has good intentions, but terrible methods. After thinking about it, I’m still really uncertain, but I’m leaning more towards Haruno just having really bad methods of dealing with Yukino. I can’t say she’s viciously going after her sister and trying to make her miserable, and it seems to be the case that Haruno has high expectations of Yukino and tries, at least somewhat, to better her abilities by throwing her into a mess that she has to climb out of.

Also, while I may have said that Sagami is not fully to blame back when she got overtaken by Yukino, now she’s clearly being a huge bitch. Showing up late, and giving Yukino all the responsibilities. Still, you can see that Haruno is basically pushing her and making Yukino the clear chairman all the meanwhile causing trouble. Does Haruno want her sister to chase after her? Is she disappointed that she’s trying to and is pushing her in a different direction? It’s almost as if she’s trying to push Yukino away from the awkwardness of the club and trying to get her to move on. If anything, Haruno actually confuses me quite a bit and her nicety facade isn’t helping the fact. But that’s what so interesting about this anime; I can’t really be sure of each of the characters as they’re all fairly deep.

Hayama Hayato

Hikigaya on computer

The Hikigaya Monologue.

Yahari ore no Hikigaya Hachiman


Man, this is when Hikigaya Hachiman is just amazing as a character. Not only does he dispel the social pressure, but he also gives Yukino the chance to accept the offer without making it seem like she’s being rejected, but rather that she’s doing something for the others in the group by not getting help. Though, he’s still as awkward as usual with his approach. But now that Yukino is nowhere to be found, what will happen to the festival now? Will the “chairman” now taste the pain of not taking proper responsibilities? Perhaps Yukino will learn to share her workload a bit more? Who knows.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 10 Review

I’m actually quite disappointed in myself for not picking up this anime earlier and reviewing it. I should have started reviewing it at episode 5, but alas, times were not great back then in terms of schedule. Anyways, this anime still proves to be the most unexpected this season and maybe this year with it’s approach to characters and how they interact with each other. Most notably, Hikigaya remains to be a very intriguing character to watch. Even the other ones grew on me after a while and I can seriously see the depth in the way they converse. Every episode makes me think whether the interactions mean this or it means that and whether the characters think this way or that. The depth of the characters truly make this anime great to watch and much more intellectual than a lot of other slice of life anime.

yahari ore no seishun oregairu wallpaper yukinoshita yukino


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  • xxbabaxx

    one of the anime i look forward to watch on Friday, Thursday for you. Is great, it seems very unoriginal at first (like some club base anime with abit of “plot” or “moe”), but there more then meets the eye. i won’t say all the character is original, but the main character does stand out more then most all round interesting person, he drives the show unlike most other male leads in these genres and it gets interesting without the need for fan service, bravo.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s interesting how it’s so shallow when you first see it, and then you dive into the ocean… One of my favourite this season.

  • Casey Lee

    Finally, thanks for fulfilling the promise. I actually expect a more depth-review but this should do, even there is something is essentially lacking here. I wonder if it is because you made it this late that little insight and hints from past episodes being presented. Because this is the second time I requested review from you, I’ll write a bit more. This is one of few rare pieces where the audiences have to understand each character thought process to understand the aim of random plot being placed here and there.

    First about social pressure, in my opinion the differences in culture have little to do with it. Bullying, mocking and laughing are some forms of social interaction, while most of us will agree that they are bad and put strain on the victims. However, we cannot judge that the absence of those actions would lead to lack of social pressure because we are also talking about tolerance here. Different person in the same culture has different tolerance toward the pressure, so it is more about individual’s views on the matter would determine either such actions would suppress and damage themselves. This case can be found more in hierarchy structural society where people from different class blend themselves together and less in democratic heterarchy where self-glorifying actions (I take that mocking is the act of self-glorifying, source: Myself) are
    pretty much rejected. But human and relationship evolves beyond the supposed theory. Some people choose to accept and turn blind eye but some other choose to reject.

    Let’s back to story for now, Sagami and the Ojou-sama (forgot her name) are disgusting to some extents. But their actions are not half-bad, really. In past two years of my college life, the majority of people (if not all) I deal with in daily basis reflects their precise images or even
    worse. And sadly I kinda understand the reason they do that, they only do what they do to survive. When you are lacking in ability and skill, the only way you can stand in the crowd is by having sufficient mental support. In other words if they cannot deal good amount of results, the only other way is either to have your rivals down or some good-looking friends to stay around and praise you for what you did. Uh, I think Yukinon has talked about this before.

    The things that I failed to understand in this episode are the student council president and Hikigaya responds to the truth revealed by Haruka, while we can ignore the seito kaichou for being side character. It ispretty much known from previous episode that the trust and respect of Hachiman is falling to bottom and he also understood that he is the sole reason for that feeling. Upon learning his mistake, is the choice he made to abandon his “way” until now is the good solution. From the sequence of events in past, we learned that his approach to social problem always have been individualistic but hit right in mark. This is maybe the first time that he made half-ass decision confusing action. Being unsupportive at beginning of episode, he sacrificed his just built mental image on the committee to help Yukinoshita. Is it really confusion that I just sense?

    I’ll stop here and see another episode to make sure that I don’t mess up further with my response. And the most troubling things is the lack of Yuigahama and Saika appearances. Urgghh…

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      You’re welcome. Still uncertain how I should really review this because when I review

      Psycho-Pass I go for a more philosophical viewpoint, I guess I’ll go deeper in the psychological viewpoint for this anime then.

      While I do think that bullying, mocking, and “mean” things along those lines are part of human behavior and social interaction, the extremity of each is dependent on culture. For example, while Japan may not allow violence in schools, there is a high amount of emotional bullying. Now I don’t have the statistics or anything, but what you see in anime, like how they ask for money, and stuff like that, are actually fairly common. There will always be social pressure one way or another in all forms of culture. However, things are taken to a fairly extreme point in Japan where people would get bullied psychological constantly whereas in Canda people may just avoid the person or just not see the point in doing such a thing.

      Of course, individuals will have their own tolerance levels and that’s an important factor to consider when talking about social pressure. However, that doesn’t change the fact that in some cultures people will treat each other with different levels of severity which will heighten or lower the social pressure regardless of the change in tolerance levels that individuals may have when looking at the bigger picture. I don’t really think I understand your part on the “hierarchical structural society” properly so I won’t delve into that.

      Well, I would say that just because the majority of the people are as such does not mean that they are not “half-bad.” I don’t mean that they’re completely unacceptable human beings, but it doesn’t make how they deal with Yukino any more acceptable just because other people do the same thing. I understand everyone needs self esteem, but there are better ways to obtain it than to demean others and influence your surroundings negatively. Nonetheless, not many people can resort to these measures, so while it’s understandable, it’s still not acceptable in my opinion.

      I honestly think that it’s just confusion from what Hikigaya has shown in like the last second of the episode. If you’re talking about how he made a half-assed decision with helping Yukino, I don’t really think that’s the case. He did dispel the pressure around her somewhat and made it easier for her to accept everything in the end. However, I can’t say that his method of solution is the best one he’s had. It may be one of his worst, but it’s always been like that if he needs to talk out loud to others. Hikigaya usually plays it out silently, but when he’s in social pressure, he acts awkwardly. Nonetheless, I think it works.

      Sorry if my reply is not that coherent. I’m still sick so I’m not even sure if I wrote what I wanted to say. Anyways, I’ll try to go a bit deeper psychologically next time.

      • Sammy Lee

        The members you have on here, are so interesting! I love it! I agree Hikigaya, simply dispelled the pressure, putting it all on him, which is what he usually does. I understand why he does it but, i just get so mad cause he’s grown on me as a character and i hate seeing that happen to him, even though it is his fault. People don’t see his considerate nature, which is also understandable, because its not like he out to show everyone.
        Oh an Does Hikigaya ever make “Good” decisions when it comes to solving problems? I don’t think he does. They are “solutions” but only solutions that get rid of the problem, not really solve them.
        Hikigaya only knows how to be alone, and his decisions and “solutions” reflect that.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          To me, the way Hikigaya interacts with everyone and solves the problems, are, as you see in the finale, is just how he deals with the situation. He’s not a “nice” guy per se. I mean, he has good intentions, but what many people consider to be “nice” is really only on the outside. If we consider that, then he is very far from being “nice.”

          Just like how you can’t solve problems a certain way because of moral issues or whatever, he can’t solve it the “nice” way because that’s just who he is. The “good” decision he’s made is regards to those who are already close to him, like Yukinon. (The event with the car and how he kept quiet) Still, in most situations, he solves it this way and that’s why a lot of us keep coming back for more. It’s different, it’s interesting, and it’s profound.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Ok, this seems interesting. I’ll watch it and see how it goes.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I think it hurt Hikigaya to accept it like that due to keeping a calm and composed character on the outside. On the inside he’s still hurting to some extent. I mean, his expectation of Yukino being destroyed is a hint of that.

      Haha, I know right. I didn’t watch this until like episode 4 or 5. I was bored and thought I’d just check out the same-old “rom-com slice of life anime.” Hah, how wrong I was…

  • Black Moss

    Hey! just recently watched this anime. I didn’t really get how exactly Hachiman made it easier for Yukino to accept the offer. Could you please explain?