Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (REVIEW)

What a pleasant surprise.
What a pleasant surprise.

All about the character interactions.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (REVIEW)
OreGairu (REVIEW)
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (REVIEW)

NOTE: This review does not meet my standards any longer and will be updated sometime in the future.

Its name is absurdly long like many light novel adaptations, but underneath that behemoth lies something that is entertaining, enthralling, and insightful. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (OreGairu) (Careful of spoilers) utilizes one exceptionally intriguing character to create situations that are often unfounded in terms of depth compared to other school slice of life romcoms out there. Indeed, this may be one of those few shows that one needs to stop, rewind some scenes, watch them again with each character’s personalities in mind to fully understand the connotations of sometimes fairly profound scenes.

Oregairu Hikky


OreGairu Shizuka HIratsuka

Badass teacher.

I didn’t have much hope for Yahari Ore no Seishun in the beginning, and that feeling was not limited to the initial premise, but also for the first few episodes. I barely got by watching the episodes much less review them. Initially, the only thing that stood out to me was some of the comments thrown back and forth and the main protagonist, Hikigaya Hachiman. So what is the premise anyways? Well, Hikigaya’s a lazy asshole with a pessimistic outlook on the world forced to join this club that Yukinoshita Yukino the, you guessed it, an attractive female that is apparently astounding at what she does. Sounds typical right? Yep. Nonetheless, I persevered even with Yuigahama Yui’s, the typical lively girl, appearances not changing the anime by a whole lot, but after the introductory episodes were out of the way, OreGairu began to shine.

Yahari Yukinon opening Hikigaya Hachiman

Plenty of similar anime also put heavy emphasis on characters, but Yahari Ore no Seishun does things… differently to say the least. This is mostly because of Hikigaya Hachiman as his actions can easily confuse as much as it can astound if one does not pay close attention. Close to the middle of the twelve episode series (I consider episode 13 to be a bonus), he starts giving out monologues to how he views the world around him and the certain predicaments he’s put in. With his pessimistic, weird, but also strangely confident nature, he puts a spin on some normal to-be-taken-for-granted situations and twists them to bring in some ideas that we may have overlooked in our own lives. That is not to say that the subjects are truly groundbreaking for this is someone still in high school, but it’s worth crediting the anime for making such situations many people face or have faced play out in a different light.

Miura Yumiko


Oregairu yukino twin ponytail


Yahari Totsuka Saika


If we are to consider characters on the whole, they are definitely fairly good. One in particular has her own hidden agenda which brings about some interesting discussion on the character in question and you’ll often find that there’s more than meets the eye for most of the cast. Before we move on to character interactions, I must commend how a certain scene in episode 2 manages to connect with one of the last few episodes so as to make the characters even deeper. Usually, with slice of life anime, you don’t see something seemingly insignificant become something that leads to the main character’s renewed understanding of others.

Yukinoshita Haruno Zaimokuza Yoshiteru

Of course, we can’t go on far in this review without talking about arguably the most critical component of Yahari ore no Seishun which has to be the character interactions themselves. This aspect is heavily dependent on the characters as bland ones will be unable to make good interactions, but it’s possible for there to be good characters and not so great interactions. Thankfully, this anime excels greatly in this regard. It’s difficult to describe in detail exactly what I mean without spoiling anything. But I can say that the word jabs between Yukino and Hachiman are especially entertaining and make me smile while also keeping a level of profundity within their verbal abuse exchanges. And heck, some moments are just cute as hell.

Ebina Hina scary


Yahari zaimokuza yoshiteru


Yahari Ore no Seishun Yuigahama


What’s truly incredible is the way that Hachiman deals with the various situations that arises throughout the show and his viewpoint on the given scenarios. How often do you see a main character completely debunk and disparage other people’s ideas without a second thought while being considerate towards them, and being an asshole all at the same time? Wait, what? He’s an asshole and he’s considerate? What’s going on? Let’s just say that he has a unique way of going about settling things which makes the overall experience that much more satisfying. From words of wisdom to psychological tactics to philosophical ideas, Hikigaya Hachiman can do some extraordinary, albeit callous feats in ordinary situations. After watching some of the episodes again, I can’t help but smile at his words that ring so true and be baffled at his unconventional approach to situations.

Totsuka Saika trap


Yukinoshita Yukino embarrassed


As this is a romcom, we can’t go and forget the romance and the comedy. Let’s just get comedy out of the way and say that it’s not the greatest, but there are moments here and there that are actually quite well done. It’s definitely nothing as incredible as the character interactions though. Then again, after watching a few more episodes again, I found the first few episodes a lot more entertaining than when I first watched it. I’m guessing it’s the result of seeing it once already as I got attached to the characters. You also won’t be seeing much of romantic developments until near the end when the characters’ feelings towards each other are more consolidated. Even so, there is some serious potential for future seasons in terms of romance as seen by the last few episodes. Let’s be real here. Who wouldn’t want to see more of Hachiman and Yukino flirting arguing with each other?

Zaimokuza Yoshiteru chuunibyou


Hikigaya Komachi bikini

Best imouto

Yukinoshita Yukino cute


If I had to say something negative about the show, it has to be the visual quality. The character designs may be fitting, but I definitely did not like them when I first saw the anime as it felt just… off. Of course, that’s just my personal opinion, and as the story progressed and I grew attached to them with how awesome they are, I became used to the style. The animations overall, however, are quite average, and I definitely couldn’t remember any point that made me go “wow” (some fanservice parts are nice though). Regardless, as long as it doesn’t take away from the interactions, which it didn’t, then it’s perfectly fine. With the great sales so far for this first season, if they do intend to make a second season when the light novel has enough material, there better be improvements in the animation department.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Review Recommendation

Yahari Ore no seishun yukinon

Bow down.

If you have even a passing interest in slice of life romcoms then watch this anime. Just be warned that the beginning few episodes are slow and you should wait until the monologues come into play if you are considering to drop the show before that. People say that it’s similar to Haganai and Hyouka, and while I wouldn’t disagree, it’s in a league of its own with regards to character interactions. Again, the humor isn’t exactly the strongest, and the romance isn’t really displayed firmly until later so keep those two points in mind. However, if you want something far more thought-provoking than the average slice of life romcom, then Yahari Ore no Seishun is the way to go. And who knows? You may even learn a thing or two from the cruel, realistic, eccentric, but ultimately enlightening individual known as Hikigaya Hachiman.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Review Conclusion

Yahari ore no seishun love come wa machigatteiru

Bow down.

Much like how I underestimated Hataraku Maou-sama! I would say that I underestimated Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru even more so. Heck, I didn’t even start reviewing until episode 10 which is the latest entry into an anime I’ve had so far. It disappoints me that I didn’t pick it up earlier, but at least I was there for perhaps the best developments in the entire anime and one of the best of the season. Just like how Hataraku Maou-sama! excels in humor, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru excels in character interactions and making a point without slipping into being pretentious which is quite a feat in and of itself. After all the character’s struggles and especially the last scene in the twelfth episode, I’ll be sad to see it go, but I’m more than glad to have stuck on for the ride for it was a damn great one.

Oregairu wallpaper Yukinon Yui Yahari ore no seishun wallpaper yui yukino


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  • bishbosh

    Twintail Yukinon is best thing in this series…all around this one is my favorite anime last season

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      God dammit Yukinon is ridiculously adorable sometimes. HNNG.

  • http://thehugeanimefan.blogspot.com/ Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigaiterru. was definitely highly unique in terms of slice of life comedy anime. Hikigaya’s while blunt albeit pessimistic outlook captured a lot of truths in real life which was perhaps why it became more than just a good watch which made it profound. He has to have become one of my favorite anime characters recently!

    Hopefully we can have more Hikigaya Hachiman in the future.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yep, I have to totally agree with you on that. The uniqueness of the anime mostly came from Hikigaya. It’ll be a while before we see any more from him as this season used up all the volumes from the light novel.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    This is what happens when Cristopher Nolan watches K-On and decides he can make something even better! You got the badass Dark Knight 8man and super moe Yukinon! HNNNG Dammit! Where are those heart pills?!

    The anime was made with a pretty tight budget and was considered a risky move by Brain’s Base. That’s why the animation may seem so average. Hopefully the fact that it had such a great success will convice them into making a second season with a bigger budget. But don’t wait for that to happen anytime soon as the author only realeased 7 volumes and the anime covers the first 6.

    It feel like I’m reapeating what you just said in the review. Well that’s what everybody who fell in love with this show wants. Perhaps they’ll improve the quality a bit when the Blu-Rays are out.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      HNNNNNGGG. Can’t take it. Thank God she’s not the typical tsundere that’s so common in these types of shows.

      Yeah, I realized that it was on a tight budget, but it should be dramatically better next season when we will hopefully get one in a few years. The BD/DVDs are selling great so I’m expecting a major upgrade sometime… in the… distant… (God dammit)… future… T_T

  • Jacob

    I was wondering cuz I’m new to entravity. Are you the only writer entrav or do you have other partners aka yukimaru shuuske

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I am the only writer. Yukimaru Shuusuke is just a friend who participates on podcasts.

  • Sammy Lee

    I actually watched this series awhile back, thinking I was the only one who actually watched it. After reading your review I agreed with allot of your feedback. Especially the fact that you have to go back to over again to understand what Hachiman is saying, which is a plus in my opinion but can be a minus for other, which is understandable. I, being not as smart intellectually had to go back a couple times, but continued despite not understanding everything, but after reading your review, Im going to watch this again, and review it. I feel like this could be a great anime to start off with, and Thanks again for the fantastic review, I really look forward to these, and im glad you watch shows that I watch, even though sometimes I don’t like admitting it to my family.


    My new Attack On Titan video came out today! Id appreciate you giving me amazing feedback once again, and I will include more plot next time lol.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Okay, firstly your production values are not bad at all. Pretty good, just have to work on the typography a bit but otherwise it’s actually pretty good. Just a tiny thing about the aesthetics before I move on, by border, I meant a border similar to what AJ Case is doing. I’m not sure if just a black one would work or not on all videos. A different background or a mixed colour background may be better. You may even want to decorate it with your “brand” or whatever.

      Now, here’s where the real criticism is going to come into play. I won’t sugar coat any of this so be prepared. It will be harsh. Remember, this is all MY opinion so please feel free to disagree. So, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t find this video as funny as the Free! one and there are quite a few reasons why I think that’s the case. Firstly, Shingeki no Kyojin is much more difficult in terms of getting humorous comments across than Free is because of the nature of its content. It’s much, much more serious, and a lot of comments you throw across destroys that which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

      There are a few things especially I want to highlight. Please, avoid racist comments unless you think they perfectly suit the situation and is in good taste. Your comment about Connie at a moment like that… didn’t flow well with me. The part when Marco is dead and you show that disturbing face with the much louder sound of a baby laugh made me cringe more than it made me laugh. Firstly, it’s disgusting and may throw some people off, secondly the sound is way too loud in comparison with the volume that you were talking with beforehand.

      I honestly don’t think you really mean a lot of negative comments you throw at the characters, but for people that probably like them, it’s not a great way to make things funny. Personally, I would stay away from downright insulting about “gingers” and stuff like that and focus on other aspects. Moreover, when Jean is like that in an emotional moment, please, please, do not call him a bitch. That didn’t flow right with me at all. Within that context, he’s throwing away his life with dramatic music while you randomly came on and called him a bitch. That’s partially the product of your comments not being that humorous in the beginning which didn’t warm me up to the rest.

      The comment about Sasha and the potato made me cringe as well. Stay away from sensitive words unless the rest of your video beforehand is hilarious because it’ll warm people up to the humor. Or, if it’s, like I mentioned, in good taste. I found it a bit too… vulgar? Your “racist” comment about the horse, for example, is perfectly fine. That’s not a big deal and is what I consider to be fine usage.

      When they are putting on their capes, it may be overdramatic, but you just bashed how they portrayed a really important moment in their lives as if it was nothing. Maybe comment like something Gigguk would and say, “SUPER DRAMATIC CAPE OVER SHOULDER.” I’m not saying your comment wouldn’t work. In fact, it could very well work. It’s just that what you’re supposed to do throughout the video is warm people up to the humor slowly but surely. By the middle, they should be ready and accepting of a lot of things they wouldn’t have in the beginning. If you don’t, moments like these that are supposed to work fine end up being bashing. The rest of the video is fine though.

      Again, the production values are pretty nice. I’m not sure about the border, you may want to check that out with other people. Thank you very much for the shoutout, but just remember that this is MY opinion. Five people liked it and eight people didn’t. Keep that in mind. If your ratings aren’t overly positive with reaction videos based on humor, then you probably have some fixing to do. If it’s a review where opinions will differ, you don’t have to worry about it as much.

      Anyways, if you haven’t watched Gigguk on how he does his reactions, you may want to watch them just for a little bit of reference. Don’t take everything off of him, but there’s some good stuff that you can learn from him. Aesthetically, I think you did a great job and I was actually surprised, but the content is a lot more questionable this time around. Again, I can be harsh when it comes to it so don’t take it personally. Thanks again!

      Oh, and for your channel, please, please, please, make a separate one for your games and another one for anime. They are completely unrelated and dilutes your uploads and will make your subscribers not continue subscribing because they want anime or games and not both.

      • Sammy Lee

        Alright, Im trying to convince my brother to let me do that. I appreciate all the crits, It kinda hurt haha. But it was as expected. I took down the video, I don’t want to be know for that. I appreciate everything you said good and bad. Ill be more careful in the future. Im gonna try another one tonight. I hope you continue to watch. Thanks for your wisdom yet again. It makes me better every time, in short I learn allot. So Thanks :)

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          No problem. I understand how much it hurts especially when you put in so much effort. Just work at it and don’t give up when times are down. That separates people who do well and those who don’t. You’ll improve in time, but the beginning is always the most difficult when you are the most inexperienced, and most likely to quit.

          • Sammy Lee

            i got confirmation to leave the channel and make a new one. So im gonna set that up, specifically for anime reaction and reviews. I hope you will join me, once its up later today. :)

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Sure, no problem. I’ll make mine sometime in the next month once my other stuff on the site is done. Remember, pick your name carefully (just the one you can edit and maybe the username too), set up a logo, social media, and all that.

          • Sammy Lee

            Entrav, I wanted to know if I could have your permission to use one of your Images in this review for a customized Youtube thumbnail, for my upcoming review of this series that I enjoy ALOT. Thanks for reading the message. :)

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            You can use any image you want. They’re not mine in the first place. You have the privilege of basically using anything you want for your thumbnail whether it be copyrighted stuff or not. There’s a law stating that I believe.

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Ok just to add to what Entrav said. There’s a fine line between funny borderline racist one-liners and pretty offensive ones. Besides gigguk if you want someone who is borderline offensive and pretty funny at the same time i recommend watching the reviews made by Lathan Crowe. I’ll link him at the end.of the comment.

      That picture with the tumor was pretty funny but honestly the volume of the baby laugh was a bit higher than it should be. Like a commercial in the middle of a movie BOOM high, if you understand what I’m saying. And honestly maybe a dun-dun-dun! dramatic tune would work better than the baby laugh. Just my opinion.

      Didnt understand that black line you used. What or whom were you refering to?

      All things considered it’s pretty good, but you need to learn a few more tricks of the trade so i’ll leave you with LC’s youtube channel try and pause so you can see his text lines and listen to what he says. Also gigguk has a vid on how to make a review/rant which i’ll link as well.

      Lathan Crowe: http://www.youtube.com/user/LathanCroweTV

      Gigguk’s how to make a rant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZyCxiA-oFs

      • Sammy Lee

        Hey, Thanks for the crits and the response. I realized all the faults in the video,Im sure to continue doing these but be more careful, im thinking of taking this one down, I don’t want people to see me as the “cruel humor” guy. Again thanks. I hope this doesnt discourage you from watching my vids. Peace bro.

  • Jacob

    Personally I thought the animation was very crisp and clean

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I’m no animations expert, but plenty of anime have those two attributes hence why I say it’s “average.” Not a real huge negative, but some in parts their faces among other things are… off to say the least.

      • Jacob

        I guess so tbh it’s just fresh for me to see a long lack haired girl with blue eyes instead of red, green or some dark color. It contrasts nicely in my opinion

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    There’s still a lot to this.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      What do you mean by that? A lot more to the anime?

      • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

        To develop … I mean … just forget it :P

  • Sammy Lee

    My Thumbnail for what may be my first review on my new channel. This is my thumbnail I made. tell me what you think! :)
    I have more for other anime’s but I thought this would match the article. If you want to see more lt me know. Thanks!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Does that bar tag have to be there? It feels a bit oversaturated with the amount of stuff on it. Remember that as a thumbnail, you won’t really be able to see most of it as the dimensions will be like 1/4th of that or something (check to make sure). You should find a simple way of identifying the anime and yourself. That’s why I suggest making a logo so you can stick it onto your thumbnails too. That, or make it unique like GRArkada does. That way, people can identify you.

      Also, be careful of the way you name your video. The first few words are most important so be careful how you name your video. If you name it, “Sammy Lee – Yahari Ore no Seishun Review” whatever, then it will have different rankings compared to “Yahari Ore no Seishun Review – Sammy Lee.” I know this because Google ranks my pages with this in mind and Youtube probably uses a similar system. Once you’re well known, you can put your name first, but for now, you want people to be able to find you in the first place.

      Search up the English name, the Japanese name, and so on to find out how many results are there and filter your name that way. Not many people may search for “My Teen Romantic Comedy,” whereas they may search for “Yahari Ore no Seishun.” There’s no easy way around it, you have to be vigilant and you have to research and learn. Might as well go out there and read some other blogs/articles about this kind of thing as well.

      Moreover, be very, very careful about the content of your review. VERY careful. Get a layout of what you’re going to say, or write it out and read it, or you can take notes and let yourself just talk freely. Whatever it may be, you have to have a direction in your review. It can be structured, or less structured, but it can’t be all over the place. Still have fun, but just be organized.

      • Sammy Lee

        Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it, I may not agree when it came to the bar tag, I think its just a little something that I like I can’t really explain. I did check how it would look as a thumbnail and It looks fine. Plus I like the whole Anime magazine kind of theme. And I believe it may stick out among all the thumbnails. I made sure the characters stood out the most, The little stuff on the magazine doesn’t matter to much its just decoration to add the magazine feel. Sorry if it sounds like im bashing your response im not, I respect it whole hardetly all the time and will continue to do so. I jsut wanted to express my opinion. Thanks

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          No no, it’s fine. No problem if you disagree. There’s no problem there as long as you can back it up with your logic and opinion. If you think it’s good, then by all means, go ahead. I haven’t seen it in thumbnail format so I wouldn’t know.

  • Jacob

    What’s ur top anime of all time?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I don’t have a list for that as I haven’t watched a lot of anime out there.

      • Jacob

        Can never go wrong with code geass!

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I did enjoy Code Geass quite a bit. It had it’s fair share of flaws, but if anything, it’s extremely enjoyable. I’m not sure if I would put it on my top anime of all time as there are a TON of great anime out there. Though, if you’re saying the “top” list is like the top 100 or something, then it’d make it. It’s just that if it’s the top 10… it probably wouldn’t… Of course, that’s just my opinion and I have a lot more shows to watch so I’m actually quite an amateur when it comes to anime.

          • Jacob

            For me it was the plot that put it in the top ten but I can understand that it did have flaws. Especially when it came to the character models in my opinion

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Haha, CLAMP character designs are always questionable to some people. Personally, I found it just fine.

  • xxbabaxx

    def one of the better show that season, or even the year. For the high school splice of life this show really got some substance, especially in term character interaction. It has a fair share of character development too, and you really grow to understand and sympathize with the character. This might not be the top 10 show in my list hack prob won’t even make the top 20 or 30, prob won’t be a show i would remember in a year or two when someone ask me whats a good anime to watch, but rarely, and i rarely say this, was there an cast of character i can sympathize with better and better as the show progress and i genuinely FEEL the characters on an emotional level. If you are bored and just over looked this show because of the art work or the promotional material isn’t all shiny (… is just the name of the Novel/ anime in fancy font…. seriously), really give it a go if u like splice of life, high school drama and self-hatred or even batman, just give it a go you might just fall in love with it.

    • xxbabaxx

      Great review aswell ways Entrav, saddly i am not surfing on your reviews as much this season, the show this season just doesn’t get me pumped for an anime night like last. Watching most of the new ones tho, nearly all of them but really out of boredom and less of enjoyment. Have you watched silver spoon btw ? is by the writer who wrote FMA, and is about farming …. is actually not bad, should give it a go + some episodic reviews if u enjoy it that is.

      • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

        Thank you very much!

        Firstly, I have to totally agree with you about the characters and how you generally feel about the show. I have to say that it wouldn’t make it on my top 20 or 30 either, but nonetheless, it excels in a few certain aspects that make it a worthwhile watch. I’ll be sure to remember it as I did pick it up late and I believe it deserves the recognition, and quite honestly, it has gotten that which is fantastic.

        Next, I have to agree with you again about this season. I am actually a bit disappointed at how this season is going, but that gives me enough time to fix some of the things for the next one which will be very, busy (VALVRAAAVVEE!!!). I haven’t caught up to the latest episode for Silver Spoon, though I saw the first few episodes. I’m more restricted time-wise more than anything else. There are actually 2-3 more shows I’d like to actually review. However, some things take priority like fixing my images (I have around 6800 which is taking me forever), getting a new layout, updating everything, planning what to do for Youtube, podcast, and I plan to do a new “series” that will make Mondays and Tuesdays less boring so stay tuned for that. Again, thanks for your support!

  • Sammy Lee

    I’m rewatching all the episodes as we speak, and I’ve got to say this is Hilarious. Do you remember in the first episode where Hachiman called Yui a “bitch” then later she got a dog collar from Hachiman as a gift!? lol I laughed so HARD.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Haha. I found the anime a lot more funny the second time through. Hachiman and Yui have some nice interactions, but Yukinon and Hachiman takes the prize for being absolutely amazing.

      • Sammy Lee

        It often takes me like an hour sometimes to watch an episode, so I can understand all the dialog, its embarrassing to say, but sometimes I have to look up words :)

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Admittedly, that’s a bit of the excessive side, but I did have to turn back numerous times and take their characters into account. You just can’t take what they say at face value all the time.

          • Sammy Lee

            I totally agree, im definitely seeing things I didn’t see the first time, making this way more enjoyable. Is there a second season to this, cause I want to learn more about the Mother. and more about Yukino. I’m almost finished with the series, episodes wise. Episode 10

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            They used up all the material for the light novel so we’ll have to wait for the writer to write more volumes and then for it to be made into an anime. It will take at least a year, but I’d say it’ll be much longer than that.

          • Sammy Lee

            Awww. I just finished the series, I found episode 13 a little unnecessary. Since I know this is a “NO SPOILER” Review site, do you mind if you PM me on Facebook or something, explaining to me the ending? I dont understand, but unfortunately can’t get into detail. I was just like “What…”

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Episode 13 is actually a bonus. You can tell from episode 12 that it really “ended” there. Do you still want me to explain to you the ending for episode 12? Just view episode 13 as an extra.

          • Sammy Lee

            Yes, I would really love to hear it. Im just a bit confused. Thanks

  • Sammy Lee

    I know i’ve been on this review commenting it all the time, but I just have one last thing to mention, to see if you agree with. When it comes to the Comedic aspect of the show, isn’t well… just the series bashing its own genre? Like how Hachiman notices the romance when it comes to Yui because its so obvious like in the romantic comedy slice of life genre, but doesnt notice Yukino’s because you never see a realistic depiction of “love” per say if you call it that in the genre. I found it funny but idk if im just thinking WAY TO FAR INTO THIS.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I see what you’re saying, but as for it being a parody of typical romcom high school anime out there, I don’t really think it is. Even if it is, I doubt it’s intentional. It’s not like there aren’t realistic depictions of love in this genre; there is a decent amount out there. I wouldn’t quite say that either girl “loves” him, but rather is attracted to him. Love goes a lot deeper than what we’ve seen in the series so far to be honest.

  • wero

    as season 1-2 was released, take your time by exploring Oregairu analysis.


    there’re analysis such as “Y” of Hayato, observe Haruno, who is owner of each monologue in LN vol 10.
    most of them are long analysis, i suggest you should read when not busy.